Coronavirus Elderly Cat-Scratch Victim Beside Herself ... I Can't get a Tetanus Shot


The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic runs far and wide, and one woman is beside herself with anger and frustration because she's at risk for coming down with rabies and can't get help.

Check out this video ... she says a cat scratched her and she's trying to get a tetanus shot ... typically to prevent rabies.

She says she went to UCLA and they told her to go to a nearby Urgent Care, which they said was open. She followed instructions, but when she arrived at Urgent Care at 4:30 PM Saturday no one was in sight, despite a sign saying they were open until 6.

We don't know if she eventually got help, but her frustrations are getting more and more common, and people who need basic help just can't get it.

Joe Exotic Tried Hard to Be 'Wolf King' in 2018 Before Getting Shut Down


Before Joe Exotic was known to the world as the Tiger King, he desperately tried his hand at being a "Wolf King" ... but he got dethroned after a very short reign.

TMZ's learned Joe Exotic got his hands on 28 gray wolves back in early 2018 after a so-called "petting zoo" in Minneapolis was forced to give up the animals following an unfavorable ruling at trial over a lawsuit alleging it violated the federal Endangered Species Act.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund was behind that lawsuit ... and it didn't take long before the ALDF had Joe in its crosshairs. Christopher Berry, the ALDF attorney behind the lawsuit, tells TMZ ... he fired off a legal letter to Joe accusing him of also violating that law.

The letter accuses Joe of transporting the wolves from Minnesota to Oklahoma, which is one of the ESA violations because it's against federal law to transport protected animals across state lines without a permit.

The lawyer also accused Joe of trying to sell protected animals ... Berry pointed out the commercial sale of a protected animal violates federal law. Berry also alleged Joe tried to sell at least 4 wolf pups on social media.

And, get this ... Berry offered to resolve the issue amicably, but Joe wasn't having it. Berry tells us a few days after Joe received the letter, Joe was pissed off to the point he called Berry and chewed him out in a profanity-laced rant ... denying he broke any laws.

We're told, Joe ultimately admitted trying to get a handle on wolves proved way more challenging than he anticipated. One example ... the wolves often clawed out of their enclosures and ran amok at Joe's G.W. Exotic Animal Park.

Berry says Joe ultimately turned the wolves over to Lockwood Animal Rescue Center ... an animal protection org. in Ventura, CA. After complying with Berry's letter, we're told the ALDF took no further legal action against Joe.

As for how Joe's facility got selected to receive the wolves ... we're told the Minnesota petting zoo was desperate to find the wolves new homes, but irresponsibly sent 28 of the as many as 60 wolves to Joe, who clearly was not equipped to care for them.

But, just when ya think there's a happy ending ... think again. Berry says only 25 of the 28 wolves at Joe's facility were transferred to Lockwood. He says one of the wolves died from an infection at Joe's park. As for the two remaining wolves ... they went MIA and no one ever figured out what happened to them.

Then again, Joe Exotic's been accused of heinous acts against animals.

Katy Perry's Cat Kitty Purry Scratching at Heaven's Door

Breaking News

Katy Perry's beloved street cat, who became a mascot for the singer and her legion of fans, has passed on.

Kitty Purry made an inauspicious entry into Katy's life -- through her then-boyfriend's window.  Fast-forward to Katy the singing icon ... the darn cat became so popular it even appeared in Katy's music video for "I Kissed a Girl."

Fans would swarm Katy and Kitty after her concerts ... begging for a selfie. Short story ... next to Grumpy Cat, Kitty Purry was top of the kitty litter.

Katy posted an homage to her beloved pet ... "Kitty Purry crawled through my then-boyfriend’s window 15 years ago, fully pregnant and seeking shelter. Two litters and many moons later, this street cat became a lovable mascot to many. Sadly, Kitty completed her 9th life last night. I hope she rests in salmon fillets and tuna tartare way up in catnip heaven. Kitty, thanks for the cuddles and companionship along the way. Big thanks to my brother David and @garethwalters for being great co-parents 💔 #kittypurryforever"

Katy's had a rollercoaster 2020 ... she's expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom, so she's clearly stoked about that, but she lost her grandma last month so she's also dealing with that hardship.

Kitty Purry was 15.


YouTube Star Steve Cash 'Talking Kitty' Guy Dead at 40 ... By Self-Inflicted Gunshot


Steve Cash -- known to his millions of fans as the guy behind the "Talking Kitty Cat" videos on YouTube -- is dead by suicide ... TMZ has learned.

The social media star died Thursday morning from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Steve's wife, Celia DeCosta Cash, wrote on Facebook, "I just lost my best friend, my sidekick, my lover, my mentor, my absolute everything. It hurts me to share this. Please understand, give the family time to grieve, but know that Steve is no longer in pain."

Steve was open with his fans about his mental health battles. Back in September, someone replied to one of his posts saying, "You've been so active on social media lately that at first I thought you were hacked."

Steve replied, "Nah, just bipolar. I'm on a manic up right now. When I go back into depression I'll vacate everything."

He started his sketch comedy series (think "Garfield") on YouTube in November 2007. He voiced every episode in which he talks to his cats as if they were humans. The short but popular videos drew tons of fans ... with 2.43 million subscribers.

In nearly two decades, Steve racked up more than 770 MILLION views and counting. His most popular video is the "Bad! Bad! Bad!" episode from 4 years ago ... with 17 million views. His last video was posted on December 30.

Steve was 40. RIP

'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic Hypes Up Magic Tricks ... Watch His Old Promos!!!


Joe Exotic was a master magician with a huge bag of tricks, according to his old magic promos -- but of course, he still couldn't make Carole Baskin disappear.

TMZ's obtained some never-before-seen footage of Joe's old magic show ... from a 6-minute highlight reel. The promo was never intended for the public, but for the venues where Joe booked his high-paying gigs.

As you know, the 'Tiger King' star had a traveling tiger and magic show in addition to his zoo, and he made tons of stops at malls, shopping centers and theaters across the country ... before Carole got involved.

Joe's promo is everything you would expect from the entertainment genius ... it's called, "Mystical of The Endangered," and it shows Joe performing magic with tons of exotic beasts.

There's sword tricks, pyrotechnics, a mime, vanishing, illusions and lots and lots of animals ... tigers, snakes and parrots, oh my!


JP Wilson, the magician from 'Tiger King,' tells TMZ ... he met Joe back in 2004 during a magic show in Norman, OK where Joe supplied him with a tiger. JP says Joe was so impressed with his magic, Exotic brought him on tour.

Eventually, Joe wanted to be the magician and JP says he taught him some tricks. Joe and JP worked together for years, until Carole and the animal rights folks shut down Joe's traveling performances.

JP says he remained close with Joe and would visit the zoo a couple times a year, even sponsoring a tiger at one point.

The wildest part ... JP firmly believes if Carole and the animal rights people didn't get Joe's traveling show shut down, and cut off his main source of income, Joe wouldn't have been forced into breeding tigers.

'Tiger King' Sheriff Says ... More Than 1 Person Murdered Don Lewis


The biggest mystery in Netflix's 'Tiger King' is whether Don Lewis was murdered and, if so, who did him in.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister tells TMZ, he's convinced one person could NOT have committed the 1997 murder ... he says someone must have helped and someone got paid.

Although Hillsborough says Don's wife, Carole Baskin, is NOT a suspect or person of interest, he tells us he's suspicious of her and he's also suspicious of others. Watch FOX Monday night at 9 PM for our special, "TMZ Investigates, Tiger King: What Really Went Down?" He explains exactly why he's suspicious.

The Sheriff's looking for someone to come forward -- maybe someone who helped who wants to clear his or her conscience -- and spill the beans.

Sheriff Chronister also makes it clear ... he's willing to deal with anyone who has info, and immunity is on the table.

Carole has strongly maintained she had nothing to do with Don's disappearance.

Joe Exotic's Campaign Manager Tiger Fundraisers Made Bank ... Call Me, Joe Biden!!!


Joe Exotic's former campaign manager wants to do for Joe Biden what he did for the 'Tiger King' star -- raise tons of cash with some wild fundraising parties.

Joshua Dial, who ran Joe's failed campaign for governor of Oklahoma, and was heavily featured in the Netflix docuseries, tells TMZ ... Joe's campaign would regularly rake in $5,000 to $10,000 for tiger parties catering to rich folks.


Joshua says they would load a baby tiger into a cage in the back of a van and haul it off to private parties for rich donors ... who gladly paid top dollar to party the night away and play with the tiger cub.

The tiger fundraiser parties were a huge hit, and Joshua says they organized several of them during Joe's 2018 campaign.

While Joe ran as a Libertarian, Joshua says the party has a lot in common with the Democrats ... and he wants a chance to work his magic for Biden!!!

Joe Exotic Wants New Judge for Civil Case ... Old One's Homophobic, Biased


4:25 PM PT -- Joe's request has been denied ... the ruling was made because the judge says his involvement in other cases is no reason for him to recuse himself and the comments he allegedly made in court aren't grounds for recusal either.

he says those comments were just about the crimes joe committed, so there's no reason to step away based on them

Joe Exotic wants a new judge to preside over his civil lawsuit, 'cause he says the robe has already shown he's a homophobe who has it out for your boy.

The 'Tiger King' star -- who's currently locked up -- filed a new motion this week asking Judge Scott Palk to recuse himself from a lawsuit Joe filed a few weeks ago against the feds.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Joe argues Judge Palk has already presided over other civil cases Joe's been involved in over the years -- and not just the ones depicted on Netflix between himself and nemesis Carole Baskin.

Joe claims Palk has a tainted view, and also hurls accusations at him ... saying Palk has proven he's a gung-ho animal rights activist and homophobic. JE pegged the judge's tone with him during proceedings as "hostile" and "agitated."

Specifically, Joe claims the judge told him ... "I will make sure you are never around another animal the rest of your life." Joe also alleges the judge said, "You were trying to broker a pair of lions to support your husband from jail."

Joe denies that, BTW, and adds even if it were true ... it'd be completely legal in Texas.

In any case, Joe seems to think Judge Palk -- who's currently set to weigh in on his newest lawsuit -- has a grudge against him, and he wants a fresh start with someone else.

Originally published -- 7:47 AM PT

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