Jasmine Sanders S.I. Model Dating Celeb Trainer ... Anthony Rhoades

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Golden Barbie has found a Ken!!

2020 S.I. Swimsuit cover model Jasmine Sanders is dating celebrity trainer Anthony Rhoades ... and it's so real, he got her name tatted on him!!

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Sports ... the two initially met through mutual friends in Miami ... and recently decided to take things to the next level.

We're told Sanders and Rhoades have been "officially" together since early 2020.

Rhoades -- who trains huge names like Rick Ross, Evander Holyfield and J. Balvin -- threw his girl a surprise private dinner at Kiki on the River in Miami on Tuesday ... complete with a MASSIVE cake and cut-out of her S.I. cover!!

@goldenbarbie / Instagram

The couple was joined by friends David and Isabella Grutman ... as well as Aris Nanos, one of the restaurant's owners.

As for the fresh ink, Anthony decided to commemorate his girl's big night by getting "Jasmine" tattooed on the side of his hand!!

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As we previously reported, Sanders actually has TWO covers this year -- one by herself and another including fellow S.I. vets Olivia Culpo and Kate Bock ... so yeah, it's a big deal.

Rhoades congratulated Sanders on the accomplishment ... saying, "You set an amazing example for young women all over the world."

"I’m beyond proud of you babe. I know how much this means to you and what it represents on a deeper level. Keep being the brightest star in the sky... this world needs guidance."

"You’ve earned every bit of this."

Kim Kardashian Meeting with Meek Wasn't 1-On-1 ... Meeks Speaks Out


11:33 AM PT -- Meek Mill has addressed the elephant in the room -- namely, Kanye's implication that Kim cheated on him by sleeping with Meek during a prison reform meeting ... and he's calling BS loud and clear.

MM hopped on Twitter Wednesday morning after he, Kim and Ye were all trending -- with tons of memes and jokes poking fun at the suggestion that he banged the missus. There doesn't seem to be any truth to it in his eyes though -- he wrote, "Sh** is cappp cmon ....." In case you're unfamiliar, "cap" means lie(s). So in other words, liesss!

He didn't elaborate beyond that, but it doesn't look like he has to. We've already heard nothing inappropriate happened -- and now, it's confirmed straight from the horse's mouth.

Kanye West's jealousy over Kim Kardashian meeting Meek Mill last year seems misplaced ... since it was in a very public group setting, and purely to talk prison reform.

Sources connected to the Kardashians and Meek tell us Kim's prison reform summit did go down at the Waldorf Astoria in L.A. -- as Kanye said on Twitter last night -- but Meek and Kim never met in a one-on-one setting.

We're told they were joined by philanthropist Clara Wu Tsai ... and the trio met in Jean-Georges restaurant at the Waldorf. The group discussed plans to keep the prison reform movement going forward. A witness says Kim left the hotel -- solo -- immediately after the meeting.

Worth noting ... both Kim and Meek work with Cut50, the org that fights for reduced incarceration rates and criminal justice reform.

Our sources say Kim was aware of Kanye's jealousy over the situation ... and it's something the two spoke about. However, outside of that one public meeting ... we're told Kim and Meek have never been alone together.

As we reported, Kanye accused Kim of being "out of line" for the meeting, and claimed he's been trying to divorce her ever since the meeting.

TMZ broke the story ... friends and family are deeply concerned about Kanye because they believe he's in the grips of a bipolar episode.

Originally Published -- 10:00 AM PT

Kanye West Claims Trying to Divorce Kim ... Calls Kris 'Kris Jong-Un'

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Kanye West continued his late-night, alarming rants ... again targeting his wife, his mother-in-law and many, many others.

Kanye, who is holed up at his Wyoming ranch, attacked Kim and Kris again ... he says for trying to get him placed on a 51/50 psychiatric hold.

Ye claimed, "I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Waldorf for 'prison reform.'" He went on to say, "Meek is my man and was respectful ... That's my dog. Kim was out of line."

Kim and Meek were both working on prison reform and were present at a Criminal Justice Reform Summit in Los Angeles back in 2019.

He took a shot at Kris, calling her "Kris Jong-Un," though he never explained further. He accused her the night before of masterminding the release of Kim's sex tape, something Kris has strongly denied.

There were scattered references to various other celebs. He said, "Lil baby my favorite rapper but won't do a song with me."

He claimed to be worth billions, saying, "I'm worth 5 billion dollars and more than that through Christ. But ya'll ain't listen to MJ and now ya'll believe them???" MJ seems to refer to Michael Jackson.

Our sources say the family doesn't know what to do. Kanye is clearly not receptive to getting help, and anything they do to try triggers a strong, counter-reaction by Kanye.

As we reported, Dave Chapelle flew out to Kanye's ranch Tuesday as a show of friendship.


Tamar Braxton BF's 911 Call Raises Family's Eyebrows ... Why Talk WeTV Beef???


Tamar Braxton's family is puzzled by her boyfriend's actions the night of her apparent suicide attempt ... and they're alarmed by his influence over her emotions.

Sources connected to the Braxton family tell TMZ ... Tamar's boyfriend, David Adefeso, had seen the pilot episode and promo late last week for her new reality show, 'Get Ya Life!' ... and he was very unhappy.

We're told David got angry about the show's content, and how he was portrayed in it -- and his reaction, in turn, made Tamar upset.


TMZ broke the story ... when David called 911, he took time to explain Tamar had issues with WeTV that came to a head in the hours leading up to him finding her unresponsive in their Ritz Carlton hotel room.

Our sources say Tamar's relatives find it strange David was discussing details of her alleged network beef while she was desperately in need of medical attention. We're told the family believes it's further proof David was the one who really had issues with the show's editorial choices.

Tamar's family has noticed a change since she started seeing David ... according to our sources, who say Tamar's mood swings tend to align with how David's feeling. They also say he's very involved in her business decisions.

As for David's portrayal in the pilot, someone who's seen the episode tells us David, at times, comes off as demanding and controlling.

In the episode, we're told Tamar decides to go on a spiritual healing journey, which includes no sex for 45 days, something that really upsets David.

It's hard to deny that tension is played up in the promo. During one scene, Tamar and David are arguing behind a locked door and Tamar yells, "David, stop!" before producers barge into the room.

Kanye West Dave Chappelle Visits the Ranch ... It's a Bit Awkward

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Kanye West has some company in Wyoming following his Twitter meltdown, but it's not his family checking in on him ... it's Dave Chappelle.

The rapper says Dave hopped on a jet to come see him "doing well" on the ranch, and called him a "God send and a true friend." The great, warm, friendly visit did come with one slightly awkward moment.

Kanye got Dave, and a few other friends there, to gather around for a video ... and then put the comedian on the spot to come up with something funny -- y'know, to make everyone laugh.

It was, apparently, pretty early in the day, 'cause Dave said he wasn't in funny mode yet, but watch ... of course they found their way to a punchline.

As we reported ... Kanye went on a wild rant Monday night, firing off several tweets that accused his wife, Kim Kardashian, of trying to have him involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

He also blasted Kris Jenner for allegedly influencing some of Kim's past career moves -- i.e. posing for Playboy and selling her sex tape -- and compared his life to "Get Out."

Assuming Dave touched down in Wyoming Tuesday morning -- as Kanye inferred -- he went pretty far out of his way to help his buddy. We're told Dave's been doing "invite-only" comedy gigs near his home in Ohio.

Dave flying out couldn't come at a better time for Ye -- as we've told you, many people close to him say he's in the midst of a serious bipolar episode.

No such thing as a bad time to chill with Chappelle, but this is a particularly good time.

Kanye West Kardashians, Friends Seriously Concerned, Upset ... Over Wild Campaign Appearance


Kanye West's off-the-rails campaign stop Sunday in North Charleston, South Carolina may not only hurt Ye politically, he has concerned, upset and alarmed many of his friends and the Kardashians ... sources connected to Kanye tell TMZ.

Our sources say those around him believe Kanye is in desperate need of professional help and is in the middle of a serious bipolar episode, but he won't listen to them.

We're told they also believe Kanye is tanking some of his businesses, if not all of them, with rants like when he went on about Harriet Tubman, claiming she did not free slaves. His family and friends know comments like these are the things that trigger boycotts.

YE 2020

Suffice it to say ... we're told the family is upset that Kanye talked about Kim's first pregnancy and how they discussed abortion, something he says he wanted. Then he blurted out that Kim might divorce him for saying that, but even if she does, he'd thank her for having North.

It's curious he mentioned divorce ... it's usually a topic married folk don't say out loud unless it's been discussed. Whether it was or not ... between Kanye's Forbes interview and Sunday's rally ... you gotta think it puts a strain on the relationship.

BTW ... we're told there's not much concern that Kanye's comments will adversely affect Kim's businesses. We're told their money is separate and her and Kanye's brands are distinguishable.

Finally, we're told his family and friends are also upset because they feel Kanye is a distraction to what is a very important election.

Tom Brady Gets Mushy For Gisele's 40th ... 'Sunshine Of My Life'

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1:27 PM PT -- The love just keeps pouring out of Brady ... with the QB praising the birthday girl for all her charitable efforts in an adorable video message.

"It’s so fitting that on your 40th birthday, you chose to give back by planting 40,000 trees in the Amazon forest."

"Always caring about others before yourself. Te amo para sempre."


Tom Brady melted into a sweet bowl of love Monday ... writing a mushy birthday note to Gisele for her 40th -- and it's adorable as hell!!!

The G.O.A.T. fired up his social media account to deliver the message ... posting a pic of the supermodel and their kids, writing "Happy 40th Birthday" ... all while stealing some sappy lines from Frank Sinatra.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"You are the sunshine of my life," Brady wrote. "That's why I'll always be around. You are the apple of my eye. Forever you'll stay in my heart."

Gisele was pleased with the QB's bday wishes ... she commented on the pic, "Thank you my love. Te amo tanto."

Of course, Brady has never shied away from public love notes to his wifey ... every Valentine's Day, Halloween and just about any other holiday he shares some kind of pic of the two.

As we previously reported ... the couple has been dating for over a decade -- and have two kids together.

But TB12 famously told Howard Stern earlier this summer he had to skip Patriots offseason workouts toward the end of his tenure in New England because Gisele "wasn't satisfied with our marriage."

Clearly, though, things are all good now.

Happy birthday!!!

Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker Oh-So-Similar Mountain Pics ... AZ Chillin' Before Bubble???

Kendall Jenner's hiking cover might've been blown by Devin Booker -- whom she's been dating -- because the dude made it clear ... Arizona was the place to be pre-NBA bubble.

The model posted a photo Saturday of her in a cool looking desert-y, mountainous region with a body of water below. She called it "not earth" from a trip she took a few weeks ago -- but didn't give much more of a hint than that. It could be anywhere on its face.

Now, it appears her recent point guard boo thang might've actually spilled a major clue -- assuming he and Kendall are still hanging out as much as they were earlier this year. Devin put up a few photos himself a few days ago of him hiking at Slide Rock State Park.

It's a place with tons of canyons and with tons of creek beds covering the floor throughout -- and just looking at the photos, we have to say they look kinda similar in scenery.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, Devin plays for the Phoenix Suns -- and presumably has a place out there too. So, if they are hookin' up -- like Kendall has implied of late -- it's safe to assume she was somewhere in Arizona with her guy before he was sequestered away for work.

Remember, Devin's in Orlando now getting ready for the NBA restart ... and it's tight quarters there, meaning no outsiders are allowed in.

Megan Fox & MGK Back On Love Island ... Biz & Pleasure in P.R.


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are going back to work on the Puerto Rican movie set where they first met ... and set in motion her split from Brian Austin Green.

Megan and MGK arrived Thursday in San Juan after flying in together from the mainland, ready to get back to business on the set of their upcoming movie, "Midnight in the Switchgrass."


As you can see, Megan and MGK are still super close and lovey-dovey as their relationship continues to bud ... and now they're back where it all began.

They met during filming, way back in March, and then started spending a whole lotta time together when the coronavirus pandemic brought production to a grinding halt.

Megan split from her '90210' star hubby after getting chummy with MGK on the Caribbean island and they've been pretty much inseparable ever since ... going on fancy dates, making music videos, traveling the country, sleeping over and having fun in Palm Springs.

MGK and Megan are putting a 2020 twist on the old adage ... couples who work together, play together and quarantine together, apparently stay together.

Clemson's Trevor Lawrence Proposes To GF She Said Yes!!!

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There's a ring in Clemson superstar Trevor Lawrence's future even if the season is canceled ... 'cause the QB proposed to his longtime GF -- and she said YES!!!

Lawrence -- a Heisman hopeful in 2020 -- has been dating Marissa Mowry since early 2016 ... and decided to pop the question at Memorial Stadium in Clemson on Friday.

Pictures capturing the moment show a fully suited Lawrence get on one knee in the middle of the field and present the ring to a shocked Mowry.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"FOREVER," the 2018 national champ said on Instagram. "You’re everything I’ve dreamed of. I love you and can’t wait to marry you."

Of course, Trevor and Marissa have been together for several years ... dating back to way before he was one of the best players in college football.

In fact, Mowry famously predicted Lawrence would become a champ all the way back in 2017 ... when the dude was still in HS!!

"Easiest YES of my life!!!" Marissa said of the proposal. "I love you always Trevor"


Hayden Panettiere Ex-BF Arrested and Charged ... Dom. Violence & Assault


Hayden Panettiere's allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, is now facing serious criminal charges in California ... this, days after Hayden got an order of protection against him.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Hickerson was charged Thursday in an 8-count complaint that includes domestic violence charges, assault charges. Seven of the 8 charges are felonies.

Panettiere recently reported her ex-BF to the Teton County Sheriff in Wyoming -- along with the Santa Monica police and LAPD -- for multiple incidents involving extreme domestic violence against her during their year-and-a-half relationship.

The former "Nashville" star tells TMZ ...  “I am coming forward with the truth about what happened to me with the hope that my story will empower others in abusive relationships to get the help they need and deserve. I am prepared to do my part to make sure this man never hurts anyone again. I’m grateful for my support system, which helped me find the courage to regain my voice and my life."

Hayden's attorney, Alan Jackson, says ... "After suffering for years as the victim of psychological, emotional and severe physical abuse, Hayden Panettiere has begun the process of taking back her life. Hayden has found the strength and courage to share the truth about her abuse and her abuser, and she intends to assist the prosecution to see that justice is served. As a survivor, she recognizes that her arduous journey of healing has just begun."

As we reported ... Panettiere recently got court-ordered protection from Hickerson in  Wyoming, and a California judge just granted her that same protection in the Golden State.

Hickerson was arrested for domestic violence on Valentine's Day in Teton County, Wyoming -- after Hayden told cops he'd roughed her up after an argument and punched her in the face.

As for Hayden, a source close to the actress says she's been undergoing successful treatment for alcohol abuse issues and is now focused on healing, sobriety and recovery.

Colton Underwood Dating Lucy Hale Keeping Things 'Casual'


Colton Underwood has a new woman in his life ... and it's Lucy Hale.

Our sources tell us the "Pretty Little Liars" actress reached out to Colton soon after his split from ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph ... and the two have been seeing each other a lot.

The ex-'Bachelor' went on a hike with Lucy Wednesday at Paseo Miramar Trail in Los Angeles' scenic Pacific Palisades neighborhood, and as you can see ... Colton and Lucy were pretty sweaty, close and without masks.

Our sources say Colton and Lucy have gone on a few of these "casual hike dates" over the last few weeks, so it seems their relationship has legs.

Lucy's had her eye on Colton for years too ... back in 2018, she said he would make a good 'Bachelor' because he's "wholesome," a "good guy" and "beautiful to watch." Oh, and we're also told they have mutual friends.

As for Colton being out without a face covering ... well, he's already survived his battle with COVID-19. True, outdoors is safer than indoors, but it's unclear just how much immunity -- if any -- people have who already contracted the virus.

BTW ... walks and hikes are kinda Colton's thing during the pandemic, only now he's transitioned from Cassie to Lucy.

Dude's definitely still a bachelor!!!

Evelyn Lozada On Ochocinco's Dom. Violence Incident ... 'It Wasn't the First Time'


Bombshell allegations from Evelyn Lozada -- who says Chad Ochocinco abused her MULTIPLE times during their relationship, despite his claims to the contrary.

Lozada -- who was married to the ex-NFL star for less than a month in 2012 -- released an emotional video Thursday claiming Chad is straight-up LYING about physical abuse in their relationship.

As we previously reported, Ochocinco was arrested for domestic battery on August 11, 2012, when he headbutted Lozada during an argument, causing a massive bloody gash.

Johnson was later cut from the Miami Dolphins as a result -- and his NFL career never really got back on track.

On Wednesday, Ocho mentioned the incident on Twitter -- saying, "I lost my temper for once in life for 3 seconds & it cost me a lifetimes worth of work."

He added, "I got it all back plus some after getting a 2nd chance & NOTHING will ever get me out of that happy space again."

The problem ... Evelyn says Chad isn't telling the truth and it's causing her tremendous pain.

"For this man to sit up there and say that he lost his temper for 3 seconds is infuriating to me," Lozada said ... "It's messages like this, tweets or whatever the hell it was, that are triggers for me."

"People read this on social media and are coming at me talking about 'oh you made this man lose his job' it's like if you're gonna speak the truth, I want you to speak the truth as to what the situation was."

"It wasn't the first time, it wasn't the first time!"

"And, one of the things I'm always gonna do is I'm always gonna live in my truth, whether it's good, whether it's bad, whether it's ugly, I'm not going to let anybody take away my f**king truth and put this perception out there for a pity party as if you made one mistake."

Evelyn continued, "And, I'm trying to move on from this. But, as a victim, how am I supposed to move on?!"

"What happened to me that day and other days, I didn't deserve. I didn't deserve that."

We've reached out to Chad for comment -- so far, no word back.

Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick Break Up After 2 Years Together ... Danica Unfollows QB

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2:16 PM PT -- It's official -- Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are "no longer together," the driver's rep confirmed with E! News.

Danica Patrick has unfollowed Aaron Rodgers on Instagram ... and we all know what that means -- BREAK UP?!!?!?!


Seems the couple has called it quits after two years of dating -- shocking considering they were publicly trading "I love yous" ... and had even shacked up together at a recently purchased $28 MILLION mansion in Malibu.

In fact, it was just back in December when Danica posted a super mushy birthday message for Aaron on IG -- saying, "Happy birthday to my best friend and favorite person in the world. You are the one I want to tell my best and worst days to first."

She also dropped an "L-Bomb."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"This journey we are on.... it’s a really really good one. I love you. Happiest of birthdays yet!!!!!!"

Before that, Jenny McCarthy asked Danica on her SiriusXM show back in November about a possible wedding at some point -- and while DP admitted she WANTED to get engaged, she wasn't trying to rush it.

The Green Bay Packers superstar and ex-NASCAR driver started dating back in 2018 ... after initially meeting at the 2012 ESPYs.

We've reached out to reps from both camps -- but so far, radio silence. Seems no one's ready to talk yet.

Patrick previously dated race car driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. -- but they broke up in 2017. Danica had said she was ready to get engaged -- but Stenhouse refused to pull the trigger and that was that.

Rodgers previously dated Olivia Munn but they split in 2017.

Originally Published -- 1:00 PM PT

Karl Towns & Jordyn Woods Mask It for Sushi Date At Nobu ... Still Just Friends???

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NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods still can't get enough of each other ... throwing on their masks and hitting up Nobu in Malibu for a sushi dinner Wednesday night.

Which begs the question -- still buds, or is there something more going on here??

Of course, the rumors have been swirling since last year when they were spotted out in L.A. ... and the two have even appeared to quarantine together during the pandemic (which was pointed out by wildly-talented Instagram sleuths).

While all signs point to the duo becoming an item, Kylie Jenner's ex-bestie spoke out on the rumors back in August 2019 ... saying, "Karl is like a brother to me."

That may very well still be the truth ... OR all the time together has changed things ... after all, that patio at Nobu has a beautiful view and can get pretty romantic at night.

One thing that might throw a wrench in the BF/GF theory -- Jordyn's little sister, Jodie, was with them ... so who knows.

KAT previously dated model Kawahine Andrade ... and Woods infamously had her moment with Tristan Thompson (you know what we're talking about) ... and was also spotted out with James Harden in the past.

So .... y'all dating or what??

Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz We're Gettin' Hitched!!!

Brooklyn Beckham will be joining the ranks of married men, because he and GF Nicola Peltz are engaged.

David Beckham's 21-year-old son made the announcement, saying, "Two weeks ago I asked my soulmate to marry me and she said yes xx I am the luckiest man in the world."

Brooklyn, an aspiring photographer, who posted the pic of him and his 25-year-old fiancee, added, "I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day ❤️ I love you baby xx."

The 2 have been dating since last year, after meeting at Coachella. They've been seen at various restaurants and clubs in L.A., including The Nice Guy. They also hit up Leo DiCaprio's Halloween bash.

No word on wedding details. Good for them, though, they were able to keep it on the down low for 2 entire weeks!


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