Chris Jericho Donates $2K To Injured Wrestler ... Who Snapped Both Legs In Ring

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Touching gesture from Chris Jericho ... the AEW superstar donated $2,000 to a man who snapped both his legs performing a stunt in the wrestling ring.

The violent and gruesome injury happened this past weekend ... when amateur wrestler Justin attempted to jump off the top rope of a makeshift backyard ring and onto the mat.


Shockingly, both his knees gave way and bent backward when he landed ... and his family and friends say he's now in danger of possibly being forced to have the limbs amputated.

In a GoFundMe set up to help offset growing hospital bills ... Justin's family and friends say he's already undergone three significant surgeries and still has at least one more operation coming to try to repair the damage.

Justin's family and friends say his road to recovery is going to be lengthy ... and add all the bills could ultimately grow to over $200,000.

Fortunately, Jericho caught wind of the horrifying accident ... and decided to chip in -- pledging $2K to the cause this week.

"That was so terrible!!!!!" Jericho told us of why he donated.

As for Justin, his family and friends say he's taking the traumatic experience in stride ... writing, "Justin has remained lighthearted in his situation."

Get well soon.

Browns' Baker Mayfield 'Insensitive' to Claim We're Better ... Without Odell!

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Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield is PISSED OFF at the notion the Cleveland Browns are better off without Odell Beckham ... calling critics "insensitive" for bringing it up right after his season-ending injury.

OBJ tore his ACL during CLE's first offensive possession against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday ... officially ending his promising 2020 campaign.

The talking heads speculated it may be a blessing in disguise for Baker and Co. ... allowing the offense to run more organically without forcing targets to their superstar receiver.

Baker was asked about the comments on Wednesday ... and he made it clear he won't entertain the idea -- especially 2 days after OBJ got word of his status.

"For one, I just think it's completely insensitive to a guy that just tore his ACL," the AFC's Offensive Player of the Week told reporters. "I'm not even going to comment on it."

It's not a bad theory, considering Baker went on to go 22-23 with 5 TDs with Odell sidelined ... but Mayfield says it just ain't right to bring it up so soon.

"You never wanna lose guys and that's where I'm going to leave that one."

Simon Cowell Orders Himself Set of New Chompers!!! ... During Back Recovery


Simon Cowell is still on the mend from his broken back -- and while he recovers, he decided to polish up his smile while he was at it ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the music exec and 'AGT' host recently got a new set of pearly whites from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Apa, at his private practice. We're told Simon came in last month looking for the makeover, and just had new veneers installed this past weekend.

Turns out, Simon was actually in need of a new set -- we're told he was doing away with older, temporary veneers he'd been rockin' -- but had one request ... less Simpson-y and more streamlined. In other words, he wanted a thinner, more natural-looking smile ... and sources say he even had a pic of his OG teeth for reference on the updated design.

After two appointments at three hours a pop, we're told Simon walked away happy as can be -- and even posed with the doc on his way out. As for cost ... our sources tell us Dr. Apa usually charges around $4,000 per tooth. Considering Simon got both upper and lower veneers in this job -- 28 teeth total, we're told -- that can certainly add up to a fat bill.

That said, it's unclear how much he ultimately paid.

The silver lining here -- it looks like SC is back up on his feet again after breaking his back a few months ago and undergoing a grueling surgery process to get it all fixed up. Word is the dude is still healing and in intense rehab mode right now to restrengthen those muscles.

In the meantime ... good for him for taking care of the rest of his body in one shot.

The Rock Tastes Own Blood After Gym Injury ... Gets Stitches to Close Gash

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Here's reason #1,000,001 why The Rock is tougher than you ...

Dwayne Johnson suffered a pretty gnarly gym injury Monday requiring stitches to close a wound on his face.

But, instead of cryin' about it -- he tasted his own blood and went right back to work!!!

The former WWE superstar said he suffered the wound throwing around some heavy weights -- and in a video, he revealed his eye was swollen and bloody.

But, in true tough guy fashion ... The Rock licked the blood off his face and said, "That's good. That's real good. Back to work."


Johnson later explained he got nicked up tossing 50-pound chains ... and said the wound was so bad, he needed stitches.

Though the 48-year-old said he didn't go under the needle and thread until AFTER the workout was done ... 'cause, duh.

"We ain't playing tiddlywinks and we ain't reciting nursery rhymes," Dwayne said ... before later writing, "Taste your own blood, keep working out and stitch up later - rules of the house."

Who's ready for leg day now?!

Odell Beckham Confirms Torn ACL Browns WR Out for Season

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Cleveland's worst fears are now a reality ... Odell Beckham has confirmed he did, in fact, tear his ACL on Sunday and will miss the rest of the 2020 NFL season.

"Odell Beckham Jr just text me that his ACL is torn and that his season is over," NFL reporter Josina Anderson said Monday morning.

27-year-old Beckham suffered the injury during the 2nd offensive play of the Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals game.

Baker Mayfield had fired a pass Odell's way -- but missed his target and the ball was intercepted. Odell tried to make a play and tackle the ball-carrier but ran into one of his own teammates and apparently messed up his left knee in the process.

It's devastating news for Cleveland -- Odell was having a pretty solid season with 23 catches for 319 yards ands 3 TDs.

The Browns are 5-2 and starting to play like contenders -- losing their #1 receiver is definitely going to hurt their chances.

As for Beckham, he played all 16 games in 2019 while suffering from a groin injury -- and underwent surgery during the offseason.

Now with the ACL tear, that will almost certainly require surgery -- and usually takes about 6 to 9 months to fully recover.


Odell's teammate and close friend Jarvis Landry offered his support -- "Man I Know how f*cking hard you work and how invested you are to be legendary. My heart hurt!!!!! I love you brudda."

NFL's Ron Rivera Finishes Last Round Of Cancer Treatments ... Amazing Celebration

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Washington Football Team

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera just finished his last round of cancer treatments ... and the mini-party hospital staffers threw for him to celebrate was AWESOME.

The 58-year-old was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer back in August ... and he's been receiving chemotherapy and other forms of treatment ever since.

But, Rivera completed his last round of treatments Monday ... and the scene afterward at the hospital was pretty emotional.

Check out the footage WFT posted ... Rivera was cheered on by a bunch of medical personnel -- with some even throwing confetti over his head!

Others, wearing "Rivera Strong" shirts, waved pom poms ... and eventually, they all gifted him with a signed card.

The best part of the footage, though? Rivera was able to ring a bell on the wall signifying the end of treatments -- and you can tell, he was happy as hell to do it.

Rivera has said the cancer drugs have taken a massive toll on him over the past couple months ... explaining the fatigue he's experienced has felt like a "300-pound gorilla on your back."

Still, Ron only missed a handful of WFT practices and never missed a game ... despite at times appearing to be in rough shape.

Rivera has said repeatedly his long-term prognosis is good ... adding his doctors are optimistic about a full recovery.


Cowboys' Andy Dalton Knocked Out Cold By Violent Hit ... 'In Good Spirits'

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Andy Dalton was knocked out cold by an absolutely BRUTAL hit in the Dallas Cowboys' game Sunday ... but, thankfully, the team says he's now feeling better and "in good spirits."

Dalton lay motionless for several seconds after taking a violent shot to the head in the third quarter of Big D's blowout loss to Washington ... and the scene was SCARY.

WFT linebacker Jon Bostic hit the 32-year-old QB with a shoulder to the forehead while Dalton was sliding ... and the shot was so vicious, it caused Andy's helmet to fly off.

The quarterback needed help from trainers to get off the field and back into the locker room ... where he was diagnosed almost immediately with a concussion.

But, despite the frightening scene, a Cowboys spokesperson told the team's official website Sunday that Dalton was "alert, in good spirits and feeling much better."

Dalton is now in the concussion protocol ... and he'll need to clear tons of different tests to continue to move forward as the Cowboys' starter this season.

As for the hit itself, Bostic was ejected over the play ... and Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said he was pissed none of Dalton's teammates went after the guy for the hit.

"It definitely was not the response you would expect," McCarthy said.

Dalton's replacement in the game, rookie Ben DiNucci, is expected to be Dallas' starter on Sunday night if AD is not ready to go.

Dak Prescott, meanwhile, remains months away from returning to the team after he suffered a gruesome ankle injury earlier this month.

Browns TE Austin Hooper Undergoing Surgery ... For Appendicitis

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Cleveland Browns star Austin Hooper will NOT be suiting up against the Bengals this weekend ... after the team announced the tight end is undergoing an appendectomy.

The 25-year-old -- who signed a 4-year, $44 million deal with CLE this offseason -- was originally listed as questionable with a non-COVID-19 related illness ... which was later revealed as appendicitis on Friday.

Hooper's production has been improving in recent weeks ... and has 22 receptions for more than 200 yards through 6 games this season.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski broke the news to reporters minutes ago ... saying he does not expect Hooper to miss an extended amount of time.

The Browns have had their fair share of injuries this season -- from Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry's injured ribs to a depleted secondary on defense.

Get well soon, Hooper!! ... and fantasy folks, adjust your lineups accordingly.

Boxer Ben Hussain Suffers Horrific Broken Jaw During Fight ... Nasty Hospital Video!

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An Australian boxer suffered a GNARLY broken jaw during a fight Thursday -- and the video of the injury might make you puke.



The fighter is Benjamin Hussain -- who was 2-0 as a pro before he stepped into the ring against fellow undefeated fighter Ben Mahoney.

Hussain was cracked hard in the 2nd round and appeared to suffer a break in his jaw at that point -- but tried to tough it out and keep going.

Blood poured out of his mouth as he continued the fight -- the announcers speculated he could've suffered a cut on his tongue.

But, as the fight progressed, it was VERY obvious the injury was serious ... and finally, the doctor stopped the fight in Round 5.

You could hear the doctor tell 21-year-old Hussain -- "Your jaw is broken mate. I mean it’s badly broken, we’ve got to stop it."

Hussain was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated -- and despite the obvious pain, he felt it was important to show off the injury on social media.

You can see his jaw is clearly broken -- and it's so gross!!

But hey, that's boxing.

Get well soon.

COVID Patients Voting From Hospital Beds


Astronauts are voting from space, millions are mailing ballots and patients battling COVID-19 are voting from their hospital beds ... welcome to the 2020 election.

Voter turnout is expected to be on the rise for what you've, no doubt, heard is the election of our lifetime ... and a non-partisan group called Patient Voting is making sure hospital patients don't get left out.

The group's founder, Kelly Wong, tells TMZ ... they've seen a huge influx in patients seeking help in casting ballots, and they're using the little-known emergency absentee ballot.

Here's how it works ... patients who are unexpectedly hospitalized without arrangements to vote by regular absentee ballot can request an emergency absentee ballot if they're unable to make it to the polls, or if it's too late to apply for regular absentee ballots.

It's pretty striking ... we're told about 200 people per day are reaching out to the organization for help, a 5-fold increase compared to the midterms. The obvious difference this year -- the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected 8 million Americans and counting.

Sadly, we're told some people who reached out for ballots and info died from COVID before casting a vote.

Then there's the case of a voter in Washington ... we're told they're hospitalized with COVID but their ballot is at home, and the volunteer org is assisting in helping the patient vote electronically so as not to infect others.

Bottom line ... there are people working hard to make sure all Americans who want to vote -- it's their Constitutional right, after all -- get to vote.

John Cena Eric Andre Injured In Stunt Gone Wrong ... Not WWE Star's Fault

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Eric Andre was seriously injured -- and hospitalized -- after a wrestling stung gone wrong with John Cena ... and it's all on video.

The comedian revealed the whole story on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ... saying he was shooting a bit for "The Eric Andre Show" which required Cena to hulk out and throw him through a shelf.

Kimmel watched the footage and asked Eric if the stunt hurt as badly as it looked.

"John Cena did the stunt right, but we prepped for the stunt wrong. And, that metal shelf came over and clocked me in the head," Andre said ... "And, I got concussed."

Andre says he went to the hospital immediately -- noting, "I had like a Fred Flintstone, like Bugs Bunny [welt] on the side of my head."

The good news ... Andre seems to be okay now and was joking about it with Kimmel.

"They did a CAT scan, and I haven’t been able to speak English since. I memorized this interview phonetically, actually."

Yeah, we know pro wrestling is fake ... but the stunts are VERY real and come with real risks.

Just ask WWE superstar Ridge Holland -- who underwent REAL surgery after suffering a gruesome injury on live TV earlier this month.

Hope everyone gets well soon!

UCF QB McKenzie Milton Cleared To Play 2 Years After Horrific Knee Injury

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Incredible news ... UCF quarterback McKenize Milton has been cleared to play football again -- this just roughly 2 years after he almost had to have his leg amputated due to a severe injury.

You'll recall ... the on-field incident was gruesome -- McKenzie dislocated his right knee after taking a vicious shot in a Nov. 2018 game against USF.

Milton's injuries were devastating ... he tore ligaments and an artery, stretched a nerve and had his entire kneecap dislodged.

Things got so dire ... some feared Milton was going to have to lose the lower part of his leg.

But, docs were able to repair the damage ... and now, nearly 2 years after the incident, Milton is back practicing with the team.

McKenzie was cleared for work with UCF in August ... and ESPN reports he's now been practicing as the Golden Knights' scout-team QB.

"This is the most fun I've had in two years, being out there with the guys, going up against some good competition and lighting a fire under their butt," Milton said. "I'm making throws on the move, I'm changing direction not thinking twice about it. I feel normal."

Milton says he looked to NFL stars like Alex Smith, Teddy Bridgewater and Jaylon Smith for comeback inspiration (since they all resumed their careers after catastrophic injuries) ... and added he actually received a message of encouragement from Alex recently.

While it's unclear if Milton will ever get into another official game for UCF ... he said he's super happy to just be to the point where he's finally healthy and with his teammates again.

"The competitor in me always wants to play, but at the same time I don't take it for granted," Milton said. "It's been a blessing having the role of being scout team quarterback for these guys."

Dodgers' Cody Bellinger Dislocated Shoulder In HR Celebration ... 'I'm Good'

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L.A. Dodgers hero Cody Bellinger confirmed what we were all thinking ... he DID dislocate his shoulder while celebrating his game-winning HR on Sunday.

... but he popped it right back in and now he says he's good to go!

25-year-old Bellinger smashed a solo donger in the 7th inning of the NLCS -- giving the Dodgers a 4-3 lead, which ultimately was enough for L.A. to beat the Atlanta Braves.

After he crossed home plate, Bellinger shared a jumping forearm bash with teammate Kike Hernandez -- and viewers could see, it appeared Bellinger suffered an injury during the celebration.

After the game, Bellinger confirmed it was a dislocation of his right shoulder.

"I hit Kike’s shoulder a little too hard and my shoulder popped out," Bellinger told MLB Network.

"So, I had to go back in the training room. They popped it back in and I was ready to play some defense. It kinda hurt!"

Bellinger reported that he's "good" now -- and Dodgers fans are praying the shoulder won't bother him in the World Series.

In the meantime, Belli says he'll celebrate with his OTHER arm moving forward.

"Yeah, I'm gonna maybe use my left arm ... I’ve never dislocated that one. So, I'll go left arm."

As for Kike, he told reporters after the game -- "Now Belli knows not to mess with people who are way stronger than him!"

Dak Prescott All Smiles Days After Gruesome Injury ... 'I'm In Great Spirits'

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_4dak / Instagram

Dak Prescott clearly ain't letting his horrific injury get him down ... the Cowboys QB posted a smiling update Thursday -- vowing to come back stronger than ever.

"This little adversity is just going to be another chapter in the book," the Dallas superstar said. "And I'm excited to move forward and write it."

Prescott had surgery Sunday night to fix a dislocated and fractured ankle ... and is expected to need at least 4 months before he can get on the football field again.

But, the 27-year-old -- who was on his way to see his leg at the doctor's office for the first time since his operation -- said in his video update he's "in great spirits."

"And I'mma stay that way," Dak added.

Prescott also thanked all of his fans, teammates and fellow NFLers for all the support he's received over the past few days.

Everyone from Patrick Mahomes to Alex Smith to even Joe Theismann expressed their condolences for the QB ... and Dak said he'll never forget any of it.


"I can't thank you enough for all of your love, your support, your prayers over the last few days," Dak said. "They've been more than overwhelming."

Prescott -- who's never missed a game since taking over the Cowboys QB reigns as a rookie in 2016 -- said he's now excited to see the field from a different perspective this year.

"I'm ready to get this journey of the comeback started," Dak said. "So, God bless you all."

Joe Theismann I Wanna Talk To Dak Prescott ... Help Him w/ Ankle Injury


Joe Theismann sustained one of the most devastating injuries in NFL history ... and now the former star QB wants to help Dak Prescott recover from his gruesome ankle injury.

TMZ Sports talked to the former Washington signal-caller about 27-year-old Prescott's future ... after the Cowboys quarterback suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle during Sunday's game against the NY Giants.

"I felt so bad for [Prescott]. You hate to see anybody get hurt like that. Even though the team wasn't doing real well, Dak was having an incredible year, and I just pray that he's gonna come back."

Of course, Theismann's leg was snapped (he had a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula) by Lawrence Taylor during a "Monday Night Football" game in 1985 ... ending Joe's career.

JT's injury happened 8 years before Dak was even born ... but Joe knows what Prescott is going through, and he wants to help.

"I'd love to reach out to Dak," Theismann tells us.

"Matter fact, I put feelers out to see if it's a possibility that I might be able to just have a conversation with him and tell him no matter what you go through mentally, you're gonna get through this and you're gonna be okay."

Most importantly, Joe says he believes Prescott -- who underwent successful surgery Sunday night in TX -- will return to the field and continue to be one of the best QB's in the world.

"I don't know what The Cowboys are gonna do regarding the economics of his situation, but to me, I really don't care. I really care about Dak being able to come back and be the football player that he wants to be, and I know he's gonna be terrific."

"I'm already sort of excited about his future going forward!"

BYU-Idaho Students Investigation for COVID-19 Scheme ... Get the Virus for Cash!!!

College kids attending Brigham Young University-Idaho might have intentionally contracted the coronavirus in order to sell their plasma containing antibodies ... and they're in big trouble if it's true.

The university has launched an investigation into reports of its students deliberately exposing themselves and others to COVID-19 with the hope of getting it, then getting paid for their antibody-rich plasma.

BYU-Idaho says it's "deeply troubled" by the allegations, adding it "condemns this behavior and is actively seeking evidence of any such conduct among our student body."

Students found to have engaged in this COVID-for-cash scheme will be suspended immediately and could be kicked out of school permanently ... according to the university.

It adds ... "The contraction and spread of COVID-19 is not a light matter. Reckless disregard for health and safety will inevitably lead to additional illness and loss of life in our community."

The school also warns that if coronavirus cases in the county and in Idaho continue to trend upward ... it may be forced to go to full-time remote learning.


We got Gayle King leaving CBS Studios in NYC for her take on the troubling reports. We'd say she went pretty easy on the college kids, all things considered.

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