Tiffany Haddish I Got COVID-19 ... Breaking It Down With Fauci

Tiffany Haddish is revealing she tested positive for the coronavirus, and she's opening up about her experiences with testing and learning her diagnosis.

Tiffany revealed her diagnosis in a video posted on her YouTube page this week, rehashing her experience with the virus with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The actress and comedian says she contracted the virus about three months ago, after working on a movie where someone else came down with COVID-19. She says her first test came back negative, but she got tested again when someone else she knew tested positive, and found out she was positive too.

Tiffany says she did not have any symptoms, which is kinda scary in its own right, and says she quarantined with her dogs and taught herself how to do the splits.

It's pretty interesting ... Tiffany says she had the antibodies for the virus months ago, but another recent test revealed she no longer has the antibodies. She says she's been tested 12 times because she's working on different projects.

Dr. Fauci offers some helpful reminders on how to stay safe ... he says people should wear masks, practice social distancing, and boost the immune system with a healthy lifestyle, such as getting good sleep and exercising.

Katie Holmes Sips Wine, Laughs and Flirts On Date with Chef

1:57 PM PT -- Katie's mystery man has just been reveled ... the guy is Emilio Vitolo, a chef in New York City.

He's the chef at Emilio's Ballato in SoHo, an old-school Italian restaurant known as a celeb hangout.

Katie Holmes has a new leading man in her life ... or at the very least, she's found a guy she enjoys having a drink with.

More than a year after her split with Jamie Foxx, the actress seems to be happily playing the field again ... she had a date with a mystery man this week in NYC.

Katie and the fella hit up a Mediterranean restaurant called Antique Garage in the SoHo neighborhood Tuesday night, but didn't even need to get grub to have a good time.

We're told the 2 simply ordered a couple glasses of wine, and photos of their date show Katie cracking up laughing, making some flirtatious faces ... and even getting a little touchy-feely.

It's unclear who the guy is ... but clearly he's got some game.

As you'll recall ... Katie and Jamie broke up mid-2019 after about 6 years of dating. They famously kept their relationship very private, and even their split wasn't revealed until Foxx stepped out with recording artist and model, Sela Vave, a couple months later.

Katie's the one stepping out now, though ... get it, girl.

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Tyler Perry Building My Own Airport in ATL!!! First Look at MASSIVE Estate

The awesome estate Tyler Perry's building may soon need its own damn zip code, 'cause it seems he's building his own airport on a property fit for a billionaire!!!

TMZ's obtained photos and video of the 35,000-square-foot mansion he's building on 1,200 acres near Atlanta. As you can see ... there are 2 structures on the property. The much bigger structure is the main house and it's inching closer to becoming a completed project.


They're building an enormous lap pool, as well as a grand entrance to the property. Also, check out the smaller structure that appears to already be completed.

And, Tyler may no longer have a use for a commercial airport, because it looks like he's creating his own runway!  Not really sure, because it doesn't look very long. It's only fitting, since Forbes acknowledged Tyler now has billionaire status.

It's incredible ... the entire estate is tucked away in the woods near Atlanta and just far enough away for some peace and privacy. As we first reported back in 2018 ... Tyler had been designing and building it for several years now. Plans included turning some of the land into an organic farm with horses and other animals.

At the time, we were told Tyler wanted his son to appreciate and enjoy the land and the animals, and Tyler's definitely got the space to make that happen. Remember, Tyler's 330-acre studio is also nearby ... so expect him to enjoy the hell out of Perryland.

Cristiano Ronaldo's GF SLAAAAAAAYS At Venice Film Festival

Cristiano Ronaldo's longtime GF Georgina Rodriguez turned the Venice Film Festival into her very own fashion show on Thursday ... and yeah, the woman SLAAAAAAAYED.

Yes, that's 7 As ... and they're all necessary.

The soccer superstar's gorgeous lady showed up for the showings of "The Human Voice" and "Quo Vadis, Aida?" at the big event in Italy ... decked out in a light pink gown that was sure to turn heads.

The best part?? SAFETY!!

Georgina even had a matching mask to go with her wardrobe -- after all, the coronavirus is still very much a thing, you know.

Rodriguez and Ronaldo have been living it up together in 2020 ... from a pants-optional quarantine to sailing around on an expensive yacht with their incredibly attractive friends while we all sit back and watch jealously from afar.

Oh, and don't forget the thong'd out underwater video she made the other day.

Georgina is KILLLING!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chadwick Boseman Hometown Already Working On Statue ... to Honor Late Actor


Chadwick Boseman's hometown is already hard at work on a statue that'll pay tribute to the "Black Panther" star ... but those who want it to replace a Confederate memorial shouldn't hold their breath.

A spokesperson for Mayor Terence Roberts' Office in Anderson, SC tells TMZ ... the city is enthusiastically working on a permanent public tribute to honor the late actor.

We're told the City has already contacted an artist and they're brainstorming ideas on how best to honor the hometown hero who played legendary roles. We're told the statue will include a mix of sculpture with mural and/or art elements.

The spokesperson conceded they don't have plans nailed down but he assured us it'll be suitable for a king. We're told the Mayor's office wants public input, to ensure it does the entire city proud.

A petition is gaining steam ... after calling for a Chadwick Boseman statue to replace a Confederate memorial currently in front of the city's courthouse. Thing is ... that's not the Mayor's call, because removal of a Confederate monument requires a two-thirds vote from the state legislature.

But, what can move forward ... a fitting tribute in the late star's hometown. As we reported ... Chadwick's sudden death shocked the world following a 4-year, very private battle with colon cancer.


Little Jenny in 'Big Fish' 'Memba Her?!

Child actor Hailey Anne Nelson was only 8 years old when she landed the role of the little shoe-tossing Jenny -- who lives in the picturesque town of Spectre with her father the Mayor -- in Tim Burton's 2003 tall tale "Big Fish."

Hailey Anne Nelson was cast alongside an impressive batch of actors including Missi Pyle as the welcoming Spectre blondie, Mildred, a little Miley Cyrus as the witch-hunting, Ruthie, Helena Bonham Carter as the older version of Jenny and the all-seeing-eyeball Witch ... and of course Ewan McGregor as the big fish himself, Ed Bloom.

Guess what she looks like now at 25 years old!

Taryn Manning I'll Be Perfect Movie 'Karen' To Teach Real 'Karens' to Change


Taryn Manning is so sick and tired of the Karens of the world ... she's ready to play one in an effort to bring their racist behavior to a screeching halt.

The "Orange Is the New Black" star hopped on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to discuss why she's embracing the villainous role in director Coke Daniels' new film aptly dubbed "Karen White" ... about a racist white woman who terrorizes her new Black neighbors. Yeah, sounds painfully familiar.

Taryn says she actually wants you to hate her in the film, not only because it means she did a great acting job -- but because she's hoping it shows how desperately society needs to change and embrace racial equality.

Coke says his script will dig deep ... in an effort to better understand the psychology behind people who act this way in real life. Don't get it twisted, he's not trying to justify the behavior -- he wants to illustrate how outrageous micro-aggressions can lead to racism and violence.

God knows they've got countless examples to get inspiration for the film, which they'll be shooting this fall. See Manhattan Beach Karen, Drive-Thru Karen, Radio Host Karen or Old Lady Karen. Plenty of research material out there, and Taryn told us she's watching it all, closely.

Harry and Meghan Duke and Duchess of Netflix ... Sign Production Deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their new calling after quitting their British royal day jobs -- and it's similar to her old one ... they're big-time Hollywood producers!!!

Harry and Meghan announced their new careers Wednesday, 6 months after leaving the royal fam and settling in California, they're going to make content for Netflix.

The Duke and Duchess inked a multiyear deal with the streaming service, and the still-unnamed production company they founded will get a bunch of Netflix dough to make movies, scripted shows, documentaries, docu-series and children's programming.

Forget the royal family, Harry and Meghan have found their own global platform in Tinseltown. Netflix has tons of reach, with 193 million subscribers across the globe.

Harry and Meghan will mostly be working behind the cameras, but they might appear on screen in documentaries. Meghan's also open to voice-over work -- as we know from her Disney project last year -- but she's made it clear she doesn't plan to get back into acting. At least, that's her plan for now.

Unclear how lucrative Harry and Meghan's deal with Netflix is, they're not exactly well-established producers, but the streaming service is known to make it rain on big-name talent.

John Boyega Rips Disney for 'Star Wars' Role Pushed a Black Lead Aside

John Boyega isn't part of Disney's rat pack anymore, so he's speaking his mind freely about how he thinks they did him dirty in 'Star Wars' ... and he ain't sugarcoating a thing.

The actor is gracing the October cover of British GQ, and talked to the mag about some lingering gripes over his time playing Finn in the latest 'Star Wars' films. While he says he'll always defend J.J. Abrams -- who directed two of the flicks -- he says the studio itself screwed the pooch and misled both him and the fan base about the Finn character.

John says quite bluntly, "[W]hat I would say to Disney is do not bring out a Black character, market them to be much more important in the franchise than they are, and then have them pushed to the side." He adds "It’s not good. I’ll say it straight up."

We've gotten hints that John wasn't too happy with the way the Mouse House downplayed his character -- as we've seen him squabble with internet trolls about the franchise's direction before -- but now ... we know how he really feels.

He goes on to tell GQ his costars Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver's characters were fully fleshed out, and in the end ... got the biggest storylines (not to mention love interests). John says Daisy and Adam would admit the same, so he's not dropping any bombshell.

In his final shot at Disney, he said ... "What they want you to say is, 'I enjoyed being a part of it. It was a great experience.' I’ll take that deal when it’s a great experience"

Chadwick Boseman Marvel Star's H.S. Creating Scholarship In His Honor


The tributes to Chadwick Boseman keep pouring in, and the latest honor for the late "Black Panther" star is all about education.

Walter Mayfield, principal at T. L. Hanna High School in South Carolina where the actor attended, tells TMZ ... they're forming the Chadwick Boseman Memorial Scholarship for a yearly honor to a deserving student.

Mayfield says the goal is to create a sustainable scholarship for years to come, and the school is aiming to raise $100k toward that end. The principal says a bunch of people have already reached out about contributing in Chadwick's honor -- without even publicizing the idea yet -- so they're off to a good start.

We're told the school is trying to work with Boseman's family on the plan -- Mayfield feels it's essential they be involved to help formulate criteria for the award.

Chadwick's former H.S. basketball coach, Wayne Jones, is pushing for the school to retire the number he used to wear -- 32 -- in his memory.

He tells us the cinematic superhero was an all-around solid player on the court who played 4 years on the varsity squad ... and could do a little bit of everything. T. L. Hanna has never retired a number before, but Principal Mayfield says this is the time to consider it.

If the Boseman scholarship gets up and running, it will be the second one in honor of a T. L. Hanna legend ... the first is James "Radio" Kennedy. His scholarship goes to a student pursuing a career in special ed.

As we told you ... Chadwick's South Carolina hometown is also set to honor him soon.

Tyler Perry Officially a Billionaire

Tyler Perry's got something else to take ownership of ... he's now a billionaire!!!

Tyler's net worth just jumped and made him the newest official member of the 3-comma club, according to a new Forbes report detailing his rise from being "poor as hell" to rich and powerful.

The numbers are in ... here's a breakdown of how Forbes is calculating Tyler's milestone net worth:

-- $320 million for his entire library of movies, TV shows, plays, etc., as he owns 100% of the content he's created

-- $300 million in cash and investments

-- $280 million for Tyler Perry Studios, which sits on 330 acres in Georgia

-- $60 million for his equity stake in BET+, the streaming service that debuted last year.

-- $40 million in homes and toys

Add it all up ... and that's a cool $1 billion. Not bad for a guy who once slept in his car.


Harvey Levin interviewed Tyler back in 2017 for the show, "OBJECTified," and Perry explained how he believed in betting on himself and why he relishes commercial success in addition to artistic success.

Chadwick Boseman Jackie Biopic To Return To Theaters ... After Actor's Death

Breaking News

Chadwick Boseman fans will be able to see his iconic performance as Jackie Robinson on the big screen one last time ... with "42" getting re-released days after his tragic death.

Boseman's main role as the baseball hero was one of his first major gigs on the silver screen ... leading to projects like "Draft Day," "Get on Up," and the legendary character of T'Challa in "Black Panther" and the 'Avengers' series.

AMC Theaters announced it will show the 2013 film -- which also stars Harrison Ford and Nicole Beharie -- in 300 different locations later this week ... as a tribute to the beloved actor.

Tickets will be made available on Tuesday ... and the showings will begin as early as Thursday.

As we previously reported, Boseman died at age 43 on Friday after a 4-year battle with colon cancer.

The entertainment and sports worlds have been grieving the loss ever since ... including a tribute from LeBron James prior to the Lakers vs. Blazers game on Saturday and a lengthy farewell from co-star Michael B. Jordan.


Chadwick Boseman His Death Can Help Save Lives ... Colon Cancer Orgs Say


Chadwick Boseman's still playing the hero, because his life story's inspiring people to take action ... in the ongoing fight against colon cancer.

Several leading organizations focused on beating colorectal cancer -- the third leading form of cancer in both men and women in the U.S. -- tell TMZ ... the "Black Panther" star's shocking death instantly brought about a massive increase in awareness, donations, and love for those dealing with it.

Anjee Davis, President of Fight Colorectal Cancer, tells us along with a huge outpouring of grief for the actor, her org got a major boost in social media engagements and support ... which resulted in raising nearly $10,000.

She says the funds will go toward research to seek better treatment options and a cure for colon cancer, but just as important ... she hopes the heightened awareness pushes people to get early screenings, look into their family history of cancer, and be on alert for signs and symptoms.

Likewise for Michael Sapienza, CEO of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, who says Chadwick's death -- at 43, after a 4-year cancer battle -- has already brought on "the most monumental change" to how people view the disease.

Though the Marvel superhero chose to keep his battle shielded from the public, Sapienza's encouraging the public to be more open to discussing colon cancer to shed the stigma ... especially since it's increasingly affecting younger people like Boseman.

Cindy Borassi, Interim President for the Colon Cancer Foundation, also points out the increasing impact on younger Americans, and adds, to make matters worse ... screenings have gone way down due to the pandemic.

She tells us it sometimes takes a "larger-than-life personality" like Boseman to boost outreach, awareness and support, and while it's tragic ... that's what is happening here.

Borassi says donations to the org have increased at least 300 percent since Friday, and she believes his death will result in huge companies like Disney and Marvel joining forces in the effort to eradicate colon cancer.

As we reported ... Chadwick's passing has inspired numerous tributes from friends and fans, and action-figure memorials from kids who love and miss him.

George in 'George of the Jungle 2' 'Memba Him?!

Michigan-born actor Christopher Showerman is best known for his role as the vine-swinging king of the jungle, George -- who battles to balance his responsibilities in the wild and his family life with a wife and son -- in Disney's 2003 follow-up film, "George of the Jungle 2."

Chris Showerman stages the screen time with Julie Benz as his city-dweller wife, Ursula and Angus T. Jones (of "Two and a Half Men" fame) as his pint-size son, George Jr.

Fun fact: There's a running gag throughout the movie around the obvious change from Brendan Fraser's iconic character in the first film and Showerman's role in the sequel.

Guess what he looks like now!

Chadwick Boseman S. Carolina Hometown Set to Honor Fallen Marvel Star


Chadwick Boseman's old stomping grounds won't soon be forgetting their hero, because city officials are ramping up to pay tribute to him ... now and later.

Anderson, South Carolina Mayor Terence Roberts' office tells TMZ ... the city where Chadwick grew up will be honoring him this week in a public get-together, but also down the road as well with what we're told will be a massive enshrinement.

As for this week's plans ... a rep for the Mayor says they're hosting a remembrance Thursday at an outdoor amphitheater, where they'll have 3 guest speakers -- including a pastor, a former high school classmate of Chadwick's and the Mayor himself. After that, we're told they'll be putting on a screening of "Black Panther."

Now, we know what you're thinking ... a public gathering at an amphitheater?? In a pandemic??? Yes, but rest assured ... we're told the city is taking all precautions to do this safely, with social distancing and masks in mind. The venue normally has a max capacity of about 10,000 ... we're told they're cutting it down to half. First come, first serve.

Oh, and the place will be adorned with Chadwick-themed artwork from locals, so that'll be neat to see too. At this time, it's a little unclear if any of his immediate family members will join, but some of his extended fam who are still in the area are said to be potential drop-ins.

As for a more long-term tribute to their homegrown star -- who died Friday of colon cancer -- the Mayor's team tells us they're still not settled on a final plan, but they know it'll be a grand, lasting public display.

We're told Anderson is known for its art, and whatever they decide to do might very well fall in line with that. Whatever it is, we're told it'll do Chadwick justice, and honor his life well.

Chadwick Boseman Marvel Studios Pays Tribute 'You Will Always Be Our King'

The tributes continue pouring in for Chadwick Boseman ... and Marvel Studios let it be known the late actor will be their king forever.

The studio honored T'Challa with a touching, emotional, tribute video in which many refer to Chadwick as flawless and regal. Lupita Nyong'o said Chadwick wore the crown with dignity in "Black Panther." Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. are just some in awe of Chadwick's immense talent.

Chadwick, of course, was also honored Sunday at the MTV VMAs with the virtual show dedicated to him. The main host, Keke Palmer, gave Chadwick a shout-out right out of the gate, saying, "We dedicate tonight’s show to the man whose spirit touched so many. He is a true hero, not just on screen but in everything he did. His impact lives forever."

The tributes have been plentiful ... but perhaps none more touching than the kids who honored Chadwick with action figure memorials.

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