Justin Bieber Kobe Tribute Art Raises $12k For Mamba Foundation

TMZ/Idiot Box Art

Justin Bieber started a trend with some cartoon Kobe Bryant tribute art ... and now Kobe's foundation is reaping a sizable benefit.

Here's the deal ... Justin bought some fresh Kobe-inspired artwork from Idiot Box Art owners Emily Bright and Tamara Martin, and then the artists started making and selling miniature versions for $200 a pop, with 24 percent of the profits going to the MambaOnThree Fund.

The cartoon Kobe art is pretty cool ... it's a teddy bear wearing a Mamba hoodie under Kobe's #8 Lakers jersey, palming a basketball and rocking some of Kobe's signature Nikes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Justin dropped $1,200 for a bigger piece -- one of only 5 ever made -- and hung it up in his crib next to some skateboard decks.

Lots of folks apparently share Justin's eye for Kobe art ... because Idiot Box ended up selling 260 mini Mamba bears during a 2-day limited sale, which was enough to make a $12,480 donation to Kobe's foundation.

MambaOnThree was created to support the families of the 7 other victims, besides Kobe and Gigi, who died in the crash.

Ariana Grande Makes Out with Rando at a Bar ... On the Outskirts of L.A.


Ariana Grande walks into a bar is how you'd start a good joke, but this time it's real and ends with our girl locking lips with a mystery man who might not even be all that famous.

The singer was spotted out late Saturday night at a place called Bar Louie in Northridge, CA -- which is in the San Fernando Valley ... way on the outskirts of central L.A.

We're told she rolled into the gastropub around 1 AM with a crew of friends in tow, including this gent you see here right next to her in the booth. They popped in, sat down for a bit, and besides the water we're told AG wanted ... she was just all in on this guy's face.

As for who this fella might be -- it's unclear. We're told he wasn't instantly recognizable though ... which means he's not on Ariana's level (fame-wise, anyway).

Now, eyewitnesses tell us the group only stayed for around 30 minutes, and while some of her friends ordered wine and other drinks ... we're told Ariana wasn't boozing.

She was, however, in a chatty mood. Our sources tell us there was a DJ nearby who was actually playing Ariana's song, "God is a Woman," right around the same time she was there. We're told AG asked the guy to switch up the tunes ... she didn't wanna hear her own song.


A couple interesting things about this smooching sesh -- for one, it doesn't look like Social House singer Mikey Foster, who's been romantically linked to Ms. Grande of late ... even though Ariana's brother clarified there was nothing going on. They hang out a lot, that's for darn sure.

The second thing ... Ariana is apparently a regular in the Northridge area. She was interviewed there for a Vogue article in 2019 and has been seen out and about.

Keep your eyes peeled, valley peeps. AG is on the prowl in your neighborhood 😲

Jessica Simpson Laughs Off Animal Rights Protesters ... Her New Normal


Jessica Simpson was confronted by animal rights protesters who crashed her book signing Monday night -- and she came off as pretty patronizing.

The singer was on stage with Katherine Schwarzenegger at the Aratani Theatre in L.A., where she was talking about her new memoir, "Open Book," when a swarm of PETA peeps jumped up from out in the crowd with signs and chants against wearing fur.

It looks like they were escorted out by security, but check out the way JS responded to all the noise ... she says it's beautiful they stand up for what they believe in, but does so in a sarcastic tone. It comes off as pretty condescending.


Jessica actually tells Katherine she's used to this by now, and she's absolutely right. We know of at least two other anti-fur confrontations she's had as of late ... on the same day.


There was a large protest at a Barnes & Noble in NYC where Jessica was doing a book signing, and later as she was leaving a restaurant -- confronted yet again. She never engaged with them about a week ago when this all went down -- but now, she is.

Jessica's known for having worn fur in the past -- it's unclear if she still does, or what the anti-fur folks seek to gain at this point. If it's awareness, they're winning there.

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky The Good 'Ol ... Let's-Throw-Em-Off-And-Arrive-Separately Move


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky ain't fooling anyone at this point ... though give 'em an A for effort in trying to throw everyone off the scent.

Riri and Rocky arrived separately to The Nice Guy in WeHo early Tuesday morning. The Barbados Babe showed up just before 1 AM ... with A$AP following not long behind and arriving just after 2 AM.

Goes without saying, neither was in the mood to chitchat about their relationship. Such was the case when we got Rihanna out in NYC over the weekend. As we reported ... Rihanna flew solo for her shindig at Bergdorf Goodman in Midtown Manhattan.


No sign of A$AP there that night, which seemed odd since they've been hanging out A LOT ever since Rihanna's breakup with Hassan Jameel after 3 years of dating.

Cue up Peaches & Herb!!!

Aerosmith Joey Kramer Gets a 2nd Shot!!! ... Plays w/ Band in Vegas


6:27 AM PT -- 2/11 -- Joey played with the boys Monday night, and he sounded really good. No word on whether he's back for good.

Aerosmith is ready to bring their original drummer back into the fold -- Joey Kramer's set to take the stage with his bandmates, and even crazier ... NO AUDITION NECESSARY!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Joey's being brought on to play drums Monday night with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the rest of the fellas for a performance at the Park Theater in Vegas, which is where their residency shows are currently being held.

We're told the band didn't wanna jerk Joey around -- they're bringing him back without holding another audition, and it's because they feel he's probably up to snuff and in good health again. Plus, our sources tell us it's an act of good faith between old pals.


You'll recall ... things were getting pretty ugly between Joey and the guys just a few short weeks ago ahead of their Grammys performance, which Joey was fighting tooth and nail to be a part of -- even taking the issue to court in a last-ditch effort, but was unsuccessful.


Hell, they even turned him away at the door when Joey showed up unannounced for a rehearsal ... so yeah, the tension's been high between these guys.

Part of the reason Aerosmith didn't feel comfortable reuniting ... Joey hadn't played in at least 6 months, and they didn't wanna risk a shaky gig with a guy who was rusty/lacked energy. They put him through the wringer with a live audition but felt he wasn't ready.

Now, it seems they've had a change of heart and are prepared to embrace an OG. Should make for a great show ... stay tuned.

Originally Published -- 2/10 3:58 PM PT

Justin Bieber Lyme Disease Diagnosis Was a Blessing ... I'm Focused on Getting Better Now!!!

Justin Bieber went to a dark place as he grew dependent on drugs and dealt with various health issues, but he's committed to getting better and brightening up his days ahead ... he says so himself.

Justin opened up about his long run of health struggles -- both physically and mentally -- on the latest episode of his YouTube 'Seasons' docuseries titled, "The Dark Season." He says it culminated in a series of tests last year that finally revealed the problem -- Lyme disease.

Bieber, who's undergoing a round of NAD IV therapy in the video, explains how the diagnosis helped him finally make sense of why he was feeling so terrible ... and what he can do to handle it going forward.

A couple of Justin's doctors, along with his wife, Hailey, also talk about how the discovery of his Lyme disease and chronic mono has been life-changing ... for the better.

Bieber's now laser-focused on improving his health, and not just for himself. He says ... "Being the best me is gonna help me be the best husband, the best father, the best friend that I can possibly be. And, for all the fans that want to enjoy the music that I make. I can't do it if I'm not healthy."

As we reported ... Justin's been feeling good recently -- he celebrated a gig on 'SNL' and kept the fun going by playing hockey with some friends. That's gotta be good for his health.

Justin Bieber and Quavo Spark Donations To Homeless Shelter ... With New Music Video


Justin Bieber and Quavo are helping shine a light on a good cause ... and their new music video is helping a shelter for homeless women.

Here's the deal ... the music vid for Justin and Quavo's collab, "Intentions," tells the story of a group of women in search of a better life in Los Angeles. The women are all living out of Alexandria House, a shelter for homeless women and homeless women with kids.

The video wraps with a special shout-out to Alexandria House ... Justin and Quavo say they donated $200,000 to the non-profit... and viewers are directed to a link where they can lend a helping hand.

The response has been pretty amazing ... since the video dropped at midnight Thursday, we're told the shelter has received more than $10,000 in donations.

It's pretty cool ... the money is flowing in from all over the world -- Italy, Romania and China, etc. -- and many of the donations are small, as in the $1 and $5 denominations. There've been a few large donations of $1,000 and $5,000, but it's mostly people chipping in what they can afford.

Alexandria House tells us its website is also seeing a huge influx of traffic ... as in, an 800 percent increase in traffic compared to the day before the video dropped.

Justin and Quavo spotlighted 3 women in the video, and we're told some of the funds are going towards their tuition and after-school programs for their kids, plus a one-woman show for the lady who does poetry.

The rest of the money, we're told, will aid the 30 current residents and some 200 former residents ... so they can buy textbooks, furniture for their new homes and even car repairs.

Ah, the power of Bieber and Quavo.

Justin Bieber Hockey Time ... Looks Fun as Puck!!!


Justin Bieber capped off a big weekend on the ice ... where he showed off a different set of skills for his fans.

Bieber rented out Wollman Rink in Central Park late Sunday night so he and his friends could unwind by playing some pick-up hockey, and JB's performance on skates is good ... but not quite as impressive as his return to "Saturday Night Live."

Justin stood out with his bleach blonde hair and white #5 jersey, so it was easy for the adoring crowd to keep an eye on him as he and a buddy went head-to-head in a skills challenge.

The friend wowed with his moves for sure, and Bieber got there too ... after a couple tries.

As we reported ... JB was the musical guest on 'SNL' and showcased his new stuff, including his single, "Yummy," and a collab with Quavo called "Intentions," for which their music vid's shining light on a good cause.


The 2 hit up 1OAK in NYC afterward to celebrate, and clearly ... Justin's still feeling the fun vibes.

3 Doors Down's Matt Roberts Doctor Acquitted in His Death ... Could Lose Medical License


The doctor who was charged but acquitted in the death of former 3 Doors Down guitarist, Matt Roberts, is in hot water once again ... and at risk of having his medical license revoked.

Dr. Richard Snellgrove's been hit with an administrative complaint by the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners, and he's facing wide-ranging allegations that span a decade from 2006 to around the time of Roberts' death in August 2016 ... according to the docs.

It should be noted these aren't criminal charges, but the Board is bringing 7 counts against Snellgrove, which include prescribing controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose, unprofessional conduct: conduct detrimental or harmful to patients, exposing patients to unreasonable risk or harm, and gross/repeated malpractice.

According to the docs ... the conduct detrimental or harmful to patients count alleged Snellgrove committed unprofessional conduct that resulted in the death of Patient 1, but it's unclear if that refers to Roberts.

Snellgrove has voluntarily surrendered his controlled substances certification while the board conducts its investigation.

If the Medical Licensing Commission of Alabama agrees with the Board ... Snellgrove could lose his medical license.

We broke the story ... Roberts died of an overdose in Wisconsin in 2016. Snellgrove was indicted months later for improperly prescribing controlled substances to Matt leading up to his death, but was found not guilty.

However, the doctor's also still fighting the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Matt's estate.

Miley Cyrus Closes Out Doors' 50th Anniversary Fire Dept. Shuts It Down!!!


The Doors snagged a ton of big-time talent, including Miley Cyrus, to help them celebrate a milestone in music -- and it seems they rocked too hard ... 'cause sirens had to respond.

The iconic rock band held a little shindig Saturday night at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, where designer John Varvatos and photog Timothy White co-hosted with Jack Daniels sponsoring. It was all to honor the 50th anniversary of 'Morrison Hotel.'

It's The Doors' 5th album, and it was a game-changer in music -- further cementing the band's legacy in rock. 'Morrison' was also considered a return to form for them.

BTW, this legendary photo that was used for the 'Morrison Hotel' album cover was shot by the great Henry Diltz. Just a fun fact -- he did an entire shoot of the boys back then.

Anyway, it would appear the album left a major impact on some Hollywood's biggest stars, including Dennis Quaid, Jonathan Galecki and Michael Bolton ... all of whom showed up to play a tune in tribute to TD. Some of them even played with The Doors themselves -- especially Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, who jammed with everyone.

All acts were accompanied by the house band, the Tangiers Blues Band. Then came Miley's closeout performance, which we're told was awesome ... but also a bad omen.

The Fire Dept. came out and shut the whole thing down -- apparently it was too crowded. Classic Doors show!!!

Justin Bieber Me and Hailey Are Hittin' Up the Clubs ... Cause I Slayed on 'SNL'!!!


Justin and Hailey Bieber hit up 1OAK in New York City Saturday night, after a solid performance on 'SNL.'

Bieber is back in full force with new music and an upcoming tour, and 'SNL' was the first big stage to showcase his stuff, and he did not disappoint.

The Biebs sang his hit song, "Yummy," and then a little later followed it up with "Intentions," along with Quavo.

Before hitting up 1OAK Justin and Hailey went to STK restaurant in New York for an SNL after-party. They were joined by Quavo, Saweetie, RuPaul along with other 'SNL' cast members.

The show was hysterical. RuPaul killed it, especially with a hilarious skit at a library where he gave his hot take on some children's books. You gotta see it.  You'll laugh out loud.

As for Bieber, his new album, "Changes," is set for release on Valentine's Day. He's also releasing a docuseries called "Seasons" on YouTube. It's about how he's dealt with the struggles in life, including Lyme disease and mono. He also talks about past drug abuse and his marriage to Hailey.

Sean Kingston Detained as Cops Search for Guns ... Released When No Weapons Found


Sean Kingston was detained Saturday night after cops suspected he might be illegally packing heat, but he wasn't.

It went down at 8:15 PM at Dino's Chicken & Burgers. LAPD tells us ... officers got a call a male was brandishing a gun, and that's all it took to light up the squad cars and look for the perp.

Once they arrived, police ordered at least one man down on the ground and put Sean in cuffs as they led him toward a police car.


In the end, Sean at several others were questioned and released, because no gun was found.

An eyewitness tells TMZ ... he saw something different at Dino's. He says Sean's car was blocking the exit in the parking lot so no one could leave, and that pissed off some patrons.  The eyewitness went on to say Sean himself got angry and began throwing ice cubes at the glass windows of the restaurant, which created a loud noise.

Tank Yes, Sex is a Great Valentine's Gift ... Make It Count Though!!!

The way the cookie crumbles

Tank says some good old-fashioned bedroom lovin' is more than an acceptable gift from a woman come Valentine's Day -- but there's a catch ... it's gotta have a kick to it.

We got the R&B singer heading to Delilah in WeHo Friday night for Michael B. Jordan's birthday party, and as he was walking by with his wife, Zena Foster, our photo asked if sex counts as a solid V-Day present to reciprocate a man shelling out for his gal.

In other words ... is sex just as thoughtful as flowers, chocolates or any other item a guy might buy his significant other for the holiday? According to Tank, hell to the yes.

Check out his answer ... he says "cookie" is pretty much always the ultimate pay-off for a man -- and sure, he's probably right there. BUT, he says a big gesture from a man's gotta be met with just as much ... um, let's just say vigor and passion on the other side.

Oh, and we also had to ask what song makes for a great Valentine's playlist. Spoiler alert ... he thinks one of his own songs could easily make the cut. When we ... plug!!!

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued Hey, 'Stoopid' ... Never Said You Could Use My Intro


2:49 PM PT -- Looks like the 'Stoopid' music video featuring the alleged stolen intro has been removed from Tekashi's official YouTube page.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is being sued by a guy who says the rapper jacked his vocals to hype up a track right from the 0:01 mark ... and the proof seems to be online right now.

An artist named Yung Gordon filed suit against T69, his label 10K Projects and others claiming he recorded a radio drop -- a short audio recording used at the beginning of songs to plug a station, company or artist -- for an org. called Take Money Promotions ... which he insists contacted him in 2016 with the request. Yung Gordon says he happily obliged.

Waiting for your permission to load Spotify track.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Gordon claims a couple years later ... Tekashi dropped a song called "Stoopid," which he says featured his 9-second drop -- something he claims he was never asked about, let alone signed off on through Tekashi or TMP.

Now, Gordon says some versions of the song that have since been published to different streaming platforms have actually ditched his drop. Others, however, haven't ... according to the docs. Case in point, per Gordon, is the current 'Stoopid' music vid on YouTube.

The video opens with a guy saying what Gordon claims to have recorded in his lawsuit ... "You already know, it be the boy Yung Gordon // You rockin' with Take Money Promotions // Aye Take Money Promotions, give 'em that new s*** no foo s***. Let's go!!" The TMP plug goes on for about 20 seconds, and blends into the start of Tekashi's song.

'Stoopid' has gone on to rack up over 180 million views and countless streams, meaning it's made a significant amount of money. Gordon wants a cut of that -- he's asking a judge for damages, and for all 'Stoopid' recordings using his voice to be yanked immediately.

Originally Published -- 11:27 AM PT

Rihanna I'm Flying Solo Tonight


Rihanna threw a big bash in the Big Apple Friday night, and A$AP Rocky was nowhere in sight.

RiRi threw the party at Bergdorf Goodman in Midtown Manhattan, and, of course, lots of folks showed. Unclear if she's really dating A$AP, but they've definitely been hanging together since her breakup with Hassan Jameel after 3 years of dating.

As we reported, Rihanna and Rocky showed up together at the YAMS Day benefit concert in Brooklyn. She also went to Sweden to hit up his show. They also showed up together at the British Fashion Awards show. In other words, they've been together a fair amount recently.


We got Rihanna entering her party late Friday, but she was mum on A$AP Rocky.

Miley and Liam This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us!!! ... Hit Up Same Oscar Party


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a short marriage and a rough divorce, so it had to be awkward for them to land at the same pre-Oscar bash.

Miley and Liam hit up the WME party Friday night in Bev Hills. There are no pics of them together, but there's little doubt each knew the other was there.


Tons of celebs showed up ... Jason Momoa, Usher, Miguel, Michael B. Jordan, Jonah Hill and Rami Malek.

Here's the thing. Miley and Liam are actually still hubby and wife. The divorce doesn't become final until Feb. 22nd.

We don't know who they brought as their plus 1s. No vid or photos of Miley's BF Cody Simpson or Liam's girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks.


As we showed you yesterday, Liam is giving Thor a run for his money ... whatever he's done over the last few weeks ... well, it's working.

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