Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli Sell Bel-Air Estate for $18.75 Million ... WAY Below Listing

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli unloaded their sprawling Bel-Air estate, but they had to slash the price to hammer out the deal.

Our real estate sources tell us Lori and Mossimo sold their massively expensive home to Tinder co-founder Justin Mateen, and he got quite a deal at $18,750,000.

TMZ broke the story ... Lori and Mossimo quietly put the property back on the market for $28,650,000 after previously listing it in 2017 for $35 million.

We'll spare you the math ... the Tinder honcho scooped up Lori and Mossimo's pad for $9.9 million less than their most recent asking price.

Justin didn't just get a reduced price, the house is pretty great -- 12,000-square-feet, 6 bedrooms, 9 baths and all the bells and whistles -- and, of course, he's now in one of L.A.'s most ritzy 'hoods.

Arvin Haddad, who is with The Agency and stars in CNBC's "Listing Impossible," held the listing while Josh Flagg of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" and Rodeo Realty repped the buyer.

Now, Lori and Mossimo will turn to their next home challenge. Remember, they've made a habit of selling their family home every 3 to 5 years ... and he's super talented at remodeling houses.

Chainsmokers Concert Organizers Say it was COVID Safe ... Claim Video Misleading


The Chainsmokers' drive-in concert in the Hamptons sure looked dangerous, COVID-wise, but sources connected to the charity event say don't believe your eyes ... and insist coronavirus guidelines were in place.

These sources tell TMZ ... videos circulating of the Saturday night concert are misleading, and don't show how the area in front of the stage was fenced off and only allowed 10 people per section.

@eyeoftheo / Instagram

Mind you, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo saw the videos from the weekend show, and was livid. He called out the concert for "egregious social distancing violations," and the New York State Department of Health has launched an investigation.

However, the sources connected to the concert say the section right in front of the stage was for family and friends and people who worked the event -- and didn't have car spaces to watch the show.

Obviously, they should still maintain social distancing, but we're told the general public was NOT allowed to rush the stage and pack that area.

On top of that, our sources say organizers of the Southampton even obtained all the proper permits from the city for a public gathering and adhered to all the COVID-19 regulations ... including temperature checks at the door, providing masks, and having security monitor physical distancing among the various parties in the drive-in crowd.

We're also told reports of the concert being shut down for not following the public health rules are untrue. Our sources say the permit only allowed the event to go until 10:30 PM ... so it ended at 10:25 PM.

As we reported ... health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker says he's "at a loss as to how the Town of Southampton could have issued a permit for such an event, how they believed it was legal and not an obvious public health threat."

Kanye West Growing Campaign Staff Vows ... We're Serious About Running


Kanye West is getting super serious in his bid for the White House ... his campaign is beefing up its staff and bringing in tons of folks with political know-how.

Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ ... Yeezy's hired a crack team of political advisors and people with experience to help him navigate how to get on the ballot in more states.

We're told Kanye's advisors are hiring people to work on the campaign. They're also recruiting volunteers, and they've contracted third-party organizations to assist with spreading campaign awareness and getting boots on the ground across the United States.

YE 2020

Our sources say the campaign's main objective right now is gathering enough signatures to get Kanye on the ballot in each of the remaining states.

We're told volunteers are canvassing for signatures in West Virginia -- hitting popular spots like restaurants and shopping malls -- and campaign staffers are working in New York ahead of Thursday's deadline to qualify for the ballot.

In West Virginia, the Secretary of State's office tells us Kanye needs 7,144 signatures by Monday to get on the ballot. If Yeezy gets enough signatures, it will trigger a review to verify every person is indeed a registered voter.

TMZ broke the story ... Kanye's facing a huge hurdle back in his home state, Illinois, where there are several objections over the validity of signatures gathered to get Ye on that state's ballot.

As we reported ... Yeezy's already submitted paperwork to get on the ballot in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Illinois and Missouri.

Now, Kanye's setting his sights on West Virginia and New York behind a beefed-up campaign staff.

Rep. Maxine Waters Fears Trump Won't Leave White House if He Loses ... Could Civil War Follow???


Rep. Maxine Waters fears what's going on in Portland could be a sign of trouble to come in November ... IF President Trump loses the election, and refuses to give up power.

The Congresswoman, who was on Capitol Hill, was super concerned over AG William Barr's testimony, in which he supported the aggressive federal response to the protests.

Even more ominous than Barr ... Trump refusing to say he'd accept the results of the election, win or lose, and even more ominous ... whether he'd hand over the reigns of power.

Rep. Waters makes it clear ... she's worried her fears could become a reality, especially since neither Trump nor Barr will squarely say the President will accept the election results.

Waters says there's evidence Trump won't go willingly if he loses ... as she puts it, he's a wanna-be dictator whose methods follow a long line of dictators. And, she thinks the federal presence in Portland may be a dry run for things to come in November.

The growing fear ... that the election could not only trigger a constitutional crisis ... it could trigger a civil war.

Kim Kardashian Returns To L.A. Without Kanye ... After Tense Trip To Wyoming


Kim Kardashian is back in California after what seems to have been a very difficult visit with Kanye West in Wyoming ... and she flew back solo.

Kim landed in L.A. Tuesday morning, and as you can see, she was all by herself as she walked down the stairs of her private jet. Kanye's still at the ranch.


We broke the story ... Kim and Kanye reunited Monday in Wyoming for the first time since Yeezy's off-the-rails campaign rally in South Carolina ignited a bitter back and forth that saw Kim desperately trying to get Ye treatment for a serious, bipolar episode.

As we reported ... the couple stopped at a Wendy's drive-thru in Wyoming, and things got super emotional in the car, with Kim breaking down crying.

As for why Kanye didn't fly back with Kim ... we're told he's deep into the final touches of his album.

As you know ... Kanye talked about divorcing Kim, but he apologized Saturday for a comment he made to hurt his wife, and we're guessing it's the abortion talk.

Bottom line ... Kim's back in Cali, and Kanye's home on the range.

A$AP Bari Lambo Wrecked!!!

A$AP Bari was a passenger in a Lamborghini that crashed and spun out in NYC ... sending 3 people to the hospital.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bari was riding shotgun Monday around 5 PM in a Lambo SUV that was driven by a 23-year-old woman. We're told the woman tried to get off the FDR Highway at 49th Street, but she lost control, smashed into protective barriers ... and then spun out.

Our sources say 3 people were transported to the hospital though it's unclear if Bari, who suffered minor injuries, was one of them. As you can see from the pics ... Bari seemed fine on the scene as he spoke to responding officers.

An eyewitness says they saw the Lambo cut across traffic trying to exit before slamming into the protective barriers. We're told the tires blew out, glass shattered and airbags deployed during the crash.

No word on who owns the Lamborghini or what the damage is, but it's a Lambo ... so, it ain't gonna be cheap. Assuming it's not totaled.

Kim Kardashian Breaks Down Crying During Tense Visit with Kanye

7:01 PM PT -- We just got these pics of Kim and Kanye as they returned to the ranch after making a pit stop at Wendy's, and she is visibly upset ... crying as she and Kanye talk it out. He seems animated and it appears the conversation is somewhat contentious. TMZ broke the story ... Kim has been trying to get Kanye to agree to get medical help, but so far he has been unreceptive.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are together for the first time since the disastrous campaign rally in South Carolina a week ago, and their first outing was ... Wendy's!!!

Kim flew to Cody, WY Monday ... this after weeks of back and forth where she was desperately trying to get Kanye to get treatment for a serious, bipolar episode. He was unwilling to listen to her, we're told, and the Kardashians were at a loss on how to help.

Well, Kanye publicly apologized to Kim Saturday for a comment he made that hurt her -- we're guessing it's the talk of abortion that really upset her. He begged for her forgiveness.

Now, they have come together, but when you look at the photo -- which, of course, is just a moment in time -- they don't look particularly happy. They're staring at their phones in one photo and off into the distance in another.

As you know, Kanye talked about divorce a few days back, but again ... he's in the middle of a serious episode.

Originally published -- 3:45 PM PT

Kanye West Facing Big Hurdle in Illinois ... Just to Get on Prez Ballot


Kanye West's bid to get on the Illinois ballot for President has just hit a bump in the road -- as in, serious objections about the petition signatures he's submitted.

TMZ's learned there have been 3 objections filed with the Illinois Board of Elections ... which means it will now evaluate the validity of the signatures on his petition, and then hold a special meeting to decide whether Kanye's name gets printed on the state's ballots.

Here's how it works ... officials tell us anyone can request to take a closer look at Kanye's 412 petition papers he submitted last week and every single signature can be objected to for various reasons -- including possible duplicates and/or use of fake names.

As for the objectors themselves ... we spoke to one, Sean Tenner, who says after reviewing roughly 3,200 signatures, he claims to have found less than 1,000 valid signatures in Kanye's docs. Sean believes the rest are invalid, but wouldn't specifically say why.

BTW, Kanye needs 2,500 valid signatures to remain on the state's presidential ballot.

Sean says he was motivated to investigate the petition signatures because he was fuming after Kanye's controversial Harriet Tubman comments.

We're told the board will now hold the special board meeting next week, and assign an officer to review evidence and decide Ye's fate on his home state's ballot.

As we reported ... Kanye dropped at least $30k to get on the Illinois ballot. Kanye managed to get on the Oklahoma ballot ... but the Land of Lincoln may prove more difficult.

LeAnn Rimes Proposed Law Is 'Unfair' ... Denies Low-Income Families Dental Help


LeAnn Rimes says people shouldn't have to choose between risking COVID-19 exposure or not taking care of their teeth ... and she's ripping a proposed dental care law as "unfair."

The singer fired off a letter, obtained by TMZ, informing California State Senator Steve Glazer why she strongly opposes a bill known as the Dental Practice Act -- which would require patients to get an oral x-ray before using telehealth. For example, if patients want direct-to-consumer services -- like teeth whitening or aligners -- they would first need an x-ray.

LeAnn says the bill would unfairly block dental health access to low-income families, particularly those in Black and Latino communities where it's harder to find a local dentist.

Kerry Washington opposes the bill too, and her letter to Glazer helped get the bill amended to remove the in-person visit requirement ... but LeAnn points out that's just been replaced by the requirement for an oral x-ray, which still forces folks to go into a dentist office.

LeAnn says people shouldn't be forced to go into their dentist's office for an x-ray and risk potential exposure to COVID-19, and she fears the bill could spur some families to forgo dental care altogether.

The legislature is expected to debate the bill fairly soon ... and LeAnn wants Glazer to vote "no."

Sharon Tate Sister Speaks Out Against Manson Family Killer ... Don't Parole Her, Governor Newsom!!!


Sharon Tate's flesh and blood remains adamantly opposed to the proposed release of one of the Manson Family members ... the Family that slaughtered her sister and unborn child.

Debra Tate is lobbying California Governor Gavin Newsom hard ... asking him to reject the California Parole Board's recommendation to release Leslie Van Houten.

Debra wrote a letter to the Guv -- obtained by TMZ -- laying out all her reasons why the Manson Family murderer should remain behind bars for the rest of her life.

70-year-old Van Houten murdered Rosemary and Leno LaBianca back in 1969, the day after the slaughter at Sharon's house ... and Leslie's just been deemed suitable for release.

Debra doubts Leslie's been rehabilitated and says ... "the danger of letting these people out of prison is ever-present and real. I am scared, not just for myself and other family members who may be targeted, but for society."

Debra's not buying the argument Manson Family members don't pose a risk to society now that they're septuagenarians, saying, "Age is immaterial to psychopathology. There is no cure for the sociopath. The disposition to committing violent crime does not have an expiration date. And criminals do not retire."

For Leslie, it's the fourth time the board has recommended paroling her ... the previous three attempts have been rejected by the State's top leader.

The parole board's finding is now heading for a 120-day legal review, after which Newsom will have 30 days to make the ultimate decision on Van Houten's fate.

Britney Spears K-Fed Not Worried About Her With Kids ... Despite #FreeBritney Claims


Britney Spears is still seeing her sons, Jayden and Sean, without any pushback from Kevin Federline amid the new wave of concern raised by the #FreeBritney folks.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... if Kevin ever felt any concern about Britney's state of mind, he would try to take legal steps to end -- or at least reduce -- her visitation with their boys, but he doesn't think she poses a risk.

Our sources say Kevin is confident their boys are healthy and safe when they're at their mom's home -- which is about 30 percent of the time -- and he's not the least bit influenced by the persistent buzz from some fans who claim Britney should be freed from her conservatorship. There are always other people at the home when the boys visit ... making Kevin feel that much more comfortable.


As we've reported ... some Britney fans think she's being held against her will, but we've been told there's no truth to this. Our sources say Kevin is not going to weigh in on Britney's state of mind, because he's not an expert and sees no benefit in sharing his opinion.

Bottom line ... Britney's going to keep seeing the boys with no resistance or concern from their father.

Charlie Balducci 'True Life' Star Dead at 44


Charlie Balducci -- best known for his time on the MTV reality show "True Life" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Balducci was found unresponsive in his bed Saturday. He was last seen around 2 AM that morning and they found him on his right side of his bed later that evening around 9 PM. Paramedics responded, but pronounced Charlie dead at the scene.

We spoke to Charlie's mom who tells us Balducci passed away unexpectedly since he didn't exhibit any kind of sickness. She said the last words he spoke to her were that he's happy to have his boys, who are 17 and 19, respectively.

Balducci was a trailblazer of sorts as a pioneer of reality TV. In 2001, Balducci allowed MTV cameras to follow him 4 months before getting married to Sabrina ... resulting in one of the most infamous rants ever caught on TV.

On the day he was set to get married, the limo driver was running late, prompting Balducci to threaten the limo driver, "I will gut you like the piece of s**t you are" and "I'll hunt you down like cattle."

Charlie and Sabrina were one of 3 couples featured on the reality show "True Life: I'm Getting Married." They were discovered during a dress fitting after Sabrina said a woman came up to them saying they were hysterical. And when the opportunity to appear on the show came up, Balducci jumped all over it.

Charlie and Sabrina were married for over a decade and had two children together.

He was 44.


Post Malone World Beer Pong League's My Dream ... Closer to Reality!!!


Post Malone is taking steps to turn his favorite drinking game into big biz ... we've learned the wheels are in motion for a world beer pong league!!!

The "Beerbongs & Bentleys" rapper is looking to lock up the rights to "World Pong League" ... and Post and his legal team have gone so far as to file for a trademark on that name.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Post wants his "World Pong League" to operate official beer pong tournaments, competitions, events and exhibitions.

And, just like the NFL, MLB or NBA ... ya gotta have merch! Post plans to put the league moniker on beverage glassware, drinking glasses, plastic cups, game tables, cup racks, balls and every piece of casual sportswear -- including boxer shorts -- under the sun.

Basically, everything you could possibly associate with sport of (drinking) kings and queens.

As you know ... Post is a huge beer pong fanatic, and he loves to raise the stakes. PM won $50,000 playing pong with Tyla Yaweh.

We're told the "World Pong League" is the brainchild of Post and his manager, Dre London, but the idea is only in its infant stages -- meaning, all you amateurs still have time to practice.

Aim well and drink wisely, friends.

Jimi Hendrix Rare 1960s Guitar Hits Auction Block ... Minimum Bid $50k!!!


Any Jimi Hendrix collectible is significant, but this rare electric guitar oozes with so much history ... it's no wonder it'll fetch a HUGE sum of money when it goes up for auction.

The folks over at Kruse GWS Auctions are in possession of Buster's early 1960s Japanese Sunburst electric guitar that's expected to snag at LEAST a cool $50,000. That's the minimum bid but GWS expects to fetch a historic amount ... and here's why they just might.

Legend has it the guitar god used this exact axe shortly after he returned home from the U.S. Army in 1962 and moving to Clarksville, Tennessee. While he was there, Jimi played the Chitlin' Circuit with some incredible talent -- like Sam Cooke and Ike and Tina Turner.

Jimi's brother, Leon Hendrix, has said "that was the last time that Jimi sounded happy." Leon recalls, "I remember Jimi calling me from New York saying he so broke he can't even pay attention. He pawned his guitar and his friends got him one."

When Jimi moved to London in 1966, he left this guitar in NYC at the apartment of one of his best friends. Cut to 54 years later and the winner of this bid will also get a letter of provenance from Leon, who will also have a private lunch with the winning bidder.

BTW ... there will be TONS of other cool items up for auction, like Prince's custom purple boots, Elvis Presley's owned and worn Neo-style sunglasses, Tom Hanks "Cast Away" costumes -- and perhaps the greatest ... Muhammad Ali's custom white terrycloth "World Champion" robe!!!

The auction goes down August 8.

Osundairo Bros. Get Stuff Back from Jussie Case ... But Not Ski Mask and Hat


Jussie Smollett's alleged "attackers" picked up some of their possessions seized by cops over a year ago -- including a large gun -- but the judge said they still gotta wait for a couple more infamous items.

Abel and Ola Osundairo were granted permission by the court to get back many of their belongings no longer considered to be pertinent to Jussie's case ... including a shotgun, a safe, household supplies and their clothes.

However, according to legal docs ... authorities are still holding several items connected to the 2019 alleged fake attack on Smollett -- most notably a black face mask and a red hat.


As you'll recall, the brothers were seen on security footage buying some of the items the day before the "attack" on Jussie.

The brothers' attorney, Gloria Rodriguez, says they both went to the Chicago PD evidence pickup spot earlier this month to get their stuff ... but left with less than they thought they'd get.


As you can see ... Abel's carrying 2 gun cases, but we're told one is empty. That's because, according to Rodriguez, another shotgun was misclassified in the paperwork, but they hope to get that back soon.

Also, Rodriguez says there's a third firearm -- a 9MM -- the cops kept because it was in the brothers' safe. According to the legal docs, prosecutors and Jussie's defense are allowed to review the contents of the safe before they go back to Abel and Ola. The brothers did already get back the actual safe.

We're told Smollett's camp has not been given a chance yet to review the remaining safe items for his upcoming criminal trial.

As we've reported ... Jussie's still facing 6 felony counts for allegedly lying to cops.

UFOs Long Beach Sighting??? Zooms by at Lightning Speed


Take this with a big grain of salt, BUT ... we may have a legit UFO sighting on our hands here, people. Give it a gander and decide for yourself.

This footage was taken Sunday out in Long Beach, CA -- about 25 minutes south of central L.A. -- and it appears to show a UFO-like object in the air bolt across the sky at lightning-quick speed and disappear out of frame -- all while of-this-world fighter jets fly above.

The person who shot this insists it is not altered or edited at all -- if you buy that, then you gotta ask what the hell it is that zips across the camera's frame if only for a moment. Watch it as many times as you need to -- we even slowed it down/paused it for a close-up view.

If you look (and listen) carefully, you can see a black dot -- perhaps in a saucer shape, although it's hard to tell by how high it is -- flash across the screen and disappear.

At first glance, one could argue this looks like anything but a flying saucer -- could be a raisin, a fly or nothing at all. OR ... it could very well be aliens checking in on us (again?).

As for the jets you can hear in the background as well, we're told they were out there in LB flying around for no apparent reason for about 10 minutes or so. Unclear if their presence had anything to do with this alleged UFO sighting, but hey ... they could be related.

There's been other purported sightings in that area too of late -- about a couple weeks ago, someone posted another video of a strange object flying in the sky around sunset. They claim this was shot from about 2 miles away and at a height of 1,000 feet, more or less.

The YouTube user also says the thing disappeared on him when he stopped filming, but you don't see any of that on camera. Could just be a kite on a super long string -- or ... ALIENS!!

One last thing to consider ... the New York Times did a story this past week about Pentagon bigwigs working in their UFO Unit (yes, they have one of those). One of the subcontractors who used to work for the feds told the paper he recently briefed a Defense Dept. agency about "off-world vehicles not made on this earth" that they'd retrieved over the years.

The Pentagon also said they plan to make some of these findings public in the near future. So ... this might not be so far-fetched if Uncle Sam's ramping up to have a talk with us 👀

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