Tiffany Haddish Her Painting Will Hit Auction Block Benefiting Inner-City Arts Students!!!

Tiffany Haddish has ZERO art experience but that's entirely the point of partnering up with an org that'll auction off her painting ... with proceeds going to a great cause.

The comedian's hooking up with Painting with the Stars ... which raises money to help gain awareness and support for nonprofits that provide underprivileged youth access to the arts.

Painting with the Stars delivers art kits to celebrities with no art experience and asks them to paint something of their choosing that'll hit the auction block. Tiffany may not have legit art experience ... but she showed her true colors as one hell of an artist ... with her flowery, piano keys submission.

When the auction goes down this summer ... the L.A.-based nonprofit Inner-City Arts will be one of the beneficiaries. Inner-City Arts offers a safe and supportive environment where students can engage in a studio setting with help from teaching professionals.

Tiffany's just one of the celebs who've signed up. "American Ninja Warrior" alum Maggi Thorne is also on board. Thorne suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2019 while competing on the course. She'd later need physical therapy to regain her balance and speech therapy for cognitive learning skills.

Talk about inspiration.

Buffoonery at San Diego Zoo Dad Brings His 2-Year-Old Into an Elephant Habitat, Drops Her

This guy definitely ain't winning Dad of the Year -- a man brought his 2-year-old INSIDE a caged elephant habitat at the San Diego Zoo... and fumbled the kid trying to make a run for it.

Check out this absolutely wild video of a father entering an enclosure that houses one of San Diego Zoo's African elephants, Shaba. The footage picks up with him already on dangerous ground with his toddler daughter in hand ... as shocked spectators look on.

He has his back turned to the elephant -- which is idiotic -- and before you know ... the beast is charging at him and his baby. Luckily, he notices in time and scrambles to get out -- but he almost forgets one important thing before fully exiting the area ... his damn kid!!!

Watch ... he actually drops the child on the ground, face-first, and it's left incredibly close to the elephant's feet -- which easily coulda crushed her. The dad picks up the baby in time, and makes a not-so-clean escape. All the while, the agitated elephant is roaring.

Now, if you're wondering if her pops -- aka Jose Manuel Navarrete -- had to pay a price for his stupid stunt ... the answer is a resounding yes. He was arrested by San Diego PD and booked on child endangerment charges -- Navarrete is being held on $100k bail.

As for Shaba ... fortunately, this doesn't appear to be another Harambe incident. The elephant is said to be fine, and doesn't face any life-or-death punishment for protecting its turf.

Long Island School Scandal White Headmaster Confronts Black Student Kneel and Apologize

The headmaster of a Long Island Catholic school reportedly made a black, 11-year-old student kneel and apologize.

An English teacher at the St. Martin de Porres Marianist school reportedly caught 6th grader Trayson Paul working on the wrong assignment in English class ... this according to the New York Daily News. The teacher reportedly ripped up his paper and sent him to the Headmaster's office.

Enter Headmaster John Holian, who allegedly told Trayson to get on his knees and confess his wrongdoing. Holian reportedly said he ordered the child to kneel because the father of a Nigerian student said it's the "African way" of apologizing.

The boy's mother, Trisha Paul, says her son was humiliated and feared he was punished more harshly because of his race.

Paul told the Daily News ... “Once he started mentioning this African family, that’s when it just clicked. Like, this is not normal procedure. I felt there was no relevance at all. Is he generalizing that everyone who is Black is African? That’s when I realized something is not right with this situation.”

Holian is reportedly on temporary leave as the school investigates. We reached out to him but he said he would not comment on the situation.

Kevin Hart You Gotta Have Hart ... If You Want a Benz for 16th Bday!!!

@bdashd / Instagram

It's good to have Kevin Hart for a dad ... just ask his daughter, Heaven, who just scored a Mercedes SUV for her sweet 16!!!

An unsuspecting Heaven came home after her parents -- Kevin and first wife, Torrei -- distracted her ... and she seemed genuinely surprised by the surprise party.

The big reveal, however, was the sweet Benz that was festooned with a big red ribbon in the driveway.

It was quite the bash ... executed by bDASHd Event Planning and Bakery.

The party theme -- ripped from the superhero manga series, "My Hero Academia." Not a bad theme coming out of COVID -- hopefully -- after a challenging year for students in the U.S. and around the world. But business is business, and Saturday studies took a back seat to a pretty awesome ride, especially for a 16-year-old.

Hart knows how to throw a bash.

Joey Bada$$ Disney Blocked My Autistic Cousin ... From Entering w/o a Mask!!!


Joey Bada$$ has a bone to pick with Mickey and co. -- he claims the Mouse House wouldn't let his autistic cousin into the park without a mask ... to which he calls foul.

The rapper posted a video Saturday which shows three Disney World employees on camera who appear to have been dispatched to deal with a situation. As Joey narrates and gets the names and positions of each worker ... it becomes clearer what's going on.

He says he came to DW with his family -- about 30 people or so -- to celebrate his daughter's birthday. Thing is, one of his relatives is an autistic child ... whom Joey says doesn't understand the concept of mask-wearing and finds it suffocating.

Joey adds, "These guys have completely ruined my family’s trip. We came out here 30+ for my daughter's bday and they turned my lil cousin away, can’t even enjoy this experience anymore" ... going on to tag a number of Disney handles on social media.

We checked Disney's official policy on mask-wearing in their parks that are open -- which, at this point in the States, is only in Florida -- and aside from kids younger than 2 years old ... there are no loopholes for the rule other than eating/drinking, which is standard.

So basically, everyone's gotta wear one, period. There are no considerations for folks with special needs or other underlying conditions ... which seems to have come to a head here. We reached out to Joey's rep as well as Disney for further comment ... no word back yet.

Blue Ivy Grammy Queen ... In Training!!!

Blue Ivy's showing there's a new queen in the making ... and she's drinking it all in.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's 9-year-old daughter celebrated winning her first Grammy last weekend in style ... wearing a gold crown to match the award.

The photos of Blue Ivy -- one in which she's holding her Grammy and smiling and another where she's sipping out of it with a straw -- were shared by her mom at the end of a video montage. The sipping one has major Notorious B.I.G. vibes with the crown and red background.

Beyonce's Instagram video -- set to her award-winning "Black Parade" -- features a timeline of her setting the record for most Grammy wins by a female artist and most by any singer, male or female, with 28 ... with the special tribute to Blue Ivy at the end.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... Blue took home her first Grammy after winning with her mom for Best Music Video with "Brown Skin Girl."

Demi Lovato 'I Lost My Virginity in a Rape' ... Reveals Trauma in New Documentary

Demi Lovato says she was sexually assaulted as a teenager and is opening up about it for the first time, publicly ... because it's taken her this long to process the trauma.

The singer made the shocking revelation in her new documentary, 'Dancing with the Devil' ... which premiered Tuesday night at SXSW. In the film, she says, "I lost my virginity in a rape."

The film infers the alleged assault occurred when she was 15 during her days as the Disney Channel star of "Camp Rock" and "Sonny With a Chance." Demi says she called the person back a month after the alleged rape and "tried to make it right by being in control and all it did was make me feel worse."

Youtube/Demi Lovato

She says of the encounter ... "We were hooking up but I said -- hey, this is not going any farther, I’m a virgin, and I don’t want to lose it this way. And that didn’t matter to them, they did it anyways. And I internalized it and I told myself it was my fault because I still went in the room with him. I still hooked up with him."

Demi claims she developed a serious eating disorder to deal with the trauma, and beat herself up for years ... but she feels it's finally time to share her truth.

As we reported ... the new documentary details Demi's 2018 overdose -- including being declared legally blind in the hospital after she woke up -- along with her many other challenges and triumphs.

'Dancing with the Devil' premieres March 23 on YouTube TV.

Beyonce 9-Y-O Daughter Blue Ivy Wins her first Grammy Award!!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy, just won herself some hardware at the Grammys -- which makes her the second youngest to ever walk away with the prize.

Bey and Blue just won for Best Music Video ... an award that was given out before the broadcast, which starts at 5 PM PT. The Recording Academy gave props to the team, tagging Beyonce and hashtagging BI (since she doesn't have Twitter yet), plus Wizkid.

The Academy wrote, "Congrats Best Music Video winner - 'BROWN SKIN GIRL' @Beyonce #BlueIvy @wizkidayo Sparkles #GRAMMYs." The track and accompanying video were part of Beyonce's 'Lion King' album, 'The Gift' -- and yes, Blue DOES have a verse in there.

She shows up throughout the video alongside her mom, but toward the end ... Blue dishes out the outro, nearly identical to the intro and chorus ... "Brown skin girl // Your skin just like pearls // The best thing in the world // I'd never trade you for anybody else, singin'."

It's a small contribution, but it counts ... and Blue's even a featured name on the song. So, yes ... she also gets credit, and just as important, she also gets a statuette -- joining her folks, who've got dozens of Grammys among themselves. Now, it's a family affair!

At age 9, Blue becomes one of the youngest artists to have the honor bestowed on her. In 2002, the music group The Peasall Sisters won a Grammy for Best Album for the soundtrack to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" to which they contributed on "In the Highways."

The youngest of those three sisters, Leah, was 7 when she recorded it and 8 when she and her other two siblings won. Still, pretty impressive all around for Blue ... congrats!!!

LeBron James Daughter's Amazing Dance Moves ... Greatness Runs in Fam!!!

LeBron James undeniably has moves, but guess what ... so does his daughter!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

6-year-old Zhuri is amazing, dancing to Cardi B's, "Up." It's flawlessly executed, with the help of her dance instructor ... but it doesn't really seem Zhuri needs much instruction. Talk about projecting greatness ... this kid's gonna be a true performer.

LeBron said the dance lesson had just ended when Zhuri got to pick any song to freestyle to, and she picked Cardi's latest single. The dance is big on TikTok, but God help anyone who tries to best Zhuri, 'cause she's awesome!

LeBron wrote, "yeah it’s officially over for me guys!! I feel bad for whomever my Baby Z decides to bring home first!"

For her part, Cardi saw the vid and said, "Yes we all see cuteness gut bayybee I see a future superstar. Sooo adorable! I'm maaa hype lols."

HS Basketball Announcer Blames N-Word Comments On Diabetes ... 'I Am So Sorry'

Breaking News 3/11/21

3:51 PM PT -- The man who made the racist comments is apologizing for his words -- and chalking the whole thing up to a diabetic episode.

We spoke with 44-year-old Matt Rowan who admits it's HIS voice making the insanely offensive comments about the girl's basketball team while they were kneeling for the national anthem.

"I will state that I suffer Type 1 Diabetes and during the game, my sugar was spiking," Rowan said in a statement.

"While not excusing my remarks, it is not unusual when my sugar spikes that I become disoriented and often say things that are not appropriate as well as hurtful."

Rowan adds, "I do not believe that I would have made such horrible statements absent my sugar spiking."

TMZ Sports spoke with Rowan who added, "I'm absolutely speechless for my rhetoric. I want to offer my deepest apologies to these girls because I hurt them."

"[The N-word] should never be thought much less muttered."

Rowan says he does not "want to hide behind diabetes" -- adding, "I want to take ownership of my actions. Never my intention to hurt anyone. I am sickened by what I said. I am so sorry for what I said."

10:25 AM PT -- The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association -- which contracted the announcers for the game -- announced Thursday night's broadcast crew has been pulled from the remainder of the tournament while it investigates the incident.

This is disgusting.

A high school basketball announcer in Oklahoma called players "f***ing n*****s" for kneeling during the national anthem before a game this week ... and it was all caught on a hot mic.

It all went down before the Norman HS girls hoops team faced off against Midwest City during the Oklahoma 6A state basketball tournament Thursday night.

Every player from Norman elected to kneel for the duration of the anthem ... which led to the announcer's outburst on the National Federation of State High School Association Network's official live stream. Here's what we heard in the clip ...

"They're kneeling? F***ing n*****s. I hope Norman gets their ass kicked. F*** them. I  hope they lose. They're gonna kneel like that?"

The clip has since made rounds on social media .. with NFL stars like Kenny Stills -- who also kneels for the anthem -- and Gerald McCoy speaking out against the blatant racism.

"Amerikkka," Stills tweeted Friday morning ... while McCoy added, "See why we do it!?! They still think it’s about the flag."

Players from the Norman girls hoops team also spoke out against the announcer's comments ... saying, "This is why we kneel."

Norman superintendent Dr. Nick Migliorino ripped the "racist and hateful" comments in a scathing statement ... saying, "We condemn and will not tolerate the disgusting words and attitudes of these announcers."

"This type of hate speech has no place in our society and we are outraged that it would be directed at any human being, and particularly at our students."

He added ... "We fully support our students’ right to freedom of expression and our immediate focus is to support these girls and their coaches and families, particularly our Black students and coaching staff."

"It is tragic that the hard work and skill of this team is being overshadowed by the vile, malignant words of these individuals. We will do everything in our power to support and uplift our team and everyone affected by this incident."

Migliorino says Norman will use a different live streaming service for the remainder of the tournament ... "as we have full confidence in their proven ability to respectfully support our student athletes."

The NFHS Network also released a statement Friday morning ... saying it is "aggressively investigating" the incident and will cut ties with any individuals responsible.

"The NFHS Network firmly condemns racism, hate, and discrimination, and there is no room for this in high school sports or anywhere," the network said.

"We sincerely apologize to the students, their families and the entire community for having such ignorant comments expressed during the broadcast."

Originally Published -- 9:08 AM PT

Patrick Mahomes Fiancee Reveals Couple's New Baby ... In Precious Video

Patrick Mahomes' fiancee, Brittany Matthews, just introduced the world to the couple's newborn baby girl in a precious video ... and the little Mahomes is ADORABLE!!!

Brittany revealed the first-ever public images of Sterling Skye Mahomes Wednesday evening ... showing Matthews' journey from early pregnancy to motherhood in a workout montage.

The video is super cute ... it begins with Brittany doing hip thrusters at 24 weeks pregnant -- and then progresses into Brittany doing hip thrusters with little Sterling on her chest months later.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Brittany captioned the clip, "The most amazing journey, to bring the biggest blessing into our life. Baby girl, we love you!"

As we previously reported, the K.C. Chiefs' star quarterback and his fiancee's first baby was born on Feb. 20.

Brittany made the public announcement a day later, saying the little girl came out 6 lbs and 11 ounces!!!

FYI -- Patrick and Brittany have been dating for YEARS -- they connected way back in high school and got engaged at the Chiefs' Super Bowl ring ceremony in Sept. 2020.

The couple is still trying to lock down a wedding date amid the pandemic ... but something tells us they've got their hands full focusing on little Sterling at the moment!


Adele She's Not Paying Ex Spousal Support ... Gets Joint Custody of Kid

Adele won't be cutting monthly checks to her ex-husband now that they've finally reached the end of their divorce case ... and they'll be sharing custody of their child.

According to the divorce judgment, obtained by TMZ, the singer and her ex are going to have joint legal and physical custody of their 8-year-old son, Angelo, and the judgment says neither party will be paying spousal support.

The majority of the divorce settlement is confidential, so it's unclear if Adele made any other kind of payment to her ex-hubby, Simon Konecki. The judgment also says other details about child support are laid out in a separate judgment that’s not publicly filed.

TMZ broke the story ... Adele filed for divorce back in September 2019 after more than 7 years of marriage.

As we reported ... before filing divorce docs, Adele announced she had split from Simon, and her reps said they were "committed to raising their son together lovingly."

With them getting joint custody, it looks like Adele and Simon are keeping their word.

NFL's Ryan Switzer 9-Month-Old Son Out Of Hospital ... After COVID, Major Surgery

Cleveland Browns WR Ryan Switzer says his 9-month-old son was discharged from the hospital Tuesday night following a major health emergency which required 3 blood transfusions and a major surgery.

Switzer says his baby boy, Christian, was initially hospitalized on March 6 after he "woke up in his blood."

To make matters worse, Christian also tested positive for COVID.

A team of doctors (which included a pediatric gastroenterologist) feverishly searched for the source of Christian's bleeding -- and ultimately decided to perform emergency surgery on March 7.

During the procedure, doctors found "several sites of bleeding" -- but couldn't identify the specific issue at the root of the situation.

Unfortunately, Christian continued to experience bleeding episodes after the surgery -- and his parents asked the public to "pray for our baby."

Christian lost so much blood during the ordeal, he required 3 infusions to stabilize his hemoglobin levels.

But, things finally took a turn for the better on March 8 -- "There were no more bleeding spells overnight and all of [Christian's] labs remained normal," Ryan said.

Finally, on March 9 ... doctors concluded Christian was stable enough to continue his recovery at home and he was formally discharged from the hospital!!!

Many questions about Christian's condition remain -- but it seems he's trending in the right direction and on Wednesday morning, Ryan shared a video showing his son smiling and happy at the family home.


"We didn’t get any clear answers on why what happened, happened but, to see him sleep through the night with no bleeding and wake up in a playful mood this morning means our prayers are being answered."

Keep fighting Christian!!!

Golf Star Jordan Spieth Pauses Practice Round To Hear Kid's Speech ... Adorable Video!!!

Jordan Spieth -- one of the best golfers on the planet -- paused his practice round Tuesday to hear a speech about him from a child fan ... and the adorable scene was all caught on video!!

Spieth had been working his way around the TPC Sawgrass course in Florida in preparation for this week's PGA Tour event ... when out of nowhere, a little kid caught the 27-year-old's attention.

"Hey, Jordan!" the child yelled. "I'm doing a report on you at school, do you want to hear my speech?"

Jordan -- one of the sweetest guys on Tour -- obliged ... and then the kid delivered greatness!!

For around a minute, the child recited fact after fact about Jordan ... missing no details and not stumbling a single time -- and Jordan LOVED IT!!!

When the kid finished, everyone clapped ... and Spieth hooked him up with a signed ball and a glove!!

Unclear what the kid scored on his class project ... but we're guessing an A was given.

Because, come on, did you see the Masters outfit he wore for the classroom address???


Naya Rivera Dad Slams Ryan Murphy for 'Broken Promises' ... 'Glee' Creator Responds

Naya Rivera's father called out Ryan Murphy for allegedly failing to come through on promises he made after her drowning death ... but Murphy says he's still committed and working on it.

Naya's dad, George, went off on the "Glee" co-creator Tuesday night on Twitter, saying ... "Everyone needs to know what Ryan Murphy really did … or didn’t do !!! I’m about to blow up this story …. and make sure he’s knows that I know …."

George was responding to a tweet from July in which a woman said she had "so much respect" for Murphy and the other creators of the show for setting up a college fund for Naya's son, Josey.

According to George ... that hasn't happened, and he also seems pissed Murphy hasn't been in contact with him because he tweeted, "Broken Promises..... fake outrage .... hollow gestures ..... no phone call."

Naya's dad added ... "Promises made in public, only to fade with time and excuses .... even in a unexplainable tragedy ..."

Murphy caught wind of George's outrage, and quickly tweeted a response -- "Myself, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan have committed to create a college fund for Naya Rivera’s child Josey through the Naya Rivera Estate Trust. We have been in repeated conversations with the appropriate executors of her estate."

Apparently, those executors don't include George.

As we reported ... Naya died in an accidental drowning in July at Lake Piru after taking her son out on a boat. The boy was found on the boat with a life jacket, and told authorities his mom didn't make it back after they went swimming.

Aaron Rodgers I'm Looking Forward To Fatherhood ... After Shailene Woodley Engagement

Breaking News 3/4/21
Zenith Watches

NFL MVP ... engagement to stunning actress ... and, next, fatherhood?!?

Aaron Rodgers says that's the plan ... with the Green Bay Packers superstar saying he's eyeing having a baby now that he's engaged to Shailene Woodley.

The quarterback made the revelation during a chat with Zenith Watches last week ... saying fatherhood is the next life goal he'd like to reach.

"I just think it'd be so fun," Rodgers said of being a dad. "I've dreamt about what that would be like and I'm really excited about that chapter whenever that comes."

37-year-old Rodgers says he's not sure exactly when he'd like to head down that road -- he explained it might not be in the "immediate future" -- but he added he's still pumped about the idea regardless.

"I've done a pretty good job taking care of myself for the last 37 years," Rodgers said. "I look forward to taking care of another life at some point too."

As we previously reported, Rodgers announced his engagement in February after he won the NFL's MVP award.


Woodley confirmed the news a few weeks later and raved about the QB in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, playfully calling the QB a "nerd."

The two have been dating for around a year ... and Rodgers added in his interview last week that their engagement was "the best thing that's happened to me in the last year."

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