Rick Ross Alleged Baby Mama Asks ... Take COVID-19 Test If You Wanna See the Kids!!!


Rick Ross needs to hustle over to a COVID-19 testing center if he wants to visit his kids ... so claims his alleged baby mama.

Briana Singleton filed legal docs in Fayette County, Georgia requesting an emergency hearing to have the rapper -- real name William Leonard Roberts II -- take a COVID-19 test. She wants to know he tested negative before he can visit their 2 infant children ... this according to docs obtained by TMZ.

Singleton claims, even though Ross hasn't been cooperative on the DNA testing, the rapper has made efforts to care for them -- like buying her a Mercedes SUV after their first child was born -- before they broke up around New Years.

Singleton claims RR has stonewalled it on the issue of paternity several times, but claims it hasn't stopped him from depositing money into her bank account to care for the kids. What's more ... she claims she's also pregnant with his third child, due in September.

As for visiting the kids ... Singleton claims the rapper hasn't seen them in nearly 6 months, but earlier this month he expressed interest. Singleton says she's down ... but still maintains Rick hasn't been responsibly quarantining during the pandemic.

She points to videos he's posted on social media, showing him traveling outside of Georgia, and also claims she has concerns about Ross' "constant use of marijuana." It's plain and simple ... she's open to parenting time for Ross but wants the court to ensure “certain health, safety, and precautionary provisions” are in place to protect the children.

We've reached out to Rick Ross for comment, so far ... no word back.

Ex-Dodger Carl Crawford Home Site of Double Drowning ... Woman And Boy Die


Carl Crawford's home became the site of a double drowning Saturday when a woman and a boy she was watching landed in his pool ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to Carl tell us ... the ex-MLB star and current record label chief was hosting a small gathering of 6 people at his north Houston home. The guests included a woman and a young boy -- no more than 5 years old -- in her care for the day.

We're told, at one point while Carl was inside, the boy wandered off and fell into his swimming pool out back. The woman went in after him, but neither were able to exit the pool safely. Our sources say Carl tried reviving them the best he could on the spot, but was unsuccessful.

Paramedics arrived and tried life-saving measures themselves, but to no avail. We're told both have died.

The woman and boy were both unresponsive when taken by ambulance, per KHOU 11 ... which also captured some on-the-scene footage that appears to show Crawford talking to cops. For the record, gatherings of 10 or less are currently allowed in Houston under the stay-at-home order.

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Diddy I Can't Handle the Fact Andre's Gone

Diddy is speaking out on the death of his mentor, Andre Harrell, who discovered him decades ago and put him on a trajectory to fame -- and his farewell may well bring a tear to your eye.

The Bad Boy honcho posted a video Monday showing a speech he gave earlier this year after winning an Industry Icon Award at a Pre-Grammys Gala -- where he also called out the lack of diversity in the music biz -- but this time ... he highlighted his words for Andre.

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The remarks are quite moving -- Puffy recounts how Andre took him under his wing, showed him the ins and outs of the game, and simply rolled the dice and took a chance on him. He said he owes a lot of his success to the man -- and made sure he knew it.

Diddy worked as an intern at Harrell's Uptown Records and moved up the ladder to eventually become a talent director, where he was overseeing the development of some big-time stars. Eventually, Diddy and Uptown parted ways ... and the rest is history.

In an accompanying caption, Diddy writes ... "I honestly still can’t believe it. I’ve got to give myself the reality of this in doses. Because I can’t even handle this. I hope to God that you are all blessed to have someone in your life that loves you and believes in you like this man believed in me.… I’m going to miss him so much. I can’t even imagine life without Dre. God bless @gianni, @onealmcknight and the rest of the family."

He finished by saying, "LOVE YOU FOREVER @andreharrell !!!!!!!!!!"

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As we reported ... Andre -- who founded Uptown Records and signed several mega R&B artists to his label back in the late '80s and early '90s -- passed away over the weekend. His family told media outlets that his cause of death was heart failure. He was only 59.

He received countless tributes from all over Hollywood, but it was Diddy people wanted to hear from ... and now, they have.

Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Roc Nation Demand Justice for Ahmaud Arbery ... Open Letter to GA Officials


Jay-Z, Meek Mill and others over at Roc Nation are speaking out publicly to demand justice for the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery -- asking for a speedy trial and conviction of his killers.

Jigga, Meek and other Roc Nation artists -- including Alicia Keys and Yo Gotti -- have signed an open letter they're releasing this weekend, which is made out to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia AG Christopher Darr and District Attorney Tom Durden.

It says in no uncertain terms ... try Gregory and Travis McMichael fairly, but swiftly, so that felony convictions can fall on them. Also, they want another man arrested and tried as an accomplice.


The team writes, "By now, we’ve all seen the crime’s disturbing video, so the facts here are not in doubt: He was unarmed and innocent and the victim of a hate crime. Which is why we call upon you today, as official leaders of the Great State of Georgia, and with the entire world watching, to ensure that a fair trial is conducted, as that can only lead to the appropriate felony convictions of both McMichaels. We also implore you to charge William Bryan as an armed accomplice to the crime." Bryan was the guy who filmed the video.

They go on to say that D.A. Durden must recuse himself from the case because of a conflict of interest -- namely, the elder McMichaels is a former cop and they know each other.

The Roc Nation squad also makes a point that the first necessary step for healing has taken place in the arrest of both McMichaels. They say, "We truly appreciate that you have arrested and charged these men with Ahmaud’s murder, and are hopeful that a trial and conviction will show that, in the state that gave us Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and has been the site of the best and worst of the Civil Rights movement, Dr. King’s words do ring true: 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.'"

Last but not least ... the group is asking for a special prosecutor to be assigned in the case. And, they're asking all this be done expeditiously ... as it is an urgent matter.

DaBaby Allegedly Attacked Driver in Vegas


3:03 PM PT -- DaBaby's attorney, Drew Findling, tells TMZ, "A 100% false accusation which suspiciously pops up in February regarding an alleged incident in November. We can smell another attempted money grab."

DaBaby can't keep his hands to himself ... IF you believe a driver who claims the rapper attacked him when an argument quickly turned physical.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the driver got a call to pick up DaBaby in Vegas back in November, and the rapper and some friends hopped into his Mercedes Sprinter van. We're told after a few stops, DB and his friends sparked a joint and the driver told them that's a no-no.

Cops say the rapper and his friends started cursing out the driver and threatened him. When they got to the Hard Rock Hotel, the driver told his passengers it was time to pay up. The driver claims DB punched him in the back of the head and said, "You ain't the boss."

Our law enforcement sources say one of the suspects said, "You're lucky you're not in my city because I would have killed you cracker motherf***er." We're told DB and co. got their bags, but not before someone allegedly said they "would have left him (the driver) dead on the road."

We're told there's now an active arrest warrant to bring in DaBaby for misdemeanor battery.


As we've reported ... DaBaby's had his share of trouble recently. Back in December, he was caught on video assaulting a hotel worker in Beverly Hills. DB defended his actions saying the worker was harassing him while he was in the company of his young daughter.

There was also a woman he allegedly slapped during a concert in Tampa. He apologized ... but for her, it rang hollow.

We've reached out to DaBaby for comment, so far ... no word back.

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Tory Lanez Named in Assault Report ... Old Flame Allegedly Delivered Beatdown


3:01 PM PT -- A source close to Tory tells us it was Celina who approached and began to harass him. The two have a very nasty history, and our source says that's proof Powell's got it out for Tory. She's allegedly once bragged about taking his money ... and also allegedly posted his personal number online. We're told the two had never previously met in person.

Our source would not speak to the actions of Kaylin Garcia.

Tory Lanez got into it an argument with a woman, and his formerly rumored girlfriend allegedly attacked her before they made a getaway ... according to a police report.

The alleged victim -- who TMZ's learned is model Celina Powell -- claims she was outside the rapper's Miami condo building Friday when he confronted her and tried to grab her phone.

She claims when she tried to walk away, she got blindsided by Kaylin Garcia. Kaylin's been previously linked to Tory ... she's also a supporting cast member on 'Love & Hip Hop' who used to date Joe Budden.

According to the report ... Garcia approached Powell from behind, wrapped an arm around her shoulder and neck, and yanked her to the ground. Powell told cops Garcia tried to kick her too ... but she was able to roll over and get up.

At that point, Garcia allegedly hopped in Lanez' white Bentley and they took off together ... along with the rapper's bodyguard. According to the report, there's surveillance footage of Lanez getting into his ride, but not the altercation.

Powell tells TMZ ... she lives in the same building as Tory but never met him face to face until Friday. She claims he was upset over her contacting him on Instagram and making fun of him about his hairline ... and the 2 have had online beef before, as well.

Powell tells us she blacked out during the assault and when she awoke, she was badly bruised with back and neck pain. She refused medical care at the scene, according to the report, but she claims she was treated at the hospital later for her injuries.

So far, no arrests have been made, and to be clear ... Garcia is the suspect in the incident, not Lanez.

Originally published -- 2:15 PM PT

Tekashi 6ix9ine Gets Green Light to Shoot Music Videos ... In His Own Backyard


Tekashi 6ix9ine keeps racking up more W's ... a judge has given him the go-ahead to film music videos, but it comes with strings attached.

Judge Engelmayer gave the rapper permission "to conduct employment-related activities outside of the residence but within the confines of the rented property" ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

In the docs, the judge says Tekashi can perform employment-related activities for 2 hours per week and 1 specific day that needs advanced approval by the probation officer. He's also allowed to do work in his basement but it's "limited to no more than an 8-hour period per day" with a schedule also approved by the probation officer.

As we reported ... Tekashi made his request last week and told the judge his probation officer was aware of the request and had no objection. All 69 needed was the judge's approval ... and now he's got it.

Remember, we told you Tekashi's super close to releasing new music and he's now dropped a major hint something's coming May 8. He said as much on his Instagram story ... and dude seems psyched. He also keeps winning. It's his second major win this month after convincing the judge to let him out of jail early due to fears over coronavirus.

So, snitching can really work ... well, until it doesn't.

Kodak Black Come See Me, Mr. President For a Great Idea, Kill Me If It Sucks!!!

Kodak Black says he wants to meet President Trump to pass on some knowledge he feels can be useful -- and if DT ain't into it ... KB says the man can take him out, literally.

The incarcerated rapper posted a bizarre message on social media Sunday, tagging his attorney, Bradford Cohen, and the Prez in a request for a face to face. He wrote on Instagram, "@lawronin, tell donald trump to pull-up on me, i got a brilliant idea."

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He went on to say his thought's been dogging him, adding, "I thought of something back in miami but i dismissed it kuz i be thinking i'm crazy sometimes. This s*** keeps following me tho!" He also says his chat would have nothing to do with his wrongful conviction.

He even promises to keep it 'rona-free, writing ... "come see me i got my corona mask on." Then comes the even weirder proposal to POTUS. Kodak says, "@realdonaldtrump if it's not worth anything you can kill me! I'm ill forreal." Hmmm ... so we're going there then, huh?

Fox News

Now, at this point ... there's no indication of what the idea might be, or what it pertains to. But, considering we're weighing the possibility of bleach injections at the White House Press Briefings these days, maybe some out-of-the-box wisdom from Kodak would be welcomed.

The problem ... Trump doesn't use IG all that much, and it doesn't look like Kodak put this on Twitter. So, good luck getting through ... and hopefully, no one has to die over this.

Drake These Kids Can Really 'Slide' ... Viral Assist Sparks Big Following, Donations


Drake's "Toosie Slide" dance challenge has brought much joy during the coronavirus pandemic, and he took it upon himself to help a group of African kids go viral for their moves ... and spread even more joy.

If you missed it ... the Masaka Kids, comprised of orphans from Uganda who have crazy dancing skills, posted their rendition of the 'Slide' on Friday. When Drake shared it on his Instagram Story the following day, it blew up ... as did the Masaka Kids' social media following.

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Suuna Hassan, founder of the organization, tells TMZ ... the children wanted to partake in the challenge because they love the song and hoped Drake would notice, even though it was a long shot.

Fortunately, the kids' rendition instantly began gaining traction on TikTok, Twitter and IG, and Drake did notice ... so he reached out directly to ask if he could post the vid, too.

Hassan says he and the children cried tears of joy at the gesture and spent the next day celebrating and doing what they do best ... more dancing. In fact, they're sharing their most recent performance -- which shows they got a lot more groovin' to do.


Even more awesome ... we're told since Friday, the Masaka Kids Africana account has gained more than 120,000 Instagram followers and the org has received hundreds of dollars in donations.

Hassan says many more have inquired about how to donate clothes and other items ... and Drake's shout-out to his massive following certainly gave them a much-needed boost.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Making It Rain ... On Luxury Cars and Bling!!!


Tekashi 6ix9ine is wasting no time settling back into the life of a rap superstar following his early prison release ... he's spending tons of cash and getting offers for concerts.

Sources close to Tekashi69 tell TMZ ... the rapper is throwing tons of money around on whips and bling, purchasing a fleet of luxury vehicles that includes an Aventador, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and a Range Rover!!!

Tekashi's getting iced out too ... we're told he splurged on 4 timepieces, including a Richard Mille watch, and dropped another $300,000 on a chain shaped like a shark.

TMZ broke the story ... a judge released 6ix9ine from prison early after his plea to get out to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus. Tekashi's now under supervised release in-home incarceration.

Because 69's on house arrest, our sources say he's making the lavish purchases over the phone with the help of his trusted associates.

Tekashi's still fielding offers for shows despite being labeled a snitch ... we're told venues in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Europe and South America are offering him $500,000 for shows in 2020 and 2021 -- apparently, rats can make bank overseas.

Of course, 6ix9ine is still under house arrest for another 3 months, so he's gonna have to wait a while to take the stage again ... and the coronavirus pandemic is also throwing a wrench in his plans. Once Tekashi's off house arrest, he'll still need to get permission from his probation officer to travel for work, but the opportunities are out there.

Tekashi's got a daily routine at home ... when he's not burning through cash, we're told he's spending time with his family and working on an album, which is expected to drop in the coming months.

And, if you're wondering where all the money is coming from ... remember, Tekashi scored a massive record deal in October and got millions in an advance.

Offset His Great Uncle Died from COVID-19

Offset says he's lost a member of his family to coronavirus -- his great uncle, Jerry, has died.

The Migos rapper posted the sad news Sunday, taking to his Instagram stories to write ... "Smfh this corona s*** done killed my great uncle 😢 Rip uncle jerry damn man." He continued in another post, "Pray for my family," adding a pic of a stitched-on cross from a jacket.

It's unclear if Offset's great uncle is from his mom or dad's side of the fam, or if he's someone Offset was close with publicly, but clearly the loss has him shaken -- as it's incredibly close to home. Cardi hasn't spoken on the death, neither have other Migos members -- namely, Takeoff and Quavo -- both of whom are related to Offset.

It's tragic, because both Cardi and Offset have been vocal about coronavirus -- the former we've obviously heard from loud and clear on the issue, but Offset himself has also been telling people to take precaution, with a few different social media posts about it.

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In late March, he posted a photo of himself wearing a face mask with the caption, "STAY SAFE & STAY PRAYED UP." He's also promoted a music video of his one of YRN crew members, with a middle finger emoji ... saying screw coronavirus, "we still dropping."

It appears Offset himself has heeded the guidelines issued by the CDC -- as he's recently voiced frustration at wanting to go outside too.

In any case, RIP to his uncle.

Drake Toosie Slides to One Billion Views!!! TikTok's Fastest Music Trend


Drake has everyone, almost literally, doing the "Toosie Slide" -- his latest single just hit a 10-figure benchmark on TikTok, breaking Kylie Jenner's record.

Sources at the video creation app tell us the hashtag #ToosieSlide hit a billion views in just 2 days ... giving Drake the fastest music trend to reach a billion views on the platform.

That's not to say Drake's OG clip was viewed a billion times on TikTok ... there have been countless recreations of his quarantine-themed music video dance challenge, so the number represents how many times people have viewed #ToosieSlide related content.

Drake's still sliding BIG TIME -- our TikTok sources tell us #ToosieSlide just reached a whopping 3 BILLION views, and it ain't slowing down.

TMZ broke the story ... Kylie's "rise and shine" moment was the fastest-growing TikTok trend back in October, quickly reaching a billion views, but we're told #ToosieSlide reached the benchmark even faster than Kylie's hashtag.

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Tons of celebs have been enjoying the #ToosieSlide in isolation ... including Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper and LeBron James.

Slide with us ... "right foot up, left foot slide. Left foot up, right foot slide."

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