Mick Jagger Happy 77th ... Stones Pay Tribute

Mick Jagger, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, turns 77 Sunday, and the occasion wasn't lost on his bandmates.

Keith Richards marked the occasion by posting a pic of them, saying, "Mick, Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Love, Keith."

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Ronnie Wood piled on ... "Wishing @mickjagger a very happy birthday!"

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It's remarkable ... Mick and co. have been together for 6 decades, and they're still a group. There have been a million ups and downs ... feuds between Mick and Keith, tell-all books ... but in the end, they are brothers joined at the hip, and there's a lot of love between them.

The band 86'd its No Filter Tour back in March ... this because of the coronavirus. They did, however, perform a virtual concert for "One World: Together at Home Concert," and it was fabulous.

Mick's had some health issues recently ... last year he underwent heart valve replacement surgery, but it only sidelined him for a short period of time ... he was back on stage doing his thing.

Happy Birthday, Mick!!!

Kim Kardashian Unfollowed Larsa As They Grew Apart ... No Drama or Bad Blood


Kim Kardashian and Larsa Pippen just aren't as close as they used to be ... and that's what triggered a conscious unfollowing between them.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Kim quietly stopped following Larsa on Instagram at the end of last year when she made a decision to unfollow EVERYONE, and bring her following count down to zero.

We're told Kim felt she needed a fresh start, social media-wise, and wanted to start over by following only accounts of her family and childhood friends -- all to reduce her feed, and keep a clear headspace.

Most folks thought Kim and Larsa were still super close -- until they noticed this week they weren't following each other anymore -- but our sources say the ladies' friendship simply grew apart over time because life got in the way.

We're told there was no drama between Kim and Larsa -- and the rumors floating around LP messed around with Kanye West or Tristan Thompson are not true.

Our sources say Kim is focused on getting Kanye healthy, her 4 young kids, law school and juggling her 3 business. Larsa, meanwhile, says she's focused on her kids, her new fitness line and her "relationships in real life."

Our sources say Kim and Larsa are just in a different place in their lives, and while they're not as close as they used to be, they have no ill will and still stay in touch. Case in point ... we're told Larsa recently visited Kim in Los Angeles.

Larsa's still got a Kardashian following ... Khloe and Kourtney cleaned house on IG just like Kim, but they still follow Larsa on Twitter.

Snoop Dogg & DMX It's a Doggy Dog World in Classic Verzuz Rap Battle!!!

Verzuz/Apple Music

Snoop Dogg and DMX brought some much-needed 1990s nostalgia to the horror show that is 2020 with a couple hours worth of sick rap battles that became an instant classic.

The rappers went head-to-head Wednesday night in the latest Verzuz battle that drew a whopping 500,000 viewers on Instagram Live. If ya forgot what Verzuz is here's a refresher ... Swizz Beatz and Timbaland created the music battle show, originally on IG Live, that's drawn millions upon millions of fans and strong interest from Hollywood execs.

Back to Snoop and X ... the rappers complemented each other as they spit some of their most iconic tracks, like when DMX hopped on and joined Snoop for "Ain't No Fun." Snoop also got down with "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Gin and Juice" while DMX spit "Where My Dogs At" and "X Gon' Give It To Ya," which brought Snoop out of his seat.

They also, quite literally, complimented each other. Snoop -- donning some kid PJs -- told DMX, "New York has always been the Mecca of rap to us in the West Coast." This prompted DMX to respond, "Something I love about you, Snoop, is we can always count on you to kick some gangsta s**t."


Tom Brady Gets Mushy For Gisele's 40th ... 'Sunshine Of My Life'

Breaking News

1:27 PM PT -- The love just keeps pouring out of Brady ... with the QB praising the birthday girl for all her charitable efforts in an adorable video message.

"It’s so fitting that on your 40th birthday, you chose to give back by planting 40,000 trees in the Amazon forest."

"Always caring about others before yourself. Te amo para sempre."


Tom Brady melted into a sweet bowl of love Monday ... writing a mushy birthday note to Gisele for her 40th -- and it's adorable as hell!!!

The G.O.A.T. fired up his social media account to deliver the message ... posting a pic of the supermodel and their kids, writing "Happy 40th Birthday" ... all while stealing some sappy lines from Frank Sinatra.

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"You are the sunshine of my life," Brady wrote. "That's why I'll always be around. You are the apple of my eye. Forever you'll stay in my heart."

Gisele was pleased with the QB's bday wishes ... she commented on the pic, "Thank you my love. Te amo tanto."

Of course, Brady has never shied away from public love notes to his wifey ... every Valentine's Day, Halloween and just about any other holiday he shares some kind of pic of the two.

As we previously reported ... the couple has been dating for over a decade -- and have two kids together.

But TB12 famously told Howard Stern earlier this summer he had to skip Patriots offseason workouts toward the end of his tenure in New England because Gisele "wasn't satisfied with our marriage."

Clearly, though, things are all good now.

Happy birthday!!!

Nicki Minaj SURPRISE-ish ... I'm Pregnant!!!

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Nicki Minaj's intent to become a mom has finally come to fruition, 'cause she's confirming what a lot of her fans have suspected ... she's PREGNANT!!!

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The rapper made the surprise announcement Monday morning on Instagram, posting a photo of herself looking at least 6 months along and adding the caption, "#Preggers."

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She posted another photo too from what appears to have been a full-blown Beyonce-style baby bump shoot. No caption for the second pic -- none needed really, the image itself does all the talking.

Our girl is very preggo, and is finally ready to tell the world about it.

It's crazy ... because you'll recall Nicki announced back in September 2019 she was retiring and done with the rap game so she can focus on starting her family. It didn't take long before she got back in the game, but also she also got wifed up!

As we've reported ... Nicki ended up marrying childhood friend Kenneth Petty the following month. It seems their relationship has really prospered over the last few months -- minus their brief beef with Meek Mill.

She dropped even more hints this past May, when answering some fan questions she talked about mad cravings, "nausea and peeing nonstop," and even teased a possible baby bump!

So, with that said, congrats on Baby Barbie, NM ... or Baby Ken. Whatever it ends up being.

Orlando Bloom Destroyed Over Lost Dog

Orlando Bloom is inconsolable over his dog that went missing several days ago, saying he's a broken man.

Orlando's poodle, Mighty, disappeared earlier in the week in the Santa Barbara area and he sent out a plea for its return, to no avail.

The despair is palpable, with Orlando saying, "I don't recall a time in my life where I've been so broken or wide open. The rawness I have felt over these past few days and sleepless nights at the idea of my little man being lost and scared, with me unable to do anything to protect him, is a waking nightmare."

He went on ... "The bond between Mighty and I shows devotion in ways I have not truly understood until now. I am a devoted father & partner, still, there is a reason why they call them 'man's best friend.' I miss him."

Orlando ends with this ... "Send out a prayer for my little strong and Mighty boy to find his way back to his family."


Praying for Mighty's return.

Orlando Bloom My Dog Is Missing ... Help Me Find Mighty!!!

Orlando Bloom says his best friend went missing ... and he's pleading with the public to help him find his wayward pooch.

The 'Pirates of The Caribbean' star says his super-cute furry friend, Mighty, is missing in Montecito, CA, a coastal town just outside Santa Barbara, and he's offering a reward for the dog's safe return.

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Orlando says Mighty has a microchip and the little dog's collar has a phone number to call ... and he's asking anyone who finds the lost pup to take him to a local veterinarian, animal shelter or police station so he can be traced back home.

It's pretty sad ... Orlando's asking folks to only send "real info" that could lead to the dog's rescue because his heart is already broken and he doesn't want insult added to his injury.

Here's hoping Mighty finds his way home.

DeSean Jackson Fined By Eagles Over Anti-Semitic IG Post

Breaking News

The Philadelphia Eagles have fined WR DeSean Jackson for conduct detrimental to the team over an anti-Semitic post on Instagram, the team announced.

"Today we have penalized DeSean for conduct detrimental to the team. He accepted these consequences and apologized," the Eagles said.

As you probably know ... Jackson posted an anti-Semitic quote attributed to Adolf Hitler (though, it was not a real Hitler quote) which suggested a Jewish conspiracy for world domination. He also posted several images of Louis Farrakhan, who has a long history of making anti-Semitic statements.

"In our many conversations with [DeSean], it has also been made clear that this is only the beginning," the Eagles continued ... "We have discussed a concrete plan for how we and he can heal moving forward."

The team also says they have explained to DeSean he must follow through with action to educate himself about anti-Semitism or he will be fired.

"He understands that in order to remain on the team, he must also commit to supporting his words with actions."

As we previously reported, Jackson has been meeting with Jewish groups, Jewish players and a Holocaust survivor in order to educate himself. We're told he's taking this very seriously.

The team continued, "We have been encouraged by his desire to educate himself, but we all understand that there is still a lot of work to be done."

"We will continue to assist DeSean in this process, and we also know that all of us in our organization need to listen and learn more about things that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable to us."

"We must continue to fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination, while not losing sight of the important battle against systemic racism."

Story developing ...

DeSean Jackson Meets with 94-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor

Exclusive Details

4:26 PM PT -- DeSean met with Mosberg over Zoom moments ago -- and says he was truly moved by the conversation.

"Today I had an opportunity to speak with 94 year old holocaust survivor Mr. Edward Mosberg. Thank you Mr. Mosberg for your valuable time and insight today."

"Im taking this time to continue with educating myself and bridging the gap between different cultures, communities & religions. LOVE 2 ALL!!!!! TO BE CONTINUED."

DeSean Jackson will be meeting with a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor on Friday ... in an effort to educate himself about the Jewish struggle.

Earlier this week, Edward Mosberg expressed his disappointment in Jackson's IG post in which the NFL featured an anti-Semitic quote attributed to Adolph Hitler.

In his letter to Jackson, Mosberg invited the Philadelphia Eagles WR to visit a Nazi concentration camp to better understand why pushing anti-Semitic rhetoric can lead (and has lead) to death and destruction.

"I would invite you to join me at the sites of these German Nazi death camps, to understand what evil truly is, and why sharing quotes of the man behind this evil is so offensive to us all," Mossberg wrote.

Mosberg says he survived several Nazi concentration camps -- including Mauthausen in Austria. He also says his late wife was a survivor of Auschwitz.

Now, we're told Jackson will meet with Mosberg over Zoom on Friday -- in the hopes of starting a positive, constructive dialogue.

As one source close to Jackson puts it -- "He really is educating himself ... and will continue to do so."

We're also told Jackson met with the Creative Community for Peace organization this week ... an organization dedicated to battling anti-Semitism.

Earlier this week, Julian Edelman invited Jackson to have an "uncomfortable conversation" about anti-semitism and racism in America.

And, Friday morning, Edelman says the two got the ball rolling.

"DeSean and I spoke for a while last night. We're making plans to use our experiences to educate one another and grow together. Stay tuned."

Originally Published -- 1:27 PM PT

DeSean Jackson Apologizes to Jewish Community ... 'I Will Educate Myself'

Breaking News

4:00 PM PT -- Another apology from DeSean Jackson ... this time, he's apologizing to the Jewish community -- and his Jewish bosses -- vowing to educate himself on why his IG post was so offensive and hurtful.

"I want to apologize to the Jewish community, Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Rosemnan, Doug Peterson, the Eagles organization and out fans for the insensitive and ill-informed posts that I shared on my social media."

Jackson continued, "This apology is more than just words -- it is a promise to do better. I will fully educate myself and work with local and national organizations to be more informed and make a difference in our community."

"I will consider my words and actions moving forward. I will seek out voices from other communities and listen to their words, thoughts and beliefs. In a time of division, I am committed to doing my part in making this world a better place for our children."

Sources connected to Jackson tell TMZ Sports he's spent the day talking with several Jewish people to try to understand why the post was so hurtful and dangerous.

8:57 AM PT -- DeSean has posted a new video -- saying his anti-Semitic posts were a "mistake" ... adding, "I truly apologize for posting it and sorry for any hurt I have caused."

8:52 AM PT -- The Eagles have condemned Jackson's post as "offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling" -- and are vowing to take "appropriate action."

The team does NOT say if they're considering cutting or suspending the WR.

Here's the team statement in full ...

"We have spoken with DeSean Jackson about his social media posts. Regardless of his intentions, the messages he shared were offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling. They have no place in our society, and are not condoned or supported in any way by the organization. We are disappointed and we reiterated to DeSean the importance of not only apologizing, but also using his platform to take action to promote unity, equality, and respect."

"We are continuing to evaluate the circumstances and will take appropriate action. We take these matters very seriously and are committed to continuing to have productive and meaningful conversations with DeSean, as well as all of our players and staff, in order to educate, learn and grow."

This is bad.

NFL star DeSean Jackson claims he's NOT a Jew-hater -- despite posting quotes suggesting a Jewish plot for world domination.

The Philadelphia Eagles WR first posted a screenshot of a book that features a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler -- saying Jews will "extort" and "blackmail" America as part of a greater "plan for world domination."

According to the multiple research websites, including Snopes, the quote is NOT originally from Hitler -- but STILL A HORRIBLE THING TO POST!

There was obvious backlash to the post from people including former Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner, who is Jewish.

"If a white player said anything about AA’s as outrageous as what Desean Jackson said about Jews tonight there would at least be a serious conversation about cutting him and a need for a team meeting to discuss. Which would be totally appropriate," Banner said.

"Absolutely indefensible."

Jackson later responded on another IG post -- saying, "Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way."

He added, "I have no hatred in my heart towards no one!"

On his IG page, Jackson also features several tributes to Louis Farrakhan -- a man the Anti-Defamation League has dubbed anti-Semitic over his long history of trashing the Jewish people.

Farrakhan has previously referred to Judaism as a "gutter religion" and praised Hitler as a "great man."

Originally published -- 5:58 AM PT

Bun B Houston PD Dealing with Cop's Racist Post ... I've Been Assured


Bun B says he's seeing a lot of people compromise their jobs just to express racism -- like the Houston cops now in hot water over a disgustingly racist social media post.

The Houston-native rapper hopped on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and said he's been told by Houston PD brass they're expeditiously dealing with the 2 cops who commented on an image posted by an ex-officer. ICYMI ... a Houston cop who quit the force on June 18 took to Facebook 6 days later and posted a picture comparing black people to monkeys.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The president of the Houston Police Officers' Union called the post "disgusting," adding "it is not who we are as Houston Police Officers." But, it doesn't end there ... 2 officers currently active on the force commented on the post.

Enter Bun B ... who called out the officers on IG, saying, "You think it’s funny comparing black people to monkeys? We know you work in Houston at the Westside Command Station. Let’s see what your commanders think about this."

Check out the video ... Bun -- who btw is also a guest lecturer at Rice University -- says he's been told Houston PD will be looking into this.

As for why people now feel emboldened to expose themselves as racists ... Bun B says it's no coincidence the current occupant in the White House has essentially given them the green light to pronounce their racism on a larger scale.

But, believe it or not, Bun B agrees there's a silver lining to all of this -- the reckoning has triggered tough conversations about systemic racism, and says it's time to lay out all the cards on the table.

Jay Cutler Chicken Serial Killer Revealed ... Damn Raccoon!!!

Breaking News

The Jay Cutler Chicken Serial Killer Mystery of 2020 is officially SOLVED ... with the ex-NFL QB catching a beastly raccoon in the act!!!

As we previously reported ... Cutler had been dealing with an unknown menace that was ripping the heads off his beloved birds ... and he devoted his retirement life to saving his chickens.

The week-long saga took many twists and turns -- including traps and overnight stakeouts -- with pretty much the entire nation on the edge of its seat to figure out who the hell was offing the chickens.


But, Jay can now FINALLY get some sleep ... 'cause he's officially discovered the culprit -- A DAMN TRASH PANDA!!!

"All is well and happy to report it was a raccoon," Cutler said on IG Wednesday morning. "Which fits the evidence. Chicken heads were ripped off and bodies were left in the chicken yard."

"Gruesome stuff but the reality of the situation. Ladies are now safe and sound. We can all sleep well for a few nights."

So, is this the end of an era and we can all go back to worrying about bigger issues?? Yes ... at least, for now.

"Unfortunately I’m sure this raccoon has some family members."

"While this saga is sadly ending, I’m sure there will be more. Stay tuned..."

2020 ... new levels of weird.

Tekashi 6ix9ine IG Account Will Remain Live ... Not Violating Our Policy


Tekashi 6ix9ine's Instagram page will stay up and running despite renewed uproar over his criminal record -- because the platform feels he hasn't violated their rules.

Here's the deal ... 6ix9ine ran into some legal trouble even before he hit it big. When he was younger -- age 18 -- he pled guilty to one count of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance.

In light of that, folks started asking why he's even allowed to have an IG since Facebook -- the parent company -- has explicit terms saying convicted sex offenders are barred from the platform. FB said his account would be put under review.

We've got an update on that review from the folks at FB and Instagram -- and it's basically this ... Tekashi is NOT technically in violation of FB/IG's sex offender policy, at least that's how they're viewing it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

A source at Instagram tells us ... FB and IG took a hard look at his record, and turns out ... they found the guy's case -- which went down in NY -- and saw he was adjudicated as a “youthful offender” which is different from having an adult criminal conviction.

As a result, our source tells us Facebook will not be removing his account, as they don't believe -- based on their interpretation of things -- he meets the criteria that would mark him as a sex offender. Look it up yourself ... Tekashi (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) does not appear on the state's sex offender registry.

The Manhattan D.A. confirms Tekashi's 2015 case was adjudicated as a Youthful Offender, but declined to offer more details. His attorney, Lance Lazzaro, shed a bit more light, telling us yes ... the crime was committed when T69 was 18. But, after he completed some sentencing requirements, the court granted him youthful offender status.

BTW, T69 has addressed the conviction himself on the Breakfast Club -- insisting he didn't know the girl was underage. Prosecutors say Tekashi was at a party where a nude 13-year-old girl was taped performing sex acts on a man, and T69 was seen making thrusting motions behind her and slapping her buttocks at one point.

Crazy Video Swimmer Catches Shark with Bare Hands ... Anything for the 'Gram, Eh???

Fox 5 DC

A swimmer in Delaware clearly thinks Chuck Norris has got nothin' on him, because he tried subduing a shark with his bare hands ... apparently all for what could have easily been a fatal photo op.

The scene unfolded over the weekend at Henlopen State Park Beach. You see the swimmer dragging the shark in shallow water, and then, as people on the shore stand in shock, the swimmer opens the foreboding mouth of the shark. It's pretty clear ... the mouth trick was for the cameras.

Unclear what the swimmer did with the shark, but in Delaware fishermen/women are required to return them to the waters.

Either way ... aside from being dangerous, it's not a great idea to play with these creatures and scare them for the sake of Instagram.

Oh, in case you didn't get the Chuck Norris reference ... well, enjoy.

Matthew McConaughey Talks Racism w/ Emmanuel Acho ... I'm Learning About 'White Allergies'

Matthew McConaughey's mission to do more to defeat racial injustice led him to an interesting chat with Emmanuel Acho ... where they broke down something referred to as "white allergies."

Matthew told the former NFL linebacker he recently learned of the term ... which he describes as white people's inherent prejudices -- ones they likely don't even realize -- based on their upbringing or history.

The actor suggests these "white allergies" apply to all white people -- even someone like him, who grew up in a diverse setting and has had black friends his whole life. He gives a prime example of one of these allergies too ... and says it SHOULD have been obvious to him.

Matty's eye-opening chat went down on Emmanuel's Instagram talk show, "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man."

BTW, Emmanuel said he's personally been exposed to a lot of "white allergies" -- he listed them off, and explained why they're really racist microaggressions in disguise.

The full discussion is captivating and worth a listen ... so check it out.

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