Shannen Doherty State Farm is Cigarette Shaming I Quit When I Got Cancer!!!


2:43 PM PT -- A rep for State Farm tells TMZ that Shannen's latest motion "once again distorts the facts. Rather than try this smoke damage case in the media, we will do so in a court of law."

Shannen Doherty claims State Farm is engaging in a smear campaign against her, and exhibit A is a cheap shot it took about her tobacco use ... which she calls way over the line.

The former '90210' star filed new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, claiming State Farm is invading her privacy and making false claims about her smoking habits. As a result she wants a judge to punish the insurance giant with crippling sanctions.

Shannen says State Farm got it totally wrong when it claimed, in docs, she was smoking cigarettes up until March 2019. Total BS, according to Shannen, who says she kicked the habit back in 2015 ... after her original breast cancer diagnosis.

Of course, her recent stage 4 cancer diagnosis is at the center of her legal beef with State Farm. They're haggling over her home repair costs following the devastating California wildfires.

In the docs, Shannen says it's utterly ridiculous State Farm is attempting to smear her image by raising her tobacco use in the lawsuit.

What's more, Shannen's also pissed her insurer included her medical records and street address in other legal filings -- 2 things she's worked hard to shield from the public.

Originally Published -- 1:14 PM PT

Liam Hemsworth Must Be Arms Day ... Totally Yoked After Workout


Liam Hemsworth's going with a sleeveless look these days ... but it might be because he can't find shirts big enough for his massive guns.

Seriously, the youngest Hemsworth bro is giving Thor a run for his money in terms of bulging shoulders, biceps and forearms ... and The Hulk for that matter.


Liam could barely straighten his arms as he was seen leaving the gym in Beverly Hills, but he looks pretty pleased with his jacked status. Of course, we're told he was heading to meet up with his new reported girlfriend, Australian model Gabriella Brooks, for lunch ... so that probably put some extra pep in his step.

It's nothing new for Liam to be in peak physical shape, but his muscular transformation in just a few short weeks since he was spotted on the beach in Byron Bay is pretty incredible.

Looks like his divorce with Miley Cyrus becoming official does the body good ... really good.

Dr. Drew Media's Hysterical, Dishonest Over Coronavirus ... And It Pisses Me Off!!!


Dr. Drew's beyond fed up with the media coverage of the coronavirus because he believes it's majorly overblown and causing hysteria ... while another major threat's being ignored.

The doctor was outside Beauty & Essex restaurant in L.A. Wednesday night went he went off on the media for misreporting the coronavirus, and even worse ... failing to point out facts in order to alleviate some of the panic.

According to Dr. Drew -- who was leaving sports agent Darren Prince's 50th bday bash -- coronavirus should be reported as being widespread, BUT, much milder of a virus than everyone is freaking out about. As he points out, there are tens of thousands of people infected ... but only a few hundred deaths.

By comparison, roughly 60,000 people die from the flu each year in the U.S. alone ... and it can be as high as 646,000 on average worldwide!!!

So, it's safe to say Dr. Drew's right when he says influenza is way more of a killer than the coronavirus ... so you should get your flu shot. We know Dr. Oz agrees too.


To be fair, though ... Dr. Drew's numbers are a couple hundred short when it comes to coronavirus deaths. So far, 563 have died -- all but 2 in China -- and there's more than 28,000 cases across the globe.

Still ... nowhere near flu territory.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband No Mercy For Madoff!!!


Bernie Madoff is too conniving to be let out of prison early and should continue rotting behind bars ... so says Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband.

As you know ... Bernie is begging a judge for mercy in the form of an early prison release, claiming he has terminal kidney failure and saying doctors are only giving him 18 months to live.

But Zsa Zsa's hubby and conservator, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt, says not so fast!!!

The Prince says Madoff should remain behind bars for at least another 16 months if the 18-month timeline is indeed legit because he feels an early release is too sweet a deal for the 81-year-old Ponzi schemer.

Easy to see why Frederic doesn't have any sympathy for Madoff ... he claims Bernie robbed his wife and his investment firm of about $10 million ... and says Zsa Zsa would want Madoff to rot in hell!!!

The Prince is pretty fired up about the whole prospect of Bernie getting out early ... and he's afraid Madoff could still do serious damage if he gets his wish.

Bernie Madoff I'm Dying of Kidney Failure ... Let Me Outta Prison, Judge!!!

Breaking News

Bernie Madoff, of all people, is begging a judge for mercy ... because he says he'll be dead next year, and wants to live out his final days outside his prison walls.

In docs filed Wednesday, Madoff reveals he has terminal kidney failure and the clock's ticking. He says doctors have given him less than 18 months. As if that's not enough, the 81-year-old Ponzi schemer says he's also battling hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperparathyroidism and a bladder neck obstruction.

On the less sympathetic side ... Madoff says he's got real bad acid reflux and insomnia.

The man who robbed his victims blind for $65 BILLION says he's confined to a wheelchair, with a back brace in the prison's comfort care unit.

Madoff thinks he deserves a "compassionate release" from the Butner Federal penitentiary in North Carolina because he poses no risk to the public. He also says his 150-year sentence is too severe in light of his terminal illness.

He even says there's a precedent for his release -- namely, the Lockerbie, Scotland bomber ... who killed 270 people aboard Pan Am flight 103. Madoff says Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was released after 8 years due to suffering terminal prostate cancer.

In the docs, Madoff acknowledges he has no money and, if released, will have to live with an unnamed friend. He says he will live off his Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Yeah, that's right ... you're paying for his care. Ain't that a kick in the pants.

The judge hasn't ruled. If nothing changes though, Madoff's current release is November 2139.

UFC's Jon Jones Goes Mostly Vegan for Reyes Fight ... Plant Based Diet


Jon Jones says he's radically changed his diet for his upcoming fight with Dominick Reyes -- telling TMZ Sports, "About 80% of my meals have gone plant based now."

The UFC superstar has been a big fan of meat in the past -- he even promoted the ButcherBox meat company on his Instagram in 2019.

But Jones tells us he's switching things up for his UFC 247 fight against Reyes -- and decided to cut a bunch of animal protein out of his diet this time around.

"I switched up my diet a little bit, I started eating plant based," Jones says.

"Cardio feels great, I’m lighter than I normally am. Normally I weigh at least 222 around this time. Right now I’m already 215. So I’m ahead of schedule majorly in my weight cut, which just allows me to focus on happiness and relaxation, and I just feel perfect."

Jones says he's laser-focused and ready to fight on Feb. 8 -- and is gunning for a highlight reel-style knockout -- but as long as he gets the "W," that's all that matters.

"It’d be nice to make WorldStarHipHop for some awesome KO, or make TMZ for some awesome KO. But that’s not really my style."

"I feel like when you go out there and you tell people, ‘I’m gonna knock this guy out right away’ and then you find yourself going into the 4th round and you still haven’t gotten that KO. You start panicking in your head a little bit when your plan is going wrong."

"To make a meme out of someone is always nice, but people years from now will remember who got the W ultimately."

State Farm to Shannen Doherty Calm Down, It's Only Cancer ... Claims Actress Is Just Looking for Sympathy


Shannen Doherty is dying of cancer and has been displaced from her damaged home after the devastating California wildfires -- damage she's fighting State Farm to repair -- and now the insurance company says cancer doesn't justify a total remodel.

Shannen has sued State Farm over the amount the company is willing to pay to make her home right again. State Farm is saying her home didn't suffer fire or structural damage. Nevertheless, State Farm claims in new legal docs it's paid more than $1 million, which includes remediation, professional cleaning and rent for a temporary house for a year.

State Farm says, Shannen "improperly claims she is entitled to have her entire home rebuilt at a cost of $2.7 million because she has breast cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease."

And, get this ... State Farm says, "In fact, the first sentence of [Shannen's] memorandum ... reveals [her] plan at trial to garner sympathy by her contention that State Farm must rebuild her entire house ..."

Shannen revealed she has stage 4 breast cancer and it's terminal.

Bob Harper We Want 'Off Scale' Victories On New 'Biggest Loser'

biggest difference is ...

Bob Harper says what makes the 'Biggest Loser' reboot a big winner is what happens AFTER the contestants go home ... when the real work begins.

The host of the new 'BL' was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday, and while they're still going to have weight loss competitions ... he says the contestants will also be getting a huge helping hand whenever their time on the show ends.

The fitness guru also emphasizes the reboot's done away with "temptation challenges" and vote-offs. Bob explained there's a concerted effort to give contestants the necessary tools to continue a healthy lifestyle at home and on their own.

Arguably, that's the toughest part for most of the 'BL' cast ... according to Bob. The show's now airing Tuesday nights on USA and, overall, he says you can expect a "kinder, gentler" approach to slimming down.

BTW ... Bob's got no beef -- literally and figuratively -- when it comes to the term "weight loss" and he explains why it's NOT taboo to say so ... for him, at least.

Shannen Doherty I'm 'Dying' of Stage 4 Cancer

Exclusive Details

10:21 AM PT -- In the new docs, obtained by TMZ, Shannen does not skirt her dire diagnosis in her lawsuit against State Farm. The opening line says, "Plaintiff Shannen Doherty is dying of stage 4 terminal cancer."

Her attorney points out she's unable to live out "her remaining years peacefully in her home" because State Farm is still arguing with her over covering the cost of repairs to her home following the fire.

Shannen Doherty is in the battle of her life after revealing her cancer has returned ... and this time it's even more aggressive.

The former '90210' star said Tuesday she's been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Shannen also revealed the cancer came back last year -- before her former costar Luke Perry's death -- and has kept it private until now.

As for why she revealed her diagnosis Tuesday ... Shannen says her condition was going to become public this week as part of her lawsuit against State Farm over unpaid claims following damage to her house caused by last year's devastating Wolseley fire.

She said, "I'd rather people hear it from me. I don't want it to be twisted, a court document. I want it to be real and authentic. I want to control the narrative. I want people to know from me."

Shannen said of Luke's sudden passing, "Why wasn't it me? It was so weird for me to be diagnosed and then somebody who was seemingly healthy to go first."

You'll recall Shannen -- who said the only person she had told about her diagnosis was Brian Austin Green -- was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She went into remission in 2017.

She sued her management company claiming they mismanaged her insurance premiums and let her policy lapse at a critical time when doctors could've done an early detection of her breast cancer. They've since settled out of court.

Originally published -- 6:25 AM PT

Olympic Skater Scott Hamilton Shannen Doherty Can Survive Cancer ... Take It From Me!!!


Shannen Doherty is getting cancer treatment options from a famous survivor ... figure skater Scott Hamilton.

We got the Olympic gold medalist in NYC on World Cancer Day and asked if he had a message for Shannen ... who just revealed her breast cancer has returned and is now stage 4.

Scott says Shannen should seek as many medical opinions and options for treatment as she can because that's the best way to survive. Hamilton is definitely an expert on the subject, he's persevered through 3 brain tumors and overcome testicular cancer.

While the diagnosis sounds bleak -- Shannen says she's "dying of stage 4 terminal cancer" -- Scott says there are all kinds of things she can do ... surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.

We also asked him about Shannen's decision to keep mum on her diagnosis because she wanted to prove she could still work. Scott explains why cancer stigmas don't help patients.

BTW, Hamilton has a new children's book out, inspired by his own family's experience with cancer.

Rush Limbaugh Advanced Lung Cancer Diagnosis ... Will Take Time Off

Breaking News

Rush Limbaugh's sharing some sobering news -- he says he's just been diagnosed lung cancer, and it's in an advanced stage.

The iconic conservative firebrand host made the shocking announcement Monday during his radio program. After revealing his diagnosis, Rush said his scheduled cancer treatments will mean taking time off from his show. He admitted there will be times when he just physically won't be able to host due to the treatments.

He was not specific about how doctors plan to attack the cancer.

Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush says he first noticed something was wrong on his 69th birthday last month, so he went for some tests and learned his diagnosis. He says he thought about not telling anyone but didn't want to set off rumors when he started missing shows.

Rush, who started his radio career in the 1970s, says he's going to keep working as long as he can.

He closed his show Monday by telling his legion of loyal listeners ... "Every day I'm not here I'll be thinking about you and missing you."

'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Drug Rehab Offer ... It's on the House


"The Mighty Ducks" goalie Shaun Weiss has some free rehab waiting on him once he gets out of jail ... and all he has to do is make his way to the Lone Star State.

Ascend Detox and Recovery in southeast Texas just sent Shaun a formal invitation to their hospital rehab program ... and in the letter obtained by TMZ, the center lays out its plan for the troubled child star.

Shaun's getting the full-court press -- the treatment center's CEO says her operation's gonna tailor a rehab program specifically for Weiss, offering him the best the country has to offer ... and it's all for free.

As we reported ... Lindsey Lohan's dad, Michael, helped Shaun land the offer. Michael's friend runs Ascend Detox and Recovery, and he jumped at the opportunity to help Weiss.

Shaun looks like he could use a hand ... his friends are scrambling to get him on the right path after his most recent arrest for burglary and meth. They've tried for years to get him into rehab facilities, but it never took.

Now, the ball's in Shaun's court once he gets outta jail in Northern Cali, following his latest drug-related arrest.

Dr. Oz If Coronavirus Makes You Bigoted Time to Self-Reflect, Pal

Exclusive 2/1/2020

Dr. Oz is doing a major eye roll at anyone who's using the coronavirus as a way to scapegoat Asian people and spew their xenophobia, 'cause he says we're better than that.

We got the doc at Shaq's Fun House party in Miami heading into Super Bowl weekend, and while the mood was light ... things immediately got serious when our guy asked about the disease and the collateral damage Asians have been experiencing as a result.

A lot of folks have turned to outdated tropes or outright racist remarks in characterizing the outbreak in China, which has spread to different countries ... including the U.S. Be it a nasty tweet or a French headline reading, "Yellow Alert?" ... other-ing is indeed happening.

Fast-forward to Dr. Oz ... who actually sticks up for Chinese people with a pretty impassioned callback to the time he's spent there and the culture he encountered. He even says the fear people are feeling is misplaced, as the virus isn't nearly as deadly as it's being represented in the media. If anything, DO says this should unite us in preparing for the "big one."

You'll recall ... Dr. Oz had told us about a week ago or so that while he was concerned about the coronavirus, he wasn't panicking just yet. Looks like he's doubling down here.

Oz also takes a chance to advocate for getting a flu shot, which he seems to think will help in avoiding contracting the virus in the first place.

'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Offered Free Treatment in Texas From Lindsay Lohan's Dad

TMZ Composite

"Mighty Ducks" goalie Shaun Weiss has a tremendous amount of help waiting for him when he gets out of jail ... from someone who knows plenty about rehab -- Michael Lohan.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Lindsay's pop is one of many people who are getting involved to help out the struggling child star. We're told Michael doesn't know Shaun personally but he's no stranger to rehab and staying on the straight and arrow.

Our sources say several people in Hollywood contacted Michael about Shaun's situation, and he jumped at the opportunity to help through a program in Texas.

Everett Collection

We're told the program specializes in medically-assisted detox and therapy. It ain't cheap, but the program's agreed to assist Shaun with what it calls a scholarship ... worth up to $60k to cover expenses.

There is one major condition ... Shaun will have to be mentally evaluated, and if he poses no physical danger to himself or others ... our sources say he'll be admitted to the program.

That is, of course, if Shaun agrees to all of this once he's sprung free from a NorCal jail.

As we first reported ... friends are desperate to get Shaun much needed help. He's dealing with several life-threatening problems, including diabetes, mental illness and, of course ... drug addiction.

Friends have tried to get Shaun into various rehab facilities for years now, but it's proven difficult due to long waitlists. Friends also started a GoFundMe for Shaun. But, it sounds like Michael's got Shaun covered, provided he's agreeable to treatment.

NASCAR's John Andretti Dead At 56 After Battle With Cancer

Breaking News

NASCAR driver John Andretti -- member of one of the biggest families in racing -- died on Thursday after a 3-year battle with cancer, his team announced.

The 56-year-old had a long career on the track -- spanning from 17 years in NASCAR to Champ Car to IndyCar and more.

Andretti was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer back in 2017 ... and used his platform to help others with his disease and spread awareness on getting proper screening.

Andretti Autosport released a statement on his passing ... saying, "John was a loving husband and father, a devoted son and a trusted cousin."

"He was a philanthropist, an advocate for the sport, a dedicated teammate, a driven competitor and most importantly a dear friend."

Andretti was the son of Aldo Andretti, nephew of Mario and first cousin to Michael and Jeff ... and was the first cousin-once-removed to Marco Andretti.

The statement continued ... "We will forever carry with us John's genuine spirit of helping others first and himself second. Our prayers today are with Nancy, Jarett, Olivia, and Amelia, with our entire family, and with fans worldwide."


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