Tenn. State RB Jordan Bell Leg Amputated After Moto Crash ... Hopes to Play Again

Tennessee State running back Jordan Bell is recovering after doctors amputated part of his left leg following a motorcycle crash ... and he's already got his sites set on playing football again!

20-year-old Bell was riding his red 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 in Nashville on April 4 -- when he hit a pothole, lost control and was thrown from the bike into a concrete wall.

Several bystanders rushed to help -- and emergency responders were called to the scene to treat the severe injuries, including broken bones and severed nerves.

Unfortunately, Bell's left leg was so damaged in the crash, doctors decided it was in his best interest to amputate below the knee.

Now, the running back is recovering at home -- which SUCKS even more because of the COVID-19 pandemic -- which is why his teammates organized a social distancing visit to show their support.

Several players and coaches (wearing masks) brought signs and balloons to Bell's home on April 29 -- and you can see in the pics, Bell was clearly moved by the gesture.

Bell is currently undergoing physical therapy and will be fitted for a prosthetic so he can walk again.

But, get this ... according to family members, one of Jordan's goals is to "eventually play football again."

Hey, with his work ethic and attitude, anything's possible!

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Meanwhile, Bell's family has started a GoFundMe to raise money for the medical bills -- and the fundraiser was already approved by the NCAA.

Bell played in all 12 games for TSU in 2019 -- and led the team in special teams tackles.

Playboi Carti & Iggy Azalea Screw the Volvo ... Our Family SUV is a Sick Rolls-Royce!!!


Playboi Carti's lesson for future dads out there -- don't sacrifice style when buying a family SUV ... assuming you can drop about half a mil on a Rolls, that is.

The rapper spent $400k to buy one of the most exquisite family-friendly rides you'll ever see ... a 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The new whip will transport new baby mama Iggy Azalea, their new baby boy and Papa Carti.

We're told Playboi bought the SUV last week from celeb car broker RD Whittington's company, Wires Only -- and it was delivered to the fam in Georgia for a small $10k rush shipping fee.

We're told Playboi wanted a bigger car where he could easily and safely attach a baby car seat -- while maintaining his successful rapper swagger. Translation: Make it a Rolls, please.

The base model starts at around $350k but upgrades are a given. One super-cool add-on -- the 2 leather seats and cocktail table which deploys from the luggage compartment at the touch of a button.

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Iggy, PC can show their baby boy the stars too ... by projecting them onto the tilting and retractable sunroof. Naturally, it also has fold-down TV screens to keep the kid entertained.

Oh, and don't sweat the pandemic -- if you're among the "safety first" crowd -- the SUV was deep cleaned before the transfer.

In the words of Kanye ... welcome to the good life, mom and dad!!!

Travis Scott Woke Up for 29th Bday ... In a New Bugatti!!!

Ace Hood, Future and Rick Ross would be so proud -- Travis Scott really did wake up to a new Bugatti to celebrate the final year of his 20s.

The "Sicko Mode" rapper celebrated turning 29 Thursday by hanging with his crew and jumping into his new whip, which, as you may know by now, is not cheap. Bugattis are very rare, and can cost MILLIONS.

We're not sure which model he got, but Travis ain't one to pinch pennies, so we wouldn't be shocked if this was a seven-figure purchase ... (*cough cough*) investment.

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On the less expensive side ... Travis also got a birthday shout out from his baby mama, Kylie Jenner, who posted ... "Happy birthday to daddy of the year! i’m slowly but surely starting to accept the fact that storm is a daddy’s girl. 😫 but whatever. we went half on greatness! the most beautiful, smart, loving and funny little baby. the best gift. ok i’m crying. love you forever! @travisscott."

No gas-station themed birthday party featuring Hennessy Slurpees this year, what with the COVID-19 pandemic and all.

Plus, he's a much more mature 29 now!!! Y'know what that means? Gotta settle for a Bugatti. Poor guy.

Channing Tatum & Jessie J Hop Back on the Horse ... Actually, a Motorcycle!!!

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Channing Tatum and Jessie J have reunited and it feels ... like we've been here before.

The on-again, off-again couple hit up the picturesque Mulholland Drive in L.A. Wednesday night on Channing's BMW bike for a nice sunset ride. It's unclear if they've been quarantining together but you know it's "safety first" with them ... look at those sturdy helmets. She also has her arms wrapped around him ... you can make the PDA or safety argument here.

Looks like these two crazy kids just can't deal with being split up. Remember, they dated for about a year before calling it quits in December ... only to get back together a month later.

Then, earlier this month, they split up again. The breakup didn't seem acrimonious at all, because just a few weeks after breaking up Jessie J took to Instagram to wish Channing a happy 40th birthday with a series of pics and vids. She also tagged him in that post.

And, just a few days after that post ... we see them riding together. The heart wants what the heart wants, right?

Harrison Ford Improperly Crosses Runway ... Tower Operator Pissed


Harrison Ford was told to hold short of the runway at a SoCal airport because another plane was on the runway ... but the actor still crossed and the tower operator was alarmed.

Harrison had just landed at the Hawthorne Airport Friday when he left the runway for the taxiway ... and he taxied to the other end of the runway. There was another plane a few miles behind him that was practicing touch-and-go landings.

Listen to the audio between Harrison and the tower. You hear the tower operator tell Ford, "Can you hold short on runway. Traffic on the runway."

It's apparent the 77-year-old pilot didn't hear it, because he accelerated onto the runway and began crossing. You then hear the tower operator angrily say Harrison ignored his instructions, and the actor profusely apologizes, saying he heard the exact opposite -- that he was cleared to cross the runway.

Important to note ... there was no danger of a crash. The other plane was 3,600 feet away from Harrison when it hit the runway and, since the guy was doing touch-and-goes, he was up in the air long before reaching the other end of the runway where Ford was located.

An FAA official tells TMZ, the incident is under investigation.

A rep for the actor tells us ... "Mr. Ford crossed the airport's only runway in his aircraft after he misheard a radio instruction from ATC. He immediately acknowledged the mistake and apologized to ATC for the error. The purpose of the flight was to maintain currency and proficiency of the aircraft."

Fact is ... Harrison was getting his license updated so he could participate in more relief efforts. Over the years, he's flown humanitarian missions in Haiti, he's worked with Operation Smile, and has helped rescue stranded hikers in Wyoming.

February 2017

Of course, this is reminiscent of another hiccup a few years ago at John Wayne Airport when he mistakenly landed on the taxiway, which was dangerous. He admitted as much at the time, calling himself a "schmuck" on the radio.

There was another incident, but frankly, Harrison pulled a Sully of sorts when his engine failed -- no fault of his -- and he was able to put the plane down on a golf course without injury to anyone.

Motocross Legend Marty Smith And Wife Dead ... In Dune Buggy Accident

Exclusive Details

Tragic news in the motocross community ... legendary pro racer Marty Smith and his wife, Nancy, were both killed in a freak dune buggy accident in California, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

He was 63.

Officials tell us Marty and Nancy were in a buggy that flipped at the Imperial Sand Dunes and rolled down a hill. We're told Marty was not wearing a safety harness and Nancy was only wearing a lap belt.

We're told emergency responders raced to the scene -- but couldn't do much. Marty was pronounced dead at the scene. Nancy was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she later passed away from her injuries.

Marty's best friend, Lee Ramage, was at the scene at the time of the crash and posted a statement on social media.

"It’s with the heaviest, grieving heart that I have to tell you Marty and Nancy Smith we’re killed yesterday in a rollover accident in his dune buggy at the imperial sand dunes," Ramage said.

"My wife, Tammi and I were in the buggy and were unhurt."

"We spent at least an hour trying to save their lives before first responders arrived. Marty took his last breath while I was holding his head, keeping his airway clear."

"Marty was my best friend and I tried with everything in me to save him while Tammi tried to save Nancy."

"There is so much to know about this man and how he wanted to leave this earth when God called him him."

"Please keep his children, Jillyin, Brooke and Tyler and all his grandkids in your prayers."

Marty took the industry by storm after going pro at age 17 in 1974 ... winning the inaugural AMA 125cc National Motocross Championship ... and defending his title in 1975.

Smith went on to win the 500cc championship in 1977 ... solidifying his spot as a superstar in the sport.

Marty retired from professional racing in 1981 ... but remained active in the motocross community as a coach.

Smith was later inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame in 2000.

Jason Pierre-Paul New Crash Photos ... Show Wrecked $350K Ferrari

Jason Pierre-Paul is revealing pics from the 2019 car crash that left him with a broken neck ... and the images show his $350,000 Ferrari was heavily damaged in the wreck.

As we previously reported ... the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star was driving a red 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista on May 2, 2019, when he lost control at around 3 AM and crashed.

Officials blamed weather conditions -- i.e. wet road surfaces -- for the accident ... and did NOT suspect JPP of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Now, nearly a full year after the wreck ... Pierre-Paul is reflecting on the crash -- sharing wild pics from the scene.

You can see in the photos ... the pricey ride was mangled pretty badly, with the passenger side door and rear quarter panel torn up.

Pierre-Paul captioned the pics with a message expressing gratitude for walking away from the crash alive ... saying, "I remember sittin home for months I mean months while time went by."

"But you know what kept me always going, I found somethin to be thankful for in this so call life bihhhh."

JPP added, "Fux a luxury car I got plenty of them. How can it be so luxury if you died in it and it. Live your best life TODAY!!!"

Pierre-Paul was sidelined for MONTHS with the neck injury ... but he returned to game action for the Bucs in Week 8 of the NFL season and went on to post 8.5 sacks.

He's expected to enter 2020 fully healthy and be a key cog on Tom Brady's new team.

WWE's Jerry 'The King' Lawler Flying Solo to Orlando For 'Monday Night Raw'

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Jerry "The King" Lawler is on his way to Orlando, Florida for Monday's episode of 'Raw' ... despite having serious health issues in the past.

The 70-year-old legend is a staple on 'Raw' -- but considering his age and the fact he had a heart attack on the air in 2012, you wouldn't think he'd be game for shooting a live ep during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, alas, Lawler packed his stuff and got on the plane Monday morning -- and even cracked jokes about being the only traveler at the airport.

"Not many people flying today," Lawler tweeted ... "I called the airline and said, "What time does your flight to Orlando leave?" They said, 'What time can you be here?'"

WWE says they are taking all sorts of precautions to keep everyone safe -- including medical screenings for everyone who enters the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

As we previously reported, a WWE on-air talent tested positive for coronavirus after WrestleMania 36 but the org. says they believe the person caught it from frontline medical workers AFTER the taping.

WWE has said the individual has since made a complete recovery and they "believe the matter is low risk to WWE talent and staff."

Tracy Morgan Lambo Meets Pedestrian ... Alleged Collision in NYC


Tracy Morgan's Easter is off to a hopping mad start ... after an alleged run-in between one of his exotic sports cars and an NYC pedestrian.

TMZ obtained this video of Tracy -- next to his red Lamborghini -- and a man yelling at each other near Times Square ... on the corner of 42nd and Broadway. Eyewitnesses tell us Tracy had a green light and started to make a right turn when he nearly hit the dude on foot.

You can hear the guy explain to Tracy where he was walking to and from, while Tracy vehemently disagrees. Seems the debate is about whether he was jaywalking and who had the right of way.

Police drove by, but didn't get involved ... we're told they basically gestured to both men to keep it moving. Tracy checked his Lambo for damage, and the pedestrian walked off, slightly limping.

For what it's worth, they appeared to be nearly 6 feet apart during the dispute. We've reached out to Tracy's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Even though NYC's streets are nearly empty during the quarantine ... Tracy's got pretty bad luck in the Big Apple. Last summer, he got into a fender bender on an NYC street in a new Bugatti he'd literally just driven off the lot.

He was ultimately not found at fault in that case.

Be careful out there Trace -- people are WALKING HERE!!! Ah, 'Midnight Cowboy' ... anyone? No??

Walt Disney World 43,000 Employees Getting Laid Off

Walt Disney World employees are taking it on the chin, hard -- the theme park is about to furlough 43,000 workers as it remains closed due to the coronavirus.

Orlando's Magic Kingdom, which has been shut down since March 16, reached agreements with its workers' unions, and will make the layoffs effective April 19 ... according to Forbes. Most of the employees are security guards and other workers involved in operating the facilities.

The Mouse House says the laid-off workers will keep their health benefits up to one year -- and Disney has agreed to pay for coronavirus testing for any employees who need it.

Of course, it's still unclear when Disney will reopen gates at its parks around the world. The massive park will now be staffed by only 200 people with "essential duties."

Forbes says Disney World is the largest single-site employer in the country ... and the massive layoffs are expected to have a domino effect on the Central Florida economy ... where so many other industries depend on Disney being open to stay in business.

The "Most Magical Place on Earth" ... once upon a time.

United Airlines Sued Give Us Refunds ... Travel Vouchers Won't Cut It


United Airlines customers are pissed the airline is only giving them travel vouchers for flights that were canceled due to coronavirus ... so they're suing.

Jacob Rudolph filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against United Airlines, claiming the air carrier is only offering travel vouchers instead of cash refunds, which he says does nothing to help people who need the dough back for basic necessities during the pandemic. It's especially galling because the airlines will receive a boatload of cash from the feds.

According to new docs, Rudolph claims he shelled out over $1,500 for 3 United Airlines flights scheduled for April and when UA canceled the flights because of the virus, he requested a refund and was denied.

In the suit, Rudolph says United told him he did not qualify for a refund and instead only offered to rebook his flights or give him a travel credit good for one year from the date he initially purchased the tickets.

According to the docs, Rudolph says United is being unfair, unjust and downright deceptive by refusing to issue refunds to passengers for coronavirus related cancellations ... and he says what's most galling is UA isn't forking over refunds even though the airlines are getting bailed out by the taxpayers to the tune of $58 billion.

Rudolph's suing for passengers to get their money back plus damages. We reached out to United, no word back so far.

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