Melvin Gordon DUI Arrest Cops Say RB Reeked Of Booze ... Drove 71 MPH In A 35

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9:59 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained police docs from the Gordon incident -- with cops saying the running back was clocked doing 71 in a 35 MPH zone -- while apparently drunk as hell.

The arresting officer says when he approached Gordon's vehicle during a routine speeding stop, he noticed the obvious signs of intoxication -- "speech was slurred, breath had a moderate odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage, balance was swaying, eyes were watery."

Cops say Gordon agreed to undergo field sobriety tests ... but "performed unsatisfactorily exhibiting validated indicators of impairment."

In the docs, cops say Gordon was "arrested" ... though officials note he was NOT booked at the downtown detention center due to new COVID-19 protocols that allow officers to release DUI suspects at the scene to a sober driver.

Cops say paramedics were called in to administer a blood draw to find out Gordon's blood alcohol content. Those results are pending, cops say.

Denver Broncos star Melvin Gordon was busted for driving under the influence and speeding ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Records show the case was filed at 1:55 AM on Wednesday morning. The exact time of the bust is still unclear. We're working on it.

According to court records, the running back is facing 3 violations -- speeding at least 25 MPH over the limit, and 2 DUI charges.

Records show Gordon is listed as 6'1", 213 lbs. He is set to be arraigned on November 13.

27-year-old Gordon is fresh off the best game of his Broncos career -- rushing for 107 yards, including a 43-yard touchdown run against the New York Jets.

The Broncos released a statement on the incident ... saying, "We are aware of the situation involving Melvin Gordon."

"Our organization has been in communication with him and is in the process of gathering more details."

Gordon was a 1st round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and played with the Chargers until the end of the 2019 season.

The former Wisconsin star -- a Heisman finalist in 2014 -- made the Pro Bowl in 2016 and 2018.

In March 2020, he signed a 2-year, $16 million contract with the Broncos.

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Chainsmokers Hamptons Concert Organizers Fined $20k, No Permits for You!!!

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The State of New York just dropped the hammer on the folks who organized the now-infamous Chainsmokers concert in the Hamptons this summer ... fining them, and making it harder for them to do it again.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday the promoters who put on the sold-out drive-in charity event in July are gonna be getting a bill soon to the tune of $20,000 ... this after the NY Department of Health conducted an investigation, and found wrongdoing.

@eyeoftheo / Instagram

Cuomo adds, "The Town of Southampton cannot approve permits for group gatherings without State approval." Southampton officials signed off on the concert ... supposedly, with coronavirus-safe regulations in mind, according to sources connected to the event.

The Gov. didn't see it as a safe environment at all, and after seeing video from the concert, said he was "appalled" at the "egregious" violations in social distancing. While we've been told the promoters feel the clips in question distorted things -- insisting it was, by and large, a safe gathering -- the State has spoken.

As for this new policy aimed at Southampton ... it's unclear if other NY townships and cities are under the same constraint, but if not -- obviously, a harsh message is being sent.

Certified Angus Beef Threatens NYC Restaurant ... Stop Using 'CAB' On Menu!!!


Perhaps the most famous meat corporation in the land has serious beef with a New York City eatery, and what you smell cooking ain't a sizzling grill ... it's an all out legal war!!!

Here's the deal ... Certified Angus Beef is going after Beetle House NYC for allegedly using the CAB label, without permission, to promote items on their menus.

The corporation fired off a legal threat, obtained by TMZ, claiming Beetle House is using the CAB's good name to hawk the Edward Burger Hand burger. Clever. Ya get it?

Anyway, the restaurant's online menu says the burger comes with a "cab 1/2 patty" ... and that's the burning issue. Certified Angus Beef says Beetle House didn't buy its product, and even if it had, Beetle wasn't allowed to use the trademarked name.

The company says it wants Beetle House to remove any references to its products from their menus.

Beetle House owner Zach Neil says he initially thought the legal threat was a joke. He claims his restaurant bought real CAB products, but will stop doing so in the future.

Zach calls the CAB's beef "part of what’s wrong with America right now. People are dying, restaurants are failing, these guys are threatening the very people that buy their products. It’s really sad.”

A rep for CAB tells TMZ ... "We take the Certified part of our name to heart and have a system in place to track our beef so those known to be purchasing our beef are truly promoting it. Our system does not show NYC Beetle House is purchasing product, though we fully recognize we may be missing that important information.

We recognize our restaurant partners – and all foodservice are going through extremely difficult times. Our intent was, and still is, simply to support the community of restaurants who are buying our beef and marketing it; not to cause ill will."

'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Keep Him Jailed, He's a Danger to Children ... Prosecutors Argue

"Cheer" star Jerry Harris should remain behind bars until his trial because he's "a clear and present danger to the community and most notably defenseless children" ... so claim the feds.

Harris has a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday, and federal prosecutors filed legal docs asking the judge to deny his release on bond as he awaits his trial for child pornography.

According to the new docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds claim Harris exploited and violated at least 5 to 10 minors for more than 2 years ... requesting they send him sexually explicit images of themselves.

Prosecutors also allege his criminal conduct includes sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy ... and repeatedly targeting young boys by reaching out to them via his phone and persuading them to engage in sexually explicit activity.

In the docs, the feds claim Harris fessed up to sexually assaulting at least one minor boy in an unlocked public bathroom during a cheer event.

To make their point about him remaining a danger to the public ... prosecutors claim even when Harris was tipped off to a possible investigation into his crimes, he was not able to control his impulses and continued to victimize multiple other minors.

As we reported ... the FBI is asking for the public's help to identify more potential victims. The feds claim Harris admitted to many of the allegations against him, including soliciting and receiving child pornographic images on Snapchat.

Erik Menendez Weed Delivery Behind Bars ... In Isolation Pending Investigation


Somebody sent notorious prisoner Erik Menendez some herb from the outside -- and now, officials are trying to figure out if he was in on it ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us ... Menendez was moved into isolation Monday at the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego -- where he's currently incarcerated -- after some mail arrived for him ... a package containing a bunch of weed. The area where he's being housed is called the Administrative Segregation Unit.

We're told the package of marijuana was intercepted by prison personnel. Prison officials have launched an investigation ... and we're told one of the things they want to know is whether Erik planned on either distributing the weed or using it as currency, or whether it was just for his personal use.

Our sources say Menendez was siloed away in a separate wing, away from other inmates. Prior to the incident, he could interact with fellow prisoners in the yard, but for now, pending the investigation, he's all by his lonesome.

If prison officials conclude Erik had someone from the outside send him the weed, the matter would be referred to the D.A. for prosecution.

That's sorta irrelevant ... the guy -- along with his brother, Lyle -- is already serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for killing his parents with a shotgun in '89.

Tommy Pham Stabbing Video Shows Violent, Bloody Aftermath

Jett Dennis

12:22 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained video of the altercation outside of the strip club ... and it's both graphic AND violent.

FYI -- Pham is dressed in a white shirt and red sweatpants.

The footage does not show the moment Pham is stabbed, but does show the aftermath -- which includes a fistfight involving other people ... while Pham stands nearby in a blood-soaked shirt.

You can see in the clip, the stab wound runs from hip to hip ... and he is bleeding profusely.

Paramedics eventually arrived to the scene and treated Pham -- who never really looked like he was in grave danger. Tough guy.

Pham was transported to UC San Diego Health, where he received stitches to close the wound. Pham issued a statement later saying he is already on the road to recovery -- adding, "I know I'll be back to my offseason training routine in no time."

6:52 AM PT -- Pham is SERIOUSLY lucky to have avoided catastrophic injuries in the attack ... cops tell us the outfielder suffered a 12" long and 5" wide laceration in the stabbing.

San Diego Padres star Tommy Pham was stabbed outside of a strip club Sunday night ... but, fortunately, both he and the team say he's expected to recover fully.

S.D. police say the outfielder was slashed outside Pacers Showgirls International at around 10:35 p.m.

Two people close to the situation told the San Diego Union-Tribune ... the whole incident started when Pham confronted people who were arguing near his car.

According to the report, when Pham asked the people -- whom cops say it appeared he did NOT know -- to get away from his vehicle ... he was attacked and stabbed in the lower back.

Pham went to the hospital and required stitches ... though, thankfully, the 32-year-old did not have any organ or other internal damage from the blade.

"I'd like to thank the incredible medical staff at UC San Diego Health for taking such great care of me last night," Pham said in a statement Monday. "I truly appreciate the hard work of the [San Diego Police Department] as well as they continue their search for the suspects."

"While it was a very traumatic and eye-opening experience for me, I’m on the road to recovery and I know I’ll be back to my offseason training routine in no time."

Cops say they've launched an investigation into the attack ... and are now trying to review any surveillance video that might help them track down the alleged suspects.

The Padres, meanwhile, say they expect Pham to make a "full recovery" from here.

Tommy is a monster on the baseball diamond ... despite battling injuries this season, he still helped lead the Pads to a deep run in the postseason.

In his 7-year MLB career, Pham has hit 82 home runs and stolen 75 bases. He has a career batting average of .273.

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Nipsey Hussle Estate Has Legal Beef with Crips Co. ... Sues Over 'Marathon' TM


Nipsey Hussle's estate is taking a Crips company to court ... the late rapper's relatives are suing over his famous slogan.

Nipsey's brother, Samiel Asghedom, just filed suit against Crips LLC -- you read that right, the gang's gone corporate -- over the rights to Hussle's "The Marathon Continues" slogan.

According to the new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the estate claims the Crips organization filed a couple trademarks for the phrase last year -- one for various services and another for clothing -- despite Hussle's family owning several 'Marathon' trademarks of their own related to Nip's well-known clothing store.

It's pretty shocking ... the estate claims the Crips organization filed a trademark application less than 2 months after Nipsey was murdered outside his Marathon Clothing Store.

As we first reported ... Nipsey's fam grew frustrated with the Crips org this summer, fearing something shady was going on with the trademarks ... and Crips LLC claimed it would abandon its applications.

Instead, the Crips org has continued using the trademarks on merch, according to the lawsuit, so the estate is looking to put a stop to it. The estate is seeking monetary damages and a judgment directing the company to destroy any merch the Crips org has made with the trademarks.

Tory Lanez Judge Orders Him in Court Hearing ... Stay Away from Megan!!!

10:48 AM PT -- The judge also ordered Tory must surrender any guns he owns.

Tory Lanez has just been ordered to stay the hell away from Megan Thee Stallion after a hearing for his felony assault charge.

Tory appeared by phone for Tuesday's hearing in L.A. County court for what was supposed to be his arraignment ... but his attorney, Shawn Holley, requested a continuance. It was granted so he did not enter a plea. The judge, however, issued a protective order against Tory ... and now he's gotta stay at least 100 yards away from MTS, and not contact her.

His bail was set at $190k ... which he'll be posting via a bondsman present at the hearing. The hearing comes on the same day MTS wrote an op-ed for The New York Times on why she speaks up for Black women, saying she's not afraid of criticism and being adamant that saying "protect Black women" should NOT be a controversial topic.

She also addressed the Tory Lanez case, saying, "I was recently the victim of an act of violence by a man. After a party, I was shot twice as I walked away from him. We were not in a relationship. Truthfully, I was shocked that I ended up in that place."

Meg added, "My initial silence about what happened was out of fear for myself and my friends. Even as a victim, I have been met with skepticism and judgment. The way people have publicly questioned and debated whether I played a role in my own violent assault proves that my fears about discussing what happened were, unfortunately, warranted."


As we reported ... The L.A. County D.A.'s Office slapped him with 1 count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and 1 count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. The D.A. also alleges Tory inflicted great bodily injury on Megan.

If convicted, the rapper/singer faces up to 22 years and 8 months in prison.

Tory defended himself publicly last week and said he deserves his day in court. As we told you ... the rapper broke his silence Friday morning and reminded fans the "charge is not a conviction."

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'Botched' Star Terry Dubrow Butt Lift Patient Sues for $10 Mil ... You 'Almost Killed Me!!!'


One of "Botched" star Terry Dubrow's patient is following through with a threat to sue him for what she claims was the butt lift from hell that nearly killed her.

Sandy Scoggins is suing Dubrow claiming she suffered through a gory aftermath from her July 2019 surgery. According to her lawsuit, multiple incisions opened up resulting in potentially deadly infections, unbearable pain and permanent disability.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Sandy says she went to Dubrow to get rid of loose skin and cellulite on her legs. She says she didn't want a huge scar on her leg, and that's why she chose Dubrow ... who, she claims, said he could improve her look by 85%.

However, her post-op issues started almost immediately. Sandy claims E! staffers, with cameras and lights, came in the operating room and scolded her to be quiet because they were filming. She claims she didn't consent for them to be there.

According to the suit, things took a gory and painful turn as soon as she tried to sit up in bed after surgery ... her incision busted open above her butt in the center of her back. The pics of her injuries -- included in the suit -- are gruesome ... showing an incision in her groin which she claims burst open, as well as the back incision.

She claims over the next 7 days ... the back incision tore open in several more places, and she had to go back into a hospital. Sandy says she developed a serious fever, had swelling in her abdomen, and the wound was infected. In the suit, she claims her attending physician paged Dubrow 4 times, but he never called back.

Sandy went home to Texas in August, but says the complications continued. According to the suit, doctors there said bacteria destroyed more than 4 inches of her flesh -- and they found a "tan and white synthetic mesh-like material" in her body, allegedly left behind from Dubrow's surgery. She's suing him, E! and others involved in her surgery for more than $10 million in damages.

As we reported ... Dubrow claimed last week Scoggins was trying to extort him for $5 million, and filed a motion to handle the case in arbitration.

Sources connected to Dubrow say he does not use mesh during his procedures, so it would be impossible for his surgery to be the source of the material found in Scoggins.

Kanye West Forget Me, God Will Save America!!! Moves to Lock Down Rights


Kanye West appears to have one final trick up his sleeve in the last-minute blitz of his presidential campaign ... let go, and let God.

Ye just filed legal docs to lock up the rights to "God Save America" -- which he wants to slap on shirts, sweaters and hoodies in what seems to be a final-ditch effort to push his message that was front-and-center in his 1st campaign ad ... bringing faith back to politics.

Unclear if this is a campaign slogan -- like Barack Obama's famous HOPE or Trump's Make America Great Again -- but it sure reads like one. The phrase also feels like a play on "God Bless America" ... both patriotic, but kinda sanctimonious too with "Save" swapped in.


Kanye filed for the trademark last week, which lines up closely with the release of his debut campaign ad ... something that just hit the ether Monday, 3 weeks before voters hit the polls on Nov. 3. Some people feel this ad -- and maybe now this new catchphrase he wants to lock up -- is too little, too late. That, or maybe just in time ... depends on who you ask.

Anyway, if Ye gets approval on this ... get ready to see some new merch -- probably priced at a high selling point 😅.

NBA's Terrance Ferguson Sued Over Alleged Sexual Battery Accuser Claims There's Video

Breaking News

Oklahoma City Thunder player Terrance Ferguson is being sued by a woman who claims Terrance and his brother sexually assaulted her in Sept. 2018 ... and she claims Ferguson shot video of the incident.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Oklahoma County District Court, the accuser claims she had been in a consensual sexual relationship with the NBA player ... but things soured when he tried to get her to participate in a threesome with his brother, Brandon Willis.

In her suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, the woman claims she repeatedly turned down the request for the threesome ... but in Sept. 2018, he entered the room while she was having sex with Ferguson and tried to join in.

The woman insists she did NOT give consent to Willis -- and "withdrew consent" from Ferguson ... but both men allegedly ignored her and continued to sexually assault her.

In her suit, the woman claims Willis began to vaginally penetrate her while Ferguson recorded the incident on his cell phone.

She claims Ferguson later distributed the footage via Snapchat.

The woman claims she suffered severe emotional trauma and prolonged pain and suffering. She's suing both men for sexual assault and battery, among other things but does not list a specific amount she's asking for.

As we previously reported, the woman went to cops in February 2020 -- and the Oklahoma City PD launched an investigation. But ultimately, no criminal charges were filed.

Ferguson, through his attorney, has previously denied wrongdoing regarding this incident.

22-year-old Ferguson was a 1st-round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft and he's become a solid player in the league.

'NCIS: New Orleans' CBS Sued Over Robbery Scene ... Actors Claim They Nearly Got Killed


A crazy jewelry heist scene on "NCIS: New Orleans" got way too real for the actors involved ... when real cops showed up and pointed their guns at them ... and now they're suing.

The 2 actors involved in the scene, along with the jewelry store owner, have filed a lawsuit in L.A against CBS for allegedly misleading them into shooting a realistic "guerrilla-style" armed robbery in broad daylight ... without proper permits or giving cops and neighbors a heads up.

The 3 men claim they were approached by 'NCIS' producers in October 2017 about filming the robbery, and they agreed to do it under the assumption it was a "traditional television shoot" ... with permits, police present and standard safety protocols.


Instead, the men accuse CBS of failing to notify local authorities and surrounding businesses that the armed robbery scene -- set in the middle of a busy New Orleans shopping center -- was not real ... and you can guess what happened.

According to the suit ... the owner of the store next to the jewelry store understandably called 911 after seeing the actors jump out of an unmarked van in ski masks carrying realistic-looking assault rifles while yelling, "This is a robbery!"

This prompted cops to race to the scene and point their very real weapons at the actors ... who say they could have been killed by the officers with one false move.

The 3 men claim the ordeal was terrifying and traumatizing ... and they're still feeling the psychological effects. They're suing CBS for damages.

The network's filed docs to get the case tossed out of California court, arguing that it involves events that took place in Louisiana, so that's where the case should have been filed. The plaintiffs' lawyers, Caleb Mason and Alan Jackson, disagree ... saying the show is produced by CBS in L.A.

We reached out to CBS for comment ... so far, no word back.

'Dreams' Skateboarder I've Got Beef with Streetwear Brand


Nathan Apodaca -- AKA the Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- is putting on his legal face ... he wants a streetwear company to stop using his Doggface to sell merch.

Here's the deal ... Culture Kings is hawking a "Dreams Vintage T-Shirt" with the viral star's face on it for $36.95 ... but Nathan isn't feeling the good vibes with this merch, and says he's owed a piece of the pie.

Nathan's lawyer -- yep, he's got one now -- Jeffrey R. Klein of Fisher & Wolfe LLP, fired off a takedown notice, obtained by TMZ. It says Nathan owns the rights to the photograph on the shirt and claims Culture Kings had no right to make money off of it.

He's threatening a lawsuit if Culture Kings doesn't pull the shirt.

As you know ... Nathan's got a merch line of his own, and his personally designed line of Doggface clothing is selling like crazy after launching with

Bottom line ... don't let Nathan's easy-going persona fool you!!!

Ronni Hawk Disney Star Charged in Domestic Incident Allegedly Pulled Knife on BF


Ronni Hawk -- one of the stars of the Disney sitcom, "Stuck in the Middle" -- just got charged for bringing a knife to a nasty fight with her boyfriend.

TMZ has learned the L.A. City Attorney slapped Hawk with 3 misdemeanor counts for the July incident. She's now facing charges of domestic battery, assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing a knife.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Ronni and her BF, Miles Fallon, got into an argument, and things escalated when he bolted from the house. We're told Ronni grabbed a knife and chased after Miles while he was in the parking lot.

Cops were called to the scene and arrested Ronni.

TMZ broke the story when the 20-year-old was taken to jail. Our sources said officers who responded noticed Miles had visible injuries, including scratches.

We've reached out to Ronni's reps, but no word back.

Phil Collins Sending Ex-Wife Eviction Notice ... After Her Alleged Secret Vegas Wedding


Phil Collins is booting his ex-wife out of her crib ... because he says he owns it, and he's tired of her B.S.

Sources close to the famous drummer and singer-songwriter tell TMZ ... his long, rocky relationship with Orianne Cevey is officially over ... after all, she remarried in August, and he wants her out of his Florida house STAT.

We're told Phil's asked her to vacate and she's refused, and instead is threatening to release false and embarrassing accusations about him unless he renegotiates their 2008 divorce settlement.

For the record -- Collins paid Cevey a reported $46.76 million ... and our sources say he's not giving her another dime. He believes she squandered the fortune through a series of bad investments, along with an expensive divorce from the man she married after Phil.

Our sources say Phil gave his ex until 3 PM Friday to vacate, but she didn't, and he says she's now changed the security codes and has been unruly with the staff.

We're told Phil plans to file an eviction lawsuit as soon as courts open up next week.

In case you haven't gotten the picture, the 2 have a pretty wild history. They got married in the late '90s, had 2 sons together -- Nicholas and Mathew -- but filed for divorce in '06, shortly after the youngest son was born.

After the record settlement, Cevey got remarried to Charles Mejjati, but then divorced him to go back to Collins in 2016.

Things seemed to be pretty peachy up until a couple months ago, when we're told Orianne got married again to a man named Thomas Bates ... telling Phil she was just traveling to Las Vegas for business.

Our sources say Collins continues to fully support his sons -- all of their expenses are paid for through a fully-funded, irrevocable trust -- but he believes he's no longer financially on the hook to his ex-wife.

Orianne's attorney, Frank Maister, had no comment.

Ryan Leaf May Arrest Not Substance Abuse Related ... Lawyer Says


Ryan Leaf's domestic battery arrest was NOT substance abuse-related ... so says the ex-NFL QB's attorney, who tells TMZ Sports the former San Diego Charger is still "100% sober."

There had been some concern after 44-year-old Leaf -- who has battled drug and alcohol problems in the past -- had suffered a relapse that led to his arrest on May 22.

But, when we spoke to David Greenberg of the Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg ... he told us that just wasn't the case at all.

"He is 100% totally sober," Greenberg said of Leaf, "and spends a good part of every day over the last five years helping other people remain that way."

In fact, Greenberg says the whole alleged incident was nothing more than a "minor dispute."

"Nobody was injured," Greenberg said. "There was no allegation of any kind of weapon or anything like that."

"This was a couple that had a small minor dispute and it's unfortunate that it ended up in the criminal justice system."

We broke the story ... Leaf was booked on a domestic battery charge at around 2 p.m. on May 22 -- and was formally hit with two misdemeanor charges by prosecutors this week.

But, Leaf cut a plea deal in court Friday ... and ultimately avoided further jail time in the case.

Greenberg said Leaf and his family are happy to have all this now behind them ... adding Ryan is still committed to helping people with substance abuse problems daily.

"He's a really good guy," Greenberg said. "He really is a good husband and a good father."

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