FaZe Banks I Took Care of the Vegas Room Thing ... 'It's All Love'


FaZe Banks is a guy who knows how to clean up after his own mess, even if it takes a bit of time -- at least that's what we gathered when we asked him about his Vegas debacle.

We talked to the gaming guru -- who founded the FaZe Esports collective -- at the Logan Paul/KSI fight this weekend and he cleared the air with us on what exactly happened last month at the Encore at Wynn Hotel in Sin City, where his room was torn to shreds.

Banks comes clean with us here, saying he f***ed  the room -- which caused over $30k in damage, BTW -- and even apologizes for it too. A weekend in Vegas, as he puts it.


You'll recall ... the hotel was pissed about the mess, and got cops involved ... who were investigating for felony malicious destruction of property -- a charge the carries a max sentence of 5 years in prison. Luckily, it didn't get there for FB -- he handled it.

The dude says he and the hotel are all good now, and that it's all love -- the implication being that he paid for the damage and is back in their good graces. Quite a guy, huh?!

We get around to talking about his fellow member FaZe Jarvis' lifetime ban from 'Fortnite' after being caught cheating ... and he gives us his thoughts on that too.

#FreeJarvis seems to be his takeaway.

O.J. Simpson Sues Cosmo in Vegas for Defamation ... I Was Not Wasted!!!

O.J. Simpson has belatedly fired back at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas ... suing the hotel claiming it defamed him by banning him in 2017 after falsely accusing him of being drunk and disruptive.

The incident in question went down just weeks after Simpson was released from prison. Simpson -- who had been frequenting the hotel in the days prior -- allegedly got into an altercation on Nov. 8 at Clique Bar after flying into a drunken rage.

Sources told us ... glasses were broken during the melee and the ex-NFL star was eventually told to leave, given a trespass notice and told to never come back.

But, in his lawsuit, Simpson is adamant he was NOT drunk, he was NOT belligerent and did NOT break any glasses. In fact, he says earlier in the evening a manager at the steakhouse in the hotel actually thanked him for being a gracious guest.

O.J. says when he was leaving for the night ... someone from the hotel handed him a trespass notice and repeatedly said it was private property and he was not welcome back ... ever.

Simpson says he was shocked by the move, claiming he was never involved in an incident that night that could warrant a permanent ban.

Simpson says his parole officer saw our story and visited him at his residence the next day and gave him a drug and alcohol test ... which both turned up clean.

Simpson claims the PO also went to the Cosmo to investigate and told Simpson there was no evidence he did anything that would violate his parole.

In fact, in his suit, Simpson refers to himself as a "model parolee with perfect performance."

Reality is ... Simpson is WELCOMED at many famous spots all over town and regularly poses for pics and signs autographs. In a way, he's become a draw.

Shortly after the incident, Simpson spoke on camera and he said he had no clue what happened.

Simpson was released from prison on Oct. 1, 2017, after spending years behind bars for an armed robbery conviction.

Since he's been out, O.J. has been a regular on Vegas golf courses and fancy restaurants. He's also joined social media where he often talks about fantasy football topics.

One thing he hasn't really addressed since being out ... the murders.

NHL's Evander Kane Blew $500k In Vegas Gambling Binge ... Lawsuit Claims

Breaking News

San Jose Sharks superstar Evander Kane SUCKS at gambling -- the hockey star blew $500,000 at a Vegas casino during the NHL playoffs and never paid back the casino, a new lawsuit claims.

Kane allegedly hit up the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino around April 15, 2019 ... when the Sharks were playing the Vegas Golden Knights in the 1st round of the NHL playoffs.

According to the lawsuit, the 28-year-old decided to try his hand gambling during the road trip ... and took out several markers (essentially loans from the casino for gambling) totaling $500,000.

The order of the markers is telling ...

Kane started out with a $40,000 marker ... and when he lost that, he took out $20,000 more.

As time went on, the amount of money Kane took increased ... 2 installments of $80,000 followed by 2 installments of $100,000.

In the end, the casino claims Kane is in the hole to the tune of $500,000 -- and "refuses" to pay them back.

Now, the Cosmo wants their money PLUS damages, attorney fees, court costs and more.

Don't feel too bad for Kane -- just last year, he signed a 7 year, $49 MILLION contract ... so he can afford it!!!

Axl Rose Eats it Onstage During Vegas Concert


Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose appeared to be knockin' at heaven's door when he seemed to collapse onstage during a concert, but turns out it was just a nasty fall.

Axl was performing at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Vegas Friday night and as he sang the band's iconic hit, he ate it. You see Axl disappear as he tumbles to the ground.

The 57-year-old rocker got right back up and continued, however, he went off to the side of the stage, got a towel and wiped down the area of the stage where he seemed to lose his balance. It seems there was some sort of liquid that triggered the fall.

The group has been performing in Vegas this year. They performed at the Hard Rock earlier in the summer. They're in the middle of their "Not in this Lifetime ... Tour."

Other original members of GNR -- Duff and Slash -- also performed to a packed house.

FaZe Banks Trashed Vegas Hotel Room Video ... Utter Destruction


Wanna see what $30,000 worth of damage in a fancy Vegas hotel looks like? Feast your eyes on this disaster!!!

Here's the room Esports megastar FaZe Banks allegedly destroyed during a wild Oct. 13 bender at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas -- and it looks like a scene out of "The Hangover."

Smashed tables. Smashed windows. Smashed TVs. Smashed everything. You get the point.

In footage obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see people still in the room the next morning ... still in awe of the damage. Banks is laying casually in a mostly intact couch.


The problem for Banks -- real name Richard Bengtson -- is that hotel officials weren't amused when they saw the wreckage and went to police.

Cops are now investigating Banks for felony malicious destruction of property, a serious charge that carries a maximum of 5 years in prison.

The good news for Banks ... the 28-year-old mogul is rich as hell (he co-founded the wildly popular FaZe Clan gaming organization) and can easily afford to cover the damage.

Our Vegas law enforcement sources tell us stuff likes this happens in Vegas hotels all the time and the hotel usually drops the case if the damages are paid.

A rep for Banks tells us they're working with the hotel to resolve the situation ... which essentially means break out that checkbook!!!

Esports Star FaZe Banks Allegedly Wrecks Vegas Hotel Room ... Cops Investigating


FaZe Banks -- one of the biggest names in Esports -- is under investigation for allegedly destroying his hotel room and causing more than $30k in damage, TMZ Sports has learned.

FYI, 27-year-old Banks is the co-founder of the wildly successful FaZe Clan -- perennial contenders in games like "Call of Duty," "Fortnite," "Overwatch" and more. FaZe Clan is so huge, stars like Offset, Lil Yachty and Post Malone have joined the squad.

But, during a Vegas bender on October 14, we're told cops were called to FB's room at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas on a destruction of property call.

We're told the room was an absolute DISASTER zone -- with smashed furniture, holes in the walls, a smashed window, broken lamp stand, pictures ripped off the wall, stains on the carpet and more.

Our sources say even the plants in the room were wrecked -- with soil all over the ground.

Oh, and it appeared the main flat-screen TV got it too -- it looked like it had been smashed multiple times with heavy objects.

In other words, WHAT A PARTY, RIGHT!?!?!?

The bad news for Banks -- real name Richard Bengtson -- we're told the estimated damage is over $30,000 which means he can be charged with felony malicious destruction of property. The charge carries a maximum 5 years in prison, but there's no way Banks gets anywhere close to that even if he's convicted.

The good news for Banks -- he's RICH AS HELL and can easily afford to cover the damages if he wants to.

One law enforcement source tells us ... stuff likes this happens in Vegas hotels all the time and the hotel usually drops the case if the damages are paid.

In fact, we just got this statement from Banks' rep -- "FaZe Clan and Encore are working together to resolve this matter."

Translation ... CUT THE CHECK!!!

So far, we're told no charges have been filed -- but the investigation is currently active.

What's interesting about this ... FaZe Clan has a reputation for being the bad boys of Esports ... so, the allegations fit the brand.

Farrah Abraham & Jen Harley Strippers & Pizza in Las Vegas!!! (What Could Possibly Go Wrong???)

Farrah Abraham is helping Jen Harley get over her drama with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro by hitting a Vegas strip club for a pizza party with the dancers!!! Beats therapy, right?

Farrah and Jen were among the reality TV stars throwing cash around Crazy Horse 3 Thursday night for the clubs 10 year anniversary. When it was time to take a break from making it rain, they decided to chow down on some za -- cause everyone knows strip club food is always gourmet.

As if Jen feeding slices to a topless dancer wasn't random enough -- "90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Dos Santos Lima also got in on the action.

Crazy Horse 3

The whole scene -- pure decadent fun -- was a 180 from the one Jen was in earlier this month when Ronnie was arrested in L.A. after an alleged domestic violence incident with her.

FOX 11

She seemed to be putting in her rear view on Thursday night. As we reported, Jen and the 'Jersey Shore' star have told friends they're done for good this time ... and plan to do what's best for their daughter.

Fun fact: Vegas Strip icons George Wallace and Murray the Magician joined the fun too. No word if they had pizza.

Lady Gaga Nasty Fall Off Stage ... Audience Participation Gone Wrong!!!


10:35 AM PT -- The lucky/unlucky fan, Jack, has responded to his moment of infamy and the backlash from online trolls blaming him, saying ... "Lady Gaga herself has told people to stop with the negative comments," and he adds, "she told me herself I was not to blame and so did multiple members of [her] team."


Lady Gaga came way too close to the edge of glory when she invited a fan onstage and leapt into his arms ... because he was not ready for the spotlight.

Gaga was in the middle of a performance for her Las Vegas residency show, 'Enigma,' Thursday night at Park MGM when she brought the fan, Jack, up to join her.

Jack looked like he didn't want to let go when Gaga gave him a hug, so she obliged and decided to jump up and wrap her legs around his waist ... and that turned out to be a very bad choice.

After a few little hops and twists, everyone's laughs and cheers turned to gasps as Jack took a misstep off the right side of the elevated stage and went tumbling off ... still holding on to the star of the show.

The 2 crashed hard, and it looked like Jack came down on top of Gaga. Here's another angle.

The good news ... everyone seemed to be uninjured after the nasty spill, and Gaga announced to the crowd that everything was okay. She added ... "The only thing that’s not okay is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up."

The singer also consoled Jack, who was apparently in tears after the fall, and invited him back up to sit with her as she played piano and performed "Million Reasons."

She told him ... "Could you promise me something? Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?" and added, "I think that’s amazing. We f****g love each other so much we fell off the damn stage."

What a pro. Her post-concert ice bath and hot bath was extra necessary after this one.

Originally published -- 6:33 AM PT

Tyson Fury When In Vegas ... Party with Floyd and Ric Flair!!!

Breaking News

This is pretty epic ... Tyson Fury went to Vegas last week -- and his crew is a collection of G.O.A.T.s!!!

Check out the boxing superstar at Jewel nightclub at the Aria -- where he partied his face off with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Ric Flair and WWE superstar Roman Reigns.

We're told the hangout went down after "Smackdown" in Vegas on Friday. Fury was there to promote his upcoming bout with Braun Strowman at WWE's Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 31.

During his Vegas outing, Fury hooked up with Floyd -- and we're sure they had plenty to talk about ... not only with the whole boxing thing, but Floyd did a stint with WWE back in the day too.

Remember, he famously fought Big Show at Wrestlemania XXIV back in 2008. Big Show busted Floyd's ass for most of the match ... until Floyd got his hands on a steel chair and bashed the giant's head in.

Good times.

So, did Floyd offer up some tips for Tyson as he gears up for the big match? Guess we'll wait and see ...

'Bachelor' Couple Arie & Lauren Renew Vows With Vegas Wedding

Getty Composite

2:00 PM PT -- Lauren just shared an image from their second wedding day, and she and Arie look super happy posing with their baby on top of a pink Cadillac.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

And, get this ... she says the wedding was officiated by Montell Jordan!!!

'Bachelor' stars Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham got remarried over the weekend in Sin City ... renewing their vows in a spur-of-the-moment wedding.

Sources close to Arie tell TMZ ... the couple thought it would be fun to do an impromptu wedding ceremony on Saturday in Vegas, where Arie was attending an event, so they decided to hit up the Little White Wedding Chapel.

The crowd was small, we're told, with Arie's parents among those in attendance ... as well as the couple's baby girl, Alessi.

As you know ... Arie and Lauren got hitched back in January with a more traditional ceremony in Maui, nearly a year after he proposed to her on the 'After the Final Rose' episode.


Our sources say the Vegas wedding was more about their vows, plus Arie and Lauren had always joked about how romantic it would be to run away and elope ... so they kinda got that feeling this time around.

We're told the couple felt super stressed out planning their nuptials in Hawaii ... and this was easy breezy.


Looks like Arie took a page from Joe Jonas' book ... Joe and Sophie Turner tied the knot earlier this year in the same chapel, with Elvis in the building!

Gotta love Vegas weddings!!!

Originally Published -- 11:46 AM PT

Motown Historical Museum Sues Vegas Show Producers You Stole Our Name!!!


The Motown Historical Museum is giving Vegas show producers the blues ... slapping them with a lawsuit for allegedly stealing its iconic name.

The museum's suing the folks behind a Las Vegas show called "Hitzville the Show: Motown Revue" ... claiming the name is too similar to its Detroit museum, Hitsville U.S.A. -- the iconic home of the Motown sound.

According to docs, the museum -- the original site of Berry Gordy's Motown record studio -- claims producers originally created the one-night show as a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser.

But, the museum's pissed producers brought the show to Vegas ... where the museum alleges producers have been cashing in on its name and the Motown sound for 6 nights a week.

Motown Museum -- which has owned the trademark for decades and licenses the "Hitsville" name to films and stage musicals -- says producers blew them off when they sent them a cease and desist letter in January, and the show continued.

It's now suing Jennifer Reeves and William Shack -- as well as their production company, Jabara Records, and the theater at which they perform -- demanding they drop the act and turn over profits producers have made while using the "Hitsville" name.

We've reached out to Jabara Records ... so far, no word back.

Kylie Jenner Partied with Ex-BF Tyga in Las Vegas ... But Not For Long

TMZ/Getty Composite

Kylie Jenner was in the same room and enjoying the same good vibes as her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, while raging in Sin City this weekend -- but the reunion was short on warmth or fuzziness.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Kylie and Tyga crossed paths Saturday night and even ended up mingling in the same crowd at the massive strip joint, Sapphire Club. We're told Kylie's crew (sans Travis) collided with Tyga's as they celebrated Sofia Richie's 21st birthday.

Tyga was there first -- he was in town performing at JEWEL Nightclub, and stopped by Sapphire afterward -- and we're told Kylie and co. rolled in shortly afterward. The groups ended up coming together in the Karaoke Room to party.


Now, our sources tell us that while Kylie and Tyga did exchange friendly greetings and some chitchat, they didn't hang for very long ... as Kylie eventually bowed out early. Her pals stayed through much of the night into morning.

We're told Kylie wasn't ducking out because of any awkwardness with Tyga -- our sources insist she harbors no ill toward her ex-BF and they're actually on relatively good terms.

And, for the petty among us who might be keeping score, we're told Kylie did not seek out Tyga -- they just have mutual friends, and the meetup just happened coincidentally.

As we told you ... Kylie was bouncing around Saturday night ringing in the big 2-1 for Sofia, who got treated to cake, cars and a private jet to the strip.

Best party we've seen since Kylie turned 22 way back in 2 weeks ago!!!

'Bachelorette' Star Robby Hayes Puts Sex Tape Drama Aside ... Makes Out with Scheana Shay


Robby Hayes found the best way to forget about his alleged sex tape with Lindsie Chrisley -- find another hot ex to hook up with.

The former 'Bachelorette' and "Bachelor in Paradise" star got very handsy and kissy with "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay on Sunday outside a pool party at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas.


The 2 were all over each other and didn't care who noticed ... Scheana even had her name clipped in her hair for easy identification.

Of course, this is nothing new for the reality TV stars. They were spotted holding hands and frolicking in Hawaii last summer ... despite claiming they were just good friends. Looks like their getting very friendly again.

Robby's fun with Scheana comes while he's in the midst of a nasty sex tape situation with Chrisley. We broke the story ... he submitted evidence to federal prosecutors related to Lindsie's extortion claim against her estranged father, Todd, and brother Chase.

As we first reported ... Lindsie filed a police report earlier this month dropping the bombshell allegations.

Good for Robby for not letting it get him down.

Aaliyah Put This On Wax!!! Figure Unveiled in Vegas

Aaliyah lives on in many forms, and now there's a new wax figure to celebrate her incredible life.

Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas just unveiled its very first wax sculpture of the late R&B singer, immortalizing Aaliyah in one of her iconic looks.

Key Lime Photography

The spot-on wax statue is being rolled out Wednesday night in the heart of the Vegas strip, with a special unveiling for Aaliyah's family and a bunch of celebs.

Honchos at Madame Tussauds tell TMZ ... Aaliyah's wax figure was inspired by the music video for her smash hit, "Try Again," and the details are down to a T ... with the exact same outfit, hair style, makeup and lower-back tattoo.

We're told the designer worked closely with Aaliyah's fam, especially her brother Rashad Haughton, to ensure the sculpture brought her character back to life.

As you know ... Aaliyah died in a plane crash way back in 2001, but she's still got a huge following ... and fans will be able to check out her wax statue this summer in the same exhibit as other stars from the 1990s.

Janet Jackson Surprises No. 1 Dad Fan in Vegas ... Due to Father's Day Tweet


Janet Jackson left what may be her number 1 one fan SHOOK after he achieved viral fame with an epic reaction video to snagging tickets to her show. Yup, she took notice.

Entrepreneur KB Strawder Jr. documented the sweet interaction from start to finish, which ended on a high note Sunday when his father got to meet the one and only Janet backstage after one of her Metamorphosis concerts this weekend at the Park MGM hotel and casino.

It was the perfect time to catch her too -- Janet's residency ends on August 17, and she's only doing 3 more shows between now and then.

In the clip, you see KB's dad talking to what looks like the media, and then Janet sneaks up behind him. As he shares some kind words about her and highlights his favorite parts of the show, Janet wraps her around him ... saying she's glad he enjoyed it.

Safe to say ... this guy's soul might've jumped out of his body for a second based on his reaction here. They go in for a hug afterward, and talk for a bit longer too.

The meet-n-greet comes a couple months after KB recorded his dad receiving the tickets as a Father's Day gift, which was quite a moment in and of itself.

At the time, KB's Twitter video caught a bit of steam, and he later tagged Janet ... hoping to catch her attention. He wrote, "Thank you all so much for the love. My dad is excited that you all are excited for him. Follow me on Instagram @Real_KB and I’ll make sure to post the entire trip on my IGTV Hopefully @JanetJackson will see this!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Welp, she heard him loud and clear ... and really seemed to make this dad's dream come true. Awesome story all around.

Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau You Get a Refund On Our Crappy Wedding Live Stream!!!


To those who paid to watch the "wedding" of YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau and were frustrated with the quality -- speak now or forever miss out on your refund.

In case you missed it -- the couple got married in Las Vegas Sunday in an eccentric ceremony attended by family, friends, fans and complete strangers ... and live streamed the event.

For some reason -- despite doubts about the couple's authenticity and Jake's own brother, Logan, predicting they'll barely last a month -- 66,000 people paid anywhere from $50-75 to watch live as the couple said "I do." BTW, it started late and only lasted about 10 minutes ... but those are the good reviews.

Those who shelled out the cash to streaming app, Halogen, complained the video was shaky, lagging, froze often and the audio sucked. Many, of course, demanded refunds and we've learned they are getting 'em.

TMZ's learned both Apple and Google Play are paying customers back who purchased the Halogen app through the companies' app stores and bought the stream.


Halogen wouldn't tell us if they're compensating Google and Apple for the refunds. A rep for the company would only say, "Many high-profile creators use Halogen to broadcast their live events. Sometimes onsite technical issues with third-party production providers used by creators can cause fans to experience issues while viewing streams."

By the way ... Jake and Tana's so-called wedding came just a little over a month after they got engaged, and just days after she pulled a pregnancy prank.


As for the ceremony -- a fight that looked awfully set up broke out shortly after the officiant pronounced them husband and wife. The officiant also referred to their glorious day as a gathering in "holy cloutrimony." Sooo ... yeah.

Hard to imagine why anyone would question their union. Oh, there's also no record of them filing for a marriage license in Clark County.

At least viewers get refunds. Anyone who bought 'em a wedding gift -- good luck!

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