Mary-Kate Trashes Outfit Too

Her former home isn't the only thing Mary-Kate Olsen allegedly has ruined -- her latest outfit is also a huge debacle.

Looking like a risen Kurt Cobain, MKO hit the streets of L.A. on Monday decked out in a 1992 frat flannel, Catherine Bach's tattered Daisy Dukes and a pair of orthopedic gladiator sandals. What? No iced coffee drink?!

Both she and her old kitchen need an extreme makeover.

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Mary-Kate: World's Youngest "Golden Girl"

From the looks of her rainbow muumuu dress thing, Mary-Kate Olsen's true twin is ... Bea Arthur! Thank you for being a friend?!

Done with her 2006 witch boots and oversized '70s shades, the 21-year-old wannabe Snowbird unleashed her latest accessories on the innocent public at a NYC event on Wednesday -- a bile-colored clutch and a retired Moscow socialite's aerobics headband. Oy!

Afterwards, Mary-Kate enjoyed cheesecake and kibitzed with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia on the lanai.

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NYPD Commish -- Mary-Kate Won't Be Questioned

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says that Mary-Kate Olsen won't be interviewed in connection with the death of Heath Ledger -- just as TMZ first reported on Friday morning.

Internet and print reports have insisted that MK would be questioned by cops, insinuating that Ledger's masseuse, Diana Wolozin, called her to hatch a plan to hide illegal drugs in Heath's apartment. If that were true, we're told, cops would have to interview Olsen, but as TMZ has reported, that simply isn't the case.

"There is absolutely no indication that investigators were going to speak to Mary-Kate Olsen," said Kelly, as the New York Daily News reports. "They determined that they had all the information needed, by the witnesses who were on the scene."

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How Heath's Body Was Discovered

The Olsen twins' connection to Heath Ledger's apartment is now clear.

Here's the way it went down. A cleaning lady for Heath arrived at the apartment first, followed soon thereafter by a masseuse. They both entered the room at around the same time and discovered Heath's lifeless body.

The cleaning lady called police. The masseuse, we're told, called the bodyguard for the Olsens. She called him because they're friends and he's an EMT. The bodyguard was around the block at Ashley's and he immediately went over. By the time he arrived, the cops were already there.

We're also told it appeared Heath "had been dead for a while" and there were no visible signs of trauma. There was a pill bottle on the nightstand.

Forget "Weeds," It's Corona for Mary-Kate

With New Year's Eve fast approaching, Mary-Kate Olsen decided to stock up early with a case of Corona -- and nearly got run over in the process. Ay caramba!

Once the Showtime star and her male friend secured the suds, they decided to cross the street ... against the light! After a convertible honked at the pair, MKO gave a quick wave and made her way across.

Fortunately, the beer was unharmed.

PETA to Olsens: Pelt You!

PETA has come out swinging against Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for ignoring their pleas to stop wearing and promoting fur. We'd pre-fur you don't!

A new campaign launched this week features the "Trollsen Twins" (Hairy Kate and Trashley) learning about the evils of harming animals in a graphic video parody of "Full House".

The organization also plans to unveil a poster of the Starbucks-swilling celebutwins with the tagline: "Fur Is Worn By Beautiful Animals and Ugly People" next to their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this afternoon.

Where's Danny Tanner when they need him?



Shhh! Another Rare Species Spotted on Melrose!

Nature buffs were both delighted and terrified yesterday, when the extremely rare, red-orbed celebutwin species, Mary-Katenus Olsenicus, often confused with the Ashleyus, was seen perched near some statuary outside of the Maxfield store on Melrose Ave. yesterday. The skittish breed is unusual in that it gathers shiny bits of random string and metal to adorn itself.

This rail-like, camera-shy example is also remarkable for its unusual high-booted feet, black lacquered talons, and fierce scowl.



Yakkity Yak -- Olsen's Back!

No, that's not the Widow Cobain, that's fresh out-the-hospital Mary-Kate Olsen, who appears to be cooling her recovering kidneys by abandoning her ubiquitous Starbucks Venti for what appears to be carrot juice.

The tiny celebutwin was able to walk on her own power outside of a furniture store in L.A., in spite of being weighted down by twelve pounds of costume jewelry. Style slave MK knows that nothing swanks up a sweatshirt and jeans like a yak hair vest, Elvis aviator specs and a Halloween manicure. Isn't she chic?!



Mary-Kate -- The Kidney Stays in the Picture

Not a week after being hospitalized for a kidney infection, Mary-Kate Olsen was back on the town again, putting her nephrological health to the test.

We caught up with the not-Ashley celebutwin leaving the Bowery Hotel last night, looking not so worse for the wear after her hospital stay, to the extent that we could actually catch a glimpse of her -- and not just the bat-like eyes that tend to pop out of the night.



The Whiteness of the Olsen Twins

Something last night was clearly celestially aligned.

Both Olsen twins -- Mary-Kate and Ashley -- were spotted in Manhattan. And by seen, we mean their full, unblocked faces. And neither wore black, nor any headgear, nor any elaborate method of self-concealment. Twintastic indeed.

They pranced their way into the 7th on Sale gala at the 69th Regiment Armory last night, and we spotted Ashley, who is "just friends" with Lance Armstrong, at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

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