Jason 'Mayhem' MIller Charged W/ Felony Assault & Battery ... After Alleged Bar Fight

Jason "Mayhem" Miller, troubled MMA fighter, has been charged with 2 felonies -- assault and battery -- for his alleged involvement in a bar fight where he's accused of breaking another man's ribs, TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... 40-year-old Miller was allegedly involved in a brawl outside a San Fernando Valley bar in early September. The man Mayhem is accused of hitting initially decided not to file a police report ... however, changed his mind after going to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with cracked ribs.

Earlier this week, officials decided to charge Miller with felony assault and felony battery ... charges that could carry years behind bars, if convicted.

The two felonies aren't the only charges Miller is contending with ... he was recently arrested for felony domestic violence after allegedly roughing up his girlfriend.

Miller -- who hasn't fought in the UFC since 2012 -- last fought professionally in 2016 ... losing his last fight via a rear-naked choke.

His life post-fighting has been marred with arrest after arrest ... and now the one-time star is facing more serious charges.

Chuck Liddell & Estranged Wife Both Get Temp. Restraining Orders ... Must Stay 100 Yards Away

4:36 PM PT -- Heidi Liddell was also granted a temporary restraining order from Chuck Liddell. The former fighter must stay 100 yards away from Heidi ... and not contact her.

Heidi maintains she never assaulted Chuck.

Chuck Liddell has been granted a temporary restraining order from his estranged wife, Heidi, TMZ Sports has learned ... in addition to temporary primary physical custody of their kids.

This just days after the 51-year-old UFC legend claimed his wife roughed him up at their family home.

A judge in Los Angeles signed off on the order last week ... preventing 41-year-old Heidi from having any contact -- including over the phone or computer -- with The Iceman.

The TRO dictates Heidi must remain at least 100 yards from Chuck at all times.

Heidi was also ordered to immediately leave her and Chuck's home ... until the couple has a court hearing the 2nd week of November.

Violation of the order could result in a fine and/or a year in jail.

Chuck will also get temporary physical custody of their 2 kids ... though the arrangement could change after the hearing.

Heidi will be allowed visitation on the alternating weekends.

The UFC HOF'er also gets temporary physical custody of the family dogs ... a miniature poodle and Australian shepherd.

We broke the story ... Chuck was arrested for domestic violence earlier this month after he allegedly got into a verbal argument that turned physical with his wife of a decade.


Heidi was also cited for putting hands on Chuck ... but she was not taken in because the UFC legend asked that she be allowed to stay with their kids, according to an incident report.

Chuck adamantly denied putting his hands on Heidi ... and claimed he was the real victim. Police noted Chuck had a minor injury after the incident, while Heidi was uninjured.

The L.A. District Attorney ultimately decided NOT to charge Chuck or Heidi with a crime.

Chuck filed for divorce shortly after the alleged incident.

The temporary restraining order will remain in place until at least early November.

Hailey Bieber on Halyna Hutchins 'Heartbroken' for All Involved ... Director & Hubby Speak Out

Hailey Bieber is speaking up on the accidental shooting that claimed Halyna Hutchins' life -- meanwhile ... her own director and husband have something to say as well.

Alec Baldwin's niece shared some somber words on behalf of all affected parties, taking to IG to write ... "Sending all my love to the family of Halyna Hutchins. This is a truly unimaginable and devastating tragedy."

She adds, "My thoughts are also with Joel Souza as he recovers. I am absolutely heartbroken for everyone involved." No explicit mention of Alec -- to whom she has a direct tie -- but it's obvious why Hailey's weighing in ... as this is a family affair.

As Hailey sent her own thoughts ... Joel Souza -- the director of the Baldwin flick, "Rust," who was also injured during the accident -- has broken his silence on the tragedy. He tells Deadline, "I am gutted by the loss of my friend and colleague, Halyna. She was kind, vibrant, incredibly talented, fought for every inch and always pushed me to be better."

He adds, "My thoughts are with her family at this most difficult time. I am humbled and grateful by the outpouring of affection we have received from our filmmaking community, the people of Santa Fe, and the hundreds of strangers who have reached out. It will surely aid in my recovery." Souza was reportedly released from the hospital Friday with a shoulder injury.

Finally, Hutchins' widowed hubby, Matt, also shared some thoughts publicly for the first time -- writing, "Thank you to Halyna's friends and mentors at AFI for establishing a scholarship to honor her memory and support aspiring female cinematographers."

He continues, "Anyone seeking to honor her memory, please direct your giving to this fund."

Alec had previously said he was in contact with Matt ... and was cooperating with law enforcement to figure out how exactly this might've happened. There are already some clues, however, that have surfaced in a warrant -- which said an assistant director handed Alec the hot gun, thinking it was "cold."

There are still a ton of questions -- the ultimate being ... who's responsible for this?

DMX Estate Battle Grows ... As Alleged 15th Child Comes Forward

There is a full-on battle royale over DMX's estate, because another woman has reportedly come forward claiming she's one of X's kids, and wants in on the estate.

Raven Barmer-Simmons has contacted some of the kids of the late rapper, saying she is among them ... this according to Page Six, which broke the story.

If she is indeed on of DMX's kids, she could be #15. A battle is shaping up over who gets what as assets get divvied up.

A judge appointed 3 of X's sons, Xavier, Tacoma and Sean as temporary administrators, but that's clearly not sitting well with everyone.

X's fiancee, Desiree Lindstrom, has been trying to get an acknowledgment she was his common-law wife, but the judge rejected her claim. She wants to become the administrator of his estate, but now that seems like an uphill climb.

There will almost certainly be DNA tests to determine who's entitled to the estimated $1 million estate. Remember, though, there are also future earnings from his music that can replenish the estate.

There will also be lots of discussions over where all the money went. X sold more than 70 million albums and not only had a career in music but movies as well ... so on the surface the remaining assets seem out of whack.

Courtesy of BET

DMX died of an OD which triggered a heart attack back in April. He was 50.

Chiefs Star Frank Clark Hit With Gun Charge ... Over Uzi Arrest

K.C. Chiefs star Frank Clark has been hit with another gun charge ... this stemming from his June arrest where he allegedly drove around with an uzi in his car.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Clark was pulled over in L.A. back on June 20 for a routine traffic violation, when cops say they saw an uzi sticking out of an open duffle bag in his Lambo SUV.

Clark was arrested and booked for illegal possession of a firearm ... and law enforcement sources tell us L.A. prosecutors formally hit him with one count of possession of an assault weapon this week.

Clark is due in court for a hearing on the matter on Jan. 17 ... one week after the Chiefs' season is scheduled to end.

Of course, Clark was already facing a separate gun charge related to another incident in California on March 13.

In that case, cops say they pulled over the 28-year-old and another man for failing to display a front license plate.

Police say during the stop, they noticed a gun in the car ... and after searching the ride, they say they found two loaded firearms, and arrested both men.

Sources close to Clark at the time claimed the guns did NOT belong to the NFL player -- but rather to a member of his security team.

Clark hasn't had his best season with the legal troubles looming over his head ... he's battled injuries and has just 5 tackles and no sacks in three games.

Sisqo To Drake Little Advice On Impostors ... No Need To Lawyer Up!!!


Sisqo is giving Drake some sage advice on how to deal with doppelgängers ... he says it's best not to drag them to court.

We got the "Thong Song" singer in New York City this week and asked him what Champagne Papi should do about his imposter down in Miami who is going clubbing all over South Beach.

Sisqo's a bit of an expert in this particular area ... remember, he infamously dealt with a lookalike back in 2017, when the imposter was able to score all sorts of perks at New York Fashion Week.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The Drake impostor recently cropped up in Miami, and he's been getting tons of attention.


Sisqo says whenever Drake finds the guy's true identity, it doesn't do a lot of good to sue him ... a departure from Sisqo's original reaction to his own impostor.

Despite threatening legal action back in the day, Sisqo says he never followed through with a lawsuit ... after finding some common ground with the fake Sisqo.

Bottom line for Sisqo ... impersonation is the best form of flattery.

Alec Baldwin Asst. Director Handed Him Loaded Gun ... According to Warrant

The gun handed to Alec Baldwin before the fatal shooting on the "Rust" movie set was loaded with a live round ... according to a warrant from the ongoing police investigation.

The warrant says an assistant director handed the gun to Alec and told the actor it was safe to use before the deadly incident ... according to the warrant obtained by the Associated Press.

The warrant says the assistant director didn't know the gun was loaded, but it doesn't mention who actually loaded the gun ... which may become the central issue.

Alec's blood-stained costume from the movie has been taken as evidence, as well as the gun that went off, plus other prop guns and ammo being used on set, according to the warrant.

The warrant says Halyna Hutchins was shot in the chest and Joel Souza was wounded as he was standing behind her.

A source working on the movie tells us gun safety has been a consistent issue on set, and just last weekend blank rounds were shot when they weren't supposed to go off.

As we reported ... Alec pulled the trigger on the gun and the accident resulted in the death of 42-year-old cinematographer Hutchins. She was struck and airlifted to a hospital, where she died. Director Souza was also hit, but has reportedly been released from the hospital.


Baldwin says he's cooperating with the investigation and says, "There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours."

Brian Laundrie No Cause, Manner of Death Identified Bones Going to Anthropologist

Brian Laundrie's autopsy has been completed without answers, and now his bones will be shipped off to an anthropologist for further evaluation ... TMZ has learned.

Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, tells us the coroner just wrapped, and no matter or cause of death could be identified through his remains. Bertolino says the next step will be to send his bones to an anthropologist to be examined.

Bertolino tells us he's not sure why the anthropologist is getting involved, but online studies say the experts are brought into cases when bodies are too far along in the decomposition process to determine a cause of death using soft tissue.

As we reported, Laundrie's remains were first found off of a Florida trail Wednesday near his backpack and notebook. The FBI positively identified the bones found as Brian thanks to dental records.

@mikerreports / Fox News Digital

Investigators say it appears Brian's body had been decomposing in the area for several weeks, and prior to their discovery, the remains had been in an area that was underwater.

Gabby Petito's family has not made an official comment on the findings.

NBA YoungBoy Getting Released From Custody

NBA YoungBoy is about to get out of jail as he awaits trial in his federal weapons case ... TMZ has learned.

The rapper's attorneys, Drew Findling and Andre Belanger, tell us bail has finally been set for YoungBoy, but he has not yet been released. The judge gave him two options -- put up $1.5 million worth of property or $500k cash.

TMZ broke the story ... YoungBoy was busted in Los Angeles back in March on a federal warrant, with the FBI taking him into custody using a K-9 unit after he allegedly attempted to evade a traffic stop.

After the L.A. arrest, YoungBoy was transported to Louisiana and booked into a jail in St. Martin Parish, where he's remained behind bars.

NBA YoungBoy was previously indicted by a grand jury on charges of possessing a firearm as a felon and possessing a firearm not registered to him. The indictment came 12 days before he was busted in Cali.

Story developing ...

Robert Durst Charged with Wife's 1982 Murder

Robert Durst will finally stand trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Kathie Durst, in 1982 -- that is, if he survives COVID-19 and his already incredibly frail condition.

A grand jury in NY state heard testimony last week, and the murder charge was filed Tuesday in Westchester County. The D.A.'s Office is confirming the charges were filed, but won't comment any further.

It's unclear when he would stand trial, but the former real estate tycoon -- featured in the HBO documentary, "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst" -- is already at death's door. As you know, an L.A. jury convicted Durst last week for the murder of Susan Berman, and sentenced him to life in prison.

Two days later, 78-year-old Durst was placed on a ventilator after contracting the coronavirus.

Remember, Durst seemingly confessed on an open mic while recording an interview for 'The Jinx' ... saying, "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."


It seems like a longshot he'll make it to trial in New York state, but the murder charge could at least be a moral victory for Kathie Durst's family. She vanished in 1982, and her body was never found.

Brian Laundrie Remains Found in Florida Are His ... Dental Records Prove It

The hunt for Gabby Petito's fiance, Brian Laundrie, is officially over ... the FBI says dental records prove the remains found on a Florida hiking trail match those of the 23-year-old.

Brian's remains were found Wednesday at the Carlton Reserve in North Port, FL ... only hours after the FBI uncovered some of Brian's belongings during an initial search at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

@mikerreports / Fox News Digital

The Laundrie family attorney tells TMZ, "Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been informed that the remains found yesterday in the reserve are indeed Brian’s. We have no further comment at this time and we ask that you respect the Laundrie’s privacy at this time."

As we reported ... Brian's parents led the FBI to the previously unexplored trail, where the feds found some articles of clothing and a backpack they believed might belong to Brian. The Medical Examiner went to the location, as well as the Pasco County Sheriff's Office's Human Remains Detection Team and a K-9.

The news comes about a month after authorities said the body they found in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park was indeed Gabby's body. The Teton County Coroner conducted an autopsy and ruled her death a homicide, with authorities saying she was strangled to death.

Moab Police Department

As you know by now ... Laundrie went on the run and had so far eluded the FBI and Dog the Bounty Hunter during a nationwide manhunt.

The Petito case, of course, gained national attention after Brian returned to his Florida home without Gabby on September 1 ... despite the fact they had taken a cross-country trip together and documented the trip on social media.

Adding fuel to the fire ... there had also been an alleged domestic disturbance while on the road in Utah and a public blowout in Wyoming that got so bad they were booted from a restaurant.

Gabby's parents said they had not heard from her since August 25 and they reported her missing on Sept. 11. Laundrie was named a person of interest just 4 days later but then came a huge twist -- he did not cooperate with authorities and his family reported him missing on Sept. 17 ... adding that they had not seen him in days.

Gabby's family called for Laundrie to turn himself in during an emotional news conference in her home state of NY.

Along the way, there were tons of alleged Brian sightings ... all over Florida and even as far as Canada. Someone alerted authorities they spotted a man on their trail camera that fit Brian's description ... albeit around 450 miles away from his North Port home -- which would be quite a journey on foot over 4 days.

The Okaloosa Co. Sheriff later said they searched the area where the image was taken but didn't find anything, or anyone, of interest. The FBI also paid Laundrie's parent's home a visit to collect some of his items for DNA matching.

Then there was this ... Dog joined the manhunt too, and he even alerted cops about a possible lead.


Most recently, we obtained surveillance video of a man who resembled Brian riding a bike on a deserted road surrounded by heavy brush on the outskirts of a property a few miles away from North Port.

Paris Hilton Proud to Be Voice for Troubled Teens ... Continues Fight on Capitol Hill


Paris Hilton is bringing her crusade against abuse at troubled teen camps to Capitol Hill and she says she's proud to be fighting on behalf of alleged victims like herself.

We got Paris heading into the Capitol and asked her about the feedback she's getting from her campaign to get laws on the books banning mistreatment at youth facilities.

Paris says the response has been amazing and she's honored to be the poster child for change in this area. She's also confident better days are ahead.

Paris, who recently helped get a law passed protecting teens in Utah, sat down with federal lawmakers Thursday, including Sen. Mitt Romney.

Seems Paris is making some inroads ... Romney says he's grateful to see Paris advocating on the federal level after getting things done back in Utah.

NewsNOW from FOX/YouTube

As we reported ... Paris says she endured years of abuse when she was a teen attending boarding school in Utah, and she got emotional earlier this year while laying out her case for reforms.

Paris is clearly all-in on this fight, but she also had an update on a more pleasant challenge on her plate -- getting her wedding planning done.

Gabby Petito Last Known Photos With Brian

Here's what Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie looked like on one of their final road trip stops ... and the pictures might be the last photos of them together.

The images were snapped back on the morning of Aug. 10, when Gabby and Brian were touring the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

It's the same scenic outlook where Gabby posted a pic on social media showing her and Brian kissing on the famous arch.

As you can tell from the never-before-seen photos ... Gabby and Brian look to be having a good time as they walk down the base of the arch.

Brian's smiling as Gabby takes a drink from her water jug ... but we now know what happened later during their cross-country road trip.

Gabby posted photos from that day on her Instagram, including one of her and Brian kissing.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Brian infamously returned home without her and her body was found in another national park 3 weeks later, with authorities saying she was strangled to death.

There's now a manhunt for Brian, who has been on the run for over a month ... though the human remains found off a Florida trail this week might turn out to be his.

NIKOLAS CRUZ Victims' Families Not Buying Apology ... Give Him Death Penalty!!!

Nikolas Cruz -- the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High mass shooter -- doesn't deserve a second chance ... according to his victims' families, who want him sentenced to death.

The fathers of 2 of Nikolas' 17 victims tell TMZ ... they're not buying the courtroom apology Cruz offered Wednesday, and they say he shouldn't get another shot as his trial looms.

Max Schachter, the father of 14-year-old victim Alex, says straight-up ... Cruz "is a sadistic murderer and he deserves to die." Max also says his plea for a second chance is "laughable" and believes he should get the death penalty.

Tony Montalto, whose 14-year-old daughter Gina was among those gunned down, doesn't accept Cruz's apology either, saying ... "If he wanted to do something for our families, he would've not killed our loved ones."

The way Tony sees it ... Cruz didn't give his daughter a chance when he shot her 4 times, so why should he get a second chance at life???

Law & Crime Network

As we reported ... Nikolas changed his plea to guilty Wednesday and told the families of his victims he was sorry and he loved them, while begging for a second chance and making it clear he doesn't want a death sentence.

Tony, who was in court to listen to Cruz, says the mea culpa was "ridiculous" and "painful" ... and he wants Cruz prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as a way to deter future mass shootings.

Cruz is facing life in prison or the death penalty after pleading guilty to 34 counts -- 17 premeditated murder and 17 attempted murder -- and while he thinks it should be up to the families to decide his fate ... it sounds like Cruz might not like their answer.

Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli Ask Permission for Cabo Pt. 2 ... Tenemos Una Boda, Juez!!!

8:19 AM PT -- 10/21 -- The judge just granted the couple permission to travel.

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli are gunning to head south of the border once more -- only this time, its for a wedding ... but first, they'll need to get the all clear from court.

The convicted couple just filed legal docs asking for permission to take a week-long trip down to San Jose del Cabo next month ... where they say they plan to be in attendance for someone's nuptials. Lori and Mossimo say they'd be gone from Nov. 5 to Nov. 12.

As for why they should be allowed to go, the pair note they've been compliant with the terms of their supervised release since getting out of prison. Lori cites the $150k fine she had to fork over as part of her sentence and says she's done with her community service.

Mossimo, for his part, says he's paid his $250k fine and says he's making progress on the community service. In other words ... we've paid for our college admission scandal sins.

Worth noting, this is is the exact same reasoning as last time -- remember, they went to Cabo back in June, and cited the same rationale, which a judge approved. So, ya gotta figure they'll be given the green light again.

Lori and Mossimo also claim their probation offices have their back in the ask -- which should help get it approved.

The judge has yet to rule.

Originally Published -- 10/20 3:32 PM PT 

Dr. Dre Served with Divorce Docs at Cemetery ... As Grandmother Laid to Rest

12:07 PM PT -- We've spoken to several employees at the Inglewood Park Cemetery who all tell us the same thing, Dre was never in the parking lot ... he pulled up on the street within the cemetery near his grandmother's gravesite.

The employees told us they never saw Dre get served while the casket was being lowered, so it's likely he was hit with the docs when he walked back to his car, about 50 yards away.

Dr. Dre's divorce has been extremely contentious, and something happened Monday that punctuates the bitterness ... a process server for his ex-wife attempted to serve him with legal docs at the cemetery where he buried his grandmother.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Dre was at a Los Angeles cemetery Monday to put the woman who helped raise him in her final resting place.

There's a dispute over where exactly Dre was confronted by the process server. Sources connected to Dre tell TMZ ... a process server came up to him at the burial site as Dre was standing by his grandma's casket and tried serving him. Sources connected to Nicole Young tell TMZ ... Dre was served in the cemetery's parking lot after the burial.

Either way ... we're told Dre recoiled in anger and wouldn't take the documents in hand. Our Dre sources claim the process server dropped the documents by the gravesite. Our Nicole sources say they were dropped in the parking lot.

The papers involved payment of Nicole's attorney's fees. There's a dispute over how much he was supposed to pay. The music mogul paid $325,433.  The judge signed an order that he owed a total of $1,550,000. Dre believes that amount is in error and he paid the full fee. Nicole says the order is clear ... Dre owes a balance of $1,224,567. The legal docs that were served included the judge's final order of $1,550,000.

Either way ... this divorce is about as acrimonious as it gets.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

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