Britney Spears' Dad Says It's Too Soon For Her to Weigh in on Conservatorship


Britney Spears is jumping the gun on making decisions about the future of her conservatorship ... according to her father, who says the court first needs to make some other big decisions about Brit's health.

Jamie Spears just filed new docs, obtained by TMZ, saying Britney's lawyer is grandstanding by trying to unseal parts of her ongoing conservatorship case ... opening it up to the public.

In the docs, Britney's dad says before she can waive her right to privacy, the court needs to determine she has "the capacity to understand the consequences of her waiver."

Jamie's arguing for keeping her medical records sealed, and says he's worried they could have a detrimental effect on Britney if the public gets their hands on them. He also says keeping that info sealed is in the best interest of Britney and her 2 children.

Britney's dad also addresses her lawyer's statement about Britney wanting more "personal autonomy" in her life, now that she's not performing. In his docs, Jamie points out the conservatorship is voluntary, and Britney can file a request to terminate at any time -- but has not up to this point.

As we reported ... Britney says she doesn't want her father to be the only one in charge of her financial decisions, and instead wants to add a co-conservator of her estate.

Jamie says the conservatorship of her estate (finances) is "inextricably entwined" with the conservatorship of her person (medical) ... and argues that unsealing details of one could expose sensitive medical issues.

Naomi Osaka BF Cordae Cheers From Stands ... At US Open Match

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Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka had a Grammy-nominated cheerleader pulling for her at the US Open on Thursday -- her rapper boyfriend, Cordae!!

As we previously reported, the young power couple has been dating since early 2019 ... and are still still going strong during the pandemic.

While regular folks aren't allowed to be in attendance for the Open, 23-year-old Cordae was given the green light as Naomi's guest ... so he was able to be a supportive BF for her semifinal match against Jennifer Brady.

Cordae wasn't just a wallflower, either ... the "Gifted" MC was seen pumping his fist and getting as passionate as you can for a tennis match.

Not like 22-year-old Naomi needed any luck -- she's the 9th-ranked player in the world -- but Cordae's presence didn't hurt ... as she beat Brady 7-6 (1), 3-6, 6-3 to reach Saturday's final against Victoria Azarenka.

Osaka's been on a tear recently ... and sending a powerful message in the process by honoring victims of violence and police brutality like Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor on her masks.

As for Cordae ... you'll recall the dude used to have 3 letters before his name. But, for those late to the game, the YBN collective is no more.


Damian Lillard Drops Full Kobe Tribute Track ... 'RIP To The Mamba & Baby Gigi'

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Damian Lillard's full Kobe Bryant tribute track just dropped ... and it's 3 minutes packed with tons of nods to the Mamba -- with Snoop Dogg going off on the beat as well.

The song starts with Derrick Milano's chorus ... and then goes right into Lillard's emotional bars remembering one the NBA's greatest of all-time.

"Rest In Peace to the Mamba and Baby Gigi," Dame rapped.

"Still remember where I was standing after the 3-peat. 'Fro was lined up yelling 'Kobe!' but playing Pee Wee. When you know they shoot the freebie right after they tear achilles. Killer!"

Dame D.O.L.L.A. continued ... "#8 was crazy. But, 24 was scary. Respect his name or else he might show up as Bloody Mary. Won't forget the things he mentioned -- how to get a Larry. Whatever necessary, he tried to help prepare me."

"They tell us never look in the eyes of a killer. I did out of respect for the greatest at Staples Center. The closest thing to M.J. and no I ain't talking Thriller. It ain't an I in team but a me in it. Please remember, Bean."

As we previously reported, the Portland Trailblazers superstar helped create the song for NBA 2K21 -- saying he just had to use his pull as a cover athlete to get the bars on the game's soundtrack.

As for Snoop ... his part of the song is just as fire as Dame's -- but his best nod to Kobe???

"Many tried him, but came up short. 24, king of the court. I'ma need back up, mission abort!"

Carole Baskin Dancing With Myself ... Prepping For 'DWTS' Debut

Carole Baskin's got the eye of the tiger as she prepares for her big "Dancing with the Stars" debut ... and she's practicing her moves in a way that would make Billy Idol proud.

Sources close to Carole tell TMZ ... she's been dancing with herself in her Los Angeles apartment during her downtime this week as she gets ready for her first 'DWTS' number.

Carole's gearing up for her first dance, which will be to "Eye of the Tiger," but we're told she's not practicing to any specific music ... just the music in her head.

With Carole only getting 3 to 4 hours a day of official 'DWTS' rehearsal, she's taking her work home ... we're told she feels she needs more practice and moved the furniture in her living room to create her own dance floor.

Carole's documenting her progress too ... we're told she's recording her practice dances on her phone so she can look back and see how far she's come.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Remember ... Carole studied hard and cheaply, before getting on the 'DWTS' set ... picking up her ballroom basics by watching video tutorials on YouTube.

With some rehearsals under her belt, we're told Carole is mostly focusing on dance steps and staying on tempo when she's home alone.

Carole's costume for her first number will have no feathers or fur, and our sources describe the outfit as a "sunset" with a lot of "cattitude" ... whatever that means.

We're told Carole instantly fell in love with the getup ... and she's already asked producers if she will be allowed to keep it or purchase it after the show, but producers haven't indicated a final decision.

And, get this ... our sources say Carole told her family she thought to herself, "I want to be buried in this dress," when she first saw it. Thing is, we're told she plans on being cremated and wouldn't want the dress to burn. How sweet.

Ice Cube Black Agenda #1 for Me in Election ... Biden & Trump Reached Out


Ice Cube has a list of demands to help Black Americans that he feels needs to be addressed in order to get his vote ... and says both sides of the aisle want to, at least, hear what he's got to say.

We spoke to Cube Wednesday on "TMZ Live" and he elaborated on his "Contract with Black America" that he's been promoting these past few months ahead of the election. Bottom line ... he says he'll vote for whoever implements his ideas, even if it's President Trump.

Check it out ... for Cube, identity politics is gone, and he's only looking out for his people at this point -- telling us that if a candidate doesn't clearly explain what's in it for the Black community if they're elected, he doesn't see a point in voting for them.

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Specifically, he says economics is a huge part of his agenda -- explaining that there needs to be a monumental shift in the wealth gap between Black people and everyone else.

Now, Cube says he's heard from Joe Biden's camp AND Trump's about his 'Contract' ... and insists there's nothing partisan about his demands.

There's also this ... he says Biden should not think for a second he has the Black vote locked up. Fact is, Trump is still in office and could roll some of these things out before November, which would go a long way for Cube, and possibly other voters.

It's a fascinating take, and Cube is determined to hold Trump and Biden's feet to the fire.

Take note, candidates ... voters are talking to ya.

Lily Allen & David Harbour Vegas Wedding ... Laughs, Elvis & Burgers!!!

Lily Allen and David Harbour did indeed get hitched in Las Vegas this weekend, and they did it right ... with an Elvis impersonator officiant and everything.

The couple tied the knot on Labor Day, according to their marriage certificate, and the singer-songwriter and the "Stranger Things" star shared a few pics of their ceremony from the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Classic!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The lovebirds look totally smitten and full of joy inside the chapel -- with Elvis singing away -- and outside on a Vegas street as Lily showed off her vintage white wedding dress and veil.

Apparently, a day full of love and marriage in Sin City works up your appetite ... Lily and the fam chowed down on some In-N-Out after the nuptials.

We broke the story ... David and Lily obtained a marriage license Sunday in Vegas, the first indication they were about to seal the deal.

Up until recently, they've been very private about being together -- with Lily revealing their engagement via a selfie back in May -- but they're letting it all out now.

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David even pointed out that wildfires ravaging California and a pandemic affecting the whole world couldn't stop them from becoming husband and wife.


Tory Lanez Text to Megan After Alleged Shooting ... 'I Just Got Too Drunk'


Tory Lanez allegedly opened fire on Megan Thee Stallion because he was wasted -- that's what he claimed in a text sent to her shortly after the bloody incident ... as she was still in a hospital bed.

TMZ has seen the text Megan got on the evening of July 12 ... roughly 15 hours after she claims Tory shot her in her feet, and in it, he's begging for forgiveness. He wrote, "I know u prolly never gone talk to me again, but I genuinely want u to know I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart."

His only explanation for the violence ... "I was just too drunk."

In the text, Tory never references "shooting" or a gun, but it is clear he did something he regrets. In his words, "None the less s**t should have never happened and I can't change what did. I just feel horrible."

And, he repeats ... "Cuz I genuinely just got too drunk."

TMZ broke the story ... Tory, Megan and another friend had been party hopping in the Hollywood Hills early on July 12. Police responded to reports of shots fired from or around an SUV.


When they pulled over Tory's chauffeur-driven ride ... they directed everyone inside to slowly exit the vehicle -- and it was obvious Megan was bleeding from her feet as she gingerly walked backward from the vehicle.

Tory was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon ... a handgun cops say they found under the front passenger seat where he'd been sitting.


Since then Megan has publicly called out Tory ... alleging he is the one who pulled the trigger and shot her in her feet, and she even posted some gruesome pics of her injuries.

Tory has not been arrested or charged for the shooting, but as we first reported, the L.A. County D.A. is considering charging him with felony assault with a firearm.

As for Tory and Megan's contact since the shooting ... we're told she's never responded to his "sorry" text.

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean 'DWTS' is Totally Different Dancing ... Gotta Reprogram My Brain!!!


A couple of new "Dancing with the Stars" contestants insist they have no advantage, despite having dance-ish backgrounds, so who do you believe less -- AJ McLean or Johnny Weir???

First up, the Backstreet Boys star, who we got outside the 'DWTS' rehearsal studio in L.A. and asked if his boy band choreography skills give him an immediate edge over the competition. He thinks it might be the exact opposite.

AJ tells us he's been trained to dance one way for 30 years, but now ... it's a whole new ballgame, so he's gotta reprogram. On top of that, the singer says he's been focused on his health and diet to prepare for the challenge ahead ... and so far he's "kicking ass."

As for what music he'll be dancing to on the show, he says some BB hits can definitely be expected ... but rules one of them out.


We also got figure skater Johnny Weir ... who agrees with AJ, telling us 'DWTS' requires a completely different skill set than any of his spinning and twirling on the ice could have prepared him for ... so he's on an even playing field.

Of course, along with skating, costume design is sort of Johnny's thing ... so he might have a leg up on his fellow contestants there. That he can't deny.

'Golden Girls' All-Star Black Cast Reboot Table Read ... With BEST Theme Remix, Ever!!!

It's one thing to bring back "The Golden Girls" for a reboot with superstars Regina King, Tracee Ellis Ross, Sanaa Lathan and Alfre Woodard -- but the table read event went over the top with its version of "Thank You for Being a Friend."

The first episode of "Zoom Where it Happens" aired last night and featured the award-winning cast doing a live table read of the 'GG' episode entitled "Flu" -- and the women got an awesome intro from Aaron Scott.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The viral video sensation added some serious soul to the show's classic theme song that you really gotta see and hear.

Aaron's gospel-tinged remix went viral back in 2016, and it was popularized again recently by TikTok. It obviously struck a note with the producers of the 'Golden Girls' reboot.

The new event was presented to "raise awareness, intention, and activation around voting rights." Mission accomplished, we're guessing, because fans raved about the show ... and are already clamoring for another episode.

When, and if they do, we know who'll be doing the theme.

Drake It's Adonis' 1st Day of School ... Make Me Proud, Kid!!!

Drake just hit another milestone of parenthood by sending his son to his first day of school, and it looks like papa made sure his own flesh and blood was fresh and ready for it.

Drizzy posted a photo Wednesday of 2-year-old Adonis about to hop into a waiting SUV, which was going to take him to class. You can tell his pops was pretty proud of the moment, as he captioned the pic ... "First Day Of School...The World Is Yours kid 🌍"

As for Adonis, he's laced up from head to toe ... rocking freshly braided cornrows, a black hoodie, matching pants and what might be some black Air Force 1s (don't quote us on that). Point is ... AG is ready to take preschool by the reins decked out in a sweet fit.

Here's another interesting aspect -- it looks like Adonis might be with dad over here in North America, possibly in Toronto.

In any case, Drake's son got mad love on the Gram ... most notably from 21 Savage, who said Adonis was on his way to being a great. He commented, "Already got a chauffeur 🐐."

That he does, that he does.

Travis Scott Can't Get Enough McDonald's

Travis Scott's latest food delivery can be summed up with one simple phrase -- he's lovin' it.

The rapper's still riding a McDonald's high after the launch of his very own meal at the fast-food chain, making him the first celeb to have one of those since a guy named Michael Jordan back in 1992.

Travis had bags of the grub and sodas delivered to his West Hollywood office Tuesday, and ya gotta think there's more than one Travis Scott Meal in there ... a $6 deal that comes with a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite.

Scott was also sporting his own Cactus Jack-themed Mickey D's shirt as he hopped in his red, $3 million LaFerrari sports car and took off.


As we reported ... the rapper got mobbed by fans at a McDonald's in Downey, CA Tuesday when he showed up to show them some love for waiting in line to try his new meal.

Like his revised McDonald's slogan says ... it's definitely lit in Trav's world.

Beyonce & Jay-Z The Carters Take Croatia ... On Massive Superyacht!!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z are sailing the high seas of Europe right now -- aboard one of those baller mega yachts, and this one might be more gorgeous on the inside than out.

Paps recently snapped shots of B&J stepping off their luxury vacay vessel with a couple of their kids in tow in Croatia. Aside from the spectacle of seeing the Carters anywhere in the world, their floating home away from home is also turning heads.

Their ride is called LANA, which is exclusively for charter with Imperial Yachts. This one's brand, spanking new in their line of mega ships, and it's top of the line as far as luxury is concerned. Take a look for yourself.

LANA is longer than a football field, and it's jam-packed with amenities, accessories and plenty of room to spread out and relax. It fits up to 12 guests -- not counting the 34 crew members it also accommodates -- in 8 en-suite staterooms, 7 VIP rooms and a master suite.

There's more ... the superyacht comes with its own pool on the deck, a theater, a spa with professional masseuses, foldable terraces ... plus, a crap ton of "toys," including a jet ski, wakeboards, SEABOBs, water skies, inflatable paddleboards, fishing equipment, etc.

We could go on, but honestly ... we're already blushing, and we haven't even mentioned the price -- about $2 mil a week. Even for Beyonce and Jay-Z ... damn.

Monday Night Football Dropping 'All My Rowdy Friends' Due To Empty Stadiums

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ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALLLL?!?!?! will NOT be asked before "Monday Night Football" games in 2020 ... 'cause ESPN is ditching Hank Williams Jr.'s classic intro for a more COVID-friendly track.

Of course, the singer's '"All My Rowdy Friends Are Here On Monday Night" has been part of MNF's presentation dating back to 1989 ... but execs reportedly wanted to call an audible during the pandemic, given most stadiums will be empty.

In other words ... folks are supposed to be social distancing -- NOT getting rowdy together.

ESPN will replace Williams, Jr.'s song with a remix of the late Little Richard's "Rip It Up" ... featuring music by a band called Butcher Brown, according to Sports Business Daily.

No word on what the plan will be once the coronavirus sitch is over ... but ESPN has dropped Williams' track in 2011 over negative comments he made against Barack Obama and Joe Biden on Fox News. He was later brought back in 2017.

Either way ... we're one more day closer to actually kicking this season off.


Travis Scott McBUMRUSH ... Mayhem at Mickey D's


Travis Scott made a McDonald's look like one of his concerts ... he got mobbed by a huge throng of fans waiting in line to get his new fast food combo meal.

The rapper stopped by a Mickey D's in Downey, CA Tuesday to celebrate the release of the Travis Scott Meal, and ya gotta see the video -- people went absolutely bonkers.

Travis left his red sports car and grabbed a McDonald's employee's shirt on his way over to the huge line of people, but folks broke past the barricades and swarmed ... sending TS running for cover.

In a split second, social distancing and mask-wearing went out the window ... and all Travis did was show up and show love.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Maybe Cactus Jack's combo meal can calm these folks down ... it comes with a Quarter Pounder with cheese topped with bacon and lettuce, plus medium fries with barbecue dipping sauce and a Sprite.

BTW ... Travis is the first celeb to get his name on a McDonald's meal since Michael Jordan and the McJordan burger way back in 1992 ... no wonder fans are making such a big fuss.

Tamar Braxton BF Files for Restraining Order Indicates Domestic Violence


Tamar Braxton's boyfriend is running to court asking for protection against her in what he describes as a domestic violence situation ... TMZ has learned.

The singer's BF, David Adefeso, filed for a restraining order Tuesday in L.A. seeking to prevent DV ... and he's asking a judge to grant him one against Tamar. For now, it's unclear what he's alleging she might've done.

It doesn't look like the court has approved his request just yet -- we're reaching out to Tamar's team to get more info. So far, we have not heard back.


At any rate, it's another sign that things have been volatile lately in her life -- especially as it pertains to David. Remember, he's the one who called 911 not too long ago saying Tamar was threatening to kill herself. He also mentioned her WeTV beef to cops at the time.

Also keep in mind ... family sources connected to Tamar have told us they believe she's changed since getting with him -- claiming her mood seems to align with his. We've also been told that David has come off as controlling in Tamar's reality show, and that he's been quite involved in her business decisions of late.

Story developing ...

Kanye West Holler at Me, Biden ... Bernie Passed On Talks

Cannon's Class

Kanye West is trying to meet with his political rivals ... Ye says he was denied a meeting with Bernie Sanders, and wants the opportunity to chat with Joe Biden.

Yeezy recently sat down with Nick Cannon for a segment on Nick's podcast, "Cannon's Class," and they started talking politics, and how Ye caught a ton of flak for meeting with Jared Kushner.

Kanye says the sit down with President Trump's son-in-law and trusted aid "ain't no secret meeting" ... and says he wanted a similar meeting with Bernie, but the former presidential candidate wouldn't grant one.

Now that Biden is the democratic nominee for prez, Kanye says he wants a power meeting with Joe and is willing to meet with any politician, regardless of their party.

Looks like the ball is in Biden's court here.

It's a pretty interesting conversation ... and Kanye also talks about his relationship with Nas, Trump and Kushner.

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