Dez Bryant Pimped Out Air Jordans Self-Portrait and 24-Karat Gold Paint

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Sneakerheads are gonna love this ... Dez Bryant just got a custom pair of Air Jordan 1s from one of the top shoe artists on the planet -- complete with 24-karat gold paint!

The NFL wideout hit up SWithADot -- who's worked with stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Miley Cyrus and more -- and asked for a special pair of kicks, unlike anything he's ever seen.

S delivered in a big way -- spending more than 133 hours creating a hand-painted masterpiece for Dez. The shoes were delivered to Bryant earlier this week.

Each shoe has a hand-painted image of Bryant -- which took 35 hours per portrait to complete. Plus, we're told S used real 24-karat gold paint to make the kicks shine!

So, how much are these things worth? A lot. We're told shoes like these from S can usually run up to $10,000 per pair.

Dez is obviously stoked -- he raved about the shoes as soon as he got them (following a workout on Thursday).

Don't scuff 'em up!!!

Lori Loughlin Prosecutors Scoff at Her ... We Don't Have Time Travel or Telepathy Skills!!!


Lori Loughlin says the government has withheld key evidence proving her innocence in the college admissions scandal, but the government has just fired back ... sarcastically responding that the so-called exculpatory evidence was a statement that the witness had not even made when Lori started complaining.

TMZ broke the story ... Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, claimed the U.S. Attorney intentionally withheld evidence showing they were giving money to USC and unaware any of the $500,000 was used to bribe University officials.

The government just responded, saying there is no such evidence being withheld, and then doubling down, saying, "the absence of such evidence is a result of their criminal conduct, not any government disclosure violations."

And, now prosecutors get nasty. They say some of the information that was just handed over -- evidence Lori claims was wrongly withheld -- is from interviews conducted with witnesses very recently. Prosecutors say in the legal docs ... "The government has broad powers, but they do not include mental telepathy or time travel. The government cannot disclose witness statements before the witnesses make them."

The government goes on to say no University officials condoned the scheme.

John Schneider Ex-Wife Says Pay Up ... You Owe Me $1 Million!!!


'Dukes of Hazzard' star John Schneider is one stingy son of a gun, according to his ex-wife ... who claims he owes her 7 figures and she's taking extreme measures to get it.

John's ex, Elvira Schneider, claims the actor owes her more than $1 million in unpaid spousal support, dating back 4 years ... according to new docs obtained by TMZ.

All in, Elvira says Bo Duke's shorted her $1,115,824. And, you thought Boss Hogg was pissed?!? BTW, that massive figure includes a previously agreed-upon 10 percent interest rate.

As we first reported, John was ordered to pay $18,911 per month back in September 2016, while they were still hammering out the divorce. They finally reached a settlement last August, and his monthly nut jumped to $25,000.

John's ex thinks he should have no problem squaring up -- she claims he's raking in $172,777 PER MONTH!

If he can't pay it all in one lump sum, not to worry ... Elvira's got a plan. She's asked the court to give her a slice of John's income from 30 different studios and production companies that pay him.

Louis C.K. Houston Shows Postponed Due to Family Emergency


Louis C.K. just called off 4 shows at the Houston Improv and is offering refunds to everyone who bought tickets ... or they can wait for him to reschedule.

TMZ's learned the comedian postponed the gigs -- starting tonight and going through Sunday -- due to an "unforeseen family emergency." Those who were planning on attending have been informed they can keep their tickets and exchange them for the rescheduled dates in May, or return them and get their money back.

According to the email sent to ticket holders, anyone who bought tix to Louis' postponed shows will also score a free ticket to see the replacement act this weekend -- comedian Joe Machi. Even those who chose to get a refund can take advantage of this offer.

It's unclear what family emergency C.K. is dealing with.

As we've reported ... Louis has been back on the stand-up circuit for the past several months, making a comeback of sorts after admitting in November 2017 to years of sexual misconduct and abusing his power in the comedy world.

His return has been met with a mix of criticism and support, but one thing he hasn't stopped doing is offending people.

PGA's Justin Thomas Auctioning Off Custom Kobe Clubs For Crash Victims' Families

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Awesome gesture from PGA Tour star Justin Thomas -- the golfer is auctioning off his custom Kobe Bryant wedges ... and says the proceeds will go to the families affected by Bryant's tragic helicopter crash.

Thomas paid tribute to the Black Mamba often this past weekend at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Ariz. ... even rocking a Bryant high school jersey while playing.

But, his best Mamba ode came courtesy of the clubs he used to shoot ... 'cause each of Thomas' wedges had some cool Kobe-isms etched into the iron.

"Mamba Mentality," "Black Mamba," "Kobe Bean Bryant" and "81 Points" were inscribed on his Titleist Vokeys for the four-day tourney.

Now, Thomas -- who finished third in the event -- says a lucky fan can have them for a price ... and says all the money will go toward The MambaOnThree Fund.

Of course, that's the charity Vanessa Bryant set up to help the families of those killed in the tragic helicopter crash in Calabasas, Calif. on Jan. 26.

Thomas was particularly hit hard by the tragedy ... he's been a noted HUGE Kobe fan throughout his career, famously yelling "KOBE!" before tough shots in the past.

Cristiano Ronaldo $875k Mercedes Surprise From GF Happy Birthday To Me!!!

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Here's what you get for the man that has everything ...

Cristiano Ronaldo was surprised by his smokin' hot GF with a brand-new Mercedes for his 35th birthday ... and TMZ Sports has learned the whip cost nearly $1 MILLION!!

The insane present was given to Ronaldo after a dinner date in Italy on Wednesday night ... and CR7 -- a dude who's worth a BAJILLION dollars -- seemed legit stunned by the gift!!

The ride -- reportedly a 1-of-10 vehicle -- was draped in a red bow ... and Ronaldo's friends helped him celebrate it by dousing him in confetti and a rendition of "Feliz Cumpleanos."

Ronaldo's longtime GF, Georgina Rodriguez, said of the present in Spanish, "Congratulations to the man of my life! I can't wait to transport our love with your gift."

The ride is seriously insane ... it's got 800 horsepower, goes 0-to-60 in 2.9 seconds, and reportedly costs around $875,000!!!

Of course, Ronaldo is a huge car collector ... the dude reportedly owns around 20 super fancy rides -- so Georgina definitely won this bday.

Now, good luck topping that for Valentine's Day next week!

Future Covering Oldest Son's Legal Sitch ... Kid's Not 'Indigent'


Future's not about to let his son be put through the legal system with some government-appointed briefcase -- he's getting the best attorneys for the kid and has his back 100%.

Sources close to the Future tell TMZ ... the MC and his baby mama are well aware of their oldest son, Jakobi, getting recently caught up with the law down in Georgia ... but they're already knee-deep in working on his case, including funding his defense.

Jakobi was arrested in a gang bust down in Georgia last month ... where he's reportedly facing charges of criminal gang activity, trespass and the altered ID of a firearm. He was allegedly found in possession of a gun with the serial number scratched out.

The kid's 17 years old, BTW, but could face up to major time behind bars if he's convicted because GA tries 17-year-olds as adults. In the court docs, he reportedly listed himself as indigent and in need of a public defender, but we're told that ain't gonna happen.

Future's definitely got the dough to help his son, and we're told he absolutely intends to by hiring the best lawyers to be there for his own flesh and blood. Dad's covering legal fees.

Jakobi's mother, Jessica Smith, tells us she and Future have been on top of this legal matter, as they're actively involved in his life. She adds, "Our son is a minor and to protect his well being in this trying situation, we ask that everyone please respect our privacy at this time."

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband No Mercy For Madoff!!!


Bernie Madoff is too conniving to be let out of prison early and should continue rotting behind bars ... so says Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband.

As you know ... Bernie is begging a judge for mercy in the form of an early prison release, claiming he has terminal kidney failure and saying doctors are only giving him 18 months to live.

But Zsa Zsa's hubby and conservator, Frederic Prinz Von Anhalt, says not so fast!!!

The Prince says Madoff should remain behind bars for at least another 16 months if the 18-month timeline is indeed legit because he feels an early release is too sweet a deal for the 81-year-old Ponzi schemer.

Easy to see why Frederic doesn't have any sympathy for Madoff ... he claims Bernie robbed his wife and his investment firm of about $10 million ... and says Zsa Zsa would want Madoff to rot in hell!!!

The Prince is pretty fired up about the whole prospect of Bernie getting out early ... and he's afraid Madoff could still do serious damage if he gets his wish.

Bernie Madoff I'm Dying of Kidney Failure ... Let Me Outta Prison, Judge!!!

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Bernie Madoff, of all people, is begging a judge for mercy ... because he says he'll be dead next year, and wants to live out his final days outside his prison walls.

In docs filed Wednesday, Madoff reveals he has terminal kidney failure and the clock's ticking. He says doctors have given him less than 18 months. As if that's not enough, the 81-year-old Ponzi schemer says he's also battling hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperparathyroidism and a bladder neck obstruction.

On the less sympathetic side ... Madoff says he's got real bad acid reflux and insomnia.

The man who robbed his victims blind for $65 BILLION says he's confined to a wheelchair, with a back brace in the prison's comfort care unit.

Madoff thinks he deserves a "compassionate release" from the Butner Federal penitentiary in North Carolina because he poses no risk to the public. He also says his 150-year sentence is too severe in light of his terminal illness.

He even says there's a precedent for his release -- namely, the Lockerbie, Scotland bomber ... who killed 270 people aboard Pan Am flight 103. Madoff says Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was released after 8 years due to suffering terminal prostate cancer.

In the docs, Madoff acknowledges he has no money and, if released, will have to live with an unnamed friend. He says he will live off his Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Yeah, that's right ... you're paying for his care. Ain't that a kick in the pants.

The judge hasn't ruled. If nothing changes though, Madoff's current release is November 2139.

Nelly Epic Rant At Casino ... 'Get Off My Nuts!!!'


Here's Nelly railing against a pit boss inside a casino after beefing with other players about how to PROPERLY play poker, and y'know it's serious ... 'cause nuts got involved!!!

We got this video of Nelly trying his luck Saturday morning at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. He had a show there earlier in the night, which we're assuming went way better than this session at a Texas Holdem table.

Folks who were there tell us Nelly confronted another gambler about not knowing how to play the game ... insults started flying, and the pit boss got involved.

In our video, you see Nelly arguing with the pit boss and claiming another gambler told him to "get under my nuts." When the pit boss tells Nelly he didn't hear the alleged insult, Nelly goes nuclear!!!

Yes, it got hot in there ... but eventually cooler heads prevailed, and police did not get involved. The other gamblers cashed out and left the table, but not before Nelly seemingly dropped one final slam, "get off MY nuts!!!"

As Kenny Rogers put it ... know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em and know when to walk away while talking about your genitals.

Something like that.

State Farm to Shannen Doherty Calm Down, It's Only Cancer ... Claims Actress Is Just Looking for Sympathy


Shannen Doherty is dying of cancer and has been displaced from her damaged home after the devastating California wildfires -- damage she's fighting State Farm to repair -- and now the insurance company says cancer doesn't justify a total remodel.

Shannen has sued State Farm over the amount the company is willing to pay to make her home right again. State Farm is saying her home didn't suffer fire or structural damage. Nevertheless, State Farm claims in new legal docs it's paid more than $1 million, which includes remediation, professional cleaning and rent for a temporary house for a year.

State Farm says, Shannen "improperly claims she is entitled to have her entire home rebuilt at a cost of $2.7 million because she has breast cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease."

And, get this ... State Farm says, "In fact, the first sentence of [Shannen's] memorandum ... reveals [her] plan at trial to garner sympathy by her contention that State Farm must rebuild her entire house ..."

Shannen revealed she has stage 4 breast cancer and it's terminal.

Travis Kelce Goes Full WWE Superstar Epic Speech At Chiefs Parade

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2:09 PM PT -- Kansas City cops say 5 people in total were arrested at the parade ... including 2 in that wild police chase early Wednesday morning.

Cops say 2 of the other 3 arrests included a man riding a horse ... and a "belligerent guy who fell out of a tree."

12:31 PM PT -- Kelce just gave addressed the fans with a speech that would make the Macho Man Randy Savage blush ... going all-out in an epic rant at the Chiefs' rally following the parade.

Kelce -- who was spotted downing beer after beer throughout the festivities -- kept it together and PG-13 (for the most part) ... only letting a few f-bombs fly during the speech.

The fans loved every second of it ... and the whole thing was reminiscent of Travis' bro, Jason, who went OFF when the Eagles won the Super Bowl a few years back. Remember "hungry dogs run faster?"

Travis ended his speech with one Beastie Boys-approved message -- "YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY!!!!"

11:33 AM PT -- Aaaaaaaaand, there goes Kelce's super badass Louis V coat ... the thing just got destroyed when Patrick Mahomes made a beer waterfall mid-parade ... and Trav tried to catch it all in his mouth.

Awesome moment for everyone EXCEPT the coat, which got drenched in brew.

Pour some more out for the coat. RIP.


It's currently 26 degrees in Kansas City, MO for the Chiefs Super Bowl parade ... and Travis Kelce is staying warm in 2 ways -- a beer blanket and a $20,000 Louis Vuitton coat!!!

Kelce, Patrick Mahomes and the boys are braving the cold to celebrate their big win over the 49ers ... and we're expecting a BUNCH of drunken debaucheries. Hey, they earned it!

Kelce and his stunning GF, Kayla Nicole, got the party started early ... with their group belting out Queen's "We Are The Champions" at the top of their lungs while Trav downed a Budweiser.

But, it wasn't the screeching rendition of the song that caught our attention, it was Kelce's threads -- which, after doing some research, are even more eye-popping.

According to the Louis V website, Killa Trav's coat is worth almost a whopping $20k, with an $18,600 price tag.

Other Chiefs players are already poppin' bottles of Ace of Spades and spraying the crowd!!

Mahomes is already joining Kelce in the beer chuggin' ... doing his best Gronk impression as the parade rolls on.


Among others on Kelce's float are Patrick and his biggest supporter, GF Brittany Matthews ... and we'll be sure to update the post with as much of that great content that's bound to happen.

We can already hear the screaming.

Originally Published -- 9:49 AM PT

Kevin Hart No Lawsuits Filed After Horrendous Car Crash


Kevin Hart has not filed a lawsuit in the wake of his near-fatal car crash. He hasn't been sued either. And, the driver and passenger haven't sued or been sued either. In other words, not a single lawsuit has been filed in what everyone thought would be a flurry of legal action.

TMZ broke the story, Kevin was in the front passenger seat last September when his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda crashed into an embankment in Malibu. Kevin, the driver and the driver's fiancee were all hospitalized and Kevin required spinal surgery. Investigators concluded no one was wearing a seat belt and there were no safety harnesses in the car.

Law enforcement says the driver was at fault, he allegedly gunned the vehicle's 720-HP engine and lost control.

As we reported, everyone immediately lawyered up, but then there was silence. It seemed almost certain the driver would get sued, and Kevin as well since he was the owner of the car and owners are responsible when they allow someone to take the wheel and their negligence causes an accident.


There was also talk the company that customized the car would be sued since there were no safety harnesses in the vehicle. The fact is though, since no one even had a seat belt on, the harness would have gone unused and done no good.

Our sources also say no money has changed hands as part of a settlement. In other words, when it comes to lawsuits resulting from the crash ... crickets.


Now it's true ... everyone involved has 3 years to file a lawsuit, so it could still happen, but typically, these suits are filed pretty quickly.

As for Kevin, we're told he continues to undergo physical therapy and he hits the gym regularly. He's very involved in work again as well ... hosting a Super Bowl gig in Miami and doing plenty of promo for 'Jumanji.' And, check out the latest issue of Men's Health that comes out Wednesday ... Kev's on the cover.

Soundgarden Sorry, Vicky ... Those New Songs Are the Band's!!!

TMZ/Getty Composite

9:43 AM PT -- Cornell's attorney, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "It is disappointing that Chris’ former band members have now sought to taint his legacy by making numerous false allegations, and that they continue to withhold substantial monies from his widow and minor children (despite using those same funds to pay for their own legal fees)."

He continues, "The issue in this case is not who wrote the songs but rather who owns the specific recordings made solely by Chris while he resided in Florida. We are very confident that the Court will vindicate the rights of Chris’ Estate, and that the case will properly remain in Florida, where Chris resided and recorded the songs that are now the lawful property of his Estate."

Chris Cornell's former bandmates are taking a stand against his widow ... insisting she's got the wrong idea about who owns a bunch of unreleased Soundgarden tunes.

Soundgarden is responding to Vicky Cornell's lawsuit, filed last year ... claiming ownership of 7 tracks she says she found on Chris' laptop after his death -- but the band says ... not so fast!

In new docs, they acknowledge there are unreleased songs but say they -- as a band -- had been working on them as far back as 2014. As evidence, they point to a February 2017 article where Chris himself spoke to Music Radar about Soundgarden's new material. He said, "We have a lot of interesting songs."


The operative word there being, "We" ... according to the band. According to the docs, Soundgarden got together in the studio in April 2017 to do more work on the songs. They acknowledge they took a break from polishing the songs later that month ... to go on tour.

It was during that tour, in May 2017, that Chris died by suicide.

Further, Soundgarden say they've corresponded with Vicky about the songs, and she's admitted they were the band's property ... not just Chris' solo work.

They also think she's filed her lawsuit in the wrong court -- a federal court in Florida -- because the band is based in Seattle. Therefore, they're asking a judge to dismiss Vicky's lawsuit or, at least, force her to refile in the proper district.

Originally Published -- 6:34 AM PT

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