Bears Vs. Rams Fans Get In Violent Brawl ... In Bowels Of SoFi Stadium


Several Bears and Rams fans got into a wild brawl Sunday night -- with multiple men throwing and landing massive haymakers -- and the violence was all captured on video obtained by TMZ Sports.

The calamity all started at the beginning of L.A.'s game against Chicago ... when one witness tells us a Bears fan got into a verbal argument with several Rams fans for cheering the action on the field.

The witness says things got so aggressive in the seats, security at SoFi Stadium had to step in and request people swap chairs in order to keep the peace.

We're told after the game, though, some of the men ran into each other inside the concourses at the newly built arena -- and it didn't take long for the fists to start flying.

In video of the battle, you can see multiple scraps broke out ... including one where a man in an Akiem Hicks jersey was pummeled by punches and kicks.

In fact, the fights were so violent ... you can see blood actually ended up smeared all over the man's Hicks jersey.

We're told security was eventually able to break things up ... ultimately putting one of the combatants in handcuffs -- though it's unclear if any actual arrests were made.

As for the game itself, the Rams handled the Bears easily ... beating Chicago, 34-14.

Jenn Harley Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

Jenn Harley won't be dragged into court over her domestic violence case from earlier this year -- because the charges have been dismissed.

According to the Clark County District Attorney's Office ... prosecutors are dropping the 2 criminal counts they'd filed against her this summer -- assault with a deadly weapon constituting domestic violence (a felony) and misdemeanor battery constituting domestic violence.

Unclear why they're letting it go -- we're trying to get clarity from the D.A. -- but in any case, Jenn is walking free from this one.

You'll recall, Harley -- who shares a daughter with "Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro -- was arrested and subsequently charged after her now ex-BF, Joseph Ambrosole, claimed she pointed a gun at him and threatened to pull the trigger during a nasty altercation while out on the town.

He also alleged she dropped the n-word repeatedly while doing so. This, of course, followed what we were told amounted to Jenn driving off with Joseph's car and leaving him behind following an argument they had at an establishment.

All the fighting was supposedly over Jenn's drinking -- something she'd addressed by checking into rehab. Her attorney, Michael Cristalli, had also told us the domestic violence charges against her wouldn't stick because they were "unsubstantiated."

Now he tells us ... "Jen is relieved that the matter is over and is looking forward to moving on from these unfortunate accusations."

Blueface Accused of Attacking Bouncer ... Battery Report Taken

Blueface allegedly attacked a club bouncer with the help of his 2 pals, leaving the dude in stitches ... and now, cops are on the case.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Blueface tried rolling up to Skinny's Lounge late Sunday night in the San Fernando Valley, but got stopped at the door by a security guard who asked to see his ID.

We're told Blueface noted he didn't have one, and asked the guard if he knew who he was ... apparently, whipping out his phone to Google himself and show he was famous. The guard didn't care though, we're told, and wouldn't let him in without proper identification.

That's when things allegedly turned physical ... our sources tell us Blue, and a couple buddies with him jumped the bouncer and then left. The guy had to be transported to a hospital by ambulance -- where we're told he was treated for bruises and scratches that required sutures.

We also got a hold of photos showing the alleged injuries, and they look pretty gnarly. You can see the bouncer was left bloodied.

As for the cops ... law enforcement sources tell us they got a report of a fight at Skinny's a little after midnight, and that one person was hospitalized with minor injuries. Officers took a battery report and now they're investigating. The alleged victim's name hasn't been released.

Netflix's 'Buried By The Bernards' You Gave Us The Wrong Ashes!!!

11:03 AM PT -- The attorney for R. Bernard Funeral Homes, Randall Fishman, tells TMZ ... the remains of the body were, indeed, given to the family in question. He further explains that when a cremation is done there, a metal disc is placed into the incinerator with a number ... so no mix-ups on whose remains you might have can occur.

Further, Fishman says the reason the Velasquez family might think there was a horrible mistake is because an incorrect name label was placed onto the urn they brought in and requested to have the remains transferred to -- but he assures us Anita's ashes are in there.

He also says that after the family asked for compensation for their trip -- which he claims they were offered -- the Velasquezes supposedly changed their mind. Fishman adds that his client regrets the confusion, but again insists that they have their mother's remains.

The funeral service featured in the Netflix reality comedy series "Buried By The Bernards" is being accused of a colossal screwup ... a family claims they were sent the wrong ashes.

Alfred Velasquez tells TMZ … his mother, Anita Velasquez, died in February from kidney failure and was cremated through R. Bernard Funeral Services in Memphis, the place featured on the Netflix show.

The Velasquez family claims they picked up the ashes from the funeral parlor in March, but when they went to spread them on their late mother's birthday in July, they noticed a tag with a different person's information.

We're told the Velasquez fam had traveled all the way to Florida to spread the ashes in the ocean as one of Anita's last wishes, and when they noticed the issue, they reached out to the funeral home.

The family claims they were told the company would look into it and get back to them ... but we're told the funeral home called back and said the family had the correct ashes.

Nevertheless, the company offered to reimburse him $2,000 for the funeral expenses.

The family's since made a complaint with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance and we're told the family is considering their legal options.

According to legal docs, R. Bernard Funeral Services says the family received the correct ashes, but another person's papers were accidentally placed inside the urn.

We reached out to the funeral service ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

Chris Brown Security Files Battery Report ... Man Allegedly Spit On Him

Chris Brown's home got another visit from cops ... but this time, he wasn't the one causing the problems.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police were called to CB's San Fernando Valley home around 10 PM this week for an alleged battery involving his security team.

We're told a man came riding up to the property on a motorbike, and Chris' hired muscle lit the guy up with a flashlight to figure out whether he was a guest or just a dude cruising the neighborhood. They stopped him and asked why he rode up to the house.

The man apparently didn't like being questioned ... we're told he spit in the guard's face and rode off into the night.

Our sources tell us LAPD took a battery report, but so far no arrests have been made.

RMG News

It's at least the 3rd time in 5 months cops have been called to Chris' home. As we reported, LAPD broke up his massive birthday party in May and in June they responded to another battery call at the home after a woman claimed Breezy smacked her weave off.

Seems something always happens on his block.

Mark Davis Raiders Owner Cashes In On Slots ... At Vegas Casino

Mark Davis is having no trouble adjusting to his new home in Vegas ... 'cause the Raiders owner just made a chunk of change at the slot machines earlier this week -- and TMZ Sports has the pic!!!

We're told the son of legendary owner Al Davis hit up the Virgin Hotels in Sin City on Tuesday night to test his luck ahead of the 2021 season ... posting up at the Wheel of Fortune slots around 11 PM.

As it turns out, the man worth reportedly $500 million seemingly got a bit richer ... raking in about $1,800 on one turn!

Of course, things haven't always been fine and dandy for Davis -- as we previously reported, he got in a bit of a fender bender with his Mini Cooper in a shopping center parking lot right off the Strip back in June.

We're sure Davis is gonna hope this luck continues as the Raiders take their home field at Allegiant Stadium against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.

And Raider Nation certainly is -- after all, the entire rest of the AFC West is undefeated after Week 1.

Ja Rule to Fat Joe Drag Me on 'Verzuz?!?' Bring It!!! As for 50 Cent ...


Ja Rule's clapping back after Fat Joe said he's going to drag him for their "Verzuz" battle ... essentially saying Joey Crack's threat is music to his ears.

The "Put It On Me" rapper tells us he's practically salivating at the idea Fat Joe's been talking (friendly?) smack ahead of their highly-anticipated "Verzuz" battle on Tuesday at the Hulu Theater inside Madison Square Garden.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ja's not running scared. Far from it -- he's like a fighter in the ring ready for the bell to ring ... this after Joey Crack called Ja saying, "Everybody know you got all the hits, but I'mma have to drag you. I'm about to bring you into the projects, Trinity Ave."

He added this shot ... "You my brother. I love you, but I'mma have to get you up out that cardigan sweater." You know it's on when you diss a man's sweater. Real street s***.

But, Ja told us he's got no problem taking it to the streets. We really set him off, though, when we brought up the rumor 50 Cent might make a surprise appearance during the "Verzuz" battle.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He warned it would be the dumbest thing Fiddy -- with whom he's had beef for decades -- ever did, IF he shows up at MSG Tuesday night.

Either way, Ja insists he's ready to take down Joe AND 50 Cent, if necessary. #DingDing.

You can see the full interview on Monday's "TMZ Live." As they say, check your local listings.

Josh Homme Daughter Camille Gets TRO Granted Alleging Same Thing as Bros.

7:18 AM PT -- 9/13 -- Through a rep, Camille tells TMZ, "My DVRO isn’t fake and was NOT written by my Mom! It’s a means to an end. Everything in there is something I SAW, EXPERIENCED, and HEARD and is 100% true. To deny that is to deny the human right of free speech. I wish I could’ve protected my brothers under it, but unfortunately, the law says otherwise.”

Josh Homme's two younger children struck out getting restraining orders against their dad, but their older sister didn't -- and now, he's gotta steer clear of her until a hearing can be held.

15-year-old Camille Homme filed for a TRO this past week in Santa Monica -- which a judge signed off on ... but only as it pertains to herself. Camille asked for the court-ordered forcefield to be applied to her younger siblings, Wolf and Orrin, but got denied there.

Still ... she's got protection against her father, for now, which means he has to stay at least 100 yards away from her, and avoid contact until they can hash this out officially later this month.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Camille reasserts what her brothers claimed in their own bids for TROs on Thursday -- namely, that Josh allegedly abuses them physically and emotionally with flicks to the ear, put-downs, threats against their mother/her BF and groping of the boys' privates ... all of which he's denied.

Even on this latest development -- his attorney, Susan E. Wiesner, suggests it's just the doing of Josh's ex-wife, Brody Dalle, telling TMZ ... "We believe that this DV, which was prepared by Brody, in her handwriting on the forms, was filed in retaliation for Josh obtaining a TRO against Brody for her physical abuse of Josh, among other things involving the children."

As we reported ... Orrin and Wolf's TRO requests were shot down both in SM and DTLA.

Originally Published -- 9/12 4:05 PM PT

Ben Affleck Puff, Puff, Passing Thru the Bronx ... Super Chatty as J Lo Shows Him Around!!!

That's 'My Girl'

5:23 PM PT -- Ben Affleck was in a super chummy mood Sunday while out and about in his GF's home borough -- because he was actually interacting with fans ... something he hardly ever does.

TMZ got a hold of more video showing Ben going out for yet another smoke break while Jen was inside of Lit Bar doing her book thing. Sure enough, they'd drawn a noticing crowd ... but instead of cower away -- BA stepped up for a friendly chat, which proved hilarious.

Check out the clip -- you can see Ben chopping it up with these adoring onlookers, who were definitely star struck ... but who also kept their wits about them as they showered compliments onto the guy. Ben, of course, was gracious ... and pretty responsive.

We're told there was a bachelorette party next door, and that these ladies actually tried inviting Ben to the shindig -- but he duly noted, sorry ... "my girl" is inside, and I'm stuck.

He didn't say exactly that, but the sentiment was there -- seems these folks understand and then some. Let's hear it for the Bronx's MVP of the day!

3:59 PM PT -- Source close to J Lo tells TMZ … Jennifer and Ben went to a Latina-owned bookstore, Lit Bar, not far from where Jennifer grew up. She was there as part of her new mission-driven platform, Limitless Labs, to shine a light on Latina entrepreneurs and graduates of Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Business Program in time for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

We're also told Ben Affleck was proudly taping Jennifer when she talked about how important it was for her to be there in the community with all the entrepreneurs and David Solomon and Dina Powell from Goldman Sachs. Turns out ... Ben also spent time with the entrepreneurs and actually bought an armful of books.

Good BF move, for sure.

Benny from the block

Jennifer Lopez took Ben Affleck back to where it all started -- namely, the block that gave her her nickname ... and the dude seemed to make himself right at home by lighting up.

Bennifer returned to J Lo's stomping grounds Sunday -- this after spending the past few days in Italy, where they brought their love fest to the red carpet and beyond. Now, it was the Bronx's turn to get a look at the Hollywood power couple ... and they weren't shy.

Eyewitnesses spotted Ben and Jen touring the latter's birthplace borough, swinging by a place called Lit Bar in what we're told appeared to be a small biz tour -- with J Lo popping in to show love. BA was tagging along ... and apparently needed a smoke break between stops.

Check out this video TMZ obtained of Benny puffing on a cigarette and waving to fans who noticed him. He inhaled quickly, because he was back inside in no time -- but the cat was outta the bag ... because when they exited ... there was a swarm of people with phones out.

Like we said ... they weren't trying to hide their presence -- and you can tell as much by their body language. Jen was giving hand waves and Ben even cracked a smile.

Ya gotta think Ben will bring his boo to his own hometown soon -- Cambridge ain't that far from NYC ... and Bennifer appear to be on the move.

Beantown, here we come???

Originally Published -- 1:04 PM PT

Jeff Lowe Claiming 'Tiger King' Zookeeper's Body ... Will Cremate, Spread His Ashes

"Tiger King" zookeeper Erik Cowie doesn't have any family ... meaning his body could go unclaimed at the medical examiner's office following his death. Enter Jeff Lowe.

Jeff tells TMZ ... he does NOT want Erik's body to be dumped in a mass grave just because he doesn't have a family. Jeff says he plans to give Erik a proper sendoff and will do so by claiming his remains.

We're told Jeff and Lauren plan to pay to have Erik cremated once the autopsy is completed. Soon after ... Jeff wants to have a memorial service at his zoo in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

They're considering having the memorial service streamed on Facebook Live so friends and fans can take part. The plan then is to spread Erik's ashes with his favorite cat that died last year. The Liger's name is Django.

We checked New York Law and it does indeed provide that when there's no family, a close friend can claim a body. Erik's remains have not been claimed as of Saturday at 9:58 AM ET.

TMZ broke the story ... Erik was found dead last week in NYC. Erik, a fan favorite on the Netflix documentary, was in town visiting a friend when he was found at her apartment.

Law enforcement sources told us investigators learned Erik used alcohol excessively ... and a large bottle of vodka was found at the scene. He was only 53.

Christina Grimmie Former Boyfriend's Car Vandalized ... Caught on Video!!!

Musician Stephen Rezza -- who was dating Christina Grimmie when "The Voice" star was shot and killed in 2016 -- had his car smashed up ... and it looks like it was all captured on surveillance video.

We're told Rezza was inside a music studio he rents in L.A. when his car was vandalized in the parking lot outside the building.

As you see ... the vehicle's windshield got smashed, and video footage -- obtained by TMZ -- appears to show someone using a large rock to do damage to the car 3 separate times.

Law enforcement sources confirm a vandalism report was taken and they're investigating. Rezza told cops he believes it was his ex-girlfriend who damaged his car.


Rezza's had a rough go lately -- he recently had a brain tumor removed, but has been suffering from seizures, saying his health is at an all-time low.

He was Grimmie's boyfriend when she was murdered in 2016 at an Orlando concert by a man who was an obsessed fan. The man killed himself after fatally shooting her.

Stephen Rezza

Stephen paid tribute to Christina last year by releasing a single featuring her vocals.

Patrick Peterson Get Used To Seeing Me ... I'm Gunning To Play Five More Years!!!


Patrick Peterson is hoping to be locking up receivers all the way until 2026 ... telling TMZ Sports he wants to play in the NFL for the next half-decade!!!

"If you ask me," Peterson says, "I got about five left. So, that's a lot of games."

Of course, the new Minnesota Vikings star is only 31 years old -- so the goal ain't exactly farfetched -- but, remember, he's been in the league for 10 years already.

Peterson, though, sounded confident he can play that long ... which will end up being a VERY good thing for at least one Peterson fan.

The reason? Patrick tells us he's launching a new NFT for charity -- explaining the person who wins will not only get the sweet piece of one-of-a-kind digital art ... but they'll also get two tickets to EVERY ONE of his games going forward.


Peterson says to enter to win the contest ... all his fans have to do is buy entries -- which will ultimately end up benefitting the Patrick Peterson Foundation for Success.

"All the donations, all the funds go to low income, inner-city kids," Peterson says. "Giving them opportunities for resources and to help them reach their full potential."

As for the NFT -- it features his old LSU #7 jersey and his new Vikings #7 jersey ... which, by the way, Peterson says he's stoked to be wearing in 2021.


In fact, Peterson wasn't having any bit of any QB who criticizes the new jersey number rule change (looking at you, Tom Brady) -- offering up one small piece of advice for them ...

"Don't throw at the opposite color!"

Can't argue with that.

Toccara Jones to Natalia Bryant From 1 Model to Another ... You Slayed for Teen Vogue, Honey!!!


Toccara Jones has seen enough ... she's all but crowned Natalia Bryant as America's next top model.

We got the ex-"America's Next Top Model" star outside Essence Fashion House in Chelsea during New York Fashion Week and wanted her take on Kobe's daughter gracing the cover and pages of Teen Vogue.

Toccara couldn't stop raving about Natalia's performance. Goes without saying ... Toccara doesn't just think ... she knows the 18-year-old model's gonna KILL it in the industry. Natalia, of course, signed with IMG, a major modeling and talent agency, back in February.

When our camera guy asked for her 2 cents ... Toccara shot right back, "Did you see her [Teen Vogue] spread? Did you see the poses? Did you see her styling?" As if saying ... OF COURSE she's got it. And, from one model to another, Toccara tells us exactly why she thinks Natalia's got what it takes.

Toccara says Natalia's success won't be tied to the fact she's Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's daughter. Far from it. Toccara says ... just look at Natalia's amazing features.

That said ... Toccara does offer Natalia some advice on what to expect in the modeling world. But, Toccara's not worried. She's confident Natalia's surrounded by a strong circle.

Malik Beasley, Montana Yao Working On Co-Parenting ... Not Back Together

Things are moving in a positive direction for NBA guard Malik Beasley and his ex Montana Yao -- TMZ Sports has learned the former couple is working to mend their relationship every day ... but they are NOT back together.

Of course, Malik and Montana had a nasty and public breakup in 2020 ... after the hooper was spotted out in public with Larsa Pippen.

Montana filed for divorce in December 2020 ... and even claimed Malik abandoned his 2-year-old son, Makai, amid the drama.

We're told Beasley -- who just served 78 days in jail for allegedly pointing a gun at a family that was parked outside his house last September -- has been making things right with Yao after getting out of the slammer ... even personally apologizing for his previous actions.

Malik and Montana have recently been spotted out in public together and appeared to be in good spirits ... with some wondering if they've buried the hatchet and reconciled -- we're told that's not the case.

Speaking of relationships ... It's unclear if MB has moved on to anyone else, but sources say Montana is still focused on healing from what went down.

Bottom line -- Malik and Montana's top priority is making sure Makai gets the care he needs.

Benny The Butcher New Bills Mafia Music Video Coming ... W/ Star Players!!!


Benny The Butcher's "Bills Mafia Anthem" song is getting a bit of a remix ... 'cause the rapper tells TMZ Sports he's droppin' a new music video -- featuring Buffalo players!!!

Buffalo's own Benny -- who signed a management deal with ROC Nation -- put out the first music video in January, right before the Bills' AFC Championship run.

Check out some of the lyrics:

"You know who the beasts in the AFC East
We gon' grind this thing out for seventeen weeks, yeah
You hatin' on them Bills, then you way off
Talk is cheap, meet us in the playoffs"

The Mafia and the team LOVE it -- so much that Benny tells us he's putting out another music video of the song this season.

"I got the video coming out Week 5," Benny says, "We shot it at the stadium. We was in the Bills players' locker room. I had my own locker in there, it was crazy!"

And, Benny -- who was on La Brea following a photoshoot with LRG -- says it features THREE Bills players -- "My boy Tremaine Edmunds, my boy Dion Dawkins, of course, and Cody Ford!"

Sorry, no Josh Allen ... but Benny says he's working on that.

"We need Josh Allen in one the Benny The Butcher videos," Benny says.

"Josh Allen, man, come to the east side of Buffalo. We know the rest of Buffalo love you, come to the east side of Buffalo!"


We also talked football with Benny -- the loyal fan tells us Josh is taking home TWO titles this season ... MVP and Super Bowl champ!

If Allen gets the Bills to the SB, he'd be the first QB to do so since Jim Kelly, who appeared in four (1990-1994) ... but of course, Buffalo came up short each time.

"Them four Super Bowls and Jim doing that for us, the city was forever grateful so we can never forget Jim for that, but Josh Allen can take it to new heights and we expect him to."

Diddy My Star Island Empire's Expanding ... With the Estefan Estate!!!

Diddy is snatching up more property on Miami's exclusive Star Island -- TMZ has learned he's the mystery buyer who dropped a huge sum on Gloria and Emilio Estefan's mansion.

According to sources and property records ... Diddy threw down a cool $35 million for the former Estefan estate on Star Island, which the couple bought way back in 1993 for only $1,840,000. How 'bout that return on investment?!?

TMZ broke the story ... Gloria and Emilio unloaded the mansion back in July and got top dollar on their investment, but we didn't know who the new owner was.

Diddy now has plenty of room to shake his body and do that "Conga" -- the property is nearly 8,000 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and it sits on a corner lot with waterfront views of the downtown Miami skyline.

Oh and there's also a 2-story guest house with 3 bedrooms, a spacious living room and its own killer views.

Diddy's kinda playing Miami Monopoly here ... we're told he also owns the property next door, which he purchased in 2003. It's unclear if he plans to combine both properties.

Star Island is a major enclave for celebs like Shaquille O'Neal and Alex Rodriguez, just to name a few ... but Diddy seems determined to own the most property.

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