Joe Theismann I Wanna Talk To Dak Prescott ... Help Him w/ Ankle Injury


Joe Theismann sustained one of the most devastating injuries in NFL history ... and now the former star QB wants to help Dak Prescott recover from his gruesome ankle injury.

TMZ Sports talked to the former Washington signal-caller about 27-year-old Prescott's future ... after the Cowboys quarterback suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle during Sunday's game against the NY Giants.

"I felt so bad for [Prescott]. You hate to see anybody get hurt like that. Even though the team wasn't doing real well, Dak was having an incredible year, and I just pray that he's gonna come back."

Of course, Theismann's leg was snapped (he had a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula) by Lawrence Taylor during a "Monday Night Football" game in 1985 ... ending Joe's career.

JT's injury happened 8 years before Dak was even born ... but Joe knows what Prescott is going through, and he wants to help.

"I'd love to reach out to Dak," Theismann tells us.

"Matter fact, I put feelers out to see if it's a possibility that I might be able to just have a conversation with him and tell him no matter what you go through mentally, you're gonna get through this and you're gonna be okay."

Most importantly, Joe says he believes Prescott -- who underwent successful surgery Sunday night in TX -- will return to the field and continue to be one of the best QB's in the world.

"I don't know what The Cowboys are gonna do regarding the economics of his situation, but to me, I really don't care. I really care about Dak being able to come back and be the football player that he wants to be, and I know he's gonna be terrific."

"I'm already sort of excited about his future going forward!"

Kottonmouth Kings Rapper Saint Dog Dead at 44

Kottonmouth Kings rapper Saint Dog has died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Saint -- whose real name is Steven Thronson -- was found dead early Wednesday morning at a friend's house in Victorville, CA. We're told SD's buddy found him struggling to breathe in one of the home's bedrooms, and called 911.

Our sources say once authorities arrived ... Saint Dog was pronounced dead at the scene. We're told there were no obvious signs of foul play -- a cause of death will be determined pending an autopsy and toxicology report.

Saint was one of the founding members of the Southern California hip-hop group, which was formed in Orange County. He was one of three MCs in the trio, alongside D-Loc and Johnny Richter. Like their band name indicates, the guys loved to rap about weed in all capacities.

He was only with the group for its initial years -- having appeared on 4 of their early projects, including ... "Stoners Reeking Havoc," "Royal Highness," "Stash Box" and "Hidden Stash." After that, he went solo ... but would eventually return to collab with KMK.

He's most known for their early hits like "Suburban Life," "Bump," "Dog's Life," "Play On," among others.

Suburban Noize Records exec Kevin Zinger tells us ... "Anyone that knew Steve saw what a big heart he had. Some of my fondest memories was watching Steve stop the music in the middle of a Kottonmouth Kings show to bring a handicapped fan in a wheelchair on stage so that he could have a better view of the show and even join in singing a few songs. That was just the kind of person Steve was and he touched so many people in a positive way."

He adds, "His legacy will live on in his music and our hearts go out to his Son Max and his entire family, friends and fans worldwide."

He was 44.


Eddie Van Halen OG Guitar Body Rest Patent ... Hitting the Auction Block!!!


Eddie Van Halen's musical genius is unquestioned -- turns out the guy was a bit of a design wiz too, and the nuts and bolts of his iconic inventions could soon be yours to own.

Memorabilia collector Eric Kuck tells TMZ ... he owns an original U.S. patent Eddie submitted in 1985. It includes a mockup Eddie submitted for his "musical instrument support" device, which is really just a guitar body rest that allowed him to free up both hands.

Kuck says he's got the OG drawings -- which are very detailed and totally rad -- plus the certificate of authenticity with Eddie's John Hancock ... so folks know it's legit.

Kuck's planning to sell it in a silent auction at his brother's Tampa-area business, Carrollwood Fine Wine and Spirits -- bidding goes from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15.

Ideally, Kuck wants someone from Eddie's own family to score his treasure. He would be willing to work with the Van Halen family on an agreement if they were interested.

As for how much the patent docs could fetch, Kuck tells us the sky's the limit ... especially since Eddie passed away just last week after a long battle with cancer. FWIW, Kuck says he paid $800 for the paperwork about 15 years ago through an auction ... obviously, it'd be worth a lot more now.

One last thing ... Kuck says a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society and the Free Rider Fellowship Church in Plant City, Florida.

'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' Brad & Stacy Hamilton Pad Hits Market

The house where Linda Barrett caught Brad Hamilton, uh, enjoying himself in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is now up for sale ... but don't f***ing knock if ya ain't got a fat check.

The San Fernando Valley crib with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms has hit the market for the first time in 20 years. It's listed at a cool $739,999. Pretty modest for the L.A. market. It's also, obviously, famous for the classic, 'Fast Times' film ... including the famous backyard pool scene that was recently recreated -- via Zoom, of course -- by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

The 1,250-square-foot home -- in a neighborhood which is part of a prestigious school district -- recently underwent renovations that include a new roof, water heater, dual pane windows and French doors that lead to the backyard. The house also features hardwood floors, a secluded backyard with a private patio, 2 wooden decks and a newly plastered swimming pool ... Phoebe Cates in a red swimsuit not included.

Olga Safonoff of Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc. holds the listing.

Utah Hiker I Wish No Harm On Stalking Cougar ... I'll Hike That Trail Again!!!


Even though he came within a cougar's whisker of death ... the hiker who was stalked by the big cat for more than 6 minutes, says he's got no beef with the animal.

Kyle Burgess is the guy whose voice you heard during that terrifying wild encounter in Utah, and he tells TMZ the whole ordeal was actually his fault ... although unintentionally.

Kyle says he had stumbled upon what he thought was an adult bobcat during the hike on Slate Canyon Trail near Provo, and that's why he pulled out his phone to record.

@kunkyle / Instagram

Of course, as he quickly and scarily learned, it was a cougar cub ... and Kyle says he totally gets why the adult was protecting its young.

"It was doing what it's supposed to do" ... that's how he sees it, and that's why he doesn't want anyone -- wildlife officials or others -- harming the animal.

Crazy as it may sound, Kyle says he's not scared to return to the scene of his brush with danger. Check out his explanation ... it's logical, but we doubt most people would do the same.

Not after getting stalked by such a pissed off kitty.

Certified Angus Beef Threatens NYC Restaurant ... Stop Using 'CAB' On Menu!!!


Perhaps the most famous meat corporation in the land has serious beef with a New York City eatery, and what you smell cooking ain't a sizzling grill ... it's an all out legal war!!!

Here's the deal ... Certified Angus Beef is going after Beetle House NYC for allegedly using the CAB label, without permission, to promote items on their menus.

The corporation fired off a legal threat, obtained by TMZ, claiming Beetle House is using the CAB's good name to hawk the Edward Burger Hand burger. Clever. Ya get it?

Anyway, the restaurant's online menu says the burger comes with a "cab 1/2 patty" ... and that's the burning issue. Certified Angus Beef says Beetle House didn't buy its product, and even if it had, Beetle wasn't allowed to use the trademarked name.

The company says it wants Beetle House to remove any references to its products from their menus.

Beetle House owner Zach Neil says he initially thought the legal threat was a joke. He claims his restaurant bought real CAB products, but will stop doing so in the future.

Zach calls the CAB's beef "part of what’s wrong with America right now. People are dying, restaurants are failing, these guys are threatening the very people that buy their products. It’s really sad.”

A rep for CAB tells TMZ ... "We take the Certified part of our name to heart and have a system in place to track our beef so those known to be purchasing our beef are truly promoting it. Our system does not show NYC Beetle House is purchasing product, though we fully recognize we may be missing that important information.

We recognize our restaurant partners – and all foodservice are going through extremely difficult times. Our intent was, and still is, simply to support the community of restaurants who are buying our beef and marketing it; not to cause ill will."

Drew Brees Cops Baller Condo In N.O. High-Rise ... Golf Simulator Room!!!

Drew Brees has channeled his inner George Jefferson ... TMZ Sports has learned the QB's moved on up to a deluxe condo in a sky-high New Orleans building -- and it's awesome!

Sources close to the Saints star tell us the quarterback has purchased a baller unit inside the new Four Seasons New Orleans Hotel & Private Residences in Louisiana.

And, we're told Drew's new pad is coming with ALL the bells and whistles!!

Sources say Brees' spot at the Four Seasons (which is reportedly the priciest development in N.O. history) will come with everything from private access to a bar/lounge to a golf simulator room.

We're also told Drew will be able to swim at the place's 75-foot outdoor pool ... and he'll have insane views of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter from his unit too!

"When I heard The Four Seasons was coming to New Orleans, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a condominium," Brees said of the place in a statement.

"The Four Seasons is transformative for this city and I’m excited to be part of it. My family and I will always love New Orleans and be proud to call the Four Seasons home."

As for the price ... we're told Brees paid several million dollars for it -- which we know the guy can afford, seeing as he just inked a 2-year $50 MILLION contract in March!

Yup, still great to be rich!

Nipsey Hussle Estate Has Legal Beef with Crips Co. ... Sues Over 'Marathon' TM


Nipsey Hussle's estate is taking a Crips company to court ... the late rapper's relatives are suing over his famous slogan.

Nipsey's brother, Samiel Asghedom, just filed suit against Crips LLC -- you read that right, the gang's gone corporate -- over the rights to Hussle's "The Marathon Continues" slogan.

According to the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the estate claims the Crips organization filed a couple trademarks for the phrase last year -- one for various services and another for clothing -- despite Hussle's family owning several 'Marathon' trademarks of their own related to Nip's well-known clothing store.

It's pretty shocking ... the estate claims the Crips organization filed a trademark application less than 2 months after Nipsey was murdered outside his Marathon Clothing Store.

As we first reported ... Nipsey's fam grew frustrated with the Crips org this summer, fearing something shady was going on with the trademarks ... and Crips LLC claimed it would abandon its applications.

Instead, the Crips org has continued using the trademarks on merch, according to the lawsuit, so the estate is looking to put a stop to it. The estate is seeking monetary damages and a judgment directing the company to destroy any merch the Crips org has made with the trademarks.

'Botched' Star Terry Dubrow Butt Lift Patient Sues for $10 Mil ... You 'Almost Killed Me!!!'


One of "Botched" star Terry Dubrow's patient is following through with a threat to sue him for what she claims was the butt lift from hell that nearly killed her.

Sandy Scoggins is suing Dubrow claiming she suffered through a gory aftermath from her July 2019 surgery. According to her lawsuit, multiple incisions opened up resulting in potentially deadly infections, unbearable pain and permanent disability.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Sandy says she went to Dubrow to get rid of loose skin and cellulite on her legs. She says she didn't want a huge scar on her leg, and that's why she chose Dubrow ... who, she claims, said he could improve her look by 85%.

However, her post-op issues started almost immediately. Sandy claims E! staffers, with cameras and lights, came in the operating room and scolded her to be quiet because they were filming. She claims she didn't consent for them to be there.

According to the suit, things took a gory and painful turn as soon as she tried to sit up in bed after surgery ... her incision busted open above her butt in the center of her back. The pics of her injuries -- included in the suit -- are gruesome ... showing an incision in her groin which she claims burst open, as well as the back incision.

She claims over the next 7 days ... the back incision tore open in several more places, and she had to go back into a hospital. Sandy says she developed a serious fever, had swelling in her abdomen, and the wound was infected. In the suit, she claims her attending physician paged Dubrow 4 times, but he never called back.

Sandy went home to Texas in August, but says the complications continued. According to the suit, doctors there said bacteria destroyed more than 4 inches of her flesh -- and they found a "tan and white synthetic mesh-like material" in her body, allegedly left behind from Dubrow's surgery. She's suing him, E! and others involved in her surgery for more than $10 million in damages.

As we reported ... Dubrow claimed last week Scoggins was trying to extort him for $5 million, and filed a motion to handle the case in arbitration.

Sources connected to Dubrow say he does not use mesh during his procedures, so it would be impossible for his surgery to be the source of the material found in Scoggins.

Logan Paul Cops Swarm Crib ... After Trespasser Hops Fence

no trespassing!
OC Hawk

Logan Paul's not fond of anyone he doesn't know hopping his fence ... just ask the guy who got arrested for allegedly doing just that.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the incident went down Sunday around 2:45 PM at the YouTube star's L.A. crib. We're told the guy hopped the wall ... and when people inside noticed, they called cops and told officers they are armed and will protect themselves if the trespasser tries getting inside the house.

Check out the video ... before any shootout could erupt, an LAPD helicopter was hovering directly above the house. You can also see the alleged trespasser ... who by then, had already made his way outside with, for some reason, luggage in tow.

He also had his hands raised ... and moments later an LAPD cruiser rolled up and took the guy into custody.

We're told Logan absolutely wants to press charges.

First Punisher Cover Hits Auction Block, Valued at $2 Mil!!!


What does a 1974 Spider-Man comic book cover featuring The Punisher have in common with the Mona Lisa? They're both masterpieces that were lost and recovered ... but only one's actually hitting the auction block.

The folks over at ComicConnect have found the original cover art to Spider-Man issue No. 129. The issue's special because it's The Punisher's first-ever appearance on a cover. The Punisher is the alter-ego of ex-marine Frank castle. The character sought revenge after the mafia killed his wife and children in a Central Park shootout.

For decades now, the cover art was only rumored to exist. But, little did anyone know co-artist Gil Kane quietly and privately sold the piece to a private collector.

ComicConnect now has a hold of it and values the piece of art at a whopping $2 million!!! How'd they come up with that number? When the original cover art of Hulk featuring Wolverine's first appearance in issue No. 181 was rumored to exist, speculators valued that cover art at $2 mil. ComicConnect will soon know what it's really worth.

The cover art will hit the auction block beginning November 23 until December 14. For context ... a few years ago a CGC-certified copy of Action Comics issue No. 1 sold for a record $3,207,852. There was also an original cover art to Amazing Spider-Man issue No. 328 ... which sold for a cool $690,000.

Viral 'Dreams' Skateboarder I'm a Halloween Costume Now!!!


Nathan Apodaca -- the Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- is looking to ride the good vibes to another big payday ... he's turning his viral moment into a Halloween costume!!!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Nathan will be hawking a costume of himself and it's going up for sale Tuesday night on his website.

We're told the getup includes a gray hoodie that says "Steady Vibin'," black shorts, a pair of knee-high white socks, a mustache and a temporary feather tattoo. We're told they'll retail for $87.99.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

People who want to fulfill their dreams and go full Nathan can add a little more to the look ... our sources say the costume will also include an option for an Ocean Spray coupon, with a link to Walmart that comes with a discount code for Nathan's favorite drink.

But wait, there's more ... we're told there's a second add-on for a skateboard.

Yeah, this costume is a whole vibe!!!

Cris 'Cyborg' Justino I Wanna Rematch Amanda Nunes ... Huge UFC-Bellator Event


Cris Cyborg's no longer in the UFC ... but she's got her sights set on champ-champ Amanda Nunes ... telling TMZ Sports she still wants a rematch!!

We talked to the 35-year-old Bellator star about the only woman to beat her over the last 15 years ... Nunes, the UFC's featherweight and bantamweight champ.

And, Cyborg says she's VERY INTERESTED in running the fight back.

"I know everybody wants to see [Cyborg-Nunes rematch] fight. Let's make this fight happen. Ya know? I don't have opportunity to do the rematch before. But, for sure in the future, if Dana White would like to do, I'd like to do."

Of course, Justino and Nunes fought at UFC 232 in December 2018 ... in one of the most anticipated women's MMA fights ever. Nunes TKO'd Cyborg in 51 seconds ... only the 2nd loss of Cris' career.

Cyborg clearly has revenge on her mind.

But, before she could ever step foot in the cage with Nunes again ... Cyborg has to take on 37-year-old Arlene Blencowe -- who's won 6 of her last 7 -- at Bellator 249 on Thursday.

After that, Cris says the ball's in Dana's court.

"Let's wait and see what's gonna happen. We're open for that. [Bellator President] Scott Coker's open for [the cross-promotion fight]. Just the other side has to agree."

George Floyd His Birthday Wish ... Register to Vote, America!!!


George Floyd's family is planning to celebrate his birthday by hitting the streets in Minnesota and encouraging people to keep pushing for change ... by getting them registered to vote.

George's birthday is coming up Wednesday -- he would have turned 47 -- and his brother, Philonise, tells us the family wants to use its platform to encourage people to hit the polls.

There's still time to register to vote in Minnesota, and the family wants to make sure folks in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have a say in the upcoming election. We're told his brothers and sisters will be out and about, working with several organizations to register potential voters on the spot.

As we first told you, there's a new George Floyd mural going up in Houston, his hometown, with a special message to the community -- "be the change" by voting.

George's brother tells us the family wants to thank everyone for their support so far, and they're hoping citizens vote in droves between now and Nov. 3 ... when polls close.

The family says it's also seeking contributions to the George Floyd Foundation, which can be made by mail ... drama free.

'Dreams' Skateboarder I've Got Beef with Streetwear Brand


Nathan Apodaca -- AKA the Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- is putting on his legal face ... he wants a streetwear company to stop using his Doggface to sell merch.

Here's the deal ... Culture Kings is hawking a "Dreams Vintage T-Shirt" with the viral star's face on it for $36.95 ... but Nathan isn't feeling the good vibes with this merch, and says he's owed a piece of the pie.

Nathan's lawyer -- yep, he's got one now -- Jeffrey R. Klein of Fisher & Wolfe LLP, fired off a takedown notice, obtained by TMZ. It says Nathan owns the rights to the photograph on the shirt and claims Culture Kings had no right to make money off of it.

He's threatening a lawsuit if Culture Kings doesn't pull the shirt.

As you know ... Nathan's got a merch line of his own, and his personally designed line of Doggface clothing is selling like crazy after launching with

Bottom line ... don't let Nathan's easy-going persona fool you!!!

Ronni Hawk Disney Star Charged in Domestic Incident Allegedly Pulled Knife on BF


Ronni Hawk -- one of the stars of the Disney sitcom, "Stuck in the Middle" -- just got charged for bringing a knife to a nasty fight with her boyfriend.

TMZ has learned the L.A. City Attorney slapped Hawk with 3 misdemeanor counts for the July incident. She's now facing charges of domestic battery, assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing a knife.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Ronni and her BF, Miles Fallon, got into an argument, and things escalated when he bolted from the house. We're told Ronni grabbed a knife and chased after Miles while he was in the parking lot.

Cops were called to the scene and arrested Ronni.

TMZ broke the story when the 20-year-old was taken to jail. Our sources said officers who responded noticed Miles had visible injuries, including scratches.

We've reached out to Ronni's reps, but no word back.

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