Ariana Grande Gets Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan ... I'm Scared For My Life!!!


5:01 PM PT -- 3/23 Ariana and her mother were just granted temporary restraining orders against the man who was arrested outside her mother's home ... according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

In the docs, Ariana says she's living in fear and is afraid the man is still trying to find her. She claims when the guy was arrested, cops found notes in his backpack expressing a desire and threat to murder her.

The TRO is in place until April 16, when there will be a hearing to see if they can make it permanent, and it says the guy can't come within 100 yards of Ariana, her mother, their homes or their cars. He's also prohibited from contacting her in any way, and from harassing, stalking, threatening or intimidating Ariana or her mom.

And, get this ... the docs say the general manager of Ariana's touring company claims the guy slipped on the property behind a delivery vehicle and was rummaging through her garbage and talking to himself.

Ariana Grande urgently needs court-ordered protection from an obsessed fan ... we've learned she just filed for a restraining order.

The "7 Rings" singer filed legal docs Friday seeking a temporary protective order from the man who was arrested Saturday following a disturbing and scary visit to her Los Angeles home. Ariana's mother is also asking for protection.

As we first reported ... cops say a man in his 20s showed up at Ariana's house Saturday afternoon, somehow bypassing security and brazenly knocking on her door. Police arrested the man, and they say he had a love note to Ariana with directions to her place. He was booked for misdemeanor trespassing and felony battery, for allegedly spitting on the arresting officers.

It's been a scary month at Ariana's home ... someone also called 911 claiming shots were ringing out on the property, but police say it ended up being a swatting incident.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued for $150 Mill Over 2018 Shooting


Tekashi 6ix9ine's desire to get revenge on his rivals got an innocent woman shot ... according to her, and she wants him to fork over $150 million for the incident.

The woman, who filed a lawsuit as Jane Doe, claims the rapper's responsible for the stray bullet striking her left foot and, therefore, shattering her dreams becoming a police officer.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman says this all went down in July 2018 when she was hanging in the courtyard of the Smurf Village apartment complex in Brooklyn. Coincidentally, she claims several members of the notorious Nine Trey Bloods behind Tekashi's kidnapping were also there ... filming a music video.

She says word got back to Tekashi they were there and, in the suit, she alleges he ordered his boys to shoot 'em up. When the bullets started flying, one hit her foot ... and she also hurt her knee and back while falling to the ground.

Her injuries required surgery, physical therapy and she's been treated by a psychologist ... according to the suit. She also couldn't continue working at Century 21 due to her injuries and she had to scrap plans to attend the police academy.

In docs, she acknowledges Tekashi apologized in open court and offered to pay for her medical bills, but that's clearly not enough. She's suing for more than $150 mil in damages.

Tekashi's attorney, Dawn Florio, tells us, "It's suspicious that the plaintiff only sued Daniel Hernandez who was never identified as the shooter in her case. The plaintiff did not sue the persons involved in her shooting. To be clear, Daniel did not shoot her."

If you're keeping score ... this is the third lawsuit Tekashi's been slapped with this month alone. As we first reported, Fashion Nova sued him for $2.25m and an ex-friend sued him for allegedly ordering his boys to shoot him.

Kobe Bryant Vanessa Asks Judge to Include Capri in Kobe's Trust


Vanessa Bryant has filed legal docs to protect all of her children ...she's asking a judge to amend Kobe's trust so she can provide for their youngest daughter, Capri, who was born after the most recent trust document was drafted and signed.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Kobe created a trust to provide for Vanessa and his kids way back in 2003. The trust was amended several times, most recently in 2017. It seems every time one of their 4 children was born, they amended the trust to include them.

Problem is ... Capri was born 9 months ago and it didn't seem like there was a mad rush to amend the document again, since Kobe was healthy and young. Obviously, no one could have anticipated the tragedy that befell the family when both Kobe and Gigi were killed in a helicopter crash last January.

Vanessa is asking the judge to include Capri, and explains it was clearly Kobe's intent to provide for his children. He even says so generally in one on the documents.

It seems pretty certain a judge will allow the amendment.

According to the trust agreement, Vanessa, Natalia and Bianka can draw from the principal and income in the trust during Vanessa's lifetime, and then her kids get the remainder upon her death. Vanessa wants to include Capri in that distribution.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued You Ordered Your Boys To Murder Me!!!


2:29 PM PT -- Tekashi's attorney, Dawn Florio, tells TMZ, "Daniel never testified under oath that he directed Aaron Young or Jamel Jones to shoot Shane Hardy. Daniel was never charged in that shooting and he does not know Aaron Young."

Tekashi 6ix9ine damn near had one of his former friends killed when the rapper ordered a hit ... so claims that ex-friend who is now suing the rapper.

Shane Hardy claims he had a falling out with Tekashi back in January 2018 over the rapper's gang affiliation with Nine Trey Bloods. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Hardy says Tekashi admitted, under oath in his racketeering trial, he directed Aaron "Bat" Young and Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones to shoot Hardy.

Hardy claims on January 19, 2018 around 11:45 PM in Brooklyn, Young and Jones each fired several shots at him. Hardy claims he was hit in the back of the head and neck, but remarkably, survived.

Hardy claims he suffered serious physical injury and great humiliation. He's suing Tekashi -- along with Young and Jones -- for damages. This is Tekashi's second lawsuit in the same month. As we first reported, Fashion Nova sued the rapper for $2.25 million over his failure to promote the brand 'cause he got locked up.

BTW ... Young and Jones are currently behind bars after getting caught up in Tekashi's racketeering case. Young was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to being part of a racketeering conspiracy. Jones was sentenced to 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to racketeering and narcotics charges.

We reached out to Tekashi's attorney, Dawn Florio ... no word back, so far.

Amanda Bynes Could Lose Custody of Newborn ... Due to Conservatorship

Exclusive Details

12:03 PM PT -- Amanda's attorney, David Esquibias, tells TMZ, "I'm not confirming that Amanda is expecting and because of that it's premature for anyone to speculate about who would have custody of Amanda's unborn child."

Amanda Bynes could have to give up custody when her child is born around 8 months from now ... due to her mental health issues.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Amanda's about 6 weeks pregnant and currently receiving treatment in a psychiatric facility. While it's a good sign she's getting treatment ... we're told the plan is for Amanda's father and her BF, Paul Michael, to share custody of the baby. BTW, yes she's back with Paul and we're told they're working things out.

The reason Amanda's dad would be planning to share custody is because she remains under a conservatorship run by her parents ... they've taken care of her, and made her legal and medical decisions for years.

Our sources say Amanda does not yet realize she's losing custody. We're also told she did NOT get pregnant in an attempt to get out of her conservatorship -- and nothing is changing with the conservatorship.

Amanda's been wanting a child for some time now, according to our sources, but people around her are worried about the baby's health because Amanda smokes cigarettes.

As we reported ... Amanda announced her pregnancy Tuesday night by posting a pic of the ultrasound, which she's since taken down.

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Juice WRLD Estate Worth At Least $3.3 Mill ... Miami Condo, Massive Jewelry Collection


Juice WRLD may have barely been old enough to buy beer but he was loaded ... worth MILLIONS before his tragic death.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the late rapper's estate was worth $3,278,867.49. This included a condo in Miami worth around $1,490,000 and several bank accounts ... including one with $1,001,515.68.

He was also a huuuuge watch and jewelry collector cause, according to docs, his watches and jewelry alone are worth $459,318.75. Remember, it's possible Juice WRLD is actually worth a lot more cause there could be assets in trusts outside of the probate estate.

And speaking of the probate estate ... it was Juice WRLD's mom, Carmela Wallace, who filed the docs asking to be appointed the representative for the estate. Juice WRLD had no kids and was not married ... and his father died 6 months prior to Juice suffering a fatal seizure at Chicago's Midway airport.

'When They See Us' Netflix, Ava DuVernay Sued By Ex-Prosecutor Fairstein

Breaking News

7:52 AM PT -- A rep for Netflix tells us, "Linda Fairstein's frivolous lawsuit is without merit. We intend to vigorously defend When They See Us and Ava DuVernay and Attica Locke, the incredible team behind the series."

Linda Fairstein, the woman who helped prosecute the now-vindicated Central Park 5, is suing Netflix and director Ava DuVernay over her portrayal in "When They See Us."

Fairstein filed the federal suit Wednesday, saying she fired off a warning to DuVernay before her series was released. Fairstein says she was concerned she would be portrayed in a false and defamatory manner. She says it fell on deaf ears because Ava's only response was Linda had no right to object before seeing the series.

Once it came out in June 2019, Fairstein says every episode in which she appears portrayed her as a "racist, unethical villain who is determined to jail innocent children of color at any cost."

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Fairstein objects to nearly every single aspect of the case ... as it's portrayed in the series. She denies taking any of the following actions: unlawfully interrogating unaccompanied minors, calling for a roundup of "young black" thugs, manipulating the timeline to pin the jogger's rape on the Central Park 5, referring to people of color as animals, directing NYPD detectives to coerce confessions, and suppressing DNA evidence.

If you've seen the critically acclaimed series, you know that's the entire plot. So, Fairstein is claiming it's ALL a lie, as far as her role in the case.

Fairstein says after "When They See Us" was released her career as a prolific crime author was destroyed. Her publisher and agents dropped her, she lost speaking appearances and was forced to resign from the boards of several non-profit organizations.

Fairstein is suing Netflix, DuVernay and her co-writer, Attica Locke, for defamation. She wants a public apology, removal of the scenes she calls false, and a disclaimer added that labels the series as a dramatization and NOT a true story. She also wants damages.

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Amanda Bynes I've Got A Bun in The Oven!!!

Breaking News

9:09 PM PT -- Amanda has since removed the ultrasound pic.

Amanda Bynes says she's got a baby on board ... and she wants the world to get the first glimpse of her upcoming bundle of joy.

Bynes stunned fans Tuesday when she posted a pic of an ultrasound with the caption, "Baby on board!" Amanda didn't specify, but the daddy-to-be is likely her boyfriend Paul Michael who she's also recently introduced the world to.

The ultrasound appears to be legitimate, with Amanda's name on it and Tuesday's date. Unclear how far into her pregnancy she currently is.

As for her relationship with Paul, it has been rocky as of late ... the two announced they were engaged shortly after Bynes posted about their relationship. The engagement was quickly called off ... but as of late, it appears the two have been back together.


What's not clear is what Amanda's family thinks of the announcement ... Bynes is currently under a conservatorship and family sources tell us they would not have allowed Amanda to get married. We learned her engagement ring was a phony too, a $49 purchase on Amazon.

Harvey Weinstein Sued For Assault and Battery


Harvey Weinstein coerced an actress into having sex with him by dangling a role in a film, then threatened to ruin her career if she didn't give in ... this according to a new lawsuit.

The disgraced movie mogul is being sued for sexual assault and battery by a Jane Doe, according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

According to the suit, the woman met Weinstein at an event in Los Angeles back in 2014, and he told her "I run Hollywood," before suggesting they should meet-up later.

In the docs, the woman claims she went to meet Weinstein in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, but he didn't come down, and he told her to come up to his room.

In the suit, the woman claims Weinstein answered the door wearing a bathrobe without a belt, and told her she was perfect for a few of his projects. And, that he was the "King of Hollywood" and she should be smart about behaving and being nice to the right folks.

The woman claims Weinstein excused himself to use the bathroom, and when she heard the shower running, she left the hotel room. She claims he had someone send her a script for a movie, then demanded she meet him again at the Peninsula, and that's when things got sexual.

In the docs, the woman says when she went back to Weinstein's room for what she thought was a business meeting, he was again wearing his bathrobe and threatened to blacklist her from Hollywood. She says she felt she had no choice but to let Weinstein have his way with her, and they had sex while he demanded she call him "King."

After the alleged encounter, the woman says she fell into a state of shock, became depressed, had a mental breakdown and became distressed to the point she started losing hair.

The woman is going after Weinstein for damages.

Weinstein's spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, tells TMZ ..."We are reviewing the allegations and will reserve further comment until we learn more."

As you know ... Weinstein was jailed on Rikers Island after being sentenced to 23 years for his rape and assault cases.

Tekashi69 Sued By Fashion Nova ... You Took Our Money and Never Said You're a Criminal


Tekashi69 has somehow managed to make even more enemies before he's sprung from jail, this time racking up haters in the fashion biz, after he allegedly walked away with their money.

The rapper allegedly made a deal with Fashion Nova -- a discount clothing retailer -- to do a series of brand promotions on his social media pages and through his music. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Tekashi was paid an advance of $225,000 in October 2018.

The docs claim just 2 weeks after Tekashi got the wire, he was locked up ... making him unable to perform his duties for the company. What's more ... they say Tekashi's testimony during the trial totally torpedoed his ability to be a good brand ambassador for FN.

FN claims Tekashi was underhanded ... he and his people concealed the entire criminal prosecution from them. In other words, what FN seems to be saying is that they had no idea Tekashi was a criminal.

FN says Tekashi promised to return the $225k, but never did ... and now they're suing for $2.25 million.

As we reported -- Tekashi is set to be released in August of this year -- and he's got a lot of making-up to do in the outside world ... add FN to that list.

President Trump's Sister Sued Over Leak!!! $392k of Water Damage


One of President Trump's older sisters sprung a leak in her fancy NYC condo, which messed up her neighbor's place to the tune of nearly $400k ... according to a new lawsuit filed against her.

Elizabeth Trump Grau has a pad in NYC's Trump Palace, and back in March of 2017 there was a major water problem in the building. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the front desk of Trump Palace got a call from a concerned resident who said she heard water running behind her walls.

Engineers checked it out, and according to the suit, determined the source of the leak was in Elizabeth's crib. Specifically, they said the shower in her master bathroom was left running.

All that water ended up flowing into at least one neighbor's place. Avraham and Rachel Dishi said it did a real number on a condo they own in Trump Palace. They filed a claim for $392,544.94 with their insurer, The Cincinnati Insurance Company.

Now, the CIC wants Lizzie Trump to buck up and cover that loss. It's suing her for negligence in hopes of getting back the $392k it paid out to the Dishis.

By the way, Avraham's a sort of mini-Trump himself. He owns properties all over NYC ... including multi-million dollar midtown homes, as well as lower income apartments.

Nicki Minaj's Husband Judge Cool with Pre-Trial Web Surfing Internet Restriction Lifted


11:51 AM PT -- A judge just granted Kenneth's request to have internet restrictions lifted as part of the conditions of his pre-trial release. With the court's order now in place, the guy's free to continue surfing the World Wide Web again.

Nicki Minaj's husband really wants to get back to surfing the Internet ... something he's currently barred from doing due to his pending criminal case.

Kenneth Petty just submitted legal docs, obtained by TMZ, begging a California judge to allow him to use the World Wide Web.

As you know ... Kenneth recently registered as a sex offender in Cali after getting arrested for allegedly failing to do so when he moved to the state with Nicki. One of the terms of his pretrial release -- he can't use the web unless approved by a supervisor.

According to the docs, prosecutors have already agreed to Kenneth's request ... so now, it's up to the judge to sign off.

BTW ... Petty's status as a sex offender stems from a 1995 New York conviction for first-degree attempted rape.

Kenneth, who pled not guilty to failing to register as a sex offender, has a curfew and is being required to wear an ankle monitor as he waits for next month's court date. His travel is also restricted to Southern California.

Sounds pretty boring ... especially offline.

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R. Kelly NEW Federal Charges ... Coercion, STDs and Transporting a Minor

Breaking News

10:51 AM PT -- Kelly's attorney, Doug Anton, tells us, "It seems that the government has sought to add additional allegations as to alleged conduct, with what they believe to be more specificity. Why these alleged facts relating to conduct were not known by the government until now, or included in the indictment until now, raises questions for  my defense team to take an interest in."

Anton says, "It is unclear why the government, in speaking to Jane Doe #3, for example, would not have garnered from her these additional factual allegations in the over one year they have been speaking with her already."

He continues, "These are serious criminal allegations. How does an alleged victim 'forget' such things? Or... perhaps... these allege victims are not victims at all, but only women who have been told and instructed, even peer pressured if you will, years later, that the claimed relationship they freely and voluntarily engaged in, should now, in the #metoo era, be classified as 'bad' or 'abusive,' and they are continually seeking to add facts, even if not truthful, to their story, to make the alleged events as salacious as humanly possible."

R. Kelly's pile of legal issues just got bigger ... he's been hit with several new charges by federal prosecutors in New York, and they include crimes against a minor.

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Kelly's been hit with a new indictment related to 2 new alleged victims, one of whom was under 18 when she says she had sex with Kelly in 2015. The indictment, out of the Eastern District of NY, includes charges of coercion and enticement, coercion of a minor and transportation of a minor across state lines.

The woman who was a minor is listed as Jane Doe #5, and she claims Kelly never told her he had herpes during their relationship. Jane Doe #6 says she too was exposed to the virus because they had unprotected sex.

In addition, Kelly's also been hit with new racketeering charges including allegations he used, "force, threats of force, physical restraint and threats of physical restraint."

Kelly remains behind bars in Illinois while he awaits trial, and maintains his innocence.

Recently, one of Kelly's former live-in girlfriends, Azriel Clary, has come out and accused the singer of brainwashing her and forcing her to lie to the public about their relationship when she was underage.


In a video obtained by TMZ, Clary was seen in a physical fight with Joycelyn Savage, another one of Kelly's girlfriends.

The new federal charges bring the total to 9 in New York and 13 in Illinois. He also has pending cases in Illinois state and Minnesota.

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DaBaby Sued for Vicious Concert Slap ... Alleged Victim Says He's Gotta Pay!!!


DaBaby just got slapped back ... with a lawsuit from the woman who claims the rapper smacked the hell outta her at a recent concert.

Tyronesha Laws just filed the suit, claiming she was minding her own damn business when the rapper, "suddenly and without any warning," lashed out and brutally and violently struck her in the face last weekend during his Tampa gig.


In docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyronesha says she was in the crowd of concertgoers waiting for DB to take the stage. She says he did not simply walk on the stage to begin his performance, and instead, proceeded through the crowd with his entourage, and "without incident." Until he got to her.

She claims DaBaby expressed no remorse for his slap and points out the rapper made fun of the situation on social media when he posted a skit featuring comedian Michael Blackson.


Laws' attorneys, Matt Morgan and Chelsea Cromer of Morgan and Morgan, say the incident was "outrageous and shocking." Her legal team added, "Our goal is to deter similar conduct in the future and send a message that this type of behavior is not tolerated in America."


Remember, Tyronesha told us she was NOT the person who put a phone right in DaBaby's face. She insists she was standing next to the person who did that when DB unleashed his anger.

On the other hand, DB's lawyer, Drew Findling, told us Laws is NOT the person his client slapped and added alleged victims are coming out of the woodwork.

Laws is suing for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other damages. We've reached out to DaBaby, so far, no word back.

DaBaby Yes, I Slapped Someone ... But It's Not Her!!!


DaBaby is vehemently denying a woman's claim she was on the receiving end of his vicious slap -- the rapper admits hitting someone, but says alleged victims are coming outta the woodwork.

We broke the story ... DaBaby brutally assaulted a fan before his Saturday night gig in Tampa while walking through the crowd. Tyronesha Laws claims she's the one DaBaby slapped, but his legal team says not so fast.


DaBaby's attorney, Drew Findling, tells TMZ ... enhanced video shows DaBaby slapping an individual who struck his left eye with what appears to be a phone with the flashlight on -- NOT the person standing to the left or the right of the individual shoving the phone in his face.


That's interesting because Tyronesha told us she was standing next to a young lady who reached with a phone -- flashlight activated -- toward DaBaby right before he allegedly smacked her in the face.

Findling says his law firm has been contacted by multiple people claiming to be the victim, but they haven't been able to establish the real identity.


DaBaby's already apologized to the woman he struck, saying he thought he was hitting a guy and couldn't tell the difference because of the light in his face.

Clearly not the greatest explanation for the violence


Tyronesha told us DaBaby's apology rings hollow because he's making fun of it in a social media skit with Michael Blackson -- but now DaBaby says the mea culpa ain't for her in the first place.

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