Idris Elba Coronavirus Got Me, and it Sucks ... I Had NO Symptoms!!!

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Idris Elba got back his coronavirus test, and it ain't good news.

The actor says he's contracted COVID-19, and he's placed himself in self-quarantine. Actually, Idris says he's been on lockdown since Friday. What's interesting about his case is he says he wasn't experiencing ANY symptoms.

Idris says, "I got tested because I realized I was exposed to someone who had also tested positive." He says he's quarantining for now with his wife, Sabrina ... although she hasn't been tested.

He added, "There are people out there who aren't showing symptoms and that can easily spread it ... this is real."

You'll recall, when Tom Hanks announced last week he and Rita Wilson had tested positive ... he said they at least had some indication -- body aches and other common cold-like symptoms.

No such warnings for Idris ... but he says, so far, he and Sabrina are feeling okay. Fingers crossed.

Eric Roberts Quarantine Is Like Vacation ... But Coronavirus Screwed My Movie Opening!!!


Eric Roberts likes being stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, but there's one thing he's struggling to replace ... his morning gym routine!!!

The veteran actor joined us Monday on "TMZ Live" from the comfort of his own home, where's he's holed up for the next several weeks. Professionally, this is horrible timing for Eric ... we asked him about movie theaters shuttering within days of his new flick coming out.

"Inside The Rain" opened in theaters last week, and Eric told us it ain't great seeing empty theaters after pouring his blood, sweat and tears into a film.

The entertainment shutdown is also impacting his family because his stepson, singer Keaton Simons, was supposed to play Stagecoach. Obviously, that ain't happening until October.

Eric says all of his pending projects -- he has several dozen hanging in the balance -- are on hold for at least the next 2 months. In the meanwhile, he's settling in at home, and actually enjoying the break.

He says he's treating it like a staycation, but the toughest adjustment has been NOT going to the gym every morning. They've all been forced to close their doors in California.

Still, Eric gets it, and says he's being extra careful because he's a granddad.

Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Tests Positive for Coronavirus ... Amid '007' Movie Delay

One of James Bond's lovely ladies on-screen has come out in real-life to say she has coronavirus -- this just weeks after the latest flick was put on ice over it.

Actress Olga Kurylenko made the announcement Sunday, taking to Instagram to notify her fans of her current condition as well as the symptoms she's experiencing. She writes, "Locked up at home after having tested positive for Coronavirus."

Olga adds, "I’ve actually been ill for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms. Take care of yourself and do take this seriously!" She went on to translate her message to Russian -- OK was born in the Ukraine, but has French citizenship as well.

In her IG post, you can see Olga snapped a pic from behind a glass window ... showing she's in isolation and presumed self-quarantine. Unclear where this was shot from, but her primary residence is said to be in France, which is under heavy restrictions right now as a nation -- very similar to much of the U.S. ... but not quite as bad as Italy yet.

If you've forgotten, Olga played Camille in 2008's "Quantum of Solace" opposite Daniel Craig -- the so-so sequel to 'Casino Royale' which rebooted the franchise in a big way. She was also in the 2013 film, “Oblivion,” with Tom Cruise ... and has been in several American flicks on top of those too.

Olga's announcement comes less than two weeks after MGM put the release of the new Bond movie, "No Time to Die," on hold as the world gets a grip on the coronavirus situation. It was originally slated to come out in April ... now, it's been pushed back to November. It's supposed to be Craig's last turn as Bond -- Lea Seydoux and Ana de Armas have been cast as the latest Bond girls.

Kurylenko is just the latest celebrity to announce a positive test for the novel coronavirus -- a handful of pro athletes have tested positive, and notably ... so has Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Jennifer Lawrence Intruder Strolls in Her Front Door ... Busted by Security Team


Jennifer Lawrence got a rude awakening to cap off her weekend -- cops say a female intruder sauntered right into her crib ... and the way she did it was too damn easy.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a woman entered JLaw's L.A.-area home Sunday around 9:15 PM PT. We're told the woman was totally unexpected, but still ... went right through the front doors, which were NOT locked.

Even more frightening ... our sources say Jennifer was actually home at the time of the break-in -- unclear if her new hubby, Cooke Maroney, was there ... but JLaw's hired muscle certainly was.

We're told security on hand nabbed the 23-year-old woman before she could make contact with Jennifer. They called the police and the woman was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing. As for why she was there?

Our sources say the woman told police she simply wanted to meet the actress. Get in line, lady.

Brad Pitt Once Upon a Time at In-N-Out ... With Gal Pal Alia Shawkat!!!


Brad Pitt's got one hell of an appetite ... for burgers and more friendly hangouts with gal pal Alia Shawkat.

The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star and Ali were spotted at In-N-Out in L.A. the day after they both also hit up a Thundercat show at The Wiltern. Brad, seen wearing the same hat he wore at the concert, used to be one party animal -- no word if he went animal style at the burger joint.

In any event ... here's hoping Brad's finally put an end to the whole In-N-Out vs. Shake Shack debate. But, one thing's for sure ... Brad and Alia really do enjoy each other's company.

As we reported ... Brad and Alia hanging out is nothing new for them. They've been going to concerts, comedy shows, museums and galleries together for months. As friends, that is.


Sources close to the Oscar winner told us Brad doesn't feel any need to get back on the dating scene right now. Until then ... more double-doubles!!!

Magda in 'There's Something About Mary' 'Memba Her?!

Michigan born actress Lin Shaye has been in the TV and movie game since the mid-'70s, but is best known for her bronzed and blonde role as the neighbor Magda -- who loves her puffy and clam dip -- in the 1998 Farrelly brother's film "There's Something About Mary."

Lin's other big Farrelly bros role was of the trashy landlord in the bowling classic "Kingpin."

Shaye has now carved out a scream-worthy niche in the horror film genre with credits on fright films like "The Grudge," "Insidious," "2001 Maniacs," Ouija," "The Black Room" and many, many more!

Guess what she looks like now at 76 years old!

Kate Beckinsale Weinstein Yelled at Me ... 'Shake Your Ass, Tits' at Premiere!!!

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Kate Beckinsale is revealing a new Harvey Weinstein horror story, claiming he once berated her for dressing "like a lesbian" at a movie premiere he insisted on having in NYC ... shortly after the 9/11 attack.

Kate says Weinstein, who was head of Miramax studios back then, forced her and the other stars of "Serendipity" to attend a premiere in early October 2001 -- a move she called "insensitive, tone deaf, disrespectful," because the city was still smoking and people were searching for loved ones. As a result, Kate dressed very conservatively ... opting for a white suit and tie.

She says that didn't fly with Weinstein, who invited her and her daughter to his place for a playdate with his daughter the next morning. She claims once the kids were in another room, he went off on her -- "You stupid fucking C**T, you C**T you ruined my premiere. If I am throwing a red carpet you get in a tight dress, you shake your ass, you shake your tits, you do not go down looking like a f**king lesbian you stupid f**king c**t."

Kate says she was shocked, immediately burst into tears and tried to explain why she felt that was in poor taste ... due to 9/11. She claims he verbally blasted her again, saying, "I don’t care -it’s my f**king premiere and if I want p**sy on the red carpet that’s what I get."

She clearly waited to reveal the story -- posting about it late Wednesday night, hours after Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in NY state prison for his rape and assault cases. Kate lauded the victims for speaking up and testifying about Weinstein's sexual misconduct -- and said there should also be consequences for the type of non-criminal incident she endured.

She added, "The inhumane bullying and sick covert abuse for which there is STILL no recourse no matter who you tell (and I did tell), these too need to go."

Ben Affleck Oscar-Winning Instagram BF ... Romantic Pics with Ana!!!

Ben Affleck's already got a handle on the Instagram boyfriend lifestyle -- he's happily snapping beach shots of his hot new girlfriend, Ana de Armas!!!

The couple's down in Costa Rica for a romantic getaway after finishing filming on their upcoming movie. There have been plenty of rumors about them hooking up, but these shots of their romantic stroll confirm it ... they're totally smitten.

Ben couldn't take his eyes off his "Deep Water" costar during Tuesday's walk in the sand -- and not only because he was taking pics of her. When he wasn't behind the lens, Ben got up close and cozy ... snuggling with Ana on the beach.

The PDA proves the chemistry just keeps flowing between these 2 after playing husband and wife for the big screen. We recently saw them in Ana's native Cuba, so things are definitely heating up.

As they say in CR ... pura vida, Ana and Ben!!! Pura vida, indeed.

Harvey Weinstein Gets 23 Years in Prison ... Victims Speak Out In Court

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12:06 PM PT -- Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann each spoke before the sentencing .... and their victim impact statements are gut-wrenching. Miriam recalled her troubling encounter with Weinstein in 2006 at his SoHo apartment ... calling the last couple of years excruciatingly stressful while living in fear and paranoia on a daily basis, in fear of retaliation.

Mann referenced Weinstein's immense physical stature, weight, height and "ox like strength" he used to prevent her from leaving. She said, "I ask you to consider the horrors of being rendered immobile by my own biological response, while I had to endure his penis, raping me on his time, as slow as he wanted while he pleasured himself inside my body. I wish I had been able to fight him while he raped me."

Mann also claimed Weinstein once threatened her father "with an old school mafia bat beat down -- my father who was dying of cancer at the time."

10:57 AM PT -- Even before he finds out which NY state prison he's serving his 23 years, Weinstein could be heading west. The L.A. County D.A.'s Office says it's already started the extradition process to have him face sexual assault charges. There's no date set yet for his arraignment.

10:12 AM PT -- Weinstein left the courthouse in a wheelchair, and corrections officers loaded him into the transport bus returning him to Rikers Island. He'll remain there for now, until he's transferred to an upstate NY prison.

Harvey Weinstein will likely die in prison -- he just got sentenced to 23 years in his NY state criminal case.

The 67-year-old disgraced movie mogul faced the judge Wednesday at his sentencing, and even spoke briefly. Several of his accusers, including the women who testified against him, were in the court as well.

Model Tarale Wulff was there ... so was Annabella Sciorra, Lauren Young and Jessica Mann, just to name a few.

Before the sentence was announced, Weinstein directly addressed his accusers in court, saying, "I have great remorse for all of you. I have great remorse for all women."

And yet ... Weinstein also said he was "totally confused" by the charges against him. He added, "I think men are confused about all of this ... this feeling of thousands of men and women who are losing due process, I'm worried about this country. This is not the right atmosphere in the United States of America."

He also said, "If I had to do a lot of things over I would care less about movies and more about my children and my family." He admitted he'd been unfaithful to both of his ex-wives and apologized to them.

He wrapped up his statement with, "I really feel remorse for this situation. I feel it deeply in my heart."

After court, Weinstein's accusers walked out -- some of them arm-in-arm -- to applause and chants of "Justice!"

As we reported, Weinstein's lawyers begged for mercy earlier this week, asking the judge to sentence him to 5 years because -- among other things -- he has no prior criminal record, and his life and career had already been destroyed.

His legal team also pointed to huge charitable contributions, including millions for 9/11 firefighters and police officers.

It didn't work.

Weinstein was facing a maximum prison sentence of 29 years after being convicted by a jury last month of Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree and Rape in the Third Degree. Prosecutors were pushing for a harsh sentence, claiming Weinstein had shown a total lack of remorse. He seemed to be responding to that with his statement in court.

Of course, he is, by all accounts, in very poor health ... so, Weinstein could be spending much -- if not all -- of his remaining years behind bars.

As for where Weinstein will do his time -- he'll most likely be shipped to a maximum-security prison in upstate New York. Weinstein has been staying in an infirmary unit at Rikers Island while awaiting sentencing.

Don't forget ... he also has a pending criminal case in L.A. to face.

Originally published -- 8:08 AM PT

A.J. on 'Empire Records' 'Memba Him?!

South Carolina-native Johnny Whitworth was 20 years old when he took on the role as the art school hopeful, A.J. -- who takes on a gamut of situations while employed by the Delaware record store -- in the 1995 cult masterpiece, "Empire Records."

Johnny Whitworth wasn't the only standout in the music movie ... he was cast with other rising stars like Renee Zellweger as the lusty Gina, Ethan Embry as the marijuana loving Mark ... and of course, Liv Tyler as A.J.'s crush and Harvard bound Corey Mason.

Whitworth can be spotted more recently on TV shows like "The 100" and "Blindspot."

Guess what he looks like now at 44 years old.

'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Jail Release Coming ... Will Enter Rehab


'Mighty Ducks' goalie Shaun Weiss is inching closer to getting the help he desperately needs ... he'll soon be released from jail and go straight to rehab.

On Tuesday, a judge in Yuba County, CA approved a motion to release the child star from jail ... according to the D.A.'s Office there. Shaun's being released specifically so he can check in to a recovery facility.

We're told he could be released as early as Thursday and will head to a hospital in Orange County where his treatment will begin with one week of detox. The plan is for him to spend 90 days in a SoCal rehab facility.

Our sources say that will be followed by an intensive outpatient/partial aftercare sober-house program before Shaun goes to a sober-living home.

All of this, of course, is expensive treatment and Shaun will not go at it alone. We're told a prominent TV show reached out to Shaun's team and introduced them to the rehab facility, which will sponsor his recovery.

As we first reported ... friends said they were desperate to get the troubled child star help before it's too late. Shaun had been living on the street and dealing with several life-threatening problems before his meth and burglary bust.

The shocking arrest prompted a wave of support ... from friends and even those who didn't know him, like Michael Lohan. As we first reported ... Michael, who is no stranger to rehab, pulled some strings and got a rehab facility in Texas to sponsor Shaun's recovery.

Nice gesture, for sure -- but, it looks like he'll get the help he needs in Cali.

Brad Pitt 'Mystery Woman' is Alia Shawkat ... Catch Concert Together


11:13 AM PT -- We've learned the woman is "Arrested Development" actress Alia Shawkat. The two have been spotted together a lot recently.

Brad Pitt looked comfy over the weekend next to a mystery woman at a concert -- and while it's unclear if this is romantic, what is clear is Brad's not scared of getting out there.

BP was spotted Saturday night at The Wiltern in L.A., where musician Thundercat was performing. Eyewitnesses tell us he arrived with the woman, whom he sat next to pretty much through the whole show. It's hard to see her face, but you get a decent side profile.

At one point, she takes off her beanie, revealing really short hair -- almost like a buzz cut. There's no clear signs of PDA, but they're clearly watching the show together ... which becomes even more evident when Beck comes over to chat them both up.

BTW, he wasn't the only other celeb there ... we're told Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla $ign and Anderson .Paak were among the stars in the VIP area. Brad and his lady friend, included, obviously.

Now, again, we don't know if this get-together was romantic or friendly -- but fact is ... Brad out with anyone is always worth a convo. He's joked anyone he stands next to is immediately pegged as a new flame -- so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

That said, it's also pretty apparent Brad is somewhat conscious and careful about who he steps out with in public -- which was evident at the Oscars last month. He showed up with his manger as his date but the media went nuts trying to figure out who exactly she was.

The potentially bad news this could pose for Brennifer shippers ... Brad's recent encounters with Jen Aniston might've been much ado about nothing after all. In any case, we've reached out to Brad's camp for clarification on this outing ... so far, no word back.

Originally published -- 1:00 AM PT

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