Lori Loughlin Prosecutors Scoff at Her ... We Don't Have Time Travel or Telepathy Skills!!!


Lori Loughlin says the government has withheld key evidence proving her innocence in the college admissions scandal, but the government has just fired back ... sarcastically responding that the so-called exculpatory evidence was a statement that the witness had not even made when Lori started complaining.

TMZ broke the story ... Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, claimed the U.S. Attorney intentionally withheld evidence showing they were giving money to USC and unaware any of the $500,000 was used to bribe University officials.

The government just responded, saying there is no such evidence being withheld, and then doubling down, saying, "the absence of such evidence is a result of their criminal conduct, not any government disclosure violations."

And, now prosecutors get nasty. They say some of the information that was just handed over -- evidence Lori claims was wrongly withheld -- is from interviews conducted with witnesses very recently. Prosecutors say in the legal docs ... "The government has broad powers, but they do not include mental telepathy or time travel. The government cannot disclose witness statements before the witnesses make them."

The government goes on to say no University officials condoned the scheme.

Shannen Doherty State Farm is Cigarette Shaming I Quit When I Got Cancer!!!


2:43 PM PT -- A rep for State Farm tells TMZ that Shannen's latest motion "once again distorts the facts. Rather than try this smoke damage case in the media, we will do so in a court of law."

Shannen Doherty claims State Farm is engaging in a smear campaign against her, and exhibit A is a cheap shot it took about her tobacco use ... which she calls way over the line.

The former '90210' star filed new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming State Farm is invading her privacy and making false claims about her smoking habits. As a result she wants a judge to punish the insurance giant with crippling sanctions.

Shannen says State Farm got it totally wrong when it claimed, in docs, she was smoking cigarettes up until March 2019. Total BS, according to Shannen, who says she kicked the habit back in 2015 ... after her original breast cancer diagnosis.

Of course, her recent stage 4 cancer diagnosis is at the center of her legal beef with State Farm. They're haggling over her home repair costs following the devastating California wildfires.

In the docs, Shannen says it's utterly ridiculous State Farm is attempting to smear her image by raising her tobacco use in the lawsuit.

What's more, Shannen's also pissed her insurer included her medical records and street address in other legal filings -- 2 things she's worked hard to shield from the public.

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Jordan Belfort Madoff Deserves Life in Prison ... No Way He Gets Out Early!!!


Jordan Belfort's not showing Bernie Madoff any sympathy following his request to get out of prison early, due to a terminal illness ... and he doesn't think the judge will either.

The "Wolf of Wall Street" has some history with the notorious Ponzi scheme mastermind, but he tells TMZ regardless of that ... the notion of Madoff getting released -- when he was sentenced to 150 YEARS -- is utterly ridiculous.

Belfort says Madoff got a life sentence for a reason -- because his crimes were horrendous, staggeringly affected people's lives and resulted in suicides ... including his own son's. Jordan doesn't see any justifiable reason to let a guy like that off the hook, even if Madoff claims he only has 18 months to live because of kidney failure.

As for their personal beef ... Belfort reminds us Madoff went after him when Bernie was the chairman of NASDAQ. Jordan admits that was justified, but says Madoff was just diverting attention from his own heinous crimes ... the ultimate hypocrite move.

Belfort concedes he'd be willing to cut Madoff some slack if he initially received a shorter sentence and had served a large chunk of it, but life is life, and that's the point ... according to the Wolf.

Grant Robicheaux, Cerissa Riley Lawyer Still Confident Charges Will Be Dropped 'Ultimately I Think It's Very Good'


12:54 PM PT -- Philip Kent Cohen, attorney for the couple, told reporters the judge's decision is surprising but feels ultimately it'll be very good for a third entity to see why the charges should be dropped. He likened the disappointment to waking up on Christmas and seeing an empty tree. But, he's adamant ... "whatever questions the judge had and may have will be sufficiently and significantly and overwhelmingly answered when he gets to see the reports."

The couple did NOT talk to reporters and Cerissa was emotional during Cohen's presser.

11:31 AM PT -- The hearing has ended and judge has ordered the prosecutors to submit their briefings, saying, "So that I can have a better understanding of the facts involved." The charges were NOT dropped and everyone is to return to court April 3.

11:24 AM PT -- The judge has not yet agreed to dismiss the case and has requested briefings from both sides before making a decision.

9:11 AM PT -- There's a 9 AM hearing going on right now, but there will be a news conference immediately afterward where Dr. Robicheaux and Cerissa are expected to speak about the charges being dropped. We'll be streaming live.


The Newport Beach surgeon and his girlfriend, who were charged with drugging and raping women and facing decades in prison, are breathing a huge sigh of relief Friday ... the charges against them will be officially dropped.

Dr. Grant Robicheaux and his GF, Cerissa Riley, have been in the crosshairs of a former O.C. prosecutor for a year-and-a-half ... for allegedly using their good looks and drugs to lure women to their home and rape them in an unconscious or semiconscious state.

Robicheaux was charged with 17 felonies, including 5 counts of rape. Riley was charged with 13 felonies, including rape. The prosecutor who filed the charges -- Tony Rackauckas -- claimed at the time he filed the charges there were thousands of photos and videos to support his case and claimed there could be as many as a thousand victims.

But, the D.A. who defeated Rackauckas -- Todd Spitzer -- claims the prosecution was bogus and there was no evidence of sexual assault. Spitzer says not a single video shows any evidence of an unconscious victim or sexual assault, adding this was a shocking and transparent attempt by Rackauckas to win reelection.

Today Spitzer will formally drop all charges against the couple. The alleged victims may be allowed to testify during the hearing.

The couple has maintained their innocence from the start, and Riley told "Good Morning America" the decision by O.C. District Attorney Todd Spitzer to drop the charges has allowed her to "breathe again" and she feels like she's finally awoken from a nightmare.

Robicheaux says they're still in a state of shock and disbelief this happened to them, and they both insist they never even thought they were crossing a line with any of the women they had sex with.

Despite their relief, Robicheaux and Riley feel their lives have been ruined by the allegations and the story going nationwide ... and it's going to be a struggle going forward for quite some time.

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Aerosmith Joey and the Guys Come Together ... He Might Return Soon!!!


Aerosmith's hoping to get back in the saddle with its original drummer after a couple weeks of awkward tension and not-so-sweet emotions ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the rock band tell us ... Joey Kramer has been working with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford the past several days to help him return to his spot on the drums, but he's not quite there yet.

We're told Joey's been practicing to get his skills back to where they were before his absence, and once Kramer proves he's up to the task ... the fellas will let him back in to start beating the skins again.

Our sources say the other 4 band members never intended to push Kramer out, and never wanted him to feel that way -- they're all trying to make amends after the recent drama.

We broke the story ... Joey sued Aerosmith for making him audition in order to come back for a couple once-in-a-lifetime 50th-anniversary events over Grammy weekend -- something he claims no other member ever had to do.


He says the band blocked him from returning because he lacked the proper energy, and things got even more awkward when Joey was turned away from a rehearsal by security -- and the judge rejected his request to rejoin the group for the Grammy performances.


Still, Joey kept his head up and was with the other guys when they accepted an award last week ... and we're told they're all getting along great. Kramer's even been with them at their recent Vegas shows -- just not playing yet -- and he has dismissed his suit against the band.

Our sources say he could be back on stage soon too -- the band just wants Joey to nail one final audition ... and he'll no longer have to miss a thing.

Antonio Brown Huge Loss In Condo-Trashing Case ... Fat Check Coming


Antonio Brown just took a HUGE loss in his condo-trashing case ... the former NFL All-Pro was found liable for the damage done to his pricey apartment after an April 2018 incident.

... and now the only question is, how fat will the check be that Brown will be forced to write??? (insert "Whole Lotta Money" joke here).

As we previously reported, Brown is being sued after his former apartment complex, The Mansions at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla., accused him of destroying his fancy pad.

Attorneys for the complex claim Brown threw cushions and a vase off his balcony in an April 24, 2018 incident ... and trashed his apartment during the fit of rage as well.

The Attorneys say Brown did everything from cracking mirrors, to breaking tables, to staining couch cushions ... and they provided pictures to the court of the alleged damage.

Brown fought the case in court throughout the past year and a half (remember, he famously caused headaches during the case's depositions), claiming it was actually his former trainer who did the damage.

But a judge just ruled Brown IS responsible for it all, regardless ... ruling in favor of the apartment complex this week.

Brown will almost certainly now have to write a HUGE check to the complex ... although the case will continue in court to find out exactly how much he'll eventually owe.

Ex-WWE Superstar Adam Bomb Busted For Narcotics, Weapon ... Pleads Not Guilty

Breaking News

Ex-WWE superstar Adam Bomb is facing several serious drug-related criminal charges stemming from multiple incidents in 2019 ... but he's calling BS on the whole thing.

The 55-year-old wrestler -- real name Emmett Bryan Clark Jr. -- is being prosecuted in Maricopa County, AZ where he's accused of conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise, transporting or selling narcotics, drug possession and possessing a weapon during a drug offense.

Bomb was busted alongside Dennis Miccolis -- keyboardist for the 1960s band, The Buckinghams -- who faces conspiracy, illegal control of enterprise and transporting or selling narcotics charges.


Both men have pleaded not guilty ... and Bomb's attorney Robert Jarvis says the whole thing is a case of fake news.

"The police report contains alleged facts that have been grossly misconstrued and are incorrect," Jarvis said, according to Arizona Republic. "This includes incorrect allegations relating to medication and its use."

As for the weapon charge, Jarvis says it's a family heirloom -- a Korean War pistol that's stored at his home.

Adam Bomb was a big name in pro wrestling during the '90s ... and famously battled legends like The Undertaker.

Jenna Dewan Forget Tatum ... I Want My Maiden Name Back!!!


Jenna Dewan is looking to erase all traces of Channing Tatum after their divorce ... because she's asking a court to go back to her maiden name.

In the eyes of the law, Jenna is known as Jenna Tatum ... but according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, she wants to have her legal name restored to Jenna Dewan.

We broke the story ... Jenna and Channing finalized their divorce and became legally single back in November ... but their settlement didn't include anything about a name change for Jenna.


The exes are moving on from each other in more ways than one ... as we reported, Jenna recently moved into a new house with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Steve Kazee, and Channing is back together with his former flame, Jessie J, and the reconciliation is Instagram official.

There's still a few balls in the air as far as the divorce is concerned ... Jenna and Channing are locked in a nasty custody battle and are hashing out a property settlement agreement.

Mike 'The Situation' Taxes Will be Ship-Shape This Year ... Hope Ronnie is Too!!!


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino says he's making sure his tax woes are behind him ... by leaving things to the professionals.

The Sitch was at LAX Wednesday night with fellow 'Jersey Shore' star Deena -- who was all masked up to protect from the coronavirus -- when he got asked about his first tax season since getting out of prison.

Mike says everything is going to be up-to-date this time around -- clearly, he's not going to risk landing behind bars again for tax evasion.

Speaking of possibly ending up behind bars ... Mike and Deena also touched on the tumultuous times between their friend, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and his baby mama, Jen Harley.

They both agree they have Ronnie's back no matter what and are rooting for him, and Mike adds ... "The comeback is greater than the setback."


As we've reported ... Ronnie and Jen are mixed up in a nasty domestic violence case, but he didn't let it keep him down last weekend in Miami, where he was spotted leaving the club at 6 AM with 2 hot chicks.

Guess that's part of the comeback.

Future Covering Oldest Son's Legal Sitch ... Kid's Not 'Indigent'


Future's not about to let his son be put through the legal system with some government-appointed briefcase -- he's getting the best attorneys for the kid and has his back 100%.

Sources close to the Future tell TMZ ... the MC and his baby mama are well aware of their oldest son, Jakobi, getting recently caught up with the law down in Georgia ... but they're already knee-deep in working on his case, including funding his defense.


Jakobi was arrested in a gang bust down in Georgia last month ... where he's reportedly facing charges of criminal gang activity, trespass and the altered ID of a firearm. He was allegedly found in possession of a gun with the serial number scratched out.

The kid's 17 years old, BTW, but could face up to major time behind bars if he's convicted because GA tries 17-year-olds as adults. In the court docs, he reportedly listed himself as indigent and in need of a public defender, but we're told that ain't gonna happen.

Future's definitely got the dough to help his son, and we're told he absolutely intends to by hiring the best lawyers to be there for his own flesh and blood. Dad's covering legal fees.

Jakobi's mother, Jessica Smith, tells us she and Future have been on top of this legal matter, as they're actively involved in his life. She adds, "Our son is a minor and to protect his well being in this trying situation, we ask that everyone please respect our privacy at this time."

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband No Mercy For Madoff!!!


Bernie Madoff is too conniving to be let out of prison early and should continue rotting behind bars ... so says Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband.

As you know ... Bernie is begging a judge for mercy in the form of an early prison release, claiming he has terminal kidney failure and saying doctors are only giving him 18 months to live.

But Zsa Zsa's hubby and conservator, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt, says not so fast!!!

The Prince says Madoff should remain behind bars for at least another 16 months if the 18-month timeline is indeed legit because he feels an early release is too sweet a deal for the 81-year-old Ponzi schemer.

Easy to see why Frederic doesn't have any sympathy for Madoff ... he claims Bernie robbed his wife and his investment firm of about $10 million ... and says Zsa Zsa would want Madoff to rot in hell!!!

The Prince is pretty fired up about the whole prospect of Bernie getting out early ... and he's afraid Madoff could still do serious damage if he gets his wish.

State Farm to Shannen Doherty Calm Down, It's Only Cancer ... Claims Actress Is Just Looking for Sympathy


Shannen Doherty is dying of cancer and has been displaced from her damaged home after the devastating California wildfires -- damage she's fighting State Farm to repair -- and now the insurance company says cancer doesn't justify a total remodel.

Shannen has sued State Farm over the amount the company is willing to pay to make her home right again. State Farm is saying her home didn't suffer fire or structural damage. Nevertheless, State Farm claims in new legal docs it's paid more than $1 million, which includes remediation, professional cleaning and rent for a temporary house for a year.

State Farm says, Shannen "improperly claims she is entitled to have her entire home rebuilt at a cost of $2.7 million because she has breast cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease."

And, get this ... State Farm says, "In fact, the first sentence of [Shannen's] memorandum ... reveals [her] plan at trial to garner sympathy by her contention that State Farm must rebuild her entire house ..."

Shannen revealed she has stage 4 breast cancer and it's terminal.

Kevin Hart No Lawsuits Filed After Horrendous Car Crash


Kevin Hart has not filed a lawsuit in the wake of his near-fatal car crash. He hasn't been sued either. And, the driver and passenger haven't sued or been sued either. In other words, not a single lawsuit has been filed in what everyone thought would be a flurry of legal action.

TMZ broke the story, Kevin was in the front passenger seat last September when his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda crashed into an embankment in Malibu. Kevin, the driver and the driver's fiancee were all hospitalized and Kevin required spinal surgery. Investigators concluded no one was wearing a seat belt and there were no safety harnesses in the car.

Law enforcement says the driver was at fault, he allegedly gunned the vehicle's 720-HP engine and lost control.

As we reported, everyone immediately lawyered up, but then there was silence. It seemed almost certain the driver would get sued, and Kevin as well since he was the owner of the car and owners are responsible when they allow someone to take the wheel and their negligence causes an accident.


There was also talk the company that customized the car would be sued since there were no safety harnesses in the vehicle. The fact is though, since no one even had a seat belt on, the harness would have gone unused and done no good.

Our sources also say no money has changed hands as part of a settlement. In other words, when it comes to lawsuits resulting from the crash ... crickets.


Now it's true ... everyone involved has 3 years to file a lawsuit, so it could still happen, but typically, these suits are filed pretty quickly.

As for Kevin, we're told he continues to undergo physical therapy and he hits the gym regularly. He's very involved in work again as well ... hosting a Super Bowl gig in Miami and doing plenty of promo for 'Jumanji.' And, check out the latest issue of Men's Health that comes out Wednesday ... Kev's on the cover.

Mel B Ex-Husband Wages War ... Wants Full Custody


Mel B's ex-husband is fresh off a major court victory but again he's coming for a pound of flesh in his custody war with the Spice Girl.

Stephen Belafonte's asking the court to grant him full legal and physical custody of their 8-year-old daughter, Madison, claiming Mel B's all but abandoned her after moving to the UK ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Mel's ex claims he's been the sole caregiver of Madison for the majority of 2018 and much of 2019. He says Mel's ensconced in England and absent from Madison's life. Stephen also wants Mel to have access to Madison but only in L.A. and only supervised visitation.


As we reported ... Stephen -- who has had custody issues with Mel since settling their heated divorce -- got a judge last December to block Mel from taking their daughter to the UK for the holidays. At the time ... he claimed Madison was afraid Mel would hurt her. He also claimed Mel's asking their daughter for dirt on him.

Stephen claims he doesn't want to subject Madison to Mel's alleged verbal and psychological abuse. He claims he couldn't get a hold of Mel for days last Thanksgiving and when Mel's nanny dropped off Madison with Stephen, Madison told him "her mother would make her sit in a dark room and repeatedly question her over and over and demand answers from her."

Stephen claims this is why Madison "also told me that she was afraid her mother would hurt her." Moving forward, Stephen wants to make all parental decisions (medical care, schooling, etc.) when it comes to their daughter.

The judge has yet to sign off on Stephen's request.

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