Lisa Rinna Mom Lois Dead at 93

Lisa Rinna's mother, Lois Rinna, is dead ... a few days after suffering a second stroke.

Lisa's mom died Monday morning ... according to Amelia Hamlin, Lisa's daughter and Lois' granddaughter.

The cause of death is unclear but Lisa went public last week with the news her mom had suffered another stroke -- Lois previously suffered a stroke back in 2013 -- getting emotional on social media over what was going on with her mom.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Amelia posted a heartfelt tribute to Lois on Monday, along with a ton of pictures of the family with her "guardian angel."

The model is remembering her late grandma as her best friend, her strength, her rock, her everything ... and she says Lois' "laughter never failed to light up any room you ever walked in."

Amelia is also thanking Lois for being the strength their family needed, and for teaching her what it means to be a strong woman.


You might have seen Lois on TV before ... she made a habit of appearing on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" over the years with Lisa.

Amelia mentions 5:05 AM in her goodbye post ... which appears to be the time of death.

Lois was 93.


Paris and Carter We're Not Done Yet ... Round 3 of Wedding Celebration!!!

Paris Hilton continues to ride the wedding train ... and the third night was off the hook!

Paris and her new hubby, Carter Reum, went back to their wedding venue -- the Bel-Air estate of her late grandfather Barron Hilton -- and the party was as splashy as it gets.


The guest list was impressive ... Kate Beckinsale, Ashley Benson, Emma Roberts, Jaden Smith, Sofia Richie, Jasmine Tookes and, oh yeah, Nicky Hilton.

Macy Gray performed, as guests danced late, late into the evening.

There were also leftover pillows from Friday night's bash at the Santa Monica Pier. As one guest told us, "People started stealing other people’s Paris pillows. Like one guy took mine from underneath my jacket and purse and started running away, but I got him!"

This presumably was the last night of celebration, and as weddings go, this one was pretty spectacular.

The wedding, Thursday night, was pretty awesome ... with hundreds of guests partying under a massive tent on the property. As for celebs who hit up the bash ... Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Demi Lovato, Paula Abdul, Kyle Richards, Bebe Rexha, Emma Roberts and Evan Ross.


It was followed up by a more relaxed shindig at the Santa Monica Pier, where guests like Lele Pons, Lance Bass and Diplo played games and rode rides.

Congrats Paris and Carter!!! Now back to life.

Erika Jayne Doubt I Date Another Lawyer ... Remarrying Off The Table


Erika Jayne is eliminating one specific kind of suitor ... telling us she would be hard-pressed to date another lawyer like her estranged husband Tom Girardi.

We got the 'RHOBH' star leaving Jolie in Los Angeles and our photog asked her how her dating life is going, and if she would ever go out with a lawyer again.

Ya gotta see Erika's initial reaction ... but when we press her, she gets real ... explaining why lawyers are probably not the best fit for her going forward, albeit with one big exception.

As you know, Erika is in the middle of a rocky divorce with Tom and she's been sued for allegedly hiding assets through a "sham divorce." Tom is accused of stealing money intended for families of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash victims.


Remember ... Erika says intelligence and money are the two most important factors in a partner, while looks and age are lower on the totem pole ... and now we know lawyers are out of bounds.

Erika's not dating anyone at the moment ... but if she ever does find a match, she tells us if another walk down the aisle is in the cards.

Kim Kardashian Advice for Pal's Wedding ... I Might Not be Best One To Ask!!!


Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about marriage -- but not necessarily a successful one ... which made her wedding advice at a pal's rehearsal dinner all the more hilarious.

During entertainment executive Simon Huck's pre-nuptial feast Friday night, he and his hubby-to-be, Phil Riportella, invited KK to get on the mic and deliver a few words of encouragement. She took 'em up on it ... but noted she might not be the best one to give guidance here.

Check out her jokes ... Kim talks about her 3 failed marriages, and how she hasn't really figured out this "marriage thing" herself.

She even makes some cracks at her own expense -- as well as some at her ex-husbands ... including Kris Humphries, to whom she was married for just 72 days. That said, Kim offers them tips on the actual ceremony itself ... touching on how to get the best "first kiss" shot.

Kim ends by saying she can recognize true love when she sees it, and thinks Simon and Phil will go the distance. Sure enough, she got a big round of applause.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's interesting ... even though Kim is smackdab in the middle of her own divorce right now, she's very much in wedding mode -- attending Paris Hilton's ceremony, and now Simon's.

Gotta wonder what Pete Davidson thinks of all these happily ever after vibes. 😅

Colton Underwood I'm $elling My Colorado Crib

Colton Underwood is moving on from his bachelor pad ... we've learned he's selling his place in Colorado.

The former 'Bachelor' recently listed the 4-bedroom home for $1.35 million ... and we're told he accepted an offer from an interested buyer just 5 days after the home hit the market, though the deal hasn't closed yet.

It's a quick turnaround for Colton ... he only just bought the home back in December 2020.

The place is laid out with a ranch floorplan, complete with a gourmet kitchen, sprawling lawn and 2.5 car garage.

The primary bedroom is on the main floor, and it comes with an oversized closet with access to the laundry room!

The place, which is about 25 miles south of Denver, is decked out with a game room, media room and a home gym, outfitted with high-end fitness equipment.

The backyard is tricked out with an oversized gas grill built into the covered porch, plus a hot tub and a gas firepit.

We don't know where Colton is heading ... whether he's staying in Colorado or not.

Donna Burkard of HomeSmart holds the listing.

Kathy Hilton Refusing to Film 'RHOBH' ... Until Bravo Pays Up!!!

Kathy Hilton is MIA from 'Housewives' cameras, refusing to participate on the show unless producers ante up more money for her to remain in the cast.

Sources connected to 'RHOBH' tell us production has been underway for season 12 for several weeks without Kathy. We're told Hilton still hasn't signed the contract she was presented, because she simply doesn't feel like Bravo has offered enough cash.

As for her role on the show, Kathy won't be a full-time cast member, but will resume her role as "friend of the show" ... just as she was last season.


We got Kathy's sister, Kyle Richards -- who is a full-time part of the cast -- out in L.A. Thursday. We asked about Kathy's absence and she chalked it up to Kathy helping her daughter, Paris Hilton, plan for her wedding.

However, our sources say while she might be busy with the wedding, Kathy's only been missing from the show because of $$$.

Kathy became a fan favorite during season 11 ... so there's extra incentive for producers to try and make a deal and make it fast.

We got photos of 'RHOBH' stars Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards and others filming in Bel-Air last week sans Kathy. Clock is ticking!

Paris Hilton Celebrity Wedding Guests Arriving!!!

Paris Hilton is about to become a married woman ... and tons of celebs are on hand to witness her nuptials.

Paris and her soon-to-be hubby, entrepreneur Carter Reum, are tying the knot Thursday at her late grandfather Barron's Bel-Air estate, where the guest arrivals are in full swing ... and we've got the pics of her star-studded guest list.

Check out the gallery ... folks like Paula Abdul, Kyle Richards, Bebe Rexha, Emma Roberts and Evan Ross are in the house ... with more expected to arrive.

The wedding guests, including longtime friend Kim Kardashian, are soaking in the ceremony at the $60 million estate, where ya can't miss the hot pink and white floral arrangements with the bride and groom's initials.

The ceremony is the first part of Paris' three-day wedding ... next up is a Friday night carnival on the Santa Monica Pier, and the celebration wraps up Saturday with a black-tie event.

Remember ... Paris and Carter got engaged back in February, when he popped the question on a private island to kick off her 40th birthday celebration.

The fourth engagement was the charm for Paris ... her previous fiancés never made it to the big day. She was engaged to Jason Shaw in 2002, Greek shipping heir Paris Kassidokostas-Latsis in 2005 and actor Chris Zylka in 2018.

Ever the reality TV star, Paris documented the behind-the-scenes of her wedding planning for her new reality show on Peacock, "Paris in Love."

There could be another important milestone in the near future for Paris and Carter ... they have been undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatments leading up to the wedding ... so stay tuned for a potential pregnancy.

But for now, congrats on the wedding!!!

Conan O'Brien 'SNL' Stars Always Get The Girl ... It's Not Just Pete and Kim K


Conan O'Brien sounds proud of Pete Davidson and Colin Jost for what he says is a long-standing tradition ... "Saturday Night Live" cast members landing smoking hot women!!!

We got Conan, who was a writer on 'SNL' long before he hosted his own late-night show, leaving Sugarfish in Hollywood and our guy asked him what's up with 'SNL' being the ultimate aphrodisiac.


As you know ... Pete recently started dating Kim Kardashian, and Colin is married to Scarlett Johansson ... and don't forget 'SNL' alum Jason Sudeikis and his ex Olivia Wilde as another recent example.

Conan says this is just one of the many perks of a gig on 'SNL' ... harkening back to his days on the show when he dated more famous women than he can count, including Elizabeth Taylor! He's clearly joking, but still ... the track record speaks for itself.

It doesn't sound like there's something in the water over at 'SNL' ... but Conan lets us in on the cast's little secret to getting the girl. Well, maybe it's not a "little" secret. 😜

Khloe Kardashian Decked Out for Lunch ... Wearing SKIMS X Fendi

Khloe Kardashian reappeared after her bout with COVID, and she definitely got noticed ... wearing a piece from her older sister's newest collab.

Khloe hit up JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills for lunch, wearing a SKIMS X Fendi monogram jumpsuit. It's a head-to-toe type thing, and it accentuates everything! It's actually pretty bomb.

Khloe wearing Fendi is no accident ... big sister Kim has teamed up with Fendi for her SKIMS collection. As we reported, she made millions from the launch this week, including a million bucks in just the first minute the products were available.

Khloe's all smiles, but the family has drawn criticism for not pulling back after the Astroworld fiasco, given the controversy over Travis Scott's performance as the tragedy became apparent to people in the crowd.

Kim also drew fire for posting on social media, "Absolutely heartbroken for the lives who were lost and anyone who was hurt at Astroworld. Just like all of you our family is in shock by the tragedy. We are keeping all of the victims, families and loved ones impacted in our prayers for healing -- as well as Travis who we know cares so much about his fans and is truly devastated." Some folks say Kim should have put a final period after the word "healing."

'The Masked Singer' Pepper's Dodging Dinner Plans ... With Pal Nicole Scherzinger

There's a reason Nicole Scherzinger can't lock down a dinner date with one of her famous friends ... the celeb is IN the singing competition reality show Nicole is judging!!!

Production sources tell TMZ ... the star inside the Pepper costume on "The Masked Singer" is friends with Nicole in real life, but the panelist obviously has no idea her pal is behind the mask.

We're told Nicole's texted this friend to make some dinner plans, and the celeb has gone to great lengths to keep their identity hidden ... first ignoring the texts and then having a buddy text Nicole from Pepper's phone while Pepper was performing on the FOX show ... making up an excuse about being out of town.

Sounds like an ingenious way to try and throw Nicole off the scent ... so, props to Pepper.

Our sources also say Pepper is hard at work coming up with more alibis to stave off Nicole ... at least until their identity is revealed on the show.


Remember ... Pepper is a Hollywood power player with a Rolodex of celebrity friends, which now includes Nicole and possibly Bob Dylan, and they put together their costume and performance in under 24 hours.

And, get this ... we've got some more insight on the "Take It Off Buzzer" ... it's going to be activated AGAIN!!!


Ken Jeong may not have guessed Pepper’s identity tonight after being the first panelist to hit this season's newest twist: the "Take It Off Buzzer" ... but, TMZ can confirm that the buzzer WILL be pressed AGAIN next week.

We're hearing this decision could be the game-changing move that solidifies the panelist running for the Golden Ear trophy and might make a singer unmask on the spot!!!

Kim & Pete They're DEFINITELY a Thing ... No Hiding Their Affection

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson weren't afraid to get affectionate -- yes, that -- during her trip to NYC, and it's definitely more than a weeklong fling ... TMZ has learned.

Witnesses at both Zero Bond and Campania tell us the two appeared "very comfortable" with each other, smiling, laughing and displaying plenty of PDA. We're told Pete was charming, even with Kim's friends, throughout the week.  Page 6 reported Wednesday they were super affectionate at Campania.

A source familiar with the couple's date Tuesday at Campania in Staten Island says the two had the rooftop to themselves, and were personally attended to by the restaurant's owner ... who's a friend of Pete's. We're told staffers weren't allowed upstairs, where the two showed lots of affection.

Then there's this ... our sources say prior to the group outing at Zero Bond Wednesday night -- an exclusive club in NYC -- Pete called ahead with his credit card to cut Kim or anyone else at the table off at the pass.

Reports surfaced Friday saying Kim's friends were doubtful she and Pete will last, but we're told that's just not true ... especially given how he fit in Wednesday with some of her closest friends.

As for their 'SNL' encounters, we've confirmed Pete kept it very professional when Kim hosted the show, and didn't make a move until it wrapped.

While things seem to be heating up fast between the two, we're told Kim will still take her time before jumping into anything serious. She's also excited about dating again.

Bill Maher Millennials and Gen Z Choose Kylie Over Greta ... Excess Wins Over Progress

Bill Maher delivered a blistering attack on Millennials and Gen Z, essentially calling them hypocrites for pretending to be woke while celebrating excesses that are destroying planet earth.

The "Real Time" host said the youngins have a choice ... Greta Thunberg or Kylie Jenner, and Bill says the choice is clear because the 2 young women are polar opposites. He goes on to say it's no contest, just on numbers alone. Greta has 13 million Instagram followers, while Kylie has an astonishing 279 mil.

Bill's diatribe is blistering ... he says the choice is between a model citizen and a model, and the latter blows the former out of the water.

Maher concedes ... Kylie has built an empire on her own, but she's anything but a conservationist.  He goes into her closet, and then says while Greta refuses to fly (to do her part re: the carbon footprint), Kylie refuses to fly commercial.

His point is not to go after Kylie, but instead to call out her followers who act just like the boomers who have f***ed up the planet.

And, wait until you hear his take on crypto and bitcoin.

Kim Kardashian & Pete NYC Fling Wasn't for TV ... No Hulu Crew in Sight

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's late-night date nights in NYC would've made for some legendary reality TV -- but fans expecting to see the new duo on Hulu are SOL -- because cameras just weren't rolling ... which makes a relationship seem all the more real.

Kim and Pete had the Internet buzzing this week after meeting up twice for dinner, one time with friends and once without. Reports popped up saying everything was being filmed for the Kardashian's upcoming project with Hulu, and only being done for publicity for the show.

We spoke with production sources who tell us Kim wasn't filmed or followed one time by Hulu cameras during her entire trip to NYC, much less during any encounters with Pete.

What's more amazing, we're told during Kim's first dinner date night with Pete, she snuck out of her hotel and made it to Staten Island sans a big security team -- and absolutely no cameras, not even paparazzi, got her during the escapade.

As for Kim and Pete ... our sources say the relationship isn't serious, but they're enjoying getting to know each other and having a fun mutual group of friends. And, who knows what else!

TMZ broke the story, the two had a private dinner at Campania -- one of Pete's favorite spots -- Tuesday night ... they got the secret treatment thanks to the spot's owner. Kim, Pete and friends then hit up Zero Bond Wednesday night before she returned to L.A. Thursday.


Of course, the NYC rendezvous came just days after the duo was spotted at Knott's Berry Farm in SoCal holding hands on a rollercoaster.

Kim Kardashian & Pete 2nd Dinner Date Night in a Row ... Smells Like a Couple

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson very much appear to be an item ... well, maybe something more flingy than that ... the two just met up for the second night in a row.

K&P joined a group of friends for dinner at Zero Bond in NYC. The pair arrived separately, Pete first and then Kim -- dressed in Balenciaga sunglasses and a black dress -- about 10 minutes later. If the two grabbing dinner sounds familiar, it should ... Pete and Kim chowed down at Campania in Staten Island Tuesday night after they were escorted through a back entrance and treated to a very private meal.

This time, things weren't as intimate -- with others breaking bread with them -- but to hang out 3x in less than a week, not to mention cross-country ... well, it's starting to sound like a thing. According to Page Six, who was first to report the story, Pete wore a green plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers to the meetup.

As for why Kim's in town, it wasn't solely to see Pete ... she was honored Monday at Wall Street Journal Magazine's 2021 Innovator Awards for her SKIMS line. Always a savvy businesswoman, Kim wore brown leather with SKIMS during her acceptance speech.


It was only a few days ago when we got Kim, Pete and friends in the OC during a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. The two rode a rollercoaster together, and at one point held hands ... onlookers told us they looked like a "thing."

At the time, our sources said the two were only friends ... invited to the amusement park by Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, but the NYC rendezvous makes it seem like there's a serious spark.

RONNIE ORTIZ-MAGRO Sues Jenn Over Vegas House ... Make My Ex Sell the Place!!!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is dragging his ex, Jenn Harley, to court ... and he wants to force a sale of the Las Vegas home they used to share.

According to a new lawsuit ... the 'Jersey Shore' star claims he and Jenn borrowed money from a bank to buy the house when they were still together -- but he claims she recently stopped making payments on the loan, even though she's the only one who lives there now that Ronnie moved out.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Ronnie claims Jenn hasn't made a loan payment since July, and he's also not sure if she's paying the HOA dues or utilities.

What's more, Ronnie claims Jenn made some home improvements he didn't know about and failed to pay for the work. As a result, he says there are now liens on the property.

According to the docs, Ronnie wants to sell the place, but claims Jenn refuses to cooperate. So, now he wants a court to force the sale so he can get his cut of the proceeds.

Jenn's lawyer, Michael Cristalli, tells TMZ ... Ronnie and Jenn agreed it's her house and she paid Ronnie for it, plus she pays the mortgage and invested six figures into improvements.

Cristalli adds ... Jenn tried to finalize financing on the house to get Ronnie off the mortgage, but he refused, and now Ron "wants a windfall that he is not entitled to."

'The Masked Singer' Bull Makes Strategic Move ... Distances From Skunk

The Bull is on the move as "The Masked Singer" moves into the final stages ... and it sounds like he's starting to feel the pressure heating up.

Sources tell TMZ ... Bull overheard his competitor, Skunk, rehearsing in the trailer next to his and immediately recognized her voice, and how good it is!!!

That intel seemed to spook Bull, who promptly asked producers to move trailers, so he wouldn't get psyched out before the upcoming semifinal.

We're told producers found another trailer down the lot from Skunk, so Bull could keep his head in the game.


Now, we'll see if the move pays off, or if Bull still buckles under the mounting pressure.

Stay tuned ...

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