Madison Beer Gifts Assistant a Benz for Her Bday ... Best. Boss. Ever!!!


Madison Beer splurged for her personal assistant's 30th birthday gift ... and we ain't talking expensive booze or jewelry, more like luxury wheels.

The surprise reveal went down Monday night in L.A. after the singer and some friends celebrated her assistant's birthday. When dinner ended, Madison handed her assistant a bag, but it turned out to be empty. It was also a ruse.

Check out the vid ... you can see Madison pull out a key fob to a brand new Mercedes-Benz C300. Suffice it to say ... Madison's assistant was stunned and damn near speechless.

Helluva gesture, especially 'cause Madison knew about her assistant's car trouble for a while. We're told her assistant's 12-year-old whip kept breaking down. It's a car she used a lot to run Madison's errands and whatnot. Madison also knew her assistant's dream was to one day own a white Benz. Madison delivered, and then some ... a white-on-white model that tends to run upwards of $50k.

Goes without saying, Madison is super close with her assistant, and knew this would blow her mind. She was dead-on, as you can see in the video -- which also reveals a sweet new nickname for boss Beer.

Lori Harvey Thwarts Attempted Auto Theft ... Crazy Surveillance Video!!!

Exclusive 2/5/20

4:38 PM PT -- Atlanta PD tells TMZ ... they're aware of the surveillance footage and are continuing to look into Lori's case with the intent of finding the responsible parties.

3:42 PM PT -- TMZ has obtained surveillance cam footage of the robbery ... and it clearly shows Lori pulling off her Rolls-Royce saving move.

The footage shows the suspect sneaking around the vehicle right after Lori parked, and her brief struggle with him. You also see her power move, walking off with the key fob, just as she described it to police.

Lori Harvey is lucky she escaped a sneak attack in a parking structure -- and if not for her quick-thinking skills her car might have been jacked ... TMZ has learned.

Steve Harvey's daughter had just parked her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan at an apartment complex in Atlanta Wednesday night ... and made her way to the trunk to grab some stuff. That’s when the suspect crept up and ran to jump in the driver's seat.

According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- Lori told cops the suspect was a young black guy who tried to steal her ride. We’re told Lori actually ran toward him and struggled with him as he was sitting in the SUV ... but he pushed her away.

Lori told cops that's when she realized she could just walk away with the key fob to thwart the attempted auto theft -- because it can't be put in drive without it. We’re told she simply walked away nonchalantly.

As she did, a second suspect pulled up in a getaway car, hopped out, ran to the back of her Rolls and grabbed a red duffel bag. Both he and the first suspect jumped in their vehicle and fled.

Clean getaway, but according to the report they didn't get much. The duffel bag was the only item stolen, and it only contained some clothing.

Cops say Lori didn't complain of any injuries and refused medical treatment. She told police she was returning from Whole Foods, so cops are looking to see if any surveillance cameras may have captured the suspects tailing her into the lot.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

Cristiano Ronaldo $875k Mercedes Surprise From GF Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Breaking News

Here's what you get for the man that has everything ...

Cristiano Ronaldo was surprised by his smokin' hot GF with a brand-new Mercedes for his 35th birthday ... and TMZ Sports has learned the whip cost nearly $1 MILLION!!

The insane present was given to Ronaldo after a dinner date in Italy on Wednesday night ... and CR7 -- a dude who's worth a BAJILLION dollars -- seemed legit stunned by the gift!!

The ride -- reportedly a 1-of-10 vehicle -- was draped in a red bow ... and Ronaldo's friends helped him celebrate it by dousing him in confetti and a rendition of "Feliz Cumpleanos."

Ronaldo's longtime GF, Georgina Rodriguez, said of the present in Spanish, "Congratulations to the man of my life! I can't wait to transport our love with your gift."

The ride is seriously insane ... it's got 800 horsepower, goes 0-to-60 in 2.9 seconds, and reportedly costs around $875,000!!!

Of course, Ronaldo is a huge car collector ... the dude reportedly owns around 20 super fancy rides -- so Georgina definitely won this bday.

Now, good luck topping that for Valentine's Day next week!

Actress Alice Evans Blows Up on YouTuber ... You're Parked in a Compact Space!!!


'Vampire Diaries' actress Alice Evans lost her s**t on a YouTuber who claims she hit her car in a parking lot and drove away -- and the confrontation between the two is wild.

The vlogger is Kayla Lashae, and she captured the British star leaving her vehicle Monday afternoon in L.A. to berate Kayla after allegedly knocking her back bumper while trying to park next to her. Watch ... Alice goes ballistic over what she thought was Kayla's fault.

Alice's rationale ... Kayla had a massive vehicle parked in a compact space, and didn't allow Alice to easily get her vehicle in. Her actual breakdown of it is more ... well, impassioned.

FWIW, Kayla drives a Jeep Wrangler -- so yeah, it's a big car.

Now, Kayla tells us Alice actually backed into another vehicle during the botched parking job ... and then, allegedly, drove away without leaving a note or exchanging info with Kayla herself. Kayla says she filed a police report with LAPD as a result -- they're looking into it.

The funny nugget out of all this ... Alice actually once starred in a movie called "Dangerous Parking." Ah, life imitates art yet again.

Billie Eilish Poof & I'm Gone ... The Racy Photo Shoot!!!

Billie Eilish is living in the fast lane ... such is life after hauling in 5 Grammys.

The 18-year-old singing sensation headed to the desert in the most northern part of L.A. County where she met up with a ton of rocket bikers for a photo shoot. There was also a cake on the set though it's unclear if the crew was actually celebrating or if it was part of the shoot. Billie's birthday, BTW, is December 18. Just so ya know.

Anyway ... Billie's also rocking a ginormous Moschino jacket. Unclear if she's trying to make a fashion statement or, again, if it's part of the photo shoot. Either way, when you bring home Grammys for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist and Pop Vocal Album of the Year ... wear whatever the hell ya want!!!

Idris Elba My New Car-Stunt Show It's Got Monster Potential!!!


Idris Elba's got some serious testicular fortitude ... 'cause his new car-stunt show really put his family jewels to the test.

TMZ's obtained the first images from the actor's new show coming to Quibi. Idris and elite rally driver Ken Block are teaming up for an 8-episode series dubbed "Elba vs. Block." They'll go head-to-head in car stunts to see who can outlast the other.

It's unclear if these are death-defying stunts, but with names like "Wall of Death," "Car Tightrope" and "Flaming Obstacle Course" it sure as hell seems like it. In one of the images, either Idris or Ken drive a go-kart through a vertical loop.

The 'Hobbs & Shaw' star has gone on record to say he loves speed and counts himself as a "wheel man" ... and no doubt this new show puts him front and center in some grueling challenges.

ICYMI ... Quibi is short for "quick bites." It's the first-ever entertainment platform designed specifically for phones to deliver episodes and movie-quality shows in 10 minutes or less.

It launches April 6 with original content from Jennifer Lopez, Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Kendall Jenner, 50 Cent, Steph Curry, Chrissy Teigen and Kristen Bell ... plus our own celebrity show with a TMZ edge.

The 30-second Super Bowl ad made/WILL MAKE its debut Sunday just after kickoff.

Billy Joel 12 Motorcycles Trashed by Burglar ... You May Be Right, He's Pissed!!!


Some crook thought he'd be a big shot breaking into Billy Joel's house -- which would've been bad enough -- but trashing the piano man's beloved motorbikes too ... just makes him a heartless prick.

Nassau County PD tells TMZ ... a burglary took place sometime between Saturday and Monday morning at a Long Island home, which sources tell us belongs to Billy. The cops say 12 motorcycles and a home office on the property had been vandalized.

The extent of the damage is unclear, but even a little is gonna sting Billy badly ... 'cause the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer absolutely LOVES his motorcycles.

He's a notorious gear head and owns a local bike shop with even more vintage motorcycles on hand. So, it's no secret around his native Long Island that he's got crazy love for his street machines.

Cops say it appears the burglar or burglars smashed through a glass door leading into the garage.

We don't know if Billy was home during the break-in, but we know he discovered the damage Monday morning and called cops.

The police took a statement and are investigating. For now, Billy's keeping the faith the boys in blue can track down the suspect(s).

DeSean Jackson Nipsey-Inspired Rolls-Royce ... One of One!!!

DeSean Jackson will be honoring his friend and late-legend Nipsey Hussle whenever he's rolling through the streets ... tricking out a Rolls-Royce to pay tribute to the slain rapper.

D-Jax -- who repped the L.A. rapper all season with custom cleats -- is keeping his tribute going on the road ... by pimpin' his 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan interior in "Nipsey Blue."

Not only do the seats pay homage to Nip ... custom lighting on the doors projects Nipsey's face and logo on the ground whenever Jackson hops in his ride. It's pretty amazing!

The rims are also blue ... as well as the RR hood ornament, which also has a "One of One" logo for DeSean, with all the work done by Champion Motoring.


Nipsey was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing store in South L.A. back in March 2019 ... and DeSean has actively worked to keep his legacy alive ever since.

Jackson -- who also has a Nipsey diamond chain -- spoke out about the loss at the time, saying "Can’t b life !! How they even allow this to happen ?? Bro I remember us being young homies before all the fame and money two young south central kids connecting and making something out of our life’s and giving bac for our ppl & hood !!"


Rapper Pop Smoke Arrested for Transporting Stolen Rolls-Royce


Rapper Pop Smoke, who features on Travis Scott's new album, "Jackboys," is taking that title too far, according to federal agents who busted him for allegedly transporting a stolen Rolls-Royce.

According to court docs, Pop Smoke was arrested Friday morning in New York on a federal charge of interstate transport of a stolen vehicle ... specifically a 2019 Rolls-Royce Wraith from Cali.

Law enforcement sources tell us Pop Smoke met the Rolls-Royce's owner in November at an L.A. recording studio, and they entered into a verbal agreement for Pop Smoke to use the car in an upcoming music video. In exchange, he would give the owner VIP treatment at a future show.

Our sources say the car's owner told Pop Smoke to return the car the next day. When that didn't happen, the owner tracked the car to Arizona using GPS, and then reported it stolen.

Yung Joc Driving Rideshare ... Side-Hustling Example for the Kids


Yung Joc is proudly driving for a new rideshare company and tells us it's a fun way to make extra cash, while also teaching kids all about earning an honest buck.

In case you missed it ... the "It's Goin Down" rapper went viral this weekend when video surfaced of him behind the wheel of a new ride-hailing app in ATL called Pull Up N Go.

Yung Joc tells us he heard about the app from a friend, thought it sounded cool and decided to check another thing off his bucket list by signing up to be a driver.

While some passengers assumed Joc had fallen on hard times after recognizing him, he tells us his new side-hustle is actually his way of teaching an important lesson to the next generation.

NFL's Julian Edelman Arrested for Foul Play in Bev Hills


New England Patriots star Julian Edelman was arrested Saturday night after allegedly jumping on the hood of someone's Mercedes ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us it went down this way ... Julian was in Bev Hills walking around at about 9 PM when for some unknown reason he hopped up on the car, causing damage.

Impressive, considering the 33-year-old reportedly needs surgery on his left knee during the offseason.

The bad news for Julian ... cops were in the area working a robbery case when someone flagged them down and gave them the lowdown.

Edelman was arrested, cited for misdemeanor vandalism and released. He left with his friends.

Our law enforcement sources say it was apparent to them Julian had been drinking ... which might explain a lot about the incident. He was at dinner earlier in the evening in Bev Hills Cantina FRIDA, along with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola.

Carson Wentz Who Wants My Eagles-Mobile?!? Pimped Out Dodge Challenger For Sale!!!

Did you know ... Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz has a super-customized green Dodge Challenger, with his jersey number etched into the seats?!

It's true ... but now he's parting with his pimped out whip and it could be yours if you've got $150,000 to spend!

Wentz has decided to sell off his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Coupe -- which features a SuperCharged 6.2-liter HEMI SRT V8 engine.

If that's too shop-talky for you ... here's what you need to know -- it can do a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds and has a top speed of 199 mph!!!

Unclear when Wentz got the car but it seems he's selling it because his wife's pregnant and they don't feel it's an appropriate family vehicle. Asking price, $149,984.

The good news, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Wentz's AO1 Foundation -- a religious-based charity that helps various groups of people, from special needs children to impoverished communities.

The sale is being run by Barbera on the Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. A rep says there's already a ton of interest. So, better move quick!

Jenelle Evans' Ex David Eason Wanted in NC ... After Missing Court Date


Jenelle Evans' estranged husband, David Eason, is a wanted man in North Carolina ... and it all stems from an allegedly illegal truck-towing incident in 2018.

The embattled former reality TV star was ordered to appear in court Thursday for the case, but he no-showed, so the judge signed a warrant for his arrest ... according to the New Hanover Criminal Court Clerk.

The case centers around an incident that went down way back in the summer of 2018, in which Eason appeared to illegally tow a man's truck. David kinda shot himself in the foot on this one too -- he shared the video Jenelle took of him towing the truck that he claimed had blocked him in a space.

Travis Barker I'm Selling My Classic Cadillacs!!!


Some of Travis Barker's former rides are hitting the auction block ... and you can bump his tunes in a vintage Caddy or Chevy ... if you're ready to break the bank!!!

Sources close to the Blink-182 drummer tell us he's decided it's out with the old and in with some new whips, so he's partnering with Barrett-Jackson to auction off 3 cars -- a 1941 Cadillac 62 Series Convertible, plus a 1960 Cadillac Coupe Deville and a 1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer.

Our sources believe the convertible could fetch up to $100,000 ... and the souped-up Chevy could hit a whopping $200K. Ya better have some deep, deep pockets!!!

Travis is an avid car collector, but we're told he's moving his professional life into a new space -- the warehouse he recently bought in SoCal will house his car collection, clothing brands and new record label, DTA Records -- and he wants to sell these rides to make room for new ones.

Travis is a HUGE fan of Caddys ... he's got at least 2 Cadillac tattoos, including an emblem on his chest and a Cadillac script down his rib cage which took 12 hours to create.

So, check out Travis' old rides ... and see if they fit your fancy, and more importantly, your budget.

Elon Musk's Mom Tesla's Money Milestone is Nice ... But It's Still NOT My Fave Elon Moment


Elon Musk's mother is keeping it real when it comes to which of her son's achievements makes her most proud, and ya might be surprised ... it's not Tesla.

Maye Musk was out Wednesday in NYC with a huge smile ... and for good reason. Her son's car company just became the highest-valued car company in U.S. history -- with a total market value of nearly $100 billion.

To put that in perspective, that's more than General Motors and Ford combined. A huge accomplishment for sure, but Elon's mom says there's something else on her son's resume she, personally, finds more impressive.

There's plenty to choose from, for sure, although you can be pretty sure it isn't his prowess on a dance floor. Even a mother couldn't back those moves.


No, Maye's choice is something we'd all have to look up to ... we think. Even if you disagree, ya gotta love her energy in this clip.

Fun facts: Maye was a Miss South Africa finalist in 1969 and has modeled for tons of magazine covers, Revlon ads, and even appeared in Beyonce's "Haunted" music video.

Elon Musk Dancing Machine at New Tesla Plant ... You Like This, China??!!


Here's Elon Musk getting super loose on the floor -- not at a nightclub, but for the opening of his new factory in China -- and his moves scream ... let's sell some Model 3s, baby!!!

The Tesla honcho was in Shanghai Tuesday celebrating the launch of Tesla's manufacturing plant, and he was apparently so amped he just couldn't resist busting out his best dance.

Ya gotta see Elon's bag of tricks ... he slips off his jacket and tosses it aside before doing the ol' walk like an Egyptian (s/o to The Bangles). Ya might've seen some of his other moves ... in a retirement home.

Still, the crowd ate it up -- clapping, cheering and encouraging him to keep it moving ... keep his body moving.


Looks like Elon's learned his lesson from that unintentionally hysterical Cybertruck launch -- dance more, throw metal balls less. It's just more fun.

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