Mama June Leaves Georgia Home, Buying RV ... Living on the Road!!!

Mama June has left the building, and her plan is to start a new life traveling around the U.S. in a home on wheels, with her boyfriend ... for better or worse.

Sources close to June tell TMZ ... she's no longer living in her Hampton, GA home -- it's been totally gutted and the huge dumpster that's been in the front yard for a week is now full of all the debris from inside.

Some of June's neighbors tell us she sold the house, but so far we've not been able to find property records to back that up. Regardless, our sources say June has been telling people for weeks she planned to sell her crib, get an RV and live out of it with her BF, Geno.

We're told the couple wants to leave their troubles behind, and June's already discussed the move with her daughters by phone. There's been no face-to-face talk about it though -- as you know Honey Boo Boo's now living with Pumpkin.

We broke the story ... Mama June's pad has deteriorated into a hot mess the past couple months, and she and Geno held a garage sale weeks ago to seemingly unload most of their property.

So, all the signs were there that the couple was bailing for greener pastures ... or so they hope.

Her family has reason to be concerned. June's been in an apparent downward spiral ever since her March arrest for possession of crack cocaine -- and going on permanent road trip won't alleviate her daughters' concerns. Both June and Geno are still have to stand trial for the crack possession.

What's that old saying? "You can run ..."

Mama June Neighbors Say ... You're Trashy & We've Had It!!!

Mama June's house is a mirror image of her real life -- a shambles ... and neighbors are PISSED.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Mama June's neighbors in Hampton, Georgia are fuming because her house is giving the neighborhood a trashy reputation. TMZ's obtained pics showing the evidence ... a huge dumpster truck on her front lawn is the biggest non-attraction.

We're told neighbors reached out to the Homeowners Association to complain about the massive list of violations. That dumpster truck on her front lawn? We're told it's been there for at least a week. There are several trash cans filled to the brim and trash strewn everywhere.

There's more ... a broken window is boarded up ... making it look like the house is abandoned. There's also an AC unit mounted on a window ... a huge no-no, according to the HOA.

The garage door is still dented from when Mama June's BF, Geno, slammed into it with an SUV. As we first reported ... Mama June had a garage sale earlier this month and her behavior was pretty bizarre, to say the least.

As we told you ... Honey Boo Boo's not moving back to her home until Geno's gone. And maybe until the house is in tip top shape.

Mama June TV Career About to Implode

Mama June could lose more than her daughter if her bizarre and troublesome behavior continues ... it could also spell doom for her once lucrative TV career.

Sources close to June tell TMZ ... Mama's got deal-breaking issues for WE tv -- her crack cocaine arrest, her refusal to get help, her boyfriend, Geno and her off-the-rails conduct. No one's saying it's not compelling TV, but it may prove too hot and dangerous for the network.

Our sources say show producers tried to get June help, offering to send her to rehab, but Mama refused. We're told producers are not yet giving up on Mama on a personal level -- they still want to help her get better. As for filming a 4th season of "Mama June: From Not to Hot," we're told it's a no-go unless she takes steps to get herself out of the danger zone.

Obviously, Mama losing her TV career would kill her cash cow ... but it seems that's not on her radar, because she's doing everything she can to scare the network away.


We broke the story ... Mama and her boyfriend Geno Doak were acting erratic this week ... selling off everything in her Georgia home, right down to the coat hangers ($10 a pop).

As we reported ... Mama's already lost Honey Boo Boo -- she's moved out and is living with her older sister, Pumpkin -- and now her future on TV appears to be hanging by a thread.

WeTV had no comment.

Mama June Let's Get Crackin', I'm Selling it All!!! Bizarre Vid From Garage Sale with Geno


Mama June is apparently strapped for cash ... because she and her boyfriend are selling off everything inside their home, and video from the garage sale shows the place in shambles.

June, who family members believe is struggling with drug addiction, is putting a wide array of items up for sale on Facebook Marketplace ... including the only bed left in the house. Well, a couple people saw her post and decided to swing by and see what Mama and Geno Doak had to offer.

This video starts with June and Geno rambling on and on about what sounds like a huge massage chair. It also shows parts of their home looking like an absolute pigsty ... while other parts are totally cleared out -- as if they've already unloaded most of their stuff.

We're told some potential buyers claim to have seen what looked like needles or syringes among the items strewn around one of the bedrooms. Remember, both Geno and June are awaiting trial for crack possession after their March arrests in Alabama.

We're guessing the garage sale's been going pretty well ... based on the stack of cash June was holding.

Maybe June will use some of the funds to fix her broken veneers ... then again, doesn't seem like her appearance is a top priority right now -- neither is Honey Boo Boo.

TMZ broke the story ... Honey Boo Boo moved out of the home to live with her sister, Pumpkin, and she's not moving back with Mama until Geno is out of the picture.

Mama isn't showing any signs of cutting ties with Geno -- and if HBB ever moves back home, she might not even recognize the place anymore.

Honey Boo Boo Pretends to Snort Cocaine on Camera ... As Sister Scolds Her

Mimicking Mommy?

Honey Boo Boo is in the dog house with her big sister after pretending to do a line of cocaine -- a shocking move that comes as her mother, Mama June, battles drug addiction.

HBB went live on Facebook Thursday evening to answer questions from her fans, but at one point the 13-year-old got extremely agitated and yelled at her sister, "Tell me what's f**king next right now!" Then she picked up a plastic knife and said she would need to take a break.

That's when she mockingly lined up something on the table, and started snorting it ... and a woman we believe to be her older sister, Pumpkin, went off.

She yelled, "Alana quit f**king doing ... dont' even f**king mimic that on f**king live!!!"

As we first reported, Alana's now living with Pumpkin, and has been since shortly after June and her BF, Geno, were arrested earlier this year for crack possession.

The video's especially troubling since Honey Boo Boo was so distraught during her family recent attempt to have an intervention for June.

WE tv

One way to view this is Alana trying to mock or shame June for her ongoing drug issues. You'll recall, we got video of June and Geno outside their home right after he crashed his truck into their garage ... and he was so wasted he couldn't stand.


An even sadder theory is she was mimicking something she'd seen someone do ... possibly her mother. We've reached out to a rep for the family, but no word back yet.

Honey Boo Boo Mama June Can't Touch My Money ... We Don't Trust Her!!!

Those who care for Honey Boo Boo are making sure Mama June can't dip in to her funds ... and it's all because of concerns over Mama's casino trips with boyfriend Geno Doak and their crack cocaine arrest. 

Family sources tell TMZ ... a rep for 13-year-old Alana -- AKA Honey Boo Boo -- recently had an attorney step in and move her money into a new account that Mama June can't touch. 

We're told the family is deeply concerned Mama June might try to use her daughter's assets to fund her gambling and alleged drug habit ... so they want to make sure Honey Boo Boo's money is protected. 

Our sources say Honey Boo Boo's sister, 19-year-old Pumpkin (government name, Lauryn), will have access to the funds. However, she can only use the money for Alana's needs and benefit, and there are safeguards in place. 

Pumpkin, who is housing HBB and serving as a de facto guardian, needs to show proof and receipts of where the money goes when she accesses the account. 


Honey Boo Boo is living with Pumpkin because it's an unstable environment at Mama's house, where Geno recently crashed his SUV into the garage when he was wasted. 

APRIL 2019

As you know ... Mama June has been in a tailspin. She and her boyfriend Geno were busted in Alabama for crack cocaine possession, and she's since been spotted several times hitting the slots in casinos.

WE tv

HBB tearfully begged Mama to straighten her life out a while back ... but that may have fallen on deaf ears, because the family obviously doesn't trust Mama with Boo Boo's money.

Honey Boo Boo Uncle Involved in Fatal Car Crash ... Photos of Fiery Scene

Another member of Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson's family is in bad shape -- her Uncle Billy got in a nasty car wreck and suffered major injuries ... and the other driver died.

Sources close to Alana tell TMZ ... Billy -- the younger brother of her father, Sugar Bear -- was involved in a 2-car accident outside Atlanta on Father's Day. We're told he was struck head-on by a driver traveling on the wrong side of the road, and that person was killed.

Billy broke his leg, both arms, several ribs and his jaw in the crash ... and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns because his vehicle caught fire after the crash.

We've obtained photos of the grisly scene, showing the car ablaze along a guardrail and the aftermath.

Our sources say Billy's been in the hospital since the accident, and he's already undergone 5 surgeries to repair his injuries and has 2 more to go.

Sadly, we're told the tragedy has stoked animosity among Honey Boo Boo's family members ... especially toward Sugar Bear. Our sources say they feel like he's abandoning his brother, because he's been practically invisible at the hospital other than visiting Billy once the first week he was there.

Meanwhile, we're told Alana's other uncle, Poodle, has been by Uncle Billy's side almost 24/7.

As we've reported ... Honey Boo Boo's also dealing with turmoil in her immediate family, stemming from her mother Mama June's troubling relationship with Geno Doak and her apparent substance abuse.

Alana refuses to move back in with her mom until Geno's gone and, after the incident where he was wasted and crashed into June's house ... that's probably a good idea.

Honey Boo Boo has been staying with her older sister, Pumpkin, in the meantime.

Mama June Family Fears the Worst with Geno ... Thinks She's in 'Mental Prison'

Mama June's relationship with her boyfriend has moved beyond troubling and is in dangerous territory ... according to her family, who are terrified of the downward spiral.

Sources close to June tell TMZ ... her family believes Geno Doak has her under his thumb and is playing mind games to keep control of her and locked away in a "mental prison."

We're told the fam thinks Geno's preventing her from seeing them and being with her kids, and has been filling her head with lies ... like saying they are against her when in fact, they are worried sick about her.

Our sources say June's family is certain Geno's motive is money -- he has it made with her because he can spend her cash and not have to work ... so he can do whatever he wants, including getting wasted.


We know Honey Boo Boo went to see her mom last week after Geno was so inebriated that he crashed his SUV into her home -- and couldn't even stand afterward -- but we're told her attempt to get June to kick his ass out was futile ... because Mama insists Geno's not a problem.

The family strongly disagrees, and our sources say everyone fears he's dangerous and is going to pull her in further into the throes of drug addiction and substance abuse. HBB refuses to move back into her mom's home until Geno's gone ... but it's not looking like that's going to happen soon.

As we reported ... the couple was arrested for crack cocaine possession back in March, and Geno was also hit with a domestic violence charge. The ordeal only seemed to bring them closer together though, which is the worst possible outcome in the family's eyes.

Mama June Honey Boo Boo Won't Move Back 'Til Geno's Gone Gone Gone

Mama June may have moved back into her home, but that doesn't mean her famous daughter is following behind anytime soon ... quite the opposite, actually.

Sources close to Mama June's family tell TMZ ... 13-year-old Alana -- AKA Honey Boo Boo -- adamantly refuses to move back in with her troubled mother, as long as she's got her BF, Geno, hanging off her hip.

We're told Geno being in the picture is a straight-up nonstarter for Alana. She wants MJ to ditch Geno ... and get herself into rehab.


There's grave reason for concern. TMZ broke the story ... Geno was so wasted behind the wheel a few days back, he crashed into Mama June's home and couldn't even walk. He collapsed on the ground and Mama June needed help from a neighbor to drag Geno inside.

WE tv

HBB begged her mom to straighten out her life a while back, tearfully pointing out that she's currently living with her older sister, Pumpkin ... and not by choice but by necessity. It's pretty obvious she wants to be with her mom, but not in a chaotic, unstable and dangerous environment.

And, there's this ... we're told if push comes to shove and nothing changes, Pumpkin will go to court and fight to gain custody of her little sister. Our sources say so far, June hasn't expressed interest in getting her daughter back.

Tough situation, for sure.

Honey Boo Boo Living with Big Sis While Mama June Hangs with BF

Mama June's youngest daughter, 13-year-old Alana -- aka Honey Boo Boo -- has been forced to move in with her sister ... while June lives the casino life with her felon boyfriend.

Sources close to June tell us 19-year-old Pumpkin (gov't name, Lauryn), is now serving as a de facto guardian to Honey Boo Boo. We're told HBB's been living with Pumpkin for several months and helps look after Lauryn's 1-year-old daughter, Ella.

Family sources tell us, Alana and June's other daughters understand their mom is going through a tough time ... and want to keep their distance from her and the "drama."

We're told June rarely sees her family these days.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to a gas station in Alabama back in March after a domestic dispute between June and her boyfriend Geno Doak. According to the report, Doak threatened to kill June during the argument.

When cops arrived they busted June for possession of crack cocaine.

APRIL 2019

June was ordered to stay away from Doak by a judge, but she's clearly ignoring that ... shacking up with him at an Alabama casino and routinely hitting the slots.

June's family has urged her to get away from Doak -- as they feel he's a bad influence -- but our sources say their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Mama June Life's a Gamble!!! Allegedly Moves into Casino

Mama June still has the gambling itch ... so much so, she's allegedly shacking up in an Alabama casino with her boyfriend.

The reality TV star was spotted again at the Wind Creek casino in Montgomery, and she apparently hit the jackpot, because folks who were there, last Friday, tell us Mama June was cashing out a $1,000 ticket!!!

And, get this ... we're told Mama told a fellow gambler she lives at the casino, and has been staying on the property for the past few months.

June isn't alone in her casino hotel room though -- we're told her boyfriend, Geno Doak, came down to the casino floor and spoke with her a few times.

APRIL 2019

This is the 3rd time Mama's been spotted hitting up an Alabama casino since her March arrest for crack cocaine ... and it's the 2nd time we've seen her try her luck at Wind Creek.

We broke the story ... Mama and Geno are in the market for a new lawyer for their crack cases, after the guy who was defending them quit.

Gambling. At least that habit's legal.

Mama June Slots of Fun ... Without Boyfriend

APRIL 2019

Mama June's still trying her luck, putting legal drama and relationship issues aside and hitting up the slot machines ... again.

The reality TV star was spotted last week at the Wind Creek casino in Montgomery, Alabama, firing off some spins on the slots while chatting with a friend. Folks at the casino tell us they aren't sure if she walked away a winner, but she wasn't gambling this time around with her boyfriend, Geno Doak.

That's interesting, because we broke the story last month ... Mama filed legal docs asking the court to allow Geno to return to her side because she's partially blind and he takes care of her.

Doak was ordered to stay away from June due to their domestic dispute and subsequent arrest for crack cocaine in March. Geno allegedly threatened to kill her, which is why he was also booked for domestic violence and ordered to stay away.


The couple ignored the order, though, by hitting up a casino together a few days later.

Looks like Mama June's back at it ... but flying solo on the slots now.

Mama June Arrested for Crack Cocaine ... Manic Conversation

Mama June's drug arrest was more serious than we knew, because cops say she admitted the white powder they found was crack cocaine, and she was also caught with a needle and a pipe.

TMZ broke the story ... Mama June and her boyfriend, Geno Doak, were arrested at an Alabama gas station on Wednesday after someone called to report a domestic incident between the two. Cops busted her for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Doak was also arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, in addition to domestic violence/harassment.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, after arriving at the gas station cops were about to pat down Doak when he told them not to reach inside his pocket and said, "I don't want you to get sticked or nothing." Cops found a needle and then set their sights on Mama June.

She said she was the owner of the vehicle and claimed ownership of everything inside. Cops found a needle on the driver's floorboard. Police then patted June down and found a glass pipe with white residue inside the pocket of her jogging suit. They also found a green pill bottle containing a white controlled substance in the glove compartment. June said the white substance was crack cocaine.


And, check out the audio of a conversation between Mama June and the tow truck driver after she was released -- she was trying to get her car out of impound. June sounds manic as she describes what she says went down.

Honey Boo Boo Boo Hoo Hoo Dancing is Hard

Honey Boo Boo is learning a hard lesson ... dancing can really suck.

The 12-year-old dissolved into tears after a rehearsal Saturday at CBS Studios in L.A.

All is not bad ... she's getting $50,000 just for signing to do the show, and the longer she competes the more money she'll pull in. If she makes it to episode 3 she'll get $10k, episode 5 she'll get another $15k, episode 7 she'll get $20k, episode 8 another $15k, and if she's in the finale she'll get another $20k.

Judging from the pics, she's not bankin' on more than the minimum.

Honey Boo Boo Big Money on The Line ... For 'DWTS: Juniors'

Honey Boo Boo has the chance to reel in some serious cash if she can survive the grueling competition on "DWTS: Juniors."

Boo Boo -- aka Alana Thompson -- got $50,000 just for signing on to do the show ... and the longer she competes, the more money she will make each episode. We've obtained a copy of her contract, and the rest of the cash breaks down like this ...

- $5,000 per episode for episodes 2 & 3.

- $7,500 per episode for episodes 4 & 5.

- $10,000 per episode for episodes 6 & 7.

- $15,000 for episode 8.

- $20,000 for the finale.

If you are bad at math -- that is $130,000 total -- or a lifetime supply of "sketti and butter."

Mame June & Honey Boo Boo Family Affair in Vegas ... Pumpkin Got Married!!!

Mama June's family has officially expanded by one -- because Honey Boo Boo's big sis just got hitched!

June's 18-year-old daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon tied the knot with her fiance, Joshua Efird, Monday night in Vegas ... and then the whole crew hit the Strip for a dinner at Buca di Beppo.

We broke the story a couple years ago when Pumpkin got engaged to her then 19-year-old BF. They'd only been dating for 9 months, and she was only 16. Despite the age gap, June approved of the engagement because the kids were taking things slow.

The plan then was to wait 'til Pumpkin was 18 before getting married ... and that's exactly what they did. They didn't take it slow in the baby department though -- the couple had a daughter in December.

We're told TV cameras were shooting Pumpkin and the wedding party, so it's a good bet the happy event will be on the new season of "Mama June: From Not to Hot."



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