Bill Maher Trump's 'Slow-Moving Coup' is Happening ... Here's How it Plays Out

Bill Maher ended his show Friday night with a message ... "I hope I scared the s*** out of you," and he delivered ... by laying out a believable scenario of how the 2024 Presidential election will go down.

Maher believes we are in the grips of what he calls a "slow-moving coup" at the hands of Donald Trump, and his evidence is really hard to rebut. As he says, Trump learned from 2020 that you can't overturn an election with the current players in place, so he's been spending most of his time trying to change all that.

The evidence is out there ... we've seen Trump trying to purge the GOP of RINOs and endorsing secretaries of state all over the country -- these are the folks who manage elections. Trump's also been active in trying to change state legislatures so his people are in place who can grab more power over election tabulations. And, of course, he'll be the beneficiary of the 2022 midterms, when Republicans are expected to regain control of the House.

As you know ... the House certifies the election and although Trump couldn't get the results overturned in 2020, the landscape will shift in such a way that it could happen the next time around.

And, here's the craziest part ... Maher says it doesn't matter who Trump is running against. Even if it looks like the Democrat won, the day after the election Trump will declare victory and the pieces will be in place to affirm it -- whether he really wins or loses.

And, wait till you hear him lay out what might happen on January 20, 2025. It's a set up for civil war.

You gotta watch how Maher lays it all out.

Wilder Vs. Fury Stars Heading To Watch Fight ... Vince Vaughn, Michael B. Jordan & Draymond!!!

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury won't be the only stars in the building on fight night Saturday ... TMZ Sports has learned a TON of celebs are hittin' Sin City to take in the boxing match too!!

Actors Vince Vaughn, Michael B. Jordan and Michael J. Fox will have ringside seats at T-Mobile Arena, we're told. NBA ballers Draymond Green and Damian Lillard are set to be in attendance as well.

Rapper Fat Joe, TV star Mario Lopez and chef Wolfgang Puck are expected to be there too, while boxers Shakur Stevenson and Terence Crawford are set to watch their peers duke it out as well.

We're told Raiders owner Mark Davis, rapper Nas and cycling legend Lance Armstrong also couldn't stay away from Vegas, and will be at the fight too.

Of course, all of the guys are expected to see quite the show ... 'cause Fury and Wilder have both been promising a great fight in their third matchup.

Remember, Wilder and Fury fought to a draw back in 2018 ... but Fury demolished the Bronze Bomber in their rematch in Feb. 2020.


Wilder has said he's much improved since that fight, though ... and predicted a knockout within 3 rounds on Saturday.

Fury, meanwhile, laughed off that prediction and promised to inflict pain on Wilder.


So, who's right? First bell is only hours away!

'Squid Game' Behind The Scenes Get In The Game!

There isn’t a person in the world that hasn’t heard of the new Netflix show “Squid Game” ... and we have an inside look at how the Korean stars of the show spent their time behind the cameras while taking a break from all the intense gameplay.

Go on set of the new Netflix smash show and see how all of your favorite players like Seung Gi-hun (456), Cho Sang-woo (218) and Kang Sae-byeok (067) passed the time while shooting the greatest game of your life!

You get the green light to go behind the scenes ... just make sure you don’t lose your marbles along the way.

Kim Kardashian Ellen, Dave, Michelle and Amy Help Her Prep For 'SNL' Hosting Duties

Kim Kardashian is getting some good advice from some of the funniest people on Earth as she gets ready to host "Saturday Night Live."

Production sources tell TMZ … Dave Chappelle, Michelle Wolf, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Schumer and James Corden have all been helping Kim with her preparation.

We're told the comedy legends have been giving Kim tips on what to include in her monologue, how to perform certain skits and nail comedic delivery.

As we reported, Saturday will mark the first time a Kardashian hosts 'SNL' ... and she's already landed some promo jokes.

Our sources say Kim has been having a blast getting ready for 'SNL' ... and some of the material will be self-deprecating. We're also told she's been very open to all ideas Lorne Michaels and the 'SNL' team have thrown her way. BTW ... good move on her part.

We're told producers and cast in rehearsals say Kim's actually been exceeding the expectations they had for someone without any experience in the comedy world.

The big question ... who, if anyone, comes along for the ride? Kanye? Kris? Kylie?

Dave Chappelle Mocks Cancel Culture Amid Controversy ... Celebs Cheer at Hollywood Bowl

"If this is what being canceled is like, I love it."

That's how Dave Chappelle greeted the audience Thursday night at the star-studded screening of his new documentary at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl ... after receiving a standing ovation despite the swirling controversy over his new Netflix special, "The Closer."

Dave also railed on Twitter, the media and "all these stupid-ass networks" to the celeb-packed crowd that included Brad Pitt, Tiffany Haddish, Donnell Rawlings and more ... saying, "I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you. This is real life."

Along with Chappelle dismissing cancel culture in wake of being called out for transphobic jokes and offending the LGBTQ+ community in his new stand-up special, Stevie Wonder also took the stage following the premiere of Dave's 'Untitled' doc to chide the idea of being canceled.

Instead, Stevie said society needs to work on canceling hate and fear and focus on loving each other. Interestingly enough, Chappelle also promoted coming together as people and trusting one another again, and spoke of a "kindness conspiracy" to get it going.

Along with Dave addressing his adoring crowd, other guest performers included Jeff Ross, Michael Buffer, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jon Hamm and others before Chappelle closed things out by saying ... "Thank god I'm canceled because f**k this shit anyway. I bet you I'll be someone better than you think."


Nope, still doesn't seem like Dave is sweating all the heat he's getting lately ... and everyone -- in Hollywood anyway -- seems to love it.

Kim Kardashian West Jokes 'SNL' Hosting is 'So Easy' ... All About Looks, Right???

Kim Kardashian West's most certainly got the chops to host 'SNL' -- 'cause all it takes is looking better than everyone else on stage.

That's the joke, anyway, in Kim's promo for this weekend's 'SNL' ... which has Kim flanked by musical guest Halsey and cast member Cecily Strong. Yes, it's just a couple of quick bits, but Kim's showing some range ... with help from her pals, of course.

In the first one, Cecily says, "Oh my gosh, this crazy thought just occurred to me in this exact moment right now. Should we start our own girl group?" Halsey and Kim shoot her down with a couple of one-liners.

In the second one, Cecily addresses the elephant in the room ... asking the question we're all wondering: Is Kim nervous about doing sketch comedy? The short answer is no, she's not. Well, watch the promo ... as Kim puts it, "Everyone else won't look as good as me, will they?"

As we reported, this is the first time a Kardashian will take on 'SNL' hosting duties. That being said ... Kim and the fam have often been easy targets for the show's cast and writers.

You have to imagine they've got something great up their sleeves again. We hope.

Barbara Corcoran Cracks Fat Joke at Whoopi's Expense ... Issues Apology


11:54 AM PT -- Barbara's already issued a mea culpa for her joke at the expense of her "old friend, Whoopi," saying she now realizes it wasn't funny.

The "Shark Tank" star also says she's truly sorry to those she may have offended.

Barbara Corcoran and Whoopi Goldberg together provided a cringe moment on "The View" ... the result of a fat joke Barbara lobbed at Whoopi.

Ya gotta see the video ... the roundtable discussion starts innocently enough, with the hosts and some 'Shark Tank' stars talking about new jeans, but it gets super awkward when Barbara chimes in and tries to get a laugh.

Whoopi's asking if the jeans in question will fit her COVID butt, and that's when Barbara says ... "and when you get finished with those jeans and decide you don't like them, give them to me, I'm going to make 2 pairs." 😲

Barbara did NOT stick the landing, and the joke fell totally flat. Whoopi immediately looked pretty pissed, and the rest of her 'View' co-hosts weren't too happy either.

It's a super awkward interaction ... but Ana Navarro had Whoopi's back, and clapped back at Barbara with a major fashion diss.

Ooohh, the backstage convos that must've gone down!!!

Originally Published -- 10:11 AM PT

Tamar Braxton I'm Returning to TV ... But Not That Reality BS!!!


Tamar Braxton's got her sights set on returning to television after an admitted toxic relationship with the reality TV biz, but she says when she does ... she's choosing a different way to tell her story.

We got Tamar at LAX Wednesday and asked about her teasing her family's series, "Braxton Family Values," coming back to the airwaves ... but possibly on a new network.

As you'll recall ... Tamar was released by WE tv last summer following her suicide attempt and subsequent claims the reality TV industry and its "toxic, systemic bondage" drove her to want to end her life.

WE tv

Despite that, "Braxton Family Values" still aired as planned, but now Tamar's suggesting she has a different type of family TV project in the works ... one that won't follow the conventional "reality" route.

Specifically, she says the show won't pry into her personal life, and will depict her family in a way she feels is fair.

Yes, it does sound like a little shade at We tv as well, but Tamar insists it's more about having control and protecting her fellow Braxtons ... and fans will just have to stay tuned to see what happens.

Jade West on 'Victorious' 'Memba Her?!

New Jersey-native Elizabeth Gillies was only 16 years old when she was cast as the evil artist Jade West -- who spread negativity and doom and gloom around the performers school Hollywood Arts -- in the Nickelodeon teen sitcom "Victorious" back in 2010.

The iconic show was filled with some young artists on the rise including Victoria Justice as the high school triple threat, Tori Vega, Daniella Monet as the senior sister, Trina Vega ... and of course Ariana Grande as the bubbly BFF, Cat Valentine.

Gillies can still be spotted on the small screen and is currently on "Dynasty" as Fallon Carrington.

Guess what she looks like now!

'The Masked Singer' Pepper Boasts List of Famous Friends ... Leaning on 'Em for Debut!!!


The wild card for Wednesday night's 'Masked Singer' was able to put together a whole performance in just one day, in part because they've got a phone filled with some music biz heavy hitters.

The singer will appear as Pepper when they hit the stage, but came on "TMZ Live" sans the big red costume -- but still concealing their identity -- to tell us the crazy story of how they ended up on the show.

After another contestant had to drop out, producers dialed up our hot-headed friend here ... giving them very little time to get their act together. Pepper says it set off a whirlwind 24 hours filled with learning dance moves, trying on costumes and the big hurdle of getting clearance to sing famous songs.


Pep definitely made it seem like that last part -- getting the songs -- was easiest, because turns out they happen to know a bunch of big-time performers ... maybe even Bob Dylan, based on a little quip they dropped with us.

Look, we couldn't figure it out, but there were plenty of hints -- so, see if you can figure it out. Either way, Pepper will make its big debut on "The Masked Singer" tonight.

And, watch this clip for one more big hint ... involving tissues. 🤔

John C. Reilly, Jason Segel Shoot 1980s Lakers TV Show In L.A. ... It's 'Showtime'!!


Decades after they won their first ring, the Showtime Lakers turnt up at a championship parade in Los Angeles -- and everyone from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Magic Johnson was in attendance -- sorta.

John C. Reilly and Jason Segel are starring in an upcoming HBO drama series showcasing the 1980s Showtime Lakers ... and we have video of the actors shooting a scene in L.A.

Reilly is playing team owner Jerry Buss and Segel, assistant coach Paul Westhead. In the scene, the team -- wearing "LOS ANGELES LAKERS WORLD CHAMPIONS 1980" t-shirts -- celebrate with the Walter A. Brown trophy (now the Larry O'Brien trophy, since 1984).

Also in the scene is actor Solomon Hughes ... who's playing Kareem. Actor Quincy Isaiah, who's from Magic's home state of Michigan, is portraying the legendary point guard.

The Showtime Lakers -- led by Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar -- were basically unstoppable ... winning 5 championships in the 1980s. ('80, '82, '85, '87, '88).

And, their impact wasn't just felt on the court ... when Buss bought the team in 1979, he made Lakers games the place to be -- and be seen.

He introduced the Lakers Girls and live music at The Forum ... and the crowds often featured A-list celebs sitting courtside.

The series -- inspired by Jeff Pearlman's book, Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s -- will also feature Adrien Brody (Pat Riley), Michael Chiklis (Red Auerbach) and Sally Field (Jessie Buss).

HBO has not yet announced when the show will drop.

Food Network 'Halloween Wars' Pumpkin Carving Gets Axed ... Thanks a Lot, COVID-19!!!

COVID-19 is still ruining spooky season traditions -- virtually killing off any chance of pumpkin carving on a popular Food Network show, and it's seriously pissing off fans.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... yes, as some eagle-eyed viewers have sourly noted during this season of "Halloween Wars," slicing up the traditional winter squash is NOT happening at the moment. And, we have more bad news ... it's gonna continue that way, at least for this year.

The reason ... we're told it's because of the pandemic, and the timing of production -- something that's out of the hands of showrunners, who are doing their best to adapt.

As you may or may not know, a lot of these shows film at different points in the year -- including 'HW,' which our sources say has often filmed well before Fall in years past ... where pumpkins were plentiful, and they were able to knife 'em to their heart's desire.

That, unfortunately, hasn't been the case this year ... and it's all due to COVID screwing up when and how TV networks have been able to shoot.

You can count "Halloween Wars" among the programs falling victim to that. We're told they weren't able to start filming until recently ... and, as a result, there was an actual shortage of pumpkins available for the competition. Seasonal demand, an already-stressed supply chain and new COVID-safety protocols for shows with group settings made it impossible to pull off on 'HW' this year.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It would appear procuring pumpkins, in the abundance needed for TV filming, is, apparently, more difficult than just heading down to your local patch set up in a grocery store parking lot.

In any case, our production sources tell us Food Network is happy with their final product, and the involvement of one Zak Bagans, who definitely brings the Halloween vibe home ... pumpkin or not.

Carve your heart out, folks.

Sarah Silverman End 'Jewface' in Hollywood ... Representation Matters

it's always gentiles ...
The Sarah Silverman Podcast / Kast Media

Sarah Silverman is tired of non-Jews playing Jews on camera -- be it on TV or in film -- and says amid all the cries for representation in casting ... the Jewish people are left out, and the anti-Semitism points directly at Hollywood.

The comedian usually jokes around, but there's no laughing matter about this ... according to her. Sarah, who's Jewish, says Hollywood has long been in the practice of putting gentiles (non-Jewish people) into roles for Jewish folks -- especially those whose "Jewishness" are a big part of their identity.

Take Joan Rivers, for example, whom Sarah notes is set to be portrayed by Catholic-raised Kathryn Hahn in an upcoming limited series. There are way more instances of this, though.

SS points to Rachel Brosnahan playing Mrs. Maisel (who's Jewish), Tracey Ullman as Betty Friedan, Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Margo Martindale as Bella Abzug.

Along with a lot of these portrayals, Sarah says anti-Semitic tropes and stereotypes are often played up as well on camera ... including what she describes as prosthetics to make someone's nose bigger, a heavy New York accent with Yiddish undertones and beyond.

Sarah says this perpetuates anti-Semitic sentiments ... including the age-old claim that Jews "run" Hollywood, that they're rich, etc. Bottom line -- Sarah says in a time when everyone is clamoring for accurate portrayals in actors, she says Jews should be included in the convo.

Dog the Bounty Hunter TV Show Offers Rolling In ... As He Hunts for Brian Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter's return to TV is imminent ... or so it seems based on the interest he's garnering since joining the manhunt for Brian Laundrie.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Dog's been contacted by multiple networks over the past several days that have expressed a desire in resurrecting a television show with him as the star.

We're told Dog caught these TV folks' attention when he joined the search for Gabby Petito's fiance and instantly began trending ... so now they're shooting their shot to get him back on the small screen doing what he's known for.

Our sources say since Dog has been on the manhunt for Laundrie, there's been no filming involved other than his wife, Francie, documenting some of it on her cell phone.

We're told if a new Dog show gets launched, Francie's footage may be used ... and she'll be involved in the series with him.


Dog tells TMZ ... when he joined the Laundrie manhunt, he didn't have an ulterior motive trying to land a TV show. He says he was in the middle of his honeymoon when news broke Brian was missing, and he only got involved "because of my unique skill set and the fact I was only an hour away from where he was last seen."

He adds that he's gotten close to the Petito family and truly wants to help them get closure. That said, if his recent actions spark interest in a new TV gig ... he tells us he'll consider it, because he still enjoys that.

BTW ... we just spoke to Dog on "TMZ Live," and he's adamant Laundrie is alive -- but probably not well -- and using his survival skills to evade capture in the Florida Everglades.

@duanedogchapman / Instagram

And, we know Dog's not afraid to get dirty while trying to find the guy ... but so far, he's come up just as empty as everyone else.

'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins Spanish-Style Crib in L.A. Hits Market Swoop It for $3.9 Mil!!!

Misha Collins is somehow ready and willing to part ways with his Hollywood oasis ... he's put his stunning home on the market.

The "Supernatural" star just listed his Spanish-style home for $3,999,999. It's a modest price for a house up in the hills but it's seriously an opportunity to purchase a piece of tranquility.

The house is nestled in the Hollywood Hills and offers scenic views. The 27,683-square-foot lot is broken up into 3 lots -- a 3-bedroom main house, guest house and pool house. There's also a writer's cabin ... writer's block be dammed.

It was originally built in 1926 but the compound's been updated to include Spanish architecture with a classic red-tile roof. There's also unique Moorish details throughout ... including arched windows, wrought-iron railings, French doors and tiled stairs.

The main house is 3 floors ... with the main level living room opening up to a dining room and an upgraded kitchen with a large eat-in island. The house also has a meditation room and gas fireplaces in the living and family rooms.

There's also a relaxing pool with a motorized, retractable cover plus a nearby hot tub. It's perfect for hosting a fancy BBQ ... with a cabana that offers a kitchen and built-in grill.

Hate grocery shopping and dealing with people? There's a vegetable garden where you can grown your own produce.

Phil Missig of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties is the listing agent.

Kim, Kanye and Justin Bieber Get 'Simpsons' Treatment For Balenciaga PFW Show

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Justin Bieber got "The Simpsons" treatment for this year's Balenciaga show ... with the cartoon nailing some of the celebs' iconic looks.

The FOX animated show teamed up with the fashion powerhouse to deliver a special 10-minute episode for Paris Fashion Week Saturday ... which even featured Homer and Marge Simpson wearing Balenciaga get-ups of their own.

The episode pokes fun at French fashion culture ... with designers puffing cigarettes, eating escargot -- which Homer takes a liking to -- and insane clothing prices.

During one scene, Homer hit the runway in a very much Kanye-style jacket while cartoon versions of Anna Wintour, Kim, Kanye and Justin Bieber -- who had his own Balenciaga campaign this year -- sat front row.

While Kim and Kanye didn't attend the premiere of the episode in Paris, Kim has indeed worn only Balenciaga for the past few weeks. Her "wedding dress" at Kanye's "Donda" event was Balenciaga, she wore it at The Met Gala from head-to-toe and even wore it during a recent double-date night with Kanye and friends at NOBU.

Next weekend, Kim hosts "Saturday Night Live" ... we're guessing Balenciaga's gonna be front and center.

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