Chanel West Coast Berates Cops Who Shut Down Her Birthday Party


Chanel West Coast berated cops who dared to interrupt her birthday party because it was packed to the gills in the middle of the pandemic.

We're told somewhere between 100 and 200 people showed up to celebrate the rapper's 32nd birthday, and by 10 PM the neighbors had had it. Eleven of them called the cops. It's unclear if the neighbors were objecting to the noise or the fact Mayor Eric Garcetti has made it his mission to shut down party houses that host big crowds because of the virus.

CWC wasn't having it, and she verbally attacked the cops, calling them losers. She told them her ex-BF was murdered years ago and it's still an unsolved case, and she just couldn't understand why they weren't solving that case instead of hammering her over her party.


She says there was a bigger party up the road and if they were really concerned about the coronavirus spread they should go there.

Looks like cops shut the party down. Chanel was cited for the party ... and we can't wait to hear Mayor Garcetti's reaction.

Dijon Kizzee Shooting Cops Fire Rubber Bullets, Pepper Spray ... Resembles a War Zone


A protest over the death of Dijon Kizzee ended with a confrontation with cops, as rubber bullets went flying and pepper balls exploding.

Hundreds of protesters marched Saturday, at times shutting down the 110 Freeway. The protest went into the evening, and when the marchers arrived at the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. things took a turn.

Deputies set up barriers at the building ... some poised on the roof with guns.

Just after some protesters shouted obscenities at the deputies, one of the cops hurled a flash bang and so began the move to clear the area with rubber bullets and pepper balls. It looked like a war zone as protesters scattered.

As we reported, Dijon was stopped by cops on August 31 after being pulled over for a bicycle violation, though the Sheriff's Dept. has not disclosed the nature of the violation. Dijon was shot and killed.

Deputy vs. the G.O.A.T. Sorry, Chief ... A Goat Ate My Paperwork!!!

Douglas County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

A Georgia cop came face-to-face with Billy Gruff himself after leaving her patrol car door open, which left her work papers ripe for the picking chomping.

This hilarious woman-versus-wild encounter went down Friday in Douglas County, GA -- where one of the Sheriff's Dept.'s deputies had a run-in with a brazen goat that wasn't scared to go wandering outside its pastures. If anything, it was looking for new leather interior digs.

Check it out ... the deputy -- whose body cam was rolling -- was out delivering civil papers, according to her bosses. She pulls up to a property, hops out and leaves the driver-side door open, 'cause it's just a quick in and out type gig. Does it all the time, apparently.

As she returns to the vehicle, she sees there's a non-human intruder inside. Sure enough, there's a goat in there rummaging through her things -- specifically, a stack of paperwork. Seems like it was delicious, 'cause Bill was going to town.

She tried shooing it away by giving it a little love tap on the backside, but the goat wouldn't budge. It took some doing -- watch the video -- but she finally got it to hop out of her ride.

But, it still wasn't over! Ya gotta see how the goat actually knocked her over.

DCSD says the deputy is fine and that the department got a laugh out of it. Still though, talk about getting someone's "goat" on the job.

Breonna Taylor At Least One Cop Wore a Body Cam

A potentially big development in the Breonna Taylor killing ... at least one of the cops who raided her home appears to have been wearing a body cam, raising questions about the police department's earlier statements that there was no body cam video of the shooting.

Officer Tony James is seen in this photo clearly wearing a body cam. The photo was obtained by VICE news, and it contradicts the police chief, who said after the shooting the officers involved are in divisions that don't require body cams.

What we don't know ... was the camera operational during the shooting? If it was, it could be the critical piece of evidence to determine exactly what happened inside Breonna's home.

A second officer -- Myles Cosgrove -- was also photographed with a body cam mount, but a camera was not attached.

Breonna, who was shot multiple times in the raid, and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, were sleeping on March 13 when cops came to execute a search warrant involving her ex-boyfriend. They used a battering ram to gain entry and Walker fired a warning shot from inside.  He says cops never identified themselves ... police say they did.

Walker's shot hit a cop, and officers responded with 35 rounds. One officer blindly fired 10 rounds. When cops wrote up their report they said Breonna was not injured.  That was a lie.

As we reported, local prosecutors tried to squeeze a plea deal out of Breonna's ex-boyfriend, telling him if he would say Breonna was dealing drugs they would cut him a sweet deal -- possibly probation instead of 10 years in prison. Cops have no evidence Breonna was involved in drugs and the family says it's a shocking case of trying to smear Breonna's name in order to protect the cops who killed her. The ex-boyfriend rejected the deal.

So far, no one has been arrested or charged in Breonna's death.

Coronavirus Bedlam Cop and Train Passenger Fight Over Face Mask

It's small comfort, but Americans aren't the only people who want to fight over wearing a mask, because a cop and a passenger went ballistic on a Liverpool train over face coverings.

The passenger was sitting on the train without a face mask, when he was approached by a British Transport cop, who explained the drill ... you wanna ride the train, wear a mask.

The cops reportedly got involved after someone called in and said a man was coughing on passengers. Cops boarded the train and encountered 34-year-old Anthony Baldwin, and things quickly turned physical.

Baldwin claimed he had underlying health conditions and, under the laws of Great Britain, he would be exempt from wearing face coverings.

The officer was having none of it and began grabbing at Baldwin, trying to get him off the train. Other passengers are screaming at the cop for getting aggressive, claiming the man had a medical condition. At the end of the video, it appears the cop unloads what appears to be pepper spray on Baldwin.

A slew of cops then grabbed Baldwin and took him off the train, as passengers screamed at the cop who confronted him. Baldwin was reportedly charged with threatening behavior and assaulting a police officer.

Black Lives Matter Car Plows Through Crowd in Times Square

Scattering to safety

It's become the tactic of choice for domestic terrorists ... using a car as a weapon to attack protesters.

A Ford Taurus careened through a Black Lives Matter protest Thursday night, as at least 350 people peacefully assembled in Times Square, protesting the death of Daniel Prude at the hands of Rochester police.

The driver gunned it as dozens of protesters ran for cover. Miraculously, no one was injured, but cops are still on the hunt for the driver.

Rochester PD

Prude died days after cops put a spit hood over his head, cutting off oxygen. Before officers used the spit hood, you hear Prude plead with cops to let him go. He eventually lost consciousness after cops held him face down for 2 minutes. Only when officers noticed fluid coming out of his mouth did they show concern.

Prude's death was ruled a homicide, and 7 officers have been suspended after the body cam was released. So far, no arrests have been made or charges filed.

Daniel Prude Arrest Body Cam Shows Apparent Suffocation 7 Cops Suspended, Mayor Slams Chief

Rochester PD

4:03 PM PT -- Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren just said at a news conference she suspended the officers against counsel's advice and admonished Rochester Police Chief La'Ron Singletary for failing to fully and accurately inform her about what had occurred. She added the police department, mental health care system, society and she herself failed Prude. Warren said she learned about what had happened on August 4.


2:39 PM PT -- At least 7 Rochester police officers have been suspended in wake of the release of the body cam footage showing what led to Prude losing consciousness, and ultimately his life, 7 days later.

Graphic new video shows Daniel Prude -- a 41-year-old Black man -- having a hood placed over his head by police, who then press his face into the ground for 2 minutes until he stops breathing ... leading to his death days later.

The disturbing incident happened back on March 23 in Rochester, NY when Prude's brother called for help because Daniel was acting erratically and went out into the cold night with no clothes. This police body cam footage was just released.

Cops arrived to find him in the nude, but Prude complied when they told him to sit down and handcuffed him.

The video shows Prude spitting at one point, then yelling and pleading with officers to let him go before they place a "spit hood" over his head. Moments later when he tries to stand up, they wrestle him down and hold him face down for more than 2 minutes.

After noticing fluid seeping from his mouth, some of the officers become concerned and realize he's unconscious. He never woke up again.

Prude was taken to the hospital and placed on life support, but died a week later. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, caused by "complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint" as well as "excited delirium" and PCP intoxication.

Daniel's family released the footage Wednesday, claiming it shows the excessive police force used during the incident. Prude's brother said ... "I placed a phone call for my brother to get help. Not for my brother to get lynched."

Protests are erupting in upstate NY over his killing, which looks tragically similar to what happened to George Floyd 2 months later ... sparking the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement.

The 4 cops involved in Prude's arrest are still on the force. New York's Attorney General Letitia James said she is investigating the incident.

Originally Published -- 7:43 AM PT

Joe Biden Meets with Jacob Blake Family ... 'Very Obvious He Cared'

Breaking News

Joe Biden spent over an hour face-to-face with Jacob Blake's family ... and even spoke with Jacob by phone from his hospital bed.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump said the Democratic Presidential nominee, along with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spent a "very engaging" 90-minute in-person meeting with Jacob's father, sisters and brother in their hometown of Kenosha, WI. Crump joined by phone along with Jacob's mother and Jacob himself from his hospital bed.

Crump, the Blake family's attorney, says they were "very impressed that the Bidens were so engaged and willing to really listen." He added ... "They talked about changing the disparate treatment of minorities in police interactions, the impact of selecting Kamala Harris as a Black woman as his running mate" and his plans for change.

As for Biden's convo with Jacob himself ... Crump says the candidate extended "a sense of humanity, treating him as a person worthy of consideration and prayer."

The sit down comes less than a week after Jacob's father spoke by phone with Biden and Harris.

Biden's trip to Kenosha comes on the heels of President Trump's ... who did not meet with the Blake family or even mention Blake by name during the visit.

Damian Daniels Killing Cops Used Force for a Vet in Mental Distress ... Totally Unnecessary Says Lee Merritt


Damian Daniels, the African-Amerian Army vet killed by cops in Texas, was desperately in need of mental counseling, and not sheriff's deputies responding with force ... according to the family's lawyer.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt and Damian's brother, Brendan, joined us on "TMZ Live" to discuss the case which is stirring outrage in the San Antonio area and beyond. Brendan says his family was doing everything they could to avoid having police check on Damian -- a combat veteran who was experiencing some mental distress.

He told us why they purposely called the Red Cross, and not cops, to do a welfare check on his brother just over a week ago -- but in the end, he says the Red Cross ended up calling the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. Brendan and Lee believe that's where things took a horrible turn.

When deputies arrived at Damian's home he was armed, and a struggle ensued with deputies who ended up fatally shooting him. The Sheriff's Dept. claims Damian was suicidal, but Lee and Brendan say that's just not true.

They know Damian was hurting, struggling with mental issues brought on by several recent deaths in their family -- but they don't believe for a second he was threatening to anyone. As for his weapon ... Texas is an open-carry state and the gun was legally owned. Brendan says his brother actually got it while serving America in the Army.

Lee says what's particularly disturbing is the body cam footage of the incident. He says cops have refused to release the video, and instead, have only released a few still images ... which makes the family suspicious.

Walmart Shooting Cop Charged with Manslaughter In Killing of Black Man

Breaking News

A Bay Area police officer's been charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting and killing a black man who was wielding a bat in Walmart.

The San Leandro cop, Jason Fletcher, made no attempt to de-escalate the situation before fatally shooting 33-year-old Steven Demarco Taylor ... according to Alameda County District Attorney, Nancy E. O’Malley.

The D.A. claims Taylor didn't pose an imminent threat of death or great bodily injury to Fletcher or others in the store, and says she made the decision Wednesday to charge the officer with manslaughter.


As we reported ... cops responded to the Walmart outside Oakland on the afternoon of April 18, and encountered Taylor with an aluminum bat in his hands.

Police say they used Tasers on him first near the shopping carts area, but video showed he was shot multiple times by either a Taser or a gun ... even after he had dropped the bat and fallen limp to the ground.

Prosecutors claim Fletcher did use a stun gun on Taylor first, but then shot him in the chest. The entire encounter lasted roughly 40 seconds.

Following his death, Taylor's family publicly called for the officer to be charged. Fletcher will be arraigned later this month.

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump Dijon Kizzee Killing Sign of 'COVID-1619' ... Pandemic of Racism


Black Americans are in the midst of 2 pandemics -- COVID-19 and the systemic racism that took root 401 years ago ... so says civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Ben joined "TMZ Live" on Thursday and didn't mince words ... saying there's a hypocritical justice system when it comes to how Black Americans are treated, and the fatal shooting of Dijon Kizzee in L.A. is just the latest evidence.

Kizzee's family has hired Crump, who says he's assembling a "dream team" of attorneys to push the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. for more evidence. As you know, home security footage shows deputies firing on Kizzee at least 15 times as he was running away from them.


Crump finds Kizzee's death especially outraging because Kyle Rittenhouse killed 2 protesters in Kenosha, and was still able to walk right by police while brandishing his firearm.

He says it's a clear sign of the systemic racism Black Americans have faced since 1619 ... the first year African slaves were brought to American soil. You've gotta see his take on what he's now calling "COVID-1619."

Crump, who also reps Breonna Taylor's family, is baffled by the fact the L.A. County Sheriff's deputies were not wearing body cams ... but he's thankful that, especially in L.A., cameras are always rolling.

Ironically, or perhaps tragically ... the L.A.S.D. finally just got its first shipment of body cams, and says they'll now be fitted on deputies.

Dijon Kizzee New Surveillance Vid ... Shooting by L.A. Sheriff's Deputies

Breaking News

L.A. County Sheriff's deputies gunned down a Black man in South L.A. this week -- which can now be seen in full view through new surveillance video that was just released.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump posted footage obtained by a security camera at a nearby home, not far from where 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee was shot multiple times and killed on the spot Monday afternoon. His death has come under scrutiny and sparked protests.

LASD says officers were attempting to stop Kizzee after they found he was "in violation of vehicle codes" while riding his bike. They say they pursued him when he fled ... and things escalated into a physical confrontation between Kizzee and at least one deputy, which you can see here.


The Sheriff's Dept. goes on to say that during the struggle, some items Kizzee was carrying fell on the ground ... one of which they claim was a handgun. LASD claims at that point, Kizzee broke free and tried fleeing once again, but officers fired multiple rounds and took him down.

Crump and others contend that even if a gun was in Kizzee's possession during the altercation, he didn't point it at them and was not a threat by the time he ran a second time. They're demanding Sheriff Alex Villanueva release the names of the deputies who fired the shots ... while also asking for their arrest and eventual prosecution. The case is under investigation.

This is just the latest police-involved shooting that's come under the microscope -- of course, just 2 weeks ago, Jacob Blake was shot as he was walking away from police in Wisconsin.

Allegedly Wasted Driver Can't and Won't Face Criminal Charges ... Despite Fact He Couldn't Even Stand

Exclusive 8/22/20
Fox LA

The L.A. driver, who appeared to be utterly wasted after smashing into 3 parked cars and walked into the sunset with cops watching, has gotten the break of the century ... because he can't be prosecuted.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... there's no way legally charges could stick, because LAPD officers never gave the guy a field sobriety test. The reality ... even though you see him on video clearly not in control of himself as he repeatedly stumbles and falls, it's not enough to file charges.

The guy's lawyer could easily argue there were other reasons the guy seemed out of it. He could argue it was some unexplained medical condition or something else. Fact is ... prosecutors would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt he was driving under the influence, and there's no way they can do that without a field sobriety test or a blood test back at the station.

The LAPD is conducting an internal investigation to determine why cops utterly ignored the obvious at the scene.

The scary part ... this guy seemed to be 3 sheets to the wind in the middle of the day, so if he gets another working vehicle he could be an extreme danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

Rams' Sean McVay's Raw Reaction to Jacob Blake Shooting ... 'That Makes Me Sick!!!'

Breaking News

Cameras captured L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay when he watched the Jacob Blake police shooting for the first time ... and his reaction is emotional.

"Are you f*cking kidding me?" McVay says in shock ... "What the f*ck is wrong with people?!"

The moment played out in the opening scene of Tuesday's episode of the HBO docu-series "Hard Knocks," which follows the Rams through training camp.

In this powerful scene, Artis Twyman -- the Rams' Director of Communications -- brings the video to McVay because he thinks it's important for the head coach to see.

"His kids are in the back," Twyman explains while showing McVay the August 23 incident which took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Raysean White via

McVay, astonished, says to Twyman -- "That is awful. That makes me sick."

McVay discussed the possibility of canceling practice the next day in the wake of the shooting ... but ultimately held a normal practice.

The team did hold a team meeting to discuss the shooting.

Of course, many NFL teams did cancel their scheduled workouts so players could take action after the shooting ... including the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and more.

The L.A. Chargers -- also featured on "Hard Knocks" -- canceled a scrimmage after the shooting and the announcement from head coach Anthony Lynn was also featured on the show.

"We're not going to scrimmage today," Lynn said. "This football team is committed to fighting for a championship and social justice."

Breonna Taylor's BF Sues Louisville Cops for Misconduct ... Seeks Immunity, Denies Shooting Officer

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend is going after Louisville police for the allegedly botched raid at her home that left Breonna dead, claiming he's the victim of police misconduct ... and he didn't actually shoot one of the officers.

Kenneth Walker filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday, asking the judge for a declaration of immunity from prosecution in the criminal case for firing a single "warning shot" after cops rammed the door to enter Taylor's apartment in the middle of the night back in March while executing a search warrant.

As you know ... police claim Walker's shot struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the femoral artery in his thigh, but his legal team refutes that.

Walker's lawyers say evidence indicates that police may have shot Mattingly as they were "firing wildly from various angles."

According to the lawsuit ... Walker was interrogated by police after the shootings and was then wrongfully and illegally arrested, detained, charged and prosecuted.

Walker now wants to avail himself of Kentucky’s stand your ground law, which he claims operates to prevent law enforcement from prosecuting him after he fired the shot in self-defense. In other words, it seems the lawyer is saying Walker had a right to fire a shot under the stand your ground law, so he would therefore be immune from criminal prosecution.

According to the docs, he's specifically concerned about being hit with an attempted murder charge that was previously dropped without prejudice.

Taylor's boyfriend is also seeking damages for assault, battery, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, abuse of process and negligence stemming from the incident.

As we've reported ... none of the officers involved in the raid and shooting of Taylor have been arrested, though one cop -- Brett Hankison -- has been fired.

KY Attorney General Daniel Cameron recently received a critical ballistics report about Breonna's death, but claimed it was inconclusive.

Shocking DUI Cops Let Falling Down Wasted Man Leave After He Hit 3 Cars!!!

Fox LA

LAPD is investigating what you will see is painfully obvious in this bizarre video ... a dangerously intoxicated man -- who couldn't even stand -- smashed into parked cars, and yet somehow cops did NOT arrest him.

It's all on video ... the guy is stumbling and mumbling on the scene when cops arrived to see his Dodge Charger had swiped several parked cars in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood on Aug. 22. Whatever he was on ... he was struggling to stay upright as he spoke to the owners of the other cars and exchanged info with them. He nearly fell on his face right in front of a cop who, for some reason, seemed to ignore the behavior!!!

The witness who shot this video is stunned in disbelief as the cops tell the victims to contact their insurance ... as they simply let the wasted guy walk -- sorta -- away. People on the scene were pissed, and with good reason.

LAPD says it's looking into what happened here, but it seems pretty obvious. Cops asleep at the wheel ... much like the Charger driver, whose car was simply towed from the scene.


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