Sean Reed Shooting Father Fears Case Will Be Forgotten ... Don't Let Cops Off Hook


Sean Reed's father is afraid his son's police-involved shooting death will be swept under the rug, and the officers who opened fire won't be held accountable.

Sean's pops, Jamie Reed, tells TMZ ... he is afraid his son's name is being overshadowed by all the attention surrounding George Floyd and the nationwide protests, and fears it could spell doom in his quest for justice.

Mr. Reed makes it clear he is NOT knocking the protests or outrage over Floyd's death. However, it's been more than a month since his son was gunned down in Indianapolis, while live streaming, and he's concerned Sean's case isn't getting the spotlight it deserves.


Jamie hopes people won't forget Sean was shot dead by Indy cops, because if attention on the case fades, it will be too easy for the officers involved to quietly get off the hook.

Sean's dad says his son's case helped kick-start the country's renewed focus on police brutality, and he sees it as a big reason why people are once again looking into alleged police brutality and corruption.

Sean's father hopes his son's legacy will be the reason for fundamental change in the Indianapolis Police Department, and other PDs across the country, and he's encouraged by the fact there are still protests and gatherings at the scene of Sean's death.

Sean's father says he's also repped by Ben Crump, the attorney for the Floyd family and Ahmaud Arbery's father, and vows they won't stop until they get justice.

'Grown-ish' Helping 'Twilight' Actor's Daughter ... Paying For Her College


The "Grown-ish" family is looking after one of their own ... setting up a college fund for the daughter of late "Twilight" actor Gregory Tyree Boyce.

The sitcom has launched a GoFundMe for Gregory's 10-year-old daughter, Alaya, and the proceeds will be saved for her future college tuition.

Gregory's father, Deon Boyce, is an assistant director on the show, and Greg -- who often worked behind the scenes -- was super close with 'Grown-ish' star Trevor Jackson.

As we reported ... Gregory and his girlfriend, Natalie Adepoju, died last month in Las Vegas. The Clark County coroner says the former couple died from fentanyl and cocaine intoxication, and ruled the deaths accidental.

The "Grown-ish" family says the fundraiser honors Deon, their "beloved friend, co-worker, and all-around amazing human being ... who lost his son and best friend, Greg, a few weeks ago."

The cast says they figured the college fund would be the best way to show Deon how deeply they care about him and his granddaughter.

So far, the GoFundMe has raised over $16,000 and counting.

LA Galaxy Release Player Aleksandar Katai After Wife's 'Racist And Violent' Comments

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MLS winger Aleksandar Katai's wife's disgusting comments about protesters just cost him his job with the LA Galaxy ... with the team deciding to part ways with the player due to her "racist and violent" words.

The 29-year-old Serbian met with the team earlier this week after Tea Katai called for people to kill protesters -- which she referred to as "disgusting cattle" -- on Instagram.

The Galaxy released a statement condemning Tea's since-deleted comments on Wednesday ... saying "Earlier today, the LA Galaxy were made aware of a series of racist and violent social media posts by Tea Katai, the wife of LA Galaxy midfielder Aleksandar Katai."

"The LA Galaxy stands firmly against racism of any kind, including that which suggests violence or seeks to demean the efforts of those in pursuit of racial equality."

The team decided the next step was to wash its hands of the Katais on Friday ... calling the move a mutual decision.

Aleksandar -- who joined the squad in December -- released a statement against his wife's comments earlier this week, saying "These views are not ones that I share and are not tolerated in my family."

"I strongly condemn white supremacy, racism and violence towards people of color. Black lives matter. This is a mistake from my family and I take full responsibility."

"I will ensure that my family and I take the necessary actions to learn, understand, listen and support the black community."

Kardashian Family Fires Back at Blac Chyna ... New Racism Claims Reek Of Desperation!!!

Exclusive Details

The Kardashians are blasting Blac Chyna for what they see as a desperate attempt to take advantage of the country's renewed focus on racism for her own gain.

Here's the deal ... Chyna is accusing NBCUniversal and the Kardashian/Jenner family of racism on the heels of Gabrielle Union filing a discrimination complaint against the Peacock. BC's new attorney claims racism is the real reason "Rob & Chyna" never got a second season on E!, which NBCUniversal owns.

As you know ... Chyna is locked in a legal war with the entire Kardashian fam, filing a lawsuit way back in October 2017 claiming they went behind her back to NBCU and got her reality show with Rob canceled. Now she says racism is part of it too.

Kardashian-Jenner family attorney Marty Singer tells TMZ ... "This is a 2 year old lawsuit in which Chyna has changed her defense more times than we can count. Sadly, unsurprising to anyone, she has stooped to a new low, changing her defense to try to leverage the emotions and pain of the moment, insulting the pain and suffering of real victims of racial injustice and systemic racism."

Translation ... they smell Chyna's desperation in playing the racism card.

Singer adds ... "We take these allegations very seriously and once again, there is no Rob & Chyna show if there is no Rob & Chyna."

Our sources also tell us ... it was impossible to continue with a show about the couple, because BC had a restraining order against Rob and their relationship was over.

And what's more ... in previously filed docs, Rob's sisters came to his defense, offering witness statements to Chyna's alleged abuse ... and showing just how volatile the relationship was. According to the old docs, there were also witnesses who allegedly saw Chyna brandish a gun and drink heavily.

Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciani, claims Kris secretly accused BC of beating Rob in December 2016 and went to NBCUniversal with her accusation. Ciani claims no one at the network ever informed Chyna of the allegations and says the situation would've been handled differently if BC was white.

But, Kris and Rob essentially think BC's new claims of racism are suspect, because it's the first time she's mentioned it in the 2 years since filing suit.

Kanye West Joins Chicago Protest ... Donates $2 Mil to George Floyd Causes


6:33 PM PT -- Kanye West has joined protesters in Chicago. The rapper is with Chicago Public Schools students to protest the killing of George Floyd as well as to demand CPS cancel their contract with the Chicago Police Department.

Kanye West's giving a huge assist to the families and legal teams fighting for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd ... and helping in other ways too.

Kanye's donated $2 million, so far, to the cause and set up a 529 college savings fund to fully cover tuition for Floyd's 6-year-old daughter, Gianna. He's also made a separate donation to cover the legal costs for the Arbery and Taylor families.

Along with that, a rep confirms Kanye's donating to several black-owned businesses in his hometown of Chicago and nationwide that have been in crisis and impacted by the unrest in the U.S.

As you know ... widespread protests and riots have broken out since Floyd was killed in police custody on May 25. The demonstrations are a demand for an end to systematic racism and police brutality ... of which the killings of Arbery and Taylor are also prime examples.

Arbery was shot and killed in Georgia in February after being chased by 3 men who allegedly believed he fit the description of a burglary suspect in the area.

Taylor -- who was an emergency medical worker -- was shot and killed by Louisville cops in her own home in a "no-knock warrant" case, in which cops allegedly busted in without warning.

Originally published -- 11:25 AM PT

George Floyd Family Remembers Magnetic Presence ... Crump, Sharpton Give Inspiring Remarks

Breaking News 6/4/2020

1:11 PM PT -- Al Sharpton just finished giving the eulogy and his words also brought the crowd to their feet. He said, "[George] did not die of common health conditions. He died of a common American criminal justice malfunction." Sharpton also took a shot at President Trump's recent photo-op and urged the Prez -- without ever mentioning his name -- to open the bible instead of using it as a prop. Sharpton said "George Floyd's story has been the story of black folks, because ever since 401 years ago the reason we could never be who we wanted and dreamed to being is because you kept your knee on our neck. It’s time for us to stand up in George's name and say get your knee off our necks."


Sharpton also had a message for the flawed criminal justice system: "We don’t have a problem denouncing violence, Mr governor. We don’t have a problem, Mr. Mayor, denouncing looting. But it seems like some in the criminal justice system have a problem looking at a tape and knowing there’s probable cause and it takes a long time for you to go and do what you see that you need to do."

12:59 PM PT -- Floyd's family remembered George as a magnetic presence regardless of who surrounded him. One said, "When he spoke to people, he made you feel special. They felt like they were the president because that's how he made you feel." They also remembered his big bear hugs. "No matter who you talked to, they all felt special. They never felt left out. He would embrace them. What I'll miss the most about him is his hugs. When he wrapped his arms around you, it felt like your problems would go away." They also talked about how George was a HUUUUGE LeBron James fan.

The lawyer repping Floyd's family, Ben Crump, also gave an inspiring speech that brought everyone to their feet. He invoked the names of those who fell at the hands of injustice ... from Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor to Eric Garner, Stephon Clark and Trayvon Martin. Crump also had these inspiring words justifying peaceful protests, "What we are doing is helping America be America for all Americans."

The first of four services to honor George Floyd is about to get underway in Minneapolis ... and you can follow it live right here.

Thursday's memorial service will begin at 11 AM PT at the Frank J. Lindquist Sanctuary at North Central University. It's a private event to be attended by family, friends and invitees of the Floyd family only.

Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy.

On Saturday, a public viewing and a private memorial service will be held in Raeford, North Carolina. George was born nearby in Fayetteville, and his sister said "his family would remember him" in the state.

According to Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin ... no protesting will be allowed at this service. Peterkin said, "The memorial is about the life that Mr. George Floyd lived, and this is a time to embrace the family with expressions of love and kindness."

Finally, on Monday in Houston, there will be a public viewing at The Fountain of Praise Church, followed by a private service Tuesday. Floyd grew up in Houston but left several years ago when he moved to Minnesota.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

Of course, Floyd was killed while Minneapolis PD arrested him on May 25. The video of his death -- showing ex-cop Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on Floyd's neck as he pled, "I can't breathe" -- set off a firestorm of outrage. Across the country, protests sprung up ... a few of which escalated to riots and violence.

All 4 Minneapolis PD officers involved in the incident were fired within one day, and 4 days later Chauvin was arrested -- initially charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Fox 9

On Wednesday, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison added a 2nd-degree murder charge.

The 3 other ex-cops -- Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Keung and Tou Thao -- were also arrested and charged with felonies ... aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

Originally published -- 10:20 AM PT

George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery's Mom to Attend Houston Funeral


George Floyd's funeral will feature a guest who knows all too well the pain of losing a son to racial violence -- because Ahmaud Arbery's mom, Wanda Cooper, will be in attendance.

Wanda's attorney, Lee Merritt, tells TMZ ... she will be among those there in person next week for George's funeral procession in his hometown of Houston. She'll be attending with Lee, although it doesn't sound like she's set to speak at this point in time.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

We're told the program is still being worked out, so it's possible she may share a few words -- but for now ... she's simply attending and paying her respects. Merritt tells us Wanda got connected to George's fam through their own family attorney, Ben Crump.

Of course, Wanda herself is in her own battle for justice over the killing of her 25-year-old son, Ahmaud, who was chased and gunned down by Travis McMichael, with the help of his father, Gregory. Both have been arrested and charged with murder/aggravated assault.


We already knew Wanda had recently sought to connect with Trayvon Martin's family -- now, it looks like she's connected with a family who's dealing with an even more recent tragedy.

No doubt ... Wanda's appearance Monday should prove to be a powerful moment in what's been an historic past few months on the issue of police brutality against African-Americans.

George Floyd Son, Attorney Visit Death Site ... He Was Tortured!!!

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Fox 9

George Floyd's son and the family's attorney are making a powerful call for justice ... from the very site where he was killed.

George's son, Quincy Mason, stood alongside attorney Ben Crump Wednesday on the Minneapolis street where Floyd died. They kneeled to pay their respects, and Quincy spoke to the crowd, saying no man or woman should be without their father ... and he wants justice to be served.

Crump added that justice for the family goes beyond the arrest and now second-degree murder charge for ex-cop Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on George's neck for nearly 9 minutes.

Crump was speaking shortly before the announcement the other 3 ex-officers would also be charged ... but said their arrest and prosecution are also key to the family's pleas for justice.

As we reported ... the Minnesota Attorney general is expected to make an announcement Wednesday afternoon charging Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng in connection to Floyd's death.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

Crump says Floyd was absolutely tortured during his final moments ... and he claims the other officers failed to act when they knew George did not have a pulse.

Logan Paul Jake Shouldn't Have Been at AZ Looting ... But 'He Didn't Steal'

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Logan Paul says his brother Jake Paul did NOT steal anything during a looting incident at a mall in Arizona -- but he's slamming his lil bro for being there in the first place.

"Jake didn't loot," Logan said while carrying a Black Lives Matter sign in L.A. on Tuesday with his girlfriend, Josie Canseco.

"Should he have been there? Absolutely f**cking not. But, my brother didn't steal anything."

The incident in question went down Saturday night at Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona -- where looters went after tennis shoes and pretty much everything that wasn't nailed down.


Paul captured video of the craziness and says he was tear-gassed by cops who also pointed guns at him.

"I ain't doing sh*t bro," Paul said ... "Look at 'em. Pointing guns at me right now. Swear to God, no cap, that's tear gas, bro!"

"Rest In Peace George Floyd."

Jake later put out a statement saying he was not part of the looting or vandalism -- but believed it was important to document the civil unrest and "bring more attention" to the cause.

George Floyd Daughter's Mother Gets Emotional ... He Won't Get to Walk Gianna Down the Aisle!!!

Fox 9

The mother of George Floyd's daughter is coming to grips with the fact he's going to miss every milestone in their child's life ... and it's heart wrenching to see.

Roxie Washington had tears streaming down her face Tuesday as she stood alongside 6-year-old Gianna at Minneapolis City Hall. Through her sobs, Roxie hammered home the point ... Gianna's father was taken away from her abruptly and brutally.

Referring to Derek Chauvin, and the 3 other ex-cops as yet uncharged ... Roxie said they all get to go home and be with their families, but Gianna will never again go home to her father.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

Roxie really broke down when she talked about George never getting to see Gianna grow up, graduate and walk down a wedding aisle.

You can see, feel and hear how the loss is taking a toll on George's loved ones ... and Roxie is still wondering why some of the others have not been arrested and charged.

Fox News

You'll recall, George's younger brother, Terrence, was in Minneapolis Monday, calling for peace and an end to the riots and looting -- and earlier today, hundreds of Houstonians rallied for George who was from there.

George Floyd Brother Visits Death Site ... Family Calls For Peace

Fox News

Here's George Floyd's brother delivering a powerful message at the site of his murder ... calling for peace, love, non-violent protest, activism and an end to the riots and looting.

George's younger brother, Terrence, took to the bullhorn Monday and addressed a huge crowd of protesters gathered at the scene of his fatal interaction with Minneapolis police, getting emotional as he decried the looters and rioters he says are soiling the fight for justice.

Terrence says the riots and lootings happen every time people try to protest and make their point, and he says it sets everything back and overshadows the non-violent demonstrators trying to affect positive change.

As you know ... violent clashes with police and looting have marred protests across the country, with some folks carrying out the brazen acts in broad daylight, and all hell breaking loose under nightfall.

Wearing a face covering with an image of his late brother, Terrence also called for peace and led the crowd in chants calling for the other police officers involved in Floyd's fatal arrest to be arrested and charged.

Facebook/ Darnella Frazier

As we reported ... ex-cop Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on George's neck for over 8 minutes, has been charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd's death. He was effectively on suicide watch and has been moved to a maximum-security prison.

After sharing his message at the site of his brother's final breaths, Terrence led the crowd as they marched and chanted through the streets of Minneapolis.

Rick Ross Alleged Baby Mama Asks ... Take COVID-19 Test If You Wanna See the Kids!!!


Rick Ross needs to hustle over to a COVID-19 testing center if he wants to visit his kids ... so claims his alleged baby mama.

Briana Singleton filed legal docs in Fayette County, Georgia requesting an emergency hearing to have the rapper -- real name William Leonard Roberts II -- take a COVID-19 test. She wants to know he tested negative before he can visit their 2 infant children ... this according to docs obtained by TMZ.

Singleton claims, even though Ross hasn't been cooperative on the DNA testing, the rapper has made efforts to care for them -- like buying her a Mercedes SUV after their first child was born -- before they broke up around New Years.

Singleton claims RR has stonewalled it on the issue of paternity several times, but claims it hasn't stopped him from depositing money into her bank account to care for the kids. What's more ... she claims she's also pregnant with his third child, due in September.

As for visiting the kids ... Singleton claims the rapper hasn't seen them in nearly 6 months, but earlier this month he expressed interest. Singleton says she's down ... but still maintains Rick hasn't been responsibly quarantining during the pandemic.

She points to videos he's posted on social media, showing him traveling outside of Georgia, and also claims she has concerns about Ross' "constant use of marijuana." It's plain and simple ... she's open to parenting time for Ross but wants the court to ensure “certain health, safety, and precautionary provisions” are in place to protect the children.

We've reached out to Rick Ross for comment, so far ... no word back.

'Guardian' Dog Finds Forever Home!!!


8:14 AM PT -- Here's some good news we can all use right about now ... the pup's been adopted!!! We're told Guardian was adopted by the third person in line at the shelter, and is going to a loving family. Awesome!

The adorable, loyal dog that was found standing guard by his dead sister is heading for a much happier ending, hopefully ... a family's coming to adopt him.

As we reported ... the Catahoula mix was found in Texas last week by Kingsville-Kleberg Health Department Animal Control & Care Center officials when they responded to a call of a dog carcass along a stretch of highway.

The little guy refused to leave the side of the deceased pup, believed to be his sister, seemingly to protect her, before being rescued himself. He was appropriately named Guardian.

Since then, Guardian -- who's just 6-12 months old -- has been in the care of the Kingsville-Kleberg animal control workers, who tell TMZ they've received more than 100 inquiries from people and rescue groups about wanting to adopt the viral pooch.

We're told the first person who called expressing interest in giving Guardian a loving home was a woman who said she's had dogs her whole life and can provide him all he needs ... including other pet dogs so Guardian can have some lifelong pals.

The animal control staff says the woman has an appointment to come meet Guardian Friday at 8 AM, and fully intends to pay for his shots and the adoption fee ... and take him home with her.

If it doesn't work out for some reason, we're told there's another potential adopter who can also meet him Friday morning, and clearly ... a lot more dog lovers who'd love to have him in their home, as well.

Here's wishing Guardian -- and his new family -- the very best.

Originally Published -- 12:40 AM PT

Gisele Tom Spends Most $$$ In Relationship ... Most Clothes Too!!!

Breaking News

Did you know Tom Brady spends more cash than Gisele in their relationship ... AND has more clothes than the supermodel too?!?!

It's true ... the couple revealed the facts in a new video Tuesday -- and Tom's sheepish admission to both is HILARIOUS!!

Gisele posted the footage of the fun TikTok game on social media ... and we learned a hell of a lot about the power couple -- with a little extra help from Tom's son, Ben!!

A breakdown of the highlights ...

Who eats more ... and who eats healthiest?

  • All three said Gisele eats the most between the two ... but it was a split decision on who eats healthiest, with Tom saying Gisele, and Gisele saying Tom.

Who's more spoiled?

  • Brady won this category in a LANDSLIDE!!

Who's a bigger baby when sick?

  • All three picked TB12 here too!

Who requires more attention?

  • Yup, you guessed it, Tom won this one in handedly as well!!!

But, the best two parts of the clip? Check out the answers to "Who spends the most money?" and "Who has more clothes?" ... Tom's ashamed reaction is priceless!!

Don't worry ... Brady and the fam were good sports about it all -- and hey, at least it wasn't more embarrassing than his golf game Sunday!!!

Britney Spears Self-Quarantines for 2 Weeks ... Gotta See My Boys!!!


Britney Spears went through 2 weeks of full isolation in order to see her boys, Jayden and Sean -- self-quarantining for 14 days at Kevin Federline's behest.

Sources with knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... Britney returned to L.A. from a trip to see her family down in Louisiana at the end of April. When she got back, she wanted some QT with her sons, but Kevin insisted she quarantine for at least 2 weeks before seeing them.

Our sources say Kevin has been homeschooling Jayden and Sean since the middle of March, when schools closed due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We're told Britney had no issues obliging Kev's request and gladly quarantined after her trip down South -- and she's since seen their boys twice at her home, with each visit lasting only a couple hours.

Britney and K-Fed ... responsible co-parenting in action!

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Baby Capri Takes First Steps ... Walking Like a Champ!!!


Get this kid on the court -- Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's youngest took her first solo steps, and the video will make you cheer like it was one of her dad's dunks.

Capri Bryant, the 11-month-old phenom, took 4-5 giant baby steps Sunday ... stumbling into her mom's waiting arms, and got a roomful of applause for her achievement.

Vanessa was beaming over the milestone, saying ... "My baby!!!! So proud of my Koko Bean. Capri took her first steps from her auntie Sophie to mama today."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It was just February -- less than 2 weeks after Kobe and Gigi Bryant perished in the helicopter crash -- that we saw Capri standing on her own for the first time. Kid's making big strides!

Vanessa hyped up Capri right after her latest accomplishment, telling her, "I knew you were gonna do it!"

Somewhere ya just know Girl Dad is smiling from ear to ear.

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