Ariana Grande Performing at the 2020 Grammys ... Despite Last Year's Beef

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Ariana Grande appears to have buried the hatchet with the Recording Academy because she's ready to take the stage at this year's show ... even though there were issues last year.

The 'Thank U, Next' singer made the announcement Saturday, saying she was officially booked to perform at the 2020 Grammy Awards later this month. She wrote on Instagram, "OFFICIAL: #ArianaGrande will perform at the #GRAMMYs Jan. 26!"

Attached was a promo shot of her with the Grammy logo in the corner, and the words "GRAMMY PERFORMER" emblazoned along her back. So yeah, it's definitely happening.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

What's interesting ... Ariana had a big beef last year with the Grammys' longtime executive producer, Ken Ehrlich, who publicly made it seem like Ariana had backed out of last year's show because she was too frazzled and unorganized to pull it together on short notice.

We heard from people connected to the situation that characterization simply wasn't true -- in fact, we were told it was Ken who'd put her in an impossible spot by not allowing her to perform her biggest hit single at the time, "7 Rings," and then later recanting.

By the time Ken realized it'd be better to have AG perform than not, our sources told us he came back to her with the offer to do "7 Rings" when it was too late ... she'd already made up her mind on not doing the show at all, and that's how it ultimately played out. We're told the whole thing left a bad taste in Ariana's mouth, so she just watched from home.

Now, it looks like that's all water under a bridge -- and the reason might be more obvious than you'd think. Earlier this year, Ken announced he's hanging it up after this year's show, so it appears the direction of things is about to change hands -- if it hasn't already.

In Ariana's case ... probably for the better.

Trick Daddy Arrested in Miami DUI and Cocaine Possession

Trick Daddy had yet another run-in with the law ... this time getting busted for cocaine possession and driving under the influence.

According to the arrest report, cops say they found TD asleep behind the wheel early Saturday morning and asked him where he was going/where he was coming from. The officer says he told them he'd come from a club and had just dropped someone off.

Sure enough, the police say they asked Trick Daddy if he'd had anything to drink that night -- and they say he told them he'd had a few drinks hours ago. Cops say they saw him with bloodshot eyes and using slurred speech, so they conducted field sobriety tests.

The responding officers suspected he was driving under the influence, so they placed him under arrest. The cops say they transported him to a nearby jail, where he allegedly refused to offer a breath sample to determine how much booze might've been in his system.

R. Kelly Full Video of Brutal GF Brawl!!!


R. Kelly's longtime live-in girlfriends punched, scratched and screamed at each other -- way more than what you've seen -- before cops were called, and we got the entire violent scene.

You know Azriel Clary was live on social media when she and Joycelyn Savage came to blows at Kelly's Trump Tower condo in Chicago -- but turns out their fight went on much longer. In this video, you see it spill into the hallway with fists flying.

Azriel is in the lighter-colored sweater and Joycelyn in the black -- each landed solid blows on the other, and at one point Azriel dragged Joycelyn across the floor.


There were several other people present during the fight, who eventually stepped in, but not before some serious damage was done.

The Beatles George and Ringo's Handwritten Lyrics ... Hit Auction Block

There's a special piece of Beatles memorabilia up for sale ... handwritten lyrics to a classic song from the 'White Album' scribbled by George Harrison and Ringo Starr!!!

The lyrics to George's signature song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" are penned on the back of a studio recording sheet, and it's going up for sale through the memorabilia company Moments in Time -- and they're hawking this slice of Beatles history for $195,000.

It's pretty cool ... the lyric sheet is a working draft used during the hit song's recording way back in 1968 at EMI Studios in London.

Oprah I'm Stepping Down From #MeToo Doc ... But I Still Believe Russell's Accuser

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Oprah is pulling the plug on #MeToo documentary centered around Russell Simmons ... she's stepping down as executive producer, and blocking its path to Apple TV+.

O announced her decision to distance herself from the project Friday, this after getting dragged by 50 Cent and The Game, who said she was targeting black men accused of being sexual predators instead of their white counterparts.

Oprah says, “I have decided that I will no longer be executive producer on The Untitled Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Documentary and it will not air on Apple TV+."

The doc, which features a former music exec who accused Russell of sexual misconduct, is set to premiere next month at the Sundance Film Festival.

Oprah adds, "First and foremost, I want it to be known that I unequivocally believe and support the women. Their stories deserve to be told and heard."

Yo Gotti Calls Out Mississippi Gov. Save Inmates in Deadly Prisons or Else!!!


Yo Gotti's sick and tired of the fatal bloodshed in Mississippi State Prisons, so he's enlisted Jay-Z's Roc Nation to demand the Governor make immediate changes ... or face a lawsuit.

On the heels of 5 inmates getting killed in 3 different MS prisons ... Gotti's called on Team Roc -- the philanthropic arm of Roc Nation -- and it fired off a letter Thursday to Gov. Phil Bryant. In the letter, they make it clear they'll take legal action if Bryant doesn't take steps to improve prison conditions.

Gotti's pissed off because 2 of the deaths went down at the prison known as Parchman Farm ... not far from his hometown of Memphis. Gotti says the prison conditions are "absolutely inhumane and unconstitutional."


Prison violence in Mississippi has increased sharply in the last 10 days, with riots and escapes. Critics say gangs have almost literally taken over some of the penitentiaries ... which are reportedly woefully understaffed and underfunded.

In its letter to the Governor, Team Roc says inmates -- male and female -- are "forced to live in squalor, with rats that crawl over them as they sleep on the floor, having been denied even a mattress for a cot." They believe the conditions are so bad, they constitute cruel and unusual punishment ... a violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Sources close to Gotti tell TMZ ... he and Roc Nation will give Gov. Bryant through the weekend to improve the situation. If nothing changes, we're told attorney Alex Spiro will file a civil rights lawsuit.

Will Smith Record Another Album?!? It Could Happen


Will Smith could still get jiggy with it ... because he's not completely shutting down the idea of putting out another album.

We got Will in New York City Friday, and our guy asked if he's ever going to drop a follow-up record to 1997's "Big Willie Style" ... and Will leaves the door wide open.

The 'Fresh Prince' is in the Big Apple promoting his latest movie with Martin Lawrence, "Bad Boys For Life" ... and it sounds like Will's still got a soft spot for the recording studio.

Will's obviously not averse to sequels ... so it's not a stretch to think he'll make his return to the rap game one day. Our photog has a special date in mind for a potential album drop.

Neil Peart Rush Drummer Dead at 67

Neil Peart from the band Rush -- one of the greatest drummers in rock history -- died Tuesday after battling cancer ... according to his family.

Peart passed away in Santa Monica. The family says he'd been diagnosed with brain cancer 3 years ago, but hadn't announced it to Rush's legion of fans around the world.

The Canadian rock trio of Rush formed in 1968, but Neil didn't join his bandmates -- bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson -- until 1974. All 3 men were known as virtuoso musicians and Neil's solo's are legendary ... in particular his drumming on iconic songs like "Tom Sawyer."

His influence on today's rock musicians can't be overstated. If you, or your parents, were a drummer growing up in the 70s or 80s... you know about the endless hours amateurs spent trying to play like Neil.

Sadly, he announced his retirement from the band in 2015 -- he'd been battling chronic pain related to tendinitis. The following year they announced the band was done touring ... not only because of Neil's health, but Alex was also battling arthritis.

Mally Mall Sued for Sexual Battery ... Accused of Drugging and Raping Model


1:28 PM PT -- A rep for Mally Mall tells TMZ … This is a blatant attempt at extortion. There is absolutely no factual basis or merit in this case.

Ex-"Love and Hip Hop" star Mally Mall is facing a new lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, who claims she went to his home to talk business and ended up in an orgy-like nightmare.

26-year-old fitness and clothing model Quashay Davis says she flew from Dallas to L.A. in January 2019 to meet with Mally about her career in the fitness biz.

She says she went to his house, where he introduced her to an ex-porn star named Jayla Foxx. She claims while laying in bed ... Mally had Jayla go get a mixed drink -- with Hennessey -- which she brought to the bedroom.

Quashay says she drank it, and then got dizzy and blacked out. According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the next thing she remembered was waking up to a masseuse massaging her.

She claims Mally was there too, and slapped her face in an effort to keep her conscious ... and said, "You're my new bitch," and "You're my Jayla number two." Quashay alleges Mally also tried to get her to do cocaine, then forced her to perform oral sex on him -- before roughly penetrating her.

Quashay says she asked Mally to stop, but he put more of his weight on her ... and she "feared for her life and worried that he would crush or choke her to death."

Billie Eilish Ocean Eyes Fixated on Hawaii Paradise And It Looks Like a Blast!!!

Billie Eilish is ripping a page out of Mark Wahlberg's playbook ... by living it up in Hawaii.

The Grammy-nominated singer's in the Aloha State having a blast with her friends. In a rare wardrobe move ... Billie rocks the hell out of a bathing suit. We're so used to seeing her in baggy clothing ... but when in Rome, right?


Looks like a few friends joined her on the trip and they went on quite the excursion ... from zip lining and kayaking to going on a sick helicopter ride and swinging into a lake. She also shared what looks like a Jacuzzi with a friend ... never mind the rain.

And, even though the weather hasn't been cooperating ... Billie still managed to have an incredible photo of her looking outside a helicopter window with a perfect rainbow as her backdrop.

Billie, of course, has been nominated for 6 Grammys ... including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. "Ocean Eyes" was arguably the song that put her on the map but "Bad Guy" is what's now earned her critical acclaim.

She's clearly got a reason to celebrate.

R. Kelly's GF Joycelyn Finally Reunites with Fam ... Secret Court Meeting


Joycelyn Savage had direct contact with her family for the first time since she left home nearly 3 years ago to live with R. Kelly ... and it might be a sign of things to come.

Gerald Griggs -- the attorney for Joycelyn's parents, Tim and Jonjelyn -- tells TMZ ... Joycelyn's immediate family members were secretly brought to the holding area of the Chicago courthouse Thursday after her hearing to meet with her.

We're told law enforcement facilitated the meeting, which went down before Savage was released on bond for the alleged battery of Azriel Clary during their Wednesday brawl at Kelly's Trump Tower condo.

Griggs says Joycelyn was surprised to see her family at first, but talked to them for about 20 minutes. We're told there were plenty of hugs, and immediate family members told her how much they love her and want her to come home.

Joycelyn was given direct contact info for her parents, and Griggs claims she's willing to set up further contact. We're told the family is hopeful she will willingly reunite with them soon ... because she said she'd be in touch.

O.J. Simpson Cosmo Hotel Has History ... Of Defaming Celebs Like Me(ek)!!!

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O.J. Simpson's hell-bent on going to trial with The Cosmopolitan, and he's evoking the name of Meek Mill to plead his case ... according to new legal docs.

Juice is trying to avoid arbitration in his lawsuit against the Las Vegas hotel -- in which he claims he was defamed -- because he argues the Cosmo's history of "intentionally and recklessly attacking well-known public figures by placing them in a false light and defaming them" warrants a jury trial.

Simpson refers to the rapper in the docs as "another African American public figure" who was defamed by The Cosmopolitan, and says the hotel was "forced to apologize" only because Meek went public with his grievances.

Essentially, O.J. wants to go public with his as well ... which is why he seeks to put the kibosh on a much more private arbitration process. According to the docs ... he also expects a jury to award him much more money in punitive damages.

As you'll recall ... Simpson was banned from Cosmo in 2017 just weeks after his prison release for allegedly being drunk and disruptive. He claims he was neither drunk nor belligerent and was falsely accused.


Meek Mill, on the other hand, was threatened with an arrest by the hotel back in May for trespassing. The rapper accused Cosmo of going to "extreme racist levels" to keep black entertainers off its property.

The hotel apologized for the incident and Meek accepted it ... and didn't pursue legal action.

R. Kelly GF Azriel Ready to Flip on Him ... But Fears Legal Fallout


The nasty fight between R. Kelly's girlfriends that led to Joycelyn Savage being charged with battery has had a major effect on Azriel Clary too ... apparently, she's considering working with the feds.

Sources close to Azriel tell TMZ ... she's come to a realization that Kelly played mind games and manipulated her since she moved out of his Trump Tower condo and reconnected with her family.

We're told she now wants to help law enforcement with its investigation into Kelly, but she has a huge hang-up -- she's terrified because she's lied to federal agents several times in the past.

Our sources say she fears she could be in big trouble if she changes her story and tells the feds what has really gone down with her, Joycelyn and Kelly. We're told she also signed an NDA with the singer ... so she's also scared of the legal repercussions of speaking out against him now.


Azriel, we're told, is adamant she's telling the truth about Joycelyn having sex with her when she was still a minor -- which is what she claims started the blowout fight with Savage at Trump Tower.

We broke the story ... cops were called to Kelly's Chicago pad after Azriel and Joycelyn got into a brawl, which was captured on Azriel's Instagram Live video.


Clary made the allegations against Savage in the vid, along with saying R. Kelly's "been lying to you guys" and claiming he had her and Joycelyn lie for him too.

As for the feds ... our law enforcement sources say investigators are reviewing the incident between Kelly's GFs, but for now, there are no plans to get involved.

We're told the matter is in the hands of state authorities ... but that doesn't mean the feds won't be interested in speaking with Azriel.

R. Kelly 'Survivor' Dishes Advice to Azriel ... Here's Your Best Path to Healing


Kitti Jones -- one of R. Kelly's exes who's accused him of physical abuse and sexual coercion -- is weighing in on Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage's fight and says they may end up saving each other.

We got Kitti out Friday morning in NYC, and it's crystal clear she has strong feelings after seeing the video of Azriel come to blows with Joycelyn in Kelly's condo. Kitti, a former Dallas radio DJ, says she was 33 when she met Kelly.

Still, she says she knows what it's like to be in Azriel's shoes, and offered some tips on recovering.


Kitti appeared in both 'Surviving R. Kelly' docs, and tells us even though Azriel and Joycelyn were brawling, they could ultimately end up being allies. As Kitti puts it ... that shared experience of dealing with Kelly is a powerful one.

TMZ broke the story ... cops responded to Kelly's Trump Tower condo after Azriel and Joycelyn came to blows. During the fight, Azriel threatened to send Joycelyn to jail ... for having sex with her when she was a minor.

Joycelyn was ultimately arrested and booked for misdemeanor battery. Azriel's adamant she's telling the truth about underage sex with Joycelyn -- and sources connected to her say she wants to help the feds with their cases against Kelly.

Jennifer Lopez Recruits A-Rod, DJ Khaled For Super Bowl LIV Commercial!!!

Jennifer Lopez has friends in high places ... and her star power was on display while shooting a Super Bowl commercial.

J Lo put in some serious work Thursday at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, where she was on set with her fiance Alex Rodriguez, mega-producer DJ Khaled, rockstar Steven Van Zandt and NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


TMZ's obtained behind-the-scenes pics and vids showing Jennifer rocking a tight white outfit from head-to-toe, and flanked by a huge filming crew. A-Rod's wardrobe included a blue sport coat, while DJ Khaled was, of course, wearing an eye-catching, bright yellow tracksuit -- and cracking up everyone on set.

Drake Breaks Bank For Custom Bling ... Collab With Future Drops

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Drake is lavishing himself with some super-expensive custom jewelry ... and one of his newest pieces was a big hint that his upcoming single with Future was on the way.

Our sources tell us Drake just dropped over $1 MILLION on a customized heart-shaped necklace, a pricey present for himself.


Drake commissioned Gemma Fine Jewelry to make the chain, which comes in at a whopping 100 carats. We're told the piece took several months to create -- heart-shaped diamonds are in high demand, and are extremely difficult to fashion.

Champagne Papi's adding to a growing collection of heart-shaped bling ... he's already got a diamond ring in the shape of a heart. Seems like this design is his new thing.


As for the increasing rumblings of a Drake and Future album, check out their matching gold and silver pendants. We're told the pieces, made by Jason of Beverly Hills, are each worth $200,000 and feature over half a kilo of gold and 40-carat diamonds.