Kylie Jenner Shows Off Baby Bump and a Lot More!!!

Kylie Jenner certainly isn't trying to hide her pregnancy the second time around. And, there's not much else she's hiding!

Kylie, who made the trip to NYC for Fashion Week, hit the town Thursday wearing a black sheer bodysuit with a lace design. It's the second time in as many days we've seen the 24-year-old showing off the growing evidence of baby #2.

If Kylie's outfit looks familiar, it's because Kim Kardashian wore something similar in 2015 at the LACMA Film + Art Gala in L.A. ... when she was pregnant with Saint.

Kylie announced earlier this week she and Travis Scott were expecting. She posted of video of her showing Travis her pregnancy test. You also see Kyle and Travis make a trip to the obstetrician. And, you see Stormi surprising Kris Jenner with ultrasound pics.

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It's unclear when Kylie's due or if she's expecting a boy or girl ... but one thing's clear ... this time around Kylie will be modeling some high-fashion maternity getups.

Amelia, Megan & Paris Show Up & Show Out for NYFW!!!

You know it's New York Fashion Week when every celeb in town brings their A-game, style-wise ... and Amelia Hamlin's arriving with an added motivation.

The inaugural Revolve Gallery went down Thursday night at Hudson Yards in NYC, and Amelia, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Lori Harvey, Shanina Shaik and Emily Ratajkowski were all front and center.

Scott Disick's ex was rocking a black midriff-baring outfit ... along with a ton of post-breakup hotness. As we told you, there's a dispute about who actually pulled the plug on their relationship, but one thing's for sure ... he might have regrets if he's looking at these shots of Amelia.

Check out the gallery for Megan's light and sporty outfit ... new-ish mom, Emily, in a cropped sweater and Irina Shayk sporting a zip-up windbreaker dress and military boots.

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BTW ... Kylie Jenner also hit up the event. And, once again, she showed off her baby bump for the world to see.

Megan Fox & MGK SoHo Twinsies!!!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are one and the same ... at least when it comes to their getups.

MF and MGK were out in SoHo, NY Wednesday rocking matching outfits -- white graphic t-shirts and black leather pants -- while posing for a photo. Doesn't appear to be an official shoot or anything but in any case ... they definitely planned to be on the same fashion page.

As for what sorta designer they might've been rocking -- unclear, but we're told they were on the same block as a Zadig & Voltaire store ... so maybe they'd just come from a shopping trip. Eyewitnesses say they were simply posing for someone who had an iPhone out.

Goes to show these two are about as inseparable and united as ever -- the love fest has been going strong for well over a year now ... and they're still tied at the hip.

We've often seen them complementing each other's threads -- be it for a caj outing, a sporting event or even something more formal, like a red carpet appearance.

MGK and Fox aren't the only celebs to coordinate gear lately ... Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did the same on a shopping trip out in L.A. recently.

Kim Kardashian Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?!? Fancy Dressin' for Pal's Bday

Kim Kardashian going to dinner mid-week isn't just a meal -- it's a head-to-toe fashion event ... especially when she's celebrating her friend's born day.

The middle K sis went out for a bite Tuesday night at Nobu in Malibu, where she was joined by her mom, Kris Jenner, and Corey Gamble ... who were all on hand to help celeb florist Jeff Leatham ring in the big 5-0.

Vanessa Bryant -- who is also very close with Leatham -- also shared a photo from inside the party with Kris and Corey.

Despite it being Jeff's day, it was Kim who upstaged everyone ... 'cause she showed up for chow in an eye-popping black ensemble, complete with a freakin' cape! Looks like she might've had a little 'Matrix' fever here or something.

Anyone else getting red pill vibes?

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Anyway, cool to see her out and about -- feels like it's been a while since Kim's done dinner like this. She and Jeff are good palls ... they even rolled out a series of fragrances together earlier this year.

So, the occasion called for a "dress to impress" outfit and, as usual, Kim didn't disappoint.

As for her Neo-esque style? Watch your back, Keanu ... clearly, you're not the only one who can pull off that look.

Nipsey Hussle Estate Sues Alleged Counterfeiters For Selling Bootleg Merch

Nipsey Hussle's estate wants to stop alleged bootleggers from hawking merch with his popular brands on them, but it's got a problem ... the estate says most of the sellers operate out of China.

The late rapper's brother and estate administrator, Samiel Asghedom, just filed suit against several entities that the estate believes are behind a bunch of e-commerce websites selling knockoff Marathon-related clothing ... which is Nip's line.

Asghedom says the estate has the rights to several registered trademarks -- including a "Crenshaw" logo for clothing, another clothing line called "South Central State of Mind" and others -- but claims the websites in question are using the marks without permission.

The estate also says the foreign e-commerce sites have specifically targeted sales to Illinois residents ... which appears to be why the lawsuit is filed in a federal court in Illinois.

According to the lawsuit, there are tell-tale signs linking the various sites ... including misspellings, similar checkout methods and accepted payments, ad tactics and so on.

The estate also believes a lot of these sites are operating out of China, and perhaps in concert with one another, using different operating systems and domain host sites to cover their tracks.

Nipsey's estate wants the judge to force the sites to hand over their domain registrations and is also looking for big damages -- either all the profits from the merch sales using the trademarks, or $2 million per infraction!!!

Alaska Airlines Passenger I Got Booted for Being Fat in a Sports Bra ... Alleges Harassment, Discrimination

1:53 PM PT -- 9/7 -- Howard tells us the airline refunded her 3 tickets and offered her a discount code for future purchases, however, she tells us she'll never use the code because she won't fly AA again.

A woman who seemingly got kicked off a flight for wearing a revealing outfit believes she was also harassed and discriminated against because of her weight ... and possibly other aspects of her appearance.

Ray Lin Howard shared a video on TikTok of the apparent aftermath of getting booted from her Alaska Airlines flight Friday, in which police are questioning her about what went down.

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She tells the cops she was wearing a sports bra -- she shows them too -- and was told by the flight attendants to cover up ... so she says she did with a pink leopard print shirt.

According to Howard ... that didn't satisfy the airline staff and she kept getting harassed because her stomach was showing, and she was ultimately removed from the flight.

The cops imply she was booted for violating the airline's dress code -- something she rebuts -- but tell her it doesn't look like she acted criminally in any way.

In a follow-up TikTok, Howard says she was eventually released and the airline contacted her to apologize and offered her a discount on future purchases.

However, she tells Jam Press that this was about more than her outfit, saying ... "I felt like I was being discriminated against for being a fat, tattooed, mixed-race woman, which in turn left me full of emotions like anger, disappointment, helplessness, humiliation and confusion."

She also described the incident as the worst example of "fatphobia" she's encountered in her life.

We reached out to Alaska Airlines, who say they're in contact with the guest and "committed to finding out what happened and taking the appropriate actions." Alaska adds, "It's our goal to provide caring service to all of our guests. When we don't live up to that goal, we do everything we can to make it right."

Originally Published -- 9/6 11:24 AM PT

Michael Jordan Worn Undies Hit Auction Block ...'Shows Definite Use!!!'

Want a pair of Michael Jordan's skivvies??

If your answer is "Yes," ... you're weird. BUT, you're also in luck, 'cause one of the G.O.A.T.'s old pairs of draws just hit the auction block!!!

We're serious -- the MJ-worn grey and black boxer shorts are up for sale via Lelands ... with a starting bid of $500!!

And, get this -- the auction company says there is evidence they were, in fact, worn by His Airness -- Lelands saying this priceless pair "shows definite use."

Okay settle down, nasties ... the proof is the loose threading in the shorts!!!

So, how did Lelands get their hands on Jordan's boxers?? It turns out John Michael Wozniak, MJ's old bodyguard (who was featured in "The Last Dance") had them all these years!!

But don't worry -- there's no way the draws will smell ... there's still a dry-cleaning tag on the inside of the underwear!!

The undies aren't the only pair of MJ apparel on the block ... you can also bid on everything from Jordan's cashmere coat to suits to button down dress shirts and belts -- all gifts from Wozniak.

Whoever cops those undies will have the right to be called the owner of the most unique piece of Jordan history ever!! Bidding ends on September 25 -- good luck!!

Justin Bieber Billboard Whoopsie ... Leather Up Top, SKIMS on Bottom!!!

Forget about where Justin Bieber gets his peaches -- the better question is where he shaves his legs ... at least based on this hilarious billboard swap that has him slipping into Kim Kardashian's underwear line.

Check out this giant tower-sized Balenciaga ad on a Sunset Strip building with Bieber as its leather-jacketed star -- but as you can see, he's lost his lower half somewhere along the way.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Instead of JB's lower abdomen and legs, you see a different set of body parts ... seemingly belonging to a woman rocking SKIMS, Kim's shapewear company.

It's pretty hilarious -- it looks almost intentional due to how seamlessly JB's top mixes with the SKIMS bottom. Even the SKIMS model's arms appear to line up almost perfectly with the Biebs'.

Of course, this had to have been a massive mistake. We can't see a crew working on it in the pic ... but we're guessing they were in the middle of swapping from one ad to the other.

Pretty artful as it is -- and maybe a sign of a future??? Hey, Justin is tight with the K-Krew.

Lil Nas X Skatin' Around W/ Tony Hawk No Bad Blood Here!!!

Lil Nas X wants the world to know he has no beef with Tony Hawk -- 'cause the rapper hung out and skated with the legend ... just days after calling out the double standard between his Satan shoes and Hawk's blood-painted skateboard.

Of course, Hawk teamed up with Liquid Death to sell limited edition "Blood Deck" skateboards painted with his blood earlier this month ... which was met with not nearly as much backlash as LNX's kicks with bloody soles.

While Hawk's boards aren't laden with satanic imagery, LNX's shoes are ... but he still felt the outrage was actually for another reason, not the fact that they were demonic as hell (ha).

"Now that tony hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage, are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? LNX said on Twitter, "and maybe u were mad for some other reason?"

But, the two made it clear they are not about to get in an all-out bloodbath over the controversial items ... with LNX rocking his Satan Shoes and Hawk holding his blood board as they posed for a pic!!

Hawk even came up with a clever name for the duo ... saying, "blood brothers?"

Hawk and LNX made a TikTok together ... with the artist pretending to ride down a halfpipe.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Despite the outrage over the blood, the guys aren't doing anything too groundbreaking -- after all, legendary guitarist Steve Vai did this way back in 2000 with his "JEM Y2K DNA" models, which are super collectible and painted with his own blood, too.

Maybe Hawk and Lil Nas X can bring him along for the fun next time??

J Lo The Caped Retailer D&G Getup Left w/ Price Tag

Jennifer Lopez was letting it all hang out this weekend for Dolce & Gabbana -- and that goes doubly for her outfit ... which you almost could've scanned yourself at a checkout line.

She was down in Venice Saturday for a fashion show put on by the luxury brand -- and they decked her out in the ultimate Your Highness getup that they had on the rack ... a flowery 3-piece ensemble consisting of black pants, a crop top and a freakin' cape (Batman-style).

Sure looked good on her, no doubt -- but as Jen made her way down a dock to a waiting boat along St. Mark's Square en route to the shindig ... an unremoved price tag flashed.

Yep ... you could clearly see the barcode attached to the inside of the cape -- and while the actual price wasn't visible, it still looked pretty tacky. Of course, this is something JL was likely lent for the ball-like event ... but a label like this makes it all the more obvious. Oof ...

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jenny didn't seem to mind, though ... because she didn't really see it or notice, it appears. And, with a faux pas like this, "ignorance is bliss" is definitely the motto. See no evil, right?!

BTW, no sign of Ben Affleck anywhere for this Euro trip -- finally, a little separation.

Ben and Jen We're just like an Old Couple ... Cause We Match!!!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are all in on being a couple ... because now they're wearing matching clothes ... yes, the dreaded matching clothes!!!

Check out these pics of Ben and J Lo hitting up Westfield Mall in L.A. for a Tuesday afternoon shopping spree ... they're dressed up super nice for a midday adventure, and it looks like they're coordinating outfits.

To be specific ... Ben and Jen are both rocking dark sunglasses, black tops, grey bottoms, ice on their wrists and black shoes. Even J Lo's black bag is matching her boo's look.

Bennifer 2.0 is also walking in lockstep, holding hands ... almost like they've done this whole couple thing before.

Yep, it's only a matter of time before Ben and Jen move in together -- the ultimate couple step -- they've been looking at massive estates in the L.A. area and Jen's doing recon on schools for her kids.

Rihanna's Fenty Corp. Sued I Told You Not To Play That Song!!! Led to Artist Getting Death Threats

Rihanna's fashion show nearly got a musical artist decapitated, because they played the wrong version of a song at a fashion show ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Rihanna's Fenty brand is being sued by a musician who claims RiRi's company reached out to use one of her songs during a Savage X Fenty show last fall, but screwed up by playing a version of the song that included a sample of sacred Islamic proverbs being chanted.

The artist, who's filed the suit as Jane Doe to protect her identity, claims she immediately got threats on her life when the fashion show was live-streamed to millions.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, the artist made it clear to Fenty reps one version of the song had the religious verses and one did not, and she warned them not to use the Islamic proverbs.

Despite a public apology from Rihanna following the immediate backlash, the artist claims she was forced into hiding after receiving a barrage of death threats over the song. She claims the constant threat of being decapitated and murdered led to anxiety and depression. The artist also tweeted an apology for unknowingly including the sample in her song.

Also of note ... we've learned that once Rihanna's team found out the song played during the Fenty show contained the offensive lyrics it was edited out of future viewings.

The artist says she still fears for her life and remains in hiding ... and she's going after Rihanna's business arm for more than $10 million in damages.

We reached out to Fenty ... so far, no word back.

Barack Obama Gifted Over 1,000 Custom Masks ... For 60th Birthday Bash

Barack Obama had more than enough face masks on hand for his birthday party guests this past weekend -- custom ones at that -- but it's clear a lot weren't put to good use.

44's been taking a ton of heat these past few days for throwing himself a huge bash on Martha's Vineyard, where upwards of at least 200 guests showed up ... many of whom were celeb buddies of his ... and who were mostly unmasked, it seems.

Despite how this might've looked at first ... TMZ has learned that 44 actually provided all of his guests with facial coverings, which were tailored specifically for this event with a 44x60 logo on the side.

The company that made 'em is called HENRY Mask -- and they tell TMZ that they actually gifted more than 1,000 individual custom masks to Obama and co. to cover partygoers, as well as party staff.

HENRY co-founder and celeb tailor/designer Richfresh was commissioned to design the uniforms (which also included the 44x60) for all working the events -- including the hosts, cooks and bartenders -- and decided to gift the masks to the party as a token of his appreciation.

Most of the wardrobe Richfresh designed consisted of either polo or custom printed shirts and matching pants of varying colors.

As far as actually wearing the masks ... to each their own, it would appear -- 'cause we'd say a majority of folks who were boogey-ing down (BO included) opted not to cover their mouths and noses. That doesn't mean they weren't there and available though ... HENRY made sure of that.

As you know ... the CDC and various doctors have urged people -- vaccinated and unvaccinated alike -- to wear masks indoors to curb the spread of the Delta variant. The tent would seem to qualify as "indoors."

Mattel Owners One-Time Barbie Penthouse For Sale ... Lists at Nearly $10 Mil

The L.A. penthouse once owned by the founders of Mattel -- and the makers of Barbie -- is hitting the market for someone else to live and play inside ... and it's going for a bundle.

The 3-bed, 3-bath condo in the luxurious Century Towers is about to list for just under $10 million after having been enjoyed by interior designer Nicole Sassaman for some years now -- this after she bought the place in 2012 for $2 mil ... according to The Post.

At the time, Sassaman took it off the hands of Barbara and Kenneth Handler -- the children of Mattel OGs Ruth and Elliot, who used to call the place home -- and made it her own sophisticated pad over the years, with echoes of doll vibes throughout ... albeit, nothing close to what you might consider classic "Barbie."

In other words, the place isn't covered in pink and a ton of tacky, plastic decor. But there is some cool Barbie art lying around ... making it way more chic than anything Barbie herself ever stepped foot in for children across America. Bottom line ... the home is a beaut.

It might just be an apartment at its core, but the penthouse is truly a taste of modern-day life -- there are mirrored surfaces in just about every room for great light and sense of space ... and don't even get us started with the views one gets from the balcony area overlooking L.A.

Seeing how it's in a super swanky building to begin with, it's got all the nice amenities one might expect ... a dog park, pool, tennis courts, valet parking, concierge, etc. The works, basically. The listing is held by Scott Segall, Carrie Berkman Lewis from Douglas Elliman.

While the asking price might be high enough to make Barbie herself blush, that's real estate in L.A. right now -- buy low and sell high, folks. Good luck, Nic!

Erica Mena YES, I TRASHED Safaree's STUFF After He Cheated On Me!!!

Erica Mena is copping to ruining some of Safaree's property, but says she only went HAM after finding out he was sleeping around ... allegedly.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the 'Love & Hip Hop' star admits she damaged her now estranged husband's personal items toward the end of her pregnancy, but she blames her anger on "numerous acts of infidelity."

You'll recall, Safaree alleged she trashed some of his gear, including his expensive shoe collection.

Erica's already trying to clean up the mess she caused -- in the docs, she says she's already sent Safaree a cool $4,000 to cover at least some of the damage.

Something tells us he won't be satisfied with that dollar figure though. As we first reported ... Safaree claims Erica did $30,000 worth of damage by pouring bleach on his high-end sneakers, and cutting the laces. He said she went off while she was 8 months pregnant, and 2 days after she'd filed for divorce.

While Erica's now admitting to wreaking some havoc, they're clearly oceans apart on just how much damage was done ...  and therein lies the legal battle.

We've reached out to Safaree for comment on Erica's allegation ... no word back yet.

Kobe Bryant NBA Debut Shoes Hit Auction Block ... Could Fetch $500k!!!

The shoes Kobe Bryant wore for his VERY FIRST NBA game can now be yours -- if you got half a milli lying around -- 'cause the iconic kicks are hitting the auction block!

The Black Mamba arrived on the scene for the L.A. Lakers on November 3, 1996, against the Minnesota Timberwolves ... going scoreless in just 6 minutes of action off the bench.

Bryant rocked a custom pair of size 14 Adidas kicks as he stepped on the court for the first time ... which he ended up giving away to a diehard fan outside The Forum after the game.

A few years later, the fan was able to run into Kobe again -- and got the legend to quickly sign them outside the team's hotel!!!

Now, the fan is looking to part ways with the keepsakes ... putting them up for auction via Gotta Have Rock And Roll.

We're told these sneakers -- which also come with a ticket stub from the game -- are NOT gonna come cheap ... they have a minimum bid of $100k and could sell for up to $500k!!!

Of course, the 5-time champ went on to eventually score quite a bit in his career -- he's ranked 4th all-time with 33,643 points ... and became one of the greatest players to ever pick up a basketball.

Bidding starts Wednesday ... good luck!

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