Michelin Star Meals Bring 'Em Right to Your Home ... With a Sous Vide Kit!!!

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You probably don't have Michelin Star meals on the regular, let alone cook them -- but who says you can't bring that type of fine dining into your life every day? Nobody, that's who!

Enter ... the Yedi Infinity11 Sous Vide Kit. It's on sale now for a low $80.74, which has been marked down an additional 15% from $94.99 with the promo code SAVE15NOV.

In French, sous vide means "under vacuum," and that's exactly what this star kitchen appliance is about. You place what you want to cook in a bag, the machine vacuum seals it, and it's placed in a hot water bath to cook.

This method of cooking is extra precise as the product features a wide temperature range from 77 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also has 1,000 watts of power enabling hyper-fast water heating and you don't have to worry about uneven cooking either. The machine's advanced technology has eight sides and 160 perforated openings that evenly distribute the water throughout the container.

Even though you likely need to pick up a few more tricks to cook like your favorite highly-rated chefs, but the Yedi Infinity11 Sous Vide Kit is a start. Plus, at only around $81, that's cheaper than what most Michelin Star dinners cost.

Prices subject to change.

Back Shaver Be a Furry Man No Longer ... Time to Shed at Home!!!

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Salons and barbershops might be closed, but your body hair is still growing and needs addressing -- that's where we come in to scratch your back ... or shave it, rather.

Thankfully, you can avoid that mess with the affordable BAKBLADE 2.0 Plus DIY Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver. It's a convenient device that makes shaving those hard-to-reach parts a breeze.

Additionally, the shaver has a special design with patented dry-glide blades that guarantee the quickest, smoothest, cleanest and safest shave around ... wet or dry. Throw out those flimsy razors and upgrade to this grooming essential for simple, pain-free hair removal.

Of course, each order includes the shaver, but that's not all. It also comes with two dry-glide blades, two additional refill blades, a suction cup mount for easy storage, and a cleaning brush for the blades.

The best part is, starting today, there's a major 40% discount on this item. Instead of $39, you'll only pay $24. Talk about a good deal, huh?

Blanket With Sleeves!! Wrap Yourself Up in a Slanket ... For the Cold Winter Ahead

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As the temperatures drop and the holiday movies are being released on Netflix, there's no better time to cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket ... or rather, a *Slanket*!

Allow us to put the Slanket Blanket on your radar -- which is basically your standard blanket with sleeves. Cozy, right??

This lightweight fleece blanket will meet all your needs this fall and winter seasons. Not only is the Slanket large, but its sleeves are loose so you won't feel like you're wearing the blanket, but instead cuddled in warmth.

Additionally, there's a foot pocket at the bottom to keep your feet nice and toasty. Sometimes with miniature throws or blankets, the feet are a forgotten body part ... but it's definitely a body part that needs to be covered up if you're cold. When you're done using it, the Slanket folds up into a nice cushion that you can place on your couch without ruining the aesthetic.

All in all, the Slanket Blanket hits all the right spots including price point as you can make it yours for only $30!!! Boy, this weather makes us wanna curl up with a good book 😄

Top-Notch Men's Skincare It Ain't Geometry, Y'all ... It's Actually Just Geologie!!!

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We don't know at what point it became normalized for men not to have a skincare routine - but all that ends today. Fellas, you have skin on your face, right? Well, it ain't going to clean itself.

That 2-minute shower rinse or a little scrub with a bar of soap doesn't cut it. That's where Geologie steps in to change your life.

It doesn't have to be trigonometry (unless you're into that) to master a skincare routine. It's actually pretty darn simple with Geologie: four steps to use in conjunction with each other daily that'll actually come through with results. And, it just takes one minute in the morning and one at night. That's it.

Not just that, your products will be customized just for your skin. No trip to the doc required, just answer a 30-second quiz to lay your problem areas out there.

Is it your sensitive skin, acne, dark eye circles, or wrinkles that have you down bad? The expert skin consultations and customer service work with you to get the formula unique to your needs.

Thousands have given it a go before you, and the average 4.8-star review speaks volumes. Or just ask the Men's Health, Esquire & AskMen Grooming Awards they received last year.

Okay, okay, not to be heavy on the bragging but we've got your hookup for a complete trial kit for just $37. It's the simplest math you'll do all day - the answer is YES.

Cast Iron Skillets Get Your Bel Fer(s) While It's Hot!!! 5-Piece Set Up for Grabs

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It's no secret that cast iron pans are pricey, so when you find some on sale -- like we got here -- you really shouldn't hesitate to add 'em to your cart, especially beauties like these.

Starting today, the Inspired Home Five-Piece Enameled Cast Iron Cookware and Bakeware Set have been marked down by 70% from its original price of $299 proving it's a deal too good to pass up. The pans come in a limited edition white that's ready to complement any aesthetic.

The set is also part of the brand's Bel Fer collection, which means beautiful iron in French proving its function and design. All the cookware has been made with high-quality enameled cast iron that allows them all to heat evenly and seals in moisture without you having to worry about anything staining or dulling over time.

As we learned from Netflix's 'Emily in Paris,' just make sure you don't wash your cast iron with soap. Each purchase comes with a pie pan, round grill pan, skillet, and of course, a dutch oven with a lid. You'll be able to cook anything from the stovetop and if the recipe calls for it, straight into the oven, with this set.

With the aforementioned discount, it's hard to believe that instead of paying the original price, these cast iron must-haves are only going for $90. Talk about a flash in the pan, huh?!?

Starbucks Fuhgettabout a Drive-Thru Use Their Machine to Brew at Home!!!

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Our national Starbucks habit is an expensive one -- so why give 'em your cash if they're literally giving you one of their coffee machines ... which we have up for grabs here.

Quit handing the mermaid company all your money by adding the Starbucks Verismo System to your kitchen ASAP. This multi-functional brewer is truly top of the line and features Swiss-engineered, dual-pressure technology that can make all your go-to drinks right at home.

Imagine, not having to refill your Starbucks account every week and instead, waking up with the ability to make your favorite concoction in the comfort of your kitchen. That's a dream come true ... and this system can easily make that happen, daily.

This machine can create authentic, coffee-shop quality drinks with Verismo pods that come in a variety of signature Starbucks coffee blends and roasts, espresso pods, tea pods, and milk pods. Not only is the brewer saving you money, but the convenient Starbucks-sponsored pods also save you tons of time as you'll have your order at the touch of a button.

Nothing beats this, so if you're a Starbucks lover or you know of someone who can't live without their fix, order this contraption for only $133.99. Live a little, save a lot.

Entertainment Galore A One-Stop Shop of Fun ... W/ Subscription to Playstation Plus!!!

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Between streaming services, virtual fitness classes, and more, paying for apps can add up -- and now, you can actually count down ... because we're about to save you a buck.

An entire swath of content called the Complete Entertainment Bundle is available now, and it's as good as it sounds. In total, there's 12 epic subscriptions for the price of one.

We're not going to eat up all your time by going through all 12 apps. Perhaps, the biggest highlight of the bundle is a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus, which on its own costs $60/year. PS Plus provides you with a collection of free games, exclusive discounts, online multi-player, and more ... so yes, if you have the console, it's more than worth it.

Another key app is Restflix, and while it's no Netflix, the sleep streaming service is useful as it can help you fall asleep faster and rest better. There's even a lifetime VPN subscription, a Memrise Language Learning app featuring 22 languages, a highly-rated Yoga platform, and many more that's all part of the bundle.

Given all the different app subscriptions, the Complete Entertainment Bundle is regularly valued at $1,011 -- kinda steep. Thankfully, this deal marks that down to a meager $199.99 ... for all 12 incredible apps under your belt. Seriously, what a deal, right?!?

Self-Care for Your Mouth Skip the Dentist ... Whiten Your Teeth Yourself, At Home

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Your annual teeth cleaning is all about getting your pearly whites even whiter -- but in a pandemic, you might be inclined to a little DIY ... and we might be inclined to help.

Allow us to introduce the affordable, yet high-quality Teeth Whitening System Kit. This kit features smart LEF technology and an advanced whitening gel that can provide you with a brighter and whiter smile in no time. No, really ... we mean it.

The professional, at-home system includes a Pur White LED Smart Mouthpiece, an on-the-go whitening pen, a remineralizing gel perfect for those with sensitive teeth, and more. Between all these gadgets, you'll finally be able to have the smile you've always wanted without burning a hole in your wallet.

Check out the above video and see exactly how it works. What makes this system better than the rest is that it won't cause any irritation, even for those with sensitive teeth. Unlike most brands, you won't feel the gel doing its job. It's a seamless process with proven results.

Instead of booking another expensive dental appointment, why not give this system a go? It's only $59.99, so you don't have much to lose ... other than yellowing chompers, that is.

Clean Your Teeth Last Toothbrush You'll Ever Buy ... Electric's the Way to Go!!!

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If you're still brushing your teeth by hand, STOP ... do your mouth a favor and pivot to electric, 'cause it's about time.

Makes sense that you don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a damn toothbrush -- nobody does. Lucky for you, we got a smarter alternative! Starting today, you no longer have that problem, courtesy of the affordable AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush.

This high-end electric toothbrush will do wonders for your oral health as it's capable of removing up to 10 times the amount of plaque than your traditional option. It's also known to significantly improve your overall gum health in as little as one week.

On top of that, its 40,000 VPM motor can dissolve stains and simultaneously whiten your teeth. You'll even be able to customize your brushing experience with several settings that focus on specific problem areas of your teeth. Yep, there ain't much this toothbrush can't do.

For just $39.99, you'll get all the advantages of the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush ... and a lot more, including 8 brush heads and a handy travel case. No matter where you go, you can bring the toothbrush with you and have healthier teeth anytime, anywhere.

Clean Sleeping Catch Some ZZZ's, Skip the Germs ... This Comforter Gets It Done!!!

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Your lack of sleep lately might have a lot more to do with your bedspread than you think -- which is why we're gonna give you something to nip it in the bud.

If you haven't been getting good enough sleep, you can finally fix it with the Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set ... a blanket that actually works to keep you snoozing on a microbial level.

It's possible your sheets are uncomfortable, making you sweat in the middle of the night, or you could be allergic to them. Sadly, all of these things could be part of the reason you can't count sheep, but all of it could be avoided with this down comforter set.

The antibacterial set is designed for healthy living and is 100% hypoallergenic for those prone to allergies. Additionally, the luxury comforter features a soft, down-like feel that temperature-wise is just right leaving you with the best night's rest and the ability to use it year-round.

Each purchase also comes with shams with hidden zippers that seamlessly disappear into the bedding. All-in-all, it looks so good that you'll actually want to show them off and make your bed in the morning. And, lucky for you, this can be yours now for just $45. How 'bout that?

Ultimate Cookware Essentials Bring Home the Bacon ... And Fry It Up in a Cast Iron Set!!!

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It's no secret that one of the most coveted kitchen essentials is the cast iron pan -- it's also no secret that we have a set up for grabs that can step up your kitchen game big time.

Thanks to a sweet little deal we have here on the table, you can scoop up not one, not two ... but THREE cast iron pans by copping the Pur Extra Large Cast Iron Pans set. Each purchase comes with a trio of non-stick pans ... which are basically indestructible.

Additionally, they've already been factory pre-seasoned which means they're extra non-stick, protected from scratches, easier to clean, and more importantly, can make your food that much more flavorful. These reasons alone make them the ultimate holiday purchase.

Cast iron can and does retain super high heat ... resulting in better, more evenly cooked meals. They also work with multiple cooking methods, so like your favorite star chefs, you'll be able to start cooking on your stovetop and finish things off in the oven.

If you've nailed down some go-to recipes during quarantine, make 'em better by ordering this three-piece set for only $70 (or around $23 a pan). It's a great deal ... you're welcome.

Skincare Maintenance 101 Who Knew ... Your Face Needs Massages Too!!!

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2020 might have you down in the dumps and sagging low -- but that doesn't mean your skin has to be in the same condition ... not at all, in fact.

The 24K Gold Lift Bar and Instant Face Lift Kit is your affordable way out of a droopy mug that might've been exacerbated with the stress this year has poured on us. It's a simple facial massager, but does so much more than make your skin feel good ... it improves it too.

This device comes with 3 swappable head attachments for specific areas of your face. The biggest feature of the massager is that it boasts 10,000 vibrations per minute, which provides immediate lifting of sagging skin and rejuvenates your facial complexion in minutes.

As if that's not enticing enough, the kit also comes with a T-head featuring a rare hematite stone that tightens the skin, while providing calm and cooling effects for a variety of skin disorders. The products are lightweight and completely portable making them the perfect skincare set up for when we can all travel again.

Surprisingly enough, this trio couldn't be easier to get during these trying times -- it'll cost ya just $35. All in all, it's a small price to pay for great skin, so just go for it ... we won't tell.

Oprah's Favorite Things This Makeup Brush Made Her List ... Manual's Out, Electric's In

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Makeup brushes are like knives -- a single good one can get the job done ... and boy, do we have the ultimate offer for beauty gurus looking to get dolled up efficiently.

You might have heard about the Oprah-approved blendSMART Rose Gold Healthy Beauty Set -- an electric makeup brush that comes with a few different head attachments ... and which made O's 2019 list of Favorite Things. Yes, THE Oprah digs this nifty device!!!

When you pick up a pack, you'll get an electric handle and three interchangeable heads with this set. It's basically like having a Clarisonic brush (RIP) for your makeup. The beauty behind the handle is that it rotates and mimics the way professional makeup artists blend and buff makeup to achieve a flawless, natural look -- only you're doing it all by yourself.

Waiting for your permission to load Vimeo video.

The trick is in the motorized applicator, which distributes less makeup more effectively for a healthier and even finish. The rotating fibers also feel amazing and have the added bonus of being able to massage your face. Sounds pretty great, right? Yeah, we thought so too.

All-in-all, each purchase comes with a premium foundation, kabuki, and skincare brush heads ... if you want to get technical about it. Regardless of what they're called, the brushes work with all liquid-based makeup alongside moisturizers, sunscreens, and serums.

Typically, the blendSMART set sells for $110 but starting today, you can get them for nearly 10% off ... just under $100. No, we're not kidding you -- and yes, you're welcome.

Counting Sheep Three-in-One Pillow Does It All No Snores, Pain, Allergens

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If your go-to pillow is still giving you morning aches, snore-filled nights and nonstop sneezing, it's seriously time to pivot ... to this.

Allow us to introduce the Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow -- which kills even more than just two birds with one stone ... it goes for a solid trifecta to give you the great night's sleep you've been craving.

This impressive pillow doesn't just sit nicely on your bed. It's equipped with Carbon Bamboo AirTech Memory Foam, Graphene, and Copper that can protect you against allergens and bacteria. Lord knows we could all use this right around now.

The Carbon Bamboo charcoal helps eliminate stinky smells, absorbs excess moisture from your head or face, and regulates temperature, so you'll be able to sleep like a baby. On top of that, the Bamboo charcoal's activated carbon has the capability to absorb toxins, prevent mold growth, and purifies the air you breathe when you're sleeping.

Of course, this pillow delivers on comfort too, offering balanced support for your head, neck and shoulders. For anyone experiencing pain, the pillow can handle that as well. It relieves muscle fatigue, pain, and soreness, while simultaneously promoting spine alignment.

This product can even assist in treating acne, prevent breakouts and aid in the production of collagen -- which is known to have anti-aging benefits. And, get this ... it's just $55!

No Filter, No Hassle This Air Purifier Is Small, But Mighty Take It On the Go Too!!!

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Clean air is a must nowadays, but with so much going on in our lives -- we want it as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Fortunately, we can offer you all of it.

The catch-all solution lies in the LUFT Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier -- which might look tiny ... but works its heart out to keep the O2 around you free of toxins and your lungs breathing the best air possible. It's also as well-designed as any purifier on the market.

The device's patented Solid-State Photocatalysis Purification (SPP) and UV LED technologies combined can destroy toxic chemical gases, smoke, mold, bacteria, allergens, unpleasant smells, and more. You won't have to stress about maintaining it either as it's completely filterless, so there's no need for any replacements. No ozone emission here either.

What's more, the set-up is as simple as can be, and it's energy-efficient via a USB Type-C costing less than $2 for utilities to function. It also features a 360-degree intake combating pollutants from all angles. As far as noise goes, LUFT took care of that with a magnetic suspensions motor fan which operates quietly. Frankly, you won't even notice it.

BTW, the LUFT Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier comes in tons of color combinations including black and gold, sky blue, white and gold, and plain black. The best part ... it'll run ya just $100 when you use our coupon code. Yeah, we know ... Christmas came early.

The Morning Rush Perk Up Your Body with Espresso ... 1 Machine Beats 'Em All

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Sometimes a simple pot of ground beans doesn't do the trick to get over a groggy morning -- often, you need more of a boost ... and, boy, do we have one in store with a kick.

With that said, why not skip the coffee and live like Italian royalty with a fresh miniature cup of espresso??? If that sounds appealing, you're better off rolling with the Alessi Pulcina 3-Cup Espresso Maker -- the espresso machine that puts all the rest to shame.

This high-performance product was designed by award-winning Italian architect Michele De Lucchi. It combines the technology developed by the well-known illycaffè and the high-end design of Italian housewares brand Alessi (think of it as the nation's Le Creuset for home goods). See, told you it was fancy.

It's smart too. The espresso maker's boiler stops dispensing the drink exactly at the right time to avoid the bitter aftertaste found in every standard cup of joe. Taste aside, who wouldn't want to proudly show off this piece of art in their crib? It's hands down a step up from the cheap coffee maker setups most people have.

If you think you'll make a couple of credit card payments to own this machine, chill. Usually, this thing sells for upwards of $120. Through us, though, it's just $50. Yep ... wowza.

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