L.A. Angels 7 Arrested After Wild Brawl ... Woman Suffers Injury


8:13 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has learned ... 7 fans were arrested and given citations for assault and battery. 2 of the fans were minors, according to Anaheim PD.

We're told a woman who got mixed up in the fight also suffered a non-life threatening injury to her arm.

All hell broke loose at a recent Los Angeles Angels game ... when multiple fans grouped up to unleash a beating on a spectator -- and it was all caught on video.

No word on what started the chaos, but it appears a man in a white long-sleeved shirt was the center of it all ... with one fan throwing a huge batch of popcorn at the dude's face ... and another throwing a drink.

A woman -- who fans believe is the spectator's girlfriend -- is seen reaching over several rows of seats in hopes of bringing the guy out of the line of fire ... but that's when things get much worse.

It looks like at least 4 Angels fans rush over to continue the altercation ... unloading punch after punch on the guy from the level above.

What's even crazier ... the alleged girlfriend was still latched onto the male spectator as he got pummeled by the group of Angels fans.

That's when the video ends, but the violent altercation appeared all but over ... despite event security getting involved.

Fans have been getting into fights left and right in recent weeks -- from Browns tailgates to Cowboys and Chargers backers to Bears and Rams supporters getting in scuffles.

We've reached out to cops and the Angels to get more details on the incident and will update you once we hear back.

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Darryl Strawberry Missing Granddaughter Found Safe ... 'Forever Grateful'

6:48 PM PT -- Great news ... Darryl Strawberry's granddaughter has been found, and she's now safe, with her mom.

Diamond, Straw's daughter, thanked everyone for getting the word out and finding her daughter, writing ... "MyLisa was found safe!!!! Thank you everyone for helping me find my baby!!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!! I am forever grateful 💜💜💜😭"

Former MLB superstar Darryl Strawberry says his teenage granddaughter went missing Wednesday in Nevada ... and the 8x All-Star is pleading for help finding her, and prayers to keep her safe.

59-year-old Strawberry took to social media to get the word out, writing ... "This is our granddaughter MyLisa who is missing right now! Please Please Pray for us as we desperately need your prayers! Thank You!"

MyLisa -- who was born in 2007 according to an online bio -- was last seen on September 22 around 7:15 AM. She was wearing all black at the time ... with a pair of white Jordans.

MyLisa's mom is Darryl's reality TV star daughter, Diamond Strawberry.

Diamond also went to Instagram to ask for help.

"PLEASE REPOST!! PLEASE SHARE!!!! Please help us bring MyLisa home!", she wrote, along with a description of MyLisa.

If you have any info on MyLisa's whereabouts, the Strawberry's are asking people to please call the Henderson Police Department at (702) 267-4555.

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Blue Jays' Ryan Borucki Suspended 3 Games ... For Drilling Kevin Kiermaier

Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Borucki has just been banned 3 games ... after MLB officials say he purposely drilled Rays' outfielder Kevin Kiermaier in a game Wednesday night.

Borucki plunked the Tampa Bay star in the 8th inning of Toronto's tilt with the Rays ... and EVERYONE in the building knew it had gone down because of Kiermaier's card-stealing antics earlier in the week.

If you missed it, as Kiermaier was sliding into home plate during the two teams' game on Monday ... a game plan card fell out of Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk's wristband.

Kiermaier saw the piece of paper, picked it up, and reportedly refused to give it back to the Blue Jays -- which REALLY ticked off the org.

So much so, Borucki ended up firing a 93 MPH fastball into the guy's back on Wednesday as a clear retaliation shot ... and then he was promptly ejected.

The MLB obviously felt the tossing wasn't enough punishment though ... 'cause it tacked on an additional 3-game ban Thursday evening.

The MLB also hit Borucki's manager, Charlie Montoyo, with a one-game suspension and an undisclosed fine as well.

Borucki will appeal the ban ... but all signs are pointing to the reliever having to ultimately serve it one way or another -- 'cause, ya know, he threw at Kiermaier on purpose.

A's Star Chris Bassitt Makes Triumphant Return To Mound ... 1 Month After Breaking Face

Incredible scene on the baseball diamond in Oakland Thursday ... Chris Bassitt returned to the mound just a few weeks after a comebacker broke his face -- and he dominated!!

The A's star pitcher -- who was seriously injured during a game against the White Sox on Aug. 17 -- took the hill for the first time since the freak play ... and threw 3 scoreless innings against the Mariners.

He also struck out four and only gave up one hit ... and the crowd in Oakland was THRILLED to see it all.

Of course, it was hard to fathom seeing this scene just a month ago ... 'cause Bassitt was hit so hard by a line drive, he needed a plate put into his face to stabilize the damage.

The 32-year-old, though, worked his ass off to come back to give Oakland just what it needed ... and, now, the A's currently lead 4-1 in the fourth inning.

Tough dude!

Conor McGregor Awful First Pitch At Cubs Game ... Butchers 7th Inning Stretch

7:05 AM PT -- 9/22 -- Conor's first pitch wasn't the only botched attempt on Tuesday -- it turns out McGregor also sang a rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch ... and let's just say he won't be collabing with Bieber any time soon.

Of course, Conor would say he's got the voice of an angel -- after all, he applauded his bad first pitch ... admitting his accuracy was a bit off, but calling it "the most devastating first pitch you've ever seen in the iconic Wrigley Field!!"

"The venom is there, the power is there. It's a little off accurate-wise, but I'm on the one leg," Conor said. "You can see based fully on the left leg that was just recently injured. I'm happy with that."

Conor said his power was on par with the major league pitchers in the game ... and hey, we love the positivity.

Move over, 50 Cent, there's a new worst first pitch of all time ... courtesy of Conor McGregor's ceremonial toss at the Cubs game on Tuesday!!!

The sharply-dressed UFC superstar strutted to the mound for the first pitch before the Cubbies faced off against the Minnesota Twins at Wrigley Field ... and chucked his attempt about 20 feet to the right of home plate.

As Harry Doyle would say, it was "juuuuuust a bit outside."

On a positive note, McGregor's repaired leg looked great!

The fighter was a great sport about it all ... dapping up Cubs infielder Patrick Wisdom after the wild pitch.

Of course, this is Conor we're talking about ... so we're assuming (and hoping) he was just trying to give fans a fun time.

Then again, we've seen him throw a football before ... and he was mocked incessantly for that, too.

It's a safe bet Conor's pitch will now take honors for "worst first pitch ever" from Fiddy, who had a straight-up embarrassing toss that went wide left before a Mets game in 2014.

Conor's been living it up while rehabbing his leg ... from hanging with Justin Bieber to attending the VMAs (where he also tested out his arm with a different object) and hitting up just about every hotspot L.A. has to offer.

Never change, Conor ... but maybe try some practice throws next time???

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Tommy Lasorda MLB Legend's Widow, Jo Dead At 91

Sad news ... Tommy Lasorda's widow, Jo, has died at 91 years old -- just a few months after the MLB legend's passing.

The Dodgers announced Jo -- who had been married to Tommy for 70 years -- died Monday night at her home in Fullerton, CA. They added she was "surrounded by her loved ones."

"We send our deepest condolences to the Lasorda family at this time," the Dodgers said.

Jo and Tommy met at a minor league baseball game and later got married in 1950. They had two children together.

They were often spotted at Dodgers games together ... even well after Tommy's retirement in 1996.

As we previously reported, Tommy -- one of the greatest baseball managers in the history of the game -- tragically died in January after suffering a heart attack. He was 93 years old.

Funeral services for Jo have yet to be announced.


Dodgers Vs. Diamondbacks Security Manhandles Protestors ... Who Ran On Field

A couple of protestors didn't get too far with their signs when they ran onto the field during the Dodgers game Wednesday -- 'cause stadium security ragdolled both of them to the ground in seconds.

The wild scene all went down in L.A. -- when the Dodgers were playing the Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium.

You can see in footage captured by a fan in the stands ... one man invaded the outfield while carrying a big sign.

Quickly, however, he was tackled to the grass -- and then jumped on by 5 other guards.

Meanwhile, while they were trying to reel in the first protestor, a second one jumped onto the field as well. Immediately, though, that fan was dropped to the ground too by a security guard.

Eventually, all of the protestors were taken off the field without further incident.

The signs they were holding reportedly read Bishop, La Loma and Palo Verde ... and represented three low income neighborhoods of Chavez Ravine that were removed in the 1950s in order to build Dodger Stadium.

Of course, this is far from the first time stadium officials have had to take down field invaders ... you'll recall, a ball girl stopped a fan in his tracks in epic fashion back in August.

Bottom line ... if ya got plans to storm the field, probably best to avoid doing it at Dodger Stadium.

MLB Ump Junior Valentine Bloodied After Being Drilled In Face ... By Errant Throw

MLB umpire Junior Valentine was rocked in the face by a wayward throw Monday night ... and the ball hit him so hard, he crumpled to the ground in pain and began bleeding from his cheek.

The bizarre scene all went down in the Cardinals' game against the Mets in New York ... right after Kevin Pillar hit a ground ball to St. Louis infielder Edmundo Sosa.

As the shortstop ranged to his left and spun to try to throw out Pillar ... the ball got away from his intended target -- and ended up smacking Valentine in the face.

You can see in the footage of the play ... Valentine was visibly shaken up -- and needed to be tended to by trainers.

Somehow, though, the dude wiped away the blood and stayed in the game.

Afterward, Valentine's crew chief, Jerry Meals, said in a statement Valentine was doing fine despite the scary scene.

"He's been checked out and has no broken bones," Meals said. "He was incredibly alert from the get-go. The blood seemed to stop fairly quickly, thankfully, and he was adamant that he was fine."

Cardinals star pitcher Adam Wainwright, who was on the mound during the play, added, "I felt really bad for him. What a stud to stay in the game."

Francisco Lindor Nearly Ignites All-Out Brawl With Yankees ... Over Dugout Whistling

The Yankees and Mets almost fought each other in the middle of the diamond Sunday night ... and it was all 'cause a pitcher in the Pinstripes' dugout had been whistling.

For real.

The wild scene all went down at Citi Field ... just seconds after Giancarlo Stanton hit a huge home run in the 7th inning of the final game of the New York teams' weekend series.

As Stanton was rounding the bases, Francisco Lindor yelled at the Yanks superstar ... while making a whistling motion.

The smack talk was so aggressive, it caused the entire Yankees dugout to clear ... and a brawl almost ensued.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed ... and we learned a short time later, Lindor was furious with Stanton and the Yanks after he and the rest of the Mets believed the Yankees were whistling in order to tip their batters off to potential pitches.

"I can't accuse them of them whistling for the signs because I'm not 100 percent correct," Lindor said. "But, I know what I heard, and I felt like there was something out of the ordinary going on."

"And, yeah. I heard what I heard. I'm not accusing them. I'm not saying they're doing it 100 percent. Because I don't know 100 percent. But, it definitely felt that way. And, I took that personal."

Lindor and the Mets had believed the Yankees were using whistling not just during Sunday's tilt, but in their previous meeting on Saturday as well.

Yankees slugger Joey Gallo tried to offer an explanation for it all after the game, saying reliever Wandy Peralta was doing the dugout whistling, but ensured the sounds were "100 percent not" for pitch tipping.

"It's just him trying to be -- like I said, bring energy to the dugout," Gallo said, "especially early in the game."

Lindor and the Mets ended up with the last laugh regardless ... the shortstop hit 3 home runs in the game Sunday, with his third leading to a 7-6 lead that the Mets wouldn't relinquish.

President Bush Sends Letter To Ex-Yankees Catcher ... To Commemorate Post-9/11 Pitch

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks ... and the man who caught President Bush's ceremonial pitch before World Series game 3 in NYC says #43 sent him a letter this week, commemorating the powerful moment.

TMZ Sports talked to former New York Yankees catcher Todd Greene -- who was Jorge Posada's backup at the time -- about that unforgettable October night in the Bronx, only 49 days after 9/11, when GWB fired a strike from the mound, symbolizing America's resolve.


"I get the same feeling too when you think back to that moment and how electric the stadium was that night and just what it meant for our President Bush to walk out on the field and as a symbol of strength, as a symbol of healing, as a symbol of unity for our country which is really, really important," Greene, who played 11 seasons in the big leagues, tells us.

"To hear the USA chants and then have President Bush give the thumbs up on top of the mount -- it was, again like you said, it will get the hairs standing on your arms now."

Of course, baseball season was in full swing when the terrorist attacks happened ... and the sport played a critical role in bringing back a sense of normalcy to America.

The 2 most unforgettable moments were Mike Piazza's go-ahead home run against the Braves 10 days after 9/11 ... and of course, Bush's pitch.

It'll never be forgotten.

The Yankees ended up winning the game (down 2 games to none, they had to), behind a strong performance from Roger Clemens, 2-1.

Greene -- who wasn't even supposed to be the catcher who caught the pitch -- says he hasn't spoken to Bush over the years, but did receive a letter in the mail on Wednesday from the former president.

"He sent me a personalized letter that I just received yesterday. President Bush saying how much that moment meant for him and that he was honored, well not honored, I was honored to be on the field with him at the time and just in remembrance of that moment."

"So, it was a really cool deal to get a letter like that from President Bush."

Trevor Bauer Out For Remainder Of Dodgers' Season After Paid Leave Extended

11:44 AM PT -- Bauer's co-agents, Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, say the pitcher agreed to the paid leave ... saying the move was part of "a measure of good faith and in an effort to minimize any distraction to the Dodgers organization and his teammates."

The agents added that Bauer "continues to cooperate with the MLB investigation and refute the baseless allegations against him."

Trevor Bauer will not pitch again for the Dodgers this season -- not even if they make it to the World Series -- 'cause the MLB has just extended the star's paid leave through the end of the year.

The baseball org. and the MLBPA announced the move Friday ... agreeing to put Bauer on the shelf for the rest of 2021 as an investigation into sexual assault allegations against the pitcher continues.

As we previously reported, the 30-year-old Cy Young winner has been on administrative leave since late June ... following accusations that he got violent with a woman during two sexual encounters in the spring.

The alleged victim told cops Bauer punched her and choked her unconscious during their meetups ... leaving her with scrapes, scratches, bruises and other injuries.

The woman had obtained a temporary restraining order against Bauer following it all ... though a judge ruled last month a permanent one could not be put in place because Bauer did not pose a continual threat to the accuser.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, are still mulling whether or not Bauer should be hit with criminal charges ... after police turned over their investigation findings to the L.A. County D.A. in late August.

Another woman, meanwhile, has also come forward claiming she, too, was physically assaulted by the baseball player during sex.

Bauer, for his part, has denied any and all wrongdoing in both cases.

The MLB is still in the middle of its investigation into all of the claims.

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Mike Piazza Post 9/11 HR Was 'Bittersweet' ... Just Didn't Want To Screw Up

"I just remember being on the line for the national anthem and I said, ‘Lord, please, just help me get through this night.’"

That's Hall of Famer Mike Piazza, reflecting on the post-9/11 game where he launched the most memorable home run of his career, admitting despite the rush of hitting a game-winning shot, the moment is still "bittersweet."

It's all part of an interview with the Mets legend, conducted by OSDB (a large online sports database created by Aaron Rodgers and his biz partners), where MP opens up about the unforgettable game.

Of course, it was the night of September 21, 2001 ... 10 days after America was attacked, and thousands of innocent people were murdered.

Baseball, after taking a week and a half off, was back ... but there was a sense of uneasiness in Shea Stadium in Queens -- only 14 miles from the site of Ground Zero.

That was until the now 53-year-old slugging catcher hit a massive 2-run, go-ahead dinger in the 8th inning off reliever Steve Karsay ... giving the Mets a 3-2 lead over the Atlanta Braves.

The lead held up in the 9th ... and the Mets won the game. But, it was much more important than a dub ... or 1 home run out of Piazza's 427 career long balls.

The HR helped bring those inside the stadium -- and the entire country -- back.

“Afterward, obviously we were excited to win the game and we were excited to give the people something to cheer about and it was enriching for us to get a feeling that people wanted to be together and people wanted to hug and be at the ballpark and try to take the first small steps to getting back to living,’’ Piazza explained.

The HOF'er says this time of year brings back difficult memories, but regardless of how tough it is, "it’s very prudent and very appropriate that we continue to remember and memorialize the tragedy of the events of 9/11."

In fact, Mike says he still finds it hard to talk about his epic home run ... but he obliges fans because he understands it's important to them.

“It’s a little overwhelming for me. I always try to treat it with reverence. At times, I’m uncomfortable when I talk about it. I just do the best I can but I feel that people do want to talk about it so I kind of owe them that.’’

Saturday will mark the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Never forget.

MLB's Delmon Young 911 Audio 'He's Trying To Kill Me!!!'


The woman who accused Delmon Young of domestic violence made several calls to police prior to the ex-MLB star's arrest Monday ... and in one of them, she said she believed Young was "trying to kill" her.

It's all in police audio, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which you can hear the woman tell multiple 911 dispatchers that she needed help because Young was in her Florida home terrorizing her.

It should be noted Young also put in a call to law enforcement ... one in which he told an operator that his accuser was "drunk" and breaking his stuff.


"She tried hitting me and started doing a bunch of s***," Young said on the call ... before adding, "I'm just trying to avoid her."

As we previously reported, Young was arrested Monday night after cops say a woman, who ID'ed herself as the former baseball player's ex-girlfriend, told them he punched her in the chest and shoved her.

In the police report, cops say they saw surveillance video showing Young hitting her and "screeching in pain."

In her 911 calls prior to the alleged punch and shove, you can hear the woman claim Young was attacking her.

At one point in one of the calls, the woman said, "He broke my TV and he punched me in the face." She later added, "I have blood all over me."

In the calls, you can hear Young in the background denying ever hitting the woman.

Young was ultimately arrested and booked on four charges, including domestic violence.

Young played in the MLB from 2006 through 2015 -- and earned ALCS MVP honors while with the Detroit Tigers in 2012. He piled up 109 home runs and a .283 batting average in his career.

NY Mets Team To Wear FDNY, NYPD Caps ... During 9/11 Anniversary Game

The New York Mets will honor 9/11 first responders on the anniversary of the attacks once again this year ... by wearing FDNY and NYPD caps during their home game against the Yankees on Saturday.

The team made the announcement Wednesday ... saying players will have the option of wearing FDNY, NYPD, Port Authority Police Department, Department of Sanitation and Department of Correction hats for when they hit Citi Field on Sept. 11.

Of course, the Mets and the Yankees both donned the caps on the 9/11 anniversary last year ... and it was clear back then that the players would prefer to keep the tradition going on a yearly basis.

NY also announced the Mets' and Yankees' managers from the 2001 season, Bobby Valentine and Joe Torre, will take part in the first-pitch ceremonies before the game.

The Mets also said 14 coaches and players from the 2001 season -- including Mike Piazza, who hit that famous home run in the days after the attacks -- will be at Saturday's game as well.

First responders will also be in attendance and will join the FDNY honor guard, NYPD honor guard and others on the field.

The Mets added that the game's national anthem will be done by the NYPD Cops and Kids Chorus, while FDNY Firefighter Regina Wilson will sing God Bless America.

The game -- which is slated to begin at 7:40 PM ET -- will mark the first time the Mets and Yankees have played against each other on 9/11 since the tragedy.

Michael K. Williams O's Announcer Honors Actor W/ Home Run Call ... 'Best Not Miss'

"You come at the king, you best not miss."

Baltimore Orioles announcer Kevin Brown had an awesome tribute to the late Michael K. Williams on Tuesday ... by reciting one of the actor's most iconic lines while making a home run call.

Of course, MKW's Omar Little from "The Wire" is widely considered one of the best characters in TV history ... with plenty of classic dialogue that has lived on long after the show ended in 2008.

Since the hit drama was set and shot in Baltimore, Brown let out one of his favorite Omar phrases after O's outfielder, Austin Hays, hit a dinger in the bottom of the third inning ... and the moment will give you chills.

Brown also tweeted about Williams' tragic death on Monday ... saying, "'The Wire' is one of the things that's made me fall in love with Baltimore."

"It was my saving grace during the first few months of COVID last year. And, nobody on-screen could match Omar's presence."

"The best performance on the best narrative TV show of my lifetime. I'm gutted."'

FYI -- Hays is in the middle of a hot streak ... he's had a hit in 14 straight games.

Williams was a huge sports fan himself ... and was often spotted at New York Knicks games over the years.

RIP legend.

Delmon Young Ex-MLB Star Arrested ... Allegedly Punched Ex-GF In Chest

Former MLB star Delmon Young -- the MVP of the 2012 ALCS -- was arrested Monday ... after his ex-girlfriend alleged he punched her in the chest and shoved her to the ground.

Officers at the Davie Police Dept. in Florida, according to docs obtained by TMZ Sports, say the incident all went down at around 11:44 PM on Monday night.

Cops in the docs say a woman claiming to be Young's ex-GF said the former baseball player showed up to her home and began banging on her door and ordering her to come outside.

The woman, cops say, then claimed when she stepped outside of her apartment, Young confronted her and got violent with her.

Cops say the woman told them Young punched her in the chest, and then shoved her to the ground as she attempted to flee and call 911.

In the docs, police say surveillance video captured the whole incident ... saying the footage revealed Young did hit the woman. Cops say the video also showed the woman "screeching in pain."

In the docs, cops note Young is 6 feet 2" and approximately 280 pounds ... while the woman is 5 feet 5", 130 pounds.

Cops claim in the docs Young ultimately fled the scene in a white SUV Maserati ... and say the 35-year-old blew through a stop sign and then hit 90 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

Young was eventually arrested and booked on 4 charges ... including domestic violence. Jail records show he's still behind bars.

This is far from Young's first brush with the law -- the ex-Tampa Bay Rays outfielder has been arrested multiple times before, including in 2016 when he was accused of roughing up a hotel valet.

Young played in the MLB from 2006 through 2015 ... piling up 109 home runs and a career batting average of .283.

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