Lily Allen, David Harbour Get Marriage License in Las Vegas


Lily Allen and David Harbour appear to be on track to get hitched -- 'cause they just bought a window that all but indicates they should be man and wife within 12 months.

The singer-songwriter and "Stranger Things" star have obtained a marriage license in Las Vegas ... according to public records obtained by TMZ. Of course, they gotta have that license come before walking down the aisle and getting their marriage certificate. We checked, and no certificate's been created yet.

The license info says they got it Sunday. It's valid for exactly one year to the date, so they have until 9/6/2021 to say "I do" before it expires. Considering they got the license in Vegas, it's possible they already did a quickie wedding ... but haven't yet filed the certificate.

Remember, just a few short months ago ... Lily confirmed engagement rumors when she flashed a huge rock on THAT finger while showing off her toned bod in a mirror selfie. When someone asked her about it, she basically spilled the tea.

David and Lily have stayed pretty private about their relationship -- not even hinting they were dating until just recently. Now, it seems there's a good chance they'll be exchanging vows in front of an Elvis impersonator.


Chasten Buttigieg Rough Start Coming Out as Gay


Chasten Buttigieg's coming out experience didn't get off to a good start, but thanks to his parents it turned out well, and speaking of things working out ... he's focused on the bright side of his husband's unsuccessful presidential bid.

Mayor Pete's husband joined "TMZ Live" to tell his story about confiding in his family that he was gay, the difficulty and pain that followed ... and the life-changing call from his Mom that helped them heal.

Chasten tells us he's thankful for his parents' allyship, and describes what has to be done to make sure people like him are protected and supported ... something he says he's striving to do for others.

As for his famous hubby and the disappointment of not becoming the Democratic nominee for Prez ... Chasten says it was a bummer, but it's not all bad.

He points out that they've been able to regain a little anonymity in their lives while still focusing on their dreams and goals, and reminds us that they are both still very young ... and the future is bright.

Of course, Chasten believes the outlook will be much better if a certain person is elected president in November ... you can probably guess who, but watch the clip anyway.

Chasten's releasing a memoir this week titled 'I Have Something to Tell You,' in which he opens up about his upbringing, politics, and his relationship with Pete.

Dr. Dre Estranged Wife Justifies $2 Mil Monthly Support ... Claims Domestic Violence

Dr. Dre's estranged wife claims in legal docs Dre was violent with her in the past, and she also ticked off why she needs nearly $2 mil a month in temporary spousal support while their divorce winds its way through the legal system, and the expenses she lists are eye-popping.

TMZ broke the story ... Nicole Young wants $1,936,399 to cover her expenses.  Here's the breakdown

-- Laundry and cleaning $10,000 a month

-- Clothes $135,000 a month

-- Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000 a month

-- Entertainment $900,000 a month

-- Charitable contributions $125,000 a month

-- Mortgage. $100,000 a month

-- Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a month

In all, she says she actually has a monthly nut of $2,530,000

As we reported, sources connected to Dre say he's covering all her expenses, including the Malibu house where Nicole is staying, chefs, security, etc.

But, in her docs, Nicole says Dre has been controlling with the pursestrings, denying her the right to use, among other things, her AmEx black card.

In her docs, Nicole goes into detail about the prenup she signed, using the "gun-to-the-head" metaphor just before their wedding. She also says Dre ripped it up several years into the marriage, although he denies it. At stake -- as much as a billion dollars.

Nicole says things really fell apart April 1st, claiming Dre was intoxicated at their West L.A. home when he started yelling at her, "F*** you. F*** you. Get the f*** out. Get the f*** out. Go to Malibu."

She claims at one point he ordered ... "Do not spend one more cent ... period. You can't be mean and disrespectful and spend my hard-earned money. F*** that!!! Yes that's a threat ... I'm putting the beach house up for sale next week ..."

Nicole also claims Dre is furious at her that her lawyers are trying to dig into his personal finances, threatening "war" if she persists.

She also claims she became alarmed when he had his brother-in-law come to the Malibu home to pick up his Glock. She says she feared Dre and wouldn't turn it over because she says Dre had a "history of violence and coercive control, both before and during the marriage." She does not elaborate, but does mention texts messages from Dre after they separated. In one, he said, "Why are you ignoring me? Why are you ignoring me ... should I come see you?" She says the text was "frightening" and instilled fear in her.

As we reported, Nicole is also asking for $5 million to cover her attorney's fees.  She filed for divorce 2 months ago.

As for the threat of "war" ... seems it's already been declared.

Katie Holmes Sips Wine, Laughs and Flirts On Date with Chef

1:57 PM PT -- Katie's mystery man has just been reveled ... the guy is Emilio Vitolo, a chef in New York City.

He's the chef at Emilio's Ballato in SoHo, an old-school Italian restaurant known as a celeb hangout.

Katie Holmes has a new leading man in her life ... or at the very least, she's found a guy she enjoys having a drink with.

More than a year after her split with Jamie Foxx, the actress seems to be happily playing the field again ... she had a date with a mystery man this week in NYC.

Katie and the fella hit up a Mediterranean restaurant called Antique Garage in the SoHo neighborhood Tuesday night, but didn't even need to get grub to have a good time.

We're told the 2 simply ordered a couple glasses of wine, and photos of their date show Katie cracking up laughing, making some flirtatious faces ... and even getting a little touchy-feely.

It's unclear who the guy is ... but clearly he's got some game.

As you'll recall ... Katie and Jamie broke up mid-2019 after about 6 years of dating. They famously kept their relationship very private, and even their split wasn't revealed until Foxx stepped out with recording artist and model, Sela Vave, a couple months later.

Katie's the one stepping out now, though ... get it, girl.

Originally Published -- 12:50 AM PT

Kendall, Devin, Justin, Hailey Our Own Private Idaho

Kendall Jenner traveled northeast with boyfriend Devin Booker -- double dating with pals Justin and Hailey Bieber -- during a trek to ID.

Kendall and her Phoenix Suns BF have been making the rounds over the last few months. They've been camping, dining, and just hanging out ... and they've amped it up since the Devin left the NBA bubble.

They also did some ordinary stuff, like taking Devin's dog to the vet.

Justin and Hailey have been making the rounds these days as well. They rented an RV and have been tooling around the country, recently making a stop in Cody, Wyoming to visit Kanye.

When they're finally back home, they'll move into their brand-new $25 million estate in a super-exclusive gated community in Bev Hills.

Cristiano Ronaldo's GF SLAAAAAAAYS At Venice Film Festival

Cristiano Ronaldo's longtime GF Georgina Rodriguez turned the Venice Film Festival into her very own fashion show on Thursday ... and yeah, the woman SLAAAAAAAYED.

Yes, that's 7 As ... and they're all necessary.

The soccer superstar's gorgeous lady showed up for the showings of "The Human Voice" and "Quo Vadis, Aida?" at the big event in Italy ... decked out in a light pink gown that was sure to turn heads.

The best part?? SAFETY!!

Georgina even had a matching mask to go with her wardrobe -- after all, the coronavirus is still very much a thing, you know.

Rodriguez and Ronaldo have been living it up together in 2020 ... from a pants-optional quarantine to sailing around on an expensive yacht with their incredibly attractive friends while we all sit back and watch jealously from afar.

Oh, and don't forget the thong'd out underwater video she made the other day.

Georgina is KILLLING!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Khloe to Tristan Take a Hike ... But, WITH Me!!!

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are no longer just getting cozy again ... they're also getting sweaty together.

Khloe and Tristan hit up Malibu Hills Wednesday for a healthy hike and seemed to cement what everyone's suspected for some time -- they're back together. The old adage that couples that dress together, stay together may also be true ... 'cause they seemed to coordinate their sleek black outfits.

Tristan even gave his sports agency -- Klutch Sports Group -- some good pub. BTW, it appears 'KUWTK' cameras were also rolling during their hike ... so, it's also possible this was just a scenic location for a heavy convo you'll eventually see on the show.

As we reported ... Scott Disick confirmed -- albeit, accidentally -- Khloe and Tristan are back together with a since-deleted comment on one of Khloe's Instagram posts. Remember, Khloe and Tristan have been hanging out a lot in recent months. They've also been quarantining together, but we initially thought that was just to co-parent.

But, take note ... no sign of True on this hike.

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Exes Spending More Time Together ... But They're NOT a Couple


Scott Disick has more time on his hands following his split from Sofia Richie, and he's spending a lot of it with Kourtney Kardashian ... but the exes aren't getting back together.

Sources close to Scott and Kourtney tell TMZ ... they're NOT a couple, even though they've been hanging out more since his breakup with Sofia.

We broke the story ... Scott and Sofia called it quits last month ... this time for good.

As you know ... Scott and Kourtney hit up Nobu in Malibu over the weekend, where they ate under the same roof as Sofia. Sushi by the ocean is a hot date for a lot of folks, but we're told not so for Scott and Kourtney.

Our sources tell us Scott and Kourtney still consider themselves a family and co-parenting their 3 children is a priority for both. Hence, the time they spend together, even when the kids aren't there, is still all about fam.

Consider their recent trip to Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. We're told the kids had a blast, and Scott and Kourtney realized it's good for the fam and they want to do more of it.

These family outings were rare when Scott was dating Sofia.

While our sources say it's highly unlikely Scott and Kourtney will ever get back together as a couple, well, as presidential candidates like to say ... never say never.

Mariah Carey Admits 2 Classic Songs ... Are About Derek Jeter Fling!!!

Breaking News


Mariah Carey is finally admitting what fans have suspected for decades ... two songs from her classic '97 album "Butterfly" are about her fling with Derek Jeter!!!

Yep, Carey says both "The Roof" and "My All" were all about the NY Yankees legend ... who she began seeing back in 1997 after meeting him at a dinner party.

Carey was married to music mogul Tommy Mottola at the time, but the marriage was on the rocks ... and Carey was clearly infatuated with Jeter.

In her upcoming memoir, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey" (by way of Vulture) set to come out later this month ... the singer says "The Roof" was about her first kiss with Jeter, which took place on the roof of his apartment building.

Here are some of the lyrics, in case you need a refresher ...

"It wasn't raining yet.
But it was definitely a little misty on
That warm November night
And my heart was pounding (pounding)
My inner voice resounding
Begging me to turn away
But I just had to see your face to feel alive
And then you casually walked in the room
And I was twisted in the web of my desire for you
(And I was twisted)
My apprehension blew away
I only wanted you to taste my sadness
As you kissed me in the dark."

As for "My All" ... that one was about how she risked it all to meet up with Jeter in Puerto Rico, while she was still technically married to Mottola.

Again ... the lyrics:

"I am thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it's wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right
'Cause I've drowned in you
And I won't pull through
Without you by my side

I'd give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I'd risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
'Cause I can't go on
Living in the memory of our song
I'd give my all for your love tonight."

Carey and Mottola officially divorced in 1998. Things didn't work out with Jeter though. They went their separate ways too.

But, Mariah went on to marry and have kids with Nick Cannon. Jeter is now happily married with children to model Hannah Jeter.

So, it all worked out for everyone -- and now we can't wait to read the book!

'Too Hot to Handle' Francesca Heating Up with Another Reality TV Star


Francesca Farago has moved on from her "Too Hot to Handle" fling with Harry Jowsey and linked up with another hot TV bachelor ... Jef Holm.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... the 'THTH' star is now dating Jef, who was a star on Emily Maynard's season of "The Bachelorette" back in 2012 and, very briefly, her fiance.

We're told Francesca and Jef met about a month ago through her friend, Casey Boonstra, instantly bonded over their reality show backgrounds and sense of humor ... and have been pretty inseparable ever since.


They are currently on a vacation together along with a group of friends in Utah -- Jef's home state -- and partying in his parents' boat. We're told they haven't yet discussed labels, though -- no one's saying bf or gf just yet.

Francesca's heading back to see family in Canada in a few weeks, so they'll get their first taste of a long-distance relationship ... but then she'll be back in L.A. where they both live.

As we told you ... Francesca's dating life became the subject of rumors last week when she was seen out with "Love is Blind" star Damian Powers, but we learned it was strictly a friendly business dinner. Damian is still with his GF, Giannina Gibelli.

Jef, on the other hand, has mostly been out of the spotlight since he got engaged to 'Bachelorette' Emily back on season 8. They called it off 5 months later.

Kid Rock I'm a 'Married' Man Getting Crazy with Loretta Lynn!!!

Kid Rock is off the market again ... he just got "married" to Loretta Lynn!!!

The rocker and 88-year-old country music legend got crazy over the weekend after Loretta's friends renewed their vows ... Loretta was in a wedding veil, and Kid Rock dropped to a knee and took her hand for what seemed to be a proposal.

Loretta explained what went down on her Facebook page ... she says she and Kid Rock "always teased about getting ourselves married" and with the preacher already in the house, they decided to have some fun with the situation.

Hold your horses, though ... turns out, it wasn't a real wedding. Bummer.

Still, Loretta's letting everyone know Kid Rock is her man ... saying, "Sorry girls, he's taken now!"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Looks Supreme ... Pronouncing Couple Husband and Wife

Breaking News

Ruth Bader Ginsburg took a break from her legal duties with the Supreme Court to preside over a more intimate affair ... a weekend wedding.

It looks like the 87-year-old Justice has recovered from a couple recent hospitalizations and is feeling spry enough to serve as the marriage officiant for Barb Solish, Communications Director at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and her hubby, Danny Kazin.

Solish shared a photo of RBG directing their Sunday nuptials and said ... "2020 has been rough, but yesterday was Supreme."

Solish also quashed any COVID-19 concerns for Ruth too, by pointing out she and her husband tested negative before the wedding.

As we reported ... the Justice was hospitalized in late July for a non-surgical procedure -- her second trip that month after also suffering from an infection. Add that to news of her cancer returning, creating a major cause for concern about her well-being.

Thankfully, all's well right now for the famous jurist ... keep on truckin', RBG.

British Prankster Backlash Over Prank Too Far ... Dyed GF's Skin Blue!!!

kristenhanby123 / TikTok

A British TikTok and YouTube star totally blue it with his latest stunt he pulled on his GF ... and while he thinks it's hilarious, he's getting a ton of backlash from just about everyone else.

Kristen Hanby "pranked" his girlfriend, Jasmine Woodward, by pouring a bunch of blue fabric dye in her bath ... which, of course, left her looking like Smurfette.

After sharing the video of himself cracking up while pulling off the bathtub prank with his millions of followers, Hanby sparked outrage as many felt it was just plain stupid at best ... or totally humiliating to Jasmine, at worst.

Many pointed out the harmful effects the dye could have on Jasmine -- both physically and mentally -- and called it "low-key abuse" instead of a good-humored prank.

Others pointed out even if the prank was fake or Jasmine was in on it -- as she's been for several other Hanby vids -- pranks like this normalize hurtful behavior that clearly oversteps personal boundaries.

So, what do you think?

Hanby's Prank ...

Scott Disick Two Exes at One Restaurant

Here's the thing about Malibu ... as fancy as it can be, it's also really just kinda a one-horse town, which Scott Disick learned all too well Friday night when he, Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie all dined under the same roof.

Scott and Kourtney hit up Nobu in Malibu, a favorite of celebs these days. It seems to be his go-to place. Thing is ... it was also his go-to place when he was dating Sofia for several years after his breakup with Kourtney, and she was there too.

Our Kardashian sources say Scott and Kourtney are friends with lots of history and great co-parents, but their relationship is strictly that and no more.

Nevertheless, it's gotta be a little awkward, don't you think?

Miley Cyrus Adopts Abandoned Bulldog ... The Name's Kate, Kate Moss!!!

Miley Cyrus did a great thing in the middle of this pandemic ... she adopted an abandoned pooch that is now one lucky dog.

The bulldog in question had been wandering around Fresno, CA back in April ... eventually making her way to a fire station. The dog was flea-infested and dehydrated. If she had an owner, it seemed like a thing of the past.

The dog hung out at the station for a week or so, sleeping at the front door. She was always happy to see the firefighters return to the shop.

A relative of one of the firefighters agreed to foster the bulldog, and that began a journey. The dog was eventually turned over to The Wagmor Hotel and Pet Spa in L.A., where the org put the dog up for adoption.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Enter Miley. She's supported Wagmor in the past, adopting other dogs from them. Apparently, the bulldog's pics on Wagmor's Instagram page caught Miley's eye and that was all she wrote.

And, speaking of all she wrote, Miley texted Wagmor's owner, "This dog doesn't leave my side. I don't know how I would ever not have her." BTW ... the dog's new name is Kate Moss.

Like we said ... lucky dog.

Kylie Jenner Still Single ... Fai Is Not Her Guy!!!


Kylie Jenner is still very much a single woman ... even though some recent photos from Paris might have suggested otherwise.

Sources close to Kylie tell TMZ ... the billionaire is NOT dating Fai Khadra -- despite rumors to the contrary -- they're just very good friends and have been part of each other's small social circle during the pandemic.

Kylie sent the rumor mill into overdrive Friday when she posted some pics with Fai in France, which made them look like a couple. But, we're told the two are NOT dating.

Our sources say Kylie and Fai also made a trip to Utah with friends earlier this summer, but still ... he's very much in the friend zone.

Remember ... Fai was Kendall Jenner's non-date, date in Santa Monica back in October, and we also squashed dating rumors back in 2018 when he grabbed juice with Kourtney Kardashian after her split from Younes Bendjima.

Bottom line from our sources ... Kylie's not currently dating anyone and she remains in a positive co-parenting relationship with Travis Scott.

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