Wild Road Rage Video Madman in Truck Rams Woman's Car Over and Over and Over!!!


It's a road rage incident straight outta the movies, but a Canadian woman thought she was gonna die for real when this truck driver repeatedly slammed into her tiny sedan.

The terror went down in Winnipeg when a woman named Kiana Jobo said this guy in a Chevy Colorado pickup truck boxed her in at an intersection and got extremely aggressive before following her and ramming her Hyundai.

You can hear Kiana's panic, understandably, in the video her passenger recorded ... you see the truck coming at her from all sides, and at one point her passenger window shatters prompting Kiana's friend to yell, "This guy's trying to kill us!"

Kiana says he hit her so hard she slammed into parked cars ... before she was finally able to escape by speeding away and blowing through stop signs. She did report him to cops who say he'll be charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle.

What sparked this madness? Kiana says the truck driver got pissed because she inched up too close behind him in an intersection where she was trying to make a left. From there she says he started "honking his horn and flipping me off,"

When super-kind Canadians gotta deal with this kinda road rage ... it must be 2020.

Bray Wyatt WWE Superstar Set On Fire ... In Insane Ending To Wrestling Match

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The wrestling ring looked more like the set of an action movie Sunday night ... with a WWE superstar being LIT ON FIRE to end a highly-anticipated main event!!

And, just like a movie, the whole thing was not real and scripted ... but it was still insane to watch!!!

Bray Wyatt's "The Fiend" character was squaring off with Randy Orton in a "Firefly Funhouse Inferno" match -- where, in order to win, a wrestler has to set the other on fire.

And, after several minutes of brawling ... Orton did just that to Wyatt!!

Randy took control of the match, pushed Wyatt into some flames, and then did his signature "RKO" finishing move on the superstar to "KO" him.

That's when Randy doused Wyatt in gasoline and dropped a match on him!!!

The visuals were INSANE -- Wyatt's body went up in flames ... and announcers played up the moment by begging Orton to stop!!

Of course, the whole thing was pre-recorded -- NOT live -- so, if we're guessing, Wyatt's probably going to be just fine, and Orton's gonna avoid jail time.

Walmart Brawl Woman Stomped, Knocked Out Cold ... Allegedly Over PS5


Shopping rage isn't easing up in the pandemic -- a shouting match inside a Walmart turned violent, and ended with a woman getting stomped in the face.

You can see in the video, this confrontation between 2 women went from zero to 100 real quick in the Walmart near Charlotte, and the reason? Reportedly, a PS5 gaming console, naturally. The woman with long braids was getting ready to throw hands, and asked her opponent, "What the f**k are you gonna do?"

A man riding a motorized cart, actually tried to deescalate the sitch by getting between the women -- but you can see, he failed, and after a hot minute ... all hell broke loose.

Hair was pulled, punches were thrown ... and in the end, the woman with braids appeared to be knocked out cold.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops did respond when this went down on December 13 ... but no one was cited or arrested because both parties were gone when officers arrived.

'Insecure' Star Kendrick Sampson Victim of Police Brutality ... Punched in Colombia!!!


'Insecure' star Kendrick Sampson says police brutality is a global issue ... and he has some video evidence after a scary encounter in Cartagena, Colombia.

The actor and BLM activist posted a video he says shows a cop detaining him, punching him and pulling out his gun. The officer even cocks the weapon, and appears to point it at Kendrick.

The video -- recorded by someone across the street -- ends there, but Kendrick claims he was taken away in handcuffs.

Kendrick, who spearheaded several recent protests in L.A., says the police in Colombia had been hounding him nonstop -- he claims this was his 6th encounter with them in 5 days.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The caption to the video he posted included, "It happens to Black Colombians often. I’m told stopping is policy but what is NOT is they reached down my underwear aggressively, slap my arms 5 times hard, punch me in my jaw and pull his gun on me. He then cuffed me and dragged me through the streets."

It's unclear when exactly this encounter went down ... but the video was first posted by a friend of his on Tuesday. Kendrick says the police held him for nearly 10 hours before letting him go.

He said, "They are also asking me to confront and identify the officer tonight! I don’t trust this shit." Kendrick encouraged fans to share the video because “this is a violation of human rights that happens every day with no accountability.”

Golfer Risks Life to Grab Ball Off Live Gator! 'It's Gonna Whip You with That Tail!!!'

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A golfer in Florida risked his own life to retrieve a golf ball off a live alligator's tail -- and the video is wild!!

The man shooting the footage is Kyle Downes -- who was golfing with his brother on Dec. 14 at the Coral Oaks Golf Course in Cape Coral, FL when they stumbled upon the MASSIVE gator.

Kyle's brother noticed a golf ball resting on the tail and decided he was going to try and retrieve it ... so naturally, Kyle whipped out his cell phone and hit record.

You can hear Kyle warn his brother, "It's gonna whip you with that tail dude!!!"

But, his bro soldiered on ... and successfully grabbed the ball as the gator charged into the water.

And, get this, the gator is sorta famous at the golf course -- he's a 10-footer named Charlie ... apparently a local celebrity, according to NBC2.

Fortunately, no one was harmed -- neither the human nor the animal -- but don't forget how dangerous these gators can be.

Just ask Chubbs!!!!

Attempted Carjacking Driver Gets Away ... Returns to Run Over Suspects!!!


Carjacking is a dangerous proposition ... just ask these 2 men who nearly got trampled by a pissed off driver, and it's all on video.

The attempted carjacking went down this month, and you see 2 men on a scooter trying to stop a car as it pulls out of a driveway. One guy pulls something from his waistband and points it at the driver's window and tries to open the door, but the car peels off.

The would-be car jackers give up, and hop on the scooter to try to make a quick getaway, but not before the driver of the car hits the brakes and comes flying down the street in reverse, and smashes into them.

The moment of impact did some heavy damage to the scooter, but the men survived and started running down the street. The car driver must've been seriously pissed off ... because they continued racing after the suspects as they tried to flee.

Ya gotta see the video ... it's better than anything you've done in GTA.

Violent Protest Proud Boys Clash with Black Lives Matter Protesters ... Many Arrests, Injuries, Stabbings

A Pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. turned violent Saturday night as members of Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed ... and it was ugly.

Proud Boys protesters viciously attacked a couple ... beating on them as they tried to escape. Members of the far-right group burned a Black Lives Matter banner, and the vandalism and violence escalated as the night wore on.

In all, 23 people were arrested. Four people were taken to the hospital with stab wounds. Two cops were also injured and taken to the hospital.

10 people were arrested for assault, 6 for assault on a police officer, 4 for riotous acts, 2 for crossing a police line and one for possession of an illegal weapon.

Check out the videos ... you hear one of the Proud Boys say, "The fight has just begun."

At one point cops formed a human barricade in an effort to separate the 2 groups, and almost immediately explosive projectiles were hurled at the crowd.

Scary times.

Alleged Police Brutality Crazy Video of Old Man Wrestling Cop

Cheryl Kirschner/Facebook

An Ohio couple says they were brutalized by cops during a simple traffic stop for tinted windows, but the Police Chief says there's way more to this story than the video shows.

It went down in Hamersville, when cops stopped a car driven by a young woman who did not have a license. Her aunt, Tammy Hampton, came with her husband Carl to take the car back home. Police Chief Guy Sutton tells TMZ, Tammy was ordered to stay clear of the car the cops stopped but she defied orders. Tammy says she was cuffed, kicked in the legs and told she was being arrested for resisting.

That's when her 65-year-old husband got involved and things got hot. He told cops, "Get your hands off my wife," and things escalated into a wrestling/punching match. The Chief says his officers took Carl to the ground after he got in the face of one of the officers.

The cop pulled a stun gun, and that's when someone screamed Carl just had heart surgery, so the officer backed off. Carl was taken into custody for obstruction and resisting arrest. Carl suffered a black eye and abrasions, but did not need hospitalization.

Tammy and Carl were not taken to jail because of COVID concerns. They were given citations and released.

For their part, the Hampton's are talking lawsuit. The Chief has launched an internal affairs investigation.

Big Waves at Mavericks Surfer Tackles 50 Foot Monster!!! Survives Wave of the Week

Bo Bridges Gallery

Huge. Scary. Terrifying. Take your pick ... they all apply for the wave you're about to see -- and yet, surfer Peter Mel totally owned this insane wall of water!!!

Surfers flocked this week to Mavericks -- the big wave mecca in Northern California -- for what many of them called the best conditions in years, and this footage backs that up.

No jet ski tow-in for Peter, who fearlessly (we think) paddled in and bombed down a wave witnesses estimated to be at around 50 feet high. You gotta watch how it unfolded -- to an amateur's eye it didn't look good for him halfway through, and "not good" at Mavericks can mean broken bones or worse.

Dude's got a brass pair though, because he positioned himself perfectly for the "ride of the day" ... according to other surfers who watched in amazement.

Peter, an OG at Mavericks, tells TMZ Sports it was the "best feeling" wave he's ever caught in his 29 years surfing there. He says he knew it was something special when he heard cheers from family, friends and fellow surfers.

Let's be honest ... just surviving a wave like that makes it plenty special.

Veteran photog Bo Bridges had a front-row seat for Peter's epic ride, capturing it from start to finish, and check out his office for the day. Watching from a dingy like that looks only slightly safer than surfing the waves.

Nothing wrong with being a spectator sometimes!

Florida Fatal Shooting Cop Begs Suspect to Cooperate ... 'Please Don't Make Me Do This'

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A police officer stopped a driver and begged him to cooperate, but after a standoff, he unloaded his gun on the suspect ... and this could be a case of suicide by cop.

It happened Tuesday night in Hillsborough County Florida. The officer was trying to serve an arrest warrant on Dylan Scott in a McDonald's parking lot. Scott was wanted on charges of grand theft and resisting arrest.

The officer asks Scott to put his hands up but he refuses. The cop begs Scott, telling him, "I don't want to do this. It's not worth it."

As Scott remains steadfastly uncooperative, the officer tells him if he makes a bad decision it could cost him his life, but still ... Scott refuses to cooperate.

The officer pled with Scott for 4 minutes, to no avail. He begs Scott to put his hands up, repeating he does not "want to do this." It then gets even more tense, when the cop apparently sees Scott reaching for something. He begs him not to, and says "Whatever you've got in your hands, drop it." Scott still refuses, and the officer tells a fellow cop, Scott has a gun.

You then hear a series of shots from the officer's gun. No gun was found in Scott's car.

Scott was taken to the hospital where he died.

Scott's mother called the Sheriff's Office in July, saying her son left a note that he wanted to die by suicide by cop.

Incredible Rescue 2 Men Save Turtle from Jaws!!! Wild Tiger Shark Vid

@kaiowenfishinginc / TikTok

This sea turtle deserves to live after amazingly fighting off a hungry tiger shark -- captured on video -- just long enough for a couple of dudes to save his shell.

The 2 men were fishing in the waters around the Bahamas when they noticed the turtle desperately trying to escape the jaws of the shark ... in fact, it looks like it was about to lose the battle. The razor-sharp teeth were biting into the back end of the shell, but the turtle was still trying to swim away.

The turtle then made a serious power move ... trying to swim up onto the back of the boat. When the shark fell back for a moment, the fishermen sprung into action -- they had just enough time to pick up the turtle.

It's unclear if the guys waited for the shark to disappear ... but they eventually released it back into the water. One helluva save, for sure!!!

BTW ... tiger sharks are considered "the garbage cans of the sea" because they eat just about anything and especially sea turtles. Except this one.

Terrifying Video Shooter Opens Fire on Woman ... Police Believe She was Targeted

Exclusive Details

10:36 AM PT -- According to Sterling Heights police ... cops believe this was a targeted hit in which the suspect was waiting for the woman to leave her residence and clearly trying to kill her.

We're told the victim was shot at least twice and is currently hospitalized in stable condition, and thankfully recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Cops say the shooting suspect has not been identified and is still at large, and no motive has been established at this time.

A woman trying to leave a condo complex got ambushed by a man in a pickup truck, who opened fire on her ... and all signs point to a hit job.

The video footage from a home security cam shows the horrifying scene played out Saturday ... in Michigan.

The woman leaves the residence and gets in her SUV, but as she backs up ... suddenly a truck across the street drives behind the SUV and blocks her.

The driver of the truck jumps out and begins firing. You hear at least 8 shots ring out, as her friend screams from outside the condo.

The SUV driver flees the scene and the shooter follows her. Around 30 seconds later the victim returns to the condo and runs inside, yelling to her friend, "I'm shot!"

The victim's condition is unknown. Police are searching for the shooter.

Originally Published -- 9:52 AM PT

Huge Alligator Dines on Duck ... Hunters Take the L!!!

This is the definition of a sitting duck -- a dead bird gunned down by hunters got swallowed up by a massive alligator ... and it's all on video!!!

The wildlife (and death) scene went down on a Florida lake after some hunters had shot down the duck. Its body was floating when an absolutely enormous gator came into the picture.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The hunters instantly knew they had zero chance to claim their prize when they saw ol' Godzilla here swimming toward the carcass.

The gator opened wide and the whole duck disappeared in one big gulp. Apparently, duck is kinda gamey ... as the alligator took a good 20 chomps to get down the fowl snack. Maybe it just likes playing with its food.

Truthfully, this wouldn't be that bizarre of a scene -- definitely bad timing for the hunters -- but what really stands out is the SIZE of this reptile. Florida, man.

Anyway, tough month for birds ... of many feathers.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unleash RX-78-2!!! Giant Replica 'Unveiled'

The life-size Gundam robot replica Japanese engineers have been working on for months is finally ready for its big debut ... even though it's probably Japan's worst-kept secret.

The 60-foot machine -- made to look like the OG "Mobile Suit Gundam" robot RX-78-2, from the anime show -- put extra emphasis on the mobile part of its franchise Sunday ... 'cause it's finally complete, and was very much on the move with a push of a button.

The Gundam Factory in Yokohama unleashed its Frankenstein-ish creation, showing off exactly how it's able to walk (albeit slowly) on its own ... something they were very publicly testing out back in September. Looks like RX can take a few more steps now -- which is both awesome and low-key terrifying too.

We love living out our childhoods as much as the next guy or gal, but ... unleashing the power of Gundam is just a short-circuit away from this thing getting a mind of its own and starting the robot apocalypse. That just us???

Anyway, word is this thing was made with at least 20 moving parts -- massive parts, at that -- and it supposedly weighs some 25 tons. It'll be open to paying customers in December -- when folks can climb the observation deck for a closer look.

Not only that, but they've also built an on-the-ground simulator so you can act like you're actually operating this thing from inside the cockpit of the robot's torso ... just like on TV!!!

Again, super cool ... but here's hoping this thing doesn't go the way of the HAL 9000 😬.

F1 Driver Romain Grosjean Survives Fiery Crash Update from Hospital

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12:54 PM PT -- Romain Grosjean just gave an update on his health status from none other than the hospital bed he's in right now -- and he says he's gonna be okay!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The F1 driver's hands and fingertips are completely bandaged, but it looks like the rest of him is intact and without a scratch. He thanks Formula 1 and their emergency crews for moving quickly and getting him out of the fiery wreck, while going on to thank fans for their messages of support.

F1 driver Romain Grosjean is lucky to be alive -- SUPER LUCKY -- because his car exploded in flames and was literally ripped apart during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The race barely got started ... during the first lap of the race, his car made contact with another car and it sent him careening into the barrier. It looked like dynamite ... a massive explosion tore the car apart.

The 34-year-old driver was hurt, but miraculously not badly. He suffered minor burns and was taken to a local hospital, but he'll be ok.

The race stopped down for 45 minutes so the staff could clear the track of debris.

Lewis Hamilton, who's won 7 world championships, went on Instagram almost instantly and said in amazement, "I'm so grateful Romain is safe, wow."

Lewis then went on to remind folks of the danger ... "The risk we take is no joke for those of you out there that forget we put our life on the line for this sport and love what we do. This is a reminder to us all. Thankful to the FIA for the massive strides we've taken for roman to walk away from that safely."

Happy Romain's okay.

Originally Published -- 7:49 AM PT

Dramatic Police Rescue Cops Form Human Chain Save Woman from Sinking Van!!!

City of Alliance Police Department

Cops in Ohio are being hailed heroes -- and rightfully so -- after rescuing a woman trapped inside a sinking van in a freezing river ... and body cam footage caught the tense moments.

The rescue went down Sunday night in Alliance, Ohio -- about an hour south of Cleveland -- where a 24-year-old behind the wheel of a Dodge minivan fell asleep, veered off the road and plunged into nearby Mahoning River. The video begins with 2 cops making their way to the sinking van ... braving the near-freezing temperature and chilly waters.


You can see one of the officers holding a hammer and when he gets within feet of the van he starts to panic and struggles to breathe ... but the cop behind him calms his partner. The cop closest to the van then uses the hammer to break the window and pulls out the driver, Alexis Schreckengost.

Alexis called 911 to report she was trapped in her van. You hear her panicking while on the phone with dispatchers as the van fills up with water.

Cops say moments after the rescue, the van was fully submerged -- it was recovered from the lake the following day. Alexis, the only person in the van, was treated for minor injuries. Shout out to Christian Tussey, Shane Tallman, Joseph Amabeli, Lee Rose and Christopher McCord ... the cops who responded to the scene. 👏🏽

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