Philadelphia Flyers' Gritty Mascot Cleared ... After Assault Probe

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The Philadelphia Flyers mascot did NOT assault a 13-year-old boy ... according to Philly police, who just announced Gritty has been cleared after a weeks-long probe.

As we previously reported, a man claims his young son was punched in the back by the mascot at Wells Fargo Arena during a Nov. 19 photo shoot fan event.

Chris Greenwell -- the father of the alleged victim -- says Gritty "took a running start" and "punched my son as hard as he could" after he alleges the kid "playfully patted" the mascot on the head.

Greenwell says his son suffered real injuries from the altercation ... and required a trip to the chiropractor for treatment.

But, cops say after they received a report of the alleged assault on Dec. 21 ... they found no evidence saying Gritty committed a crime.

"That investigation, which has been completed and is no longer active, determined that the actions of the individual portraying the Flyers' mascot did not constitute physical assault as alleged," cops said Monday in a statement to TMZ Sports.

The Flyers -- who previously adamantly denied the accusations -- added in a statement, "We are pleased that the Philadelphia Police Department concluded there was no merit to the alleged claim."

The team added, "The police department's statement confirms our thorough internal investigation that found no evidence of the described actions ever having taken place."

Tekashi 6ix9ine Home After Prison will be Like Fort Knox ... Hopefully Far From NYC!!!


Tekashi 6ix9ine plans to get the hell outta dodge once he's released from prison and bolster his security detail like no rapper ever before ... but it's going to be easier said than done.

The rapper's still months away from becoming a free man, but he's already looking toward his exit strategy ... according to sources close to him. We're told once he's out of lockup, he's bailing on Brooklyn, where he was born and raised, and hopes to live far away from NYC.

This decision is primarily based on his safety, but every move 69 makes will have to be approved by the federal probation department ... part of his sentence includes being monitored after his release.

Regardless, our sources say Tekashi will be putting security measures in place right away to keep people from knowing his location, but even if they find him ... he'll be protected by multiple bodyguards.

As for where his security team will come from, we're told the rapper only wants legit former law enforcement officers or ex-military who are licensed to carry firearms ... absolutely nobody with any sort of gang affiliation.

Ideally, we're told 6ix9ine would like to leave New York and live with family out of state ... in a home with "Fort Knox-like security."


It's unclear how he plans to bring this all together, especially since some of his former bodyguards have said no amount of money is worth it to protect Tekashi.

One more thing ... our sources say the rapper is committed to getting in the studio to complete the records in his music deal as soon as possible once he's out, but he's not planning on live performances.

The reasoning -- it wouldn't be safe for a snitch to try something like that for a long time.

We broke the story ... Tekashi's legal team thinks he could be released from prison as soon as August, so it's really not too soon to start planning his new life.

And, as we told you, that new life does not involve witness protection ... 69 doesn't want to go that route.

We reached out to his lawyer, Dawn Florio, about his post-prison plans ... she declined to comment.

Antonio Brown Agrees to Fight Logan Paul Apologizes to Everyone He's Hurt


10:03 AM PT -- Brown also just issued an apology to the mother of his children, Cheslie Kyriss -- who he had been trashing on social media for months.

"I owe my wonderful Kids and the mother @chelsie of my wonderful kids, The world Biggest Apology," Brown said in a statement Sunday morning."

"For my Public out breaks through social media, and for the hurt that I may have took them through while on my Emotional roller Coaster that were all are face with in Life."

8:53 AM PT -- Antonio Brown came face-to-face with Logan Paul in Miami on Saturday -- and agreed to fight the YouTube star in a sanctioned boxing match.

The two talked things out at the Maxim Havana Nights Super Bowl Party (put on by In The Know Experiences) -- you can hear Brown tell Paul, "Let's do it."

As we previously reported, the two were in serious talks with DAZN but after Brown was arrested for allegedly attacking a moving truck driver, it seemed the fight was off.

But, in a friendly exchange captured on video by our friends at BSO, the two shook hands, hugged it out and agreed to fight. Stay tuned ...

Antonio Brown is adamant his apology letter to the Hollywood PD was sincere -- part of a larger apology mission -- and he's hoping he can get back in the NFL.

We got Brown at one of the hottest restaurants in Miami, Prime 112, and he told our photog he's had an epiphany and he's trying to make amends with everyone he's hurt recently, including the cops.

The Hollywood Police Dept. recently cut ties with Brown, returning a donation he made to the Dept.'s youth flag football league. As we reported, Brown berated cops who responded to an altercation he was having with his baby mama.

AB wrote an emotional letter to the Hollywood PD for being a massive headache the last few months.

Brown wrote an emotional letter to the police, asking for forgiveness ... "To everyone who I may have offended or Disrespected at the @hollywoodflpd Of the state of Florida, I would like to sincerely give you all my apology from the top and bottom of my heart."\

The P.D. made it clear ... "We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent the organization."

As for the NFL, Brown suggests there are teams he's targeting who might be interested -- but he stopped short of naming names.

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Cody Bellinger Taco Summit With LAPD Cops! Goes Through Shooting Simulator

L.A. Dodgers superstar Cody Bellinger surprised a bunch of officers at an LAPD station earlier this week ... and he hooked everyone up with merch, autographs and tacos!!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the 24-year-old slugger hit up the North Hollywood station and dropped in on all the officers on duty to get to know the folks protecting his city.

We're told Belly brought Dodgers hats for everyone, took pics and signed autographs ... and stayed for about 3 hours.

The dude even fed the officers some grub from King Taco ... and later on in the visit, tried out the officer-involved shooting simulator, where Bellinger got to use a gun that didn't use real bullets, but acted as one, to see just how hard it is to make life and death situations.

All in all, it looked like a good time and we're sure Bellinger will be invited back -- as long as he brings more tacos.

Antonio Brown I Apologize ... Emotional Letter To Cops

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Antonio Brown is issuing another apology for his behavior ... this time writing an emotional letter to the Hollywood PD for being a massive headache the last few months.

"To everyone who I may have offended or Disrespected at the @hollywoodflpd Of the state of Florida, I would like to sincerely give you all my apology from the top and bottom of my heart," AB wrote.

"And as a human being and an professional athlete I can honestly say that my emotions truly did cloud my better Judgment, When you all were only there to help me."

Brown has had run-in after run-in with the HPD cops ... and he even filmed himself berating officers while they were trying to ease a tense standoff between the former All-Pro and his baby mama a few weeks ago.


In fact, things got so bad, the HPD issued a statement saying they were cutting ALL ties with the guy ... and returned a donation check he had made to the police department's youth flag football league.

"We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization," the cops said at the time.

Things eventually ended with Brown in HPD custody ... cops were forced to issue an arrest warrant for the 31-year-old after he was accused of attacking a moving truck driver outside of his Florida home last week.

But now, Brown -- who's out of jail and letting his criminal case play out in the courts -- is begging for forgiveness ... writing, "Thanks to you all who sincerely accept my Sincere apology. And we must all know that God is a Forgiving God."

Brown added, "P.S The 'PAL' Youth League, I’m looking to working with you all again in the near future."

President Trump Shots Fired at Mar-a-Lago ... During Car Chase!!!

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Gunshots rang out at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida when an SUV led authorities on a wild car chase after breaching 2 security checkpoints.

It all went down Friday morning in Palm Beach, when a black SUV heading toward the main entrance breached both checkpoints, leading Florida Highway Patrol on a pursuit that ended with officials firing shots.


The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office says the car chase is over and 2 people are now in custody. The Sheriff says they're still figuring out which agency pulled the trigger. A police helicopter was also involved in the pursuit.

It's pretty crazy ... President Trump and Melania are scheduled to depart the White House for Mar-a-Lago later this afternoon, but it's unclear if the shooting will affect their travel schedule.

The FBI says it's aware of the incident and agents are responding.

Story developing ...

Dog the Bounty Hunter Daughter Lyssa Arrested ... Alleged Harassment, Resisting Arrest


3:04 PM PT -- Lyssa tells TMZ the cops were called over a fight she was having with her girlfriend. Lyssa says when officers arrived, she put her hand up in order to stop them from entering her room. Lyssa alleges the cop grabbed her by the arm and arrested her. She says she plans on filing a report for police misconduct against the officers.

Lyssa Chapman, daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter, was busted in Hawaii for alleged harassment ... and she didn't go quietly, according to cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Lyssa was arrested in Honolulu Thursday night and booked for harassment and resisting arrest. She's already bailed out for $600.

It's unclear who she allegedly harassed, but her most recent tweet from before the arrest is interesting ...

As we've reported ... the Chapman family is going through some turmoil right now. Just months after the death of Dog's wife, Beth, he proposed to her best friend and maid of honor at their wedding, Moon Angell, on "The Dr. Oz Show."


Our sources say Dog and Beth's kids are hurt and pissed off, and even though the proposal hasn't led to an engagement ... they don't support what's going on and don't believe their mom would either.

Lyssa, specifically, fired off a couple vague tweets after news broke of Dog proposing to Moon ... seemingly trying to keep her cool about the situation.

Apparently, she couldn't do the same when she was getting arrested.

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Minnie Mouse Heads Roll in Fight with Security ... Cops Want to Chat

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Minnie Mouse was in no mood to be sweet with a security guard who was jawing back and forth with her ... and she wasn't shy about dropping haymakers.

The surreal scene went down on a street in Las Vegas, where a woman in a Minnie costume took off her mouse head to throw down with a woman apparently working security.

In the video, it appears the woman in the security jacket lunges at Minnie ... and it's all downhill for her after that. Minnie throws and lands a series of violent punches, before getting on top of the woman to continue pulverizing her.

Mickey tries to jump in and break it up but appears to get popped once himself ... meanwhile, Goofy mostly looks on in dismay.

Eventually, the 2 women are separated and Minnie yells, "I ain't no bitch, bitch!" before taking off with Mickey. It's a pretty stark contrast from her usual, "Aren't you sweet" catchphrase.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Vegas cops are aware of the altercation and want to speak with both parties, but there's no investigation until either of them comes forward.

'Penis Man' Cop Blocked!!! Alleged Graffiti Artist Arrested in AZ

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The graffiti artist dubbed "Penis Man" could be facing hard time after a SWAT team took him down in Phoenix ... potentially ending a looooong string of vandalism. Yes, crime size matters.

Cops in Tempe, AZ say 38-year-old Dustin Shomer is behind the "Penis Man" spree -- the words have been tagged all over Arizona State dorms, local businesses, municipal buildings and even the famous "A" landmark above the campus ... dating back to November.

Shomer was arrested last weekend, and charged with 16 counts of aggravated criminal damage, 8 counts of criminal damage and 1 count of criminal trespass in the first degree.

The suspect says he was taken in a pretty ballsy raid -- 25 heavily armed SWAT officers swarming his apartment complex before arresting him at gunpoint.

However, the alleged "Penis Man" says he's getting the shaft ... because he claims he's just a copycat, and the REAL "Penis Man" is still at large.

He told the Phoenix New Times, "I'm not the original. There are hundreds of copycats with very distinctively different handwriting."

Translation: Cops grabbed the wrong penis, man.

If we had a nickel!!!

Prince Andrew 'Zero Cooperation' in Epstein Case ... Federal Prosecutor Says


Prince Andrew has not been helpful at all to the FBI or federal prosecutors hoping to talk to him about Jeffrey Epstein ... so says the U.S. attorney in Manhattan.

Geoffrey S. Berman claims Queen Elizabeth's son has not responded to requests for an interview in the Epstein case, adding, he's provided "zero cooperation" to federal law enforcement.

The U.S. attorney revealed Prince Andrew's lack of assistance Monday outside Epstein's home, while answering a question at a news conference about victims of human and sex trafficking.

As you know, Epstein hanged himself in his jail cell in August while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. Prince Andrew's been linked to the Epstein case due to his long and continued friendship with him ... even after Epstein's prison release in 2010 following a notorious plea deal in a separate prostitution case.

Andrew's also accused of having sex with an underage woman named Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Giuffre) -- who he met through Epstein -- at least 3 times from 1999 through 2002.

The Prince denied the allegations and tried, but failed, to do damage control in the scandal, including an appearance on "BBC Newsnight" in which he claimed he couldn't remember Giuffre ... despite posing in a photo with her in 2001.

Our palace sources say the issue will be handled by The Duke of York's legal team. Buckingham Palace will not be commenting on the matter.

Andrew had said he's willing to help any law enforcement agency with an investigation into Epstein "if required" ... but federal prosecutors say he's not going out of his way to lend them a hand.

Kareem Hunt Bombshell Video Open Vodka Container & Drug Confession During Speeding Stop

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Kareem Hunt had an open vodka container in his car, admitted he'd fail a drug test and was chastised by a self-proclaimed Browns fan cop during his speeding stop last week ... this according to new bombshell police video.

... Oh, and Ray Rice's elevator incident was brought up during the pullover too.

The footage, obtained by TMZ Sports, shows 24-year-old Hunt bolting down a freeway in his Chrysler in Rocky River, Ohio on Jan. 21.

You can see in the video, the Cleveland Browns running back blows by an officer ... quickly slams on his breaks and then is immediately pulled over to the side of the road.

The cop gets Kareem out of the car ... and while police audio doesn't pick up their conversation at that point -- it's pretty clear Hunt is emotional.

He frustratingly gestures to the cop ... and once he gets into the back of the squad car -- he appears to be sobbing over the stop.

The Game Cops Targeted YG for Arrest


The Game was in a celebratory mood for Grammy weekend, but he took a few minutes to vent his anger over YG's arrest this week.

We got Game Friday night, leaving Derriere nightclub in Hollywood, and he seems outraged at YG's arrest for robbery, something his famed lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says is absolute BS.

Game notes that YG is set to perform a tribute to Nipsey Hussle Sunday night. He claims the cops will do anything they can to derail a tribute to YG. Full disclosure ... the photog mistakenly said the LAPD arrested YG ... it was the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept.

BTW ... YG was released Friday night on $250,000 bail.

As for the Grammys ... Nipsey's nominated for Best Rap Performance for "Racks in the Middle."

Andy Dick Distraught After Man Shoots Himself ... Inside his Art Studio

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Andy Dick was inconsolable, and understandably so, after a man walked into his art studio and shot himself in the head.

The tragic incident went down Monday around midnight inside Andy's downtown L.A. art gallery ... which opened late last year. Witnesses say the man had been waving a gun around before heading inside, where Andy and someone else was working.

Once inside, the man fired the shot. Witnesses say it appeared to be an accident.

It's unclear if Andy witnessed the shooting, but he was visibly shaken as LAPD and paramedics responded to the scene. The victim was transported to a hospital, and according to one source, he's currently on life support.

The video shows a traumatized Andy explaining to police what he'd seen.

We've reached out to Andy, but so far no word back.

Texas Cops Shade Astros' Cheating Scandal ... Hilarious PSA Video

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Cops in Southlake, Texas just shaded the hell out of the Houston Astros for their cheating scandal in a new speeding PSA ad ... and the video is HILARIOUS!!!

The clip starts out with a cop and his radar gun looking pleasantly surprised that everyone is following the set speed limit.

You can see in the vid, car by car drives by ... and all of them are hitting 30 MPH on the dot.

But then, the camera pans over to a fireman behind a bush holding a trash can ... and that's where the 'Stros shade comes in.

The fireman -- who's wearing an Astros jersey -- is letting drivers know there's a speed trap up ahead by hitting the top of his metal receptacle ... and it's laugh out loud funny!!!

Of course, the 'Stros were just busted by the MLB earlier this month after league commish Rob Manfred said they illegally filmed opponents' signs and relayed them to batters by banging on dugout trash bins.

The cops captioned their vid, "We don't care what it takes for you to slow down and follow the speed limit. Drive astro-nomically safe today in Southlake."


FYI, Southlake is located just a few miles from the Dallas Fort Worth area ... so clearly, these guys are Rangers fans. Which means ... your move, Houston PD.

YG Arrested at Home After Early Morning Raid


12:32 PM PT -- YG's bail has been set at $250,000.

11:14 AM PT -- Tacopina tells TMZ, YG has been arrested on suspicion of robbery based on an ongoing investigation. He says, "This has become even more outrageous ... normally, in the American justice system, you get arrested after an investigation is completed. The motives here are pretty clear."

11:06 AM PT -- YG has recruited powerhouse attorney Joe Tacopina, who tells us, "This arrest is one that caught YG completely off guard because there is no truth to them. YG has no idea what investigators are talking about and we have not been provided with any details ... we are learning about this case through the media."

Tacopina continues, "Rest assured, my client will be cleared of all charges, if they even survive past the arraignment."

Tacopina also raises questions about the motive and timing of the arrest, saying, "YG has a performance scheduled at The Grammy's Sunday where he will honor Nipsey Hussle ... so the timing is suspect, to put it mildly."

YG's friend and fellow rapper, The Game, also seems to have some questions about the timing of the bust ... taking to Twitter to express his concerns.

9:32 AM PT -- Cops now have YG in custody, and law enforcement sources tell us he's being transported to a jail to be booked for robbery.

YG's Friday is off to a troubling start -- cops showed up on his doorstep before sunrise armed with a search warrant ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us L.A. County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the rapper's San Fernando Valley home around 4 AM, and they're still there now. YG is home, and we're told they have a search warrant and an arrest warrant related to a robbery case.

NFL's Kareem Hunt Cited for Speeding ... Cops Seize Weed

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More trouble for Kareem Hunt ... the Cleveland Browns running back was pulled over Tuesday for speeding in Ohio -- and cops say they found weed in his car.

Cops initially pulled over the 24-year-old around noon when they saw him speeding in Rocky River, OH ... just outside of Cleveland.

During the stop, the officer smelled weed coming from Hunt's car and conducted a search that turned up "small amounts of marijuana" in a backpack on the back seat.

The weed was seized as evidence -- but he was NOT cited for the pot. Hunt WAS cited for speeding and sent on his way.

Hunt was NOT formally arrested -- no mug shot. But, he was placed in a cop car during the search.

Of course, Hunt is on thin ice with the Browns due to his violent history -- which includes roughing up a woman at an Ohio hotel ... and other allegations of violence against men during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs.

We reached out to Hunt's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.

Hunt signed a 1-year contract with the Browns after he was cut by the Chiefs -- which means he becomes a restricted free agent after the current season wraps up.

The question ... will this latest incident affect his future with the team???