Demi Lovato Addresses OD, Wilmer Engagement In 'I Love Me' Music Vid


Demi Lovato is sending a message about 2 major events in her life -- one involving her ex-BF, Wilmer Valderrama -- but you're gonna have to watch her upcoming music vid very closely to get her point.

TMZ got a not-yet-seen snippet from her "I Love Me" vid, and we noticed a clear reference to the near-fatal overdose she suffered back in the summer of 2018. Demi walks past a parked ambulance and reaches out to touch a young woman on a stretcher.

The lyrics of 'Love Me' are all about self-love and empowerment, and the ambulance scene appears to be an illustration of what she's said in recent interviews: She's pulled through after the OD, and anyone else in her situation can do the same.

The Wilmer reference is more of an Easter egg. Watch for the shot of a bride and groom running across the street, right in front of Demi. Remember, Wilmer -- who dated Demi from 2010 to 2016 -- just got engaged in January to model Amanda Pacheco.

Demi's point here seems to be she's cool with Wilmer moving on because, again, she's got self-love to get her through. Remember, she and Wilmer remained close. He visited her frequently in the hospital during her recovery.

"I Love Me" drops on Friday, and we wouldn't be surprised if it's filled with a few more subtle messages.

Nicolas Cage Color Me Romantic And a Tad Touristy Too!!!

Nicolas Cage looked a bit outta place in NYC wearing a cowboy hat and boots. No, he wasn't shooting a modern western ... he was on a date.

Nic and his 26-year-old GF, Riko Shibata, enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage ride Wednesday in Central Park. The couple left the Italian joint Cipriani on 5th Avenue before embarking on their tour of the park. After, they hit up a bar for several hours enjoying some drinks.


It looked like a romantic date, and also pretty cliche. The hansom cab is one of those things every NYC tourist's bucket list. Still, the couple really did appear to enjoy the scenery.

The same cannot be said of their driver who seemed to be intensely glued to his phone. Y'know what they say ... those horses practically drive themselves. Take that Tesla!!!

Anyway, Nic and Riko -- who's 30 years younger than him -- have been spotted around the city quite a bit. A few days ago they hit up the American Museum of Natural History and then enjoyed dinner and a movie. Turns out Nic's kind of a traditionalist ... on dates, anyway.

They've reportedly been together for a couple months. Keep an eye out for them doing one of those Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tours.

Katy Perry No More Hiding It ... I'm Pregnant!!!

Katy Perry doesn't have to suck it in anymore -- her words -- 'cause she's finally comfortable announcing to the world she's pregnant!!!

The singer revealed her pregnancy Wednesday night in her "Never Worn White" music video. It's pretty clear she and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together ... she's seen in the video cradling her baby bump.

No doubt Katy's stoked about the big news. The lyrics feature this verse, "See us in 60 years with a full family tree." Safe to say more are on the way? Either way ... off to a great start!

Katy also took to Instagram and posted a version of her music video with the caption, "Let's just say it's gonna be a jam packed summer." On Twitter, Katy wrote, "omg so glad I don't have to suck it in anymore" with an eye roll emoji.

She was seen out earlier this week ... and seems Katy definitely was hiding it. No more!!

This will be Katy's first child. Orlando's got a son, Flynn, with Miranda Kerr. Katy and Orlando got engaged on Valentine's Day last year. Helluva start to 2020, tho.


Nicki Minaj's Husband Arrested by Feds For Not Registering as Sex Offender


3:09 PM PT -- Petty just appeared in court and pled not guilty.

Prosecutors wanted Petty placed on house arrest, but his attorney objected and instead Petty is being required to wear an ankle monitor. He will also have a curfew.

Petty's lawyer says he's going to post $100,000 bond later today. Petty will also be under pretrial supervision and has already surrendered his passport. His travel will be restricted to Southern California.

Petty also can't use drugs, even marijuana from legal dispensaries in L.A. He has another hearing scheduled for March 23.

Nicki Minaj's husband's past is coming back to bite him in the ass -- he's been arrested by U.S. Marshals on an indictment for failing to register as a sex offender ... TMZ has learned.

Kenneth Petty was in federal custody Wednesday -- we're told he turned himself into the Marshals. According to court docs, he'll face a judge later today. Petty moved to California in July 2019, but according to law enforcement he got pulled over in Beverly Hills in November and that's when his legal troubles started.

We're told Bev Hills PD made a traffic stop on November 15 and determined Petty was a registered sex offender in New York state but had not registered in California ... as required.

He was arrested and released on a $20,000 bond. The L.A. County D.A. charged him for failing to register as a sex offender.

It appears he still didn't check in after that because now the feds are in on the case. He was indicted in federal court for the same thing ... failing to register.

As we've reported, Kenneth's rap sheet includes a 1995 conviction for first-degree attempted rape. He served almost 4 years in NY state prison for the crime and was required to register as a sex offender. If convicted on the federal charge for failure to register, Kenneth faces up to 10 years in prison.

TMZ broke the story ... Nicki and Kenneth hit up the Bev Hills Courthouse to get a marriage license in July ... around the time the couple moved to Cali.

We've reached out to Nicki's camp for comment, so far no word back.

Originally published -- 1:29 PM PT

William Shatner Divorce They're Splitting Their Horses ... But He Gets the Semen!!!


William Shatner and his ex-wife are divvying up all their assets, and we mean ALL -- because the settlement covers everything from dogs to land, to ashes of exes and yes ... horse semen.

As you know, Bill filed to divorce Elizabeth back in December and it's now been finalized, but they had plenty to split up. We'll start with their livestock. Capt. Kirk is boldly leaving with 2 horses ... Renaissance Man's Medici and Powder River Shirley. He also gets 2 dogs ... Macchiato and Double Espresso.

Elizabeth also gets 2 horses ... Belle Reve's So Photogenic and Pebbles (they kinda mailed it in with that name). No dogs for her.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Shatner's love for his horses is well known -- he breeds them after all, and he made sure to cover that in the docs. For instance, he gets "all horse semen" and horse equipment. Yes, that's spelled out in black and white.

On to their real estate and cars. Elizabeth gets a Malibu Cove home, another in Versailles, Kentucky and she keeps her share off her family's farm in Indiana. In her garage, you'll find a 2007 BMW X5, a 2015 Mercedes Benz ML65, and a 2004 Ford Explorer.

Shatner keeps a Studio City home and a ranch in Three Rivers, CA near Sequoia National Park. However, they've agreed that Elizabeth gets the right to "occasionally harvest some fruit" from trees on the ranch. It's clearly a special property to both of them ... because she can also go there to visit the ashes of her first husband, and some horse graves.

The divorce also spells out visitation rights -- they didn't have kids together, but they've got lots of animals. Elizabeth can visit with Macchiato, Double Espresso and some of the horses ... as long as she gives Bill "advance notice."

As for the boring stuff -- AKA money -- he's already paid her one lump sum of $2 million in spousal support, and that was spelled out in their prenup.

The judge has already signed off, so that's a wrap on marriage #4 for Bill and #2 for Elizabeth. They're both single and ready to mingle!!!

Justin Bieber Happy 26th Bday ... Have Some Why-So-Humble Pie, Er, Cake

Justin Bieber turned 26 this weekend -- and as much as you might think the guy had every reason to cut loose ... he kinda did the exact opposite when it was time to make a wish.

The Biebs' party went down Saturday night at Delilah in L.A. -- this after a reported 1-on-1 romantic dinner with the missus, Hailey -- where a bunch of their pals came out to help him celebrate the big 2-6. It looked like a sweet shindig -- there was a live band, drinks being passed around and, of course, lots of pastry sweets ... including candle-lit cupcakes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He had a cake to himself though, and as everybody sang him "Happy Birthday," Justin looked a little ... dare we say, somber? Yes, some of that -- but mostly content and chillaxed.

He had Hailey right in front of him, naturally, and it appears he kept his eyes mostly on her the whole time. Clearly, the married couple is head over heels to this day. He was later seen cradling her from behind, and they snuck in some smooches where they could.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Even with a ton of cameras on them, they didn't seem to care. Justin and Hailey just couldn't keep their hands off each other as they hugged, kissed, swayed and canoodled. Young love at its finest, right?

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Now, just to be clear ... it wasn't all lovey-dovey and heart eyes all night -- JB DID get down and bust a move at different points in the party. He also got on the mic for a bit, but for the most part ... Bieber seemed to be acting pretty freaking responsible and playing the good hubby all night.

They grow up so fast ... happy birthday, Biebs!!!

Amanda Knox Space-Themed Wedding ... Costumes Very Much of This World

Amanda Knox walked down the aisle after legally tying the knot almost 2 years ago -- and while an intergalactic ceremony was promised ... it looked more earthly than anything.

The one-time convicted felon -- who was later acquitted of murder -- said "I do" again Saturday to hubby Christopher Robinson at a wedding with friends and loved ones out in Washington State. We'd been told the theme was supposed to be space/'Star Wars.'

By the looks of the guests' costumes ... it doesn't seem like either came through. Check it out -- the folks here look like an odd mix of Egyptian rulers and 18th century Euro royalty.

Then again, maybe this is from some obscure space movie/show/book that we're simply not familiar with -- there's no shortage of out-of-this-world content to choose from.


Regardless, it's good to see Amanda and Chris came full circle with their love for the other-worldly. Remember ... they got engaged with a full-blown 'E.T.' recreation, so they clearly dig the sci-fi scene.

Congrats to the space cadet couple!!!

'Love is Blind' Stars Legally Married More Than a Year Umm ... SPOILER ALERT???


The 2 "Love Is Blind" couples that got married on the season finale didn't do it just for cameras ... they're legit, 'cause we got receipts.

This is where we drop those magic words -- SPOILER ALERT -- just in case ya haven't gotten to the big finish yet for the Netflix series.

If you did, then you know Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, and Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed all said "I do". Of course, y'know how reality TV works ... sometimes they do things just for show -- but that's not the case here. We checked with the Fulton County Court in Atlanta, and a rep tells us they do indeed have marriage records for BOTH couples.

Matt and Amber got married on November 13, 2018. Cameron and Lauren followed 3 days later. We know what you're thinking -- considering the marriages are a shot in the dark, we also checked divorce records and came up with nada.

As rabid fans of the hit Netflix show know by now ... Matt, Amber, Cameron and Lauren were the only couples who agreed on marriage when the highly-anticipated season finale dropped. Sorry, Mark Cuevas.

Anyway, there's a reunion slated for March 5, which is likely when the foursome will reveal they've been real-life married people.

Mazel tov!!! Twice.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Sure Seems Like They're Back Together

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are back together ... at least that's the signal she's giving, and pretty clearly giving at that.

Kylie posted a bunch of pics from the Houston Rocket's Western Conference Quarterfinals back in 2017. It's when she was pregnant with Stormi. Kylie and Trav certainly look couply. She captioned the photos, "It's a mood."

She posted pics of Travis whispering in her ear, another staring into each other's eyes ... get the picture?

Kylie also modeled shoes Travis released Saturday ... Nike SB Dunk low trainers. BTW ... they've gone from $150 a pop online to $1,000.

In case you forgot, Kylie and Travis started dating at Coachella in 2017 and it wasn't long before she was pregnant with Stormi. They broke up last year but remained close and were super-into co-parenting, but it clearly started getting romantic, and he surprised her on Valentine's Day with a bunch of flowers.

Amanda Knox Space-Themed Wedding This Weekend ... In Galaxy Not So Far Away

Exclusive Details

Amanda Knox and her hubby are set to officially tie the knot this weekend in a celebration that's gonna be out-of-this-world ... yet fully in the Pacific Northwest.

Knox and Christopher Robinson -- who got legally married back in 2018 -- are having their wedding ceremony Saturday at an Elk's Lodge in Washington State. We're told the theme is space/Star Wars and guests are in for a galactic celebration.

We're imagining the original 'Star Wars' cantina scene, but maybe that's just us. Remember, these 2 space cadets got engaged with a bizarre "E.T." recreation in their backyard.


Knox and Robinson's registry is full of galaxy photos and in place of gifts, attendees were encouraged to donate to the final cost of the wedding. Guests who donated $500, $1000 and $2000 are promised special shout-outs during the ceremony.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Knox, who is now 32, was accused of brutally murdering her roommate in 2007 while she was an exchange student in the city of Perugia in Italy.

She and her boyfriend at the time were convicted and spent 4 years in prison before an appeals court acquitted them. Knox was convicted again in 2014 before being acquitted for the final time in 2015.

'Love is Blind' Star Mark Cuevas Please Don't Hate Jessica!!! I Still Got Love For Her Because ...


Rabid fans of "Love is Blind" practically BEGGED the star, Mark Cuevas, to dump his ruthless fiancee on the show ... but he couldn't let her go and his reason kinda makes sense.


We got Mark out Thursday in Atlanta and asked him what pretty much every fan of the hit Netflix series has been asking since Jessica Batten dumped him at the altar: why didn't HE dump her way before that after she put him through hell?!?!

Mark tells us the connection he made with Jessica was pretty deep, beyond what fans even saw on the show. The idea of losing that connection, he said, is what made it so hard to kick her to the curb. Heck, he even gave her one of his grandmother's bracelets. Don't worry, he got it back.

For the uninitiated ... the show features singles who get to know each other by talking through a wall inside a pod. If they make a connection, they can only meet face-to-face if they agree to get engaged and they immediately begin planning the wedding.

Mark and Jessica got off to a strong start but Messica -- as fans dubbed her -- became the villain when she two-timed Mark and started talking to Matt Barnett, who hinted he'd propose to Jessica ... but backed out.

Eventually, Mark proposed to Jessica, but the wheels quickly fell off ... capped by Jessica's drunken confession about the other guy, and her jilting Mark.

But, watch the vid, Mark tells us why he'll always have love for Jessica -- but he plays it pretty coy when we ask if he's dating anyone else these days.

We'll say this ... sounds like he's got something brewing for the March 5 reunion.

Lil Scrappy & Wife Bambi Baby No. 2 in the Oven!!!


Lil Scrappy and his wife, Bambi Benson, are adding to their brood ... with baby No. 2 on the way!!!

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars are ecstatic about expecting their second kid together. We're told Bambi is currently around 18 weeks pregnant but they don't know the gender just yet. It's still a tad bit too early to tell.

But, the celebration's most certainly underway. Lil Scrappy and Bambi -- who got married in September 2017 -- are overjoyed and excited to add to the family. They had their first baby together in September 2018 ... 1-year-old son Breland.

This will be Scrappy's third child. He has a daughter, Emani, from a previous relationship.

Goes without saying ... CONGRATS!!!

Drew Carey Attends Amie Harwick's Wake

Drew Carey is paying his last respects to Amie Harwick, his ex-fiancee who he called "a beautiful person who didn't deserve to die like she did."

"The Price is Right" host looked understandably somber Thursday morning outside the Huff & Lakjer Funeral Home in Pennsylvania. He walked into the wake, along with Amie's family and friends.

Several of her loved ones cried and hugged outside the funeral home.

As we reported ... Carey opened up about Amie's tragic death recently on his SiriusXM show, calling his engagement to her the "best relationship of my life." He says they shared a special connection over music, and he shared a setlist he made specifically for her.

We broke the story ... Harwick was killed after she was allegedly attacked by an ex-boyfriend in her home, which caused her fatal fall from a third-story balcony.

Gareth Pursehouse has been arrested and charged with her murder. Pursehouse had a long, troubling history with Harwick ... beginning when she filed for restraining orders against him nearly a decade ago.

'Happy Days' Star Breaks Leg During Mountain Hike ... Rescued by Chopper!!!


Cathy Silvers -- best known for playing Jenny Piccalo on "Happy Days" -- had a painful day biking and hiking SoCal mountains ... ending up with broken bones and a helicopter rescue.

The actress tells TMZ ... she and her new BF were mountain biking through the canyons in Santa Clarita, north of L.A., when they decided to do a little rock climbing as well. Pretty adventurous date!

Unfortunately, as they were making their descent on Sunday, Cathy says she heard a loud crack in her leg and was unable to walk. We're told her BF had to carry her downhill for about an hour -- while she was in shock -- before he could finally call 911.

Once search and rescue was notified, we're told it took another couple hours to locate Cathy because they were at altitude, and eventually a helicopter had to be dispatched to find her and transport her to a hospital. She says her pain was almost unbearable during the hours long ordeal.

At the hospital, doctors put her leg in a cast -- turns out she broke 2 bones. Cathy thanks the L.A. County Sheriff Search and Rescue team and Fire Department for saving her ... along with her heroic BF.

By the way ... this was only their second date! Cathy says he's a lock for a third.

Ray J & Princess Love Still Married ... But Living Separately


Ray J and Princess Love are still husband and wife -- doing the whole co-parenting thing -- but they're not back under the same roof, and that's just the way they like it for now.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... they still haven't reconciled after she claimed in November he'd "stranded" her and their daughter, Melody, in Vegas after a heated argument. Remember, Princess was weeks away from giving birth to their second child at the time.

We're told they're getting along fine now ... doing family stuff together with no drama or arguing. This includes over the holidays, which is also when they welcomed their baby boy, Epik.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Our sources say the couple's living situation -- Princess stays at her luxury Beverly Hills condo while Ray J's at a nearby bachelor pad -- helps keep the peace. We're told she keeps the kids but Ray comes by to visit daily, and he has their dogs at his house.

As for the potential threat of divorce ... our sources say there's zero talk of that currently, and they're using the time apart to focus on themselves and being good parents. Princess, we're told, is very happy with the current set up.

That doesn't mean Ray J's not still trying to make amends though ... our sources say he went all out for Valentine's Day, covering the Bev Hills condo with more than 2,000 roses for both Princess and Melody.


As we've reported ... Princess said she was done with the marriage after the Vegas incident, and Ray J briefly stopped wearing his wedding ring. He had it back on a few days later, though ... but said Princess was still mad.

We're told things are looking a lot better now, but clearly, they still have plenty of smoothing out to be done.

Drew Carey Emotional Tribute to Amie Harwick ... 'I Loved Her Very Much'

Drew Carey's still reeling over the murder of his ex-fiancee, Amie Harwick, who he's calling a "beautiful person who didn't deserve to die like she did" ... in his first heartbreaking public tribute to her.

Carey opened up about Harwick on his weekly SiriusXM show, calling his engagement to her the "best relationship of my life." "The Price is Right" host got very emotional talking about his love for Amie -- even after their breakup -- and the special connection they had over music.

He shared a special setlist for his radio show ... one he'd made specifically for her. It included "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and "Dedicated to the One I Love."

Drew also touched on Amie's alleged murderer, saying she was killed by an ex-boyfriend who had been stalking her for about 10 years ... even when she was in a relationship with Carey. He says Harwick's ex "finally got her."

As you know ... Gareth Pursehouse has been arrested and charged with Harwick's murder. Cops say he attacked her in her home, causing her to fall to her death from a third-story balcony. Harwick had filed for restraining orders against him nearly a decade ago, but it's believed he may have had contact with her at a recent work event.

Carey ended his tribute to Harwick by thanking musicians who touch people like him and Amie, and saying "I loved her very much." He then played his setlist for her and says he might not be back on the radio program for a while as he recovers from the tragedy.

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