Cristiano Ronaldo THIS IS BS!!! Storms Off Field After Bad Call

Cristiano Ronaldo was enraged after his team was robbed of a win ... and he showed his displeasure by storming off the field during a World Cup qualifying match.

Portugal was playing Serbia and the game was tied 2-2 when -- during a last-buzzer attempt -- Cristiano made what sure looked like a winning goal ... despite the fact the shot was cleared by Serbia's Stefan Mitrovic. The TV cameras caught it, but the ref did not, so the shot was declared a miss.

The Portugal captain was furious ... slamming his armband into the ground and then marching off the field, but not before protesting the call.

Ronaldo was booked for protesting the referee's call.

After the match, Ronaldo said, “I always give and will give everything for my country, that will never change. But there are difficult times to deal with, especially when we feel that an entire nation is being harmed.”

And then, there were these fighting words ... “We will keep our heads up and face the next challenge now.”

Asian U.S. Army Vet Displays Battle Scars Patriotic Enough for You???

West Chester Township/Vimeo

An elected official and U.S. Army veteran who is Asian made a stunning point at a town hall meeting in Ohio ... taking off his shirt and displaying some pretty severe war wounds, and then asking the crowd if that was patriotic enough for them.

Lee Wong is an elected official in West Chester, Ohio. He also served in the military for 20 years. In the middle of the town hall, he decided to make a point about the anti-Asian wave in this country. It's interesting ... no one in the crowd made a comment to prompt the display, but it was clearly on Wong's mind.

He said, "There are some ignorant people that will come up to me and say I don't look American or patriotic enough." That's when he took his shirt off and asked, "Is this patriot enough?"

Wong said he was beaten up in Chicago soon after coming to the U.S., and that's what prompted him to join the military, adding, "I have put up with a lot of s*** in silence ... too afraid to speak out, fearing more abuse and discrimination."

He went on to say, "We need to be kinder, gentler to one another because we are all the same, we are one human being on this Earth."

Pretty damn effective.

Tennis' Jack Draper Collapses On Court ... In Scary Moment At Miami Open

Jack Draper -- a 19-year-old making his debut on the ATP Tour this week -- frighteningly collapsed on the court during a match at the Miami Open on Thursday ... but thankfully, he said afterward he's all right.

The scary scene all went down during Draper's match against Mikhail Kukushkin ... when Draper began to feel ill amid scorching Florida hot and humid weather.

At one point during the match, medics ran courtside tests on a visibly exhausted Draper ... but the young, budding tennis star elected to continue despite clearly being unwell.

Just a few moments later in the match, though ... he crumpled to the ground attempting to hit a ball -- and there was serious concern among onlookers.

"Oh, dear, that's not good," one of the match's announcers said on the television broadcast. "Worrying times."

Thankfully, medics rushed to Draper's aid ... and the tennis player ended up being able to walk off under his own power -- though he did have to withdraw from the contest.

"At the changeover, I was starting to feel my body a bit," Draper told reporters after the match.

"I said that I'm going to carry on because I wasn't feeling faint ... but obviously when I got out there, that wasn't the case."

Draper said he's looking forward to making a full recovery and competing in his next scheduled event.

Pro Ski Jumper Daniel-Andre Tande Seriously Injured In Horrific Crash ... Caught On Video

Pro ski jumper Daniel-Andre Tande suffered serious injuries in a terrifying crash caught on video Thursday ... but thankfully, officials are now describing his ailments as non-life-threatening.

Tande, a 27-year-old who won a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics, was competing in a World Cup event in Slovenia ... when one of his jumps went horrifically wrong.

You can see in video of the crash ... midway through his flight, he turned sideways and landed HARD on the snow below.

The Norwegian then violently plummeted hundreds of feet down the mountain ... before coming to a stop at the base of the jump.

Ski officials say Tande was unconscious when medics arrived. They added Tande had to be "intubated and mechanically ventilated" after he was loaded into the ambulance.

Fortunately, doctors said in a statement later Thursday afternoon that "preliminary tests are very promising."

And, a statement released by Norwegian Ski Jumping Team leader Clas Brede Brathen showed there's clear optimism Tande will eventually make a recovery.

"The fall has looked dramatic for us and we are now relieved after the first diagnosis that Daniel's injuries are not life threatening," Brathen said.

Doctors added they will continue to monitor Tande and repeat vital tests on Friday.

NFL's Chase Claypool In Bar Fight Caught on Video


10:43 AM PT -- A rep for the Costa Mesa Police Department tells TMZ Sports cops have launched an investigation into the fight.

Pittsburgh Steelers star WR Chase Claypool was involved in a late-night bar fight in Southern California … and TMZ Sports has the footage.

The 22-year-old -- who just wrapped up a sensational rookie campaign for the Steelers -- was at the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, CA with some friends on March 13 when things popped off with another group of patrons.

Sources tell us there was an issue involving someone throwing dollar bills at a woman inside the bar, which sparked an argument … and eventually, things moved outside.

We’re told Chase was NOT an instigator -- but as you can see in the video, things started to get out of control and Chase jumped into the action to help out one of his buddies.

At one point, the 6’4”, 238-pound NFL star gets in the middle of the action -- where one of the combatants was wrestling on the ground -- and Claypool delivers a swift kick to the face.

Eventually, Chase’s pals remove him from the fracas -- while people yelled at him to stand back and keep his distance.

We’re told both parties ultimately left the scene without further incident.

The Costa Mesa Police confirm they received a call for a fight at that location but when officers arrived, security told them the parties involved had already left. Nobody has been arrested or charged with a crime.

Unclear if the guy who got kicked plans on taking action -- but people close to Chase tell us he was just trying to protect his friend in a chaotic situation, like anyone would do.

We reached out to Claypool for comment, but so far, nothing back.

Claypool was a 2nd-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft after a stellar career at Notre Dame.

He played in all 16 games for the Steelers as a rookie -- logging 62 catches for 873 yards and 11 total TDs.

Originally Published -- 12:20 AM PT

Drag Race Disaster Car Crashes Into Spectators ... Woman Badly Injured

Breaking News
Mykia Woods

Horror at the Wilkesboro Dragway in North Carolina over the weekend -- where a car lost control and crashed into spectators, leaving a woman with serious injuries.

22-year-old Amber Garner was at the track with her family on March 20 when a purple Mustang spun out and went careening into an area where fans were watching the action.

You can hear a woman scream, "Oh god!"

Amber was struck by the car -- and quite honestly, it's a miracle she's alive.

"As soon as it did hit me, I guess I fell on the ground -- I blacked out, so I don’t know exactly," Amber told FOX 8.

Medical personnel raced over to provide first aid -- including securing her neck in a stabilizing brace.

She was later rushed to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for treatment on her badly broken right arm.

"Her arm is broken in four places and broke her knuckle," Amber's sister explained on a GoFundMe page she started to help with medical costs.

Garner is expected to undergo at least 2 surgeries to repair the damage -- but again, it's amazing she wasn't more seriously hurt.

As for the driver of the Mustang, that person is reportedly fine -- suffering no injuries in the wreck.

Be careful out there, people.

MMA Fight New Video Shows Chaos After Shots Fired Cops On Hunt For Gunman


TMZ Sports has obtained new footage showing the desperate scramble to neutralize the gunman who fired shots into the air at an MMA event in Florida ... and it's scary stuff.

You can see in the video, people at the Bamboo Room on March 20 were scared and confused after an unidentified man in a red shirt pulled out a handgun and fired into the air in what appears to be an attempt to restore order when a massive brawl broke out in the crowd.

The video -- captured by Florida City Entertainment -- shows multiple people tried to confront the gunman ... but nobody wanted to get too close because the guy was waving around a loaded weapon like it was a loaf of bread.

Eventually, multiple armed security personnel drew their own weapons and confronted the man in a corridor near an exit.

But, before additional law enforcement officers could respond to the scene ... the man was kicked out of the venue and hasn't been heard from since.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ Sports it's still actively investigating the incident ... and released photos of the gunman in the hopes someone will step forward and identify him.


As we previously reported, multiple people were injured in a massive brawl that broke out at the RIZE Fighting Championship event in a chaotic scene that included people throwing punches and chairs.

Law enforcement is asking the public for help -- saying "anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS."

Belize Soccer Team Held Up By Heavily Armed Insurgents In Haiti .. In Terrifying Video

Breaking News

10:30 AM PT -- The team is rebounding well from Monday's terrifying incident ... players and coaches got in an outdoor workout Tuesday, stretching, jogging and getting some cardio in.

Ian Gaynair/Facebook

You can see the guys look to be in good spirits ... with some even rockin' smiles on their faces!

The Belize men's national soccer team was stopped by gunmen in Haiti just minutes after it had arrived in the country for a World Cup qualifier -- and video from the scene is beyond troubling.

The Belize national team officials said in a statement Monday they were making their way from the airport to their hotel 3 days prior to their big soccer match ... when a band of armed insurgents on motorcycles pulled them over at gunpoint.

You can hear the soccer players in the bus describing the demands the insurgents were making -- "They said, 'Pull over or else!'"

The footage shot from inside the team bus shows dozens of men -- some armed with large firearms -- order the driver to pull to the side of the road, despite the team having a 4-man police escort.

Belize officials said cops were forced to "negotiate" with the men in order to leave unharmed -- and, thankfully, they were allowed to move forward with no one getting hurt in the confrontation.

No word on what the team had to give the men in order to leave.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

"The situation is one that the team should have never faced," team officials said after the incident, "but we are pleased to report that our Jaguars, although shaken by the terrible experience, are safely at their hotel."

The team added it's "currently in contact with respective authorities from FIFA and Concacaf and are doing everything possible to get them to safer grounds."

"It is unfortunate that our Jaguars faced such a traumatic experience."

Belize is slated to play Haiti in Port-Au-Prince on March 25 -- a key game for Belize as it attempts to qualify for the World Cup (set for 2022 in Qatar) for the first time ever.

Originally Published-- 7:25 AM PT

BYU Hoops Player Gets Trapped In Elevator ... Teammates To The Rescue!!!

Talk about TEAMWORK!!!

The BYU men's hoops team had a unique form of team bonding before the NCAA tournament ... by having to save a teammate who was TRAPPED inside an elevator!!!

The disaster moment went down at the team hotel on Thursday ... when Cougars junior guard Jesse Wade experienced the "Scariest moment of my life."

But, BYU was NOT about to leave a fellow Coug behind ... so they teamed together to help pry the doors open to let Wade out.

The video is equally freaky and scary at the same time -- Wade’s face appears through the small opening of the trapped elevator doors ... and then screams "Oh my god" as his teammates break out in laughter while trying to get him out.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It was a true team effort -- several players’ hands and feet are seen prying Wade out to his safety.

The Cougs ended up getting their first win of the tournament when Wade broke free ... which was met with cheering and laughter.

Unclear on how long Wade was stuck -- but let's be honest, any amount of time would have anyone panicking.

BYU will face UCLA in the 1st round of the NCAA Men’s basketball championship on Saturday ... maybe take the stairs next time?

Spring Break Arrest Handcuffed Kid Makes Getaway ... And the Beach Goes Wild!!!

Exclusive Details
@nameone_better/Tik Tok

11:03 AM PT -- Police say the handcuffed suspect who ran from cops was charged with escape, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence.

Cops say they've also identified the person in the crowd who opened the door to let the shirtless kid out, and they say his arrest is pending.

If ya gotta get arrested during Spring Break, might as well get the entire beach cheering for you as you flee from cops while you're in handcuffs -- that was this kid's game plan, anyway.

The video from a beach in Clearwater, FL is pretty epic, and this guy is probably an instant legend with his friends. Law enforcement sources tell us Clearwater PD hit the sand to break up a fight ... and when the video starts they've already got a suspect handcuffed in the back of their car.

But, someone in the crowd opened the back door, and the shirtless kid starts racing down the beach, trying to make a getaway. The only problem is everyone on the beach cheered and started running with him -- so much for the element of surprise!

@nameone_better/Tik Tok

The hilarious scene looks like they all just heard there was a free beer giveaway. Alas, the cops were in better shape than the suspect, and eventually recaptured him.

Hope it was fun, since he'll probably get an added charge or 2 for evading arrest.

If nothing else, Flash's folly will live on in TikTok infamy.

Originally Published -- 8:30 AM PT

Joey Chestnut Devours 33 Boneless Wings In 90 Seconds ... Out-Eats Pro Football Players!!!



The food legend proved once again he's still the king of shoveling meat down his throat -- devouring more than 30 boneless wings in 90 seconds at an FCF eating competition ... all while beating out teams of massive football players!

The face-stuffing event went down Wednesday night just outside of Atlanta at the Infinite Energy Center, where the Fan Controlled Football league hosted its first-ever eating event.

37-year-old Chestnut -- the greatest eater of all-time -- was matched up against four teams of two ... which included squads featuring hungry-ass linemen.

Chestnut, though, was able to pound down more chicken by himself than every other team ... plowing through 33 wings in the allotted 1.5 minutes.

It was no boat race ... 2nd place ate 31 and 3rd place at 28 -- and even Joey had to tip his hat to the other guys after taking the crown.

"I knew I was going slow," Chestnut said, "but they were eating!"

Props to Joey for yet another win under his belt ... now get back to the hot dogs -- 4th of July is less than four months away!

The first Fan Controlled Football Championship is going down Saturday night at 8PM ET between the Glacier Boyz and Wild Aces.

Retired Detective Hurls N-Word During Traffic Incident ... LAPD Reviewing His 370 Cases

@whatsupscv / Twitter

A retired LAPD homicide detective caught on video calling a Black man a "dumb n****r" after a minor traffic collision is prompting the police to review all 370 cases he handled during his career.

The man hurling racial slurs during the incident -- which went down last weekend in Santa Clarita, CA -- has been ID'd as John Motto. The LAPD says he's not currently a member of the force, he retired in May 2020 as a detective with the Operations Central Bureau Homicide.

The footage shows heated moments immediately after a car accident ... Motto got into an argument with the other driver, a Black man.

Motto claims the other driver used the n-word first, which he feels made it okay for him to then use it -- but Motto also added, "Go back into your little cage until the monkey controller gets here."

He's then used the n-word, again, to insult the other driver.

The LAPD says it's launched an internal investigation "to ensure there is no current Department nexus to this incident." It adds, "What is seen in the video is not reflective of the thousands of hard working and dedicated men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department."

The L.A. District Attorney's office says they will be reviewing Motto's past cases ... presumably to see if there's any evidence racial bias might have affected them.

Virginia State University School Prez Destroys 1-on-1 Opponent ... In Campus Showdown!!!

Makola M. Abdullah, Ph.D. is the esteemed President of Virginia State University.


The Prez was leaving his campus office when he was approached by a student named Afo -- who's pretty well known for staging fun pranks and viral videos around the school.

Afo's bit of the day was approaching people with a basketball for an impromptu game of 1-on-1 to see if random people would square up on the spot.

Afo balled up a woman in a tight red dress, a security guard and others -- but when he approached President Abdullah, that's when the tables turned!!

The President smacked the ball right out of Afo's hands and proceed to ball out -- even removing his fancy jacket to show he wasn't messing around.

But, the best part was the NUTMEG at the end that had Afo on skates!!! It was awesome!!!

It was all in good fun -- and the two even snapped a pic together afterward.

Afo tweeted, "I’m not gonna lie, it took a lot for me to post this. He definitely got me tho."

President Abdullah also weighed in -- saying, "You already know it's all love. I can't wait until everybody is back on campus."

We spoke with President Abdullah who tells us he's just a recreational player who loves the game -- and had a blast messing around on campus.

He praised Afo as a "fantastic kid" who's a talented entertainer and a scholar who's expected to graduate soon.

As for a possible rematch, Abdullah put it this way -- "I don't know if my knees will let me do it twice! I think I might have gotten just enough out of these knees. I'm going to retire now."


Plane Crash Video Shows Deadly Impact

An airplane crash-landed into an SUV before bursting into flames in the middle of a Florida neighborhood ... and the deadly impact was captured on a neighbor's security cam.

You see the SUV driving down a residential street when suddenly the small plane comes flying into frame, smashing into the car and skidding across the road before exploding Monday ... leaving a trail of flames.

A neighbor's Ring video captured the whole thing, and she sent the footage to CBS Miami.

The crash killed both people in the aircraft, as well as a young boy riding in the SUV with his mother ... according to the Pembroke Pines Fire Department. The people in the plane died at the scene. The young boy and his mom were rushed to a hospital, but he didn't survive.

The FAA says the single-engine aircraft had just taken off from North Perry Airport, about 20 miles north of Miami. It's unclear what caused the crash.

USC Recruit Keyan Burnett Chases Down Opponent 100 Yards ... DK Metcalf Style!!!

Breaking News
Damien High School Media/Youtube

Future USC tight end Keyan Burnett went FULL DK Metcalf mode in a game last week ... chasing down an opponent 100 yards to make a touchdown-saving tackle!!!

The insane play all went down in Southern California in Servite High School's game against Damien last Friday ... when Burnett's squad needed him to make a super-human play to save 7 points.

A Damien player scooped up a fumble at the 11-yard line and looked poised to rumble 89 yards to turn a 13-0, 1st-quarter deficit into a 13-7 ballgame.

But, Burnett -- a 6'5", 210-pound 4-star recruit who committed to play for the Trojans earlier this month -- turned on the jets and hunted the ball carrier down!!

Check out the clip, Burnett was in the endzone on the other side of the field when the fumble was initially picked up ... and then he sprinted nearly 100 yards to make the tackle!!

The play was absurd ... and it immediately reminded everyone of when Metcalf ran down Budda Baker during that ridiculous Sunday Night Football play in 2020.

Damien ended up missing a field goal a few plays after Burnett's tackle ... and then, get this -- Burnett scored a 70-yard TD on the ensuing Servite drive to make it a 20-0 game!!

Ridiculous effort for sure ... somewhere, Clay Helton is smiling BIG!!!

Breonna Taylor Protests Erupt on First Anniversary Death ... Violence in L.A.

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@starwind_cinema / Twitter

Breonna Taylor's death a year ago Saturday triggered a tense, violent confrontation in L.A. between protesters and police.

Two protesters jumped on the hood of an LAPD squad car ... the protesters began pounding on the hood and the car abruptly accelerated, hurling them onto the pavement.

Police showed up in riot gear as they faced off with protesters. Several businesses in the area were vandalized as well.

There were also demonstrations in New York and Louisville -- the city where Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police -- Saturday started out calm with a demonstration ... Breonna's mom, Tamika Palmer, was front and center.

The evening became tense as protesters blocked roads. Police declared an unlawful assembly and it appears the crowd began to disperse.


Protests also went down in Seattle, where cops faced off against demonstrators. Cops grabbed umbrellas held by some of the protesters and pushed back the crowd. Several demonstrators were arrested for various alleged crimes, including assaulting an officer, obstruction and resisting arrest.

There were other demonstrations throughout the country. Palmer has asked the Grand Jury to look at Breonna's killing to determine if the cops committed homicide ... something Attorney General Daniel Cameron did not allow in the first Grand Jury case.

Old news is old news!
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