Jillian Michaels I Value Lizzo the Singer ... But Her Size is a Serious Health Risk!!!


Jillian Michaels stands by her comment about Lizzo's weight, but says don't for a second think she was fat shaming her over her worth as an entertainer ... it was all about her health.

We got the fitness guru Thursday morning in NYC, and she was playing a little defense over her Wednesday interview where she said, "Why are we celebrating [Lizzo's] body? Why does it matter? Why aren't we celebrating her music? 'Cause it isn't gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes."

Lizzo fans came for JM's head immediately, but she says everyone's got it twisted. Jillian told us she's always preached, "Your weight and your size have no bearing or merit on your value, your beauty, your worth, your ability."

Now, health? That's a whole other issue, and Jillian ain't about to back down on that front!

She told us why she believes acting like Lizzo's size isn't opening her up to several serious health risks ... is downright irresponsible. She runs down a few of the dangers the singer could be facing ... again, in Jillian's eyes.

Watch the clip, as a health and fitness expert, Jillian's definitely confident in what she's saying here -- but will Lizzo fans feel good as hell about it?

We highly doubt it.

Kim Kardashian West Food Tour for the Haters ... Walk-in to My Fantastically Packed Fridge

TMZ Composite

Kim Kardashian West got roped into an online food fight ... and responded by laying a plant-based smackdown on everybody.


Kim clapped back at all the internet trolls who mocked her for having an "empty" refrigerator and questioning how she could feed her 4 kids ... with a full tour of her MULTIPLE fridges and pantries in her home.

In the video, Kim starts by showing off a gigantic pantry loaded with jars of food, including a separate section for sprinkles for her frozen yogurt ... which goes well with the frozen yogurt machine she has tucked away.

Then Kim shows off the refrigerator that started all the commotion with fans (and haters), which contains various waters and milks ... but not any food. Turns out, it's because it's just her beverage fridge.

Kim's tour moves to her kitchen, where she reveals she does, in fact, have a lot of food for the family ... in a giant WALK-IN refrigerator. That one is loaded with fresh organic produce, more drinks, condiments and already-prepped meals for her and the kids.

So yeah ... nobody's going hungry in the Kardashian West household.

Oscar Mayer A Few Good Wieners Wanted!!! Hiring New Drivers

If you're a college grad who relishes handling 27 feet of lean, mean wiener, Oscar Mayer's got a job for you ... driving across the country to spread the mustard good word.

The Chicago-based company's officially accepting applications for its 2020 class of Wienermobile drivers -- which it calls "Hotdoggers" -- to drive its iconic wheels all over the U.S. and serve as an Oscar Mayer brand ambassador.

The job post says OM is specifically looking for recent college grads whose idea of a "year well spent" is being behind the wheel of the famous vehicle.

They're only hiring 12 Hotdoggers for the 12-month, full-time position, who will represent the brand in radio and television appearances, grocery store events and charity functions.

Alex Ovechkin Hibachi-Flips Food Into Caps' Mouths ... To Celebrate Big Win

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Best post-victory dinner EVER?!

Alex Ovechkin hit up a fancy Japanese Steakhouse in D.C. after the Capitals beat the Sharks on Sunday ... and the dude was feelin' so great -- he hopped behind the grill and fed his teammates!!!

The amazing scene was captured on video ... and we're all thankful for it -- because seeing Ovi flip bits of food to squadmates Evgeny Kuznetsov and Ilya Samsonov was priceless!!

It's unclear why Ovechkin popped onto the hibachi ... but he showed his skills with a spatula are CLEARLY worse than his talent with a hockey stick.

Ovi took a few tries to get the food into everyone's mouths ... but still, good times were had by all!!!

It was almost as much fun as that time Tyrese invited Aziz Ansari, Andy Samberg and others to his personal hibachi restaurant in his backyard after the 2016 Critic's Choice Awards!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, everyone was in a good mood because it was a GREAT night for the Caps' superstar ... he celebrated his 10-year anniversary of becoming a captain AND he helped his team beat San Jose in overtime.

Also, Monday's an off-day for the Caps ... so you just KNOW the partying didn't stop there. 'Cause, c'mon, look at how Ovi has gotten down after big wins in the past!!

Washington Nationals

Lisa Vanderpump Ferrari Rams Her Restaurant ... Hubby Says It Happens


4:04 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources now seem to be confirming what Ken told us ... that the guy was allegedly cut off in traffic, which caused him to lose control and slam into the restaurant.

3:26 PM PT -- TMZ just spoke with Lisa's husband, Ken Todd, after the car crash, and he was actually in pretty good spirits ... all things considered.

Ken tells us that he'd spoken to the driver -- the guy in the white shirt -- and apparently, the dude claimed he'd been cut off in traffic and accidentally swerved into their patio. We asked if he was pissed, and surprisingly ... Ken's not! He says these things happen ... c'est la vie.

Definitely a great attitude to have after such a shocking event. Not only that, but Ken says he's going to keep the restaurant open for the rest of the day and seal off the patio area as it gets worked on. He also tells us one lady got slightly cut up on her arm, but other than that ... no major injuries, thankfully.


Check out what he says when we ask how Lisa's taking the news ... sounds like she might be a bit more panicked than her hubby. As for the driver of the Ferrari, he was busy talking to cops, and later ... we saw him pull the vehicle out and drive off. It still worked!

We're working on identifying the guy, but it seems the matter's being handled by the appropriate parties.

2:38 PM PT -- We're being told by law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation that the accident doesn't appear to have damaged the structure of the building -- the wreck just tore through Lisa's restaurant patio. Cops also say drugs and booze don't appear to be a factor here.

2:28 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Ferrari was apparently trying to make a left turn on one of the surrounding streets, but clearly ... he lost control. We're told one person thus far has been transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.


Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant got greeted with a sports car that came smashing through the front doors ... which left shattered glass and a chaotic scene behind.

The accident went down Sunday at the reality star's place of business in West Hollywood -- it's called Pump, and it's a restaurant, garden and a lounge. Somehow, a silver Ferrari jumped the curb and smashed through the patio seating area into the building itself.


Gene Simmons Don't Worry About My Ice-Cold Cereal ... Worry About Dictators!!!


Gene Simmons doesn't understand why the Internet can't stop talking about his preference for ice cubes in cereal ... he says folks should be worried about more pressing issues, like Vladimir Putin!!!

We got the KISS rocker heading into Beverly Glen Deli for a quick bite to eat and had to ask about his weird eating habit -- putting ice in his cereal to keep the milk cold.

As you know ... Gene got a rise on Twitter New Year's Day by sharing his ingenious way to keep his cereal from soaking in lukewarm milk, setting off an endless debate about the practice.

Gene tells us how his "snooping" daughter got the whole thing started ... and says it makes a lot of sense why his ice usage is dominating social spheres. See if you can detect his sarcasm.


After getting serious for a moment about the dangers facing our society, Gene goes back to his happy-go-lucky ways and shows everyone how they can enjoy their breakfast like a rock star.

Watch ... Gene's got the biggest bowl of cereal you'll ever see!!!

William Shatner From Captain Kirk To Captain Claus ... Plays Santa For LAPD

Getty Composite

William Shatner pulled a Christmas surprise out of his stocking for some hungry cops stuck working on Xmas ... filling their bellies with a tasty holiday spread.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the 'Star Trek' legend paid a visit to his local police station on Christmas day, pulling up with trays of corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and contributing the grub to a potluck for police.

Our sources say William also came bearing other tasty gifts from Brent's Deli -- bagels, lox and cream cheese. All part of a complete breakfast!!!

Captain Kirk kept spreading holiday cheer with the LAPD ... we're told William thanked those on the force for working on Christmas and also left behind a nice holiday card for the station.

All told, our sources say William dropped a few hundred bucks to feed the guys.

Put Shatner on Santa's nice list.

Gene Simmons Ice is Nice in Cereal ... Keeps the Milk Cold!!!

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Gene Simmons' disturbing revelation he puts ice cubes is hardly shrouded in mystery ... dude doesn't like warm milk.

The KISS rocker got a rise on Twitter New Year's Day by sharing his weird eating habit, with reactions ranging from bewilderment and disgust to admiration and relief ... the relief coming from the fact he wasn't trending because he died.

Turns out, Gene's been doing this for decades, and we're told he thinks it's a smart way to keep his milk icy cold. We're told he also adds ice cubes to hot foods -- like soup and ramen -- to cool 'em down. Genius.

His son, Nick, replied to his tweet -- which also strangely shows a bowl of Oreo O's and shredded wheat cereal mixed together -- saying he's been watching his dad do this for 30 years and adding ... "This is my life."

We're told Nick and Gene's daughter, Sophie, have always given him a hard time for his ice cube ways ... and Sophie's the one who encouraged him to tweet about it to see what everyone thinks.

Consensus -- yeah, it's weird man. However, some people accepted it and even offered tips to improve the practice ... like using milk ice cubes instead of regular ones so it keeps the milk cold but doesn't water it down.

Looks like 2020 is going to be another year full of progress and innovation.

The Weeknd New Year's Eve in Grand Fashion!!!

The Weeknd kicked off a new decade by throwing a massive New Year's Eve bash at an $80 million estate.

The party went down in Bev Hills -- the super swanky part -- and the guest list was impressive. For starters, Travis Scott and French Montana attended, fresh off FM's scary, 2-week hospital stay.


In case you're wondering ... Kylie wasn't at the party with Travis. She was down the road in WeHo at Delilah nightclub.

The food was scaled down awesomeness -- tacos, french fries and churros. There was also an open bar.

As for the music ... The DJ did a big countdown, everyone celebrated and kissed at the stroke of midnight, and afterward, The Weeknd gave the DJ a fist pump for a job well done.

LeBron James Happy 35th Birthday!!! ... Celebrates with Cake and Strippers


LeBron James celebrated his 35th year on earth in grand fashion.

LeBron's party was swanky -- black tie and gowns. It started at the famed Sunset Tower hotel on the Sunset Strip, and some of LeBron's teammates, including Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Jared Dudley, Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma. Al Harrington, Cuttino Mobley and 2 Chainz were also front and center, along with LeBron's wife, Savannah.

LeBron was smokin' a huge stogie and chowin' down on a 3-layer cake, along with his guests.

That wasn't the end of the evening. The group moved the party to Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood. Savannah joined LeBron and crew for some late-night fun.


It's interesting ... the inscription on the cake read "LBJ." So, these days ... who's more identifiable with the letters, LBJ ... LeBron or former Prez Lyndon Baines Johnson?

Holiday Feasts Prez Candidates Stuffing Their Face Here's What They're Full Of

As all the holiday food comes your way over these next couple weeks, feast your eyes on what presidential candidates (past and present) chose to eat on the campaign trail.

Everyone enjoys themselves a corn dog, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Rick Perry. But, don't forget about the turkey leg -- a holiday classic -- which is right up Tom Steyer and Andrew Yang's alley. Can you tell? Looks like they couldn't get a big enough bite.

Of course, pork chops was another favorite of candidates over the past few years. Folks like Kamala Harris, John Delaney and others made sure to get in some big bites when they could.

And, if you're really interested in a walk down memory lane ... take a gander at what past candidates like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and, of course, Barack Obama were into grubbing on back in the day.

Swaggy P and Keonna Now that We're Engaged ... Let's Party!!!


Nick “Swaggy P” Young took his new fiance out for a fancy dinner Saturday night ... it's the first time we've seen them since he popped the question on XMAS day.

Nick and Keonna Green hit up Craig's in WeHo and they were in high style as they left the restaurant ... a doggie bag was in the free agent's hand.

Nick made it clear ... the ring was super expensive, although he was mum on exactly how much it set him back. One sweet note ... his son helped him pick out the bling.


Nick proposed on XMAS morning with some help from Nick Jr., who filmed the whole thing.  Check out the video ... Nick grabs the huge ring box, walks over to Keonna and makes it clear ... the proposal was "way overdue."

The couple has 3 kids together ... Nick Jr., Navi and 6-month old Nyce.


Lil Pump Corn Dogs For All These People!!! Feeds Homeless in L.A.

Lil Pump is spreading holiday cheer for the people who need it most ... one corn dog at a time.

The rapper was out in Los Angeles Wednesday, hooking up the homeless with hot meals, cold drinks and warm clothes for the winter.

Lil Pump hit the streets of Skid Row, serving up corn dogs, turkey dogs, cheese dogs, french fries and lemonade ... and passing out jackets, pants and socks to 600 people.

Pump teamed up with a couple of companies for the good deed ... joining forces with My Friends House Foundation, Hot Dog on a Stick and his buddy, RD Whittington, the owner of luxury celeb car company Wires Only, who dropped $7,000 on the charity event.

If the carnival fare sounds different as far as givebacks go ... that's because we're told Lil Pump and RD wanted to pass out food that was nontraditional, so mission accomplished there.

Lil Pump's known for living large, so it's nice to see him giving back to the community.

Seattle Seahawks DBs Rack Up $17,500 Bill At Rookie Dinner ... Steak & Booze!!!

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Welcome to the league, rooks!

The Seattle Seahawks' defensive back core held its annual rookie dinner Monday night ... and a pair of first-year NFLers were hung with a $17,500 check!!!

The booze-and-steak-filled night all went down at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue, Wash. ... and according to some of the vets, it was the most expensive rookie dinner in a while.

The receipt is absolutely nuts ... the guys bought a TON of expensive food and alcohol, piling up $11,000 worth of Louis XIII alone.

There was also Wagyu steaks, lobsters, calamari and all the fixin's ... and in total, the bill came out to $17,579.10!!!

As for the guys who whipped out the credit cards for the check ... Ugo Amadi and Marquise Blair were saddled with that task -- but neither seemed to be too pissed (at least judging by the videos we've seen).

Of course, perhaps they should've been ... neither is signed to that big of a contract -- Amadi is on a 4-year, $3,165,196 deal, while Blair inked a 4-year, $6,236,648 one.

But, hey, at least the vets seemed to appreciate the gesture ... with second-year corner Tre Flowers saying, "I been waiting on this day for a year lol."

The rookie dinner is nothing new in the NFL -- it's been going on for decades ... with Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson previously telling TMZ Sports he had to pony up some major dough when he was a rookie in 2001.


"The late Junior Seau and the veterans hazed me by taking me to dinner and spending $18,000 of my money!" LT said.

Good thing he's rich!

KFC Cops Called to Drive-Thru ... Wrong Sandwich, Bad Attitude


Popeyes isn't the only chicken joint with problems ... the Colonel had a bit of a situation on his hands in Wisconsin this weekend when a woman called cops from the drive-thru.

A woman in Waukesha dialed for police Saturday after her sandwich was made wrong and the staff allegedly gave her attitude. According to reports, the lady told police the KFC crew tried making her another one, but that she didn't feel comfortable and wanted her money back.

Sure enough, officers responded to the fast-food chain and found the pissed off customer plopped in the drive-thru line. Apparently, they told both her and the KFC team to work it out among themselves ... as their beef clearly wasn't an emergency and just civil.

The fact cops showed up at all has gotta mean the situation was tense, 'cause there's no way an officer of the law would get sent out for something like this. Or so we thought.


Of course, this comes weeks after the renewed frenzy at Popeyes restaurants across the country, with wacky customers desperately trying to get their hands on their famed chicken sandwiches. Some of those incidents ended in beatings, and in one case ... death.

So, what came first ... the chicken or the madness?

Ninja Cuts Avocado Like a Serial Killer ... Nearly Ruins Sandwich

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Bon Appétit

How does someone with such talented thumbs BUTCHER a sandwich so badly?!?

That's the question we've got for Ninja whose attempt to make a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich was as pathetic as a 40-year-old trying to play "Fortnite" for the first time.

Ninja -- real name Tyler Blevins -- teamed up with Bon Appetit food director Carla Lalli Music for a YouTube segment about cooking without visual aids.

He tried hard ... but Tyler couldn't figure out how to properly slice the bread and then cut the avocado STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE THROUGH THE PIT LIKE A PSYCHOPATH!!!

Bon Appétit

The craziest part, Ninja actually has real restaurant experience ... he worked at Noodles & Company where he prepped noodles for 3 years!

In the end, Ninja managed to put together an edible sandwich ... and despite the avo mishap, it actually looked sorta delicious.

The good news for Ninja ... he's made so much damn money playing video games, he can hire a private chef to cook up his breakfasts from now until the end of time.