Alex Trebek 'Jeopardy!' Legends Feel Like Family ... I'm One Lucky Host!!!


Alex Trebek says he's gotten super close with Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer over the years ... and having them back on "Jeopardy!" feels like a family reunion.

The beloved game show host joined us for "TMZ Live" and told us he's enjoying the hell outta hosting the greatest "Jeopardy!" contestants of all time. Alex says they've got an incredibly strong bond, forged during their long runs on the show.

If you've tuned in to the tournament of champions, you've probably noticed how much fun Alex has been having. It's been a trying 10 months for Trebek, who's battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but he tells us he's really enjoying this special competition.

Alex says he's still hanging in there in his fight against cancer ... he has his good days and bad, but it seems this reunion of sorts is really lifting his spirits. Really puts a smile on your face.

Trebek's been at the helm of the show since 1984, but says he's never moderated such a fierce competition ... and ya gotta hear why he's comparing this tourney to the Super Bowl!!!

Pat Sajak I Don't Care Who Replaces Me ... When I Leave 'Wheel'


Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek are in the same fam -- 'Wheel' and 'Jeopardy' are produced by the same company -- but they have very different end-of-game outlooks.

We got Pat, along with the permanent and temp letter turners, Vanna White and Pat's daughter, Maggie, Thursday night in WeHo leaving Craig's, and we asked the longtime host who he'd want to replace him when he hangs it up.

Pat's answer ... way different from Alex's. Harvey interviewed Trebek a while ago for the show, "OBJECTified," and Alex had 2 favorite replacement hosts -- L.A. Kings announcer Alex Faust and CNN legal analyst Laura Coates.

Seems Pat isn't keeping up with the awesome 'Jeopardy' G.O.A.T. tourney ... but he has love for Alex.

Pat was sidelined with intestinal issues and underwent surgery. It was serious, but he's back in the game.

Katie Cassidy Broken 'Arrow' ... Files for Divorce

Getty Composite

Katie Cassidy won't be blaring her dad's hit, "I Think I Love You" around the house anytime soon -- she just filed for divorce.

According to court records, "Arrow" star filed docs Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court to divorce Matthew Rodgers after only 13 months of marriage.

The exes didn't have any kids together ... so, that'll make the split cleaner. Seeing as how they were together just over a year, community property shouldn't be a huge issue either.

Katie, daughter of late singer and actor David Cassidy, plays superhero Black Canary on the CW's hit show.

As we reported ... Katie and Matthew announced their engagement back on June 5, 2017 and then tied the knot in December 2018 in a picturesque beach ceremony in Sunset Key, FL.

Before meeting Matthew, Katie dated Jesse McCartney for 4 years, hockey player Jarret Stoll for 2 years, and was briefly with Jerry Ferrara.

'Atypical' Star Graham Rogers Best Subway Seat??? Guys Gotta Spread Out 🤷🏽‍♂️


The new year's greatest debate (non-Iran related, anyway) is what's the best seat on an NYC subway -- and Graham Rogers has the perfect answer ... for men, anyway.

We ran into the "Atypical" actor in WeHo and asked him to weigh in. He did and made the pick a lot of other dudes probably would too. His reasoning's all about fellas needing space to spread out, 'cause ... y'know. Biology.

ICYMI ... the question was posed toward the end of 2019, and it's spread like wildfire online.

It's funny ... we try asking his lady friend for a woman's perspective, but she deflected back to Graham. Not a big subway rider, apparently!

Anyway, check it out, 'cause Graham's also got a backup option for his needs -- but if you think about it ... his choice could actually backfire if anyone plops down next to him.

Which Seat is the Best???

That said, we just have to ask ... where are you parking your caboose on a Subway?

'Ugly Betty' Creator Silvio Horta Battled Addiction, Depression ... Family Talks About Suicide

"Ugly Betty" creator Silvio Horta, who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, struggled with addiction and depression ... according to his family.

Horta's mother, Ana, and sister, Hilda, tell TMZ ... Silvio, who was found dead Tuesday in a Miami hotel room ... had an ongoing struggle with addiction and depression, "but through it all he always found a way to turn his struggle into laughter."

They add, "Through his friendships, his love and his work in TV and films, Silvio touched the lives of millions." They went on to say, "He was a kind and beautiful man. He may be gone but his light will shine on."

There will be a memorial service held in Miami for the 45-year-old writer and producer -- and the family says they'll also hold one in L.A. at a later date.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Silvio served as showrunner and head writer on ABC's "Ugly Betty" starring America Ferrera. He was nominated for an Emmy in 2007 and won the Writers Guild Award for Best New Series the same year.

Horta's Hollywood career took off after he wrote the screenplay for the 1998 horror flick, "Urban Legend." He was working with Mary J. Blige on a musical dramedy called “Move” before he died.

'Jeopardy!' G.O.A.T. Contestants Big Winners, Very Different Spenders ... $1 Mil Prize on the Line

TMZ/Getty Composite

The "Jeopardy!" boys facing off for G.O.A.T. status already have tons of cash to their names -- and with even more up for grabs ... we noticed they have very different spending habits.

TMZ did some digging, and it turns out Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer have chosen to splurge (or not splurge) on unique causes -- and you'd be surprised at who's done what with their dough. BTW, this new 3-day tourney's got a million-dollar cash prize.

That said ... let's get into the numbers a bit.

Starting with Ken, the guy's racked up a grand total of about $3.5 million in "Jeopardy!" winnings over the years between his regular 74-game streak in '04 and other tournaments he's competed in since. Looks like KJ's an investor type -- he's got quite the portfolio.

Ken's got a crib with an estimated value of $2.1 million in Seattle. He's also pledged 10% of his OG $2.52 mil haul to the Mormon church and has announced a couple other donations. Other monies are tied up in stocks and bonds.

James seems a bit more charitable, at least publicly. He's pulled in around $2.7 mil from "Jeopardy!" and a good amount has gone to charities like Project 150, Communities in Schools of Nevada, Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation and the Lustgarten Foundation.

Larry David I Told Jets To Draft Lamar Jackson ... Didn't Listen To Me!!!

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Lamar Jackson put on an MVP caliber season in 2019 and NOBODY saw it coming ... that is, nobody except Larry David, who says he personally called the Jets and told them to draft the QB in 2018!!

And, guess what then-GM Mike Maccagnan did after David gave his two cents??? HE LAUGHED.

Of course, the "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" mastermind is a HUUUUGE Jets fan ... and joined "The Michael Kay Show" on Tuesday to talk all things New York sports.

That's when David pointed out his beloved 7-9 Jets might have had a better season if the team had taken his call seriously.

"I did call Mike Maccagnan before the 2018 draft and I recommended that he draft Lamar Jackson. I have a witness," David said ... and Maccagnan's reaction has gotta put a bad taste in NY fans' mouths.

"He kinda gave me the most condescending ... he laughed at me. But, who can blame him?"

David admits he's guilty of calling the team in the past -- he also recommended the Jets draft Reggie Bush in 2006. They didn't.

As for Jackson, he led the Baltimore Ravens to the top playoff seed in the AFC and posted incredible numbers -- passing for 3,127 yards and 36 TDs ... and rushing for 1,206 yards and 7 TDs. Some would say that's "pretty, pretty, pretty good."

Cue the "Curb" theme music.

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston No Romantic Link ... We're Just Friends, Seriously!!!


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston being in the same room will get anyone talking about a possible reunion, but their most recent run-in will leave Brennifer shippers disappointed.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Brad and Jen didn't get the chance to chat much during Sunday night's Golden Globes show and the goings-on afterward. We're told they did exchange greetings and pleasantries at the after-party they both attended, but that's about it.


Fact is, the two Hollywood heavyweights have a lot of mutual friends in the biz -- and they do cross paths from time-to-time because of that, especially during big parties like this.

Ramy Youssef at TSA Shoes, Laptops, Belts and ... Your Golden Globe in the Bin, Sir!!!


Comedian Ramy Youssef's got issues with TSA -- which you'd expect, of course ... because he now has to get his Golden Globe Award through "random" screenings.

Fresh off his victory, the star of Hulu's "Ramy" was at LAX Tuesday morning trying to make his way through TSA. Everyone around him was busy placing their shoes, jackets and belts in bins -- but when he had to place his Golden Globe on the belt ... Ramy had to record the occasion.

You can see Ramy's new hardware -- after winning Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy -- get screened, much to the agent's delight.

The trophy -- securely tucked in its case -- CLEARLY shows up in TSA's screening equipment. But, the agent still feels compelled to open the case, take out the Golden Globe and wipe it down, for "security purposes," of course. She even posed with it as if she's the big winner. Hard to say she isn't when ya see the video.

Ramy definitely thought it was funny ... on his Instagram he joked, "The 'random' checks you have to deal with when you have a [M]uslim name."

He said it -- golden global humor.

Billy Porter We Won't 'Shut Up and Sing,' Ricky!!! We Actors Are Smart, K?!?


Ricky Gervais wants Hollywood to shut up and just sing or act ... and to stay the hell out of politics ... but Billy Porter's vowing to speak out whenever and wherever he wants.

We got the "Pose" star at LAX -- where he was flying out of town after Sunday's Golden Globes awards -- and asked what he made of the host jokingly telling the stars to lay off politics while onstage ... 'cause they're not really educated on the issues.

ICYMI ... Ricky pretty much said nobody really gives a crap what actors and singers have to say on social or political issues, so they should avoid them during acceptance speeches. Funny enough, several winners did NOT take the note.

Ricky Gervais Jabs Golden Globes Thank Goodness It's Over!!!


11:58 AM PT -- Ricky was out Monday morning in WeHo and dude's still on fire. The comedian's asked how he enjoyed the Golden Globes ... saying he loved it -- but only after it ended. Classic. Ricky also doubles down saying he's NOT hosting these awards anymore ... or so it seems.

Ricky Gervais went scorched earth to kick off the 77th Golden Globes ... taking shots at the biggest names in the room ... and a couple who weren't there.

The host opened Sunday night's award show with a beer in hand and a promise to offend people ... starting with Felicity Huffman's prison sentence, Joe Pesci's size and Leonardo DiCaprio's dating life.

The Leo jab was related to the 3-hour-long "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" -- Ricky joked by the time the premiere was over, Leo's date was too old for him. He added Prince Andrew -- an old Jeffrey Epstein acquaintance -- even thought Leo's GFs are too young.

Gervais openly stated his 5th time hosting the Globes would be his last, so he was going out with a bang -- also taking down R. Kelly, Michael Jackson and even his bosses at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association ... which runs the GG.

'Jeopardy' Jennings & Rutter An Irreplaceable Host for the Ages ... Who is Trebek???

No One, That's Who

Two 'Jeopardy' champs hit a daily double of sorts by giving the exact same answer to the question of who could replace Alex Trebek ... and they're both probably right.

Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter were in midtown Manhattan Monday, where they seemed to be doing press to hype up Tuesday's 'Greatest of All Time' episode, which pits KJ, BR and the new kid on the block, James Holzhauer, against each other for 'Jeopardy' G.O.A.T.

On their way into a building, they were asked if they had any advice for an average Joe who might find themselves on the show one day -- and while Ken had a somewhat snarky answer, Brad actually offered interesting insight ... don't guess.

Then the conversation moved on to Trebek -- who's fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and who's alluded -- to us and others -- that he'd hang up his hosting gig if he feels he can't carry on.

The question is simple ... who'd be a good choice to follow in Alex's footsteps when the day comes??? After all ... he told Harvey a year ago he was thinking of passing the torch as he's 79 years old. Their joint answer might not surprise you ... they love the guy.

'Bachelor' Peter Weber I Just Gotta Fly

Buckle up

'Bachelor' star Peter Weber vows not to get trapped by Hollywood's grip after his season airs ... cause flying's the only way he wants to be close to the stars.

Pilot Pete was out Monday morning on his way to "Good Morning America" when he was asked whether he was going to try and parlay his newfound fame into a career in Hollywood or keep piloting.

Pete's answer is pretty refreshing ... considering how MANY of the 'Bachelor' alums do everything they can to stay relevant. There's this guy, this guy and ESPECIALLY this guy.

The 'Bachelor's' 24th season kicks off Monday ... and Pete's already suggesting there might be some turbulence. Can't wait.

Golden Globes After the Party, It's the After-Party ... And Everyone Showed Up

As the Golden Globes broadcast wound down, the after-parties fired up -- and it was truly a who's-who of Hollywood ... 'cause everyone and their mothers came through.

Some of the biggest studios in showbiz threw their own respective shindigs, including Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Warner Bros. and others. That was more than enough to get mostly everyone who'd just been at the Beverly Hilton to come out for another hurrah.

Folks like Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts, Tiffany Haddish, Awkwafina, Kate Beckinsale, Patrick Stewart, Paris Hilton, Joaquin Phoenix, La La Anthony, Keegan-Michael Key, Helen Mirren, ScarJo and Al Pacino were in attendance.

Other stars seemed to be down to pose as duos, like Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland; Salma Hayek and Patricia Arquette; Nicholas Braun and Robert Greenblatt; Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King; Lisa Bonet and Zoey Kravits; Jason Momoa and Sacha Baron Cohen ... and lots more.

If you thought anybody who's anybody was at the Globes, the parties afterward were exponentially even more so. Bottom line ... if you're famous, you were at one of these.

Mark Curry to Steve Harvey I'mma Tell You AGAIN ... STOP. STEALING. MY. MATERIAL!!!


Comedian Mark Curry is genuinely PISSED at Steve Harvey ... 'cause he claims the "Family Feud" host has stolen his material not once but TWICE.

The "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" star was at LAX and talked to our photog about a serious allegation he made last month on "The Mike & Donny Show" ... claiming Steve jacked his Halloween bit and used it on his NBC talk show, "Steve," several years ago.

Mark says he confronted Steve at Def Comedy Jam 25 back in 2017. But, get this ... Mark now claims after that confrontation, Steve doubled down and AGAIN stole his material ... this time using Mark's funny stuff for Steve's other NBC show, "Little Big Shots."

2020 Golden Globes Go with Dark or Bright Colors, Kid ... No In Between!!!

The Golden Globes are minutes away and it looks like Hollywood's gone with a washing machine approach to their getups, which has most everyone in either darks or lights.

Tons of stars stopped and posed for pictures on the way into the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and it's pretty clear a lot of them were either down to be draped in black, or the exact opposite ... with bright, loud colors. Not a whole lot in between, as far as we can see.

Some of the celebs who went with darker shades this year ... Naomi Watts, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Applegate, Margot Robbie (ish), Cynthia Erivo and Carol Burnett.

A lot of the guys were naturally in darker colors too, including Ricky Gervais, Eddie Murphy, Kit Harington, Henry Winkler, Brad Pitt, Rami Malek and on and on.

Now, on the other end of things, there were also tons of actors who went with rainbow colors ... like Tiffany Haddish in pink, Roman Griffin Davis in orange, Olivia Colman in red, Zoey Deutch in yellow, Dakota Fanning in purple, Thomasin McKenzie in blue, Joey King and Billy Porter in white and Kaitlyn Dever in ... something that was a floral mix of sorts.

There was even more looks behind the scenes, where the stars mentioned above and more mingled and mixed with handshakes, hugs and congratulations as the Globes started getting doled out.

From the inside out, this year's Golden Globes proved to be a feel-good, fashion-forward affair.

Either way, everyone looks great dressed to the nines. Here's hoping they can sit down with all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the show.