'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore No, NeNe and I Can't Be Friends ... Too Much Has Been Said

no friend-zone

Kenya Moore says it's far too late for her and costar NeNe Leakes to bury the hatchet off-camera -- because too much bad blood has been spilled over the course of the show.

We got the 'RHOA' star in Atlanta Tuesday at the premiere of the new show, "Waka and Tammy: What the Flocka," where she told us why she's not willing to reconcile with the spirited and equally opinionated NeNe after a bitter feud erupted on this week's show.

Kenya says NeNe showed her true colors in how she dealt with Kenya to her face -- but perhaps more offensive is how she spoke about Kenya behind her back in a confessional.

ICYMI ... NeNe tried weighing on Kenya's marital problems with Marc Daly -- who's been caught texting other women -- and when Kenya refused to have a chat with NeNe ... the gloves came off in terms of insults. NeNe called Kenya "sad," also criticizing her skin.

Kenya thinks NeNe went too far, and because of that ... there's no going back between them.

And, as far as the rumor NeNe and her own hubby, Gregg, have an open relationship now ... Kenya says it's par for the course. Person who's loudest has their own problems, it seems.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Charged In Dom. Violence Case ... Still Holding Hands With Ex

Exclusive Details

3:30 PM PT -- Chad has just been charged with 6 misdemeanors stemming from his domestic violence arrest.

He's charged with one count of corporal injury to his ex-girlfriend, one count of battery, one count of witness intimidation, one count of trespassing and two counts of vandalism.

Chad Johnson and Annalise Mishler are looking like they're reunited -- after ripping each other for days over his domestic violence arrest -- but he's not off the hook, criminally speaking.

The former 'Bachelorette' villain and his ex-girlfriend hit The Cheesecake Factory Sunday night in Sherman Oaks, CA, and put on an eyebrow-raising PDA show as they left the restaurant.

The two seemed to deliberately waffle when asked if they're back together -- Chad instead directed people to pay for their fan account for the inside scoop -- but did say they're still working through things.


Chad also scoffed a bit at the pending charges he's facing for domestic violence and robbery after he allegedly got physical with Annalise last month. He seems to think the charges might be dropped. Annalise points out, it's not up to her.

She's right ... the policy for domestic violence cases in L.A. is that they automatically go to the District Attorney to decide how to move forward, regardless of what transpires between the suspect and alleged victim.

So, the D.A.'s office will ultimately make the call if Chad gets charged for the February 24 altercation ... not him or Annalise.

As we reported ... they traded allegations of trying to ruin each other's lives last week via YouTube vids and social media, but maybe it's all water under the bridge now.

For them at least -- not the D.A.

Originally published -- 10:52 AM PT

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Coparents & Friends ... On Great Terms


2:57 PM PT -- Another source close to the couple tells us the two are simply coparenting and support each other as friends. The source says Travis and Kylie are not currently linked romantically.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are officially a thing again ... and they have been for several weeks now.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Kylie and Travis are back together romantically but they're not quite ready to put a title on their relationship, even though they regularly sleep under the same roof, share a child and don't see other people.

Our sources say Kylie and Travis both benefited from last year's breakup ... the time apart was good for both parties because they needed some space. Remember, their initial relationship in 2017 moved very fast because she got pregnant with Stormi right after they first started dating at Coachella.

Fact is ... Kylie and Travis work well on several levels ... in addition to a strong family bond, they both lead full and successful professional lives.

There were tons of clues leading up to this official reconciliation. Kylie and Travis celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas together as a family and reunited for Stormi's second birthday party, plus a trip to Disney World.

Travis also sent Kylie flowers on Valentine's Day and she gave her own signal in her recent social media activity with her "It's a mood" post.

Now, the band is officially back together.

Originally published -- 10:40 AM PT

'RuPaul's Drag Race' S. 12 Contestant Booted Over Catfishing Scandal

'RuPaul's Drag Race' has laid down the hammer on one of their current contestants after a catfishing scandal came to light ... and he copped to it himself.

Sherry Pie -- who's real name is Joey Gugliemelli -- was disqualified from filming the rest of season 12 this week, according to the official 'RuPaul' Twitter page. The tweet reads, "In light of recent developments and Sherry Pie’s statement, Sherry Pie has been disqualified from RuPaul’s Drag Race."

They continued, "Out of respect for the hard work of the other queens, VH1 will air the season as planned. Sherry will not appear in the grand finale scheduled to be filmed later this spring." It's pretty crazy ... only two episodes of the new season have aired thus far.

Sherry has been introduced as a "big, loud Broadway dame" who considers herself the "Queen of camp." A majority of the filming is presumably complete for Season 12, but 'RuPaul' usually films a live reunion/finale episode, and brings everyone back for it.

Sounds like Sherry won't be though ... it's unclear how far along she made it in the show, but it appears VH1 will air the season as is, and simply won't invite her back for any further participation.

The reason Sherry got the boot ... at least 5 men have come forward to accuse Sherry/Joey of catfishing them over the years -- allegedly posing as a casting director and asking them to submit explicit videos of themselves in degrading acts. One guy says he was asked to masturbate on camera, and he agreed.

Sherry addressed the controversy on Facebook, apologizing for the past behavior and announcing she was getting help and treatment. Not good enough, apparently ... so long.

'Love Is Blind' Cast Hot Shots Guess Who!

Love may be blind ... but that shouldn't stop you from falling for these binge-worthy bods!

Through lots of laughter and tears, the contestants on Netflix's new hit reality show 'Love Is Blind' get engaged and married to someone they have never even seen, and now it is your turn to guess the mystery face behind these cast member candids!

Take a chance with this gallery of cast hot shots and see if you find that spark with a sexy star so that when asked, "Do you know which cast member this is?" ... it makes you say "I do!"

'Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron Family Plans to Honor Late Mom with New Charity Org

Tyler Cameron's family wants to honor their late mother by starting a foundation in her honor ... and they're hoping to seed the organization with some crowdfunding.

The 'Bachelorette' star's brother launched a GoFundMe campaign just days after their mother, Andrea Hermann Cameron, died of a brain aneurysm at a hospital in Jupiter, Florida. She was rushed to a hospital after suffering the aneurysm, and died 2 days later.

Tyler's brother, Austin, says, "We feel compelled to honor our mother. We are developing a charitable foundation so that she can continue to impact others as she has always done."

He went on to say, "We feel this is the best way to continue her legacy of giving." Andrea regularly volunteered with multiple charity groups, and visited retirement homes to deliver presents around the holidays.

The campaign's goal is to raise $20,000. It's nearly halfway there after just one day.

As we reported ... Tyler was seen distraught in the wake of his mom's sudden passing.

The day after she died, Tyler posted a heartfelt tribute ... a photo of him and his 2 brothers holding her hand -- apparently in the hospital -- saying, "Heaven gained an angel."

Andrea was 55.

'Basketball Wives' Star OG Chijindu Countersues Evelyn Lozada Your Drama Landed Me in the Hospital!!


"Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada's nothing but a money-grubbing, attention seeker with a bad suing habit -- at least according to Ogom "OG" Chijindu, who claims one of those lawsuits triggered a medical scare.

Evelyn's 'BW' costar OG is countersuing her, claiming she suffered severe chest pains a few days after Evelyn sued her defamation in October 2019. OG says it was so bad, she had to go to the ER for treatment ... according to the new lawsuit.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, OG claims Evelyn has a tendency to file lawsuits "for the purpose of financial gain and media attention." OG goes on to list several lawsuits Evelyn has filed in the past.

You'll recall Evelyn sued OG claiming she lost several endorsements after OG called her a racist.

This whole thing started with shots fired on social media back in September. Evelyn first posted a cryptic message on Instagram with a picture of a laughing orangutan. OG felt it was straight-up bigotry and clapped back, calling Evelyn a racist.

Evelyn tried to get a restraining order against OG but it was denied. Fast forward to now ... and OG's countersuing because she claims the whole ordeal's caused her emotional distress.

At this rate, these 2 could be suing each other back and forth longer than "Basketball Wives" remains on the air.

For the record, Evelyn's denied making racist accusations.

'Love Is Blind' Star Carlton Morton I'm Getting Therapy ... After 911 Call


"Love Is Blind" star Carlton Morton says he's getting some much-needed therapy after a 911 call from his home following his cry for help over social media.

We got Carlton at Drip Coffee Shop in Atlanta Thursday and our guy asked how he's holding up after catching tons of flak online, and a very public meltdown.

As you know ... Carlton's claim to fame on "Love Is Blind" is not telling Diamond he was bisexual until AFTER they got engaged, leading to an epic spat.

Authorities tell TMZ ... someone at Carlton's Atlanta home called 911 for a non-life threatening injury hours after his scary social media post, and he was transported to a hospital. Carlton tells us someone wanted to check up on him.

Carlton says he's seeing a therapist in hopes of improving his mental health and tells us he's getting death threats on the daily, and feels like the world hates him.

Carlton has lots of regrets, and he's second-guessing a bunch of decisions ... from how he showed Diamond his true colors, to even going on the reality show in the first place.

Carlton's also got a message for his fans, and for his haters.

Whoopi Goldberg Andrew Yang For Mayor??? He Can Handle It!!!


Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Corcoran are the newest members of the Yang Gang ... because they think Andrew Yang has the chops to make a run for mayor of New York City!!!

We got Whoopi in the Big Apple Wednesday morning and our guy asked about the former Democratic presidential candidate's potential foray into the mayoral campaign.

Whoopi says Andrew's a pretty smart guy and ya gotta see her instant reaction when asked if Yang can handle the job.


We also got Barbara in NYC, and the "Shark Tank" star is really pulling for Yang to enter the race and liven things up.

Barbara says Andrew would bring some much-needed excitement to the mayoral race ... and she gives him a ringing endorsement. It pays to be sweet and genuine in Barbara's eyes.

Yang says he's making a big announcement Thursday about his next move ... so Whoopi and Barbara could soon get their wish.

Mischa Barton Not Coming Back for 'Hills' Season 2 ... Production Sources Say She's Too Boring


Mischa Barton won't be back for Season 2 of the 'Hills' reboot -- we've learned she's being replaced with someone who's got more spunk ... and a few more Hollywood stories too.

Sources familiar with the production tell TMZ ... Mischa wasn't asked to come back for the new season of 'The Hills: New Beginnings' -- in fact, we're told she's the only one who isn't returning to reprise her role ... everyone else is slated to make a comeback.

The reason ... our sources say producers found Mischa's story line a bit bland, and her personality a little boring. Bottom line, she wasn't bringing much drama to the show.

Now, who MTV brass think will add a little much-needed juice ... the one and only Caroline D'Amore -- the D'Amore's Pizza heir-turned-DJ and one-time Tinseltown socialite. Caroline used to party it up with Kim K and Paris Hilton back in the day, so she's been around the block.

As for Mr. Brody Jenner -- who was part of the OG cast -- he'll be coming back with a much heavier wallet than he started out with. We're told he held out 'til the bitter end, and walked away with a pretty sweet deal ... our sources say he scored around $50k an episode.

New beginnings ... and at least one new face. Bring on that 2000s nostalgia!!!

Kylie Jenner Vacation Villa's a Bahamian Bliss!!! ... Over $10k a Night

Kylie Jenner's balling like a billionaire down in the Bahamas ... her vacation villa is a little slice of paradise within paradise, and the pics are incredible!!!

Kylie's treating her smokin' hot friends to a lavish island getaway in the North Atlantic ocean ... in the luxurious Villa Rosalita nestled on the pink sand beaches of Harbour Island ... and the place is absolutely palatial.

The brand new, 6-bedroom estate comes fully staffed and it's decked out with a swimming pool, massive verandas offering stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and a lush tropical garden surrounding the property for total privacy.

The main house has twin staircases leading to the second-story veranda, which includes a cozy lounge and elegant open-air dining table. There's another lounge inside, and vaulted ceilings fringed by seashell molding, plus original artwork covering the walls and parquet floors.

The master and guesthouse suites come with private terraces and alfresco showers, and the other rooms have private entrances leading from the verandas and gardens. Oh, and there's a poolside grill and open-air dining area with a deluxe bar.

Kylie's vacationing with Stormi, Anastasia Karanikolaou, Amber Asaly and several other lucky ladies ... making this island one of the hottest in the Bahamas.

Mama June's Kids Plastic Surgery For Anna and Jessica ... From Not To Hot?!?


Mama June's kids are following suit in going from not to hot ... because we've learned they recently went under the knife for a slew of plastic surgeries.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... two of June's kids, Anna Cardwell and Jessica Shannon, ventured to Los Angeles Friday for extensive cosmetic procedures ... and it cost a small fortune.

Anna's plastic surgeries included a breast lift and implants -- going from a B cup to a D cup -- courtesy of Dr. Michael K. Obeng. She also got 16 veneers from Dr. Aamir Wahab. All told, Anna's tab ran $47,450.

We're told Anna wants to feel good after having two kids and going through a divorce ... and she felt going under the knife in Bev Hills was the way to go.

As for Jessica, our sources say she was 230 lbs and now down to 185 lbs after getting a weight loss balloon in her stomach from Dr. Samuel Kashani. She also got liposuction on her back, flanks and bra area, plus a tummy tuck, all from Dr. Obeng. Jessica's got new teeth too -- 8 veneers from the same doc who operated on Anna.

We're told Jessica wants to be a plus-sized model and meet a man, and she feels the $80,895 surgical makeover will boost her confidence.

Anna and Jessica are now recovering from the procedures at a home in Encino, and when the bandages come off, they'll look a lot different than this pic from last month.

As you know ... Mama underwent an incredible surgical transformation herself and turned it into her own reality show, "Mama June From Not To Hot."

Mama's not looking too hot these days though ... so hopefully, Anna and Jessica don't follow June's exact blueprint.

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