Lizzo Trying to Manifest Banging Drake??? After 'Rumors' Name-Drop

Lizzo says she name-dropped Drake in her new song to turn the tables on an age-old trope of rappers doing the same for women -- but it seems she's actually trying to bang the dude.

The singer told Zane Lowe she mentioned Drizzy on her new song, "Rumors," because she felt it'd be fun to give society a taste of its own medicine -- and in this context, that means flipping the script on rappers/male musicians name-dropping fine women in their tunes.

If you didn't hear the bar yet, it goes ... "Last year, I thought I would losе it // Readin' s*** on the internet // My smoothie cleanse and my diet // No, I ain't f*** Drake yet (Ha)."

The Drake thing seems to have come out of left field ... but Lizzo explained further in the ZL sit-down, jokingly saying she hasn't quite been able to manifest some bedroom boom with Toronto's Certified Lover Boy -- even though it sounds like she'd love to take a dip.

All kidding aside, Lizzo says she included the line as a way to turn what rappers have often done in music -- namely, name-dropping ladies/would-be sexual exploits -- upside down on its head. It's true ... fellas have done that for a long time in the genre ... see Biggie's "Dreams."

As far as their real-life relationship ... Lizzo says she kinda knows Drake, and that he's super cool.

Still, it seems she does, in fact, want some of what he's got -- at least based on her Twitter activity shortly after this interview aired. She tweeted right at Champagne Papi for the whole world to see, writing ... "Hey big head @Drake." Classic "wyd" vibes for modern dating.

Aubrey hasn't publicly responded yet ... but wouldn't that be something if he did??? Unfortunately for her, he seems to have his hands full with moms and stuff these days.

Kevin Hart 'Angry' Exchange Over Cheadle's Age ... It Was a Joke!!!


12:49 PM PT -- The verdict's in and this exchange was all a setup. A rep for Cheadle tells TMZ ... the whole thing was just a joke. We're told Don and Kevin were in on it together. Damn!!!

Kevin Hart's awkward exchange with Don Cheadle over the actor's age has folks split smack down the middle on whether it was staged ... but either way, it's pretty hilarious.

Don sat down for an interview on Kevin's Peacock streaming show "Hart to Heart" ... and the interview seemingly goes south when Don mentions in passing he's 56. Kevin blurts out, "DAMN" ... and Don seemed -- keyword, seemed -- PISSED.

It becomes awkward and even uncomfortable to watch as Don vents and Kevin tries to explain himself. So, on that level, it seems real, because why create this kind of conflict?

On the other hand, it's unclear why Don would be so angry over a seemingly innocent reaction. After all, saying "Damn" could be a compliment ... as in you don't look that old.

And, given the option of not making it to 56 ... well, you should wear it as a badge of honor.

Social media is split. Plenty of folks thought it was a joke. One person wrote, "This is the first time I've ever laughed at a Kevin Hart joke." Others thought it was genuine ... like one guy who said, "Don Cheadle is now 46 cause he just sucked ten years out of Kevin Hart’s soul."

What You Think?

Watch and judge for yourself.

Originally Published -- 10:31 AM PT

'Wild 'N Out' Star Jessie Woo Whitney Houston Joke Sparks Debate ... Too Soon???


Jessie Woo's on the rise as a singer and comedian on "Wild 'N Out," and this Whitney Houston bit she did will either make her way more popular, or draw a ton of hate ... just depends.

So, the segment tasked comedians on the show with creating outgoing voice messages impersonating famous people, and Jessie arguably drew the short straw by getting Whitney.

For her impression, Jessie did new lyrics for "I Will Always Love You," and really got the crowd going at first. Hey, she's got a good voice, but as she cruised into the crescendo of the song's chorus ... Jessie dropped a bomb by cutting the song short and saying, "I'm dead," and walking off.

The crowd was stunned, so it begs the question ... too soon???

Too Soon?

Whitney died of accidental drowning with heart disease and cocaine use listed as contributing factors. in February 2012, and, online at least, opinions seem split on whether joking about it should be off-limits.

Many on social media are calling out Jessie's joke for being "lazy," "insensitive," "offensive" and "disrespectful." Others, however, find it hilarious, with one person saying they laugh every time they watch ... even though they're a Whitney fan.


Worth noting -- Jessie posted a tribute to Whitney on her Instagram a few days ago, for what would have been the late singer's 58th birthday. She's really got the pipes to pull it off, too!

Woo's also standing by her joke ... she went live on Instagram, and pointed out it was all in good fun for the show, and she's seen people do much worse.

Ms. Pat White People's Love Scared Me!!! But We Aren't So Different


Ms. Pat -- the titular star of the new BET+ sitcom, "The Ms. Pat Show" -- says her move from Atlanta to Indiana was life-changing in a great way, but it took her a while to get used to white folks' hospitality.

The comedian joined "TMZ Live" Thursday to chat about her semi-autobiographical new show -- which has been a long time coming -- and all the support she's had along the way, but not just from the executive producers.

Ms. Pat has a very interesting backstory in ATL -- overcoming welfare, sexual abuse, arrest and conviction for selling crack -- but life took a huge turn when she started doing comedy open mic nights, and her husband's job moved them to Plainfield, IN.

Pat admits the almost entirely white population welcomed her with open arms ... along with cakes, and other neighborly foods. She also tells us, surprisingly, her stand-up material seamlessly translated to her new town ... which she chalks up to people of all races and backgrounds having a lot in common.

Ms. Pat says the whole experience was equally eye-opening for her ... something that comes across on the show. She told us she's blessed to have Lee Daniels, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard executive producing -- and especially credits Daniels for fighting hard to get it made.

"The Ms. Pat Show" is streaming now on BET+.

Jay Leno Pops Up on Front of Airplane!!! Wild Stunt Freaks Out Pals

Spike's Car Radio

Jay Leno's a well-known motorhead, but apparently he's a stuntman too ... based on this crazy footage of him gripping the nose of an airplane in mid-flight!!!

The former 'Tonight Show' host is on Wednesday's ep of "Spike's Car Radio" hosted by comedian and auto enthusiast Spike Feresten, and along with talkin' cars ... Jay reminisced about a fun, and seemingly risky, flight he took with friends.

Spike's Car Radio

Leno says they were on a small plane flying off the coast of Catalina Island, and he knew the nose of the aircraft opened up from the inside ... so he decided to give them a little surprise.

After opening the nose hatch, Jay was totally hanging off the front of the plane!!! It looks insanely dangerous, but must not be all that risky, at least to pilots.

Leno gave a big thumbs up as he pretended to climb toward the windshield ... prompting his friends to snap shots of "Super Jay" in action. Who knew Jay had a little Tom Cruise in him. We give this "Mission Impossible" two thumbs up.

McKayla Maroney Selling 'Not Impressed' NFT Expecting Over A Million $!!


McKayla Maroney is selling an NFT featuring her "Not Impressed" meme -- one of the most memorable moments in Olympics history -- but it could run you 7 figures!!

Sure, it ain't cheap ... but what'd you expect from such an iconic moment?!

TMZ Sports caught up with the gold medalist at Enso Studio art gallery in Malibu ... where we asked Maroney about the release of the NFT.

"There really has been a gap in sports and capturing iconic moments like that. And to put my meme out, I'm just so excited to do that because its something that meant a lot to me and it really changed my life," Maroney says.

Of course, McKayla was photographed looking anything but impressed after winning the silver medal in the vault at the 2012 Olympics. The image went crazy viral.

The 2x Olympic medalist even met then-President Obama ... and they took a picture together doing the "not impressed" pose.

"I think it just stands for being imperfect is okay. And to be not impressed, even the President [Obama] said he is not impressed sometimes."

It wasn't just politicians ... a bunch of A-list stars like Miley Cyrus also hopped on the bandwagon.

Now, you can own the NFT.

But, you won't just get the iconic image ... Maroney says she's also throwing in a private gymnastics lesson AND a copy of her soon-to-be released book.

The auction is currently live at OpenSea ... and has a starting bid of 15 Ethereum (crypto) -- which converts to around $47k.

But, McKayla tells us she expects the NFT to bring in a whole lot more ... saying she could easily see it smashing the million dollar mark.

If you're doing the math at home ... that's about 318 Ether.

Auction ends Wednesday night ... so, fire up that coin base account and happy bidding!!

Ben Roethlisberger Trashes Brady's Avocado Ice Cream ... Not Eating That!!!

Ben Roethlisberger will do anything for health -- that is, except try Tom Brady's infamous avocado ice cream ... saying there's NO WAY he's including that atrocity in his diet!!

The 39-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers QB has looked much slimmer leading into the new season ... with folks left wondering what the did to get in better shape.

Big Ben -- who's always been listed at 240 lbs. -- is finally speaking out on his trimmed look ... but as it turns out, he's denying he's doing anything differently from years past.

"So much was made a week or 2 [ago]," Roethlisberger told the Washington Post. "I mean, listen, as you get older ... for the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve really focused on having a trainer, my body."

"Part of it’s football. But part of it’s life. I’m not getting any younger. I’m almost 40 years old. So you’ve got to take care of yourself."

But, Ben makes it clear he's not taking any tips from his 7-time Super Bowl champion rival ... saying there are some levels he simply will not stoop to in order to stay in shape.

"And nothing against Tom [Brady], but I’m not eating avocado ice cream," Roethlisberger added. "Yeah, you have a chef and you try and eat healthy. But you’re eating healthy because you want to be and feel good."

Remember, TB12 has sworn up and down in the past that the dessert is tasty ... and even included the recipe -- consisting of avocado, cashews, coconut, dates, cacao powder and water -- in his "The TB12 Method" book.


But we spoke with Brady's bestie, Julian Edelman, in the past ... who confirmed to us it's really as bad as it sounds.

Hey, if it helps ya win rings, who cares what it tastes like??

Jim Belushi Files For Divorce

Jim Belushi has filed for divorce after more than 23 years of marriage ... and it's the second time he and his wife have called it quits in the past 3 years.

Jim beelined it to Los Angeles County Superior Court Friday and filed divorce docs, according to online records.

As we reported ... Jim's wife Jennifer filed divorce docs of her own back in March 2018, but the couple reconciled more than a year later, with Jim filing for the divorce to be dismissed and a judge signing off.

It's unclear what led to the split this time around ... but during their earlier split, Jennifer cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their separation.

Jim and Jennifer tied the knot way back in May 1998 and they have two adult children together, a daughter named Jamison and a son named Jared.

Jennifer is Jim's 3rd wife ... he was previously married to Marjorie Bransfield from 1990-92 and to Sandra Davenport from 1980-88.

It will be interesting to see if Jim and Jennifer go all the way through with this divorce, considering their history.

Stay tuned ...

Andrew Dice Clay Diagnosed With Bell's Palsy ... Still Performing Shows

Andrew Dice Clay has Bell's palsy, but he's not letting the condition stop him from taking the stage ... instead, he's actually working it into his act.

A rep for Andrew tells TMZ … The Diceman woke up a few weeks ago, and noticed his face was drooping, but didn't have any other symptoms. He didn't think he'd suffered a stroke, and went to a doctor to find out what was going on.

We're told the doc diagnosed him with Bell's palsy -- a condition causing an unexplained bout of facial muscle weakness or paralysis, usually on one side of the head or face.

Bell's palsy is typically not permanent, and we're told ADC's doctor told him it should subside in a few weeks.

Ever the entertainer, Andrew's already including his condition in shows. Folks who saw him perform this week at a New Jersey comedy club tell us he walked on stage with his face puffed up and droopy with slurred speech, and the crowd initially thought it was an act.

We're told The Diceman eventually addressed the elephant in the room ... announcing he had Bell's palsy, which momentarily stunned the crowd, but he went right back into telling jokes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

ADC has upcoming gigs in New York and Texas, and we're told he's not canceling them ... regardless of his condition.

Frontier Airlines Duct Tape Incident Hilariously Spoofed ... Why 'Flight Attendant' Fought Back

The Real Spark / YouTube

The flight attendant who duct-taped an unruly Frontier passenger is finally speaking out -- well, at least a YouTuber is giving him a pretty hilarious voice.

Ya gotta see this spoof of a TV newscast, which starts and ends with actual news footage ... but in the middle features YouTube personality, The Real Spark, masquerading as flight attendant, Alfredo Rivera -- and if you act up on his flights, "you gonna have to attend this ass whooping!"

He explains the passenger stunk like "4 shots of Everclear and regret." He then references something that allegedly happened for real on the flight ... the passenger, Max Berry, groping a female crew member mid-flight. "Alfredo" adds, "Where he f**ked up at is when he touched my titties, 'cause I don't play that!!!"'

Just watch ... we give it an 'A' for delivery and production quality.


As you know ... the real flight attendant taped Berry to a seat after the guy allegedly groped a couple female crew members and started screaming, cussing and making a scene.


TMZ obtained new video of the incident, showing Berry ranting and raving as he was restrained. The real flight attendants involved are all on paid leave while the airline investigates ... but Frontier says it supports their actions under the circumstances.

Until the actual crew members speak out, this guy's spoof will have to do.

DeRay Davis Sure, Louis C.K.'s Free to Tour Again ... Public's Free to Skip It!!!


DeRay Davis says Louis C.K.'s controversial decision to tour again, a few years after his sexual misconduct scandal, is ultimately his right ... but it's up to the public to decide if his return is a success.

We got the comedian at LAX Thursday afternoon and he had an interesting take on Louis announcing his comeback tour ... telling us a man's gotta work, no matter what the situation is.

DeRay suggests Louis might need to tour again to cover legal fees or pay his alleged victims ... but he admits that's speculation. If you don't recall, Louis was accused of sexual misconduct by at least 5 women, and he admitted the allegations were true.


Now -- after mostly keeping a low profile other than a few random stand-up sets and a surprise special titled "Sincerely Louis CK" released last year -- the disgraced comedian's embarking on a 30-city tour slated to begin August 13 in NYC.

According to DeRay ... there's nothing wrong with C.K. attempting his comeback, but that doesn't mean people have to accept it.

Ultimately, Davis implies consumers hold all the cards here, and their hand will be revealed soon.

Izzy The Frenchie To Wear Tom Daley's Knitted Jumper ... At Fashion Week


Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley's knitted jumper is going to good use ... 'cause the uber-famous Instagram dog he made it for will be rocking it at the next fashion week!!

The British diver went viral earlier this week for stitching up the piece right after winning the 10-meter platform event ... saying he was making it for Izzy the Frenchie, a dog that has more than 1 MILLION followers on social media.

TMZ Sports spoke with Izzy about Daley's gift ... and she said, "bark, bark, bark."

Okay, just kidding ... we spoke with Izzy's papa, Rick Hendrix, in Washington D.C. Tuesday about Daley showing some serious love at the world's biggest stage ... and he's got some big plans in mind.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I think we're gonna include it in her fashion week," Hendrix says. "Maybe walk in New York next time it's all safe and we can get out again!"

BTW -- Izzy is big in the industry ... and has been a guest at fashion weeks in the past.

So, how did the collab come to be? Hendrix said he was talking to Daley about his impressive crochet and knitting skills ... and Tom decided he wanted to make something for Izzy!!

But, Hendrix had no clue the 5-time European champ meant that he was gonna start workin' on it during the most important sporting events of his life!!

"Had no idea he was gonna make it during the Games," Hendrix tells us.

"Then all of a sudden he's going online saying, 'Hey, I'm making this for Izzy the Frenchie. Things just blew up, man!"

The 27-year-old has made jumpers for several dogs during his time in Tokyo -- saying, "learning to knit and crochet has helped me so much through these Olympics and we won GOLD yesterday."

Daley also makes them for humans and charity  ... last month, he raised over $8k by auctioning off a knitted sweater for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Sounds pretty doggone good to us!!

Britney Spears I Locked Myself In My Bathroom!!! It's Weird, Entertaining and Maybe Alarming

Britney Spears just told a long, bizarre story about getting locked in her bathroom in the middle of the night ... and it's eyebrow-raising for sure.

The pop star just shared her wild bathroom adventure, explaining how she got trapped in there in the first place and detailing the lengths to which she and others went to set her free.

Britney says she got distracted by some leftover coffee on a hunt for some face wash before realizing she was locked inside. She says her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, was fast asleep and she had to scream 4 times to wake him up.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

When Sam's attempts to pick the lock failed, Britney says she was able to call security to come open the door ... but it sounds like they were asleep just like Sam.

Britney says another 45 minutes went by before she was finally freed, but only after drinking her stale coffee.

People are reacting in various ways to her post. The #FreeBritney camp thinks this is a metaphor for the 13-year conservatorship ... where she struggled to free herself. Others think it's a bizarre turn of events in the dead of night.

'The Prince' Brits Fuming Over Animated Royal Tea ... Mockery & a Disgrace

The Royal family's the subject of a new animated series called "The Prince," and the British are up in arms over it -- calling it less satire, and more mockery and disgrace.

The HBO Max series, created by Family Guy co-executive producer Gary Janetti, is a humorous take on the Royal family. It's been a few days now since the show started streaming, and some hater-fueled reviews are in -- many angry viewers took to social media to decry the show as "wrong" and "disgusting" for portraying the family as a dysfunctional family with egotistical tendencies.

The show, starring Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry, also centers around 8-year-old Prince George ... who is portrayed as a spoiled brat who orders staff around and forces kids to join his lavish play dates.

Queen Elizabeth is portrayed as a mafia boss while Prince Charles gets the mommy-boy label who -- behind closed doors -- bitches about having already waited so long to take the throne. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are also depicted living in L.A. from the "smallest palace" Harry has ever been in.

The animators also pushed the envelope when it came to the caricatures. Prince William's head, for example, is massive. Prince Philip has a protruding back and looks all but lifeless.

For what it's worth ... the Palace itself hasn't issued a review of "The Prince," and Janetti, the creator of the series, says it's all done with affection.

Paul Rudd Forever Young ... Or So It Seems, Anyway

Here's another installment of Paul Rudd Is Benjamin Button -- because the older he gets, the younger he looks ... at least that's what a new viral photo of him suggests on its face.

The veteran comedy actor posed for a new snap this weekend that was posted by the owner of an Indian restaurant in London called Darjeeling Express ... a place he's apparently stopped into before, and brought a pal with him this time around -- Mr. Dan Levy.

Paul's filming the new 'Ant-Man' installment there -- Dan appears to just be in town.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Anyway, the restaurant (and its owner, Asma Khan) posted a sweet photo of Paul and Dan breaking bread in their establishment Saturday, and even though they seem to have hosted PR before ... they were still starstruck, writing in their caption ... "When Paul Rudd returns for dinner to the restaurant and this time brings the lovely @instadanjlevy with him! ♥️❤️."

The photo has since gotten Paul and Dan trending -- with the former being compared to an ageless angel ... because he seriously looks young in this specific pic (Paul's 52, BTW).

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

They threw up a second shot of Dan on his own, and said they were glad he dug the grub. Still, it's the duo photo of the two of them at the table that's got people chirping.

As you might imagine, the jokes were flying online ... with folks saying they've aged more in the pandemic than Paul has in the last 5 years -- and that may well be true, 'cause he doesn't seem to have a wrinkle or a crack on his face ... well, at least in lighting like this.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Another photo Darjeeling posted mere weeks ago -- from Paul's initial visit, apparently -- paints a somewhat different picture. It's way more well-lit ... and, yes, Paul certainly looks older here. Still great for his age and all -- but it's almost like he went back in time for this weekend's photo-op ... it feels like 2 different people showed up over the course of 2 weeks.

We kid, of course ... but it's pretty amazing anytime a new Paul Rudd sighting emerges. He truly seems to have found the fountain of youth somewhere. Never change, man ... assuming that's even possible.

Snoop Dogg gives peacock olympics commentary ... Jokes Fly (Cover Your Ears)

Snoop Dogg can seriously commentate on just about anything and make it entertaining -- something he's proved yet again with some Olympics coverage ... which is rated R.

The rapper joined none other than Kevin Hart Saturday for what appears to be a special from Peacock -- NBC's subscription service -- and the two of them were hired to drop some commentary on random Olympics clips from the ongoing games ... totally out of context.

Sounds like a hoot, and that's exactly what it turned out to be ... especially once SD started getting into his bag of NSFW jokes, which were preceded by some gangster comparisons.

You gotta watch for yourself ... in Snoop's eyes, the horse that's trotting around in the clip they're watching looks an awful lot like what he was doing in the music video for "Drop It Like It's Hot" -- namely, Crip walking. That got a huge laugh out of Kevin ... and seemingly out of the rest of the crew on set.

That's nothing compared to a comment he made later ... when the subject of skeet shooting came up for discussion.

We'll let Snoop speak himself on this one -- but let's just say he considers himself familiar with the practice ... but under a different spelling. Hide the kids, and cover your ears -- things are getting raunchy on Peacock!

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