Elon Musk's Mom Tesla's Money Milestone is Nice ... But It's Still NOT My Fave Elon Moment


Elon Musk's mother is keeping it real when it comes to which of her son's achievements makes her most proud, and ya might be surprised ... it's not Tesla.

Maye Musk was out Wednesday in NYC with a huge smile ... and for good reason. Her son's car company just became the highest-valued car company in U.S. history -- with a total market value of nearly $100 billion.

To put that in perspective, that's more than General Motors and Ford combined. A huge accomplishment for sure, but Elon's mom says there's something else on her son's resume she, personally, finds more impressive.

There's plenty to choose from, for sure, although you can be pretty sure it isn't his prowess on a dance floor. Even a mother couldn't back those moves.


No, Maye's choice is something we'd all have to look up to ... we think. Even if you disagree, ya gotta love her energy in this clip.

Fun facts: Maye was a Miss South Africa finalist in 1969 and has modeled for tons of magazine covers, Revlon ads, and even appeared in Beyonce's "Haunted" music video.

Elon Musk Dancing Machine at New Tesla Plant ... You Like This, China??!!


Here's Elon Musk getting super loose on the floor -- not at a nightclub, but for the opening of his new factory in China -- and his moves scream ... let's sell some Model 3s, baby!!!

The Tesla honcho was in Shanghai Tuesday celebrating the launch of Tesla's manufacturing plant, and he was apparently so amped he just couldn't resist busting out his best dance.

Ya gotta see Elon's bag of tricks ... he slips off his jacket and tosses it aside before doing the ol' walk like an Egyptian (s/o to The Bangles). Ya might've seen some of his other moves ... in a retirement home.

Still, the crowd ate it up -- clapping, cheering and encouraging him to keep it moving ... keep his body moving.


Looks like Elon's learned his lesson from that unintentionally hysterical Cybertruck launch -- dance more, throw metal balls less. It's just more fun.

Diddy & Future Jet Ski Buddies ... No Bad Blood Over Lori Harvey

Diddy and Future are out to prove friends who jet ski together stick together ... even if one of them is dating the other's ex.

The hip-hop stars tore it up on the water Thursday as they enjoyed a sunny Miami afternoon on jet skis to start the year off right. DJ Khaled and Meek Mill also joined in on the fun.

Pretty typical stuff for a group of rich guys, but what's interesting here is Future's now dating Steve Harvey's daughter, Lori ... who was romantically linked to Diddy just this past summer.

Doesn't appear to be an issue at all between the rappers, though ... and the mystery hot chick riding behind Diddy might be one of the reasons why.

As for Future and Lori ... the 2 sparked dating rumors in November when she attended his bday party in Atlanta, and confirmed it recently. Lori traveled to Nigeria last weekend for Future's first headline concert in Africa, and eagle-eyed fans noticed the shoes he was wearing were also in the background of a mirror selfie snapped by Lori.

They were together again in Vegas for New Year's Eve ... and all signs point to Diddy's stamp of approval for 2020.

Ozzy Osbourne I'm Not On My Deathbed!!! Out And About With Sharon


Ozzy Osbourne is not waiting to die ... he's still living large and his wife says they've got huge plans on deck in the new year.

We got the Black Sabbath frontman and Sharon Osbourne out on New Year's Day, filling up their Rolls-Royce at a gas station ... and the rocker looked anything but bedridden.

In case you missed it ... rumors are swirling about Ozzy's supposedly declining health, but the couple looked and sounded happy when they ran into our TMZ Celebrity Tour guide.

Ozzy's rocking some shades and a pretty stylish cane, and even though he doesn't say much, he's still moving around in his fancy car ... no "Weekend at Bernie's" stunts here.

Oh and get this ... Sharon drops some hints on the release date of Ozzy's first solo album in 10 years, "Ordinary Man," and a new tour.

Don't write off the Prince of Darkness just yet!!!

'Bad News Bears' Star Jeffrey Davies Learning to Walk and Talk Again ... After Motorcycle Crash


Jeffrey Davies -- who played Kelly Leak in the 2005 comedy "Bad News Bears" -- is fighting like hell to regain function after a terrifying accident left him nearly paralyzed.

According to law enforcement, Davies was riding a motorcycle close to midnight back in May, when he lost control at the center of an intersection and was thrown from the bike.

Jeffrey's Mom, Kim, says her son was rushed to Orlando Medical Center after suffering a serious head injury that required surgery. During surgery, we're told, doctors had to partially remove Jeffrey's skull to relieve pressure in his brain.


It's been over 7 months since the accident but Jeffrey's still in major recovery mode. He's had to learn how to talk and walk. Jeffrey -- the local troublemaker/superstar baseball player in the film starring Billy Bob Thorton -- requires speech and occupational therapy plus tons of medical supplies. Reliable transportation's also an issue since he's confined to a wheelchair.

French Montana I Appreciate Being Alive ... So I Bought Me a $1.5M Bugatti!!!

Exclusive Details

French Montana has lots to celebrate ... he's lucky to be alive after his big hospital scare, so what better way to show gratitude than to buy yourself a $1.5 million whip!!!

French got a brand new blue Bugatti delivered to his pad in Vegas Sunday night. We're told it was transported by Wires Only Luxury Car Dealer in L.A. ... using a special truck to protect it from scratches or other damage.

Our sources say French wanted the Bugatti in time for New Year's Eve to celebrate the year ahead and, presumably, the fact that he ended the year on 2 feet.

TMZ broke the story ... French was hospitalized in November after experiencing intense stomach pain and an elevated heart rate. He spent nearly 2 weeks in the hospital -- mostly in the ICU -- before being released.

While our French sources say doctors could never nail down a cause, French says he believes the medical emergency was caused by partying way too hard -- 4 countries in 4 days.

The good news for French. His new album "Montana" dropped just days after he got out of the hospital ... so he had plenty to listen to during his recovery.

MMA's Jordan Johnson Big Plans for $1 Million Prize!!! ... I'm Buyin' a Kia!


What would you do if someone handed you a check for $1 MILLION!?!?!? New Ferrari? Big ass mansion? Pet tiger?

MMA fighter Jordan Johnson has MUCH different plans if he wins the big PFL $1 million prize fight on New Year's Eve ... dude says he wants a Kia!

The 31-year-old light heavyweight fought his way into the championship match against Emiliano Sordi -- where the winner takes home that 7-figure payday. Not bad.

Johnson says he ain't trying to count his chickens before they hatch ... but he'd be lying if he said he hadn't given some thought about how to spend the money.

"Ya know, I'm not gonna make any crazy purchases, but maybe a new car is something we've kinda been talking about."

And the dream ride?!

"I love Kias. We've been talking about the Telluride. But, I just saw the Stinger for the first time the other day. Most people laugh about this, 'You have a million dollar payday and you want to go buy a Kia?'"


Don't laugh ... the 2020 Telluride MSRP's for about $32k, and was named SUV of the Year by Motor Trend.

Sure, it doesn't go 200 MPH ... but do $300k sports cars hold 8 passengers and have an ungodly amount of cupholders? Nope.

Gotta respect the fiscal responsibility.

DJ Khaled $500K Rolls-Royce Merry Christmas To Me!!!


DJ Khaled is lavishing himself with Christmas gifts ... to the tune of a half-million-dollar custom Rolls-Royce truck!!!

We got Khaled on Fifth Avenue, where he was proudly showing off his new wheels ... and ya gotta see his tricked out ride.

The custom whip is a 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan ... and Khaled's trusted car customizer Will Castro of Unique Rides tells us the $500k car comes with another $25k in special features.

As you can see ... the Rolls is sitting on custom 24-inch Forgiato rims with Nitto Tires, with red "RR" accents matching the red interior.

Khaled says he's gonna be driving around Miami in his new truck, and Will tells us it's got specially tinted windows for privacy and to keep Khaled cool from the South Florida heat.

Check out the car tour ... Khaled works hard and plays harder.

Marc Anthony $300k to Salvage Sunken Yacht!!! U.S. Gov't Fronting the Tab

Getty/City Of Miami Fire

Marc Anthony's burned out yacht is posing a significant danger to Miami's coastal waters -- so the federal government's stepping in to assist ... but it ain't gonna be cheap.

As you know, Marc's $7 million yacht, the Andiamo, burst into flames Wednesday night in a Miami marina, and despite valiant efforts ... the vessel went under. It's still resting mostly submerged, and it will until divers tackle the issue of fuel leaks.

The U.S. Coast Guard tells TMZ ... the government is dipping into something called the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to pay for the divers. We're told they're inspecting the wreckage to figure out the best way to clear the engines and tanks.

After the fuel clean up, another company will tow Marc's baby to dry dock where investigators can determine what caused the fire. Officials estimate the job will cost about $300,000 -- that's how much they pulled from the fund.


Now, before ya fire off an angry email to Congress ... the feds only front that $300k.

We're told the government will seek reimbursement from Marc, or more likely, his insurance company, once the job is done. So, if you need to know ... taxpayers will NOT be paying to raise his yacht.

Lil Pump Corn Dogs For All These People!!! Feeds Homeless in L.A.

Lil Pump is spreading holiday cheer for the people who need it most ... one corn dog at a time.

The rapper was out in Los Angeles Wednesday, hooking up the homeless with hot meals, cold drinks and warm clothes for the winter.

Lil Pump hit the streets of Skid Row, serving up corn dogs, turkey dogs, cheese dogs, french fries and lemonade ... and passing out jackets, pants and socks to 600 people.

Pump teamed up with a couple of companies for the good deed ... joining forces with My Friends House Foundation, Hot Dog on a Stick and his buddy, RD Whittington, the owner of luxury celeb car company Wires Only, who dropped $7,000 on the charity event.

If the carnival fare sounds different as far as givebacks go ... that's because we're told Lil Pump and RD wanted to pass out food that was nontraditional, so mission accomplished there.

Lil Pump's known for living large, so it's nice to see him giving back to the community.

Marc Anthony Luxury Yacht Bursts Into Flames ... Capsizes in Miami

Getty/@CityofMiamiFire Composite

Marc Anthony's luxury yacht caught fire in Miami, sending fire crews scrambling to battle the blaze and save other boats from the massive flames.

Anthony's 120-foot Andiamo yacht became engulfed Wednesday night ... and was a total loss. The boat began to capsize as crews fought to save the vessel, but luckily, it doesn't appear any other vessels were caught in the flames.

It's currently unclear what caused the massive fire to break out, but luckily no one was on board at the time of the incident.

MLB's Josh Donaldson Buys Mom $70,000 Maserati ... For Quitting Smoking

Breaking News

Quit smoking ... get a brand-new Maserati???

That's the deal Josh Donaldson made with his mom ... and when the MLB superstar paid up his side of the bet with the $70,000 whip -- Momma Donaldson's reaction was PRICELESS!!!

The Atlanta Braves stud says he made the pact with his mom a couple of years ago ... saying if she cut out cigarettes, he'd deliver a pricey ride as a present.

Well, sometime recently, she reached the two-year clean mark ... so he filmed himself giving her the Maserati, and the footage is amazing.

The third baseman's mom goes absolutely bananas when she sees the car ... jumping into his arms and screaming wildly.

Seriously, it's the best.

"2 years of not smoking and here is her early Christmas present," Donaldson said. "Trust me you are going to want to watch this."

The vid is so amazing ... a bunch of MLB stars weighed in, with JD Martinez calling it the "best reaction ever" and Ian Kinsler saying, "That's amazing."

By the way, if you're wondering how the new ride will affect Donaldson's checkbook ... don't fret -- the dude is expected to sign a MASSIVE contract in free agency this offseason!!!

'Empire' Actress Busted for DUI ... Leaving the Scene

Amanda Detmer -- the actress who plays Tracy on "Empire" -- is in hot water after cops say she left the scene of an accident ... and was driving under the influence.

Detmer was arrested for DUI Sunday night in Chico, CA, after allegedly smashing her vehicle into a utility pole and then taking off. Law enforcement tells TMZ ... it responded to a report about the pole and conducted a search of the area, eventually locating a vehicle with severe front-end damage.

Cops say Detmer was driving it, and when they pulled her over they confirmed she was responsible for the collision. Their investigation also determined she was drinking and driving.

She was placed under arrest and is now facing charges of DUI and leaving the scene of a traffic collision.

Amanda's best known recently for her role on "Empire," but also for supporting roles in films like "Final Destination," "The Majestic" and "You, Me and Dupree."

Elon Musk Cybertruck Tough Enough for Malibu ... No Shattered Windows!!!

Elon Musk is taking his super cool looking Cybertruck out for real-world spins now -- and it made its debut in ... Malibu, of course.

The Tesla honcho rolled into Nobu Saturday night with the Cybertruck and some friends ... and his ride was instantly the biggest celeb in the always celeb-packed joint. Not shockingly, the valets left Cybertruck upfront, and patrons circled around it taking photos all night.

We know what you're thinking ... and NO heavy objects were hurled at the whip's Armor Glass.


Elon eventually came out with actor Ed Norton in tow, who clearly wanted to catch a glimpse of the electric truck -- which won't be available to the public until 2021 or 2022.

As you know, the innovative vehicle made its debut last month with a splashy live streamed event from SpaceX HQ -- but it didn't go as scripted when a demo ended with metal balls shattering the supposedly shatterproof glass.


Like many Hollywood celebs in need of an image makeover -- Cybertruck put on its best dress and headed out for a photo op in the 'Bu.

Well played.

Michelle Kwan In Bad Car Crash Rips 'Coward' Who Drove Off

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TMZ Composite

Terrifying moment for figure skating legend Michelle Kwan -- who was involved in a bad crash in South Carolina on Friday after a mattress fell off a car on a highway.

The 39-year-old Olympic medalist was driving on Interstate 26 in Columbia around 6 AM when a driver in the fast lane "dropped a massive mattress" in the middle of traffic.

Kwan tried to avoid the mattress, but in the chaos, she was hit by another driver. Kwan says the car that dropped the mattress sped off when the driver saw the damage on the road.

"Luckily the driver who hit me was paying attention and slammed on his breaks - he still hit me hard."

Kwan -- who was driving a rented Nissan Sentra -- says she's grateful she wasn't pushed into oncoming traffic, where cars were racing around 70 mph.

"Thank God nobody was hurt," Kwan says ... "just felt very scared and now angry at the coward that drove away."

Kwan adds, "Sorry but just need to share and also remind folks to secure furniture or hire movers because you can really kill somebody."

In case you need a refresher, Kwan is one of the all-time greats ... she's been inducted into both the U.S. and the World Figure Skating Hall of Fames.

She won silver at the '98 Olympic Games and bronze in 2002 -- on top of being a 9-time U.S. skating champ.

Michael Blackson Runs Out of Gas ... Saved by Kindness of (Sports) Enemy


Michael Blackson learned 2 very valuable life lessons ... and it all went down at a gas station.

The comedian's saga is full of twists and turns and eventual triumph, so buckle up. We got Mike at a Shell Station in L.A. after noticing he had some car trouble, and he tells us he made a boneheaded mistake as old as Karl Benz's first automobile -- he ran out of gas.

Blackson says he didn't believe it when his luxury car was telling him he needed to fill up his tank ... and his Rolls stopped rolling at a nearby intersection.

What happened next is equal parts hilarious and pathetic -- but hey, Michael admits he's not a handyman -- and he was left completely clueless as to how to remedy his dire situation.

That's when he turned to an unlikely source for some help in his time of need, especially for a Philadelphia Eagles fan ... a man wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt.

It was a wise move though because the kind Cowboys fan turned out to be hella resourceful ... and got Blackson all gassed up and back on the road. He might have made a new friend too.

So, what are the lessons learned here for the comedian? 1) Love your enemies ... and 2) Go get gas as soon as your damn light comes on.

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