Kyle Rittenhouse Feeling 'Free as F***' at Wisc. Bar ... Drinking a Beer

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Kyle Rittenhouse -- the teenager charged with homicide in the Kenosha, WI killings -- seems to be flaunting the fact he's no longer in jail as he awaits trial ... based on his t-shirt anyway.

Rittenhouse -- who just turned 18 -- hit up a bar in Mt. Pleasant, WI earlier this week with his parents and enjoyed a beer ... according to our sources. As you can see ... he was sporting a shirt with the phrase, "Free as F***."

If you're wondering how he was allowed to drink alcohol, you're not alone ... but it's actually allowed per Wisconsin law if a person under 21 is with a parent, guardian or spouse of legal drinking age.

Nonetheless, it seems someone was concerned about Rittenhouse's presence in the bar, because the Mount Pleasant PD tells us they got a call about him being there. We're told the caller believed it may have been a violation of his bond agreement.

Cops say they looked into it and learned Rittenhouse was at Pudgy's Pub on Tuesday afternoon with a parent, and relayed the info to the Kenosha County DA's Office. We're told an investigation determined he had not violated his agreement.

As we reported ... Rittenhouse was released from custody in late November on $2 million bail. The money was raised mostly by donors -- including actor Ricky Schroder -- who have lauded the teenager as a patriotic hero.

Rittenhouse is charged with killing 2 protesters and wounding a third during the civil unrest in Kenosha following the shooting of Jacob Blake. He was 17 at the time, and was captured on video shooting 2 of the 3 alleged victims ... then walking toward police, who did not even detain him.

SoHo 'Karen' Arrest Entire Incident Reflects Racial Injustice ... Say Alleged Victim's Parents, Ben Crump


Miya Ponsetto's arrest for attempted robbery -- after attacking a 14-year-old boy and accusing him of stealing her phone -- isn't nearly enough, according to the child's parents ... who insist racism was involved in the incident.

Keyon Harrold Jr.'s mom and dad -- Kat and Keyon Sr. -- joined us on "TMZ Live," along with their attorney, Ben Crump, to address Ponsetto being taken into custody ... more than 2 weeks after her altercation with the teenager at a SoHo hotel.

But, the so-called SoHo Karen's arrest led to a much bigger discussion about ongoing examples of racial injustice in the country, which Crump says was also highlighted during the historic events in the Capitol this week.

As for the incident with Ponsetto and Harrold Jr. ... Keyon's parents say he's still in therapy to deal with the aftermath. His mom and dad are worried about PTSD, and Kat describes the trauma as something her son doesn't deserve ... same goes for countless people of color before him.

Kat goes on to lay blame on the SoHo hotel for its role in Ponsetto's attack on her son, claiming it enabled her to lay hands on him.

NYPD Detectives

As we reported ... Ponsetto has denied her attack of Harrold had anything to do with race -- instead, her lawyer says it was anxiety-induced -- and our law enforcement sources say she will not be charged for any sort of hate crime.

Instead, it's possible Ponsetto will be hit with a charge of attempted robbery of the teenager's phone, and as you know ... it's just one of the many legal issues she is dealing with right now.

UFC's Irwin Rivera Arrested ... Rep Claims Fighter Battling Mental Illness

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1:54 PM PT -- Rivera's manager, Ali Abdelaziz, tells TMZ Sports Rivera is battling a mental illness and says the alleged attempted murder "was not in [Rivera's] hands."

"His sisters are in stable condition and I am praying for his family," Abdelaziz says. "We are still trying to put the pieces together."

Ali added, "I will never give up on Irwin and his family."

7:03 AM PT -- 1/8 -- TMZ Sports has obtained the police report stemming from Rivera's arrest ... and the allegations against the 31-year-old fighter are deeply disturbing.

In the docs, cops say they responded to a call in the Boynton Beach, Fla. area at around 3 a.m. Thursday regarding a stabbing -- and found a 22-year-old woman covered in blood in the roadway.

The woman, according to cops, had been stabbed in her back, head and arm ... and told the officers "her brother had stabbed her and her sister was still in the house."

Cops say they then found a 33-year-old woman inside the residence also suffering from stab wounds to her back, face, arms and hands.

Officers say the woman told them she had come to stay with Rivera in his spare bedroom ... and awoke early Thursday morning to the UFC fighter stabbing her repeatedly.

Cops say the woman told them she was eventually able to fight off Rivera and contact authorities.

In the docs, officers say they canvassed the area trying to find Rivera ... and when they eventually detained him, they say he "spontaneously uttered, I KILLED MY SISTERS."

Cops say Rivera was covered in bloody clothing.

In the docs, officers say during questioning, Rivera "admitted to stabbing both of his sisters."

Cops added that Irwin said "he entered his sisters' bedroom while they were sleeping and began stabbing them with a brass knuckle knife."

Officers in the report say Irwin told them "he did so because it was his purpose, which he was told to by a higher power."

Irwin is due to face a judge in court later Friday.

UFC fighter Irwin Rivera has been arrested for 2 counts of attempted murder ... according to a jail official.

31-year-old Rivera is a UFC bantamweight (135 lbs.) fighter who first fought with the promotion in May 2020. Rivera is 1-2 in the UFC ... and 10-6 as a professional.

Rivera was booked into the Main Detention Center in West Palm Beach, FL around noon on Thursday, per jail online booking information.

The UFC issued a statement on Rivera's arrest, saying ... “UFC is aware of the recent incident involving Irwin Rivera and subsequently received information from his management that he has been exhibiting behavior consistent with mental health issues.”

The statement continues ... “The allegations are extremely troubling and the organization is currently gathering additional information. The investigation is ongoing and any potential next steps including disciplinary action or medical attention will be determined upon the conclusion."

"Furthermore, UFC has informed Rivera’s management that he will not be offered a bout at this time.”

Before his arrest, Rivera was originally scheduled to fight at UFC Fight Night in March.

Originally Published -- 1/7 5:17 PM PT

Capitol Riots Alabama Man Arrested ... 11 Molotov Cocktails in Truck!!!

An Alabama man seemed to be gearing up for mass destruction and murder at the Capitol Building on Wednesday ... at least based on what cops say they discovered in his truck.

Lonnie Coffman has been arrested and charged with possession of destructive devices and carrying an unlicensed gun ... but that doesn't tell the half of it.

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Coffman approached cops and told them he was trying to get to his vehicle -- a red pickup -- the same suspicious vehicle they had received calls about.

Cops say he asked them if they found the bombs, and upon searching his truck ... they found 11 mason jars containing an unknown liquid with a golf tee in the top of each jar, cloth rags and lighters. AKA -- Molotov cocktails.

They also discovered one M4 Carbine assault rifle with rifle magazines loaded with ammunition ... and a black handgun on the front passenger seat. Cops say he also had 2 guns in his pockets when he was detained.

According to the docs ... while questioning him, he told them the mason jars contained "melted Styrofoam and gasoline." ATF officers say this mixture has the effect of napalm.

Coffman's been arrested, and cops say -- based on security footage -- he was seen leaving the vehicle parked near the Capitol building on Wednesday morning.

As we've reported ... police have begun rounding up and arrested other rioters, including Richard Barnett -- the Arkansan man who was photographed with his foot up on Nancy Pelosi's desk.

SoHo 'Karen' Arrested Over Cell Phone Attack ... Charged With 4 Felonies

ponsetto appears via zoom

3:01 PM PT -- Prosecutors in New York are charging Miya with 4 felonies ... attempted robbery, endangering the welfare of a child, attempted grand larceny and attempted assault.

2:11 PM PT -- Miya has just made her first appearance in Ventura County court before a judge, via Zoom.

6:36 AM PT -- 1/8 -- Miya denied racially profiling Keyon Jr. in an interview with Gayle King hours before her arrest. The interview was so tense that at one point Miya essentially told Gayle to shut it.

Miya says she admits she could have approached the situation differently "and maybe not yelled at him like that and made him feel some sort of inferior way and making him feel as if I was like hurting his feelings."

She added, "I consider myself to be super sweet. I really never meant to hurt him or his father, either." But, when Gayle pressed Miya about the context of her actions, Miya responded, "How is one girl accusing a guy about a phone a crime? Where’s the context in that? What is the deeper story here?"

When Gayle intersected, Miya told Gayle, "Alright, Gayle. Enough."

7:54 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell us Miya went anything but peacefully. We're told officers attempted to pull her over 3 blocks from home, but she refused. Once in her driveway, officers had to physically pull Miya out of her car and in the process, she attempted to slam the door on a deputies leg, we're told she will likely face additional charges of resisting arrest.

Ponsetto is being held without bail as she'll be extradited to NYC.

SoHo 'Karen' Miya Ponsetto's wrongdoing on the other side of the country has finally caught up with her in Los Angeles ... she was just taken into custody.

Law enforcement sources tell us they arrested Ponsetto Thursday in a joint effort by the Ventura County Sheriff and NYPD. We're told she's expected to be charged with attempted robbery for falsely accusing and assaulting a 14-year-old black child.

NYPD Detectives

As we reported, officers from the NYPD were looking for Ponsetto after video surfaced showing the 22-year-old attacking a 14-year-old who she had accused of stealing her cell phone at the Arlo SoHo hotel in NYC. She tried to take the boy's personal phone during the attack, ridiculously believing it must be hers.

@keyonharrold / Instagram

Ponsetto left to California shortly after the December 26 incident, laying low with her mom, but was spotted outside a McDonald's just last week.


Ponsetto has a history of run-ins with the law including 2 DUI busts in 2020 and getting arrested with her mom in February for allegedly being drunk in public at the Peninsula hotel in Bev Hills.

As for the 14-year-old who she attacked, Keyon Harrold Jr., his father tells us the family is seeking trauma therapy for their son.

Ponsetto's attorney, Sharen H. Ghatan, tells us the attack wasn't racially motivated, but instead a result of an anxiety attack. As for her phone ... that was later found in an Uber and returned to her.

Ghatan says she was unaware of Ponsetto's arrest, but says, "Miya has not grasped the severity of her circumstances. She is expressly disregarding advice and has gone rogue."

Ghatan continues, "I had an in-person meeting with Miya today, and after seeing her in person, I was able to determine she is simply unwell. She is emotionally and mentally fragile. I was forced to cancel national interviews due to my concern of her wellbeing and lack of understanding of the process. I am here to guide her as legal counsel - but if she is unwilling to take my advice, there is not much more I can do."

Originally Published -- 1/7 6:59 PM PT

'Elizabeth from Knoxville' Rioter Armed with Onion May Be Evidence ... Capitol Invasion May Have Been Premeditated

"Elizabeth from Knoxville" -- the woman who said she got maced storming the Capitol -- is being accused of using an onion to make it look like she was crying, but there could be a deeper, more ominous reason for the bulb -- that she and others were banking on violence at the Capitol.

Onions are an antidote to tear gas. They can relieve the burning sensation from the gas. It's been reported for several years that onions can be used for this purpose. So the question ... why was this woman armed with an onion?


As we reported ... the woman was interviewed as rioters were making their way into the Capitol Building, and claimed she got pushed out and maced. While crying and talking about a "revolution," she repeatedly kept dabbing her eyes with a towel.

The looming question is whether the invasion of the Capitol was premeditated or not. Did the rioters plan the attack or did it just happen? It's interesting ... if this were just a peaceful protest, why carry an onion?

There is other evidence the plan may have been to invade the Capitol. As we reported, one of the insurrectionists had zip ties ... and given the building was filled with members of Congress, it sure feels like someone might have been thinking in advance of taking hostages.

If there's proof the invasion was premeditated rather than spontaneous, it could absolutely up the criminal charges the domestic terrorists are facing.

Donald Trump Major Felony Charges on the Table


Donald Trump was like a roadmap for the protesters who descended on D.C. Wednesday and wreaked havoc in the building that is the hallmark of our democracy, and as a result, he may have a new, non-presidential title -- criminal defendant.

Criminal defense lawyer Mike Cavalluzzi joins us on "TMZ Live" Friday to tick off the possible criminal charges Trump could face for inciting the crowd and encouraging them to wreak havoc in a building that is the foundation of our nation.

shot in the capitol

Mike zeroes in on the death of Ashli Babbitt, a woman who was part of the insurrection who was shot dead under the Capitol dome. There's something called felony murder ... that's when someone engages in or incites the commission of a violent felony in which someone dies.

The people who committed the initial felony -- even if they didn't fire the fatal shot -- could be charged with murder, and Trump's words and actions over the last 2 weeks arguably triggered the violent attempted coup that resulted in battery on police officers, vandalism and desecrating the hallowed structure.

Fox News

Mike says Trump's words ... "You'll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength and you have to be strong." Well, that could be viewed by prosecutors as inciting a riot.

It puts the spotlight again on the President's pardon power ... Trump's reportedly talking about self-pardon. It's an untested move, but that seems to be what his Presidency is all about.

DaBaby Shopping Spree Gets Cut Short ... Arrested on Rodeo Drive


DaBaby's shopping spree on world-famous Rodeo Drive came to an abrupt halt when Bev Hills cops stopped him and his pals and allegedly found a gun.

DaBaby hit several stores on Rodeo Thursday including Dior, Gucci and Moncler. As he and 3 other men were about to drive off, multiple cop cars surrounded their vehicle. Law enforcement sources tell us someone had called the cops to report DaBaby and his crew had weapons.

Baby and his friends were detained while officers searched the vehicle, and found one handgun.

We're told the rapper was arrested for carrying a loaded firearm, a misdemeanor. Although cops initially detained everyone in the car, we're told DaBaby is the only one getting booked.

Story developing ...

Hype House's Tony Lopez Sued for Sexual Battery ... Allegedly Solicited Minors


Tony Lopez -- one of the popular members of TikTok's Hype House -- used social media to "groom" and have sex with 2 teenage girls ... at least according to an explosive new lawsuit, but he denies the allegations.

The underage girls -- suing under the aliases H.L. Doe and C.H. Doe -- both claim 21-year-old Lopez first began communicating with them via text and social media despite knowing they were minors ... and say he tried to coerce them into meeting for sexual encounters.

H.L. alleges Lopez first lured her away from her friends on Jan. 4, 2020 and engaged in unlawful sexual acts with her ... including oral and vaginal sex. In the suit, the teen claims she told him she was 16 before that encounter, but later admitted she was really 15.

Even so, she alleges they had sex again on Jan. 19 at his place in Nevada -- and that Lopez told her not to take any pics with her phone because he wanted to keep their relationship secret.

The other accuser, C.H., claims she met Lopez in April 2020 when she was invited to the Hype House in L.A. by one of its founders, Thomas Petrou. She claims they exchanged text and Snapchat info, and Lopez -- knowing she was 16 -- almost immediately began soliciting nude photos or video from her.

C.H. alleges Lopez sent a photo of himself with the caption, "Show me your boobs," and repeatedly tried to coerce her into sending explicit photos or sneaking out to meet him to have sex.

She says she always declined, but according to the suit ... he allegedly sent her nude photos exposing his penis.

Both girls are suing Lopez for sexual battery and emotional distress. They're also suing Hype House and its founders -- including Petrou and Chase Hudson -- for negligence.

Lopez tells TMZ ... "These allegations are not at all true. I never sent nudes to these women and didn’t ask them to send me pictures either. And, I certainly wouldn’t have sex with someone who told me they were underage."

He adds, "This whole thing seems like a money grab to me. I’m going to fight it to the very end. I will not allow them to continue to slander my name and attack my character."

Benjamin Kickz Strong Arm Robbery Charges For Celeb Sneaker Dealer

Benjamin Kickz, famous for selling rare sneakers to a laundry list of celeb clients, just got arrested in Florida and charged with felony robbery.

Benjamin allegedly swiped an iPhone from another man at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach on New Year’s Eve, walking away with the device as his entourage beat the crap out of the guy ... according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

Authorities say Benjamin believed the man had taken a photo of him without his permission, and when the guy denied snapping a pic, BK allegedly grabbed the phone out of his hands.

The alleged beatdown sounds pretty savage ... authorities claim Benjamin's entourage beat, punched and kicked the guy in the head, causing serious injuries and sending him to the hospital.

Benjamin's known for his sneaker hookups ... and he's sold pairs and rubbed elbows with celebs like Drake, Bad Bunny, Lil Pump, Kodak Black and the late Nipsey Hussle.

Benjamin was booked into Dade County Jail Thursday morning and has been charged with one count of felony strong-arm robbery.

It sounds like there's video of the alleged incident because Benjamin's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, tells TMZ it's his understanding there were "significant events" between the 2 sides before what's seen in the video that will impact his defense of the case.

Dr. Dre to Estranged Wife Here's $2 Mil in Temporary Support ... But You Have to Pay Your Lawyers

Exclusive Details

1:22 PM PT -- According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Dre has also just agreed to pay Nicole $500k for her attorney fees.

As if Dr. Dre's week wasn't rough enough ... he's agreed to pay his estranged wife $2 million in temporary spousal support -- but he's not coughing up the $5 mil she wants for her divorce attorneys.

The music mogul and Nicole Young struck the deal that calls for Dre to write a one-time check for the $2 mil. That's all he'll pay ... at least until the next divorce hearing in April. Now it will be up to Nicole to decide how much of that amount she forks over to her lawyers.

As we reported, Nicole was demanding $2 mil per month, PLUS another $5 million in attorney's fees.

Our sources say Dre will continue to cover Nicole's living expenses at her Malibu pad, as well as her mother's Pacific Palisades home for the next several months. However, Dre will NOT cover Nicole's security costs ... she'll have to pay that from the $2 mil.

Dre and Young's lawyers struck the deal in court, but we're told Dre had to sign the agreement from his bed at Cedars Sinai Hospital.

Remember ... he's been dishing out $293,306 a month in temporary support. Now, he can focus on his recovery.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

TMZ broke the story ... Dre suffered a brain aneurysm earlier this week and he was rushed by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. He was taken directly to ICU. Dre later thanked his fans for their support and said he's doing great and getting excellent care.

Originally Published -- 1/7 7:55 AM PT

Browns' Rashard Higgins Traffic Stop Video ... Cop Ordered WR To Stomp On Alleged Weed

Exclusive Details

TMZ Sports has obtained dashcam footage of Rashard "Hollywood" Higgins' recent traffic stop ... which shows cops ordering the Cleveland Browns receiver to destroy an alleged marijuana joint on camera.

As we previously reported, Higgins and teammate Jedrick Wills were cited for drag racing in Ohio at around 9:30 AM on Tuesday.

In video of Higgins' traffic stop ... you can see a Westlake PD responding officer ask the 26-year-old about his car smelling like weed.

The player told the officers he had smoked in the car the day before ... but in video, you can see one of the cops says he found a joint in Higgins' pocket.

What happens next is crazy ... one of the cops mentions getting busted for weed could be "bad for press" -- so he ordered the player to crush the joint with his foot and kick it into the sewer.

"You guys are celebrities around here, so you don't want that hittin' the news, OK?" the officer said ... adding he'd only hit Higgins with a ticket for drag racing.

Higgins compiled throughout the stop ... and even admitted to cops he's "better than that."

As for Wills, his interaction with officers was much less eventful.


A cop scolded the 21-year-old for the alleged racing ... and Wills admitted he and Higgins were "just being d*ckheads."

Both Higgins and Wills are due in court later this month.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, meanwhile, spoke about the incident with reporters on Wednesday ... saying the team will handle the situation internally.

Joe Exotic Father Dies from COVID-19 Legal Team in D.C. Today Pleading for Pardon


Joe Exotic's father has died ... and Joe's loss is now dovetailing with a trip to D.C. for a pardon that would allow Joe to attend his dad's funeral.

We've learned Joe's father, Francis Schreibvogel, recently died following complications from COVID ... The funeral is set for Saturday in Oklahoma, and Joe desperately wants to go.

TMZ broke the story ... Joe's legal team will be flying to Washington D.C. today pushing for that pardon, but now there's an added urgency since the clock is ticking for the funeral.


As we reported, Joe's legal team, headed up by Eric Love, hopped on a friend's jet with a Joe/'Tiger King' wrap that they're flying to D.C. ... making it a show. Love has told TMZ he has a big meeting with someone White House/pardon-related, but he's not saying who.

If Trump doesn't grant the pardon, they have a plan B ... going to a judge and asking for a day pass -- essentially a temporary release -- so Joe can attend his dad's funeral.

As we previously reported ...  the 'Tiger King' star's legal team hit the road for D.C. back in May with a bus wrapped in a plea to get Joe sprung from prison. They believe the pardon is in play.

Rashard Higgins, Jedrick Wills Busted For Alleged Drag Racing Days Before Playoff Game

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7:23 AM PT -- 1/6 The second driver cited during the incident has been identified ... and it's none other than the Browns' #10 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft -- star lineman Jedrick Wills, Jr.

The 21-year-old left tackle went to Twitter to clear the air ... claiming people are "blowing it way out of proportion."

"So nobody has ever tried to beat someone off the line at a red light for a max 30 meters? Ight." Wills said Tuesday night. "Blowing it way out of proportion. Ik y’all road ragers have."

The week from hell continues to get worse for the Cleveland Browns ... this time, wide receiver Rashard "Hollywood" Higgins has been cited for drag racing in Ohio.

26-year-old Higgins -- who has 4 TDs and nearly 600 yards receiving this season -- was pulled over along with another vehicle on Tuesday around 9:36 AM in Westlake, according to an incident report obtained by the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

Both drivers were cited for drag racing, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

The report also states a suspected marijuana joint was found in one of the cars, but the report doesn't say who the cops allege it belonged to.

Hollywood jokingly tweeted about the incident Tuesday afternoon, saying, "Foot slipped srry."

"Was tryna get away from Covid," he added.

The Browns released a statement to the Chronicle ... saying, "We are aware of the incident, will gather more information and handle this matter appropriately."

The most recent news adds to the Browns' troubles as they prepare for their first playoff appearance since 2002 -- a COVID-19 outbreak has forced head coach Kevin Stefanski, Pro Bowl guard Joel Bitonio and more to miss this Sunday's AFC Wild Card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Higgins is due back in court for the case later this month.

Originally Published 1/5 4:17 PM PT

Miya Ponsetto Lawyer Claims Anxiety Behind SoHo Attack ... Now She's M.I.A.


Miya Ponsetto falsely accusing a Black teen of stealing her iPhone and attacking him had nothing to do with racism ... at least according to her lawyer, who says she was having a panic attack.

Attorney Sharen H. Ghatan is representing Miya and her mother, Nicole Ponsetto, and Ghatan tells TMZ ... the NYC incident that led to Miya getting labeled "SoHo Karen" is not what everyone is making it out to be.

Her lawyer says she was in NYC visiting her father for Christmas, and like everyone else -- her whole life is on her phone and she needed it to navigate the city. He says she started feeling anxious when she realized she'd lost it.

@keyonharrold / Instagram

Ghatan claims Miya has a history of anxiety attacks and was experiencing one when she accused Keyon Harrold's 14-year-old son of stealing her phone and went after him. Ghatan isn't excusing her aggression -- she says that wasn't right, but insists it was anxiety-induced ... not racially charged.

All of that is, no doubt, info NYPD will want to hear. Detectives investigating the iPhone incident are flying to L.A. this week to speak with Miya ... but that could become an issue, because Miya's off the grid.

Ghatan says Miya left home and turned off her phone -- she's not responding to messages from her mother or her attorney, who say they're concerned about her well-being.


They say strangers have shown up at their L.A.-area home, followed them and made threats.

Assuming everything is alright, Ghatan says Miya and Nicole are open to speaking with the Harrold family to gain closure. As for NYPD ... Ghatan tells us detectives will need to talk to her first before getting to Miya.

As we first reported, Miya and her mother have other legal troubles -- they were both arrested in February 2020 for allegedly being drunk in public at the Peninsula hotel in Bev Hills.

Plus, Miya's staring down a strong possibility of jail time after 2 DUI busts last year.

Jacob Blake No Charges for Kenosha Cop in Shooting ... D.A. Cites Self-Defense

Breaking News

The white police officer who shot Jacob Blake -- an unarmed Black man -- at point-blank range seven times won't be criminally charged ... and neither will any of the other cops involved.

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael D. Graveley announced his decision Tuesday, saying Kenosha PD officer Rusten Sheskey would NOT be charged for shooting Blake in August during an attempted arrest.

Raysean White via

Graveley explained his decision, saying that after careful review and investigation ... officials simply couldn't find a law he'd broken under the circumstances. D.A. Graveley basically chalked his decision up to self-defense, and it was necessary for Officer Sheskey to use lethal force to stop Jacob from potentially harming him (Sheskey) or others.

According to Wisconsin law, that decision is based on a reasonable belief that Jacob might've done any of that if Sheskey hadn't acted ... and Graveley explains that in their state, that belief falls under the discretion of said officer, who has to make a snap decision.

Graveley goes on to explain that if prosecutors were to go after Sheskey, the burden would be on them in court to disprove a need for self-defense ... which he suggests would've been a losing battle in this case.


He also mentioned this ... Jacob Blake won't face any new criminal charges stemming from this incident either.

Remember, Sheskey, a 7-year vet, chased Blake down as he walked away from him and refused to obey orders to halt. The officer pursued around the other side of his SUV, and when Blake tried opening the door ... Sheskey opened fire into his back from around two feet away. He unloaded seven shots, and somehow Blake survived.

He wasn't unscathed though ... Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down, and spent a good amount of time recovering in the hospital. He's now undergoing spinal cord rehab and has since gained some upper body strength as he navigates his painful new life situation.


Blake's shooting sparked renewed racial justice protests across the country, and it seems like authorities are ramping up for the second wave of unrest. Just this week, Wisconsin's governor, Tony Evers, mobilized 500 National Guard troops to help local law enforcement.

Kenosha's Common Council passed a resolution to enforce a pre-emptive curfew for up to 8 days after Graveley's announcement. There are other measures going into effect too ... reduced bus service, road closures, designated spaces for demonstrations, concrete barricades and fences going up to protect certain buildings ... and, of course, businesses are boarding up.

Although many have called for Sheskey's firing, he hasn't been terminated but remains on administrative leave.

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