MMA Fighter Sidy Rocha Gruesomely Breaks Arm Mid-Round ... But Continues Bout!!!

Insane scene in a Halloween MMA match ... a fighter snapped her forearm in half -- BUT TRIED TO CONTINUE THE MATCH ANYWAY!!!

It all went down Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil at SFT MMA's Standout Fighting Tournament 22 ... when Sidy Rocha was taking on Karine Silva.

At some point during the first round ... the two fighters got on the ground -- and Silva appeared to lock Rocha's arm in a submission hold.

That's when Rocha's arm broke ... and, WARNING: THE VIDEO OF THE SCENE IS GRAPHIC!

But, to everyone's bewilderment ... Rocha tried to continue brawling -- despite the fact that her arm was hanging by nothing but skin!!

Eventually, the ref stepped in to stop the fight ... and you can see in the video, Rocha was NOT happy at all with the decision.

Docs ultimately were able to tend to Rocha's arm inside the cage ... and she'll now reportedly undergo an operation to fix the break.

Fighters, man. Tough people!!!

Randy Couture Mostly Recovered After ATV Crash ... Cleared to Train Again



It hasn't even been 2 months since Randy Couture was seriously injured in an ATV crash -- but he's already cleared to start training again!

As we previously reported, the UFC Hall of Famer was pretty banged up during the Sept. 7 crash on his ranch in Flagstaff, AZ.

The 57-year-old suffered injuries to his ribs -- and underwent surgery so doctors could put two plates in his shoulder!

So, how's he feeling now?

"Everything's great. No issues," Couture tells us ... "The ribs actually healed up a lot faster than I remember healing up last time I did this sh*t."

"The shoulder was fine, they plated the shoulder, I got full range of motion. So, there's no real issues."


Randy says he's been cleared to do some light training -- and as soon as his ribs heal up, he'll go back to his usual full workout routine.

Couture is one the toughest guys in pro sports -- he famously walked himself to the hospital after suffering a heart attack in 2019 ... and then walked back home when he was discharged!



Anderson Silva To Conor McGregor You Should Fight Manny Pacquiao


Anderson Silva has some business advice for Conor McGregor -- forget about a rematch with Khabib ... and focus on getting a deal done with Manny Pacquiao!!

Remember, Silva and Conor had publicly floated the idea of fighting each other over the past year -- with Silva even consulting with doctors about cutting weight for a possible throw down.

But, 45-year-old Silva says it became clear it wasn't going to happen and he moved on -- he's now fighting Uriah Hall on Halloween night in what could be the last fight of his Hall of Fame career.

As for Conor, Silva tells TMZ Sports ... McGregor should seriously reconsider getting back in the boxing ring, since he made a life-changing paycheck from his 2017 bout with Floyd Mayweather.

"I think for Conor right now, the best fight is with Manny Pacquiao," Silva says.

"For business, I think the best fight for Conor is to take the fight with Manny Pacquiao."

Silva says Conor obviously needs more training -- but he thinks it's a very interesting fight that people would love to watch.

As for his fight with Hall -- it's dangerous. 36-year-old Hall is on a 2-fight win streak and has previously defeated tough guys like Thiago Santos and Gegard Mousasi.

Silva has said this is most likely his last fight -- but nothing's set in stone. In other words, if he mops the floor with Hall, you might see him back in the octagon one last time.

If he does retire, he's a lock for the HOF -- widely regarded as one of the best of all time ... defeating legends like Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, Stephan Bonnar and more.


Dana White Convinced Khabib Will Unretire ... 'We've Been Talking'

Breaking News

It hasn't even been a week ... and Khabib Nurmagomedov may already be coming out of retirement!!


Long story short, UFC boss Dana White told CBS Sports' Zach Gelb that he's been in touch with Khabib recently and he believes there's a good chance the Dagestani superstar will return to the Octagon sometime soon.

"Khabib and I have been talking," Dana said ... "He was completely emotional [at UFC 254] when he got through that fight. I have a feeling that he might go for 30-0."

When asked directly if he thinks Khabib will come back and fight again, White said -- "I do. His dad wanted him to get to 30-0, and I think he wants to honor his dads wish."

As we previously reported, Khabib defeated Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 this past weekend -- boosting his record to 29-0 -- and after the fight, Khabib announced his retirement from MMA.

Khabib's father passed away earlier this year from COVID complications -- and Khabib said he has no desire to continue fighting without his dad by his side.

They were super close. Khabib's dad had trained him since he was a child.

But, White says he may very well reconsider the retirement -- question is ... who is the opponent?

Khabib has recently said Georges St-Pierre is the only fighter that gets him excited for a fight ... and GSP seemed interested too.

So .... fingers crossed!!!!

Tony Ferguson Ain't Buying Khabib's Retirement ... 'I’ll Be F**king Ready'

Breaking News

Tony Ferguson does NOT believe Khabib Nurmagomedov is retiring for good -- claiming the Dagestani will return to the octagon one day ... and Tony can't wait.

"You’re gonna miss it like [Conor McGregor]," Ferguson said on Submission Radio ... "He’s going to be back. So, I’ll be f*cking ready."

Khabib announced his retirement after defeating Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 -- saying he can't bring himself to fight again after the death of his father.

But Tony -- who was booked to fight Khabib on multiple occasions only to have the fights fall apart due to various issues -- claims he saw Khabib's retirement announcement coming from a mile away.

"I completely called it out," Ferguson said ... "I called it out on my post. You guys can see that. I called he was gonna retire."

Ferguson says Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz "did his job" by steering Khabib into fights with guys like Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje instead of him because "he kept his client safe."

"He kept [Khabib] away from very dangerous opponents. I mean, that’s what an agent and a manager is supposed to do. Although, he is a piece of sh*t, but I have to say, he did the smart thing. I mean, he avoided me at all f*cking costs."

Ferguson continued, "I mean, the Russians, they avoided me at all fucking costs. That’s f*cking awesome. So, you know what, I did my job. They ran. F*ckin’ Dagestani ran with his tail between his legs. But you know what, he’s off in the sunset."

Ferguson did offer Khabib "props" for handling his "family business" -- but predicts he will unretire just like Conor McGregor so they can finally settle things in the octagon once and for all.

For his part, Khabib says he's dead serious about retirement -- promising his mother he would stop fighting after the Gaethje victory.

But hey, things could change!

TikTok Star Bryce Hall MMA Fight W/ Thomas Petrou??? ... BRING IT ON!!!


Logan Paul walked so Bryce Hall could run ... 'cause the TikTok star says he's willing to take his beef to the cage and fight his nemesis Thomas Petrou in an MMA match!!

A bit of a history lesson for those not up to speed on TikTok drama -- Hall and Petrou are in opposing content creator "houses" ... with Bryce being a member of Sway House and Thomas being a founder of the Hype House.

Their affiliations have led to some serious quarrels along the way ... and the dudes have pretty much hated each other ever since.

Since Hall is already no stranger to getting into public scuffles -- see here and here -- we had to ask if the 21-year-old would ever go the YouTube super-fight route a la Paul vs. KSI ... and the dude says he's down!!


Remember, the Logan and KSI fights have been a HUGE success in bringing new eyes to boxing -- and their second fight filled up the Staples Center in Nov. 2019.

A TikTok fight could have a similar effect -- Hall has 14.6 million followers on the platform ... and an additional 6.6 milli on IG.

(Petrou has 7.7 mil. on TikTok and 2.2 mil. on IG).

So, when we asked Hall who he'd love to beat the crap out of in a real-deal fight ... dude didn't hesitate.

"Thomas!" Hall said outside Craig's late Tuesday night.

As for what kinda fight it would be ... Hall says he wants to beat Thomas up MMA style!!

So ... Dana White, what you doin'??

Randy Couture Jon Jones Should Go To Heavyweight Win Title, & Secure Legacy


If Jon Jones wants to secure his legacy as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Randy Couture has some advice for him ... move up to heavyweight and win another title!!

TMZ Sports talked to Couture -- one of the greatest fighters in UFC history -- about Jones, and his beef with the UFC's P4P rankings.

Of course, 33-year-old Jones has held down the #1 spot for a while, but was bumped earlier this week for the retired Khabib Nurmagomedov ... and has been beefin' with MMA fans over the decision online.

Randy tells us if Jon wants to make it clear he's the best in the world, all he's gotta do is put on a few pounds and fight Stipe Miocic or Francis Ngannou.

"I think if Jon really wants to solidify himself as pound-for-pound, he needs to go up to heavyweight and he needs to take a shot at winning that title. And, then that erases any argument that anybody could have."

Couture says Jon's dominated the light heavyweight division for so long ...but tells us winning in another division would take his career to a different level.

"I think that's something that Jones needs to look at, and really solidly his legacy in the sports by going up and winning the heavyweight division, and showing just how technically proficient and athletic he is."

FYI, Jones relinquished his LHW belt a few months back ... and has flirted with the idea of moving up to fight a top heavyweight.

If Jones decides to make the jump, and wins his second belt ... you're not gonna hear Randy Couture dispute that Jon's the best.

UFC's Jon Jones Lectures Khabib Fans ... I'm the G.O.A.T. and It's Not Close!!!

Breaking News

Jon Jones believes he's the GREATEST fighter of all time -- not Khabib Nurmagomedov -- and he's spelling it out in a new video.

"I’m talking to all you Khabib fans out there," Jones said ... "15 world titles to your guy's 4??? And, you guys are really talking about who’s the best fighter ever? You guys are joking, right?"

"15 to 4. Are you guys’ kidding me?"

What Jones is saying is he's 15 title fights for either an undisputed or interim title -- though it's worth noting, his victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 was overturned due to a failed drug test.

Khabib has won 4 title fights in his career -- defeating Al Iaquinta, Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje.

Not a bad resume ... but Jones says his 8 title defenses blow that out of the water.

"The only person that could possibly come back and challenge my record and what I’ve done in the UFC is possibly Georges St-Pierre. He would have to come back and win 2 championship fights to tie me, and I’m not even retired yet! I’m 33 years old. I’ve got a whole 'nother chapter to go through.”

Oh, there's more -- Jones continued ...

"And, all you guys who are going with this, 'He’s more dominant' argument, [Khabib] just recently started fighting elite-level competition. Could you imagine me against the #10 ranked guy?”

Jones has a solid point there ... look at his resume -- Ryan Bader, Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Alexander Gustafsson (twice!), Daniel Cormier (twice!) and many, many more.

And, Jones beat these guys in their primes.

Yes, Jones technically has a loss on his record -- a 2009 defeat against Matt Hamill -- but he was disqualified for an illegal elbow in a fight Jones was dominating. Most people don't really count it against him.

So, is Jones truly the G.O.A.T. over Khabib?? Jon thinks so. Do you?

Michael Chandler To UFC ... Let Me Fight Justin Gaethje!!!


If Justin Gaethje is serious about fighting again in 6 weeks, Michael Chandler tells TMZ Sports he's all the way down to make that happen!!

Chandler -- who just signed with UFC after dominating Bellator for the past decade -- was the official "alternate" for the Gaethje vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight on Fight Island this past weekend ... and says he's already in shape for a 5-round main event.

So, when Justin took the mic after his loss to Khabib on Saturday and said he's ready to go again in the next 2 months ... Chandler says his ears perked up.

"That's a fight that I'd love for myself and for the fans," Chandler told us from the airport shortly after touching back down in the US.

"It's a fight that scares me, it's a fight that gets me excited. It's a fight that -- it gets your juices flowing. If you're a mixed martial arts fan, a UFC fan, you wanna see us step into the cage together.

Chandler believes his role as the alternate for the lightweight championship fight at UFC 254 should make him the number 1 contender to fight for the vacant lightweight belt ... now that Khabib has retired.

Chandler even delivers a message to UFC boss Dana White ... saying, "So, you need a new champion, why not me?"

Conor McGregor Back in Training Mode Gearing Up for Dustin Poirier?

Breaking News

Conor McGregor has returned the gym ... seemingly preparing to return to the Octagon in January to take on Dustin Poirier.

The 32-year-old UFC superstar was doing some boxing drills (he appears to be at Straight Blast Gym in Ireland) ... trying to get himself ready to fight for the first time since January, when he destroyed Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

As we previously reported, both Conor and Dustin have publicly agreed to fight on January 23rd -- but Dana White recently told us the contracts have not been officially signed.


That said, White says he's confident the McGregor vs. Poirier will happen because "In the history of dealing with Conor McGregor, Conor McGregor has never come out publicly and said, 'I accept this fight' and then not fought and turned down a fight. So, I expect the fight to go on."

The only wrinkle ... Justin Gaethje called out Conor after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov this past weekend -- suggesting the Irishman should bail on the Poirier fight and fight him instead.

So, what will Conor do? For now, just train.

There's been a ton of drama in Conor's life since his last fight -- including criminal allegations in Corsica, where he's accused of attempted sexual assault.

Before that, he announced his retirement from the sport of MMA -- claiming he didn't have the fire anymore ... but no one believed him.

Now, McGregor has seemingly changed his tune -- even posting on IG that he's "still committed" despite being worth "half a billi."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Khabib Nurmagomedov RETIRES FROM MMA After Choking Out Justin Gaethje

Breaking News

Khabib Nurmagomedov just RETIRED FROM MMA -- after choking out Justin Gaethje at UFC 254.


Khabib essentially said he doesn't want to continue in the sport without his father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, who passed away earlier this year after a bout with COVID-19.

Gaethje proved dangerous -- throwing bombs as the lightweight champ -- but ultimately, Khabib's ground game was too strong ... and he caught Justin in a triangle choke in the 2nd round. Gaethje was rendered unconscious but came to moments later. He's fine.

Afterward, Khabib broke down in the Octagon sobbing ... overcome with emotion in his first fight since the passing of his father.

Justin and Khabib embraced after the fight -- nothing but respect between these two.

"God give me everything," Khabib said in the post fight interview ... "This is my last fight. Ain't no way I come here without my father."

32-year-old Khabib ends his career 29-0 -- defeating superstars like Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Gaethje and more.

Khabib says he's thought long and hard about his career -- and is certain his decision to retire will stand. It's not a publicity stunt.

In fact, Khabib left his gloves in the center of the Octagon -- a tradition from fighters to symbolize the end of their career.

Next stopgap UFC Hall of Fame ... he'll go down in MMA history as one of the greatest of all time.

Conor McGregor posted a respectful message to Khabib after the fight -- saying, "Good performance. I will carry on. Respect and condolences on your father again also."

"To you and family. Yours sincerely, The McGregors."

Khabib Nurmagomedov Dad Wanted Son to Fight GSP ... Trainer Says

Exclusive Details

It's starting to make more sense why Khabib Nurmagomedov so badly wants to fight Georges St-Pierre -- it was his father's plan.

Khabib's dad, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, passed away back in July after battling COVID. Khabib and his dad were extremely close. Abdulmanap trained him since he was a little kid back in Dagestan.

Khabib will step back in the Octagon for the first time since his father's death on Saturday to take on Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 ... but he's talked publicly about wanting GSP as his next opponent.

We spoke with Khabib's trainer Javier Mendez who tells us he was with Khabib and his father in Dagestan back in 2019, when Abdulmanap talked about his dream for Khabib to fight St-Pierre.


"I was present when they had that conversation," Mendez says ... "That was the one he talked about as the fight his father would want to see … him fight GSP at 155 pounds."

"His father respected GSP probably more than anybody out of all the people he admired ... and therefore he wanted his son to fight GSP at some point."

In other words, it seems Khabib is calling out GSP in the hopes of honoring his father's wishes.

In the meantime, Javier tells us he's been incorporating Abdulmanap's training techniques for the Gaethje fight -- reminding Khabib to follow "Father's Plan."

"I've always used 'Father's Plan' because I want to honor the man who taught him everything," Mendez says.

UFC's Dana White Demi Lovato, The Rock Will Be 1st Fans Invited to Fight Island


Officials in Abu Dhabi are considering allowing fans on Fight Island to watch UFC fights in person at some point down the road ... and Dana White says he's already putting together his VIP list!

"I have a list of people that, when I get it done, I'm gonna reach out to see if they're interested in coming to Abu Dhabi for the fights," White says.


So, who's gonna make the A-list? Some of the biggest stars on the planet.

"Well I haven't even put it together yet but, definitely, obviously The Rock ... and Anthony Kiedis is a die-hard fan. Demi Lovato is a big fan."

"There's so many but we'll shoot something out to all of them and see if they want to come."

There's more ... we also talked to Dana about several upcoming potential fights.

Here are the main points:

-- UFC is targeting Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou for a heavyweight title fight in March.

"That's the goal, we'll see what happens."

-- What's up with the Diaz brothers?

"I know Nate's been texting and stuff like that. And, usually when you see Nate starting to get active, saying this about this guy and that about that guy, means he's getting ready to fight."

-- Do you want to see Nate run it back with Jorge Masvidal?

"Nah, somebody else. I don't even know off the top of my head. But, if Nate was interested in fighting, they'd reach out, let us know and then they'd probably let us know who they were thinking [as an opponent] and we'd try to figure out whatever it is we could."

Justin Gaethje's Twin Bro We Wrecked People Together ... As Football Teammates!


Did you know Justin Gaethje has a twin brother?

It's true -- his name is Marcus, and shocker -- turns out knockout power runs in the family!

We spoke to the Gaethje boys (both on Fight Island getting ready UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje) ... and they revealed how they used to destroy people together, while playing high school football back in Arizona!

Both Gaethje's were 2-way players -- Justin was a QB and strong safety, Marcus was a tight end and middle linebacker.

But, they got their kicks on defense -- where Justin says they were a "brotherly force" ... "We both hit hard!"

Marcus tells TMZ Sports he always knew his bro was a talented athlete but didn't think he'd pursue professional fighting until Justin became a star wrestler in college.

"He met one of those wrestling coaches that was kinda in the fight game and he brought some UFC fighters to the wrestling [gym] and I think that's when he made the decision that he wanted to at least try fighting," Marcus says.

"Other than that, he did a couple backyard fights with gloves on but that was really it."

Justin's career choice has panned out -- he's fighting for the UFC lightweight belt on Saturday.

Justin says he always wanted to be an NFL player -- but he just wasn't big enough.

He's still a huge fan of the Raiders and plans to take his UFC belt to the team after he beats Khabib!

There's a lot more ... Marcus also talks about what it was like growing up in the small town of Safford, AZ -- population 10,000.


"You would never think that this was possible for someone coming from our town [to make it big] ... and then it being my brother? It's kinda cool."

"We've seen, us as a family, have seen all the hard work that he's put in since such a young age and now it's all starting to pay off so it's really cool."

UFC's Michael Chandler On Being Alternate for Khabib vs. Gaethje ... 'I'm Ready'


UFC's newest star Michael Chandler says he's taking his job as "alternate" for the Khabib vs. Gaethje fight very seriously ... and he'll be ready to step in if either fighter can't go on Saturday.

As we previously reported, several Khabib fights have been scrapped at the last minute to due unforeseen circumstances ... from bad weight cuts to freak injuries.

So, Dana White has a backup plan for UFC 254 -- flying out Michael Chandler, one of the best lightweights in the world, to stay ready in case something happens to either Justin or Khabib before that bell rings.

"Of course I don't want bad luck to befall Khabib or Gaethje because I respect them a ton," Chandler tells TMZ Sports ... "but they needed someone to be here as an insurance policy, as a backup plan in case somebody did fall off the card. So, I've said I have to be ready."

Chandler is on Fight Island and preparing himself as if he'll fight on Saturday night -- everything from conditioning to the weight cut.

"At this point, I still don't know if whether I'm weighing in and then waiting for Khabib and Gaethje to make weight," Chandler says.

"I don't know if I'm gonna go to the arena, warm-up, get my hands wrapped until Khabib and Gaethje actually step into that cage and that cage door's locked and Bruce Buffer's announcing them."

Chandler admits it's frustrating training for a fight that might not happen -- but "I signed on the dotted line saying I'd be the alternate, I am the alternate until I'm needed no more."

"All I can do is do my job."

After UFC 254, Chandler says he's hoping to sign a contract to fight Tony Ferguson -- and if he wins that, it would put him in a great spot for a potential title shot with Khabib or Justin.

We also asked Chandler to make a fight prediction for Saturday -- and he's taking Khabib over Gaethje.


"You gotta bet on the guy who is undefeated."

But, Chandler says Gaethje is a dangerous man -- and he's got a real shot at upsetting the champ.

Is it Saturday yet?!??!

Justin Gaethje I Don't Fear Death 'That's Why I Won't Buy a Motorcycle'


UFC superstar Justin Gaethje says he doesn't have a healthy fear of dying -- which is exactly why he refuses to buy a motorcycle.

We should explain ...

31-year-old Gaethje says the way he's built, he goes "balls to the wall" in everything he does -- and that little voice that most people have in their heads telling them to "slow down" and "be careful" ... yeah, he doesn't have that.

He doesn't WANT to die -- but once he starts to do something that might be dangerous (like riding a motorcycle), he'll push it to the limit with no regard for his own safety.

Hence, his rule of trying not to put himself in a position where death is a real possibility. Get it?

Here's how Justin put it to us while talking about his upcoming fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254.

"I'm confident in my skills, not one bit scared to step in there. I'm looking forward to that feeling. I chase that feeling. That's why I don't buy motorcycles because I will die. That's why I do a lot of things to keep myself from even putting myself in positions where I can be in danger because once it starts, it's balls to the wall."

Scary as hell, right?!

There's a lot more ... as far as Justin's MMA career, Gaethje says he's got "at least 5 more fights" -- but he'll only count a fight if it's a "war."

"If they're not wars, they don't count."

The money is also a factor -- "As long as [the UFC is] paying me as much as they're paying me, I'm probably gonna fight until I do not believe I can be the best in the world anymore."

Gaethje says the money he'll make from the Khabib fight will mean his mother no longer has to work another day in her life.

The only issue ... mom -- a Postmaster at Safford Post Office in Arizona -- isn't ready to retire just yet!

"She's so crazy. She's like 'Son, I can't leave them for Christmas. I have to at least work until Christmas!' I'm like, 'No you don't! You don't owe them nothing!'"

"But it's just a testament to who they are and who I am."

How can you not love this guy?!

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