Rhode Island 'Karen' Loses It On Guys in Pickup Truck ... 'There's Gonna be Hell to Pay!!!'


A belligerent, maskless Rhode Island woman chased down a couple guys in a pickup truck, and screamed bloody murder because they ... wait for it ... drove past her house.

The latest 'Karen' -- AKA a sign everyone's losing their minds -- pulled up to the Apponaug Marina in Warwick, RI and went on a profanity-laced tirade about the truck ... "I don't care how fast you were going, stop driving past my house with that piece of s**t!"

She added ... "I bet you live in a s**thole too. Do you live in your f***ing truck, you piece of s**t?!"

The collateral damage here is a poor guy named Barry, who "Karen" apparently knows -- she turned her rage on him, demanding he be responsible for keeping the men in the pickup truck away from her neighborhood.

She even told Barry if he didn't, there'd be "hell to pay!"

When Barry didn't budge, she called the police ... and mistakenly thought she knew the 2 men. We reached out to the Warwick police, who tell us cops did receive a call for a "motor vehicle offense" and interviewed the parties involved. There were no arrests or charges, and everyone left.

Still no explanation of her pickup truck phobia.

Grocery Store Tirade Totally Losing it on Aisle 12!!! Maskless Ass Rages on Clerk


This guy unleashed his anti-mask fury on a poor Smart & Final employee -- flipping out like a maniac, but he changed his tune real quick when cops showed up in force.

The maskless man's meltdown happened in Paso Robles, CA -- a normally chill town known for its wineries -- and everyone in the store probably needed a drink after witnessing this public freakout.

According to reports ... the guy entered without a mask, so the female employee you see in the video gave him one, but he refused to put it on.

When she followed and demanded he wear it -- as required by California state order -- he decided to make a scene, screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs ... RIGHT in her face. Maskless too.

He was a real tough guy ... incredibly aggressive, and even lunged toward her -- but watch how quickly he piped down in the face of cops.

Settle in, folks. Masks aren't going away soon, and neither are tools like this, we'll bet.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Montecito Mansion Burglarized


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are victims in a home burglary -- crooks hit their Montecito estate ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office ... the theft went down on July 4, and cops believe their residence was "targeted due to the victim’s celebrity status."

No word on the value of what was taken but cops say some of the stolen items include high-value jewelry and watches.

The Sheriff's Office says it's working with other law enforcement agencies, as part of an extensive investigation, to see if this incident is connected to other recent celeb home burglaries.

It's unclear at this point if Portia and/or Ellen were home at the time of the break-in.

Ellen purchased the massive 8,188-square-foot, Balinese-style home in early 2019 for a whopping $27 million ... and it's easy to see why it comes with that price tag.

Cops offered up some free advice to other residents in the area -- which includes several celebrity estates -- to avoid social media posts about being on vacation and leaving lights and TV on while away.

MLB Star Joey Votto Kneels For National Anthem ... 3 Reds Teammates Too

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Six-time All-Star and former league MVP Joey Votto dropped down to a knee during the national anthem Tuesday ... continuing his promise to help raise awareness for social justice.

The Cincinnati Reds star joined three other teammates in the demonstration before they took on the Tigers in an exhibition game at Great American ballpark, and the scene was powerful.

Votto, Amir Garrett, Phillip Ervin and Alex Blandino all shifted to a knee when the pregame song began playing ... while some of their Reds teammates showed support by placing their hands on their backs.

After the game, team manager David Bell -- who stood next to the kneelers during the anthem -- praised the guys ... saying, "I know this situation is personal."

"It’s emotional for all of us. I wanted them to know that they had my support."

Votto -- who didn't speak with reporters after the game -- has been extremely vocal in his support for racial equality following George Floyd's death in May.

The 36-year-old first baseman wrote an op-ed piece for The Cincinnati Inquirer in June ... explaining how the nationwide protests after the Floyd tragedy made him realize he needed to join the fight for racial justice.

"I am awakening to their pain, and my ignorance," Votto wrote in the piece. "No longer will I be silent."

In addition to the kneeling ... Votto has also been spotted wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt at team workouts this month.

As for the other kneelers ... Garrett released a statement on social media after the game saying, "No matter how you twist this story, my intentions today were based solely on wanting change throughout this country."

On Monday night, S.F. Giants players and coaches also knelt for the anthem before their exhibition game with the A's ... while in San Diego, a Los Angeles Angels pitcher dropped to a knee in the pregame ceremony before their tilt with the Padres.

As we previously reported ... President Donald Trump wasn't happy to see any of it -- he tweeted early Tuesday morning, "Looking forward to live sports, but any time I witness a player kneeling during the National Anthem, a sign of great disrespect for our Country and our Flag, the game is over for me!"

Ukrainian Bus Siege Hostage Situation Ends With Movie Rec ... The Joker Meets Speed!!!

Антон Геращенко / Facebook

A hostage situation in Ukraine ended safely when the country's president met one of the gunman's odd demands -- posting a video encouraging folks to watch a Joaquin Phoenix movie.

Here's the deal ... a heavily armed man took 13 people hostage on a bus in western Ukraine, leading to a tense, day-long standoff Tuesday with police.

The gunman told cops he rigged the bus with explosives and was holding the passengers hostage, and gave the government a list of demands. Sounds a lot like the plot of "Speed," right?!?

The hostage-taker, later identified as 44-year-old Russian-born Maksym S. Kryvosh, finally surrendered and freed all 13 people after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky fulfilled one of the demands -- posting a video on his official Facebook account recommending folks watch the 2005 documentary, "Earthlings."

Can ya believe it? The guy didn't even request "The Joker."


The documentary, directed by Shaun Monson and narrated by Joaquin, focuses on human exploitation of animals. Ukrainian officials explained Zelenskiy reached an agreement with the hostage-taker during a 15-minute phone call, with the gunman surrendering once Zelensky posted on Facebook.

Once the gunman was detained and the hostages were safe, Zelensky deleted the movie suggestion from his Facebook page.

No word if Joaquin plans to turn this true story into his next big movie.

Report: NFL Players to Wear Helmet Decals ... to Honor Victims

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1:16 PM PT -- Multiple sources tell TMZ Sports ... despite reports to the contrary, the decal tributes will only honor victims of police brutality and social injustice, not cops killed in the act of duty.

The NFL is "likely" to allow players to wear special helmet decals in 2020 honoring victims of police brutality, racism or cops killed in the line of duty.

It's not a done deal yet, according to Front Office Sports ... but the league is working with the NFL Players Association to iron out the final details.

The decals will feature the initials of the person the player wants to honor -- for example "G.F." for George Floyd.

According to the report, the individual players will decide who they want to honor on their helmets -- it will not be mandated by the team.

So, in theory ... teams can have several different players with mismatched decals on their helmets.

"You might have one team with 15 different decals,” NFL Network's Steve Wyche told F.O.S.

Unclear if players will have to clear the name of the people they want to honor with the league before displaying ... but the report says, "tributes could range from African American victims of racism to police officers slain in the line of duty."

Wyche told F.O.S., the league and the P.A. are "still in discussions. But, this sounds like it’s going to happen."

This would be new ground for the NFL -- which has never allowed players to make individual statements on their helmets ... EVER.

Sources involved tell TMZ Sports ... the "league is finalizing plans" and "it's anticipated that it will happen."

Deja Vu Love Boutique Man Brazenly Steals 3-Foot Dildo Caught on Video!!!


Here's a real jaw-dropping crime, even in Sin City -- a man making off with a humongous dildo without paying, and even though the whole caper's on camera ... it might be tough to nail this guy.

We're told the suspect struck July 14 in broad daylight, and surveillance footage shows him calmly strolling into the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas ... and walking out with the massive sex toy slung over his shoulder.

This is not your average dildo ... it stands a whopping 3-feet tall, weighs in at an impressive 40 pounds and goes by the name Moby Dick. Not quite what Herman Melville had in mind, we're guessing, but ya get the point: the suspect is packing! Big time.

According to the police report, the guy -- whose ID was concealed by a face mask -- crammed the phallus into a white car, similar to a Dodge Caliber, and made a clean getaway.

It's a pretty lucrative haul ... Moby goes for a cool $1,200, retail.

Deja Vu is now offering a cash reward for any info leading to Moby Dick's return. Little incentive for all you amateur Ahabs out there.

Police Brutality Protest Cops Pull Protester Out of Wheelchair


A protester in a wheelchair was yanked out of his chair and manhandled by multiple LAPD officers ... and body cam video dramatically shows the use of force.

The man -- Joshua Wilson -- was protesting police brutality last week when police moved in to disperse the crowd. You see Wilson in his wheelchair, but as police make their move he falls out of the chair.


As multiple cops swarm the helpless man as he lay on the ground, another cop moves the wheelchair far out of arm's reach.

Wilson, who was injured, was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm ... and spent more than a day in jail before being released on $35,000 bail.

The LAPD is investigating the use of force.

Racist Biker Spits on Woman!!! Charged with Assault

@braedenriehl / Instagram

A man out for a bike ride spit on a woman -- on camera -- and apparently called her a racial slur ... according to Canadian cops, who've tracked him down and arrested him.

The racist incident went down Saturday at a park in Calgary ... and video clearly shows the cyclist spitting on a woman passing him on a skateboard. You also hear the man hurl a racial slur against Asian people.

The Calgary Police Service says Justin Williams spit on other folks and used more slurs during his bike ride, and even threatened a witness with a weapon when confronted. Cops says he's been arrested and charged with 3 counts of assault and one count of possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

Police say the CPS Hate Crimes Coordinator will review the investigation, which is ongoing, and Williams could be slapped with additional charges.

Rep. Maxine Waters Stops to Check on Police 'They Stopped a Brother'

Marva Brown / Facebook

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is like the Sheriff to the Sheriff, because she just happened on a traffic stop involving a black man and stopped to make sure cops stayed in line.

The legendary representative was driving in her district this weekend when she saw an L.A. County Sheriff patrol car. She saw the officers in the process of detaining a black man and that's all the info she needed. MW hit the brakes and jumped out.

Apparently, she was not particularly well-received, because the Congresswoman says the deputies told her she parked illegally, so she was in danger of getting a ticket.

Looks like Sheriff Waters was effective. Otherwise, there'd be video to the contrary.

Pop Smoke Murder Case How LAPD Found Alleged Killers ... The Old-Fashioned Way!!!


Pop Smoke's alleged murderers were tracked down by LAPD detectives the old-fashioned way ... there were no shortcuts or easy breaks.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the big break in the case leading to the arrests of 4 men allegedly connected to the rapper's death didn't come from a tipster, but instead from LAPD detectives pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.

We broke the story ... Pop Smoke was gunned down back in February by at least 4 masked gunmen after what appeared to be a home invasion robbery at his rental property in the Hollywood Hills.

Detectives went back to the basics because, as we reported, they hit a roadblock back in February when potential witnesses wouldn't cooperate, and combing social media turned out to be a bust.


Our sources say detectives used video from citizens and businesses in the area to help track and ID the suspects, who were slapped with murder charges last week and could face the death penalty.

Sources also tell us cops believe Los Angeles street gang members were involved in Pop's murder, but they say the case doesn't appear to be a gang hit or an East Coast-West Coast beef -- Pop was from NYC.

Instead, police believe the tragedy was a robbery gone wrong after the alleged killers saw Pop's posts on social media in the hours before the fatal shooting. Pop shared his address, and flexed with huge wads of cash.

We're told, even though the arrests have been made, the case remains under active investigation as detectives search for more evidence.

Black Lives Matter Violent Confrontation with Cops ... Over Columbus Statue


There was a violent confrontation between police and protesters in Chicago Friday, all centered around a statue of Christopher Columbus.

It went down at Buckingham Fountain, where Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to take down the statue of Columbus -- a rapist and racist.  Demonstrators tied ropes to the statue to dislodge it.

As cops created a human barrier, protesters threw bottles, rocks and a few threw firecrackers at them, injuring several of them. Police then pepper sprayed the crowd with hoses. At least 4 protesters were injured and taken to hospitals.

Twelve protesters were arrested for battery on a police officer.

As for the statue ... it's still there, but there's a move in many cities to take Columbus statues down and put them in museums with context on what he really did in America.

Police Use of Force Shoots Black Man With Bean Bag Rounds ... As He Lay on Ground


A black man with his arms up in the air was shot with bean bag rounds by cops, and then shot twice more as he lay on the ground.

It went down in Mesa, Arizona. Lorenzo Jones was arguing with his girlfriend and her sister, while 5 children watched nearby.

The video starts when the SWAT team is giving Jones commands. Jones was supposed to appear in court earlier in the day but failed to show, so an arrest warrant was issued. Jones tried telling the cops he had indeed shown up at the courthouse.

The cops gave orders for Jones to surrender, and when he put his hands up, one of the officers fired a bean bag round that squarely hit Jones, as he fell to the ground in pain.

As Jones lay on the ground, SWAT fired 2 more rounds, hitting him both times.

The Mesa Police Dept. is investigating, but there are signs the Police Chief thinks the force was warranted. Chief Ken Cost said, "They [the cops] felt that he was armed and dangerous." Thing is ... Jones was shot when he had his hands up in the air and when he was laying on the ground.

The Chief added, "Less-lethal tools are exactly that, less lethal, and were developed to prevent violent actions, protect the public, save the lives of suspects as well as officers."

They threw the book at Jones, arresting him for aggravated assault on an officer, 3 counts of aggravated assault on a minor, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, assault causing fear of physical injury.

George Floyd Major Memorial in the Works ... Minn. Awarded Grant


George Floyd's set to be honored in an historic way, and the City of Minneapolis just got some funding to move the process along.

The city was recently awarded the "Vision Grant" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, through its African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, to help preserve the memorials that have sprung up for George since his death.

The fund was created in 2017 to preserve sites and stories of Black history, and clearly ... Minneapolis has been a significant spot lately.

So, along with preserving the murals and other tributes already created for Floyd ... we're told the city is discussing plans to honor him permanently.

A Minneapolis city official tells TMZ ... they've held more than 40 listening sessions, inviting community members and local government workers to share thoughts on how to best memorialize George.

We're told the city is specifically designating 38th St. and Chicago Ave. -- the location where Floyd took his last breath -- as a location for a special tribute. A makeshift memorial popped up there shortly after he died at the hands of police.

So far ... street names, memorial plaques or statues and a community center are all being discussed as official ways to honor George with the new grant money, but nothing's set in stone yet.

BTW, $1.6 million was awarded to 27 different sites and organizations by the AACHAF ... Minneapolis got $50k.

The National Trust's Brenda Jones tells us the planning grant could potentially lead to "other opportunities to invest in the preservation and protection of African American history in Minneapolis, including the murals commemorating the sacrifice of George Floyd."

As you know ... Floyd was killed on May 25 while being arrested for trying to pass counterfeit bills. The four officers involved have been arrested and criminally charged for the alleged murder.

'Gigolos' Star Arrested for Murder ... Allegedly Beat GF to Death

Ash Armand, famous for appearing in the Showtime series, "Gigolos," has been arrested for murder -- cops in Vegas say he beat his girlfriend to death.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says Ash called 911 Thursday morning to report his girlfriend was unresponsive in their home, and when police arrived, they found the woman's lifeless body.

Cops say the woman, who was in her early 30s, showed signs of trauma and Armand was detained on the spot and detectives were brought in to investigate. Police believe Armand, who appeared in Season 3 of "Gigolos," was under the influence of narcotics and beat the woman to death.

Ash is a stage name, BTW -- he was booked for murder under his real name, Akshaya Kubiak, and is being held without bail in the Clark County Detention Center.

Cops say the Clark County Coroner's Office will identify the woman, as well as determine the cause and manner of death, once her family is notified.

Megan Thee Stallion I'm 'Hurt and Traumatized' ... Cops Investigating Assault with Deadly Weapon


2:49 PM PT -- Megan just spoke out on the incident and says she's "hurt and traumatized."

In an emotional tweet, MTS says ... "Black women are so unprotected & we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of others w/o considering our own."

Meg also takes a shot at people cracking jokes online, saying ... "It might be funny to y’all on the internet and just another messy topic for you to talk about but this is my real life and I’m real life hurt and traumatized."

LAPD is now officially looking into the allegation Megan Thee Stallion suffered gunshot wounds ... and they're taking a hard look at Tory Lanez as the potential trigger man.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... detectives have now opened an assault with a deadly weapon investigation into what allegedly happened early Sunday morning shortly before cops pulled over Tory's chauffeur-driven SUV in the Hollywood Hills.

As we reported, sources connected to the investigation say Tory allegedly shot Megan in the feet as she exited the SUV, on the heels of an argument that erupted in the SUV.


Remember, Tory was arrested and booked for possession of a concealed weapon ... a handgun found in the SUV. Upgrading the investigation to assault with a deadly weapon could mean new charges are coming.

Tory hasn't been named a suspect, but our law enforcement sources say cops are lasered in on him.

Now, sources connected to Tory say it seems he will claim it was accidental ... IF he's charged for the shooting. The fact LAPD is investigating it as assault with a deadly weapon -- as opposed to attempted homicide -- could mean they, at least in theory, believe it was accidental.

Right now, law enforcement sources tell us cops are still having trouble getting witnesses to cooperate, which could make it difficult to prosecute Tory.

Originally published -- 11:49 AM PT

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