'Bachelor' Matt James Hanging Out with Rachael Kirkconnell ... Amid Reunion Rumors

Matt James might've walked away from Rachael Kirkconnell on national TV after the racism dust-up ... but he seems to have circled back with her in the real world for another go.

The former 'Bachelor' was seen hanging out with his ex Saturday in the City of Angels -- grabbing brew at a bar called JuneShine in Santa Monica, with some friends in tow. Matt was trying to be all incognito for the outing, but it's pretty obvious to us that's him and her.

His bottom-half attire pretty much gives it away ... so does the skateboard. The guy's often seen shredding and wearing short-shorts ... especially those green/blue ones. He even seems to have ran a marathon in NYC with them back in 2019, as you see here.

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As for Rachael ... well, she's all about that sunglasses-resting-on-the-head look, and this gal who's with Matt in these photos sure bears a striking resemblance to RK from the side. Pair that with rumors they've reunited in recent weeks ... and there ya go.

There didn't appear to be any PDA between the two for Saturday's get-together ... but they were definitely leaving together. We got a shot of them walking away from the bar, and it's clear they were heading in the same direction, and possibly to the same next destination.

So ... what does this all mean??? Seems Matt has forgiven Rachael and/or gotten over the controversy ... maybe both. If that's the case, it certainly appears to be a full 180 from how he said he felt when he broke it off with her during the 'After the Final Rose' ceremony, when he explained why they couldn't be together.

It all goes back to social media posts and old photos of Rachael -- which many considered racist. She posed for pics with sorority sisters of hers at an antebellum-themed party -- which has racist roots in the South -- and liked racially insensitive pics on IG that featured the Confederate flag and white girls dressed in ponchos and sombreros.

There's also a claim that Rachael used to make fun of a white classmate for dating a Black guy back in high school. She copped to some, but not all, of the resurfaced behavior ... and apologized numerous times, while also telling people they shouldn't defend her actions.

We reached out to Matt's rep ... so far, no word back.

Rachael professed her love to Matt even after they split -- and based on this ... it looks like he's giving her another chance. To each their own, we suppose. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Jordyn Woods Gift From Kris Jenner's Line Not a Peace Offering

Jordyn Woods may have gotten a gift from Kris Jenner, but remember ... perception's not reality 'cause the gift most definitely was NOT an olive branch.

Elizabeth Woods, Jordyn's momager, tells TMZ ... there's nothing to read into the gift because it was sent by Kris and Chrissy Teigen's PR team for their Safely cleaning products. She says it's not a peace offering in any way, shape or form.

It's important to note ... the new line belongs to Kris as much as it belongs to Chrissy. And, just so y'all know ... Jordyn and Chrissy are cool with each other.

Fans started losing their minds earlier this month when Jordyn took to Instagram and posted a series of Stories showing off the box gift ... which again, was sent by Safely's PR team even if Jordyn tagged Chrissy and Kris. There was also a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note, again ... signed by Chrissy and Kris.

The running theory fans started spinning was perhaps Kris and Jordyn were cool once again and had gotten past that lil' February 2019 episode ... when Khloe Kardashian split up with Tristan Thompson after he cheated on her with Jordyn, who denied the allegations and subsequently got called out for it ... by one Khloe K.

So ... the gift's no olive branch. It's just Hollywood, baby.

Kehlani Comes Out as Lesbian ... 'Everyone Knew But Me'

@kehlani / TikTok

Kehlani is coming out as lesbian ... and she says she's the last one in her family to know she's gay.

The singer shared her truth Thursday, saying on video ... "I am gay ga-gay gay gay!!!"

Kehlani says she's been trying to have heart-to-heart conversations with her family and friends about coming out, but she says her loved ones are hardly shocked and keep telling her they've known for some time because, as she put it ... "the f****** closet was glass."

She previously hinted at being gay during a recent Instagram Live when casually said she finally knew she was lesbian. Apparently, some fans thought she might have been joking, but now Kehlani's saying clearly, loudly and proudly.

As you know ... she has a 2-year-old daughter, Adeya Nomi, with guitarist Javie Young-White and her other famous exes include YG and NBA star Kyrie Irving.

Bottom line for Kehlani ... "everyone knew but me."

J Lo & A-Rod Announce Split & End Engagement

8:07 AM PT -- In what may have been his biggest split-clue of all, A-Rod also posted a video showing a table full of J Lo photos while Coldplay's "Fix You" played in the background. Not to mention, he tagged Jennifer with a heart in the post.


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have called it quits, and this time, it's more permanent ... announcing the end of their engagement, and each is going their own way professionally.

In a joint statement to TODAY, the couple announced, "We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to remaining so. We will continue to work together and support each other on our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for each other and one another’s children. Out of respect for them, the only other comment we have to say is thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and support."

The couple's been together for four years, getting engaged in March 2019. They had a wedding planned before COVID hit in early 2020, putting the ceremony on ice.

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Of course, it was early March when sources close to the couple had told us they first split, but in less than 24 hours they reassured us the two were back together and everything was fine ... A-Rod even flew to the Dominican Republic to be with J Lo as she worked on a movie.

Sources connected to the now exes tell us, both made a real attempt to work things out -- remember those pics of them kissing down in the DR -- but the first real sign it wasn't working out came last week.

Alex announced he was buying the Minnesota Timberwolves, but Jennifer was not part of the ownership team. That's a significant change, because J Lo was front-and-center when they tried and failed, to purchase the New York Mets.

Jennifer also continued to post photos on her Instagram account without wearing her engagement ring -- and on Wednesday Alex sent up his own IG red flag.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In a post that was all about what he's grateful for ... there was no mention of J Lo, and no picture of her or her kids. Just a throwback shot of A-Rod and his daughters.

Game over.

Originally Published -- 5:45 AM PT

'Project Runway' Star Christian Siriano Files for Divorce ... From Hubby Brad Walsh

"Project Runway" star Christian Siriano is finally making things official after he and his husband split nearly 3 years ago -- because the designer just filed for divorce.

The season 4 'Runway' champ -- who's become a mentor on the Bravo series -- just filed legal docs seeking to dissolve his marriage to Brad Walsh ... who Christian's been married to for around 5 years.

They got hitched in 2016 after getting engaged in 2013 -- but their relationship fell apart and they announced they were separating in the summer of 2018.

At the time, Walsh went public with the breakup ... taking to IG to write, "Bit more than a month ago my husband and I separated." He explained the story of their split was going to come out in the media, but he preferred to break the news himself to his fans.

Unclear what caused the rift, but in any case ... Christian was first to hit the courthouse in NY to file his divorce petition. There's not much more in the way of deets at this point -- divorce cases are sealed in the Big Apple.

The couple didn't have any children together, though, so that issue's off the table.

Both guys are pretty successful in their own right -- Christian has a fashion line, which is wildly popular, and Brad is in the music business. No word on whether a prenup is in play.

Olivia Wilde I'm Not Living With My Ex ... Even Though I Said I Was

Olivia Wilde is NOT living under the same roof as her ex Jason Sudeikis, despite her own words to a judge ... TMZ has learned.

Here's the deal ... Olivia got a judge to grant her and Jason a temporary restraining order to protect them from an alleged stalker in Los Angeles, and in the legal docs OW said, "I live with Mr. Sudeikis and our two children," which raised a lot of eyebrows because she's now with Harry Styles.

Sources close to Olivia and Jason tell TMZ ... the former couple does NOT live together, although they're both in the United Kingdom co-parenting their two kids. We're told the exes, who split in November, maintain separate residences.

As we first told you ... Olivia and Harry have been a couple since at least early January, when he brought her to a wedding as his plus one.

It's unclear why Olivia said in legal docs she was living with Jason, but we're told her intention was to get court-ordered protection for herself, her family and her extended family.

Olivia filed for the restraining order with the help of her lawyer, Shawn Holley ... we're told Jason did not participate in the filing.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis GET PROTECTION FROM ALLEGED STALKER ... Says He's 'Struggling to Stay Sane'

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are getting protection from a man she claims keeps showing up at her home, imagining he's her boyfriend, and venting his frustration over Harry Styles.

Olivia's lawyer, Shawn Holley, beelined it to court Monday and got a temporary restraining order ... to protect her and her family, including Sudeikis, from a 30-year-old man named Eric Nathanial Fuhs, whom she claims has been harassing her for months.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Olivia claims she has security footage showing the man showing up to her home on multiple occasions to leave notes falsely claiming they're in a relationship. One note is addressed to Sudeikis, saying "how she [Olivia] was unhappy in her relationship, and how she wanted to start a new relationship with me."  He goes on ... "This continued almost every day ... until January, when Harry Styles got credit for what I was doing."

In the docs, Olivia says the guy initially barged in on a private zoom call she was on back in October and harassed her, and ever since he's gotten bolder by showing up at her home.

Olivia also says she's scared the man was able to find her home, because she's never shared her address, and she says one of his notes is ominous ... "I, as of March 19, 2021 am now struggling to stay sane whilst being hidden."

The judge granted Olivia's temporary restraining order and Fuhs must stay 100 yards away from her, Jason, and their kids at all times. It's interesting ... although Olivia is now with Harry Styles, she says in the docs, "I live with Mr Sudeikis and our two children."

Jesse Williams and Ex Wife Judge Orders 'High Conflict' Parenting Classes

Jesse Williams and his ex-wife are still battling it out in court over custody issues in their nasty divorce ... and now a judge has ordered both to take a "high conflict" parenting course to right the ship.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the "Grey's Anatomy" star and his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, have been ordered to participate in an online program for "high conflict parents."

The order came down after Jessie tried and failed to modify previous court orders regarding custody and visitation of their 2 young children, Maceo and Sadie. They've been sharing joint legal and physical custody ... but it's been rocky.

The parenting course is a 6-session online program, providing strategies for reducing conflicts in co-parenting relationships.

TMZ broke the story ... Jesse and Aryn finalized their bitter divorce back in October, at least on paper.

As we've told you, Jesse's 3-year divorce saga has been extremely contentious ... he beefed with Aryn over child custody, lashed out over stories about him dating Minka Kelly and waged legal war over child support money.

Maybe the parenting courses will help smooth things over. Stay tuned.

Shanna Moakler Welcome to the Club, Kourtney ... Your Turn for Travis Tat!!!


Shanna Moakler says her ex-husband's new tattoo displaying his famous girlfriend's name is beautiful and encourages her to return the gesture ... despite telling a cautionary tale.

It's hard to know how sincere Travis Barker's ex-wife is about his latest relationship-related ink, but her message to Kourtney Kardashian is, "welcome to the club."

Okay, sarcasm levels definitely detected.

Shanna points out "Kourtney" is not the only flame Travis inked on his body, but regardless ... she suggests it's now KK's turn to get his name permanently emblazoned on her.

Then again, Shanna says she's not sure if the Kardashians do tattoos because she doesn't follow any of them. Shade levels also detected.

Finally, Shanna reveals she has a "Travis" tattoo herself ... but it's going, going and soon-to-be gone.

Safe to say she's probably still not up for a double date with her ex and Kourtney just yet.

Dr. Dre Abuse Claims are BS Nicole Just Wants My $$$!!!

Dr. Dre is denying his estranged wife's abuse claims -- claiming she's making it all up as part of her strategy to try to get out of the prenup he insists is still in place.

The mogul just filed new legal docs in his nasty divorce case with Nicole Young, claiming her abuse allegations are false and they're making the split super stressful for him.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Dr. Dre also accuses Nicole of bringing up abuse claims to squeeze money out of him. He says she didn't even raise the allegations until after she filed for divorce and realized the prenup prevented her from staking claim to half his wealth.

According to the docs, Dre claims Nicole's allegations are "appalling" and false. Likewise, he shoots down her claims he abused her before they got married, including the night before their wedding

As for her claiming he "forced" her to sign the prenup -- Dre calls BS on that too.

As we've told you ... Dre and Nicole are at odds over the validity of the prenup, which is one of the biggest issues in what's become of Hollywood's most contentious divorces.

Titus Welliver's Divorce 'Bosch' Star Gets Harley, Ex Gets the Horses

Titus Welliver can roar off into the sunset in the saddle of his motorcycle as the dust settles in his divorce -- and his ex-wife will be galloping away ... TMZ has learned.

The 'Bosch' star just finalized his divorce from Josepha Theodora Stemkens -- to whom he'd been married to since 2014 -- and the judge has now signed off on exactly who gets what in the division of their assets.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Titus gets to keep some property in Connecticut, some bank accounts, residuals and royalties from his TV and movie work. Now for the fun stuff -- he's taking some sweet rides for a cruise around ... including a Mini Cooper and a 2014 Harley Davidson.

As for Josepha ... she was also left with a pretty nice whip -- a 2017 Range Rover, and some equine mobility too. She's getting their 6 horses, named Kimba, Kid, Chief‚ Aslan, Jackson and Little Martha Grace.

She's also keeping her businesses and personal accounts, plus jewelry and furniture that's already in her possession.

Titus was also ordered to pay Josepha around $27k a month until the end of 2021, in addition to a lump sum of $50k to equalize the property split. The couple also came to terms on child custody -- Titus has a 14-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, and Josepha legally adopted her during their marriage.

The kid stays with dad ... in every sense. He gets sole physical and legal custody, while Josepha is supposed to attend some therapy sessions with their daughter at some point.

Quavo Speaks on Elevator Video 'I Haven't Physically Abused' Saweetie

Quavo is speaking out for the first time since TMZ posted video of an elevator altercation between him and Saweetie -- and he wants to make one thing clear -- he's never physically abused his former gf.

Quavo tells us, "We had an unfortunate situation almost a year ago that we both learned and moved on from. I haven’t physically abused Saweetie and have real gratitude for what we did share overall."

The unfortunate situation Quavo's referring to is a video TMZ obtained inside an apartment complex elevator. The scene starts with Saweetie appearing to take a swing at Quavo during a struggle for control of a video game console.


At one point, Quavo grabs Saweetie by the arm, swinging her into the elevator, and the two fall to the floor. Saweetie stays on the ground -- apparently injured -- after Quavo gets up. Once the door opens, Quavo gets out and makes sure the door stays open while Saweetie limps out.

Quavo's statement comes just hours after Saweetie told us, "This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on."

TMZ broke the story, LAPD detectives want to meet with both parties involved in what could potentially turn into a criminal matter of mutual combat, where both Quavo and Saweetie could be found at fault.

Saweetie Elevator Video Didn't Break Us Up ... 'Too Many Other Hurdles'


Saweetie has broken her silence two days after TMZ posted video showing her and her then-boyfriend, Quavo, in an altercation inside an elevator.

Saweetie tells us, "This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on."

As for the other hurdles ... when the two split last month, Saweetie accused Quavo, very publicly, of cheating. Quavo replied to the allegations with a tweet that read, "I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best."

TMZ broke the story ... the surveillance video, from inside an apartment complex elevator shows the former couple in a struggle over a box containing a video game console. Saweetie appears to take a swipe at Quavo first before he grabs her by the arm, knocking her against the back elevator wall and both hitting the floor.

Law enforcement sources tell us they want to meet with the couple, separately, to determine what led up to and what happened after the spat. It's possible both could be found to be in the wrong.

Quavo & Saweetie LAPD Investigating Elevator Video ... Both Could Be at Fault

Quavo and Saweetie could soon be answering to the LAPD, because cops have opened an investigation into their elevator altercation ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD detectives have seen the video, obtained by TMZ, showing the now ex-couple fighting over a video game console box, and cops want to meet with both parties, separately, to discuss what went down.

Our sources say the situation could be considered an instance of domestic violence, where both parties are in the wrong. Cops want to determine what happened before and after the elevator surveillance footage was captured.


TMZ broke the story, the video -- recorded last year -- opens with a shot of Saweetie seemingly taking a swipe at Quavo. They continue to struggle over the orange gaming case, and then Quavo grabs Saweetie by the arm and drags her into the elevator, hitting the back wall and both collapse on the ground.

Quavo gets up, but Saweetie remains on the floor through the rest of their elevator ride. When it comes to a stop and she gets up and limps out. It doesn't appear they exchanged any words while on the elevator.

As for the possible criminal case, we're told once cops wrap their investigation, they'll likely turn it over to the City Attorney to review for possible changes.

Neither Quavo nor Saweetie has spoken out since we posted the video.

Chet Hanks Violent Split with Ex Caught on Video


Chet Hanks and an ex-girlfriend are at war over a volatile relationship that recently ended -- with both of them slinging allegations of violence, and there's video of a bloodied Hanks.

TMZ has obtained video of what Chet says is the end of an altercation between him and his ex, Kiana Parker, that turned violent back on January 8 at Chet's place in Sugarland, TX. Chet turns the camera on Kiana when she appears to swipe at him as she holds a pot, with a bloodied Chet reappearing in the next frame, saying she charged at him with the knife ... something Kiana denies.

Chet's not the only one to claim violence ... Kiana got a restraining order against Chet in January, alleging he roughed her up on multiple occasions between Oct. 2020 and Jan. 2021.

During one incident, while the couple was in New Orleans for Chet to shoot "Your Honor," Kiana claims he became enraged when she said she was going to leave their room at the Windsor Court hotel to get food ... grabbing her wrists and arms and flinging her around to keep her in the room. Chet denies the allegations and says he never even knew she went to court for a TRO.

She says tables were knocked over and he chucked a bottle at her ... even claiming he chased her down the hallway in his boxers. She also alleges he told her that no one would believe her, because she was "just a ghetto Black bitch" and he was "Chet Hanks."

For his part ... Chet recently filed a lawsuit against Kiana over January's bloody face incident. He says it started when he broke things off with Kiana after learning she'd allegedly been stealing from him, racking up thousands of dollars on his credit cards ... and making off with a ton of his property too.

Chet goes on to claim Kiana showed up that day with three men, one of whom he says flashed a gun at him. He's suing her for assault and battery, theft and return of the money she allegedly stole from him.

As for Kiana's version of the January 8 incident ... she says in docs she came by Chet's place to get her stuff with movers in tow. She says Chet was antagonizing her, and he grabbed a knife in a menacing way. That's when she says she grabbed a pot in self-defense and swung it ... making a run for it shortly thereafter. She claims he chased her out to the street, where she says he attacked her right there in the open ... until others came to her aid.


Chet shares a child with another Black woman named Tiffany -- and just recently ... he alluded to the fact he's really into Black women, this as he offered a follow-up explainer to his controversial "white boy summer" clip ... which went viral.

Kiana's attorney, D'Angelo Lowe, tells TMZ ... Kiana is under a doctor's care at the moment, and that she's tried serving Chet to no avail ... even having gone so far as to reach out to his parents, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, over the TRO she's trying to make permanent.

Hanks' lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "The day after Chet Hanks confronted Kiana Parker about stealing money from his credit card, while Ms. Parker was accompanied by a huge male carrying a gun she viciously attacked Chet with a knife, which caused him to profusely bleed. It is all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional."

Britney Spears New Documentary Is An Embarrassment ... I Cried For 2 Weeks!!!

Britney Spears says the latest documentary about her life is super embarrassing and it's got her in tears.

The singer broke her silence on the 'Framing Britney Spears' doc Tuesday, saying she was "embarrassed by the light they put me in."

Britney says she didn't watch the entire documentary, but she really didn't like the little bit she did see ... she says, "I cried for two weeks."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Brit shared her emotional reaction along with a video of her dancing to Aerosmith's hit song, "Crazy." She says she's dancing to Steven Tyler every night just to keep her sane.

As you know ... 'Framing Britney' has her fans fired up about how the pop star's been treated over the years by the media, Justin Timberlake, her father Jamie Spears and others.

It's definitely got Britney in her feelings too.

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