Lily Allen & David Harbour Vegas Wedding ... Laughs, Elvis & Burgers!!!

Lily Allen and David Harbour did indeed get hitched in Las Vegas this weekend, and they did it right ... with an Elvis impersonator officiant and everything.

The couple tied the knot on Labor Day, according to their marriage certificate, and the singer-songwriter and the "Stranger Things" star shared a few pics of their ceremony from the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Classic!

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The lovebirds look totally smitten and full of joy inside the chapel -- with Elvis singing away -- and outside on a Vegas street as Lily showed off her vintage white wedding dress and veil.

Apparently, a day full of love and marriage in Sin City works up your appetite ... Lily and the fam chowed down on some In-N-Out after the nuptials.

We broke the story ... David and Lily obtained a marriage license Sunday in Vegas, the first indication they were about to seal the deal.

Up until recently, they've been very private about being together -- with Lily revealing their engagement via a selfie back in May -- but they're letting it all out now.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

David even pointed out that wildfires ravaging California and a pandemic affecting the whole world couldn't stop them from becoming husband and wife.


DeMarcus Cousins Lists Vegas Mansion For $8 Million Pool And Indoor Court!!!

NBA baller DeMarcus Cousins is parting ways with his Las Vegas mansion -- complete with home theater, indoor hoops court and ELEVATOR -- and it can be yours for $8 MILLION!!!

The place is more like a hotel resort than a house ... with 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a massive outdoor pool with waterfalls and a water slide.

The inside has everything you could ask for -- a master suite with a spa-like bathroom, gourmet kitchen, billiards room, wet bar, sports media room and plenty of offices.

Oh yeah, and did we mention the freakin' elevator?!

And, naturally, the lucky buyer can follow Boogie's footsteps and work towards becoming a 4-time NBA All-Star by using the indoor court to work on their jumper!!

And, if that ain't enough, there's a state-of-the-art gym to also get your swole sesh on.

Or, if working out isn't your thing ... the crib is a short drive from the Las Vegas strip!!

Cousins was known to spend a bunch of time in Vegas during the NBA offseasons, where he would do most of his training.

The pad -- listed with Bob & Jill Barnhart of Luxurious Real Estate -- just hit the market ... so if ya got $8 milli lying around, you know what to do.

Cousins has reportedly made roughly $90 million in contract money in his 9 years in the NBA ... playing for the Sacramento Kings, L.A. Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors.

Sin City Swinging Fight Breaks Out on the Strip ... Alleged Racist Shows Tat

Jaycantseewell / Twitter

An alleged racist who flashed a provocative tattoo to a group of Latino men paid for it dearly within seconds ... getting the beat-down of his life.

Check out this brawl that went down in Vegas after a white man came face-to-face with a group of guys, one of whom accuses him of being a racist. It's unclear what exactly sparked the confrontation or the racism allegation ... but it looks like whatever was on his chest did it.

In any case, the fight is pretty crazy ... you see the white guy in question lift up his shirt to show off the ink on his chest -- hard to make out exactly what it says. It definitely offended the guys he was facing off against, 'cause one of them says, "You a racist, motherf***er?!"

That's when the punches start flying, and there even seems to be a very young man who gets in on the action to defending the white guy -- but he paid the price too, getting tossed down and punched.

In the end the white guy and his ally appeared to be laid out cold.

We've reached out to LVMPD to see if officers responded to this -- but on the face of it, this appears to be a simple case of ... someone talking smack and getting whooped on in public.

Vegas, baby.

Maryland Fight Crazy Bar Fight at Joker's Bar

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Kay Ruth/Facebook

This fight proves beyond a shadow of a doubt ... the Joker's wild.

Check out the insane brawl at Joker's Bar and Grill in Maryland, where COVID didn't get its ass kicked -- it's alive and well -- but some bar patrons sure did, as they piled on top of each other and pounded away.

It's unclear what triggered the fight, but you hear lots of screaming as a scuffle starts in the back and then all hell breaks loose.

There's a dude pinned down on the pool table with 7 bar patrons surrounding him. Hard to tell, but it looks like he's being choked.

You also hear glass shattering ... almost like in a western flick. Once the glass goes, there's fighting all over the bar. Someone eventually orders everyone to stop, and it's crazy, because they are still fighting as they move toward the door.

Maryland has been hit hard by COVID -- over 112,883 cases and 3,660 deaths.

What do you get in a bar??? Answer: Corona.

O.J. Simpson Flirting with Danger (And Women) at Crowded Vegas Hot Spot

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No, not the O.J. part of the video ... THE NO MASK PART OF THE VIDEO!!

(Though maybe the O.J. part of the video, too).

Point is, this is O.J. Simpson holding court Thursday night at a Vegas hot spot with no regard for the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can see in the video ... O.J. was up close and personal with a bunch of people at JING lounge in Summerlin. He's like the mayor out there.

Obviously, Juice is allowed to go out and have dinner ... but it seems he was pretty cavalier with the mask situation -- barely anyone around him appeared to be wearing one as they crowded around each other for a fun night out.

The place was rockin' -- with bottle service, music and fans asking O.J. for pics (yes, seriously).

In fact, an unmasked Simpson wrapped his arm around a female admirer for a photo just like it was pre-COVID times.

Problem is ... Nevada ain't exactly in the clear yet.

The state has reported 64,433 total confirmed cases and 1,185 total COVID-19-related deaths ... with 849 new cases reported over the past 24 hours.

So please -- be careful out there ... even you, O.J.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club We're Going Virtual ... Too Short Performing!!!

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is putting strippers back to work, but the strip joint is gonna look a whole lot different in its grand return ... because everything will be virtual.

With Las Vegas strip joints still shuttered due to COVID-19, the Hustler Club is moving over to Only Fans, where it can virtually entertain folks stuck at home during the pandemic ... and it's getting an assist from Too Short!!!

The Hustler Club tells us it's going virtual with live, uncensored content on Only Fans every Saturday in August, trying to give folks as close an experience to the real thing as possible -- private dances, strippers on stage, live celeb performances, virtual bottle service and the option to buy drinks or send tips to the exotic dancers.

The strip club is debuting it's new format Saturday at 8 PM PT with a soft opening, featuring a surprise set from a celeb guest ... and the following weekend will see Too Short rock the virtual mic.

Sorry, ya gotta supply your own glitter.

Deja Vu Love Boutique Man Brazenly Steals 3-Foot Dildo Caught on Video!!!


Here's a real jaw-dropping crime, even in Sin City -- a man making off with a humongous dildo without paying, and even though the whole caper's on camera ... it might be tough to nail this guy.

We're told the suspect struck July 14 in broad daylight, and surveillance footage shows him calmly strolling into the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas ... and walking out with the massive sex toy slung over his shoulder.

This is not your average dildo ... it stands a whopping 3-feet tall, weighs in at an impressive 40 pounds and goes by the name Moby Dick. Not quite what Herman Melville had in mind, we're guessing, but ya get the point: the suspect is packing! Big time.

According to the police report, the guy -- whose ID was concealed by a face mask -- crammed the phallus into a white car, similar to a Dodge Caliber, and made a clean getaway.

It's a pretty lucrative haul ... Moby goes for a cool $1,200, retail.

Deja Vu is now offering a cash reward for any info leading to Moby Dick's return. Little incentive for all you amateur Ahabs out there.

O.J. Simpson Cuts Through Busy Vegas Restaurant ... Mask-Free BDay Party!!!


Here's O.J. Simpson cutting his way through a packed restaurant in Sin City on his birthday ... and The Juice doesn't seem too concerned with face coverings and social distancing.

The convicted felon wouldn't let the coronavirus pandemic stop him from celebrating his 73rd bday, hitting up Jing Las Vegas in Downtown Summerlin late Thursday night  ... and one blonde woman wouldn't let the fact he killed 2 people in 1994 stop her from getting an O.J. bear hug.

As you can see, there was lots of close contact, flirting and handshaking as O.J. went without a mask indoors. BTW ... wearing a mask in Vegas is mandatory in public and while walking through restaurants, but you can take it off when seated at a table.

O.J.'s definitely rolling the dice with COVID-19 -- his age certainly puts him at higher risk -- but it's Vegas, after all, where rolling the dice is encouraged.

DJ Liz Clark wore a mask in the booth while spinning tunes for O.J.'s birthday bash, which we're told was fueled by flowing champagne.

The Juice enjoyed some cake as part of his birthday presentation ... and naturally, O.J. had multiple beautiful lady friends throughout the evening.

Simpson has been out of prison since Oct. 2017 after spending nearly 9 years behind bars for a 2007 armed robbery ... and this is the typical treatment he gets in public these days.


Fans love lining up for photo ops with The Juice at all sorts of Sin City hot spots ... he got up close and personal with two blondes on a Vegas dance floor last year, but this is the first time we've seen O.J. somewhere other than a golf course since the outbreak.

As you know ... O.J. was found not guilty of murder, in the criminal case, in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ... but Simpson was later sued for wrongful death by Ron's family where a jury found O.J. liable and ordered him to pay $33 mil. He hasn't paid anything.

Bottom line ... ditching a mask and forgetting social distancing in a packed house in the middle of a deadly pandemic still isn't the worst decision O.J. ever made!!! Not even close.

Carole Baskin What's She Talking About?!?


Carole Baskin is making lots of dough with personalized messages ... but making sense of what she said -- well, that's a whole other thing.

She recorded this message for a guy who goes by Robin Hood 702 ... a guy who apparently has worked with authorities on various cases. 702, btw, is the area code for Vegas.

Listen to what she says ... Carole is making reference to the MGM lion. Well, there have been rumblings a tiger or 2 may make its way to Vegas for one of the shows, but here she's talking about a lion never being "tattered" so those dots don't connect.

She also mentions David Chesnoff, a prominent lawyer who has Vegas wired, but she never explains what she means when she says he's hold up in the Penninsula.

And, then she mentions Patty Glaser, a super-powerful L.A. lawyer. Again, connecting the dots is damn near impossible.

One thing's for sure ... Carole's cashing in on these video messages. She reportedly pulled in $20k in just one day.

Floyd Mayweather Video Tour of Giant Vegas Mansion ... Insane Closet & Cars!!!

@floydmayweather / Instagram


Floyd Mayweather is finally giving a video tour of his massive Vegas mansion ... with a closet made to look like a Neiman Marcus store!

Seriously! That's what he said!!

Mayweather actually built the pad years ago -- but says he never really got around to moving in because he's traveling the world all the time.

But, since COVID paused those plans ... might as well enjoy your palatial estate, right?!

Here are the highlights ...

INDOOR POOL AND SPA -- it looks like something you'd see in an upscale Vegas hotel ... only it's just for Floyd.

COURTYARD WITH FOUNTAINS AND FIREPITS -- so many statues and pieces of expensive outdoor art ... including a replica of the Versace logo.

MAIN CLOSET -- This is incredible.

Rows and rows and rows designer clothing and shoes line all of the designer shelves in Floyd's place.

Dozens of pairs of Louboutin shoes, tons of Birkin bags, jackets -- Floyd says his goal is to "make sure it always looks like Neimans."

There are so many shoes in his closet, we couldn't even keep count -- HUNDREDS of pairs.

THE ELEVATORS -- Floyd has several elevators in his pad ... it looks expensive with wood panels. Probably special buttons. It's gaudy.

THE GARAGE -- Floyd has a famously HUGE collection of whips, including a couple of Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Bugattis and all sorts of rare vehicles ... some cost MILLIONS.

But, get this ... Floyd says despite all of the fancy rides, his day-to-day car ... is a Dodge Ram 1500 truck.

"This is my favorite car I drive right here -- I like to be low key."

Sure ya do, Floyd.

THE KITCHEN -- All marble everything. Expensive appliances. Floyd always has a private chef ... so he probably doesn't even use the stuff himself.

MAIN BEDROOM -- nope, that's off-limits to the fans. Some things gotta stay private, right?

Floyd says he's showing off the house to inspire people to achieve greatness. You inspired yet?!

And, if you're wondering about Floyd's real estate business -- he claims to have 17 more properties in Vegas alone ... with other buildings in NY, California, Michigan and Florida.

UNLV Legend Isaiah Rider 'Hey Reb!' Statue Needed To Go ... Proud Of My School!


Isaiah "J.R." Rider says UNLV's 'Hey Reb!' statue -- with ties to the Confederacy -- had to be removed ... telling TMZ Sports he's proud his alma mater "did the right thing."

Rider was an absolute beast at University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the early '90s... and was named an All-American in 1993. J.R. was the 5th overall pick in the NBA Draft.

We asked the former superstar hooper how he felt about UNLV yanking the popular giant bronze statue from the place it sat for years on campus.

"I'm proud. I think it's the right thing to do personally," Rider tells us, continuing ... "I think it was well done, on time, no need to delay, no need to think about it."

The former UNLV star kept it real when asked how he felt about the statue (and Runnin' Rebel mascot) when he was playing ball for the university ... saying he didn't know about all the baggage associated with the Rebel.

"Honestly, in school, I wasn't aware. I wasn't as conscious as I am now, as woke as I am now, as well-read as I am now."

But, Rider says after school he became educated on the issue ... and realized the name and statue were offensive.

"At the time at UNLV, no it didn't bother me at all. I was a 'Runnin' Rebel.' It didn't bother me at all but later in life, as I learned certain things, like the Redskins mascot, I started to have a problem with that for sure."

FYI, the "Rebel" was originally named after a Confederate general named Beauregard ... who ordered the Civil War's first gunshots, according to a petition demanding UNLV change the current mascot.

We also asked Rider what he'd say to UNLV fans who have lived-and-died with the "Runnin' Rebels" teams for years ... and are kinda bummed to see the school lose that identity.

"I would say to my people, my 'Runnin' Rebels' out there, that look, we're UNLV for life. When we talk, I always say UNLV. I never say 'Runnin' Rebel.' Not only because I don't really like it but I'm UNLV and we are UNLV for life and that doesn't change."

"We're UNLV Runnin', we're gonna drop the last part!"

UNLV Removes Mascot Statue Over Confederate Ties ... School Nickname Next???

UNLV has said adios to Hey Reb! ... the school just canned its famous on-campus mascot statue -- and now, its sports teams' nicknames could be next.

The university removed the heavy bronze bust -- which sat outside the Tam Alumni Center -- on Tuesday, with the school's president appearing to acknowledge it's because of its controversial Confederate ties.

"In recent conversations with the donor," President Marta Meana said in a letter to students, "We mutually agreed it was best to remove the statue and return it."

Meana seemed to strongly indicate the future of the school's "Runnin' Rebels" nickname and the mascot that comes with it could be in doubt as well.

"I have had discussions with multiple individuals and stakeholder groups from campus and the community on how best the university can move forward given recent events throughout our nation," she said.

"That includes the future of our mascot."

Of course, in the wake of George Floyd's tragic death ... protestors all over the nation have called for the removal of statues and figures that honor America's Confederate roots.

Sculptures all across the country have been torn down ... while NASCAR has even banned Confederate flags from its racetracks forever.

So, could this officially spell the end for the "Rebels" name at UNLV??

Stay tuned.

'Bachelorette' Star Chad Johnson I'm Porn Pad Hunting in Vegas ... With Hulk Hogan's Son!!!

Reality TV star Chad Johnson's ready to make a career in porn his next reality ... and he's teaming up with Nick Hogan and a pro in the industry to make it happen.

The 'Bachelorette' bad boy was spotted house hunting in Las Vegas this week with Hulk's son and adult film star Tana Lea, Nick's GF. Chad tells TMZ ... they're prowling for the perfect porn palace.

Johnson says he's moving to Sin City to build his own porn studio as we've reported, and he's partnering with Lea and Hogan on the project ... including finding the right house for producing explicit content.

We're told the plan is to set up a website and app that offers a paid subscription to what's being called, "ChadsPlayHouse" ... which will release 2 episodes weekly.

As for the content ... Chad says the eps will feature uncensored parties where girls, YouTubers, and other personalities drop by to party, play games, accept wild dares and other sexy stuff.

Also in the works is an X-rated 'Bachelor' type show, and Johnson says multiple companies are interested and he's weighing offers. Of course, he still has to lock down the right house ... but he's working on that.

It's interesting -- Chad previously told us he was partnering with his ex-GF, Annalise Mishler, on the porn venture ... but it's unclear if that's in the case. She's not seen searching for houses with the others.

As we've reported ... their relationship is more than complicated.

UFC Back to Vegas! Nevada Commission Approves Fights

The UFC has been cleared to host fights in Vegas again -- starting this weekend -- and Dana White is fired up!!!

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has formally approved two upcoming events -- May 30 and June 6 -- to go down at the UFC's APEX facility in Sin City.

Of course, the UFC hosted 3 back-to-back-to-back events in Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month while Nevada was still shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, NV is opening up -- and the UFC has the green light.

We spoke with Dana White who tells us, "I am so excited to be back in Vegas!!!"

"Our APEX arena is incredible and the production value we can provide to fans is next level and it’s a safe environment for my fighters and my staff."

White says fighters, coaches, staffers and everyone else involved will all be thoroughly screened and tested -- just like in Jacksonville.

The May 30 card is huge -- Tyron Woodley takes on Gilbert Burns ... and Mackenzie Dern fights Hannah Cifers.

The June 6 card features the return of Amanda Nunes -- who's taking on Felicia Spencer.

'Tiger King' Vegas Magician Hits Up Jeff Lowe's Zoo ... For Possible Future Act

A famous Vegas magician is looking to pick up where Siegfried and Roy left off -- so, naturally, he went to go see the biggest cat man in the game right now ... one Jeff Lowe.

Sources tell TMZ ... Murray SawChuck -- who's got his own residency show at the Tropicana Hotel in Sin City -- recently linked up with Jeff to talk shop and discuss the possibility of obtaining some tigers for a potential new act he wants to introduce on the strip.

Our sources say Murray took note of Roy Horn's tragic passing of late, and saw an opening for another tiger magic show that he might just wanna fill ... and in light of the hit Netflix series, figured he'd get in touch with Jeff to see if there was a deal they could make.

Murray the Magician (as he's known in Vegas) ventured out to Oklahoma City to make it happen, and stopped by Jeff's 'Tiger King' Zoo -- formerly known as Joe Exotic's GW Zoo -- and toured the grounds. Later ... Jeff and Murray, with their ladies in tow, hit the town and ended up at a packed bar called Kong's Tavern, where they got the VIP treatment.

Sounds like things went off without a hitch, but we should say ... our sources say Jeff is still considering the offer and hasn't made any decisions on whether to partner with Murray.

That said, we wouldn't be surprised to see Murray surrounded by orange and black on stage in the near future.

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