Broncos' Bradley Chubb Mugshot Released Following Arrest

You're looking at Bradley Chubb's mugshot ... taken shortly after the Denver Broncos star was arrested (albeit briefly) for failing to show up to court for several traffic violations.

TMZ Sports obtained the booking photos for the 25-year-old, 2018 1st-round draft pick ... and the LB understandably looks pretty bummed.

Chubb was supposed to be in a Colorado court on Monday ... to face charges stemming from a May 6 traffic stop where cops say he was driving with a suspended or revoked license (misdemeanor restraint) and without valid tags.

However, the Broncos' 5th overall pick never showed up to the courthouse, so a failure-to-appear warrant was issued.

The next morning (Tuesday), Chubb was stopped for a minor traffic infraction. When cops ran his name, they discovered the warrant and took him into custody, before bringing him to the Douglas County Detention Center.

Bond was set at $250 (not an issue for Chubb, who signed a $27+ million deal in 2018) ... before he posted the money and was released.

The Broncos released a statement on the arrest, saying ... "We are aware of the matter, which was related to an unresolved traffic citation that has now been addressed."

Britney Spears 'Ecstatic' Her Dad Wants to end Conservatorship ... But Relationship is Still Ice-Cold

Britney Spears is taking her dad at face value -- that he's down with ending the conservatorship -- and she is beyond happy.

Sources directly connected to Britney tell TMZ ... she's "ecstatic" Jamie has filed legal docs not only asking the judge to terminate the conservatorship, but to do so without another mental evaluation. Britney was adamant about this back in June when she testified in court.

We're told she views Jamie's 180 as a "total victory," and believes public pressure as well as the pressure applied by her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, are responsible for his about-face.

That said, our sources tell us Britney's view of her dad and their relationship has not changed. She's still extremely angry at him over his role in the conservatorship.

We're also told Britney wants the issue of termination front and center at the next hearing on Sept. 29. As we reported, the purpose of that hearing is to discuss Jamie's future in the conservatorship. Britney wants him out and Jamie has already said he'll go.

Britney has not yet filed legal docs to end the conservatorship. Rosengart has said this is a 2-step process, the first of which is removing Jamie. He has not indicated when he might file docs to terminate, but now that Jamie has made his move, we're told Britney wants the issue squarely raised during the hearing.

As we reported, our Jamie sources say the docs he filed were designed to call the bluff on his critics ... he has been steadfast for years, and very recently as well, that Britney needs the guidance of a conservatorship to survive because of her condition. Although Jamie now says the conservatorship should end without a mental evaluation, our sources say he believes the judge will still order one. He has said in the past ... he does not believe the judge will cut the cord on the 13-year conservatorship.

Stay tuned ...

Jamie Spears The Inside Story on His Move to End Britney's Conservatorship

Jamie Spears has done a 180 in the conservatorship battle over his daughter, but our sources say ... do NOT take the latest twist at face value.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ -- just one month ago Jamie was deeply concerned about his daughter's mental health. Our sources say Jamie feared the worst if the judge ended the conservatorship. He believed Britney's mental health was deteriorating.

Jamie, we're told, felt Jodi Montgomery -- Britney's personal conservator -- was not protecting his daughter and felt her motivation was saving her own job.

Jamie told people around him, "She's never getting out of the conservatorship," and our sources say he wasn't saying this to be draconian ... he believed it was necessary for her survival.

Now, Jamie says he believes Britney is able to care for herself, make financial decisions and run her life without any guidance. So, he's asking the judge to end the conservatorship. And, here's the key -- he's asking the judge to pull the plug without doing a mental evaluation.

So, why the radical change? As one source told us ... he's calling their bluff. Multiple sources say Jamie believes Britney has not gotten better ... he thinks she's gotten worse. One source put it this way ... "He knows how mentally ill his daughter is, and has genuinely tried to protect her."

Jamie, we're told, has no love lost for Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart. By filing the latest legal docs, in a sense, Jamie thinks he trumped Rosengart, who has not yet filed a motion to end the conservatorship -- something he calls out in his legal docs. This puts Rosengart in an interesting position ... whether to join forces with Jamie at the Sept. 29 hearing and end the conservatorship, or not.

It's almost like saying, "Okay, you think the conservatorship should end. Then bring it on. Let's see what happens."

One source said they don't believe Jamie really wants the conservatorship to end, and certainly not without a medical evaluation. We're told Jamie does not believe the judge would terminate the conservatorship without a mental evaluation, and he has said privately he's sure that evaluation would present an insurmountable case to maintain the conservatorship.

So, he would get what he wants -- maintaining the conservatorship -- while also ending the lingering attacks targeting him. It might also ingratiate himself with his daughter.

And finally, according to a source directly connected to Jamie, he thinks his relationship with his daughter is not beyond repair. As the source said, "Jamie believes Britney will come back to him when things unravel again. She always has before."

Britney Spears Jamie Asks Judge to Terminate Conservatorship

In a stunning move, Jamie Spears is not just asking to leave Britney Spears' conservatorship, he's asking the judge to end it altogether.

In Jamie's documents, he says the judge saw fit to let his daughter hire her own lawyer, in Jamie's mind he says if she's allowed to do that there is no longer a legal basis to impose the restrictions that go along with the conservatorship.

As he says in the docs, "In so doing [allowing her to hire a lawyer], this Court has recognized that Ms. Spears has both the capacity and capability to identify, engage, and instruct counsel of her own choice, on her own, without the assistance of the Conservator or the Court. If Ms. Spears has the capability to engage counsel on her own, she presumably has capacity to handle other contractual and business matters."

Jamie notes Britney wants the conservatorship terminated without medical evaluation, and there's no requirement under California law for such an evaluation.

Jamie now says the conservatorship has lasted a LONG time -- 13 years -- and things have changed "to such an extent that grounds for establishment of a conservatorship may no longer exist."

As Jamie says, he wants best for his daughter, and if she wants out of the conservatorship and believes she can handle her own life, he feels she should get that chance.

Jamie notes his daughter pled with the court to have her life back without the safety rails of a conservatorship, she wants to make her own decisions, and he's now good with this.

Jamie says, "Ms. Spears has told this Court that she wants control of her life back without the safety rails of a conservatorship. She wants to be able to make decisions regarding her own medical care, deciding when, where and how often to get therapy."

He goes on ... "She wants to control the money she has made from her career and spend it without supervision or oversight. She wants to be able to get married and have a baby, if she so chooses. In short, she wants to live her life as she chooses without the constraints of a conservator or court proceeding."

And, he says, "If Ms. Spears wants to terminate the conservatorship and believes that she can handle her own life, Mr. Spears believes she should get that chance."

Jamie threw a little shade on Britney's lawyer, by saying, "Ms. Spears recently testified that she did not know, at least in the past, that she could petition to end the conservatorship without submitting to a full psychological evaluation. Given Ms. Spears' testimony, Mr. Spears does not know why a petition to terminate the conservatorship has not yet been filed."

Jamie also notes Britney "has recently demonstrated a level of independence that calls into question whether a conservator of the person is required." He points to the fact she's now driving again and wants to control her therapy sessions. He goes on to say there's no need anymore for Jodi Montgomery and she should also be discharged.

This is a seismic move ... there's a hearing set for Sept. 29 in which Jamie was supposed to step down as conservator of Britney's estate, but now he wants to short-circuit the process and end the long-running conservatorship entirely.

Nipsey Hussle Estate Sues Alleged Counterfeiters For Selling Bootleg Merch

Nipsey Hussle's estate wants to stop alleged bootleggers from hawking merch with his popular brands on them, but it's got a problem ... the estate says most of the sellers operate out of China.

The late rapper's brother and estate administrator, Samiel Asghedom, just filed suit against several entities that the estate believes are behind a bunch of e-commerce websites selling knockoff Marathon-related clothing ... which is Nip's line.

Asghedom says the estate has the rights to several registered trademarks -- including a "Crenshaw" logo for clothing, another clothing line called "South Central State of Mind" and others -- but claims the websites in question are using the marks without permission.

The estate also says the foreign e-commerce sites have specifically targeted sales to Illinois residents ... which appears to be why the lawsuit is filed in a federal court in Illinois.

According to the lawsuit, there are tell-tale signs linking the various sites ... including misspellings, similar checkout methods and accepted payments, ad tactics and so on.

The estate also believes a lot of these sites are operating out of China, and perhaps in concert with one another, using different operating systems and domain host sites to cover their tracks.

Nipsey's estate wants the judge to force the sites to hand over their domain registrations and is also looking for big damages -- either all the profits from the merch sales using the trademarks, or $2 million per infraction!!!

Clinton Portis Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charge ... Faces 10 Years Behind Bars

Clinton Portis could be headed to prison for a LONG time ... 'cause he's now facing up to 10 years behind bars after he agreed to plead guilty to a fraud charge last week.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the former NFL star cut a deal with prosecutors on Friday ... and pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

As a result, per the docs, 40-year-old Portis now faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison ... as well as HEAVY fines.

Portis had been hit with multiple charges by federal prosecutors in 2019 ... after prosecutors say he -- and several other ex-NFL players -- developed a scheme to get cash from the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Plan.

Prosecutors say Portis and the other former players made up fake claims and submitted them to the plan, which was initially designed to help retired players pay for medical bills.

Prosecutors alleged Portis and the players made huge coin after the plan reimbursed them.

Investigators say some of the fraudulent claims the players were reimbursed for included pricey hyperbaric oxygen chambers and ultrasound machines.

Portis went to trial over the allegations last week, but jurors could not reach a verdict. The case had been set for a re-trial ... before Portis ultimately reached his deal with prosecutors.

Portis' sentencing hearing is slated for January.

Clinton was a star running back in the NFL from 2002 through 2010 -- rushing for 9,923 yards and 75 TDs in his career.

Andrea Constand 'Shocked, Disgusted' By Cosby Release 'But it Was Worth It'


Andrea Constand is breaking her silence over the release of Bill Cosby -- and her first reaction is utter disgust over what she calls a screwed-up criminal justice system.

She spoke to NBC in an exclusive sit-down -- the first she's given since Cosby was sprung from prison 2 months ago -- and makes it pretty clear ... she's not happy about him getting to walk free over a deal he struck years ago, which the State Supreme Court honored.

Constand calls it a "back door deal" that she can't believe the court honored and the D.A. should've considered pursuing charges against BC anew ... saying she's shocked and disappointed.


As for the man himself ... Constand says she finds the fact that he's roaming free horrid, because there was enough there to put him away based on her testimony -- evidenced in the conviction itself. With that said, she says she doesn't regret anything ... even now. She says it was worth it.

She goes on to label him a "violent predator" who's been let back into society, and says anyone giving him a platform oughta be ashamed. Constand notes Cosby hasn't shown remorse, which he himself has said he won't do -- ever since first being locked up in 2018.

In the end, Constand says she'll continue working on issues like these wherever she's needed, to force true change. Cosby, meanwhile, has maintained his innocence throughout.

Bad Wolves Call Ex-Frontman Tommy Vext 'Abusive' Claim He's a Saboteur

Bad Wolves are firing back at their former frontman, Tommy Vext, over their bad blood ... claiming he was "abusive" and is still trying to take them down.

The heavy metal band says they've mostly stayed quiet as they've witnessed Vext's "never ending temper tantrums on social media, filled with fraudulent claims and sad attempts to defame members of our band and our team" ... but now they're calling him out.

According to the band ... Tommy was emotionally and physically abusive before he quit, and continues to demonstrate that behavior in an attempt to diminish the other group members' contributions and steal the credit for success.

Among some examples ... Bad Wolves claim 10 of the 13 songs on their 2018 album "Disobey" were musically written and recorded before Tommy joined the band, that he falsely claimed to be the mastermind behind the track "Killing Me Slowly," and he illegally leaked a music video after quitting.

Of course, all of this comes in wake of Vext suing Bad Wolves' manager, Allen Kovac, claiming he was ousted by Kovac due to his political stances and support for Donald Trump ... in an alleged scheme to steal the band from him.

Kovac, who's also the CEO of Better Noise Music, denied the claims and countersued Vext for copyright infringement.

In other band news ... Bad Wolves say they are releasing their third album, sans Vext, in late October with a new singer, and the first single releases this week.

Machine Gun Kelly Accused of Shoving Parking Attendant ... His Camp Denies It

Machine Gun Kelly's first time directing a movie is already eventful -- a parking lot attendant is accusing him of battery ... something folks on the movie set say simply did not happen.

Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. parking attendant filed a police report claiming MGK was upset over a delay in getting his car, and allegedly pushed the attendant in the chest. However, we are told by sources close to MGK this is completely false. The alleged incident happened in a lot where MGK and his pal Mod Sun are shooting "Good Mourning with a U"

The duo's co-directing and starring in the film, along with Megan Fox, MGK's GF. Anyway, production sources say the attendant in question had wandered into the middle of their on-location shoot.

They claim the attendant was barking at a crew member, not MGK, to get out of the lot -- apparently, he didn't get the memo about the movie shoot. During that argument, we're told MGK yelled at the guy to get off the set, but at no point did he make physical contact with the attendant.

Worth noting, the attendant waited almost a week before reporting the alleged battery to police. Also, he didn't suffer any injuries and he told cops there were no witnesses. That's interesting because he was on a movie set -- we've spoken to multiple people who were there and did see it.

Our sources say, if anything, the case will probably end up at the L.A. City Attorney's Office.

If the Britney Spears battery investigation is an indication, the MGK case may be rejected for the same reasons -- insufficient evidence and no injury to the alleged victim.

Mally Mall Begins 33-Month Prison Sentence

Mally Mall got the judge's message loud and clear ... TMZ has learned he's already surrendered to the feds after his last-ditch effort to delay his prison sentence was shot down in court.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, a judge said the hip-hop producer failed to articulate any reason why his health condition couldn't be adequately treated while he's behind bars.

The judge said Mally failed to show he couldn't get a CT scan or biopsy from the prison's Health Services Division. Remember, he says he discovered a mass on his thigh that could potentially be cancerous.

In her response to Mally's request to postpone, the judge said she wouldn't "entertain any further meritless delay tactics." Translation -- if ya need it, get it while you're doing time.


So, Mally turned himself in to the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon. His release date is currently slated for December 15, 2023. Mally pled guilty in late 2019 to running an illegal prostitution service for more than 12 years.

The feds say he owned, operated and managed several of these sorts of businesses in Clark County, Nevada.

The producer's lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells TMZ ... "Mally Mall over the last several years had dedicated his life to music and helping people. He has fully recognized the error in his ways and has gone out of his way to try to make amends. He intends to take full advantage of each and every program offered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons."

Bryce Hall No Criminal Charges ... Over L.A. Restaurant Brawl


Bryce Hall won't end up in any serious trouble for scuffling in public -- because instead of a court date, he’s getting a talking-to ... TMZ has learned.

The L.A. City Attorney's Office tells us ... the TikTok star-turned amateur boxer was investigated for felony battery following a brawl at a Mexican restaurant last October. Bryce was vaping in the restaurant and when an employee asked him to stop he allegedly blew smoke in the guy's face. At that point, all hell broke loose and fists started flying. The employee had a bruised wrist, but otherwise no serious injuries.


The case was sent to the L.A. County DA's Office for review -- but it was ultimately kicked over to the City Attorney for possible misdemeanor charges.

Anyway, our sources tell us prosecutors decided the best way to deal with this was to bring Bryce in for a City Attorney hearing ... where he'll be schooled on what he did wrong and told how to handle similar situations in the future.

We're told Bryce will get a stern warning ... if he doesn't keep his nose clean over the next year, criminal charges could be filed.

It's a pretty sweet outcome for Bryce all things considered, because frankly ... that dog pile was ugly, and some employees wanted Bryce charged.

Here's hoping the guy can stay outta trouble and keep his punches in the ring.

Kanye West Drake Can't Beat This ... Working on Homeware Line?!?

Kanye West looks to be channeling his inner Martha Stewart -- on the heels of huge music success, he's taking a crucial step toward launching his own line ... of homeware products.

Say whaaat? Yep, according to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Ye's company, Mascotte Holdings, Inc., filed a trademark application to slap the name "Kanye West" on a slew of home line products.

Unclear if his quest to legally change his name to "Ye" will affect this new venture ... but some of the products that will bear his name, in some fashion, include shower curtains, textile wall hangings, towels, placemats and blankets. Lots of blankets.

The docs specify Ye's company wants to crank out bed blankets, throw blankets, golf blankets ... using cashmere, fleece and silk.

Kanye famously designed his Hidden Hills home with Kim Kardashian ... a project that took several years and was eventually featured in Architectural Digest.

It should be noted ... Kim appeared to be heading down this very same road. Kim's company filed trademark docs last year to lock up "KKW Home." Her application included a lot of the same products as her estranged husband's -- towels, shower curtains/liners, linens, drapery, comforters and yes ... throw blankets.

Whether they're getting back together or not ... one thing's for sure -- these two are on a quest to conquer the consumer world.

Kanye's trademark application comes on the heels of crushing it on Apple Music with his 10th studio album, "Donda." #CantStopWontStop.

'Qanon Shaman' Pleads Guilty To Felony ... Agrees To Up To 51 Months In Prison

One of the most infamous faces of the Capitol insurrection -- the bare-chested "shaman" wearing horns and face paint -- could serve hard time for the riot ... he just pleaded guilty to a felony.

Jacob Chansley, who many know as the "QAnon Shaman," pled guilty Friday to obstructing an official proceeding before Congress ... according to legal docs, obtained by TMZ.

According to the plea deal, Chansley agreed to accept a recommended sentence of 41 to 51 months in prison. Sentencing is set for Nov. 17 and in the meantime, he's requesting to be released from jail while he awaits his fate.

As we reported ... Chansley was arrested a few days after the Jan. 6 riot, on charges of knowingly entering/remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Prosecutors claim he called the FBI and copped to being the man wearing Viking garb roaming the Capital with a spear and American flag.

He's also the same guy who reportedly complained about not being able to eat in federal custody as a result of a lack of organic food options in line with his strict diet.

Kodak Black Threatened for Donating AC to Housing Project ... Olive Branch Extended

3:10 PM PT -- A rep for the Pompano Beach Housing Authority tells TMZ ... while Kodak's donation was "an extremely generous and admirable gesture," there were concerns about AC installations being done properly to meet safety guidelines.

Additionally, the Housing Authority insists all residents were already equipped with AC units, and says the cease-and-desist letter the rapper received addressed other issues too ... like allegedly unauthorized music vid shoots and large gatherings creating a public safety hazard.

The Housing Authority's extending an olive branch though, adding ... "We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Black on his efforts to give back to the Pompano Beach community."

Kodak Black is living proof ... no good deed goes unpunished.

Kodak is now in the crosshairs of the Pompano Beach Authority, which seems to have all sorts of problems with Kodak donating air conditioning units in a housing project to help them beat the sweltering Florida heat.

JULY 2021

Kodak personally delivered the AC units back in July, but we found out the Housing Authority fired off a cease and desist letter last month, which accused Kodak of entering the property twice, causing "disturbances." The Housing Authority claimed the rapper caused a disruption by shooting a music video on the property and playing loud music. And, get this ... the H.A. railed on him for daring to install air conditioning in the units.

The Housing Authority said, "Your actions have adversely impacted the Property's residents' right to peacefully enjoy the property."

Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, begs to differ, firing off a letter to the Housing Authority and saying it was sad and shameful they "wish to stop the assistance to the elderly and underprivileged during a heat wave and 2 year pandemic."

Cohen says Kodak did NOT film any music videos ... there was just some background music that was not loud at all.

Britney Spears Boyfriend Ring Shops at Cartier ... Popping Question Soon???

Britney Spears says she wants to get married, and here's a sign it might actually happen ... her boyfriend is shopping for jewelry and looking at rings!!!

Britney's boyfriend of over 4 years, Sam Asghari, went ring shopping Thursday ... hitting up Cartier in Bev Hills. As you can see, something caught Sam's eye in the jewelry case and he snapped a pic of it with his phone.

Eventually, the saleswoman brought out what appeared to be a diamond ring so Sam could get a better look.

Sam's ring shopping is pretty interesting ... you'll remember Britney made it clear last June in court ... she had marriage on her mind. Spears claimed a big motivator in getting out of the conservatorship was to be able to get married and have children ... both things she claimed she was blocked from doing under her dad's control.

As we first told you ... Britney and Sam have talked about getting engaged but he's never formalized it with a proposal.

But, now it at least looks like Sam could be seriously considering popping the question.

Stay tuned ...

Elijah McClain's Dad Justice Looks Like Life in Prison ... For Indicted Cops, Medics


Elijah McClain's dad would like to see those indicted for his son's death spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Elijah's dad, LaWayne Mosley, tells TMZ ... he was ecstatic when he got the call from the Colorado Attorney General's Office to inform him about the 32-count indictment against the 3 Aurora PD cops who stopped Elijah in 2019, and the 2 Aurora Fire Dept. medics who responded to the arrest.

LaWayne, flanked by civil rights attorney Mari Newman, didn't mince words when he said he'd like all of them to do life in prison. He said, "I would love it."

LaWayne said he has hope justice will be served, and Newman added ... she trusts the process because Colorado AG Phil Weiser has run a thorough investigation. She's adamant Weiser wouldn't have brought these charges if he didn't believe they could get convictions. Now, it's wait and see.

For the moment ... LaWayne and Newman want these indictments to make all officers think twice before taking actions that kill people.

As we reported ... the 5 people tied to Elijah's death were slapped with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges. Two of the officers -- Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt -- face additional charges ... 2nd-degree assault with the intent to cause bodily injury.

As you know ... Elijah was walking home 2 years ago when he was stopped and accosted by police because he seemed "suspicious." One of the cops could be heard saying as much in since-released body cam footage.

Elijah was eventually put in a carotid hold before he passed out. Medics are alleged to have administered a lethal dose of ketamine, which prosecutors believe killed him.

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