'L&HH' Star Mo Fayne Get Out of Jail Bid Denied!!! Feds Claim He's a 'Menace'

Rapper Mo Fayne's song and dance about needing to get out of jail to fix a bum wing and send his daughter off to college didn't fly ... 'cause the judge just denied his request.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star had a hearing Monday in Georgia, where prosecutors argued Fayne should remain locked up behind bars until sentencing in his federal bank fraud cause ... for which he's already pled guilty.

For starters, prosecutors said Fayne should NOT be let out of jail because long before he was locked up he had already been looking for ways to finagle his way out of jail by Googling which countries he could head to without fear of extradition.

Prosecutors also said Fayne's a hardcore fraudster who talked about swindling other people. They called him a menace and a danger to the public.

The judge shared the feds' concerns about Fayne's online travel search, as well as allegations he'd bragged to a witness he wouldn't end up spending a day in jail.

Fayne's been locked up since December after violating the terms of his bond for allegedly contacting a potential witness. He's slated to be sentenced in September.

TMZ broke the story ... Fayne pled guilty to 6 counts of federal bank fraud after prosecutors say he funded a lavish lifestyle during the pandemic with a Paycheck Protection Program loan. He's accused of using the money to pay off debts, like child support.

Fayne claimed he wanted to get out of jail purely to organize his day-to-day household affairs before he's sentenced, but the judge has now said no dice.

Eurovision Song Contest Winner's Alleged Drug Use Debunked ... Party On, Maneskin!!!

The lead singer of the music group that won the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest did NOT use drugs live on air during their celebration ... according to an official investigation.

As we told you ... Damiano David of the Italian band Maneskin -- which took top honors at the singing competition -- was accused of snorting a bump of cocaine after video showed him lowering his head toward a table where the group was gathered.

However, the European Broadcasting Union that organized the event says it conducted a review of the footage and facts -- while also claiming David took a voluntary drug test that came back negative, and determined ... "No drug use took place in the Green Room and we consider the matter closed."

The EBU added that "inaccurate speculation leading to fake news" tarnished this year's event and unfairly impacted Maneskin ... which the organization congratulated again for winning and wished them success.

As we reported ... David claimed the reason he was looking down by the table in the video clip was because a bandmate had broken a glass, and insisted to reporters he doesn't do drugs.

Looks like he's been vindicated.

Eurovision 2021 Winning Band Investigated After Alleged Drug Use During Show

One of the members of the winning band for this year's Eurovision stands accused of taking a bump during the live broadcast ... but he's denying it, saying it's not what it looks like.

Damiano David -- the lead singer of Maneskin, which took top honors at the singing competition -- could be seen at one point during the broadcast in what looked to many like a compromising position. In the now-viral video of the bizarre moment, you see him leaning down face-first toward the table in front of him, hovering for a bit ... and surfacing again.

There's a giant bowl blocking the camera from seeing what's right below in that shot -- but many saw it as it happened live Saturday, and immediately thought he was doing drugs.

Yeah, at first glance ... it does look like he might be doing a line. But, then again, it's hard to tell what the hell's actually going on down there. Some have also noted there are no visible signs of drug residue as he comes back up -- namely, white powder ... aka, cocaine.

The European Broadcasting Union -- which organizes the Eurovision show -- has said it's aware of the video, and that they're looking into the matter with an investigation of their own. Apparently, they tried getting an on-the-spot drug test done for David right then and there, but weren't able to get it together in time before the band flew out for the night.

However, David and his bandmates say they're more than willing to submit to voluntary drug tests ASAP ... as they insist there was zero drug usage by the singer or anyone else nearby.

DD insists someone dropped a drink and he was looking down to survey the mess. Organizers confirmed there was, indeed, broken glass found where he was sitting ... but the results will be the ultimate tell. If he tests positive, Maneskin will likely lose their award.

Lisa Vanderpump Pooch Foundation Banks on Cameo ... Raises Over $200k!!!

Lisa Vanderpump's barking up the RIGHT tree when it comes to raising money for her dog foundation ... 'cause she's using Cameo vids to raise big bank for the pups!!!

So, get this ... Lisa usually hosts a huge in-person gala for her Vanderpump Dogs Foundation but when the pandemic hit last year, those plans went kaput -- and that's when Lisa made a brilliant pivot.

The ex-'Real Housewives' star turned to Cameo to raise the money, and so far, after recording more than 1,100 Cameo shout-outs, we're told she's hauled in $215k ... with more to come.

All proceeds from her $275-per-video fee go straight to her non-profit dog rescue org to fund all kinds of necessities -- housing hundreds of dogs and getting them medical treatments.

We're told the foundation's executive director, Dr. John Sessa, and Lisa's daughter, Pandora, have also been instrumental in raising funds for the org outside of Lisa's Cameo gig.

Just to give you an idea of how much time LV's putting into this ... we're told, at one point, she recorded roughly 50 videos in one sitting. #GoodHooman.

And, those who are still new to her work with dogs will soon get a closer look.

Peacock, NBC's streaming service, just announced Lisa's new show, "Vanderpump Dogs" ... which will follow the stories and adoptions that go down at her foundation in WeHo.

And, hopefully ... more cash donations will follow too.

'Too Hot To Handle' Harry Jowsey Just Friends With Francesca For Now ... Helping Her With Breakup


Harry Jowsey says he's keeping things friendly with his ex, Francesca Farago, after they were spotted getting cozy in Mexico, but it sounds like he's open to a more romantic reunion.

We got the "Too Hot To Handle" stud outside Alfred Coffee in L.A. and asked him about the pics of him embracing his ex last weekend down in Cancun.

Harry says they're back on speaking terms after what he says was a "toxic" relationship ... and he says he crossed the border, strictly geographically, to make sure his ex is good after her split from Demi Sims.

TMZ broke the story ... Harry and Francesca are hanging out again as she waits in Mexico for her American visa to get approved -- she's Canadian -- and Harry's due to head back down there for his upcoming birthday, leaving open the possibility of a rekindling.

Harry admits "a lot of damage" happened between Francesca and him, and it feels good to be back on speaking terms ... so for now, he's taking a never-say-never approach to the notion of getting back together.

It's interesting, Harry actually thinks Francesca's angry at him at the moment and he doesn't know why -- but he's not kissing and telling about their Mexican rendezvous, despite telling us the chemistry was flowing.

Bottom line for Harry, he doesn't know how to feel about hanging out with Francesca again -- even though they're planning on it -- and he just wants to make sure they can at least be friends.

'Wahlburgers' Henry 'Nacho' Laun Hospitalized After Being Found Unconscious

Henry "Nacho" Laun, famous for eating massive portions on "Wahlburgers," is fighting for his life in the hospital after being found unconscious.

Sources close to Laun tell us the reality star was on a road trip from Boston to Cape Cod when he made a pit stop at a gas station Wednesday. We're told a customer at the gas station noticed Laun was unconscious in his vehicle and called 911.

Laun was rushed to a local hospital where he remains. His exact condition is unclear, but one thing is for sure ... we're told he's in bad shape. One source tells us he's in a coma, and the underlying condition is serious.

A friend of Laun's tells us his health leading up to the medical emergency wasn't great ... but it's unclear what led to the event.

We tried to get in touch with his family, but Henry's been estranged from them for years.

A fan favorite on "Wahlburgers," Nacho is one of the original members of Mark Wahlberg's entourage and he's known to never shy away from an eating challenge.

We reached out to his lawyer, James Neyman, who declined to comment.

Dorothy Wang 'Rich Kid' Getting Richer ... Now Shooting with 'Bling Empire'!!!

"Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" star Dorothy Wang's in talks to jump from one rich show to another -- the incredibly wealthy squad over at "Bling Empire."

Sources close to the Netflix series tell TMZ ... Dorothy's been in communication with producers, who reached out to her because she's a close friend of 'Bling' star Christine Chiu.

We're told even though nothing's in writing yet ... Dorothy shot a couple scenes this week for Season 2 at Yamashiro Hollywood with Christine and co-star Kevin Kreider.

It's unclear if Dorothy will just appear in a guest role, or if she'll sign on to be a full cast member ... but it looks like the 'Rich Kid' is on her way to becoming a 'Bling' adult.


We actually got Dorothy out at Delilah in WeHo last week, and asked her about potentially joining the show. She played coy, but did admit it would be a lot of fun -- and expressed the importance of more shows giving exposure to Asian culture.

She also talked about one of her favorite moments from her reality TV career so far, and again ... culture's the key.

'Too Hot' Star Harry Jowsey Logan Paul Will K.O. Floyd Mayweather ... I Got 10 Gs On It!!!


There are now two people on the planet who think Logan Paul will beat Floyd Mayweather next month -- Logan Paul ... and his friend Harry Jowsey.

In fact, the "Too Hot To Handle" hunk tells TMZ Sports he's SO confident in the YouTube superstar's chances ... he's dropping a MASSIVE bet on it!!

"I'm putting 10 grand on Logan. I'm putting 10 Gs on Logan!!!" the MTV star told us outside Alfred Coffee on Wednesday.

So ... why the hell would he put that kinda dough on an 0-1 Internet guy to beat the 50-0 greatest boxer of all time?? Jowsey's got his reasons.

"When I was talking to Logan about it, something in my heart says, 'this guy's got it,'" Jowsey says.

"Logan's gonna knock him out. This is it. Logan Paul is gonna knock out Floyd Mayweather within 5 rounds."

Jowsey says he knows it may seem crazy, but he's sticking to his gut feeling.

"Logan just keeps proving himself. He's a wizard. I don't know what's going on. If anyone can do it, I feel like it's gonna be him."

There's more ... we also spoke with Jowsey on whether he'll be the next Internet sensation to hit the boxing ring to settle his public beef with Jake Paul ... and you're gonna want to hear his response.

'Storage Wars' Jarrod's D.V. Case Leaves Job in Limbo ... Network Investigating

"Storage Wars" star Jarrod Schulz's days might be numbered on the popular reality TV series ... it all depends on what the network determines after conducting its own investigation following his domestic violence charge.

TMZ broke the story ... Schulz is accused of pushing his ex, Brandi Passante, during a heated argument in late April while she was hanging with friends in a bar. The Orange County D.A.'s Office hit him with 1 count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery for the alleged incident.

Sources close to "Storage Wars" production tell us ... A&E found out about Jarrod getting charged when our story broke, and immediately launched a probe to gather information and speak to those involved.

We're told the network is currently investigating, and though Schulz happened to be off this week's filming schedule ... it's not expected he'll return to shoot segments until A&E concludes its review.

Our sources say once that happens, a decision will be made about his future with the show. We've spoken to multiple other main cast members who say if the allegations of domestic violence are true ... they don't believe he should return.

We're also told the cast has been uneasy with the situation between Jarrod and Brandi, long before the recent allegations.

Given the fact they split over 2 years ago, and some have described their relationship as "messy" -- many connected to the show think this should be the tipping point for the network to cut ties.

Kim Kardashian Saint Had COVID-19 ... Revealed on 'KUWTK'


Kim Kardashian is revealing even more about how close to home the coronavirus pandemic hit for her ... and especially her oldest son, Saint West.

Kim and the fam talk about Saint's diagnosis on next week's "Keeping up with the Kardashians" episode. You can see the pain as she announces, "Sainty just tested positive for COVID. And, North is saying she's feeling sick."

While Kim never talked about this back when it happened, she does say on the show 5-year-old Saint getting infected had her worried as hell. It's unclear exactly when Saint tested positive but the show's content is usually several months delayed from real life.

It's at least the third time the coronavirus has directly impacted the family. As we reported ... Khloe Kardashian contracted the virus sometime in 2020 and revealed on 'KUWTK' that her symptoms were so bad, Kris Jenner called every doctor she could think of for help.

Some of the symptoms included terrible headaches, a burning chest from all the coughing, hot/cold flashes and vomiting. She said the symptoms lasted a couple of days.

Khloe's diagnosis came on the heels of Kim revealing in July 2020 in a Forbes interview that Kanye West also suffered similar symptoms. Kim had said Kanye got sick around the same time Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson disclosed their diagnosis at the very start of the pandemic.

'Black Ink Crew' Ceasar Sues Baby Mama ... I'm No Child Abuser!!!

4:05 PM PT -- Ceasar's legal team is scheduled to hold a press conference Thursday about the lawsuit, but Crystal's attorney has a big problem with it going down. Seth D. Schraier tells us that because Crystal has a temporary restraining order against Ceasar that not only prohibits him from contact, but also from any type of harassment or family offense.

Schraier believes that in holding a press conference, Ceasar could violate the order and will ask for an immediate court conference if it takes place.

Ceasar Emanuel -- the founder of 'Black Ink Crew' -- is taking his baby mama to court over claims she made that he abused their daughter ... which he says is a downright lie.

The 'BIC' chief just sued Crystal Torres for reiterating a claim their now 17-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, made earlier this year -- that her father had pulled her out of the shower sometime last year and beat her.

Ceasar denied that characterization -- he insists he only "disciplined" Cheyenne -- but now, he's taking legal action over it too ... filing a lawsuit for defamation against Crystal for publicly claiming Ceasar was a child abuser. The suit even points to remarks Crystal made this week on social media, which he says ruined his rep and cost him A LOT of money.

Crystal went on a rant Monday addressing the "lies" she insists Ceasar is spreading about the situation. According to his lawsuit, Ceasar says that's just the latest example of her defaming him.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Ceasar says Crystal's IG post(s) and subsequent interviews around that time are inflammatory and flat-out wrong. Caesar says he even offered Crystal a letter from the GA Fulton County Dept. of Family & Children Service clearing his name ... so she would quit publicly blasting him.

He says, despite that evidence, she continued to smear him -- hence the lawsuit.

Ceasar says he lost out on lots of endorsement deals, not to mention having to put his massive VH1 reality show on pause due to an internal investigation -- which he says also cost him.

Adding insult to injury, he says his real-life work with the community and underserved kids came to a halt -- 'cause folks falsely assumed he was actually guilty.

Now, he says he has no other recourse but to seek damages against Crystal for ruining his good name. We've reached out to Crystal ... she refused to comment.

Originally Published -- 11:51 AM PT

'Too Hot to Handle' Harry & Francesca Hang in Mexico ... Could Rekindle Romance

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago have been seen getting cozy in Mexico lately -- and TMZ has learned it could, indeed, possibly lead to them getting back together.

The "Too Hot to Handle" stars -- who hooked up on the show, only to break up after their season had aired -- were spotted embracing over the weekend down in Cancun, where we're told Francesca is currently staying as her American visa gets approved. She's Canadian, if ya didn't know.

Harry had his arm around her, and she was leaning into him in snug fashion ... leading many to believe they were for sure a thing again.

That's not quite the case -- at least not yet, per sources familiar with the situation. We're told that, yes, Harry went down there ... and that Francesca even picked him up at the airport -- this after he'd reached out to her not too long ago following her split from Demi Sims.

Long story short ... our sources say they're hanging out again, but that it's not really serious at this point. That said, we're told Harry is due to head back down there for his birthday next weekend, so the door to a full-blown rekindling is certainly cracked open.

You'll recall ... some 'THTH' cast members felt Harry and Francesca's relationship was a publicity stunt from the jump -- and that Harry was allegedly only after clout.

Welp, if they link up when cameras aren't rolling ... ya might wanna rethink that. 🤷🏽‍♂️

'Storage Wars' Jarrod Charged with Dom. Violence ... Allegedly Pushed Brandi

"Storage Wars" stars Jarrod Schulz and his ex, Brandi Passante, might be cordial on the show after their break-up, but behind the scenes, he's now facing criminal charges for allegedly roughing her up.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Brandi was hanging with friends at a bar in Orange County on April 30 when Jarrod showed up. We're told the exes got into a heated exchange and Brandi told Jarrod to bounce.

Our sources say Jarrod didn't, and that's when things took a turn for the worse. We're told at some point, Jarrod allegedly pushed Brandi twice ... while yelling at her and her group.

Cops were called to the bar, but we're told Jarrod had left by the time they showed up. A police report was taken ... and a few days later Jarrod talked to cops, and denied ever putting hands on Brandi.

Well, the Orange County D.A.s Office isn't buying his version of events, because it's now charged him with 1 count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

Jarrod and Brandi have appeared in all 13 seasons of the hit A&E show. They're dubbed "The Young Guns" because they're the youngest auction bidders in the main cast.

But, during the season 13 premiere last month, Brandi confirmed on-camera for the first time she and Jarrod split up 2 years ago. They have 2 kids together.

We've reached out to Jarrod for comment, so far no word back.

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Mo Fayne Pleads Guilty in PPP Loan Fraud Case ... Faces 151 Months in Prison

Rapper Mo Fayne's looking at serious time behind bars -- but less than he might have gotten -- after cutting a plea deal in his PPP loan fraud case.

The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star pled guilty to 6 counts of federal bank fraud after prosecutors say he funded a lavish lifestyle during the pandemic with a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Y'know ... the ones intended to help employees and small businesses hit hard by COVID.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Fayne was ordered to forfeit nearly $100k from several bank accounts as well as 8 of his 2015 Kenworth T680 trucks. Yes, he bought EIGHT trucks!!!

In exchange for his plea, the feds dropped 14 other charges and agreed to recommend Fayne get a 151-month prison sentence -- about 12.5 years -- and that's prosecutors going easy on him! Before the deal, he was staring down a possible max of 30 years.

As we reported ... Fayne was accused of using a PPP loan of over $2M to buy $85,000 worth of jewelry and pay off a bunch of personal debts, including child support.

Mo's been locked up since December for violating the terms of his bond, but he's now asking to be let out before the judge issues his sentence in September.

He argues he's NOT a threat to flee or a danger to the community. What's more ... Fayne says he wants out so he can see his doctor to treat a shoulder injury that required surgery last year, but was put on hold due to the pandemic.

Fayne also says, due to his history of asthma and use of an inhaler, he's in a high-risk group to contract COVID-19 while behind bars -- but that argument will probably be DOA in court. The feds have said all inmates will be offered vaccines.

If that argument doesn't work ... Fayne also says he wants to help his 18-year-old daughter prepare for college, and organize his day-to-day household affairs before beginning his long stint in prison.

Lisa Vanderpump to Kyle Richards No, I Didn't Dine & Dash I've Got Receipts!!!


8:52 AM PT -- Lisa's got the receipt to put this saga to bed once and for all. Lisa tells TMZ ... she didn't think she'd actually have to produce the evidence of her bank statement to dispel Kyle's claim Lisa dined and dashed earlier this week ... but here we are.

Lisa, who says she's not going to take Kyle's lies anymore, sent us a copy of her bank statement that shows the date, restaurant and amount we had previously reported.

And, in case you're wondering ... Lisa says she left a $40 cash tip and Ken left a $15 tip to the hostess for seating them quickly. Lisa, a restaurant owner herself, says she'd never dine and dash. Case closed.

Kyle Richards is telling a different story about Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant tab -- claiming her nemesis didn't pull a haha prank, she straight up dined and dashed like a broke college kid.

We got Kyle and her hubby, Mauricio Umansky, leaving Craig's in WeHo Thursday night and she was asked about the story TMZ broke ... that Lisa had a waiter deliver her check to Kyle's table earlier this week at a ritzy L.A. joint.

Now, as Kyle tells it, not only did she and the 'RHOBH' executive producer she was having dinner with NOT pickup LV's meal ... Kyle claims Lisa didn't pay for it either.

Now, watch the clip ... Kyle stopped just short of calling Lisa a cheapskate, and insists she's being nothing but nice about the situation. We suspect Lisa might have something to say about that. In any event, there are now 2 sides to this story.

As we first reported ... Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, were out for dinner earlier this week and happened to hit up the same spot where Kyle and the 'RHOBH' EP were eating.

LV instructed the server to send her $132 bill to Kyle's table because she said she had a playful relationship with the producer, but they didn't bite ... and refused to cover the expense.

Lisa told us she left a cash tip for the server, and an imprint of her credit card in case the tab wasn't picked up. Obviously, that's not what Kyle heard. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Originally Published -- 6:51 AM PT

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