'The Undoing' Star Noah Jupe Banks Big For New Soderbergh Film Taking All of HBO's $$$!!!


Actor Noah Jupe is super fond of three-letter connections ... as in HBO = ATM.

The kid, fresh off nailing the role of Henry on the HBO hit, "The Undoing," is back to work for the network again ... this time starring in the HBO Max film, "No Sudden Move." The cast is not too shabby ... with the likes of Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro and David Harbour, and it's being directed by Steven Soderbergh no less.

Noah's clearly not intimidated by Hollywood giants ... Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant played his parents in "The Undoing." And, once again, he's getting paid handsomely ... around $840k total, plus a bunch of perks.

In the minor's contract that was filed with the court, the 15-year-old gets 2 roundtrip business class tickets for him and a family member, a 3-bedroom apartment during filming and a daily $100 per diem. They're the same perks he got for "The Undoing."

As for the flick ... it's a heist thriller set in 1950s Detroit. The film -- first working title "Kill Switch" -- once included George Clooney before he had to drop out. Ray Liotta and Jon Hamm are also in the cast.

Get it, Noah.

Bruce Leeroy in 'The Last Dragon' 'Memba Him?!

Los Angeles-based martial artist Taimak Guarriello (or better known as just Taimak) was in his early 20s when he took on the role of the quick-kicking Leroy Green aka Bruce Leeroy -- who takes on thugs with his bare hands and harnesses "The Glow" to defeat Sho'nuff -- in Berry Gordy's 1985 martial arts masterpiece "The Last Dragon."

Taimak was joined in the cult classic by actors like Denise Katherine Matthews (aka Vanity) as the rockin' star, Laura Charles, Christopher Murney as the evil arcade owner, Eddie Arkadian ... and of course Julius Carry as the meanest, the prettiest, the baddest mofo low down around this town, Sho'nuff.

Guess what Taimak looks like now at 56 years old!

'Lion King' Live Production on Clubhouse ... Thousands Drop in to Listen!!!

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Now, this is creative ... a handful of Clubhouse users put on a live production of 'The Lion King' -- complete with a full cast and choir -- and THOUSANDS of people dropped in to listen live.

Organized by executive producer and director Noelle Chesnut Whitmore -- along with the assistance of a full crew, including voice actors/singers and others -- the performance is a two-show event that kicked off Saturday ... which entailed a matinee at 12 PM PT, and a later show at 5 PM PT. It appears to be free ... but ya gotta have Clubhouse to catch it.

Word is, auditions were held organically on Clubhouse itself ... and a ton of super talented people prepped for a live reading of the Disney animated classic, including those famous numbers we all know and love. And as it turns out, it sounds pretty decent too!

One such actor, Lee-Lonn (one of the guys playing Simba), posted a video of him rehearsing for 'I Just Can't Wait to be King' -- and it's obvious these folks are taking it pretty damn serious ... it comes off almost movie-like. So yeah, they're pros here at work.

The afternoon show is over, but like we said ... there's an encore coming up in just under an hour. At one of its peaks, there were reports of upwards of 5,000 Clubhouse users listening in live (on mute, of course) ... including tons of kids and families.

The problem -- if you haven't signed up for Clubhouse yet (which appears to still be in the beta phases of development), ya might have to wait until next time ... because the admin team has to approve you and your username before you can hop on, and that takes a bit.

The good news ... some people are capturing parts of the performance and posting (which is technically against their rules) -- so we can all at least get a taste of the treat in play. Not only that, but there's talk of other famous productions that might get the Clubhouse treatment -- like 'A Raisin in the Sun' for example, so more shows are on the horizon, it seems.

It might be worth your while to sign up -- Clubhouse is all the rage these days, and a ton of celebs are constantly dropping in and chatting with folks about a variety of topics. Celebs like Kevin Hart, Damon Dash, Joe Budden, Tyrese, Bow Wow and countless others have accounts and have made appearances ... with complete strangers tagging along for the ride.

One last thing about this 'Lion King' rendition ... the team went to great lengths to put it on, and they're taking donations from anyone who's feeling generous. Their handles are above.

Tom Piper in 'Babes In Toyland' 'Memba Him?!

Chicago-born signer and actor Tommy Sands first made a name for himself in the music industry in the late '50s with smash singles like "Teen-Age Crush" and "Going Steady" ... but it wasn't until after he took on the acting role of Tom Piper in Disney's 1961 Christmas musical "Babes In Toyland" that Sands became a classic holiday staple.

Tommy Sands was in the merry musical with Hollywood icons like Ray Bolger as the evil, Barnaby, Tommy Kirk as the tinkering toymaker, Grumio ... and of course Annette Funicello as the sheepish damsel in distress, Mary Contrary.

Guess what he looks like 4 decades later!

Little Sarah in 'Christmas Every Day' 'Memba Her?!

New Jersey-born child actor Yvonne Zima was only 7 years old when she was cast as the wishful little sister Sarah Jackson -- who is the reason that her brother has to endure Christmas every day -- in the 1996 holiday movie "Christmas Every Day."

Yvonne shared the screen on the holiday classic with Robert Hays and Bess Armstrong as the caring parents ... and of course Erik von Detten as the older brother.

Yvonne's older sister, Madeline Zima, is also a famous face in Hollywood and was cast as Grace in "The Nanny" and Mia Lewis on "Californication."

Guess what she looks like now!

Bill Bellamy Airlines, People Need to do Better In Wake of Death on United


Bill Bellamy says flying during a pandemic is inevitable ... he just wishes there was more accountability all around to help prevent what sadly went down on United Flight 591.

We got Bill out at LAX on Monday afternoon and talked to him about the man who died on a flight from Orlando to Los Angeles. It's a terrible situation for sure, but Bill says there are a few "security blankets" the airlines could implement to ease passenger's fears.

He tells our photog it would help if, for starters, people adhered to the honor system. Meaning, don't lie! If ya don't feel well, don't fly. But, he adds ... airlines need to get serious about COVID screenings, such as temperature checks.


As we reported ... United Flight 591 made an emergency landing in New Orleans but not before medics performed CPR. The man was later transported to a hospital where he died.

Bill says people who feel sick and board flights put the very same people who are trying to save their lives at risk.

Now, we did get him at LAX, so he's clearly traveling, but Bill -- like most scientists -- is advising folks to lay low if at all possible.

Twins in 'Deck The Halls' 'Memba Them?!

Florida-born actors Sabrina and Kelly Aldridge were in their early 20s when they took on the role of the hot twin daughters Ashley and Emily Hall -- who get wrapped up their dad's neighborly holiday hijinks -- in the 2006 Christmas comedy "Deck the Halls."

Sabrina and Kelly shared the screen in the merry movie with some holly-jolly actors including Matthew Broderick as the competitive neighbor, Steve Finch, Kristin Chenoweth as the hottie wife, Tia Hall ... and of course Danny DeVito as the decorating dad, Buddy Hall.

Guess what the sisters look like now at 36 years old.

Clifton Powell 'Friday 4' Can Honor Pops, Deebo ... Hear Me Out, Ice Cube!!!

let's pay tribute

Clifton Powell says 'Friday 4' absolutely needs to get off the ground as an homage to the franchise's late stars John Witherspoon and Tommy "Tiny" Lister.

We got Clifton -- who played Pinky in "Next Friday" and "Friday After Next" -- at LAX and talked about the chances of another sequel happening following Pops' death in 2019 and Deebo's sudden passing earlier this month.

Clifton says there's no question about it ... it's gotta happen. In fact, he essentially says it would be the perfect way to pay tribute to the iconic characters both men created, and generations of fans grew to love.

He's even got some ideas for Ice Cube on how to pull it off.

Now, a few years ago Cube said a 4th flick was in the works ... and he was reportedly writing the script -- but things stalled, and it's been on hold since then.

Either way, it sure seems like Clifton's mind's in overdrive cause his ideas are so spot on ... Cube might want to think about giving him producer's credit.

Our photog also asked Clifton if anyone can replace Witherspoon and Lister's characters. That's where Clifton draws the line.

Tom Cruise 'Mission' Mask Not Up to Snuff ... CDC Warned Against These


Tom Cruise might want to look in the mirror when it comes to making sure everyone on set is COVID safe -- especially if he sticks with what appears to be his go-to face covering.

The mask Tom's wearing in almost all the pics from various 'Mission: Impossible 7' sets is NOT recommended by the CDC ... and the agency actually warned against wearing any mask with valves like the one TC's rocking.

The mask, from Jupiter Gear, features a carbon filter and breathing valves ... and it retails for $14.99 a pop.

The manufacturer says the mask is meant to mostly be worn during physical activity, with the valves designed to "release hot, humid exhaled breath quickly." In other words, there's still a good chance respiratory droplets are escaping ... and that's dangerous with this airborne coronavirus."

In fact, the CDC spells it out, warning against masks with valves because ... "this type of mask may not prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to others. The hole in the material may allow your respiratory droplets to escape and reach others."

As you know ... Tom blew a gasket over film crew members breaking COVID protocols by standing too close together on set, and promised to fire them if it happens again.

Now, just as ineffective as Tom's mask -- and probably worse -- is what Tom's costar Hayley Atwell was seen doing on set in Rome. She's one of those folks who wear their mask under their nose which is also highly ineffective in stopping moisture droplets.

In Tom's defense, the CDC notes its research on valve masks remains ongoing.

Chadwick Boseman One Final Bow ... Last Role Drops on Netflix

The world can now see Chadwick Boseman's last performance before he died ... and the role is sure to strike a high note, especially if you're into jazz.

The late actor starred in "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," which premieres Friday on Netflix. Chadwick plays a trumpeter named Levee in an early 20th-century jazz band.

The movie's based on August Wilson's 1982 play of the same name ... and Denzel Washington is one of the producers.

As you know ... Chadwick died back in August following a 4-year battle with colon cancer. He was only 43 years old.

The deeply emotional response to Chadwick's sudden and recent death is fueling speculation he might receive a posthumous Oscar for his performance in 'Black Bottom.'

Peter Finch and Heath Ledger are the only posthumous Oscar winners in acting categories ... so Chadwick's name would be in some pretty exclusive company.

Tom Cruise I Need Early Vacay from 'M.I.' Set ... After COVID Tirade

Tom Cruise is flying south for the winter break ... fleeing his now controversial 'Mission: Impossible 7' set after blowing a gasket over COVID-19 rules.

Production's reportedly shut down on 'MI7,' but not due to a breach in COVID protocols -- it's so Tom can start his Christmas break a little earlier than planned. Cruise is hopping on a private jet to Miami to hang with his son, Connor ... according to The Sun.

Of course, the early break likely does have something to do with the film's star and producer blowing his top ... and the audio of his rant leaking.

As you know ... Tom exploded on set after seeing two crew members breaking COVID protocols by getting within 6 feet of each other, and his tirades and threats of mass firings convinced at least 5 folks to call it quits.

Now, Tom's deciding he needs a break too ... and The Sun reports Friday will be the movie's last day of filming this year, as tensions rise on set.

If anyone needs a little Christmas, right this very moment, it's the 'Mission' crew and its leading man.

'Star Wars' Boba Fett Actor Jeremy Bulloch Dead at 75

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1:08 PM PT -- A statement from Jeremy's family says the actor died following health complications which included Parkinson's disease ... something he battled for years. Jeremy's wife, Maureen, and two of his sons, Jamie and Robbie, were able to spend their final days with their dad.

Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who played Boba Fett in several "Star Wars" films, has died.

Jeremy's death was announced Thursday by Daniel Logan, who played young Boba Fett in 'Attack of The Clones.'

Jeremy played the iconic bounty hunter in the original "Star Wars" trilogy ... he was the man under the famous body armor and helmet, but not the voice you hear in the movies.

As "Star Wars" movie buffs might know, Jeremy also made a couple cameos without his Boba Fett mask -- playing Lieutenant Sheckil in 'The Empire Strikes Back' and Captain Jeremoch Colton in 'Revenge of the Sith.'

The timing is interesting -- there has been a resurgence in popularity of Boba Fett since discussions emerged about him being brought onboard in "The Mandalorian" series, and even rumors of a spinoff series surrounding Boba Fett in the works.

As an original trilogy cast member, Jeremy was beloved by "Star Wars" fans across the globe. He signed autographs and snapped pics at hundreds of tour stops and conventions.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Jeremy acted in BBC soap operas, "James Bond" films and TV shows before landing his famous role with "Star Wars."

He lived in London after retiring and is survived by his wife, Maureen, and their 3 sons. Jeremy was 75.


Originally published -- 12:40 PM PT

Tom Cruise Relaxed on Face Mask Rules While Filming 'M.I.' in Rome

Tom Cruise isn't always a super stickler for COVID protocols -- not based on some on-set pics of him with his 'Mission: Impossible 7' costar.

'M.I. 7' has been filming for months all over Europe, and we found these images from October of Tom and Hayley Atwell shooting in Rome. In one of them, Tom is wearing a face mask and talking to Hayley, who's also got a mask on, but she's not up to CDC snuff. You can see hers is down below her nose, and as we all know by now ... that does not protect people from droplets that can transmit the virus.

Hayley's showing the same bad form in another shot where Tom doesn't have one on at all -- although it's possible he was about to shoot a scene.

As you know, Tom went nuclear on his crew recently while filming on a studio lot in England. He was pissed off at 2 crew members for breaking COVID protocols, standing less than 6 feet apart to look at a monitor.

The photos from Rome seem to show a more lax attitude to following COVID regulations ... which probably won't sit well with his crew in the wake of his tirade. At least 5 staffers on the film have reportedly quit since Tom's rant.

Tom Cruise 'M.I.' Crew Reportedly Fleeing ... Pissed Over COVID Rant

Tom Cruise won't have to fire a bunch of people for breaking COVID protocols on the "Mission: Impossible 7" set, 'cause a lot of them are leaving on their own.

Tom's raging tirade seems to have sparked an exodus among ticked-off crew members. The Sun, which got the ranting audio, says at least 5 staffers have quit after Tom's outburst.

As you know, TC went nuclear on the UK set, tearing into crew members for breaking COVID protocols and warning them they'd be "f****** gone" if they did so again. He was reportedly set off by 2 crew members standing within 6 feet of each other around a monitor.

Apparently, things haven't cooled off around set since the epic rant heard round the world. The Sun says Tom had another meltdown Tuesday after audio of his first eruption leaked.

Tom seems to be feeling pressure to get the movie done during the pandemic, his rant indicated as much, but ya gotta imagine the men and women working behind the scenes are also stressed ... and some of 'em ain't happy under Tom's thumb.

Tom Cruise Raging tirade on 'M.I' Set in U.K. ... Crew Got within 6 Feet

Tom Cruise takes COVID protocols very seriously on the set of the new 'Mission Impossible,' and tore into crew members for breaking the rules ... telling them they'd be "f**king gone" if it happens again.

Tom was on the U.K. set of 'MI 7' when someone recorded his expletive-laced tirade ... sparked by seeing 2 crew members standing within 6 feet of each other around a monitor ... according to The Sun, which first posted the audio.

It might sound like a minor infraction, but Tom makes it clear he and the entire production can't afford ANY slip ups when it comes to COVID safety. He raged at them, saying the cast and crew need to be the "gold standard" when it comes to filming safely.

With a ton of f-bombs -- and even one instance of calling the culprits "motherf**kers" -- Tom let it be known, in no uncertain terms, everyone he was pissed off at. The rant is reminiscent of Christian Bale's on a 'Terminator' flick -- but the root of Tom's anger is much different.

He explained the 'MI' production is under pressure from Hollywood -- specifically the studios and insurance companies backing his movie ... which, no doubt, want to avoid a COVID-19 outbreak. As Tom puts it, all of Hollywood is watching to see if they can safely pull off filming a blockbuster in multiple countries.

After basically yelling it's my way or the highway, Cruise summed up what's at stake -- "That’s it! No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their f**king homes because our industry is shut down. It’s not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education."

Word is Tom has taken it upon himself to do safety inspections on the set, and literally goes around making sure everything is up to snuff as far safety and approved protocols.

'M.I. 7' has had prior shut downs due to COVID protocols ... which probably just adds to the pressure that was evident in this verbal explosion.

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